Dell :: How To Disassemble A Mini 12

Mar 7, 2009

how to disassemble a Dell Inspiron Mini 12

First get 1 small + screw driver

and 1 pair of latex gloves(to prevent ESD)

1-Take your Mini 12 and flip it upside-down

2-Un-Screw all the screws on the bottom. NOTE: There is no need to map out where each screw belongs because they are all the same.

3-Remove the bezel above the keyboard

4-Unscrew the 2 screws above the keyboard holding it down and remove the keyboard

5-Detach the wiresfrom the motherboard, leading from the top of half of the base(power, sound, touchpad, and antenna's)

6-Remove the top half of the base

Now that you have opened up the laptop, you can look at all the components and clean it with canned air(if necessary).

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Dell :: How To Disassemble XPS M1330 Laptop

Jul 12, 2009

this “How To” guide will provide a step by step guide to Dismantle your Dell XPS M1330 Laptop. READ ME......................................

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Dell :: How To Disassemble The Inspiron 1525

Sep 26, 2008

The mute touch sensitive button on mine keeps lighting up blue and mutes my sound on it's own often.. I think I could possibly fix it myself as Dell already sent me a replacement laptop which had a scratch on the screen that bugs me even more than the media button problem...

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Dell :: How To Disassemble E4300? Can't Remove Case

Nov 30, 2009

I would like to install a backlit keyboard into my e4300.

I removed all the visible screws but the case is still intact.

Are there screws behind the rubber pieces?

Has anyone successfully disassembled the e4300 before? I wasn't able to find any documentation or photos anywhere.

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Acer :: How To Disassemble Extensa 4620z

Feb 27, 2009

My wife dropped her Extensa 4620z. It's working fine, but it broke the pin inside the yellow power connector jack. If I could get to it, I could epoxy the pin in place and perhaps solder the jack to the mobo. But, I can't get the freaking thing open! I removed all the screws and removed the lower panel, but I have no idea how to get the laptop open. how to disassemble the laptop

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Sony :: Disassemble Vaio PCG-6B1L

Mar 5, 2009

Does anyone know the whereabouts of disassembly instructions for the PCG-6B1L? I tried Sony. Should have known it would be a waste of time

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Acer :: Disassemble Aspire 2000

Nov 2, 2009

I have an Acer Aspire 2000 Notebook and it has some trouble.

I have broken the right monitor support who permitt me to open and close the Laptop. I must disassemble it to repair this object.

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Acer :: Hair Behind My Screen, How Do I Disassemble A 6920G

Mar 21, 2010

I have a 6920G which somehow got a hair behind the screen some time ago.

My warrant ended some time ago so I guess I need to remove it myself, if I want it removed (and I do).

The hair is in the middle, not too far from the bottom so it sure is annoying. It looks like a very, very thin strain of hair, most likely from one of our cats.

I have googled for many hours for ways to disassemble my laptop and even tried it myself without a guide and I came pretty far until I gave up in fear of breaking the screen.

Do anyone have a guide or something on how I can remove the LCD to clean it off? Far as I understand service manuals are not to be asked for (for legal reasons?) so a guide or detailed instructions is what I desperately need.

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Sony :: How To: Disassemble Vaio CS-Series Laptop

May 20, 2009

how to open/disassemble my VGN-CS110E laptop but no one had the manuals, etc to how to open it. I have read from several places that the Vaio is like a jigsaw puzzle, and in which case it is. There are always different was of opening different Vaio's. From the "popup" keyboard, to "popup speaker" just to get into the fan. The CS-series is different, you open it as if it were a desktop computer.

First, turn the laptop over so the screen is shut and is on the bottom.

Remove the battery, once removed, there are 2 screws (ignore the 3 black screws), remove the 2 screws.

After this is done, unscrew the screws that is in the casing of the RAM as well as HD. The HD has two screws to be unscrewed, one is hidden thus you have to remove the HD to unscrew it.

In order to disassemble the CS-series, you must unplug a cord that's within the RAM compartment, in doing all of this, slowly lift the underneath piece of the laptop, it should pry away slowly and then you can see the motherboard, fan, etc. You can disassemble the monitor screen from the laptop now as well.

