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Apple :: Programs Run Slow Even Wit More Ram

I just installed another gig of ram and it still runs as it did when i still had one gig what should i do?

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Apple :: Add/Remove Programs On A Mac
I installed a program I want to uninstall, but I can't find an uninstall file for it. Is there an option on a Mac like the add/remove programs in Windows?

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Apple :: Organising Programs
i have a whole ton of free apps in the /Applications folder now. the names are mostly obscure and 'esoteric' (to a windows user) i have a plan to make folders under the Applications folder called eg. Graphics, CD and DVD, Office etc. as thats how is have always worked. is that the way to go to organise myself.

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Apple :: Mouse Binding Programs
I've tried Steermouse, great app when it works. It keeps "disabling" itself every so often. I'm guessing it's a bug that has to do with switching apps. It works when I fire it up again. But is there another program that can allow me to specially keybind certain things to my mouse *AND* disable mouse acceleration? (oh I love you steermouse for removing mouse accel!)

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Apple :: Macbook - Camera Programs Not Responding
i got a macbook. Everything is fine with it, except when i try to use photobooth, ichat or any program that uses my camera. What happens is it will bounce as if it were to load, then there is just a question mark in front of the program. I have tried opening them up through spotlight, but still nothing is working. I have tried searching the forums and looked in my Everything Mac user guide.

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Apple :: Any Program To Delte Bits Of Programs.
after years of PCs clunking out on me I'm so worried about my Mac slowing down. Are there any programs I can get for free that will look through my hard drive and delete bits of programs that aren't deleted when I drag the program into the trash?

Are there any program that will in general look through my computer for things that I should get rid of, besides Onyx?

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Apple :: Any Programs To Split Windows Evenly On The Desktop
I think that this feature is really nice in Windows 7 how you are able to split two different windows evenly on the desktop by just dragging each window to the left and right side.

With that being said, are there any programs/apps out there that can mimic this feature for Mac? Specifically the latest OS Snow Leopard?

TwoUp was program capable of doing this but has been discontinued.

Any fellow Mac NBRers know any others?

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Apple :: OS X Programs - Downloader -application Delete Program - Prog For RAR Files
1. Advise a downloader(on Vista pc i use Flashget and enjoy it), Speed Download is shareware+interface is not too friendly. some pals recomended:
iGetter, Leech, Download Queue, Download Wizard, and Download Manager, but which one to choose, which is better ?

2. Which application delete program would you suggest:
) AppZapper
b) CleanApp
c) AppDelete

3. need a prog. for .RAR files ( not Stuffit, cos it has unfriendly interface for me, imho), which is better:
Unrar X,
Simply Rar

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Apple :: Parallels - How To Prevent OSX Opening Parallels/Windows To Access Programs
I just double-clicked a .xls document on MacOSX and despite having iWork installed it resirted to opening up Microsoft Excel in Parallels.

Now i know i can go and change what application opens up .xls docs permanently, but there must be a way to disable and completely prevent this action happening with any document on OSX.

Basically, i never ever want OSX to even consider opening Parallels to open a document. Does anyone know where that setting could be?

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Apple :: Slow Mac OS X Shutdown
My MacBook Pro used to shutdown in about 6 seconds. Now it takes over 40. I've added and removed a lot of software over time and am wondering if there are shutdown procedures being run where the software doesn't exist (resulting in a long search for shutdown programs that ultimately fail). Could someone tell me the filename and directory of the file that calls other scripts to shutdown? I'd like to take a look at this file to see if there's stuff in it that shouldn't be there. Alternative a shutdown log (if such a thing exists)

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Apple :: Boot Camp Running Very Slow
I have Windows XP installed through boot camp, and it seems the hard drive is acting very very slow. Or basically XP in general. Installations are taking a very long time. It literally took 4 hours to install Modern Warfare 2. In case anyone is wondering I have the 2008 iMac 2.4 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 7200rpm HD. Also in device manager, under SM bus controller there is a yellow question mark, could that be part of the problem?

