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Dell :: 1920x1080 Resolutiontoo Small Windows

I was googling for some info on how to make program windows bigger, but I couldn't find anything else except use magnifier or set font to Larger 150 %.

But i like Medium 125 % font and i just want to make text readable on Skype and Aimp2 1920 x 1080 resolution,

everything else is fine but some program windows are just too small

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Dell :: 1366x768 Vs 1920x1080
Would all of you suggest how much much difference 1920x1080 will make over 1366x768 on Studio 15 i.e. 15.6'' screen?

One thing I know is that the font size will be small for more resolution.

Would you list the pros. & cons. of the higher resolution?

Is it worth to pay the difference .....

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Dell :: All The Small Things About The SXPS 16
Standard English (not bilingual) keyboard, so full-size left Shift and normal Enter key

Arrow keys fully integrated into the keyboard so the bottom 3 arrows don't stick out and none are 1/2 size of regular keysWhite backlights and hinge lights,

which I think represent simplicityFlush screen (plastic cover) that hides the cam light and stuff,

so it seems all integrated and stealthy-lookinI actually like the fact that there is only 1 plate to remove on the bottom of the laptop, makes it seem more organized

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Dell :: 1920x1080 In The Studio 1555?
they are selling a 1920x1080 screen in a 15.6" screen, isnt that really hard to see?
i found the 1080p in my studio xps crap.

i think 720p is perfect for that screen.

in the uk you can only pick the two, something in the middle would be nice.

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Dell :: Whats The Difference Between .com And Small Business
I browsed through both and dell small business and I was wondering what was the difference? Am I not allowed to order from dell small business if I'm not a business? Also which ones tend to have better deals if their inventory is same/similar?

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Dell :: Vostro Latops Just For Small Businesses?
With Vostro models, from what Ive read they are designed for small businesses. Does this mean I cannot buy it as an individual consumer?Im a student,

and prefer the look and options available in Vostro, and the prices seem more reasonable.

But is this because they are offered to small businesses and you must show evidence of this on purchase? Im also still a little uneasy with purchasing a Dell, so any advice would be great

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Dell :: Small Series Of Vertical Lines
I have vertical lines on my m1330 but not the same kind that I keep finding in my searches.

My computer doesn't crash, it just has a few lines up and down the screen when I boot and they stay there.

A bit of history, the computer was dropped by the previous owner (one of my coworkers) and the screen was broken so I bought a replacement LCD for it and swapped it out.

Worked great for two weeks until I got the lines. Its still functional, the lines are just annoying and I'm worried about a burn in. I tried taking the screen apart again and checking my connections but the lines are still there

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Dell :: Has Anyone Found 1920x1080 DreamScene Clips
I have been looking all over for some really high definition clips to use with dream scene. I have yet to find any clips that are actually 1920x1080.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 1920x1080 DPI
Following up on some discussion of how small the text is on the RGBLED (pronounced R G Bleed?) in standard DPI, it's just too small for me. I would have preferred a resolution around the 1680x1050 range on a notebook this size.

The other standard definitions that are available are not 16:9 so they don't work well, and using other resolutions than the native LCD resolution generally results in a loss of sharpness.

It also occurs that using non-standard DPI settings result in skewing or lowering quality of images and page layouts in browsers and some desktop applications as well. Someone else can probably give a technical reason as to why this is. All I know is I see it. I see text running over into other text on web pages and text out of place on desktop applications (rarely), especially dialog boxes (more often). I'm sure this is due to the fact that the rendering program is expecting smaller text. What is happening, I think, is that the DPI setting is just changing the rendered size of the text, but the rest of the rendering (images, graphics, borders, window edges, etc.) is using standard dimensions/resolution .....

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HP/Compaq :: Dv3z Small Review
I have just received the HP dv3z. I have run some tests and I have a couple remarks to make. I also took some pics with a bad quality web-cam. Also, I'm a new to the forums, sorry if this is the wrong place.

Brief Intro: The HP dv3z is a 13.3 inch notebook, introduced at CES 2009. It uses AMD processors. I bought it online.

Stats: I ordered mine with
- HP Pavilion dv3z Entertainment PC
- Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (32-bit)
- AMD Turion(TM) X2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor RM-72 (2.1GHz)
- 13.3" diagonal WXGA High-Definition HP LED BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)
- 3GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)
- ATI Radeon(TM) HD 3200 Graphics with 64MB Display Cache Memory
- 160GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
- Webcam + Fingerprint Reader
- Full Size Backlit Keyboard
- Wireless-N Card
- Tray Load SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support
- 9 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
- Microsoft(R) Works 9.0
- HP Home & Home Office Store in-box envelope.........

