Dell :: Sending In Inspirion 1721 For Warranty Repair

Jul 1, 2009

I got the 1721 for x-mas. Its worked pretty well but it has a hell of a time multi-tasking then giving the blue screen of death and restarting on its own. Well yesterday I turned it on and it said that their were errors and it could not boot properly and would i like to do system restore.

Then it booted up to my log on screen but none of the buttons would work. So I restarted and got the same message about errors and then the screen went 99% black, I could only read it in the right angle of light

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Dell :: Inspirion 1721 (AMD 64Bit) XP Pro SP3

Jun 21, 2009

I've been looking all over for this specific driver for my laptop. I've downgraded the OS from Vista to XP and everything went fine but, just one more driver that I can't seem to find.

I went to the Dell driver download website and seen only 32bit drivers. So, I took a chance on trying to get the correct for this specific hardware:

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HP/Compaq :: HP Wants To Charge For Repair Under Warranty

Jan 26, 2009

I have a DV9220US that was purchased last August. Didn't take too long for me to see this notebook runs quite hot. So first the CPU fan starts to make a lot of noise, although still blowing the same amount of air. Then a week later the video goes bonkers in Windows, then within a few hours the notebook will not display any video at all. I call HP, and after 2 calls talking to their not so wonderful or English speaking technical support I get this RMA'd. I have a 2 year extended warranty on this as well. So they get it in and I wait, I am then informed there is a delay in the motherboard.

Well today, I checked the status page, and now it says there will be a service charge of $764! I immediately call them to ask this is, and am told this ia due to spill damage. The one thing NOT covered by the warranty, but happens to be the one thing that did NOT do this. I immediately recognized what was happening was simply the machine had overheated and damaged the GPU. My last HP notebook I had the LCD cut off switch die, and ended up having to send it in twice as the first time they sent it back without doing a thing to fix it.

Considering this notebook did not even last 6 months is just plain ridiculous. Then to ask for $764 to replace the motherboard? I might add that I also work as a HP reseller, and only paid $900 for the notebook + 2yr warranty. Well, it looks like HP will be losing me as a customer, and quite possibly a reseller with this customer service. I can only imagine with the bad economy and slowed sales they have instituted a policy to look for any reason, legitimate or not, to push the costs of repairs and service back on to the customer.

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Dell :: Inspirion 6000

Sep 19, 2009

My brother has a Dell Inspirion 6000 and it gave out on him a few months back. Everytime you press the power button nothing comes up on the monitor and the caps lock icon by the screen blinks and it shuts off 5 seconds later.

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Dell :: Inspirion 6400

Dec 25, 2009

Recently got a virus and had to reload operating software. Went from xp home to xp pro. now having problems with audio playing dvd's.

Everything elso works fine. Audio is choppy and garbled, reloaded latest drivers and codecs.

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Dell :: Inspirion Looks Like The Studio Xps

Apr 7, 2009

Is it just me seeing things or does the Studio Xps look the same as the cheaper Inspirion line.

Does the Studio Xps line have magnesium chassis like the m1530.

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Dell :: Inspirion 1545 Color Opinions?

Sep 30, 2009

Which color to choose ?
Black matte or pacific blue?
Which one doesn't scratch a lot ?

I'm planning to buy inspiron 1545 next week.

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Dell :: Inspirion 1720 Hard Drives

Sep 14, 2009

Will the Dell Inspiron 1720 take 12.5MM hard drives, I would love to upgrade to 2 WD10TEVT but I wanted to verify first before I ordered them

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Dell :: New Inspirion 1525 LCD Screen Cracked

Jan 3, 2009

Dell is requesting $400 to replace the screen.

Unfortunately, I did not purchase the accidental damage coverage. The laptop has not been dropped or abused and is under the so-called 12 month warranty. I have read online similar cases of new 1525 LCDís developing cracks (see below a copied post from Amazon).

I am furious that Dell is failing to admit either this is a design problem with the frame or a faulty LCD panel or perhaps there was a manufacturing process blunder during assembly.

Are there any forum members who have successfully convinced someone at Dell to honor the warranty in a case like this? Is there a best approach to elevating my dispute? My daughter really wanted a Mac and now of course I am a knucklehead as highlighted by Dell's excellent customer care and design engineering.

I have a friend who owns an Inspirion 1520 and it is obvious the frame is far heavier and structurally more rigid than the cheap plastic case on the 1525. At the moment, Iím the screwed customer and Dell has a college freshman on a campus of 35,000 kids who will be bad mouthing Dell for years to come. Dell also has a few other kids who own 1525ís in the same dorm who are experiencing quality issues and the brand is taking a beating.
Thanks in advance for your comments .....

