Dell :: XPS M1730 Performance/Upgrade Q's

Dec 2, 2009

Bear with me as I try to sort some things out. Currently I have a M1730 with These Specs.

OS- Win 7 Home prem. X64
Ram 4 GB
CPU- Intel Core2Duo T9500 @2.6GHz
GPU- Nvidia 9800M GT x2, Sli.

I am wondering how well it would run Battlefield bad company 2 with high-max settings @ 1920x1200. Here are the Specs, just released today .....

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Dell :: M1730: Battery And 3d Performance

May 16, 2008

Earlier this year I bought one of the Clevo 8800M GTX notebooks, thinking I could use it to play games during my daily commute. Unfortunately, I quickly discovered that the 3d capabailities of the card were disabled under battery power by the Clevo hardware, so back it went....

I am now considering a dell XPS M1730 8800M GTX SLI model. I would be grateful if any current owners of this model could tell me what the 3d performance is like under battery power. I'm not looking for a great amount of battery life (between 75 and 90 minutes ideally)....

Incidentally, I have just been told by one of the Dell sales advisors that the battery will last for between 3.5 and 4 hours when playing games... ha ha what a joke, where do they find these guys?..........

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Dell :: M1730 Crysis Warhead Performance

Sep 18, 2008

is anyone else getting really bad performance, with crysis i get a solid 30 fps, but with warhead i get around 9 fps wasn't warhead supposed to run better than crysis
I've tried both the certified 175.32, and the moddded 177.92 i got 8800 GTX SLI

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Dell :: Slow Performance On Battery XPS M1730

Jan 2, 2009

Does anyone have experience with very slow performance on battery power with the Dell XPS M1730?

The problem I am having is the following:

AC plugged in - everything works fine.
AC unplugged (on battery power) - the system is very slow. Watching basic video or a DVD is painfully slow, and video is choppy with skipped frames.

I have been working with Dell, and have updated all video drivers, Bios, tried different power settings (including high performance), and it has made no difference.

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Dell :: XPS M1730 Performance Drops After 20 Mins Of Gaming

Mar 30, 2009

I have a M1730 with 8700gt sli GPU's. My problem is that, if i turn on the notebook and start playing a newish game,

it will run great for 20 mins or so, then its performance will drop dramatically, to the point of not being able to play due to framerate drop.

My instincts tell me that it is a heat problem, beacuse if i turn it off and leave it for a bit, i can turn it back on and play fine again.

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Dell :: Wireless Performance After 7950GTX Upgrade

Nov 29, 2007

I just upgraded to a 7950GTX,and I now experience a wireless issue that wasn't there before. I have the Dell 1390 minicard. And I have the PA-13 adpater.

Before the upgrade, while sitting next to my wireless router, I would naturally get 5 bars out of 5, now I only get 3 bars, and Dell's wireless utility says my connection quality is poor.

Before the upgrade, I could move all around the house and never get less than 3 bars, now I can't go more than 12 feet from the router before losing the connection.

I thought I could have done something wrong when I opened my lappy, but I just looked at the service manual and the wireless minicard sits below the motherboard, so it's not that.

why I get less performance from my wireless network now that I've upgraded to a 7950GTX ?

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Sony :: How Much Of A Performance Upgrade Is This

May 29, 2010

I just ordered a customized Sony Vaio E series laptop from SonyStyle! How much of a performance boost should I expect to see when my new laptop arrives? (For games and general use).

From my current laptop (HP G60-115EA):

Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200 @2GHz
Intel GMA 4500mhd
160GB 5400rpm hard disk

To this laptop I have just ordered (Sony Vaio E series):

Intel Core i5-520m @2.4GHz
Ati Mobility Radeon HD 5650
500GB 5400rpm hard disk

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Dell :: Help For CPU Upgrade! XPS M1730

Jul 27, 2009

I have my friend's laptop with Core2Duo T8300 processor and wanted to upgrade to X9000.

Can anyone suggest me how to do that with some links for the picture guided or video instructions? Also, what are other components needed for this upgrade? Infact,

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Dell :: CPU Upgrade For A XPS M1730

Feb 4, 2010

So, this is the second time I've been unable to answer a technical question on my own, this makes me sad... But I'll live.

The problem is the following.