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Dell :: D830 Screen (a Very Small Black Speck)
I have owned a 10-month-old Latitude D830 (w/1680x1050 screen) for about 8 months now. It's a great machine, but I've decided to sell it in favour of something smaller.

Since I bought it, it has had a very small black speck on the screen that does not wipe away when cleaning it. To me it looks like dust behind the LCD surface rather than a dead pixel .....

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Dell :: Small Utility Partition Safe To Delete ?
Going the clean install route and looking at the partitions, found this small Dell one. It's only about 40MB and uses only 400KB.

Looking with Gparted it's called Dell Utility and with Vista Disk Management, nothing but does say EISA configuration under status.

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Dell :: Differences Between RGBLED And WLED LCD (1920x1080)?
Is it worth it to pay the extra $250 for the RGBLED? Or is the WLED LCD just fine for Blu-ray viewing?

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Acer :: 4810TZ & A Small Review
The design looks simply beautiful. The silver lid and the gun metal color inside is awsome. The dark colors inside will help in not causing any strain for your eyes even after working for long time.

The touchpad too has a matte finish, making it easy to use. It is very responsive. The scroll and zoom gestures helps a lot in reducing the effort though am not convinced with the third gesture, would be good if this gesture could be used for something better.

Option to turn off/on the bluetooth and wifi via the buttons/touch buttons is really good, I had trouble with some other laptops trying to find out how to do this.

The option to turnoff the screen helps conserve energy, while listening to music or doing some activity which do not need any human intervention. The screen is bright enough. I keep it at the lowest brightness while working, without any issues...............

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Dell :: Ireland10% Price Increase On Small Business Site
I may be wrong but it looks like dell ireland have increased all the prices in their small business site by 10%! The base prices are the same but upgrading anything is now 10% more expensive.

Just from looking at precision laptops.

Upgrade to 64bit os was 50 euro, now 55 euro.

Component example, yesterday it cost 440 euro to update the graphics card on a m6400 from a FX2700M to a FX3700M, today it costs 490 for the same upgrade

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Dell :: Studio 1747 Will It Run With Crysis At An HD Resolution Of 1920x1080
Configured with a dedicated 1G ATI Radeon HD4650 graphics card, will it run decently with something maybe like Crysis at an HD resolution of 1920x1080?

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Acer :: 6935G Change The Resolution To 1920x1080
I just got an Aspire 6935g today. The model is full HD but I could not change the resolution to 1920x1080. Does anybody knows how can I do it?

Another think my model came with C2D P7350 (2ghz). All the the 6935G that I've seen comes with 2.26ghz. Isn't not strange?

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Sony :: New Z (1920x1080, No SSD, 8GB RAM, Etc.)
My Z configuration:

Color: Premium Carbon (non-glossy)
Palm rest: Silver
CPU: Core i7-620M(2.66 GHz)
HDD/SDD option: 320GB HDD with no optical drive and no SSD
LCD: (1920×1080)
Keyboard: US English with backlight
Memory: 2x4GB (8GB total)
USB: 3 x USB
Warranty: 3 year Standard (no upgrade) valid only in Japan
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Japanese
Wimax: Yes (ieee 802.16e)
WIFI Lan: MIMO 2x2
Bluetooth: Yes(default included)
attery: Standard (S)
Pre Installed software: Japanese..........

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Dell :: URGENT: M1330 FREEZE Black Screen Small Boxes
my 2 year old m1330 no warrenty just 'crashed' two times within 1 hour.

Both times, there are black screen with small boxes (1 x1 ") of like green and grey colors. No vertical lines.

What does this mean?

I just changed hard drives.

would this be a video card failure, hdd failure?

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HP/Compaq :: Super Small Resolution (Pavilion Ze4420us)
A friend of mine has an HP Pavilion ze4420us laptop and seems to have a problem. When his computer starts up the screen is reduced in size so that all you can see is a 6"x6" area that's using the screen. Everything is displayed normally inside this "box". Once windows loads it's fine though.

some manufactures have a "Fn+key" or "shift+key" type of shortcut that will change an internal setting and enlarge or reduce the picture being displayed.

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Dell :: Studio 15: Big Diffrence Between A 1.366 X 768 And A 1920x1080 Screen
is there a big diffrence between a 1.366 x 768 and a 1920x1080 screen. i think you wouldnt notice any becouse its so small.

