Dell :: Up And Downgrading Your 1645 BIOS

Jan 14, 2010

After a development version of the BIOS for the Studio XPS 1645 turned up, some people were concerned about reverting back to an older BIOS after flashing the X29 version. To solve this problem I extracted the WinPhlash utility from Dell's BIOS package and modified the settings.

Now you have several options:

- Simply backup your existing BIUOS
- Upgrade to any version you like
- Downgrade to any version you like

I compiled a package that contains the following BIOS versions:

A01, A02, A03, X29 and A05, A07, A08

This is as far as I know the order in which they were released. The X29 version was never officially released.

Just to be clear: I did not change anything to the actual BIOS files, just to the WinPhlash program settings. These are original, untouched Dell BIOS files, and the same program Dell uses to force-flash your laptop. I just changed a few settings (allowing us a choice of options).

I cannot and will not assume responibility of somehow your laptop is bricked during the flashing process. This can happen with Dells own updat packages as well. I myself have used the tool in my package, and others have too, with success. This is however no guarantee for succes.

Please also note that I do not have either a 1647 or a 1340, so I cannot test these files. The theory behind updating the BIOS is the same for all these machines, and the 1340 packages appear to use the same WinPlash64 tool.

The packages can be found here: This package contains the flash tools and the crisis recovery bits.

I have put the different BIOSes in their own packages: contains the BIOS files for the 1645, including the latest A08. contains the BIOS files for the 1647, including the latest A05. contains the BIOS files for the 1340, including the latest A11. The BIOS files for the 1340 seem to be smaller (about 2Mb vs 5Mb) than the 1645/1647 files.

UPDATE: I added the A06 version to the package. Also included Andrew's crisis recovery kit (see this thread for details). I have moved the package to my own server.

UPDATE: A07 is now also included

UPDATE: A08 is now included, and added packages for 1647 and 1340.


Acer :: Downgrading Bios For Aspire 5738G

Mar 15, 2010

my laptop overheating problems ever since I bought it, I almost tried everything ..... but alas nothing worked the final straw im hanging on is to downgrade my bios to the utterly old version 1.13 which is the last known stable & heat friendly version which is not on Acer website anymore .... So I was wondering if anyone has the windows 7 x64 executable bios 1.13 for aspire 5738G on their laptop

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Dell :: What BIOS For The Sxps 1645?

Jan 28, 2010

Hi at the moment i have a dell sxps 1645 and i wold like to know about the bios because im on the A01 bios at the moment and im not experiencing any crashes or anything else apart from the throttling ;( is it worth upgrading to the A03 or A05?

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Dell :: S-XPS 1645 A06 BIOS Fixes

Feb 2, 2010

For those who don't know yet, Dell has released a new BIOS for the S-XPS 1645 machine; A06. Since Dell wasn't very clear about what this system does other than:


1.Enhance system stability.
2.Support new graphic card.

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Dell :: A09 BIOS Update Released For XPS 1645

May 18, 2010

Dell has released A09 update for Studio XPS 1645 on 17-May-2010

The update resolves following issues:

*Features update:
1. Update Processor Power Management(PPM) from 0.60 to 0.63-1 .
2. Support 2nd source SPI ROM EN25F32(BIOS) and EN25F80(EC).
3. Update ME bin file in BIOS for 2nd source SPI ROM EN25F32(BIOS).
4. Modified flash part size to prevent BIOS crash in failsafe part for factory only.
5. Support over 230W adapter to treat as 130W(EC).
6. Update Clarksfield thermal table to V.03(EC).
7. Enhanced PPM RC code for P-state thread count.

*Issues fix:
1. Fix S4 long run failed on DC mode with BSOD 9F.
2. Paltrow freeze issue: Hang up when playing youtube HD film.
3. Fix unable to communicate with battery error under delldiag.
4. Fix ACPI_PSD error in "powercfg -energy" tool under windows.
5. Fix Micron DDR3 memory can not boot up issue.

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Dell :: New SXPS 1645 BIOS: A08 & 1647 A05

Mar 14, 2010

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Dell :: Xps 1645 I7 A07 Bios &; Speaker Problem! Solved!

