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Dell :: Computer Noise Coming Through Firewire

I have got a Dell 9300 that I've been using for recording for a while. I've recently gotten a new external audio interface, a Presonus Firestudio that I connect to the Firewire port on the 9300. I'm getting digital noise coming through the Firestudio from the 9300 through the Firewire port. The noise, ie. chirping, clicking and popping, happens when you move your mouse or resize a window.

I've tried running the interface into the computer using a PCMCIA to FW adapter and running it into the cardbus slot. That has reduced the noise some, but has not eliminated it.

I don't remember getting this noise always, but I certainly have been dealing with it for a while. The noise isn't recorded so I can record just fine, it's just noisy when I'm monitoring.

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Sony :: VGN Static Noise Coming From Speakers
I have a VGN-NS135E and at random times there is a staticy sound coming from the speakers like bad reception on a radio. It happens randomly it seems regardless if i'm listening to music or not.

It happens with the volume on and on mute. I can hear audio just fine. When the speakers decide to make that static noise the audio is clear, just mixed with static

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HP/Compaq :: Touchsmart T2x- High Pitched Noise Coming From It
Here are the specs:

I tried using the hlt command in RM CPU clock utility, like many people have suggested, but the version I have does not even let me check the box. It is an option though, but the writing is in grey and cannot be chosen.

I was wondering if maybe there were some other options i could tweak to lessen the damn noise!

Under "advanced CPU settings" , I can choise the ACPI state to modifiy but there are the only options i could change:
Enable CPU low power
Enable Northbridge Low power
Enable FID/VID change
And i can change the clock divisor to the following:

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Apple :: High Pitched Noise Coming From The Laptop
I just installed windows vista 32-bit on bootcamp, my problem is that when i am using vista, there is this high pitched noise coming from the laptop, but the noise isnt there when i use leopard.

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Dell :: Studio 1537 Strange High Pitch Whining/beep Noise Constantly Coming From Inside Laptop
Its not from the speakers, and its not a true hard drive whine or a system beep, its just a constant sound with really high pitch

(high scientific frequency - not as in occurance :P)and although its not that loud

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Sony :: Is Your Vaio Z Series Laptop Your Main Computer Or Secondary Computer
Do Vaio Z Series laptop owners use their laptop as their main primary computer or a secondary computer? Do Vaio Z series owners also have a desktop pc as their primary computer and use their Vaio Z Series as a secondary computer? Or is your Vaio Z Series laptop your one and only computer that you always use? Is it comfortable using the 13 inch screen for long periods of time?

Reason i ask is some people have more then one computer and some people just have one.

I'm just wondering if the Vaio Z Series laptop is a good choice as a main computer since it's got good specs and it's nicely portable but will the 13 inch screen be ok to use for long periods even at the higher 1600 x 900 resolution?

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Dell :: Firewire 800
My E4300 shipped in October with the old Firewire 400 (IEEE 1394). Does anybody know if Dell is shipping Firewire 800 (IEEE 1394b) yet and if the E4300 can be updated?

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Dell :: Firewire On XPS M1530
my question is what Firewire does the m1530 support? 1) 400 or 2) both 800 and 400?

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Dell :: Firewire Card
I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 that I purchased a few years ago. I am taking it with me on vacation in June. I plan to bring my camcorder along as well.

The problem is while my desk top has a firewire card for transfering video from the camera to the computer, the laptop does not. So I will have n way right now to make any transfers.

Is it possible to add a firewire card to my Dell after market or is there another option I'm not aware of?

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Dell :: Firewire Not Recognized On New Studio 15
I have a new Studio 15 with firewire port. I just purchased a new camcorder to transfer DV tapes to DVD.

I got the camera specifically because it was supported by vista. But the laptop doesnt recognize the camera. Ive done a good bit of research and it seems to be a vista problem.

Ive tried all the solutions i could find on the net. Even modifying the registry per the instruction from microsoft support .....

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Dell :: M1530 BSOD When Using Firewire
I'm having a problem with a Firewire Audio card when recording from a MIDI input. It works okay for a few seconds,

then i get the dreaded BSOD - I haven't had time to look through the dump file yet, but the thread ks.sys is mentioned.

I've had a look about, and I think the problem is something to do with the ASIO4All driver I installed (and subsequently uninstalled) OR how the IRQs are set up in windows.

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Sony :: Is S400 Same As Firewire
I have the TZ series laptop. It has a S400 port. I also have a Sony external DVD/RW optical drive that only has an S400 port (the optical drive was meant for the UX series per the Sony website). I understand that it's almost the same as firewire1394, but you need to hook up devices that are powered (which is fine since my external optical drive has it's own AC plug).

Can I just buy a regular firewire 1394 cable or do I need a special S400 cable from Sony to hook up the DVD to my TZ?