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Dell :: Worth Sending M1330 For Repairs

Dec 13, 2008

Just got off the phone with a dell technician for cpu whine. Last month my computer died, they sent over a tech and he basically replaced everything in my laptop. The whine got ten times worst. I am on the phone with tech now and he is offering tech to come back and replace same exact parts or send it into Dell Depot for them to take a crack at it.

Is it worth sacrificing my laptop for 2 weeks? will dell likely tell me the whine is something "generally found in laptops" and i should deal with it? or has someone had their laptops successfully fixed by dell with respect to whine...

BTW they already rejected my request for an upgrade from my t7500...

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Dell :: Spilled Coffee On My 9400, Sending Computer In

Jan 19, 2010

I have a Inspiron 9400 with the following specs;

core 2 duo, 2.16
2 gig ram
100 gig hd

I spilled coffee on it last night and am sending it in to the depot for their review to see if it can be repaired/replaced. Absolutely won't power up at all, no lights coming on or anything. Glad to have complete care, I bought the warranty for an extra year after it was going to expire after 3 years last September. I'll let everyone know what happens with this. I love this computer, it has served me very well so far for 3.5 years.

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Apple :: Sending A SMS Message From A Mac

May 24, 2009

I can't fine a way to send messages from my mac to a mobile phone ?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1721 Running Hot?

Feb 21, 2010

So my mom has a 17" Inspiron 1721 from like August 2007. I have been using it off and on for the past year or so, I just today got my Studio XPS 16" 1647 :-)

But anyways, her laptop seems to run a little (burning hot to me). It's not all the time, but all she did was play farmville on Facebook for maybe 2 hours, and it's burning hot to the touch. (Half of the time it was plugged in.

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HP/Compaq :: Back Up Before Sending My Laptop

Feb 2, 2009

I am using windows 7 right now, and I was wondering how can I back up my whole hard drive before I send it in (they will reinstall windows, I know it), so that I can just restore it later and not have to setup everything again.

I have a dv6500t notebook, I have a Windows Home Server, and external HD. I want to backup EVERYTHING, so I can just restore it with all my settings as they are not on to the new hard drive.

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Dell :: Insp 1721 Replaced By With XPS M1730

Jan 13, 2009

Dell has not informed me to return my Inspiron to them. Customer Service & Tech Support did not tell me to do this and I did not receive a return shipping label or any kind of paperwork to facilitate a return of the old

what do I do????

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Dell :: Cannot Find HDD Caddy For Inspiron 1721

Dec 10, 2007

I made the mistake of staggering my laptop purchase and didn't get the second hard drive installed when I bought it. Now I'm trying to put two hard drives in it, but found out that dell didn't include the caddy for the second drive in the computer.

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Dell Inspiron 1721 :: Not Detecting Battery

Feb 23, 2013

I have a Dell Inspiron 1721 that is not detecting the battery. I have swapped out the battery with another battery and have swapped out the AC/DC charger. But it is still not recognizing the battery, it will work fine with the power cord plugged in.

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Dell :: Blue Screen On Inspiron 1721

Mar 2, 2013

I have a blue screen Stop 0 x 0000007B etc at start up. I have tried pressing F12 when I see the Dell logo and run all the checks available but still get blue screen.

I have taken to my local computer shop and they are unable to fix. said it has a RAID ARY 2 hard drive set up and they do not have the equipment to fix it!

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HP/Compaq :: DV7-1030eg- Something Keeps Sending Keystrokes Through My System

Feb 26, 2009

I have an HP DV7-1030eg laptop and am running Vista Home 64 bit, and lately, there has been some invisible force that seems to be sending keystrokes through my system and messing up my volume settings. Here's some things that happen:

- when I use ALT-TAB, the bar (the ALT-TAB window that pops up in the middle of the screen) will just disappear
- IrfanView will suddenly jump to the next picture or quit full screen mode
- screensaver doesn't stay on longer than a couple seconds
- sometimes, my sound volume will drop, shake up and down a bit and then go all the way out. When I open the volume settings, I can see the volume slider wobbling around at the bottom

Needless to say, I checked for viruses and stuff, then I looked for advice online: the ALT-TAB problem seems to be pretty common, esp. with DELL notebooks (?), and people have had the same issue with IrfanView. I hear that removing the notebook's battery will help because there is electric tension building and that triggers unwanted impulses. And it's true, when I remove the battery, the PC becomes more stable - for a short while. Then, the problems reappear.

I checked out the test field in the FilterKeys feature, which emits a clicking sound at every keystroke, and it's clicking like crazy. There's roughly one keystroke a second happening in my system right now!

Maybe my setup is not properly grounded? I live in an old house with old wires etc. - how do I discharge electrical tension from an object? Or do I have too much stuff connected to my computer that creates an electric field? I have a 2.1 stereo system with ground loop isolator, an external monitor and USB mouse/keyboard.