Feb 16, 2010

Just thought I'd post some info on what I just went through. Ever since A06 bios release I was having internet connection issues (slow!) and a speaker problem. When I logged off, I got a message saying " waiting for logoff sound" and had to click the force restart/shutdown prompt. Then I installed A07 bios and after playing a mp3 file with windows media player and then restarting, I would have no sound at all!. I had to shutdown, wait a few minutes and restart and sound would come back, weird?

Anyway, I decided to try and solve these issues, so I uninstalled the IDT audio & driver and reinstalled from Dell download site hoping it was just a bad install. BAD MOVE, now my sound really went bad! All sounds played through only one speaker AND it was really muffled sounding. I tried everything to fix this with no luck until I rolled back to A03 bios and ta da, sound was normal again, no issues whatsoever PLUS, my internet connection improved significantly!

Now I am hesitent to update to either the a06 or a07 bios since machine is running better tha n ever on a03. My uneducated opinion is you need to run any updates released prior to a06 or a07 bios before you install these updates.

In conclusion, if you are having issues like me, roll back to A03 bios, reinstall or update drivers, problem solved.

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Dell :: Warning About Studio XPS 1647 BIOS And 1645

Dec 5, 2009

today I bricked my new 1645 when I was examing the BIOS for the 1647. The BIOS release 1647_A00.exe released this month automatically begins flashing on an 1645

and does not seem to check compatibility or confirm with the user before it updates.

The BIOS is completely incompatible with the 1645 to say the least, so be very careful if you download it on to a non-1647 system.

Dell is building a new system due to this really sad event. Rip XPS 1645 - December 5th 2009.

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Dell :: S-XPS 16 (1645) Post All New Driver/BIOS Updates Here

Mar 26, 2010

Im getting my laptop soonish (I hope) and I just wanted to create a thread to compile all the current updates and drivers for the Dell Studio XPS 16,

And I'm a complete novice at all this stuff so I was wondering if you saw this thread if you could please;

post The most up to date CPU/GPU/Video ect.. driver

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Dell :: Studio SPS 1645 With A07 BIOS Random Crashing, Throttling Fixed?

Feb 17, 2010

I recently returned my 1645 after 2 months of struggling with random crashing and throttling back to Dell for a full refund.

I am in need of a new system and was considering HP Envy 15 as an alternative, but I still like the 1645 given that it performs as advertised.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 BIOS Update A02 Enhance Sound Quality

Nov 19, 2009

A new bios update was released today for the XPS 1645 which apparently enhance sound quality. Thats the only thing listed in the release notes anyways.

I installed it on mine, but haven't noticed a difference as of yet.

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Dell :: M1530disadvantages To Downgrading To XP

Jul 22, 2008

I have been doing some heavy 3D graphics work and found that if I turn off all the visual cr@p, it makes the machine run about twice as fast on these intensive processes.

I have been wanting to run another piece of 3D software that is not Vista compatible (Autodesk AliasStudio) and after I installed it, discovered it definitely doesn't run on Vista.

I don't see any dis-advantage to downgrading to XP. I have a spare copy (XP Pro Full OEM) laying around that I had recently loaded on the dead laptop my M1530 replaced. Legit serial and everything.

So do I lose anything by going back to XP? I'm mostly running 2D and 3D apps and occasionally games. XP could only improve performance, correct? Is there anything in Vista that makes it worth keeping?

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Dell :: Downgrading E6500 For Less Fan Noise

Nov 30, 2008

The fan starts after a few minutes when the machine has booted. The fan will start even if I only run simple HTML-webpages etc. Afterwards it never stops but keeps running relatively fast (and noisy).

My current config is:

* P8600(2.40,1066MHz,3MB)
* NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M
* 250GB serial ATA HDD 7200RPM (Free Fall Sensor) (Seagate ST9250421ASG)
* Intel WiFi Link 5300 (802.11 a/b/g/n 3X3) 1/2 MiniCard
* Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth
* Primary 6-cell 54W/HR LI-ION
* 15.4in Wide Screen WXGA+ (1440x900) with LED backlit
* Windows Vista Ultimate to XP Pro SP3 Downgrade SP1 with XP SP3
(Running XP currently on the machine)

Since I don't play games much and generally don't run 3D-software it was maybe a mistake to buy the E6500 with the dedicated NVIDIA-card, but I figured it was a nice feature to have in the future if I needed it.