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HP/Compaq :: Firewire HDX16t
I'm having a problem connecting my video camera to my HDX. The port itself seems to work as I was able to connect my external hard drive to it and it was found.

It's not the camera as I hooked it up to a different PC's firewire port and it was found. Not the cable either.

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Dell :: XPS1530 Can't Detect My Handcam Thru Firewire
i want to transfer my mini DVD to my laptop and burn it to my DVD.

Unfortunately my XPS1530 can't detect my Sony Handycam using firewire to firewire.

anybody knows how to configure XPS1530-firewire connection?

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Dell :: Docking With A Firewire For Latitude D620
Do you know of any ?

Does the "PR01X D/Port Replicator" have the IEEE 1394?

I have a lot of videos on my camcorder that I would like to burn on dvds and do not think the usb is going to work.

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Dell :: Speed Of Ethernet, Firewire & Wireless On 1530
I have a new XPS 1530 & was trying to find the specs on the components & couldn't find any. Could someone tell me the specs, or where I can find them on my computer? I'd like to find the following:

Ethernet -- 10/100 OR 10/100/1000
Firewire (1394) -- 400 or 800

Also, for the wireless card for Intel WiFi 4965AGN 1) is it dual band, 2) what speed (Mbps)?

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Acer :: Firewire On Aspire 5920
I've conected two mini dv camcorders (Sony HC-37E & JVC GR-D70EK) to my brand new Acer Aspire 5920, via firewire, & none of them are 'seen' by vista home premium and therefore don't work.

Both cam's work on an Acer desktop running vista home basic.

One thing I have noticed is that the firewire reported on the desktop is Texas instruments (whereas the laptop reports RICOH).

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Apple :: Why Do Almost All Macs Now Have One Firewire Port
Especially in the circumstances of video editing and digitizing. What is the process that people would do now?

Would they put the camera in the firewire nd then capture via USB of the external hard drive and then put the firewire for the hard drive after capturing and on to editing?

Why is it that it seems only the Mac Pro is the only Mac that now has more than one fire wire port?

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HP/Compaq :: How Many Pins Is The Dv6z Firewire Port
I want to transfer some old DV tapes to DVDs through an old JVC mini-DV camcorder with a DV/4-pin firewire connection but I do not know how many pins the firewire port on my laptop is. I was under the impression that all notebooks used a 4-pin connection, and it looks like it is 4 pins, but the connector pin assignments section of the user manual lists it as 6 pins.

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HP/Compaq :: Adding Firewire To The Presario C700
I was thinking about getting a mini-PCI firewire card like this one [url] and putting that into the mini-PCI slot that normally houses the WLAN card. I'd really like firewire on this laptop.

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HP/Compaq :: Why The New Pavilions Doesnt Come With Firewire Port
why the new models of pavilion like dv5,dv4 or dv3 the most of all models doesnt come with the firewire (1394) port? only few models? are good this models or are better the old models like dv6500?

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Apple :: External Drive Formatting/Firewire
Ive purchased a 4TB external HDD for use with my MBP.

The unit has 2x2TB drives in it, and I have set it to mirror one drive to the other - so I have 2TB of useable space.

1. I always tend to use FAT32 in case I ever want to connect a Windows machine to use it, which isnt very often TBH - but at least I know I can if need be. I dont save any files larger then 4GB onto the drive. Should I stick with FAT32 or move over to HFS+ ? Are there any other benefits to HFS+ over FAT32 other then larger file sizes etc?

2. Is Firewire 800 Hot Swappable - or do I need to connect the drive with my MBP off, then boot up?

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Apple :: No Firewire Port On Macbook Unibody
I noticed that the macbook unibody does not have firewire port.

So if I need to use firewire device, then I have to get the USB to firewire adapter for it.

I just want to get this right, if I use the adapter then that means I will get tranfer rate of general USB 2.0 speed which is 480Mb/s. Is that right?

If it is, then I'm gonna miss the higher transfer rate of firewire on old macbooks

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Dell :: When's The New Line Of XPS Coming Out
wondering when you guys speculate the new line of XPS laptops will come out?

I'm anxious to see if they'll have an upgrade to the 2010.

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Apple :: MacBook Pro - How To Setup And Boot Off External FireWire Drive
I use my MacBook Pro for most everything except at home where I have a desktop system that's a few years old. The MacBook Pro should generally run rings around it except for disk performance and that's something that I'd like to fix. So I picked up a 1 TB MyBook and it's attached to the MacBook Pro right now but the MBP doesn't see the disk. I assume that I need to partition and format the drive.

The MacBook Pro currently has Mac OSX and Windows XP on the internal drive and they work just fine. What I'd like to do is to be able to boot Mac OSX, WinXP x64 and Win32 off of the 1 TB drive. I was hoping to partition it into three pieces and boot whichever OS I wanted at the time.

