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Dell :: W7 Score.......

Well I have scoured the threads and came up empty. I cant get my W7 score back up to my Vista score.

My processor calculations per second is sitting at 4.6 on W7 where it was 5.1 on Vista. Is it possible I am missing something?

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Dell :: Studio 1555 W/4570 GPUlow Desktop Graphics Score But High Gaming Graphics Score From WEI
Just purchased a 1555 with the radeon 4570 512mb GPU, Windows 7 64-bit, and performance is generally very good apart from one strange result. Windows experience index reports the following -

Processor - 5.7
Memory - 5.8
Graphics - 4.9
Gaming Graphics - 6.3
hard disk - 5.9

So the only low result is the desktop aero graphics performance at 4.9, which seems strange when the 3D businnes/gaming graphics score is 6.3. Other results i've seen posted on forums of the Windows 7 WEI scores are usually the same for desktop graphics and 3D graphics in Windows 7, which I would have expected as I understood that aero uses the GPU similarly to games. If anything, it looked like in most results the desktop graphics scores were slightly higher than the gaming graphics scores.

Does anyone know why I could be getting a lot lower desktop graphics score compared to gaming graphics?

I've checked the graphics drivers are up to date.

Can anybody else post their Windows 7 WEI scores from the 1555 with the 4570 512mb GPU?

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Dell :: 3dmark06 Score
my 3dmark06 score was 5321 is this any good? my setup is

t2300 1.66
7900gs bios flashed with gtx 600/800
1g kingston ram
100gb 7200rpm hd

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Dell :: 3DMark Score
I've never really used 3DMark, but I wanted to stress for temperature reasons and decided to see what I could get in 3DMark06. I got 14197, and I'm wondering for my setup is that good, bad or average?

I've never really relied much on 3DMark scores, it's nothing but a number to me - as long as a game even LOOKS like it's running smooth I'm happy =-P Just wondering what I should have expected outta 3DMark06 =-)

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Dell :: Low 3dmark06 Score
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: t8500
Video Card: 8600m gt
Ram: 4 gigs
Notebook: Vostro 1500

3dmark06 score: 2300.

I'm pretty sure this is abnormal, what do you guys think is the issue? I tried several drivers: some 19x.xx drivers and some 18x.xx drivers, of which I'm currently using 185.85 dox. The speeds are all around 2200-2400. Default settings used in 3dmark06.

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Dell :: WEI Score For M1530
I know that these things can be inaccurate sometimes I just want to see how scores compare. So, please post you WEI scores here... overall, processor, graphics ect.


Click start...
Control panel...
Click classic view on your left...
Click System...
Click windows experience index next to the blue number...

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Dell :: 8600m Gt 3dmark05 Score
on 575/475 i scored 7100, on 550/450 i just played bf2142 on high settings and it ran at 60fps or so, give or take, i just installed windows xp on my 1720, it came with vista all i had to do was switch something with the hd in the bios, im using ntune to overclock. my system is a t5450 1.66,1g 667mhz ram,120gb 5400rpm hd, nvidia 8600m gt, using driver 165.01.

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Dell :: What 3d Mark Score Would A Xps M1730 Get?
I'm currently looking for a new laptop so can you give me a rough estimate at what .........

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Dell :: 1645 A Low 3DMark Score
I just received a 1645 with i7 (720), 4GB, and ATI 4670. Ran 3dmark05 and got about 11,000 or so. However, on my previous Vostro 1720 with a Core 2 Duo 9400 and a Nvidia 9600M GS card, I had over 10,000.

Shouldn't there have been a signifigant increase given the processor and video card upgrade? Did this on a new install of Win 7 64-bit on battery power (with powersaver off)

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Dell :: 3dmark Score Of 1232 On My M1530
It seems like every other person with an m1530 gets better performance than I do. Here's my specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo, T8300 2.4ghz
geforce 8600m GT, 512 mb RAM, DDR3
250 gig 7200 rpm hard drive
Windows XP sp3

I'm using the latest mobile Xtreme G drivers for overclockablility. They seem to perform better than standard nvidia drivers anyway.

