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Dell :: About SSD In E6400 Media Bay

for the E6400 media bay (I hope that's what it's called, I'm referring to the location where the optical disk is). I'd like to add a SSD before my trip to overseas and I have a few questions about this:

1) what kind of SSD should I get? I'd like to get a 128GB or 256GB SSD. Is it any 128/256GB SSD or do I need to get a specific kind?

2) If I want the SSD to be the primary drive and a 500GB HD to be the data drive, do I need to put the SSD in where the HD is and then put the 500GB HD in the optical disk caddy tray? (I bought the newmodeus caddy tray)

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Dell :: Media Bay Adapter For 1.8" HDD E6400
I've seen discussions at length on here about wanting 2.5" Media Bay's for E6400, and I've since seen lots of solutions for that. I have a 1.8" Intel X18-M and I am trying to locate the 1.8" media bay for the E640

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Dell :: Media Direct 3.5 Just Gets Blank After Start Up With Media Direct Bottun...
I use Media Direct frequently... This Morning When i Press the Md Bottun it Start up And got Blank......

when i press the power off Buttun the screen backs and then it turns off......

i used the Md the night before correctly......

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Dell :: Media Direct 2.0 Please?
I'm trying to get hold of Media Direct for the Dell 6000. I've searched quite a few boards and come across links to where it was supposed to be, but they've been old links.

I've also been able to download 80% of the ISO on a torrent I've found, but its now stopped as the guys who had 100% have gone off line.

I was hoping someone here has still got a copy of the ISO so I can reinstall it onto the laptop I've just replaced the hard drive with.

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Dell :: External Media Bay
Does anyone have Dell's external media bay for Latitude E or Precision models? I am interested in knowing whether it only works with Dell laptops or if it can serve as a generic DVD reader when I put my optical drive in it (useful for my netbook)

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Dell :: Media Direct 3.0
I just got an i9300, that I'm having fun setting up. I've already done a couple hardware upgrades (OUT; 1GB PC4200, IN; 2GB PC5300. OUT; 60GB/5400, IN; 160GB/5400). See "sig" for rest of specs.

I've got a copy of Windows MCE 05. I'd like to set this up with Dell Media Direct 3.0. I've done a ton of searching the forums here, and a few other sites. I've printed out several hard copies of "How To Install MD3" threads for reference., here's the crux. I need a copy of MD3. I "acquired" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more) a copy, and burned the ISO to DVD. When I first used it, it set up the partitions, and then gave a wierd error about "not being able to find the Media Direct PLAY button...". Setup halted in it's tracks. I ran it a couple times, same error. After the 2nd try, I exited out and installed MCE05.

My hard drive had the 47MB (EISA Configuration) partition on the front, my C: drive, followed by a 2.01GB "Unknown Partition". Looks right, but, both the 47MB and 2.01GB partitions are empty. 100% empty.

So, I install MCE05, all the drivers, Nero 7 and Cyberlink PowerDVD 6. Defrag. I then put the MD3 disk in, and let it do it's thing. The Installation Notice comes up, and then it halts IMMEDIATELY thereafter, giving an error of "This system is not supported by this Reinstallation DVD. Installation will now exit."

Are there different versions of MD for different machines/OS'es/etc?? What version do I need for my system/OS??

What are the chances that I can sweet talk Dell into sending me a copy, where this system is out of warranty and I'm the 2nd owner?

If the chances of that (above) are "none", does anyone have a copy of the "correct" version I can "borrow" so I can get this set up?

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Dell :: QuickSet Media Keys
Anyone know of a way to make the QuickSet media keys work with iTunes when using another application? Big annoyance to have to navigate back to iTunes when I want to change the song or stop it, though the Win7 Jump List controls help a bit.

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Dell :: Media Direct 3.3 Download
Does anyone knows where i can download this?

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Dell :: Disable Media Centre
I have a new Dell Studio 1737, with Vista Home Premium which I'm happy with ... apart from this Dell Media Direct thingy which is driving me berserk! Intermittently, and for no apparent reason, it jumps up a big black box (Dell MediaDirect), then another box (MediaDirect Home) which seems to be for running films etc.

OK I may use it sometime in the future, but hopefully when I request it ...

I can't find it in the Startup files, nor in Task Manager.