I've tried various software to reduce the fan noise without much luck. Currently I'm considering returning the E6500 for a downgraded version without the NVIDIA-card, a lower clocked CPU and a slower HDD.

I'm considering:

* P8400(2.26,1066MHz,3MB)
* 250GB serial ATA HDD 5400RPM
* Mobile Intelģ Graphics Media Accelerator X4500HD

1) Does anyone for sure know if the fan will run slower or maybe not at all if the E6500 is equiped with the Intel X4500HD instead of the Quadro NVS 160M when I surf webpages etc. and don't run GPU-intense software?

2) Will the fan run slower with a 2.26 GHz P8400 instead of a 2.40 GHz P8600?

3) Will a 5200 RPM HDD generally generate less heat in the system vs. a 7200 RPM HDD? (and hence generate less fan noise?)

4) I would really like to know how the BIOS determines how fast the fan should run? Is it dertermined from the overall system-temperature? The CPU-temp? or the GPU-temp? HDD-temp? Maybe an average of these?

Right now the fan has run relatively fast (docked) for about an hour. According to PC Wizard 2008 the temperatures are:

- ACPI Thermal Zone: 31.5 Celcius
- Core 1: 25 C
- Core 2: 26 C
- GPU: 49 C
- HDD: 38 C
- Processor(s) activity: 1-3%

I have the fan-noise issue whenever the machine is docked or not. I like the E-port Plus very much, a digital S/PDIF-audio out would have been nice though. I hope I can use the E-port Plus with the integrated Intel X4500HD if I decide to downgrade. Dual-view is a must for me.

5) I'm not sure if DELL at all will exchange my E6500 for a downgraded version. Does anyone have experience returning DELLs when asking for a downgrade? My argument is to much noise from the fan to my taste, but I don't think DELL will buy this if there's no problem with the machine, so I probably will have to pay for the return of the first machine as well as freight for the new machine. It's quite expensive here in Denmark. Returns cost about $125 and Dell will pick up the machine, the only way to return here afaik. I have 3 year International Next Business Day On-site Response, but probably of not much use if the machine isn't broken or don't need repair.

I nice side-effect from downgrading to a slower system though, will be longer battery-life, but my ultimate goal is less noise.

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Dell :: Downgrading M17x To Studio XPS 16

Mar 23, 2010

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Dell :: Inspiron 1501 Downgrading To XP

Sep 27, 2007

i recently purchased a refurbished inspiron 1501 from the dell outlet. im just wondering if i can use the dell OS CD that came with my inspiron 9300 to downgrade from vista to xp.

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Dell :: Downgrading From Vista64 To XP32/64 For Dummies

Sep 21, 2009

My dell studio 1555 has finally arrived with Vista Home SP1 64 bit and I'm absolutely hating it. I haven't installed crap on it and 1.5GB of my 4GB ram always remains under use. Don't know about the processor but that too I bet isn't loving the vista experience. Windows 7 is an option but prefer XP. I am pretty much sure XP will run faster and games will perform better eventually.

THE PROBLEM: I have NO F'ING CLUE WHERE TO BEGIN. I want to remove Vista completely and install XP. Is there a XP64 bit version? Because I hear downgrading to 32bit will cause driver issues. I've formatted/removed and re-installed XP on a laptop million times before but never have I went from 64 to 32 bit.. Is it possible? Could someone please show me a tutorial on how to get that done?

