Sony :: Finding A Hard Shell (not Skin) For My Laptop

Feb 6, 2010

I bought a Sony Vaio vpcf111fx/b 17" laptop and I'm looking to protect it from scratches and dings. I'm not looking for a skin. I've been looking thru google but all I find are hard shells for Mac's.

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Dell :: Studio Xps 16 Hard Shell Sleeve?

Aug 26, 2009

What are my options for a sleeve that is tougher than some thin neoprene p.o.s. ? I am going to use the sleeve and then put it in my backpack with books so it needs to be pretty durable

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Apple :: Hard Shell Case For My Macbook Pro

Feb 7, 2009

I am looking for a hard shell case for my macbook pro.




but the problem is that the incase one has that weird gap around the IR port

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Dell :: Good Laptop Skin For Xps 16?

May 16, 2010

so besides skinit, where can i get quality and cheap laptop skin for xps 16?? i would like to order it through internet.

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Dell :: Xps M170 Laptop Skin

Nov 3, 2007

I am looking to see if anyone can make a laptop skin for my xps m170; I don't want it to cover the black part or the dell logo though, just the silver part.

I want to use one of these for the skin:

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Sony :: Z Series Hard Drive Failure (US Laptop In UK)

Feb 4, 2010

I have an almost-new Z series, bought in the US (I am in the UK) in December.

It seems the hard drive has failed, as it started BSODing on boot. I tried to run the recovery partition and also Windows 7 recovery mode from a Windows 7 install disc, and these simply hung. Further attempts to fix it using Windows XP and Windows Vista media also failed with similar issues.

I was able to boot using NTFS4Dos, although it didn't seem to read my data partition very well, as files were missing.

Booting with Knoppix was more fruitful, as everything seemed to be there. I rewrote the MBR and didn't get anywhere, so then I deleted the three partitions (recovery, Windows reserved, and data partition) and started again.

Now Windows installs, but it BSODs after the first reboot.

I guess my hard drive has failed, somehow (there are no mysterious noises, and I don't recall any impacts, it's remotely possible my kids took a magnet to it, however).

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Sony :: Downloading/finding The Vaio Camera Capture Utility

Apr 25, 2009

I have a sony fz-180e and i had to reinstall my whole operating system and i lost the viao camera capture utility application and i cant use my camera what so ever, can any one help me with this? I need to get the softeware again but i cant find it ANYWHERE.....

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Sony :: Skin To Preserve Finish On The Vaio's, Particularly On The Mouse Buttons So The Silver Stippled Paint Finish Wears Away

Apr 5, 2010

Is there any way to preserve finish of the Sony Vaio FW, particularly on the mouse buttons and where the palm-rest is, I hear the silver stippled paint finish wears away leaving bare white plastic underneath.

Is there a skin or plastic screen cover that you guys use or recommend to prevent this or hide defects?

I recently picked up this bad boy for just $744 (after 12.3% bing cashback (Google it if you don't know what it is)).


Has anyone heard any other issues with this laptop?

It has the 1600x900 screen which I've heard some criticism of (I heard something about it having a one-lamp "eco" screen) but I don't know if that applies to the model I bought or how good the eco screen is.

If I can get a skin that is precut for that laptop's dimensions in particular (nothing fancy, just black would be good), that would be awesome.

I'm considering this skin, but it's not precut, and I don't know how good it is...


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Apple :: Macbook Shell

Feb 28, 2009

What i was wondering if my girlfriend's 06 core 2 duo macbook would be able to be disassembled and put into an 08 core 2 duo macbook's shell or case or whatever you call it. The non unibody version.

Reason is just to swap it out so it can look like new again.

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Apple :: Macbook - Tiny Scratches) Everywhere On The Outside Shell

Jan 21, 2009

I just came back from the store where they had a display model of the White Macbook and it was full of swirl marks (tiny scratches) everywhere on the outside shell. My question is... Do they come with tiny scratches like that from the factory or are they pristine when you get them?

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Apple :: MBP 13": Speck Satin Shell Vs Macally BookShell2 Vs XGear Silhouette

Apr 25, 2010

I am trying to decide which one of these cases to get for my new MBP13 (2010).