My first 3dmark06 test gave me a score of 1232. This is absolutely horrible... especially compared to other m1530 systems. I overclocked to 600/825 and got a score of 3084. A lot better, but still not good. I got a dangerously high temperature at one point of 90 degrees C, though it was only for a second. It was an average of 80. I'm not going to keep my system OCed, I just wanted to see what it could do.

So why does my system have such terrible performance compared to other m1530s? Most 3dmark scores for the 8600m GT have are an average of around 4500.

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Dell :: Whats Your Vista Reliablitly Score
if you right click my computer, then manage, then reliability and performance, monitoring tools, then reliability monitor (whew!) you'll see a graph that shows how "stable" vista has basically been for you. i'm just curious what everyones out there is. my last one dated 3-2-08 was 4.86 out of 10!!!! i started at 7.6. my wife has a cheapo $499 compaq with vista basic, 512 ram, not even sure of the processor, and i checked hers. in almost a year, she has never dropped below 8 points! her $499 laptop, is more stable than the $5000 plus laptop i use! the lowest i got was 4.02. i'm now slowly starting to creep back up. all sorts of different windows errors and such.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 3DMark 06 Score : 5027
I’ve managed to squeeze out 3DMark 06 Score of 5159 with the setup in my sig.

Wish I could find a way to overclock the X9000 CPU and get the score up higher.

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Dell :: M6400 With A FX3700m, Low Vantage Score?
I just tested my m6400, QX9300 with a 3700m. I am seeing a P5890, where my CPU score rocks @ 28889, my GPU looks a little sad. Anyone have thoughts, does this look proper?

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Dell :: 3D Mark 06 Score 8800m GTX SLI
I got 10485 in 3D Mark 06 at 1920x1200 with my overclocked 8800m GTX SLI and with only a 2.4 Core2Duo, not bad at all

Crysis runs DX10 all options high at 1920x1200 an Average in the benchmark test of 43 fps avg

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Dell :: 4gb 667mhz Shows As 4.5 In Vista Score
i own a dell Inspiron 9400 it did have 2gb 533mhz and scored 4.5 in vista. I have just upgraded to 4gb 667mhz and the score is still 4.5? The BIOS shows 4gb at 667mhz Dual, and in vista only 3.3gb of ram(know about only seeing 3.3gb in vista).

Not that im into the vista scores but is this normal or is something wrong here with my ram or laptop? As it should improve when i done this up grade.

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Dell :: Is 3dMark Score Good, For My Setup? (M1730)
FutureMark can't compare my score because it says there's no similar systems to compare to, and I'm still new to this....

3DMark06: 11573 3DMarks

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Dell :: Whats The Current Score With M1710 Replacements?
Its been along time but my second m1710 died today but is still in warranty.

Have been advised that the 7900gtx card no longer is replaced and that i would need to take the 7950gtx.

This is out of stock, back order of 25 units.

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Dell :: Very Low Score On Windows 7 (Inspiron 1720)
On Vista 32bit, my score were great for this machine. Now, on Seven 32bit, this is what I get.

CPU + RAM are VERY VERY low compared to what they used to be.

CPU : Core 2 Duo T8300 @ 2.40Ghz


MEMORY : 2.9

Both were over 5.0 on Vista.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Low Score 3dmark06 = 2042
I`ve just got XPS 1530 with 8600gt 4gb ram and ssd 128gb 3dmark gives mi 2134points? Verry odd. I am testing it through VNC remotele but I doubt that it slows it so much. BTW Ihad problems runing 3dmar06 i gave me an error about dx9. Counter Strike gives me 83 fps on stress test I added -dx9 to the shortcut of 3dmark06.exe to be able to run the test

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HP/Compaq :: Terrible WEI Score On HDX16T
Scored a 3.0 on the WEI with the following scores:

Processor: 5.7
RAM: 5.5
Graphics: 4.8
Gaming Graphics: 4.9
Primary Hard Disk: 3.0

Obviously most of it looks right except the hard disk. I have the 320 GB 5400 RPM HD that came with the HDX16T. Yesterday I installed Windows 7 Beta and I tried to install all of the drivers from the HP website (except I pulled the latest Nvidia drivers straight from their site instead).