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Acer :: Downgrading To XP

Mar 11, 2009

my laptop is an Acer I assumed I could just drop the question here. So, I got an Extensa 4630-4922 and it comes with -sigh- Vista. You all know how problematic is Vista, and just the UAC ticks me off to the point of smashing the laptop on the floor. After thinking about it for a while I made up my mind and decided to downgrade to XP. Now, the thing is that I have no idea how to do it. I downloaded a copy of XP off the internet and I don't know what to do with it, and most importantly I don't know where to get the necessary drivers to make XP function. So, I just want to know if there is any guide, preferably a step-by-step one, that can guide me through the installation and set-up of XP on my laptop?

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Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 :: Downgrading The Operating System

Feb 23, 2013

My friend recently purchased Inspiron 15R 5521 with Windows 8(64Bit) OS. Can he downgrade the OS to Windows 7(64Bit)? as he has some issues with certain software, which according to the developers won't work on Windows 8. Will the warranty be void if the system is formatted and Windows 7 is installed.  Is there any option to go in for a dual boot with Windows 8 and Windows 7.  As per the support center, they do not recommend dual booting on a Windows 8 system.

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Sony :: FZ Series, Downgrading To XP

Jun 20, 2009

i have bought a VGN-FZ11M i have xp with sata drivers now the only think i have to do is to download the fz11 drivers form the ftp path and i will be ok?

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HP/Compaq :: Downgrading Dv7-3065dx

Nov 13, 2009

does anyone have one of these and successfully downgraded from Windows 7 to XP? I've tried multiple times by slipstreaming the AMD AHCI drivers into the installation, but I haven't had any luck.

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Dell :: E6400: Would Downgrading From Vista Business To XP Affect Your Warranty?

Mar 21, 2009

I have an E6400 that came from Dell with Vista Business installed. I have the disks to downgrade to XP. Will doing this affect my warranty? Do I need to buy a downgrade from Dell in order to maintain the warranty?

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Acer :: Downgrading 7735Z From Vista To XP

Sep 12, 2009

I've just got an Aspire 7735z, which came with Vista. I plan to use the machine for music software. Another machine I got a while back also had Vista and I had problems getting the software to work, so I eventually gave up and installed XP. Since then it's been working perfectly.

I planned to do the same with my 7735, but I get the BSOD when I boot with the XP disc.

The research I've done (and understand) suggests that I need the SATA drivers on the XP disc. I've spent a long time trying to find SATA drivers for the 7735z but I'm more confused than ever.

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Acer :: Downgrading- Extensa 5620

Dec 7, 2009

i have been trying to downgrade my extensa 5620 from vista to XP. i already formated my drive but as soon as XP installer would not find my drive i saw somethign wrong. win XP does not have the drivers for SATA HD :S i dont know if win XP SP3 has them any way.

i tried using nlite to create an XP CD with this driver integrated.
i can find the drivers on acer website but nlite needs an .inf to add the driver! the driver files i download dont include this file extension and include a setup file.

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HP Pavilion G7 OS/Software :: Downgrading To Windows 7?

May 19, 2014

I want to downgrade to Windows 7.  I have Windows 8.1 and I hate it.  I have an HP Pavilion g7 2297nr.  I purchased it refurbished from Ebay and it came to me with Windows 7.  I upgraded it to Windows 8 and I'd like to know how could I downgrade to Windows 7 and also get the correct drivers.  

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HP Envy 17-g0721av OS/Software :: Downgrading From 8.1 To Windows 7?

Jul 8, 2014

I am loading up Windows 7 on my new HP Envy 17 laptop. Naturally, we are missing all kinds of drivers.
However, I still need to find
-Ethernet Controller (tried a few here but didn't work)
-Network Controller (same here haven't found the right one yet)
-PCI Simple Simple Communications Controller
-Universal Serial Bus Controller (USB) Controller ( tried a few here too)
 Then I have two unknown devices still ; probably the camera and the fingerprint scanner.
I understand that HP directly is not supporting this downgrade. I am not liking windows 8.1 so I want to go back to Windows 7. I have the base system installed and as I said I did find a few drivers but not all.

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Sony :: Downgrading To XP And Brightness Settings For Newer Models

Mar 25, 2009

I've been busy downgrading my FW31ZJ (european model) to windows XP SP3.

I have found and installed the drivers for all components and things went smoothly, up until the point where I wanted to get my Fn-keys working.