So how can I turn it off?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Media Buttons?
I can still change the volume, but that little graphic that pops up when you turn it up/down is no longer there, making it hard for me to see what the volume is.

Second, and more importantly, the "eject" button no longer works. I have to manually goto the disk drive, right click, and click eject............

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Dell :: 1420 And Media Direct
When I press the media direct button, the media direct screen flashes for about 1 second and then the computer boots into Vista

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Dell :: Latitude E4300 Media Bay
I have been unable to find anything to replace the disk drive with. After OS and basic application installation, I never use CDs or DVDs.

I would much prefer a battery or hard drive. Even a plastic weight-saver would be better than the disk drive

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Dell :: SXPS 13 - Media Button Fix?
I just got my SXPS 13 in the mail today, and it seems that the touch sensative buttons do not work,

I've read on the forum and others of the issue and a manual reset fixes the issues, or upgrading the win7 eliminates the problem.

P.S. I bought the SXPS without the leather accent so if anyone wants to see some pics i can snap a couple

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Dell :: Re-installing Media Direct 3.5
Windows Vista crashed and the OS disk that was included with the system was corrupt so I had a local company re-install from their disk, however, I did not

supply them with the media direct CD (v3.5 on an Inspiron 1525) because I didn't know that it had to be installed at the same time.

Now I need to (from looking at other threads) partition the disk - will this be done by just running the Media Direct CD and picking option 1?

Or do I have to have the OS disk (which I don't have)? I don't want to pick option 1 until I know that I don't need the OS disk .....

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Dell :: Media Direct 4 On The Studio 15
I just got my Studio 15 last week and love this notebook! On previous Inspiron notebooks if you pressed one of the media buttons while the system was off, it would then do a quick boot to a Media Direct partition where you could play movies and music and also view photos. However, on my studio, when I press the media direct botton while the notebook is off, it changes the splash screen during POST to a Media Direct splash screen but then boots into the OS, where I have to log in, and then the Media Diract app launches. This was a big dissapointment for me. Is anyone else seeing this? I was hoping that maybe I got a bad factory install, but if others are seeing this then I guess Dell has done away with the hidden Media Direct partition.

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Dell :: Media Direct Versions 3.5 And 4
I have been having terrible problems with Dell Media Direct. All started when I done the dell factory restore and after that the dell media direct fast boot option no longer worked. The hidden partition I suspect somehow corrupted. It worked okay under Windows Vista though.

Anyway I tried many fixes this without resorting to the drastic measure of repartitioning and losing my windows installation (which has taken me months to get it how I want).

The other I day I uninstalled Dell Media Direct under add/remove programs on vista. I then tried to reinstall it but now I cannot get the software to reinstall under vista. I have done this before several times without a hitch so I do not know why it is now causing problems.

I run dellkit.exe and it goes through the percentage bar so looks like it is installing. However there is very little cd drive activity indicating it is not doing an awful look. Eventually at approx 17% it suddenly pops up saying it's installed

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Dell :: Studio 15 Media Buttons
is there a way to get them to do the exact opposite...instead of being off and lighting up when you touch can they be lit up and then go dark when you touch?....what would be really nice is if you could make them light up when you light your keyboard up and not light up when your keyboard isnt lit....

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Dell :: Vista Business, With Media
My E6400 I ordered (coming July 22) has vista business 64-bit, with media. What is the "with media" part?

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Dell :: Media Buttons On 1640
the buttons on the media panel work but only when itunes is maximized. i cant use them when the player is minimized

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Dell :: Media Button Test
how the media buttons stop working after a resume and how the eject button stays on.

i have been testing something and would like others to try this out. follow me here:
i notice the eject button light stays on when i close the lid and then pull the usb cable out (connected to a Dell 24" widescreen with usb port which connects: 2 mouse and 2 printers and a external drive).
*IF* i disconnect the usb first and wait for the full disconnect sound and THEN close lid, the eject button doesn't light up.

i'm thinking... and it could be completely wong here but the eject button might have something to do with shut down and boot up of usb devices and is going though some sort of a systems check? why? i dunno. it's been rather sporatic but i head to class 4x's a week and i shut down differently and i have experienced different results. testing a few things out.

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Dell :: Latitude XT2 Compatibility With XT Media Base
This is a repost of a thread I posted on tabletpcreview's forums. It seems like nobody there knows or the forum is on its way out- almost 100 views with no replies.