I've begun playing the Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta quite a bit and I've recently found that my lacking FPS is caused by my somewhat outdated CPU, which I really should have concluded earlier,

but spilled milk and all that. So I've been looking into upgrading and quite honestly, I have no idea what my options even are. I've been unable to find any compatibility related sites that could even as much as inform me what current CPUs are suited for my machine, so here I am, asking people far wiser, more clever, and most likely better looking than my self

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Dell :: 8800GTX Upgrade For M1730

Apr 4, 2008

suggestion on Dell's IdeaStorm requesting them to do a single 8800GTX upgrade module for the M1730. Dual 800GTXs are really unnecessary because SLI game support is spotty at best. (especially in Vista) In addition the Dual "card" module is going to be much more expensive than will be a single 8800GTX. I would a expect the single card module to be hundreds of dollars cheaper. I just can't see spending another $1000+ on a laptop that has already cost me over 4 grand. [url]

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Dell :: M1730 Processor Upgrade

Jul 21, 2008

Im thinking about upgrading my processor in my M1730 from my 2.4 to somthing with a little more mustard.

I am concidering the X9000.... Will this work with my m1730.... also does 1730 have potential for 64 bit.... Im lost as I have been out of the loop on this machine for a while.

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Dell :: Upgrade Chipset For XPS M1730

May 30, 2009

Knowing that you can upgrade the graphic card + ram for m1730, but I wonder if there is any possibility for you to upgrade the processor for m1730 or not. Right now,

I'm having intel 9500, but hope that I can move to extreme 9000.

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Dell :: XPS M1730 Upgrade To 9800m SLI?

Apr 26, 2010

I currently have an XPS M1730, which has the 8700m graphic cards running in SLI. I would like to upgrade to the 9800m's.

Has anyone made this upgrade to their M1730, or anyone have any insight into how stable it would run?

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Dell :: Want To Upgrade To Windows 7 On M1730

May 18, 2010

Currently running vista 32 and I want to upgrade to windows 7 64 but on the dell device driver's page there is no support for windows 7. Only XP and Vista drivers are listed.

Will the drivers automatically update through Windows 7 or do I try to find the drivers myself?

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Dell :: M1730 CPU Upgrade From T9300 To X9000

Jan 13, 2009

I couldn't find an actual thread about this so I figured I'd start my own that can be easily picked up by search engines assuming your good selves can add some good info to it
I took the plunge after finding a final stepping X9000 OEM chip on Ebay for 269 and I'd like to upgrade from my T9300. I'm fairly used to working on open laptops and I replaced the CPU in my old Inspiron 8000 with no problems so I figured I should be able to handle this swap as well.

However, I have a few questions.

1. I read in the M1730 thread "Dell is offering the X9000 but like ifti was saying it should be that hard of an upgrade because it looks like u can do it without removing the motherboard

the only thing is this may void your warrenty ud have to check that"
Has anyone successfully switched the CPU on the M1730, and can they confirm that you don't need to remove the entire board and the screws are accessible from the top of the board to remove the CPU?

2. What can I use to clean the existing compound that I will have to remove before applying my own compound (Arctic Silver 5)

3. Any other advice before I break open my M1730?

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Dell :: Video Card Upgrade For M1730

Feb 12, 2008

If I bought m1730 with geforce 8800m can I upgrade it later to get the geforce 9800m? If yes, do I buy the video card and install it myself or I buy the card and dell technician will come to my house and install it for me?

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Dell :: Cannot Boot From Cd To Upgrade M1730 From Vista 32 Bit To Win 7 64 Bit

Nov 9, 2009

I have vista ultimate 32 bit on my XPS M1730. I'm trying to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

The cd will not run from the operating system so I tried to restart and boot from cd (I'm doing this part right for sure).

The laptop will just stay for about 40 sec trying to boot from dvd and then goes to windows vista

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Dell :: Upgrade Video Card For XPS M1730

Jul 4, 2009

I have a xps m1730 that is equiped with geforce 9800 sli already. I want to know that in case that I want to upgrade the video card, what card I can put in for this laptop.

The configuration is, Intel T8300, 4gb of ram

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Dell :: M1730 GFX Offering Upgrade Program When 8800M Is Released

Sep 27, 2007

I read a few sites today that said that Dell will be offering a upgrade program for those that buy the M1730 prior to the release of the Mobile 8800.

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Dell :: 's Overall Performance

Sep 26, 2009

I met a friend and he's from Taiwan. I asked him what does he thinks about Dell notebook. He said that overall, Taiwanese prefer to use HP-compaq notebooks instead of dell because the latter frequently "crashes".