What I'd like to know is if it is possible to do this (3 OS on one external drive that the Mac could boot from) and how to go about setting this up. I would grab XP x64 and XP Win32 off another machine (that machine has three Windows licenses running) and move them to the MacBook Pro (with Microsoft's help if needed).

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Apple :: Macbook Aluminum Lacks Of Firewire - How Can I Transfer Videos
I felt in love with the new macbook Aluminum 2.4Ghz. But I just found out that there was not any firewire port in it. It's such a disaster to me .

How can I transfer videos from my MiniDV to Macbook now ?

Any cable or hub can do that?

According to this site [url] they said that there might be a hub to solve my problem! Is it real ?

So, Are these following hubs and cable looks like what they mentioned ?




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Dell :: New GPU Coming Online For M1730
Dell have released a new Bios for the M1730. The notes say it adds support for a new GPU!

You may wish to delay pulling the trigger!

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 With HD 4670 Coming
I just noticed on the most recent bios update page for the Studio XPS 16 under the the Fixes and Enhancements tab it says "support new configuration with Gfx ATI Mobility Radeon?HD 4670".

This is probably an indication that the HD 3670 is going to be replaced with the newer HD 4670 sometime soon. If you are thinking about buying a Studio XPS 16 anytime soon you might want to wait.

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Dell :: No Sound Coming Out Of Speakers
I am new here and have a question.

I have a Dell 1505 laptop Dual Core
1.7 ghz dual core processor
169 GM Hard drive
2 GM DDR2 Ram 256MB Video Nvidea 8400
Wirelesss built in
Office 2007

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Dell :: XPS 16 Sound Coming Out Of Subwoofer
I just got a Dell Studio XPS 1640 today and I am having a major issue with the speakers. It sounds as if the person who put the laptop together wired them incorrectly, the top speakers near the keyboard sounds very faint and tinny like a surround speaker on a home theater system, but the volume is very low and cannot hear it unless you put your ear up to the speakers.

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Dell :: About Up-coming Arrandale (Core I3/i5) Laptops?
I want something like this:

(These are the must-haves)
15" chassis class
Core i5 CPU
1920x1200 or 1920x1080 resolution
8GB of ram
Preferably an SSD, but I can wiggle on this one
Upgraded battery
Don't care too much about graphics, and since the i3/i5's have a built in video I'd go with that, it looks to be fast enough for me.

Budget is about $1500-2000

Right now there is the Alienware m15x with the mobile core i7, but I don't REALLY need a quadcore, or the faster graphics, or the power consumption of either. I am hoping that there is an inspiron or Studio coming out (tomorrow?!) that can be made to meet my above specs... Anyone have any info?

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Dell :: Aluminimum Frame Warping And Coming Apart
Im not sure if you can tell but the screen where the frame holds the display is warped and im afraid its gonna brake. Should i call dell? Should I be worried

Edit: Added the new pic not the best because it was taken with the DSi

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Dell :: ATI 4xxx Series Coming To Studios (and Hence XPS)

If this is true then the Studio XPS will most likely also get an upgrade.

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Sony :: New EU Z Series Coming Soon
Seems the SONY VGN-Z EU models get a refresh ; the VGN-Z3 series :

finally, I'm going to order mine :-)

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Dell :: New Latitude, Precision Machines Coming Out Or Refresh
I want to know since no one has actually been talking about it. Are there any new precision, and latitude updates coming out? Any new quadro cards for the precision m2400, like the new hp elite book with 512mb graphics.

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Dell :: Are The 8800 Gtx Cards Coming Back Into Stock??
or is the dell support service just pulling my leg?? laptop is screwed and i have and engineer coming out to me on tuesday to replace

the motherboard, heatsink and 8800's.. he said there is a shortage at the moment but they will be in stock by the end of the month

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Dell :: Latitude Refresh: Any New Updates Coming Down The Road?
I'm going purchase a new laptop sometime around July and will be considering the Latitude E6500 as part of my choices. any idea if they will refresh the model by then?

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Dell :: Vostro Loud Clicking Coming From The Laptop
I have had my Vostro 1500 for around 18 months now and it has been problem free so far until yesterday evening.

Basically my girlfriend was doing a bit of surfing and I had some music streaming at the same time. All of a sudden there was a loud clicking coming from the laptop.

I thought it was the music at first! but I managed to mute the sound and it was the laptop. It was quite a loud click happening at least twice a second .....

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Sony :: Tech Coming To Your House
My AC Adapter port on my 11 month old VAIO FW came loose and it's not charging. Simultaneously I think my AC Adapter simply broke.