Speck Satin Shell ($40) vs Macally BookShell2 ($25) vs XGear Silhouette ($30)
Sort of leaning toward the Macally Bookshell2 atm since its the cheapest

Has anyone tried or seen these cases in action?


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Dell :: Second Skin For XPS M1710

Oct 7, 2007

I used to have a Tucano second skin for my Powerbook G4... But does it also exitsts for my dell XPS?

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Dell :: My New Skin For XPS 1340 W/ Pics

Nov 5, 2009

just wanted to post some pictures of my new SGP Skin for my SXPS 1340. It has a silicon adhesive so you can reapply w/out messing it up. It looks way cooler in person and I have already gotten a few compliments.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Case, Skin Or Cover

Mar 7, 2009

Well I acquiered my Laptop last december and im noticing a few scratches, I googled for cases and covers but I didn't find anything amazing,

I've noticed people with macs that hace sweet looking covers but I haven't found any for my Dell, do you guys know any web page that sells them?

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Dell :: Skin Site For Xps 1730 World Of Warcraft

Nov 6, 2008

my friend doesn't want his 1730, and i do. however, he is a geek, all out. i don't want to trot around my school with a world of warcraft notebook, so i was wondering if there was a place where i could buy a skin that shows off the lighting affect, but hides the "World of Warcraft" logo on the lid.

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15: Alternative To The Laser-etched Skin

Apr 14, 2010

I'm finding that I really like the capabilities of the Envy 15. However I went into a Microsoft store today to take a look at it and it had an almost beige-grey chasis with a very feminine laser-etched design on the cover. When I asked one of the workers if there was an alternative, they said that HP didn't make anything else.

I don't really trust the employees there, and I really hope that this is not true. I've found pictures so far of Envy 15 with a plain silver finish, but on the HP website their doesn't seem to be any option for it. Did anyone manage to get one without the floral patterns on the cover?

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Dell :: Got A New Studio 1745, Dissapointing Skin Colors On Screen

Nov 5, 2009

My old notebook keyboard died, and despite my apprehensions about buy a notebook with a glossy screen, I recently purchased the most recent upgrade of the Dell Studio - a 1745 (according to the number on the bottom of the laptop) from Best Buy for about $800.

While I was worried about the glossy part, it turns out there's another, much larger problem - I intended to use it to edit photos (I'm not professional, just like to play around with them sometimes) and I've found the colors, despite being a "truelife" display (I got the "900p" one, 1600x900) to be kind of crappy when it comes to viewing skin tones. They're just sort of...flattened. My pictures that look good on my regular lcd (21.3" Samsung SyncMaster 213t) and my hd tv look weird and unnatural on my studio laptop. The pictures that look borderline-ok on my other monitors look terrible on my laptop because the skin tones are all messed up.

And I don't mean that like "I'm super picky about skin tones", I mean more like "anyone looking at the picture on the laptop lcd would notice it looks noticeably weird".

Naturally, there are a picture or 2 that actually looks better on the laptop screen - in one of them, there's a yellowish cast in the background when viewed on the camera lcd and my tv (it's also a common issue with pictures taken with my camera), but it's not there on the laptop screen. Unfortunately, since I need to be able to adjust the white balance on my laptop to look good on your average monitor, this is kind of a problem for me.

I really hate to wait a month for a new computer, but I was thinking that maybe the "17.3Ē Full HD (1080p) B+RG LED Display with TrueLifeô and Camera" would be better with colors? Or is there something wrong with my particular screen? The Studio with the same specs costs $1,139 online (as opposed to the $780 I paid at Best Buy) so it's a lot more money, but I could probably do it. I considered ordering a refurbished Precision m6400, but some of the reviews of the screen seemed kind of down (especially for such an expensive computer), plus it sounded like it's pretty huge to lug around.

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Dell :: Finding SSD's For My M1730!

Jun 20, 2009

Looking for a SSD as my primary drive.........................

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Dell :: Finding OS Cert#...