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Dell :: Mini 9 And Mini 12 Prices Lowered

Jan 16, 2009

For anyone waiting to buy a Mini 9 or Mini 12, the price of the Mini 9 is now $299 and the Mini 12 is $399.

I think this is going to make the Mini 12 a much better offering for those that might need a little bit more screen and hard drive.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Mini 2140 Vs Mini 1000 (10" Model)

Jan 21, 2009

I'm trying to figure out the difference between the two other than the casing (one's metal and one's plastic). The 2140 uses a SATA connector vs a PATA connector. So for $25 extra(lowest config 2140 vs highest config 1000) you get a metal case and SATA connector?

Why would anyone buy the 1000? Am I missing something? Oh and the 2140 has a higher volatage adapter for 'fast charging'...what's left for the 1000?

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Dell :: Why 's Mini 9 Seems Cooler Than Mini 12

Jan 31, 2009

I've been looking a getting a Dell Mini 9 or 12 and reading as much as I can. One thing that comes through over and over again is that the Mini 9 is just about built to be hacked and upgraded while the Mini 12 is not.

RAM upgrade
Mini 9 is easy bring to 2GB with inexpensive RAM
Mini 12 has1 GB RAM soldered to the motherboard and is not upgradeable.

Mini 9 uses SSD. SSD drive replaceable with even larger faster SSD drives.
Mini 12 has 4200 rpm hard drive.

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Dell :: Can Windows Server 2003 (32 Or And 64 Bit) Be Installed On Inspiron Mini 10 Inspiron Mini 10 (S541039IN8)

May 1, 2010

The processor of the mini laptop is atom N450, i want to know can i install windows server 2003 32 or and 64 bit os on this machine.

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Dell :: Mini 9 What Do You Use Yours For?

Mar 18, 2009

I've been eyeing the Mini 9 for a while, but really can't find a good justification for pulling the trigger on one.

I was wondering what other people use theirs for? Can it handle a Power Point presentation? Does it have enough entertainment value to keep you from getting bored on a long flight?

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Dell :: Mini 10v PCI-E

Oct 19, 2009

Has anyone actually tried to solder a PCI-E slot into a 10v? I know it can/has been done on the 9, but has anyone tried the 10v?

The reason i ask is because of the Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator which helps play streaming hd,i am sure there probably isn't or one of you guys would have already tried this but it never hurts to ask.

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Dell :: Mini 9 And 10 - What You Think Of It?

Feb 10, 2009

I was wondering if any of you Dell owners have the mini and what you think of it? I was thinking of getting the 12 but I saw that the 9 comes with a SSD which I am very interested in.

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Dell :: Still Possible To Get A Mini 9

Jun 10, 2009

Is it still possible to purchase a dell mini 9?

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Dell :: MINI 9 4gb RAM

Sep 19, 2008

Is it possible to install a 4gb module into the mini, i already know only 64 bit xp can recognize the total 4 gb but is it possible to just install a 4 gb stick and xp will only recognize 3 gb? also how about the bus speed, is it okay to use a 667 bus over the 533 and will the system recognize it if i use the 667 over the 533, i find the ram sticks are cheaper for the 667,

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Dell :: Mini 9 Stuttering

Apr 12, 2009

I got a 4gb Mini 9 with Ubuntu and love the thing to death, but right from the beginning it would always stutter when I was on the internet. It happened a lot more when I was looking at flash things (games, youtube, ect), but even when I was scrolling through a forum it would just stop... and then pick up again but scroll all the way down if I was scrolling (it would catch up).

Maybe it's the RAM since ojly had 512mb. So I ordered 2gb (which i wanted anyway), but this didn't help at all.

Then I though, hmm, maybe it's Ubuntu (Ive heard that Adobe has bad Linux support) so I installed XP and honestly I like it more than Ubuntu, but anyway... yeah it's still stuttering, although maybe less Ican't really tell though.

Is this just something I have to live with? Are all of yours doing this? Or is this a bad SSD or maybe a faulty laptop in general?

I really want to get this fixed as I LOVE the thing so much and just want to have this fixed.