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Apple :: Magic Mouse Slow Tracking
Has anyone found a better solution to the slow Magic Mouse tracking problem than the "Mouse Zoom" utility?

Does anyone know if Apple has plans to fix the problem, once and for all, with a native OS update?

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Apple :: Network Browsing Difficult/ Slow
out of the blue connecting to a server takes about 20-30 seconds. This problem remains, also the connections close by themselves. When I boot linux on this machine there is no problem. Other machines on the network have no problems. Connecting to these other machines with this laptop show the same results ->slow connection, difficult browsing. (the domain controller is a slack box - no machine restrictions are in order)

-Firewall is down for the occasion but no effect.
-There were no recent updates.
-It doesn't matter what interface I use wireless or Ethernet.

My guess is problem with samba. Restarting samba or restarting osx have no effect. Resolve.conf shows the right info and HTTP traffic is normal.
I find reinstalling is no option. I want to know the problem and if there are more users with the same problem.
OS: OSX 10.5.6

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Apple :: Time Machine Slow Backup
Just started TM backups on a new 1TB drive today....

It did 30GB in 2 & half hours! A little slow...

Why does it go soooo slow? Supposed to be faster in SL.... don't think so....

Went for Carbon Copy Cloner..... much better.... currently 27GB in 23 mins.... thats more like it.

That'll be my weekend moan out of the way I guess...

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Apple :: PowerBook G4 Slow Page Loading
So when I'm at home using my powerbook i use a wifi connection at 1.5 mbps and my internet usage is awesome.

But when I go to school and connect into my 3 mbps ethernet connection it is slow as hell. I have a PC and when it ran on the ethernet connection it was fast, and i've speed tested this baby and it it shows the internet at 3 mbps. Im not quite sure what is causing the slow down.

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Apple :: Games And Videos Are Running Real Slow On XP
Recently my games and videos are running real slow on XP.

Especially noticeable while sounds are going, for example on youtube, sounds like its on slow motion.

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Apple :: MBP13 On Win7 - RAM - Causing Major Slow Downs
I have Firefox, VLC and Digsby running, my RAM is 90% used. What's going on?

My other PCs don't have this problem and it's causing major slow downs on my computer!

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Apple :: Snow Leopard Slow Boot And Color Wheels
Since upgrading to Snow Leopard I have experienced slow boot times and many more color wheels when launching apps that I had with Leopard. From reading other Snow Leopard posts, this seems to be contrary to what other users are seeing. I updated to 10.6.1 hoping that would fix the issue, but so far has not. I'm about ready to wipe and do a clean install, but wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problems.

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Apple :: Mac Mighty Mouse - Scrolling Down Does Not Work Or Scrolls Down Slow And Jerkily
I have a mighty mouse (the one with the scroll nipple), and for some reason I can only scroll upwards properly, scrolling down does not work or scrolls down slow and jerkily.

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Dell :: XPS LCD Programs
Has anyone found some good programs for the LCD manager yet? Any links?

What would be nice is if someone here could program something to use the info from I8XXX fan control.

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Dell :: Most Useful Programs For A New Computer
I've been pondering what I'm going to put on the new SXPS16 I'm getting.

I thought I'd post and see what you guys are installing for various things, like chat, office productivity, etc.

I'm looking more for things that will keep the resources down. So far, this is what I've come up with:




OpenOffice ....

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Dell :: Logitech LCD Screen Programs?
I found a thread on another forum a while back with programs for the Logitech LCD on the m1730, but can't for the life of me find it. Even using Google (

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Sony :: Delete Unnecessary Programs
What is the best way to create more space on my C drive? It is almost full. How do I determine what programs I do not need?

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HP/Compaq :: Un-needed Startup Programs
As always im trying to make my comp run faster by having less unnecessary programs running and starting up. I have a dv5-1235dx BTW.