So the story is that I'm getting tired of plugging in 4-5 wires every time I go to class or want to study away from home, and a docking station would solve this problem. Unfortunately, the official XT2 mediabase that Dell support wants me to buy is $270. That's almost 25% the cost of this machine! (Part number H266H) There's also another part on that might be $199. Either way, that's a lot of money for a pretty basic port replicator.

The other thing is that when I google "XT2 mediabase", the first hit is a Dell PDF of a manual for the XT2 mediabase. The part number indicated there is PR12S. However, PR12S is the part number for the XT mediabase as well! The PR12S can be ordered online for anywhere between $20-80, so I'd much rather buy it, if it works.

Can someone confirm (ie you own an XT2 and the PR12S or have access to these two parts) whether the XT2 can work mostly flawlessly with the PR12S? I can deal with bypassing an error message, but I need the ports to work. Mainly, the DVI, VGA, ethernet, USB, and audio.

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Dell :: Disable Media Direct Boot
I have M1330 that is trying to boot to media direct then promptly BSOD's. I believe the scenario that happened was the notebook was hibernated, then they pressed the media direct button instead of power to wake it up.

How do I tell not to boot to media direct?

I saw this exact same message in another thread but no resolve.

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Dell :: The Media Direct Iso For Vostro 1500
I need your help to get the MD iso for my Vostro 1500. I can't ask for it to Dell cause I bought it from a reseller. Dell asked me to do the transfer of ownership but the dealer didn't wanted to give me the information to do that.

So that is why I'm asking four your help. I have downloaded several versions posted in the www but non of them are for Vostro and I can't intall it.

I formated my HD and tried to installed as factory with those downloaded versions. This make the 3 partitions, I install the Vista and at that point everything is ok, but when I insert the MD disc it says that the system version is not supported by the MD i have

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Windows 7 X64 Media Remote
I've been looking and can't find any answers. Firstly my laptop specs

windows 7 ultimate x64 (retail not RC)
t9300 cpu
8600m gt gfx card
320gb 7200rpm seagate momentus hdd
4gb ram
all the other usual bits with this laptop .....

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Dell :: TEAC DVD+-RW DVW28SLC CD-DVD Media Discussion
who have Teac DV-W28SLC in his laptop tell us :

1-his type & manufactures of Media "CD-DVD" which using to burn your data
2- success / fail "fail problem if known"
3- Best media "name+manufacture"
4- cd-r or dvd-r or

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Dell :: Studio 16 Media Keys (Winamp...)
Has anyone figured out how to get the damn media keys to work with Winamp??

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Dell :: M1330 And Media Card Reader W/ XP
I have an xps m1330, I have windows XP media center installed on it, the media card reader works fine for my 2gb sd card,

but when i stick in my 8gb sdhc pny i just bought from best buy, the laptop doesn't recognize it,

i've downloaded the latest ricoh driver from xps m1730 windows xp on dell's site but no success

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Dell :: XPS 16 Touch Media Buttons Fail
I start the laptop.. the lights turn on.. windows loads up.. i press one of the media buttons... it lights up.. stays lit up and stays like that without doing what its suppose to..

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Dell :: Touch-Sensitive Media Buttons Too Dim?
I remember reading a thread similar to this a while back but am unable to find it. The fellow had his laptop replaced several times due to the media buttons being too dim when pressed.

I am having the same problem. How bright are your media buttons when you press them? I can barely see them unless I'm right on top of them purposely trying to see what I've pressed.

Is there any way to adjust the brightness of these or am I out of luck? I'm not really in the mood to have the laptop replaced as university classes are about to start back up and I can't be without it.

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Dell :: Windows Media Revocation And Renewal
After upgrading my Inspiron 1520 to Windows 7 Professional from Vista Home Premium, and try and play DRM protected WMA files, an error comes up after some time (varies from a couple minutes to a couple days) in Windows saying "Windows Media Revocation and Renewal:

You must restart the machine to continue content processing". I use WMP as my primary music/video player, but I tried playing my protected DRM files with Songbird, and get the same error .....

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Dell :: How To Fix Studio 17 Scratches Above Media Keys
I have had my studio 1735 since they launched last summer and its in perfect condition except for little black scratches above the speaker bar.

there is 2 similarly sized and spaced small scratches that are grey (they stand out).