I don't recall seeing a driver for the hard disk, but windows seemed to recognize it.

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Dell :: Studio Xps 1645's Windows 7 Experience Score
Does anyone have higher Score for same Processor ?

My 1645 with:
Intel® Core™ i7-720QM
500GB SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
ATI Mobility RADEON® HD 4670 - 1GB

Windows Experience Score
Processor - 6.9
RAM - 7.4
Graphics - 6.7
Gaming Graphics - 6.7
Hard Disk - 5.9

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Dell :: Low 3dmark Score..... After Replaced Graphics Card And Motherboard
I have had my motherboard and graphics card replaced on my dell xps m1530,

I have since had extremely low fps in games,

Someone told me my 3dmark score for my processor was extremely low,

I have a intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz t8300

it got a 3dmark score of 6569,

it got a CPU score of 549!

i have 4gb ram,
8600m gt
2.4ghz core 2 duo cpu t8300.....

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Dell :: M1730 8800M GTX SLI Lowest 3DMark Score Ever?
Dell XPS M1730
T9300 @ 2.5GHz
Windows 7 Ultimate 64

Driver: 195.62

SLI enabled
Antivirus disabled

Services set to Black Vipers "tweaked" config (link)

3DMark 05 (Default settings)
7484 3DMarks
5618 CPUMarks

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Apple :: Low Graphic Score From Windows 7 Experience
running windows 7 via bootcamp on my MBP.

The graphic score from windows experience is very low (1.0). Other scores are normal.

Is there a driver that I can download to fix this graphic issue?

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Sony :: Post Your FW's Windows Experience Index Score
I was curious as to what sort of scores Windows 7 is giving to different specs of FWs.

Heres mine:
Processor: P8700 ------>6.1
Memory: 4 GB --------->6.1
Graphics:ATI HD4650--->5.9
Gaming Graphics-------->6.6
Primary Hard Disk(7200rpm 320 gb)--->5.8 (base)

I have a 490CTO with win7 home premium. I can't remember but I think that I had exactly the same score with vista, only nothing went over 5.9. The HDD score was the same. Did anybody else get a different base score after upgrading to 7?

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Sony :: What Is Windows 7 Experience Index Score For F117FX And F116FX
Who has F117FX or F116FX ?

I want to now the Windows Experience Index Score .

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HP/Compaq :: Drop In Vista Graphics Score And Laggy Internet
I recently used my recovery disks to go from XP back to Vista after a very dismal Xp performance. My download speed is now around 40 kb/s from (for drivers), firefox set up download 45 kb/s? Also i've noticed that video's online buffer at an alarmingly slow rate. I have Cox high speed internet and it used to be around 400-600kb/s and pretty quick buffering. What the heck happened? And why did my graphics score drop .2 points?

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Sony :: Low Score Index On Win7 Graphics Card (vaio Z)
I'm getting a subscore of 2.3 with my nvidia card on windows7 experience index.
all the other components have an index of around 5.5.

This just doesn't sound right !

I'm using the driver supplied from sony.

also, I am feeling that everything is a bit slow (more then it should be)
anyone ?

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Dell :: Fewer Screen Choices Vs
Is it normal that would have fewer choices of screens than I'm looking at the studio 15, and lists Hi Resolution/Bright,

glossy widescreen 15.4 WLED display (1440x900) as a choice, which is what I want, but doesn't. When I view the system specs though, that choice is listed as on option.

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Dell :: Lcd Screen Work In Non-dell Laptops, Or Do They Use A Non-standard Connection?
Can a dell lcd screen work in non-dell laptops, or do they use a non-standard connection?