At startup (msconfig) i see a few HP programs that im not sure if i need or not to be starting up. This is what i see: HP MediaSmart, HP Quick Launch Buttons, HP health Check Scheduler, HP Wireless Assistant, GrooveMonitor Utility, Java Platform.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6-1260se & Preinstalled Programs
I recently bought the dv6-1260se, 'Artists Edition' and am so far loving it, except for the whole Windows Vista Issue.

I've had it a whole 3 days and it's already throwing errors. I installed Aion and World of Warcraft, and for one day, WoW could alt-tab fine. Now it gives a green alt-tab box and only shows the start/task bar. I hafta complete restart the entire thing to fix it, it won't even tab back to the game. Also, when I tried to use a bluetooth mouse, it started throwing HID errors. I update the quicklauch buttons like the HP help suggested, but still no luck. I got the bluetooth mouse to work, but discovered it was pretty bleh and it lagged when in games. Windows Vista is up-to-date save for Service Pack 2. The ATI video drivers are also updated from ATI.

I have Windows 7 RC on all the other computers in the house, and had it on my prior Compaq 3 year old beast before the board fried itself for the last time. I've already pre-ordered my Windows 7 for this laptop through HP, but I'm not sure if I can wait till oct. 22.

However, the Artists Edition comes with alot of decent preloaded software. Corel's paintshop pro, painter and something else. Also there's Stardock's MyColors, LoginStudio and I think Object Desktop. Some of these programs have a beta for Win 7, others don't.

However, I don't have registration keys or anything for these programs. I don't think I'll have problems with Corel's stuff (if Win 7 translates the reg keys correctly), but Stardock's stuff will hafta be eventally updated and they need keys for updates.

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Dell :: Installing Win 7 And Keep Your Programs With Clean Install
I was wondering, is there absolutely any way to transfer your programs and files to Windows 7 when you do a clean install? (So I can dual-boot).

Or could you at least do the update option when you install windows 7, reinstall vista, and then do a system restore with vista?..

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Dell :: Can A Hard Drive With Programs Be Swapped
I Have a Dell Studio 15 with a bunch of Programs and files already setup. If they send me a replacement order could i just swap the hard drive with my existing one. Sorry wrong Forum, Using Phone Browser

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Dell :: Remove Program From Start Up Programs
i am trying to remove some start - up programs in windows defender. some of them, will not let me hit any of the options: "

Remove" "disable" and "able". it let me do it for some of the programs, but not all of them

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Acer :: Aspire 5930G- Removal Of Programs
I have an Acer Aspire 5930G and I'm simply wondering what acer programs are worth still having on the computer (or any programs that came with the computer for that matter e.g. NTI backup now 5) =)

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Sony :: 32bit Programs On A 64bit Z690
Bought the 64bit Z690... I have one program that is only able to run on a 32bit OS.. Are there any solutions?? Maybe creating a partition and installing a copy of 32bit XP... Would that work or is 64bit a hardware issue meaning nothing could be done.

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Sony :: What Pre-Intstalled Programs Are Usefull- FW480
Im wondering if I should do a clean install(I will lose lots of the preinstalled programs/utilites. Or a Upgrade??

Then If it is an upgrade what are really useful programs/utilites?

I have a FW480.

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HP/Compaq :: Programs To Use For Taking Pictures Using The Built-in Webcam
how to use the built-in webcam on the dv7 to take still pictures?

Or I must install additional software?

Is there any to download from hp site?

Or any freeware programs available?

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HP/Compaq :: Configuring MediaSmart Keys On The DV3000 To Other Programs
Is it possible? I've found nothing.

Bought the Blue Label version and i love it.Soundquality is excellent.

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HP/Compaq :: HDX16 Format,how To Install The Default Programs
I got the HP HDX16 and I want to change the OS to Vista Ultimate 64 or Windows 7 64bit RC.

Thing is, I didnt find the programs that came with the notebook at the HP website. For example, Microsoft Works, Cyberlink DVD Suite, HP recovery manager etc.