I told him about the advantages of DELL to no avail... He was quite hard headed. I have experiences of crashes somewhere in between of usage of my DELL notebook.

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Dell :: Performance & Studio XPS 16

Mar 3, 2009

I'm looking to purchase an Studio XPS 16 soon. I have never considered buying this laptop given the high pricetag, even though I really like it. But that changed yesterday as I received a 70% OFF coupon.

So here am I, wondering which config I should select. For instance, 500GB @ 7200rpm or 320GB @ 7200rpm or 128GB SSD? Intel 5300 Wireless-N or 5100?

Performance is important but I also want to select components or a configuration that has fewest known problems (bug, incompability or being unreliable).

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Fan Performance

Apr 22, 2010

I'm wondering if my fan is working right. I can definitely hear it, and Hardware Monitor has it go up to 4000rpm.

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Dell :: GPU Performance From My New XPS 13 With G210M

Dec 23, 2009

I got my new XPS 13 a few days ago - P8800, 4GB, G210M, 500GB 7200rpm, Dell 1520 Wifi, LG LED display - and love the build quality and performance. I also removed the stock thermal paste and applied Arctic Cooling MX-3 using this guide.

Did a fresh install of Windows 7 with Flash 10.1 Beta2 and nVidia 195.81 (beta). Both of these allow for hardware accelaration in Flash.

CPU usage during playback of a Youtube 1080p video was amazingly low -
With the 9400M G active (Balanced Power Plan), playing this video took around 20% CPU

With the G210M active (High Performance Power Plan), CPU usage was 0-5%!!

Installed Media Player HPC 1.3.1249 and chose EVR Custom Pres for video rendering (View..Options...Playback.Output).

Here's how much load the GPU takes off the CPU during the playback of a 720p video
Video Rendering___________CPU Utilization
System Default__________________50%
EVR Custom Pres with 9400M_______28%
EVR Custom Pres with G210M______ 21%

I also installed Badaboom and tried encoding 1080i video from an HD camcorder into an iphone version and amazingly the CPU was hardly being taxed -

3DMark 2006 result was also very impressive -

Also ran DPC latency checker to find potential issues and everything looked good -

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Dell :: Performance E6400

Jun 18, 2009

I have an E6400 that I bought at the end of 2008 (IIRC in October, I think they were maybe on the market for a couple of weeks tops when I got it), and have recently been having performance issues.

Even old games & games that should work really well on it (warcraft 3, call of cthulhu, tf2 at lowest settings + 640x480) sometimes start out ok but quickly grind to a halt (slide show kind of speed).

I tried reinstalling windows (both xp and vista) & also tried running warcraft 3 via wine on linux - nothing helps much, sooner or later there is significant slow down.

I would have thought it might be the intel graphics, but then again that card is not *that* weak (warcraft 3 came out at 2003 and I have managed to run it with a 450Mhz pentium 2 + voodoo 2!), and it does start out plenty fast (sometimes).

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Dell :: SXPS1340 Bad Performance

Aug 9, 2009

i have had my studio xps 1340 since march, and i have loved it, it has seriously been the greatest laptop i have ever owned. however, i have been trying to run some games on it recently, and i have had some troubling results. i have the 2.66 ghz processor, 7200 rpm 320gb hdd, and the 9500m graphics card, and 4 gbs of ddr3 ram. i am currently running the 64 bit version of windows 7 (7100). i installed a few games on my laptop yesterday, including cod4, fallout 3, and prototype. i started out trying to play the games with the 179.82 driver from the dell website, i noticed that in all 3 games, i was receiving a higher frame rate when i had my computer on power save than when i was on high performance, i then loaded the 185.85 drivers from the nvidia website, with a hacked .inf file, and i noticed the same thing, but when i ran the windows experience on power save i got a 5.7 for graphics with aero, and a 4.4 for gaming graphics. on high performance i got a 5.9 for aero, and 4.8 for gaming. i then loaded the "dox's 185.85" and it is really weird. my windows experience for high performance stayed the same (5.9 for aero, and 4.8 for gaming) HOWEVER, (this is where it gets weird) my graphics for save power went up to 5.5 for gaming, but went down to 5.2 for aero! also, while i was on these drivers, i ran 3dmark06, and i scored 3634, which as far as i can tell, is pretty good for this notebook. however, please try telling that to my games, they just dont run very well. could someone please help me out a little? hopefully i am just doing something wrong, because i really dont want to have to send this back to dell.