Sony is mailing me a new AC Adapter and is having a tech come to my house to fix the port. Anyone have experience with this

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HP/Compaq :: Hp Hdx-18t Not Coming Up After Bios Upgrade
I was trying to install HP updates yesterday and there was an insyde bios upgrade which the HP software prompted me to install.

As I accepted the license terms of the Insyde Bios. All the programs started closing and there was a dump. The PC never started after that.

When I try to power on the power led won't glow.

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HP/Compaq :: DV2000- Monitor Not Coming On
i have a hp pavilion dv2000 laptop but the screen is not coming on...i power it up all the lights on it comes on but nothing shows up on the screen...

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Dell :: Inspirn 1525sunburst Yellowblack Is Coming Through The Yellow Cover
I bought a Dell Inspiron almost 2 years ago. I hardly ever use it.

I bought a slip case for it by Dicota, in which it just sits on my desk most of the time and ocasionally gets used when I travel (which is rare)

I opted for the Sunburst Yellow option. This actually turned out to be more a lemon yellow colour but I didn't complain or send it back because I needed it.

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Dell :: M1730Screen Becomes Unreadable After Coming Out Of Stand By Or Hybernation Mode
I've been having this problem since I received the notebook from Dell last March.

When the notebook goes into standby or hybernation mode, upon awaking, the screen becomes unreadable. The screen looks like a fractal image, swirling spirals and squares of colors.

When the box comes up that says 'This computer is locked' you can't type in the username or password lines and I have to push the power button and restart the notebook everytime after stand by or hybernation mode is used

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Sony :: Vaio Z (590) Coming Out Of Hibernate During Night For No Reason
I put my new laptop into hibernate and into my laptop bag. At about 3 am (I looked at event log) it seems to over the last few days come out of hibernation and come on. Within 10 minutes it goes back to sleep/hibernate. This happens while I am not even touching it. Would this have caused any damage (heat while in bag)? I doubt it but it is new and I am paranoid! Also for now I am just shutting down if the laptop is not plugged in and not in use.

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HP/Compaq :: Grinding Sound Coming From Top Left Vents
So a few days ago, my computer just all of a sudden began making a
strange "grinding/crunching" sound which seems to be coming from the top left side of the computer. The sound is very clear especially from the back left corner vent. The noise seems to come and go but still has me very worried. I've read this noise may indicate a dieing hard drive, however tests came by negative and also the hard drive for this notebook is in the middle, not toward the top left. Anyway, I recorded the sound twice and was wondering if you could take a look and tell me what you guys think (you might wanna turn your volume up). I have an HP Dv7t

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Acer :: Fan Speed Goes High When Coming Out Of Standby (TravelMate 6463)
my laptop has displayed this problem. Both on two Acer TravelMate 6413 and the current 6463, I've found that the fan speed varies with system activity. Elsewhere on these forums I've seen advice about altering the CPU speed and GPU speed to keep the fan speed down, but my problem seems to only be about coming out of standby.

Normally, the fan speed varies with the load on the machine. If I put the laptop into standby and bring it back out soon after, the fans quickly race up to speed and then vary with the load on the machine, expelling hot air.

If I leave the laptop in standby for up to an hour, then resume from standby, the fans come on at high speed, blowing cool air. This continues until I put the laptop under heavy load - then the fan speed comes down and starts to vary as expected once more.

Acer say it's a known microsoft issue, but I can find no evidence of it. I think it's probably an unresovled BIOS fault.

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HP/Compaq :: Intel Integrated Graphics Coming Back To Dv7t
I actually want the Intel Integrated graphics for the dv7t. This was offered a couple months ago but now the only options are for NVidia chips. Will the integrated graphics ever come back or are they gone for good?

Also, what happened to the regular edition dv5t? The special edition is nice and all, but I don't care about the fancy case. Are the new low-resolution 16:9 laptops taking over completely?

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Acer :: Aspire 7520 - Sound Is Not Coming From Speaker But When I Plug In My Headphone It Does
I have Aspire 7520 with xp OS. It has weird sound problem. Sound is not coming from speaker but when I plug in my headphone it does, but that too is very distorted. It was working fine previously both speaker and headphone. I dont know what went wrong? "Audio_Relatek_5.1" drivers are currently installed.

I've also checked sound setting they are perfectly fine.

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Sony :: Z520 Touchpad Stops Working After Coming Back From Hibernate
Z520 touchpad won't work when the laptop comes back from hibernation, any idea since I have to restart each time.

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HP/Compaq :: Weird Geiger Counter Sound Coming From Hardrive Area
Had my DV5T a couple months now. Thought it was a broken hardrive but I had them send me a replacement and I still here it.

It just sounds like a geiger counter somtimes... not sure if this is normal?

Many times the sound is there when I am not accessing anything from the hardrive.

Tends to happen alot when streaming or just browsing the net.

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