Is there any way to install them after the format? Or do I have to get stuck with Home Premium?

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Dell :: My XPS M1330 Crashes When I Open Certain Programs Or Play Video Files. Please Help!
My XPS M1330 is about a year old, I run windows XP, and I use the copper mod since it used to overheat when playing games. It's been perfectly fine for the last few months though.

Recently, sometimes when I try to play a video file or open specific programs (so far, photoshop and certain games) the screen turns bizarre colors and then quickly crashes .....

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Acer :: Recovery Disk Difference In Programs In French And English Language
I got myself a new laptop but it became french not english(didn't get to decide, wasn't there then), but I got the store i bought it from to put it into english. The problem is that when it was french there were more programs like gridvista, eye webcam etc. Now that it's english there none of those programs. So i'm wondering if I should do the eRecovery management thing, will it stay in english with the programs like the french one? or should i ask for recovery disks from acer and tell them my problem?... it's a acer 5920g/5920-6642 laptop...says both on my laptop.

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HP/Compaq :: Mini 311c -how Long The Battery Will Last - Wifi - Will I Be Able To Install The Newest Microsoft Office Programs
While I was almost a 100% certain my next laptop would be the asus ul30jc, I just saw the folowing laptop in a local advertisement and I must say i'm tempted (being a student, I use almost all of my free money on vacation, food and alcohol so every saved counts):

Compaq Mini 311c
Intel Atam N270 (1.6ghz)
160 GB HDD
Nvidia ION LE (shared memory)
Wifi b/g
Windows XP home (service pack3)
Battery info unknown, though most sites say it has a 6 cell battery.

So I have a few questions. First and most importent of all, I need to know how long the battery will last, if its +7 hours i'm content.

Second, I have no idea what kind of wifi I need, I use that white Belgacom Digital TV Router so perhaps my fellow Belgians can help me on this? When I use system information it says my wifi in my current laptop is A/G/N.

Third, will I be able to install the newest microsoft office programs (I have 2003, 2007 and will most likely buy 2010 aswell) on windows xp home?

Last but not least, will I see a big difference if I upgrade from 1gb of 2gb of ram? I noticed a big difference on my current laptop when I upgraded my ram, but since that hp compac has a very weak processor, it might be pointless since that cpu might bottleneck the effect?

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Acer :: Which Acer Empower Programs Can Be Deleted Off My Aspire 4720z
Which Acer Empower programs can be deleted off my Aspire 4720z?

-Acer Assist
-Acer eAudio Management
-Acer eDatasecuirty Management
-Acer eLock Management
-Acer Empowering Technology
-Acer ePower Management
-Acer ePresentation Management
-Acer eSettings Management
-Acer GridVista
-Acer Mobility Center Plug-in
-Acer Registration
-Acer ScreenSaver
-Acer Tour

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Acer :: Removing Preinstalled Programs - Acer 5315
The image below willl show you a list of items previously installed on my Acer 5315...

Is it safe to remove any of these or will doing so cause more trouble than its worth.

Reason: I never use any of them. In fact, I just removed all the games from the machine.

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Dell :: : Old Slow SSD's Or New SSD's
when I wanted to buy a dell with a ssd drive my friend warned me and said that the old ssd's actually become slower than normal hard drives once they've been fully written.

So, my question is: does dell give the old ssd's or the new ones? They do seem rather cheap...

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Dell :: Xps 16 Really Really Slow
why is my brand new xps 16 slow as hell ? It is slower than my four year old pentium desktop.

i scanned and there are no viruses, spyware, etc.

-opening programs take forever

-i cant listen to music while browsing the internet or the songs will skip every 2 seconds

-web videos skip and are basically unwatchable

-as i am typing this, no letters are coming up...i have to wait about a minute for the text to load to see if i misspelled anything.