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Acer :: Anyone Who Has A 16" FULL HD 1920x1080 WUXGA Laptop
Anyone who has or have experience with a 16" FULL HD 1920x1080 (WUXGA) acer laptop (any model) can tell me if it looks good or it's too much resolution for 16".

I have a 6930G and I'm considering upgrading the screen. I really need the extra vertical space.

Some people say that it's too much and fonts would be too small, etc.

On the other hand acer as released a few models with this screen size / resolution.

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Acer :: 1920x1080, Or 1680x1050 External Monitor With 7720
My father's sight is failing and I want fix up an external monitor with his Acer 7720, so that I can crank up the dpi, but still have reasonable window size.

I am a bit unclear about whether the laptop's graphics card can drive a higher resolution external, and how much higher.

I am looking at either the Acer 22 inch 1680 x 1050, or the Acer 23 inch with 1920 x 1080

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HP/Compaq :: DV6000- Spilled Only A Small Amount Of Tea On The Keyboard
My son spilled only a small amount of tea on the keyboard. knowing what could come out of it, I turned it off right away. After cleaning and drying for a few hours, i turned it on, and managed to a couple of times. The next day I tried to turn it on again, and as it was displaying Bios info, I saw one of the flat cables under the keyboard melt slightly. I turned it of right away. This cable is one of the two coming out of the panel over the keyboard, to be exact the left one, from the on/off button to the motherboard.

Bought the cable online, and still does not work. I CAN hear the computer turn on, the lights are all as usual, and boot and even go into windows, but I cant see anything on the screen. I have seen a really really dark and dim shadow of the boot, even the windows logo, but its almost invisible.

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Acer :: Can A 1920x1080 Resolution Be Reduced To 1366x768 In 6930/6920
all available screen resolutions on the full hd version (1920x1080) of their 6930/6920? I'd like to know if it can be reduced to 1366x768 before I buy the notebook so I can have a true pixel for pixel reproduction when connected to my HD ready plasma. I know I could just buy the lower resolution version of this notebook but I've read that 768 vertical pixels is not enough for this 16" display, too much scrolling it seems and one review even said that graphics on the screen look almost jagged when compared side by side to a notebook with a higher resolution.

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Sony :: Project 1920X1080 On HDTV Through ECO 1600X900 Screen
If so are there any settings I need to change or does it do it automatically? I want to use my laptop as a blu-ray player on my HDTV.

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Acer :: Aspire One D250 - Small Card Slot On The Bottom Of The Computer
Alright I have looked at every single piece of literature I can find and I am stumped. I have an eMachines EM250 (mechanically identical to the AO D250) and I can not for the life of me figure out what the small card slot on the bottom of the computer is. I know the memory slot and the HDD slot but the third slot is a mystery. I think it is a mini-PCI slot for a solid state memory module but I'd like to find a definitive answer before I go any further.

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Sony :: Which Wireless Mouse Is Good Yet Small / Compact For Vaio Laptop
I am a proud owner of a used SZ650N and would like to get a decent wireless mouse for this laptop, any recommendations ?

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Sony :: Approved: Z11's 1920x1080 Screen Is Inferior Compared To 1600x900 One
I had the chance to review two configurations side by side in Saturn Vienna.

I assure you, the one with the 1600x900 is noticeably brighter and more saturated than the 1920x1080 one. Both are TN panels, but the colors in FHD panel have a tendency to distort sooner relative to the viewing angles. I can't say that the FHD isn't crisper than the other one because resolution does have its obvious advantage in terms of crispiness. But an uneducated eye won't be able to distinguish crispness difference between the panels when the fonts are scaled to be equal on both screens. Although both panels are LED back-lit, the FHD one looks like a fluorescent back-lit panel when compared to the 1600x900 one side-by-side.

I was both disappointed and relieved to have seen the difference. I was about to order the FHD panel, however because of some problems with the supplier, it kept on delaying. I guess there is always good in bad. Now I canceled my order entirely. I will opt for 1600x900, no matter how much I crave for the highest resolution.

In summary, the US guys who were muttering about the lack of FHD option in, don't have to anymore I would go for the 1600x900 panel every time. But this doesn't mean that the FHD is a bad panel. It just isn't AS good as the 1600x900. I wouldn't regret to have chosen it. But now that I have the choice not to, I won't. So long for the Sony Euroasia envy

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Dell :: My Reason Why XPS M1330 Has A "small" Touch Pad.
I just recently realized why Dell's M1330 laptop has small touch pad. (sorry if this was already talked about in another thread).