Jul 31, 2008

One of my computers is a Dell XPS M1210. When I purchased it the OS was XP. Later on I upgraded (uhh that is questionable these days..) it to Vista Ultimate. I am thinking of doing a "dual boot" for it but I cannot locate the registration code for Vista. Seems the code was on a box that got tossed. Does anyone short of calling Microsoft know how to locate the registration number perhaps somewhere on the computer?

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Dell :: Finding Chipset Drivers

Jan 31, 2010

I need to find the latest chipset drivers on Intel's website. Dell has several listed and i'm not sure which ones i need so i think it would be best to get them from Intel however i'm not sure which ones to download? Can anyone provide a link?

Dell M4400
Service Tag: HC4GXH1
Windows 7 x64

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HP OS/Software :: Finding Drivers For ProBook 450 G2

Dec 4, 2014

know where I can download the drivers with these hardware id's:

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Dell :: M1530 & Win 7Bluetooth Not Finding Devices

May 9, 2009

I have a problem, which seems to be a common problem with Win 7 and bluetooth but I have been searching the far reaches of th einternet for 4 hours no with no luck.

My laptop finds the bluetooth hardware and installs drivers automatically, and says it is working correctly, but it cannot find any devices, it just says "searching" and never finds anything.

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Dell :: Finding M1330 Thermal Conductive Pad

Sep 22, 2009

Well, after nearly a year since I've done the copper mod, my GPU has finally give in .

Currently, I'm in the process of shipping it back to Dell's repair depot under their limited Nvidia extended warranty to have the motherboard replaced. However, to do so would mean that I have to revert to the original condition to avoid the warranty being void upon inspection.

Unfortunately, I can't locate the blue thermal conductive pads that I took off since the mod...

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HP Pavilion G6-2337sr :: Finding Drivers For Windows 7?

Oct 15, 2014

I can't find the drivers for my laptop HP Pavilion g6-2337sr for Windows 7. What drivers will be OK for it? I mean, what types or names, how can I find them?

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HP OS/Software :: Finding 15-r128ne Drivers For Windows 7

Oct 30, 2013

i need window 7 drivers for this model : 15-r128ne 

1. USB3ROOT_HUB30&VID_8086

2. nvidia dsplay driver

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Acer :: Finding Drivers For Aspire 1414WLMi?

Sep 15, 2014

Aspire 1414WLMi driversWhere can I find drivers for the Aspire 1414WLMi (Aspire 1410 15.4") 
I can only find for the newer Aspire 1410 11" 

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HP/Compaq :: Is A Hard Drive The Same As A Processor In A Laptop

Jan 18, 2009

my computer was fixed and he replaced the hard drive...on my hp computer...but now im noticing that is no longer centrino,bbut dual core....let me know if he sneaked and took it...or if when u fix a hard drive,the processor is replaced as well...

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Dell XPS 15 :: Replacing Laptop Hard Drive?

Jan 3, 2015

My laptop hard drive is about to fail and I plan on replacing it myself. However, if I'm unable to locate the original system drives, rescue disk, or Windows 7 software, what files do I need to make sure I copy before installing the new drive?  I may go ahead and purchase a new copy of Windows and do a clean install but I'm concerned about the BIOS and other drivers.

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HP/Compaq :: DV7-1135nr- Finding Correct System Board

Jan 3, 2010

I have an hp DV7-1135nr laptop. Recently there was an incident and one of my friends managed to throw up into my laptop while it was open and on. The computer was off before i could pull the battery and even after being cleaned and dried will not turn on, this leads me to believe that the system board has shorted out and needs to be replaced. Where can i find a replacement system board and how much should i expect to pay?

Seeing as how i have already taken the laptop apart, are there any upgrades I can do while replacing the sytem board? It has a 2.0 ghz dual core AMD
processor, and crappy integrated graphics. I was wondering if i would be able to purchase and install a better system board?

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Apple :: Finding The Windows 7 Beta Image (To Delete It)

May 3, 2009

I never got around to installing the Windows 7 beta image, but now I have no idea where I saved it on my MacBook Pro. I definitely did download it. What were the names for the 64-bit downloader (I forget if there was a downloader or how I downloaded it, it was official from Microsoft's site, though) and the 64-bit Windows 7 image? It'd be good to clear up a few GBs from my HD.

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