This is where I got stuck initially and after much forum lurking I found the right Sony utilities to install, the order to install them in and so on (it is all on this forum).

Basicly you need the following components for your machine.

- Sony Firmware Extension Parser driver
- Sony Programmable I/O Controller driver
- Sony Shared Library
- Sony Utility DLL
- Sony Utility Settings
- Vaio Event Service

You also might have to copy the VESConfig.ini from the original Vista install.

I read here that for most this has worked well and offered full fn-keys functionality under XP. Unfortunately I'm not of you...

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HP/Compaq :: Downgrading Windows Vista To XP On Mynotebook DV2799EA

Mar 27, 2009

I read a subject about downgrading vista to XP here which is quite helpful and the bewlow link is the subject, but I think this sort of downgrade does not have a straightforward process to do it and get rid of all the frustration you will face, therefore; you always get a problem which is different from some one else.

DV2799ea - How to install XP and all drivers (Yes it is possible)

I have followed the above link and managed to almost install winXP but not completely yet, I have managed to to install the SATA drive from a USB floppy disk just to enable me to go ahead installing the XP, but during the xp installation process it also asks for the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver which I have it and have all the necessary drivers, and this is where I have been stacked because I don't know how to instal this driver, because obviously it's not possible to use flopy disk to load this driver as it's more than a few MBs, I put it on a USB flash drive and it did not detect it, I even copied it into a blank disk and inserted it into the CD ROM, but still does not pull it and detects nothing, so I don't really know how to load this drive and the rest of the drives, because it does not give me any other options apart from F3=QUITE ENTER=CONTINUE.

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HP 15-g030s0 OS/Software :: Missing Drivers After Downgrading To Windows 7

Mar 29, 2014

I'm missing drivers after downgrading to windows 7 (from 8.1). The drivers I need is:
- Bluetooth controller
-Ethernet controller
-Network controller
-PCI Device
-SM Bus Controller
-Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller
My notebookis HP 15-g030s0

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HP G6-2244sa OS/Software :: USB Drivers For Laptop After Downgrading From 8.1 To Windows 7

Jul 22, 2014

I can't find the correct usb drivers for my laptop after downgrading from windows 8.l to windows 7 home premuim. These are the device details.

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Lenovo U/S Series :: U330 Touch Downgrading To Windows 7

Apr 16, 2014

I just bought a U330 Touch that comes with Windows 8.1 preinstalled. I have several programs that are not compatible with Windows 8.1 so I want to downgrade to Windows 7. I spoke to a Microsoft representative who told be to check with the manufacturer before I downgrade to make sure that the computer is compatible.

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HP OS/Software :: Driver Links For Downgrading Envy M6-1184ca To Windows 7?

Dec 19, 2014

give me the links to download windows 7 drivers for my laptop, Windows 8.1 isnt good on a device with no touch screen. And doesnt work well with older games.

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HP Pavilion 15-g073nr OS/Software :: Downgrading - PCI Encryption / Decryption Controller And The SM Bus Controller

Jan 17, 2010

After downgrading my hp 15-g073nr notebook PC from the preinstalled Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 64 bit I have the common driver problems others are having and I managed to resolve all but a couple.
I am still missing the following drivers: PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller and the SM Bus Controller.

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HP OS/Software :: Downgrading Pavilion G6 2300st From Windows 8 To Windows 7 / No Drivers?

Jul 25, 2013

We have purchased an HP Pavilion G6 2300st to our parents with Windows 8 installed. Unfortunately, they are having diffuculties to use Windows 8. So I thought that we need to downgrade to the windows 7.
I tried to install Windows 7 last night and I wasn't be able to do so because of Legacy Support and UEFI etc.
After that, little search on the web and I think I will be able to install windows 7 now. However, when I was searching on the web I realized there are many people have the same problem includign drivers problems. Then I find out that G6 2300st does not have W7 drivers.
I found someone here downgrade the G6-2306el to W7 in link. [URL] ......
Now here is the question; Can I use the same  drivers that stated in those posts?

locate working drivers for G6 2300st for the Win7 OS?