I've read reviews complaining about the small touch pad on this laptop. I was using it the other day and looked down at my hands while typing. My palms were about 1/4 of an inch away from the touch pad.

If I wasn't careful I'd accidentally brush the touch pad and cause the mouse cursor to go flying across the screen .....

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Dell :: Edge-to-Edge FHD Widescreen 15.6 Inch WLED LCD (1920x1080) W/2.0 MP For Viewing Blu-rays
How does this screen do for viewing blu-ray movies? I know that everyone is raving about the RGBLED, but if this option is still good, then I'll go with it, because it's about $250 cheaper...

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Sony :: Is The 1920x1080 Screen On The Style Uk Site A X-black Screen With Multiple Lamp
is the sony FW35V(customizable) on the sony style uk site a 1920x1080 a dual lamp LCD?
it says 16.4" H1080 WXGA++ (1920 x 1080) Widescreen X-black LCD screen with built-in "Motion Eye" Digital Camera, but is it a 1920x1080 dual lamp, multiple lamp(how many?) orr single lamp? make sure its the fw35v not the fw35x. the fw35v is the one that costs £60 to upgrade the screen. the fw35x says HD1080 (1920x1080) X-black LCD with multiple lamp, which im guessing is a dual lamp LCD right? also is the Dual lamp worth it for £60?
what does it do? give brighter?, sharper?, more deep and rich colours? or something else?

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Dell :: Small Business Buying Without Actually Being A Business?
So, being a consumer, how would I go about buying from Dell Small Business without actually being a business?

Is there anything special one needs to do to be able to purchase from Dell Small business?

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Apple :: Windows On A Mac - Windows XP Pro SP3 V Windows Vista Ultimate SP2
For those that use Windows on your Mac's, which version do you recommend? I'm thinking, what's best for battery life, performance etc..

I have a copy of Windows XP Pro SP3 and Windows Vista Ultimate SP2. I'm tempted to go with XP for simplicity, and the fact that it has equal compatibility and a shed load less intrusive DRM.

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Dell :: Install Windows Server 2003 And Windows Vista In The Same Laptop?
i need to know can i install windows server 2003 in the same laptop. I have partitoined my Laptop in to C, D and E drives,

now i installed Vista in C: drive is it posible to install windows server 2003 in D: drive? Suppose if i install like tht it will cause any problem? . Thank you all

My DELL Inspiron 1525 (Midnight Blue)
Screen: 15.4" HR glossy widescreen (1440x900)
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T6400
RAM: 4.0 GB DDR2
HD: 320 GB

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Windows 7 Ahci Windows Start And Freeze
I was install new windows 7 x64, i have turn on AHCI, then when installation was finish and reboot windows start and freez, i only see black screen and white curosr.

When i turn off ahci i was fine, but i need ahci to turbo memory.

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Sony :: Installing Windows 7 64bit On The Z-590UBB (Costco Deal) Having Windows Vista 32bit
This took me a long time to find out... Read my post here to save yourself the time and just "make it work"!


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Dell :: Clean Install Windows 7? Or Windows Xp?
Has anyone clean installed Windows 7 on their new Inspiron laptops? I just bought a E1545 and it came with Windows 7. I'd like to clean install and I was wondering if it was as easy as popping in the Windows 7 DVD and waiting for it to install and then just dling the drivers online and installing.

And how about Windows XP? I know most people have gotten used to and accepted Windows 7... but has anyone installed WIndows XP on their laptop that came with Windows 7 originally? I mean a native install, not virtual...

If no one has done this yet, I am willing to create a guide if it is requested and if I succeed in doing so...

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Acer :: Wanna Reinstall Windows XP Thus Deleting Windows VISTA
i want to uninstall everything that is i want to ununistall the OS VISTA thus replacing it with WINDOWS XP.

But unfornately i have failed to install OS (XP) on my laptop which came with pre-installed Windows Vista. I not been able , but when i boot my lapto using Windows XP CD it copies the required files but when i press ENTER to install Windows XP the message appears that " Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to your computer and that any disk related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacture supplied diagnostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3." Please note I have C: drive installed windows vista on it, i have drive D: files are available for recovery disk pre-installed by the windows vista or manufacturer. My lapto is ACER MODEL 4320. Please advise how to install how to install the operating system on this computer.