-i hear a clicking sound from the hdd every so often

-i have the basic windows theme(no aero)

-startup programs have been cut down to just the basics

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Dell :: Very Slow WI-FI Connection
I have an XPS M1710, 2GHz and 2Gb RAM, XP SP3 (although was SP2 when this happened).

About 4 months ago, my WI-FI internet connection became very slow - I mean slower than dial-up, on 10Mb/sec broadband connections. It takes 30 secs to bring back a Google search for goodness sake! It had been working fine for 18 months, and it just suddenly ground to a virtual halt, and has been such ever since.

I've tried it in several different offices and homes where it was previously fine, and it's the same everywhere. The LAN connection still works fine..

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Dell :: Internet Slow
I've got an e6400 and the internet is PAINFULLY slow. This started a little while ago on any WiFi network I use. I changed the drivers and recently upgraded to 7 so I have no clue what it is. Downloading a driver from Dell was downloading at 3.7 kb/sec. It is insane. A computer right next to me is fine.

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Dell :: Studio 15 Slow
i just recived my dell studio 15 and noticed when i log in it takes a long time, in msconfig startup i have only the dell dock, audio and video.

when i put my password it says welcome for about 1 minute and takes another 3 minutes until everything is smooth.

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Dell :: Windows 7 64 Bit Slow
Does anyone else notice windows 7 64 bit being really slow?

I can't even listen to music and go on the internet at the same time or my 1640 will slow down so much that i have to reboot. The CPU is at 100% nearly all the time no matter what.

I think I got a bad one of the bunch. I already had to replace the power cord and the hdd.

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Dell :: Should Me E6500 Be This Slow
The E6500 I'm using has the P9500 (2.53 ghz, 6mb cache), Nvidia 160M, 2gb RAM, and 80gb 7200RPM HD. When I try to play a 1080P trailer from Apple's site, the thing doesn't seem like it can handle it. It's not smooth at all. I let it DL all the way too, so it's not a buffering issue or anything.

I was planning to use this on a 1920x1200 display, but if it can't even play the 1080p trailer properly...

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Dell :: Very Slow Latitude XT SSD
I have a Dual core 1.2Ghz, 3GB ram (Crucial) Dell Latitude XT with a 32gb SSD, I've been having problems with it since January,

it stalls, you can't even switch between tabs in Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla, Scrolling was very slow and glitchy. I stopped using it because

I was tired of Dell's useless CS i.e spending an hour on chat without any useful info, they replaced the HDD with a refurbished sandisk 5000 that was slightly better than the original but still too slow to use.

A couple of month ago, I asked them to send a regular hdd so I can see the difference, they sent me a refurbished 80GB that worked a lot better than the other two but started clicking a week or two afterward.

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Sony :: Windows 7 Is Slow
Updated to windows 7 on my FW and it's definitely slower at booting up than vista. Vista was probably under 50 seconds and

it was fully usable after these 50 seconds. Now, in windows 7 it takes over 2 minutes for it to be fully usable.

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Acer :: Aspire One Is So Very Very Slow
Last week I bought a small Aspire One 1.6 Ghtz Wind. XP with 1 gig ram and it is the slowest laptop I have ever owned.

I boot up and get on line, and then I have a 30 - 40 sec wait every single time I try to change screens.

The problem is not booting up, or even getting on line, but it takes too long to get from screen to screen once I am on line.

Before I throw this away, as I can not return it, please, what do I do with this $300 doorstop?

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Sony :: New Nw Slow Wireless
I just got a new VGN-NW230 and the wireless seems very slow and has had problems connecting at times. The laptop has an Atheros AR9285 (it's N and the specs say it's 150 Mbps capable) and my router is a Netgear WNDR3700. I've updated the drivers on the Atheros and the router firmware is up-to-date.

The card only reports connecting at 65 Mbps. I have another laptop with an Intel 5100 card and it connects anywhere between 150-300 Mbps. For a "real world" test, I compared the speeds on The Atheros (Sony) is getting at most 1.5 Mbps down, while the laptop with the Intel 5100 gets 17 Mbps down

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