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Dell :: Which RAM/memory Kingston, Corsair, PNY Or Dell Certified?
I enjoy gaming, although I wouldn't consider myself a "hardcore" gamer. I currently have 1024 MB of RAM (2 x 512) and I am looking to upgrade soon. My options are as follows:

- Dell certfied RAM


- Kingston RAM

- Corsair RAM

Of course, for the Dell RAM, I have to wait for the shipping, but it is one of the cheaper ones. However, any of the other three I can pick up at Best Buy (which is more convenient). Can someone point out the pros and cons of each? It seems the PNY is a great buy, but could there be performance problems compared to the others? And why is the Kingston so expensive?

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Dell :: Slow Keyboard, Dell Inspiron 1545 With Vista
Dell Inspiron 1545 with Vista

Slow keyboard response, letters don't keep up with my typing.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1000 Dell Screen Doesnt Pop Up
I have a BIG Problem my latop been actin funny cuz when i turn it on the Dell screen doesnt pop up cause the loading dot still runs when its turned on

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Dell :: Assassin's Creed For Pc To Play It On My Dell Laptop
i consider buying assassin's creed for pc to play it on my dell laptop (see sig).
any idea, how it will run? anyone with an i9400/e1705/oc'ed 7900gs, who already
played it? is it worth it or do i have to turn down the settings too much?

just for info: i can play gears of war, bioshock, ut3, cod4, et:qw, sega rally,
orange box, stalker, etc. at max settings at 1280x800 res. everything runs
smoothly like that. have to turn down aa or shadow qual. slightly down sometimes,

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Dell :: Where Can I Find A Replacement Fan For The Dell Studio 1537
Where can I find a replacement fan for the dell studio 1537. I believe the brand is a forcecon. I just want the fan, not the heatsink.

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Dell :: Dell Inspiron - Monitor To Shut Off After 1 Minute Of Being Idle
when i first got my dell inspiron and it was all good. when i set the monitor to shut off after 1 minute of being idle, it did and would not turn on unless someone moved the mouse of pressed a button. however, after i reformatted, the computer monitor would shut off after 1 min but soon afterwards it turns on again by itself, then it goes off again, then it remains on permanently. i recently formatted my laptop again and this problem persists. anyone knows whats sup? im using xp ftw... and my configurations are the same as it was before the reformats so idk whats wrong.

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Dell :: Dell Quickset Gives Me Little Longer Battery Time Then XP Scheduler
i have just installed dells quickset, someone who have try it before ? (did you like it better then XP energy scheduler)

someone know if "allways on" is the same as (dells) "maxium performance" ?

im wondering if (maybe) Dell quickset gives me little longer battery time then XP scheduler. (maxium battery VS battery (XP)

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Dell :: Sold At Wal-Mart And Best Buy Vs
Are the Dell notebooks currently being sold in Wal-Marts and Best Buys the same quality built machines as those sold on I read on another discussion board that they were not.

I read that the Dell products sold in Wal-Marts and Best Buys were built and shipped out from a different manufacturing source than the Dell computer products being sold on

That the computer products being sold at those 2 mass retailers are not built as good as those purchased directly from Is there any truth to that story?

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Dell :: Inspiron1525- Do I Need To Install Dell System Software
I am going in for a clean windows xp install on my dell inspiron 1525.
I have downloaded all the drivers from the support site, but want to know if these are really required?

Dell Notebook System Software

Dell System Software

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Dell :: Spilled Water On My Dell 1525 Keyboard
I have accidentally spill water on my dell 1525 keyboard and now, when I power on, the keyboard does not work. everything works fine, its just none of the keys on my keyboard or maybe one or two from time to time work.

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Dell :: Dell Inspiron 6000 Notebook To Boot Up
Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook to boot up and stay unfrozen long enough for me to retrieve my files, and put them on my tower pc.

In a nutshell, I got this Inspiron about 3 years ago- I currently have it connected to an external monitor, because my wife dropped a heavy object on the screen last year, and destroyed said screen.