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Apple :: Using Adium For Sending Messages To Cells

Jul 5, 2009

I've been using adium for sending messages to cells because MSN doesn't support it in OSX and my cell account only has 200 to it and I won't pay anymore for it, the reason I don't like adium is because I keep getting people sending me messages that I don't know and I try to block them but they keep coming, So is there another messenger app that I could use in OSX for SMS's

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Dell Inspiron 1721 :: Missing Cd And Unrecognized Drivers

Mar 26, 2013

my Dell laptop wont start up. I would turn it on and it would go to windows logo screen and then go black. I tried the system recovery and then it says insert the instalation media for the device and click ok to select the driver. I dont have a cd and all the drivers I use are not being recognized.

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Dell :: Square Trade Warranty Or Warranty?

May 16, 2009

I just recently placed an order for a Studio 1737 (replacing an Inspiron E1705). It comes with a 1 year warranty.

I'm debating whether it's worth spending $200+ to upgrade to a Dell 3 year warranty or should I get a 3 year Square Trade Warranty for less than $150 (I can get one for around $120 after a coupon)?

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Dell Inspiron 1721 :: Memory Module / Only Find One Slot

Nov 13, 2008

Now, I own a dell Inspiron 1721 and have recently bought 2 gig of ram, just to speed things up a little! However, when I recieved it, it came in two sepeate modules of 1 gig. Not to worry I thought as every website says the Dell Inspiron 1721 has 2 slots. Opening up the back of my laptop, I could only find one slot.

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Dell Inspiron 1721 :: Windows Vista Fails To Boot

Feb 27, 2013

My Dell Inspirion 1721 fails to start the Windows boot.

The F8 and CTRL F11 do not work at all. I did the hours long total diagnostic that is built in and everthing passed - so must be software.

How do I recover? Can I just install a new version of Windows (to replace Vista) and save the existing files and software on the laptop?

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HP Networking :: Pavilion DV4 1319TU - Bluetooth Files Not Sending / Receiving

Jul 21, 2014

Model: HP Pavilion DV4 1319TU.
Product No. VB644PA#ACJ.
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 32 - Bit
I have recently got my laptop formatted due to some technical problems.
I am unable to send files from my laptop to my mobile or vice versa. It gives me an error that Files unable to send. However i am able to pair the device with my laptop.

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Dell Inspiron 1721 :: Will Not Recognize Hard Drive - Cannot Reinstall Vista

Apr 13, 2013

I have replaced the hard drives with new blank ones, but I cannot now reinstall Vista from the Reinstallation DVD because no drives are seen.

I have updated the BIOS to the latest available version, but still no joy.

I have taken out the drives and, using an external HDD port, can access them from another PC, so I'm certain there's no issues with the drives themselves.

I've tried Paragon 2010 Suite, but even that cannot "see" the drives, so I'm deducing that it's an issue peculiar to this Dell model.

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Dell Inspiron 1721 :: TouchPad For Vista (following Reinstalling Of Operating System)

Feb 4, 2013

I recently had to reinstall my operating system. Upon returning home I attempted to down the Touch Pad.exe and the message I get is this download from Dell can't be downloaded to my Inspiron 1721 operating system.

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Dell :: Dispaly Replacement Sending Cheap Dispaly

Jul 4, 2009

yesterday i placed a complaint on my dispaly since there were few black spots and two white spots on my disaplay . the CC told e that they will replace it . Mine is WXGA+ display.Today a technician came along with the display. he replaced it and when he restarted the system . i noticed that the black contrast ratio were poor.. i thought it was some glare. windows booted and i viewed few photos and video just to check the clarity... they all were glaring..or say the contrast ratio was not as like my prev one.i asked the technician to take a loook.. he too found it different.. so he called his superior .. they said they will replace it again.the funny thing is the one which came new also had pixels and it had the same WXGA+ printed ! so wht shall i do when the new display which is about tot come on monday to have the same contrast ratio.. or poor clarity ?luckily i asked the technician to put back my old display.

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Dell :: M1710 Possible To Repair?

Feb 19, 2010

I own a Dell m1710 and my 7900GTX fried and burnt and fans are dead. Whenever i power up the screen is full of dotted lines and extremely off colored pixels. How and where can I get a cheap 7900GTX to replace, as well as fans. Dell charge me 500 bucks and my reply was NO

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Dell :: Onsite Repair

Sep 22, 2009

I was told that I would recieve a call to schedule my repair within 24 hours and it's been a week already. Is this normal? Is it true that they send the parts to you directly?

For some reason my order status on dell started out as "shipped." The order never went through a processing stage...

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