Note: This is only happening with a browser open as far as I can tell. I ran Eclipse and was coding for a over 15 hours since I got it and it didn't stutter once when I was doing this. This is both when I am wired at school, using the school's wireless, or at home using our internet (wired and wireless)

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Dell :: Mini 9 Dead?

May 29, 2009

I just went on the Dell website and I think that they stopped producing the Mini 9. I suppose that the Mini 10v has replaced it now...

If I'm not mistaken, that's the first netbook to die. (apart from the never good cloudbook and first gen eee's)

I always thought that system was a cute little one. I was attracted to it for some reason. I'm sorry to see it go. I wish they offered more HDD / SSD space though.

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Dell :: Mini 12's Demise?

Aug 14, 2009

I haven't seen mention of the recent announcement that Dell is discontinuing the Inspiron Mini 12. It's hardly a shocker, but I'm wondering if Lenovo's IdeaPad S12 will fare much better?

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Dell :: Can A Mini-9 Handle This?

Apr 28, 2009

NewEgg has a 30GB ssd for $95 that seems like it would really make the Mini-9 more appealing to me.

Does anyone know if the 8 or 16GB ssd it ships with can be replaced with this ..

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Dell :: Inspiron Mini 9

Mar 19, 2009

I just ordered a Mini 9. It was $229 and I couldn't resist. Only thing is, it has Ubuntu.

I haven't a clue how to run Ubuntu. It was suggested to wipe the SSD drive and re-install Ubuntu fresh and get rid of the crapware. I checked Dells, driver and download page and all the drivers are for Windows XP. Nothing is listed for Ubuntu.

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Dell :: Cannot Charge My Mini 9...

Sep 28, 2009

I received a new in box (sealed) Dell Mini 9 as part of a promotion. I get home and plug the beast in to find that it does not charge the battery at all,

I have tried reseating the battery but to no avail. Also if I plug the computer in a certain way it does not power on, I have to remove the plug and then plug it back in.

So to recap, the battery does not charge, the light does not come on and sometimes I have to plug the power plug in several times to get it to turn on.

Before I call Dell support should I mention anything about receiving this Mini 9 for free or does it not matter?

According to the website I have around 187 days left on the 1 year warranty.

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Dell :: Mini 9 Was On Fire Again

Jan 13, 2010

I have read news about mini 9 on fire in
Now I have another one in china.

I bought it in 2009-01-19.
In 2010-01-11, I used it without AC and there were flame and smoke in the mini 9.
The fire was immediately extinguished.

the dell Maintenance Engineer had checked it and found the cable in LCD had been burned and a chip in the motherboard was damaged

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Dell :: 3 Mini Pci-e Slots

Feb 3, 2009

Ive got a dell inspiron 1525, ive replaced the internal wifi card with an atheros based wireless card. But i was now wondering if it was possible to put the original wireless card back in aswell.

The laptop has 3 mini pci-e slots under the cover on the back but the ones remaining had wan and u?? writen on them, but i did not know if the writing was to help less computer senced people

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Dell :: Mini 9 Can't Install Xp

Jan 6, 2009

I have a friend that ask me to install XP on his Dell Mini 910.
I have a USB stick and follow the guide of this Youtube video.

However, when the usb finished loading files to the hard drives (the blue screen, you know), i booted with the USB again and choose the 2nd mode, the screen shown up there is a missing dll files and recommend me to reinstall the window.

I start it over and over, 5 times totally but samething happen.

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Dell :: Mini 9 Linux CD

Apr 26, 2009

I bought my mini 9 from the outlet with XP.
I am interested in trying out the linux OS that dell provides for the mini 9

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Dell :: Xp, Vista Or 7 On Mini?

Mar 5, 2009

Now that the mini 9 has been out for a bit and everyone's tinkered with it, what are your observations of OS speeds? I want to get a 9 or a 10 but i'm undecided as to which OS to run as my main OS on it.

I'd love to throw Windows 7 on there somehow (torrent it onto a thumbdrive maybe).

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Dell :: HP Mini 311 Or Latitude Z11

Oct 31, 2009

I am not sure if I am in the exact location to post a thread but I need an advice since I am getting a 11.6 netbook.

I am debating whether I should get HP Mini 311 or Dell Inspiron 11z. I am located in Canada so we don't have all the models that they sell in United States.

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