Just this past week, I turned it on, and it started getting really slow. Finally, it got to a point where now, when I turn it on, it boots up, it goes to the desktop, the desktop icons all appear, and within a minute or two, it just kind of slows down, and eventually freezes up, and the hard drive indicator light quits doing anything. It does not respond to anything, and the only way to restart it, is to hold the power button down until it resets.

If anybody knows of a thread already on this site, regarding this problem, please point me in the right direction, as I tried the search function, and did not come up with anything.

and one or two other things, since it initially started having problems, sometimes, I will get two "missing module" error boxes pop up- and also, while it is booting, the screen flashes black for about 3 seconds, and then comes back on and continues to load.

Thank you very much to anybody who could possibly help me out of this jam. I really do not plan on using this laptop (or notebook) anymore, if and hopefully when, I get my files off of it.

And that is the other problem, I can not attempt to boot up in safe mode, as my screen is busted up, and it will not output to my external monitor, when I hit the f key while it is starting. I did make a couple different bootable cds, but they do not seem to do anything.

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Dell :: Dell B130 And The AC Adapter Will Not Work
i have a dell B130 and the AC adapter will not work .... the light will light up but as soon as i plug it into the laptop the light shuts off and i get no power

now either this could be the AC adapter got to hot and blew something or it could be a sign for the mobo. I just need yall to help me out so i kno

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Dell :: Changing RAM (non-Dell Laptop)
Hey yall, I'm not a dell owner, but my friend is. I'm wondering...can you put RAM sticks from another, non-Dell laptop, into a Dell? Would this break her accidental warranty (she purchased it after accident, regular warranty is long over...)? I wonder because I have a dead laptop (HD died, screen died etc) that has 2GB of RAM in it while her laptop has a mere 512 and since I'm going to be helping her do a complete system reinstall because I virus has ravaged her files...

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Dell :: What Disk Will Dell Provide With The Xps 16?
What disk will Dell provide with the xps 16? I plan on getting the MS Office, (word, excel, pp).

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Dell :: How I Could Become Part Of The NBR Dell Team
I was wondering how I could become part of the NBR Dell Team.

My current and previous laptops are both Dells, and I've been an avid member here at NBR, especially in the Dell forum.

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Dell :: Review - Inspiron Mini 10 [DELL]
I purchased this Mini to be in touch on an extended personal and business trip in Central America. Dell was exceptional in delivering the unit before I left, even though the promised delivery was after my departure. While away the Mini let me keep up with email and browse for information vital to the trip. The machine worked exactly as expected with no glitches. Bonus points for how easy it was to get the Minithrough security in American airports- an unexpected pleasure. Two of my colleagues and travelling companions were impressed - kept borrowing the Mini and will likely acquire one for travel.

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Dell :: XPS 13 "Dell Extended Battery Life" Option In The Advanced Power Options?
#1 - What is the "Dell Extended Battery Life" option in the advanced power options? What does it do? The help article just says that extends the battery life.

#2 - With the facial recognition software, is there any way to take multiple "logon" images for the same user? 44m .....

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Dell :: Sell On Ebay From
Is it possible to sell a dell i bought online from on ebay? Its brand new i didn't receive it yet. I dont need it anymore because my brother wanted something else for his birthday, but i don't want to refund it. Is it possible to sell it on ebay? Would the service tag be affected?

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Dell :: Dell M1730 Failure
First off, The model

Dell m1730 - Out of warranty


Laptop is failing to boot up. The screen does not turn on/make it to BIOS. Tho, the lights come on, USB devices light up...

Things that happend up to this problem:

Very confident it's NOT virus related.

I put my laptop into hibernation for the night, in the morning, the laptop still being in hibernation, I took out my Ipod shuffle first gen. Later in the day, we expirenced a black out.

When I got home, My laptop was no longer in hibernation ( the blackout ) and thats when I noticed the problem. My AC Adapter is behind two surge protectors, so I think ( and hoping ) it's a minor hardware misshap with the Ipod.

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