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HP Pavilion 15-n239ca OS/Software :: No Internet After Downgrading Windows 8 To Windows 7 64 Bit

Aug 20, 2014

I downgraded to windows 7 and now my internet is not working neither are my fn keys in particularly the one that turns the wireless on and off is not working either. I looked at the bottom of my laptop and this is the model.

"HP Pavilion 15-n239ca Notebook PC"
It also says
'Network Controller' X No Driver Found'Bluetooth Controller' X No Driver Found
'SM Bus Controller' X No Driver Found
' Ethernet Controller' X No Driver Found
'Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller' X No Driver Found
'PCI Simple Communications Controller' X No Driver Found
So i need finding and getting these drivers on my computer and getting the internet back up but im very lost right now. When i try and find a driver I cant because there is no network adapter either....

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HP 250 G2 OS/Software :: Downgrading From Windows 8.1 To Windows 7

Nov 21, 2014

I have just configured 4 HP 250 G2 notebooks. They came with windows 7 Pro installed and I've used the Recovery Discs that came with the machines to upgrade them to 8.1.The Manager I've been getting them ready for now tells me that the specialised software they want to run does not support 8.1 - the machines need to be windows 7....
Can I do this downgrade with just the PC and the recovery discs (these are 8.1 only)? Would it need Windows 7 Pro installation media (I have this)?

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Vs. MBP 15.4''

Dec 27, 2009

I'm currently deciding whether to buy the XPS 1645, 6GB RAM, i7, 500GB model of the XPS.

Or a refurbished MBP for the same price. (The one with 256MB DDR3 VRAM)

My main focus is video editing in HD. I've been using Windows 7 and OSX so am familiar with both systems.

What it comes down too right now is the build quality and the potential out of both machines.

I've read numerous reports of "Heat" problems from the XPS1645 which kinda scares me from buying it, however the 1080p and i7 kinda interest me.

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Dell :: Blu-Ray On The XPS 1645

Dec 10, 2009

I got the XPS 1645 with the Blu-ray Burner (in Europe). Does anybody know if this player is region-free?

And if not is there a firmware update or some type of way to make it region free so that I can play region A (US) discs too?

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Dell :: New Studio XPS 1645

Feb 3, 2010

I have just received my new Studio XPS 1645 yesterday. since then i had been trying to install XP OS. then finally after being touched with dell, they said me that this machin is not compatible with XP Operating system. anyway, after that i tried to install vista ultimate and win7 dual boot. finally today i made it.

but the problem is both in VISTA and WINDOWS 7 the default font and icon is very small. in vista the taskbar icon is so small that they can hardly be seen. my screen is 15.6" widescreen with full hd (1920X1080). I have changed DPI Scalling to 120 DPI from the Default 96 DPI. but still the task bar icon (show desktop, switch between windows,internet explorer, mozilla firefox) is small. i have installed mozilla and it's font size has also become very small but clear(it seems). i m wondering is it they way in high resulation machine should appear. it's annoying. plz help me guys who is having this laptop.

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Dell :: Waiting For My XPS 1645

Feb 5, 2010

I ordered my XPS 16 during the signature event on 1/18 and it has a ship date of 2/8 which is on Monday. I don't expect that my laptop on time since its already Friday. The online status still shows it as pre-production and the two numbers I called say being processed/pre-prod/building plus the chat is no different.

I really hope there is no delay. I want my laptop

Anyway just wanted to post and say hi.

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Dell :: No Bluetooth 1645

Mar 28, 2010

All of the sudden, bluetooth stopped working on my laptop.

I installed the Dell driver when I first got the computer and everything was going fine. I was listening to music through some blue-tooth headphones this morning, when suddenly they unpaired.

Now, the BT light is on on the front of the computer, but the icon disappeared from the task bar. I tried reinstalling the driver, but got hung up when it asked to turn on blue-tooth with wireless button. The button doesn't do anything for turning on/off bluetooth that I can tell.

So now I'm stuck.

In Device Manager, there is no bluetooth 370 card. But I do have errors in the USB category and the "other devices" category.

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