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HP/Compaq :: Windows 7 Accessing Windows XP's Files Wirelessly
with a new computer, hp dv6 on windows 7, i need to transfer windows xp files over.
so it's sort of like drag and drop, except wirelessly.

the windows xp is a desktop with a router configured and the laptop configured to use the router for wireless access...

ive been trying to understand how all this works, but i cannot simply manage to access windows xp, or using windows xp to access windows 7!

i have a cat5 cable if that is needed... but i dont know what to do with it..
Even if it's not wireless and with the CAT5 cable, i am willing as long as it gets transferred, i just prefer wireless

and i think i rea that Homegroup is not compatible with Windows XP so what do I use?

it's also confusing that in my Network Map on windows 7, it does not pick up the shared documents folder on my desktop.

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Apple :: Bootcamp 3.0 - Windows XP Or Windows 7
So since Bootcamp 3.0 is out what's more sensible to use; XP or seven? I know originally, Bootcamp was written for Windows XP and everyone (Forumers) said Bootcamp will work best with Windows XP even after Vista came out. I've read Bootcamp 1.2 was released so that all the Apple hardware components would work with Vista (AKA driver updates).

Now since bootcamp 3.0 is out; Will it be worth while to upgrade to windows 7? In other terms, will Seven give me better battery power opposed to bootcamping in XP? Whether it's facts or speculation; Is Bootcamp 3.0 set better to work with windows 7? OR is is like the Bootcamp 1.2; Did Apple release 3.0 so that apple hardware will be compatible with Windows Seven (driver updates)? and I do know the final version of seven isn't out but I don't think it will differ much from the release candidate kernal (correct me if I am wrong). Thanks and sorry if my wording confuses you, been working all day.

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Apple :: Windows 7 Temps Vs Windows Vista Temps
i set up this thread to compare the temps between windows 7 and windows vista. i googled for it but there's no comparison chart. please feel free to contribute.

windows vista:

idle: 62-65
under load: 77-85

windows 7:

idle: 55-60
under load: 70-80

i see that windows 7 runs noticeably cooler than windows vista. Please post your details so that other users can have an idea about what to choose if they decide to bootcamp windows.

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Dell :: And Windows 7
Based on dell moving onto previous OSes, roughly how long after the windows 7 release do you expect dell to begin shipping systems with it?

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Dell :: Windows 7 On M4400
When I got my M4400 last week, it had Vista Business installed - wasn't bad and unlike most people, I've NEVER had issues with Vista Anyway being a Microsoft Gold customer, I got my hands on the Windows 7 Ultimate RTM version and installed this on the laptop.

It has transformed the laptop just like it did my PCMUCH quicker, the graphics seem a lot happier in W7 too.

I've installed all my other tools such as SQL2008, Office 07, Virtual PC with VMs, VS 2008 etc etc but it doesnt even flinch under pressure.

If you are happy with M4400 and Vista, you will be even happier with W7 - small mini review but I thought I should give you my quick thoughts on it.

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Dell :: E4300 + Windows 7
Windows 7 runs amazingly on this machine (specs in sig). Though, it ran fantastic with Vista as well.

Despite my overall good experience thus far, there are a few things to note:

1) The webcam. Yeah, it works fine with AIM and what not out of the box, but I'd like it if Dell released an official Win7 driver + Win7 Webcam Central to better support the Latitudes.

2) The Ambient Light Sensor. It's a bit wonky under Win7, so I've left it disabled for the time being and manually change the brightness when needed. Again, I'd like to see Dell release a Win7 version of the ALS Utility found under their Vista drivers.

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Dell :: Windows XP Restore
i downloaded xp sp2 and burned it to cd thought all i had to do then was press f12 to boot and install cd thought this would restore it to nearly new or at least wipe everything clean but wont work anyone with any help? it has xp home edition

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Dell :: XPS 16 And Windows XP
if anyone has been able to install windows XP on an XPS 16?

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Dell :: Windows 7 On 1537
I installed Windows 7 RC on my 1537 recently.

Everything seems to working fine except two minor issues:

1 - The Wifi locator button does not work any more.

2 - The screen overlay when I press mute, volume up, and volume down no longer appears on the screen.

Does anyone else have these issues with their Win7 installation?

Also, can anyone tell me the names of the programs use in Vista for these two features?

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Dell :: XPS 16 And Windows 7.
So I installed windows 7, and now I am occasionally getting problems with my laptop. First of all, occasionally firefox/ie will freeze when watching youtube videos...

Applications will open, but then stop responding. And earlier today, the screen turned green and it looked like a color test...

I had to restart my computer to fix it. I feel like I am restarting my laptop a whole lot more with windows 7. Is there a fix to these problems?..

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