I was wondering if anyone experienced this problem and no of a way to paint over them or order a new metal casing

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Dell :: New SXPS16, Media Keys Not Backlit
I just got my replacement SXPS16, the media keys (volume etc) all function but do not light up.

On my old laptop they lit up left to right then stayed on, that computer had bios A08, this one has A10 and im running windows 7, even on a bios boot they do not start ever

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Dell :: Studio 15 Touchpad/Buttons/Media
I've had my Dell Studio 15 (1535) for nearly a year now, problem free. But last night, my touchpad moving extremely choppy,

and my CPU/RAM meters (on Vista) were at nearly 50%, sometimes even spiking higher; I've never seen them that high before.

Here's what was going on when it happened. I was using Facebook Chat, which I don't believe was the problem, but what I believe started it was when i tried to turn up the volume using the touch sensitive media keys at the top, and hit play on iTunes. When i went to turn the volume up,

it froze for about 30 seconds, and then turned the volume all the way up, and now none of my media keys work, my keyboard barely works, and my touchpad/mouse buttons don't work at all!

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Dell :: Media Direct From Flash Drive?
i have an inspiron e1505 with a dead harddrive. i was wondering if you could run media direct from a flash drive and how would i do this?

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Dell :: ONLY Remove Media Direct In Windows
i have 4 primary partitions, one EISA, one OS, one DATA and one Mediadirect. Now im wondering if it is safe and if its possible to format the Mediadirect partition in windows vista diskmanagement? Will windows still work without the MBR screwing up after rebooting the computer?

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Dell :: Removed Media Direct Partition
I've just bought a Dell Studio 1535 notebook, and when i'm installed windows vista, i deleted and formatted the media direct partition (don't knew what is it).

How can i reinstall dell media direct? I need it, but I don't get a cd or dvd with media direct... Can anyone help me? Where can i find this cd or dvd image?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Media Services
i can't access the HP's online ho to dissembel video section no more. i had taken apart my DV9500CTO notebook to replace the thermal paste with AS5, and now i want to replace it again with IC7D thermal paste, and i can't seem to find the website that had all the step by step videos on how to dissember the whole laptop. i read through the forums and this link is what most of them are reffering to [url] but i'm not sure if this was the link or not... the link that i used last time was also from HP as well, but it never asked me for no log in or anything. i would click on the link and it just took me to place where i would go find my laptop and it would have small videos on it on how to dissember each part. can some one please show me the way? i know the user manuel kind of shows you how to do it, i've read it, and i beleve the videos are much better, as i can open my laptop up just like in the videos.

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HP/Compaq :: Windows 7 OEM Media
i got a new hp tx2 and when i turn it on it came loaded full of "crap" so i wanted to reload 7.. and they didnt send an OS cd... So i went ahead and created a recovery cd and when i reloaded still had all the crap installed.. so i called them up, and was told that HP can not provide me with an OEM CD.. they can only "sell" me a recovery cd which has all their software and drivers preloaded.... So the technical guy is right? i cant get Windows OEM media from them? how stupid is this? dell, toshiba, fujitso, sony send the cds but hp doesnt and they dont even give you an option to buy it.....

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HP/Compaq :: HP Media Software
When you first recieve your HP HDX or other HP laptops, they come loaded with all types of Media Software and it wouldnt make any sense to keep all the music/dvd players, photo veiwing programs, etc. So my question is, which ones did you decide on keeping and which ones did you decide were junk?

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Dell :: Studio 1535 Media Buttons, Staying Lit?
This is a pretty nice glitch, even if it is completely accidental.

So I was powering on my laptop just a few minutes ago, and during boot, the progress bar was going slower than usual and stopped at one point, about 3/4 of the way through. So, I wondered what was going on, and tapped the media buttons to see if the whole thing was locked up, and they all lit up.

However, they never actually turned off. Now, I'm booted into Windows and everything's working normally, but the buttons are still lit! And the best part is, they function like normal when pressed!

I wish there were a way to set this up to work like that all the time...the buttons are impossible to see in the dark.

Here's a pic. Sorry for the cell phone camera quality, but you can still see that all the buttons are lit up, along with the Wifi light on the far right:

So, does anyone know of a way I can get it to do this every time without an unusually slow boot?