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Dell :: Ram Performance O Xps M1530

Jan 23, 2009

I have a XPS m1530, core 2 duo T5550 1,83 Ghz, 3gbram, 160 hdd, . I have a question .

Isn't my score from my ram too low?
DIMM1 Nanya 1Gb

DIMM3 Samsung 2Gb
DDr2 667 (333 Mhz)

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Dell :: Performance On Battery

May 22, 2009

why when I run 3dmark, on the battery as opposed to off the power, does the m1730 run like a pile of crap?

The opening scene of Return To Proxycon usually hits 85-90 fps and about a 70 minimum, then goes down to 30 when it goes across the room to the troopres with guns.

But when I run it on battery, it wont go over 30 fps for the opening scene and foes into single figures when it goes across the room? Is this normal ? Surely not, as it makes a 'gaming laptop' non existant basically. If I plug the power cord in the fps shoots up instantly. All power settings are maxxed, as far as I can see? Unless thre is a GPU one I haven't noticed?

Ive just noticed because I got a Dell battery for my 1730 today (didnt come with one - refurb). It's a T9300 / 8800M GTX SLi model.

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Dell :: 1720 + 8600m GT Performance

Jul 13, 2008

My wife and I just recently purchased a inspirion 1720 with a 8600mGT to plan and play some games together. I have a 8600 GT in my desktop so I assumed I knew what range the new laptop would play in (FPS wise), even with the ddr2 and new die.

We recieved it about 2 weeks ago, and first thing I noticed was very sluggish FPS on all the games I installed (20% of what my desktop 8600 GT can produce). So I go on the normal witch hunt, trying different drivers for the GPU and make sure all chipsets and bios updates are in...all to no avail.

So I dig deeper..I downloading 3dmark, GPU-Z, and CPU-Z. First thing I notice is my 3dmarks are 1.5k when other 1720s are getting 3-4k on their tests (even with somewhat lower stats )

So then I run GPU-Z and CPU-Z and the only difference I could find from other 1720s is that the 8600M GT I had was running at PCI-E X1 not the maximum the card (and motherboard) can handle which is X16.

*the imageshack pic is from another 1720 who ran GPU-Z

So I looked around to see the difference from 1x PCI-E to X16 (my thinking was zero difference just like AGP 4x to 8X)...and apparently the difference is HUGE.


*Only difference from those 2 cards is the speed at which the bus is running for PCI-E

I also concluded that those benchmarks fall around what Im getting compared to other 1720 users with the exact same GPU.

So Ive contacted Dell and had to convince him that my card was NOT suppose to run at that X1 bus speed. After and hour and a half, he did not know how to fix that(Bios has no option) and he scheduled a call back within 2 days from another tech to try and get this resolved.

I do have the option to just return the laptop(within a month). But hopefully if by sending it back and having them replace it after troubleshooting with them, I wont get another lemon..

so lesson of the story, if your getting less performance then what your GPU-Z and make sure your card is running properly.

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Dell :: E6400 Performance Windows 7

Sep 9, 2009

I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my e6400 with p9500, 256mb graphics, 4gb ram and 256gb SSD. First, 7 BLOWS Vista to shreds regarding speed. It is unreal how clean and efficient it is. My first question is in the power settings, high performance is gone. Anyone know why? Also, the Windows Performance Rating shows the following:

Processor: 6.1
RAM: 6.1
Graphics: 3.4
Gaming Graphics: 5.3
Primary HD: 6.9

The scoring goes up to 7.9. Do you guys think those are low? I'm surprised gaming graphics are higher than Aero graphics and that the hard disk is only a 6.9 and the processor is only 6.1.

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Dell :: 1530 Performance Dropoff

May 29, 2009

The more I looked into it, the more I think it's a problem with the card downclocking itself due to high temperature.

What happens is that I start say, Mass Effect, and for the most part it runs just as well as it did 3 months ago. same settings, updated drivers, etc.

But the problem is, after about 20 minutes or so of playtime, the frame rate suffers dramatically, and the only way to improve that is to call up the game's main menu, or alt-tab out to desk top where there's no rendering on screen. Wait a minute or two, go back into the game only to have the bad framerate return after about 3-5 minutes.

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