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Dell :: 1405 With Vista Minus Media Direct
I'm in the process of preparing a Dell 1405 to give to a relative and was wordering about the need for all the partitions on the hard disk. Is it possible to format the drive with a single partition and forget about Media Direct booting.

This was a problem with XP Home on the system after replacing the hard drive and since I'm going to install Vista, I thought I'd eliminate it all together. Would this affect anything else? Or any suggestions with doing this?

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Dell :: Media Direct Concern On Inspiron 1525
I've ordered an Inspiron 1525 but it comes with Vista. I would like to format
the Hard Drive and Install XP.

My main concern is that I've heard that if you want Media Direct you need to install it first before you format the Hard Drive and Install XP so it doesn't corrupt the Media buttion .....

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Dell :: Hard Drive Upgrade With Media Direct 3.3
I have Vostro1400 with Vista premium and I am planning to upgrade my hard drive from 120GB to 320GB. I have 3 partitions C: OS, Data, E: Recovery and I think hidden Media Direct 3.3

I plan to do the following:
Make an image of the hard drive on the itself or an external USB drive. Get the new 320GB drive install it in a USB enclosure and restorre this image into the 320GB HD.

Once done put the new 320GB that now has the image into my laptop. I thonk I may have to use Vista or some other program to extend the partitions to get the full HD capacity as my HD will only have 120GB because of the image

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Dell :: Media Keys Stopped Working... Is There A Permanent Fix?
So my media keys decided to stop working again. I know the current solution is to pull out the battery and hold down the power key to drain the power.

However, this is probably the 5th or 6th time the media keys went dead again. What is the cause of the problem

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Dell :: Studio 15 Weird Media Control Blinking?
I turned on my Studio 15 and the Mute and Volume up buttons were flashing. Everything seemed to be working fine. I could raise and lower the volume, eject, play, etc.

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Dell :: Cant Access Bloomberg Media Tv/radio On Studio 17
somehow, i cant watch bloomberg tv or listen toblomberg radio on studio 17 vista x32 ie7. it was working fine yesterday and bloomberg tv/radio can be played smoothly on another computer studio xps 16.

i reset the browser and windows media player is working , i can watch video and youtubes w/o problem. its just on this particular website, i cant access media contents.

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Dell :: Pressed The Media Direct Button & Now XP Won't Start
Basically I bought a Dell Inspirion 1525 with Vista, Downgraded to XP, had to change the Hard drive to IDA for the system to recognise XP. Been running fine then I pressed the MD button by mistake thinking it was the power button, it gets as far as 'Building you MD files' then says ''DMD cannot access your hard drive. This maybe because you have enabled Microsoft Bit Locker (Drive Encryption)'' etc etc. Now i'm hoping that means it hasn't wiped my HD cos i've read a load of people who've had problems with that button wiping everything out but i think it can't recognise my HD cos I switched it to IDA.

Anyways whenever I press the power button now it keeps loading MD and doing the same cycle and I can't load XP at all, tried loading it in safe mode and it crashes. PLEASE HELP ME!!! I can't get windows on at all and I really don't care about MD, infact when I can access windows again i'll be researching how to deactivate the MD button so this doesn't happen again unless someone can provide that info aswell

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Acer :: Aspire One And MS Media Player 9
My Acer Aspire One (AOD150-1165) came with Windows Media Player 9 installed.

#1-Can I update that to Windows Media Player 10, OR, Windows Media Player 11?

#2- If yes, which one? (Would 10 be better?)

#3- Or would both, either, of them be too large for this AAO?

#4- If I can update to 10 (or 11), where would the best place to get the download?

#5- Would 10 or 11 OVER-WRITE version 9 (which is now on the AAO)?

#6- Why was such an 'old' version 9 installed on this AAO?

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Acer :: 8930 Recovery Media
I've bought two new hard disks for my beauty and plan to re-install the OS and applications over the weekend, however the application to create the recovery does not work!

How many recovery DVD's should it create?

Can I access a recovery method on bootup?

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Acer :: Cinedash Media Console
I closed my lid which puts my laptop to sleep mode, a few hours later I opened it to start using it again, and my cinedash media console is not responding(when I closed it the volume was down low and was not muted)...the volume bars are lite up to the max and the mute button is lite up and it wont do anything...It is not responding to touch at all...whats wrong with it and how do I correct it?...Its the 8930G

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