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Sony :: 'mushy' Z Keyboard

I have to an extent with both the Z9 and X9 at the moment - although probably more with the X - but there's sometimes a sort of sticky 'clicking' when the keys are depressed which leads me to believe that some of the domes are not seated correctly. I have no idea how the domes are arranged for the Z11 - I'm presuming due to weight reasons it won't be a monolithic sheet, but a separate dome per key - but it is definitely happening on more than one key. Rapid typing doesn't seem to be an issue, but the audible feedback causes me to slow down typing.

I'm weighing up the pros and cons of returning the machines for replacements.

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Apple :: Late 2008 MBP Keyboard - Left Side Of The Keyboard Feels Mushy
I've had my MBP for about 4 month now and have been having problems with its keyboard since I bought it. First, the "Z" key sank in (I think there was a problem with the spring). I took it to the Apple Store, and they "fixed" on the spot (it's much harder to press and only registered a key press 70% of the time). The lower right corner of the "E" has noticeably sunk in, and I need to resort to pressing the upper left corner. Also, the left side of the keyboard feels "mushy", not hugely so, but definitely noticeable after typing a few sentences. Can I request that Apple just replace the entire keyboard instead of just individual keys?

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Sony :: Laptops' 'Silent Mode' SR590
I recently purchased a Sony SR590, and while I love it, I'm personally VERY susceptible to fan noise.. thus I find problems with being able to hear the fan run constantly. The fan seems to turn on, as soon as I open skype and windows media player...

I recently discovered Sony's 'silent mode' function.. and it seems to cut the fan noise level down. What's the difference between performance mode and silent mode? Do you suppose it's alright for me to keep on silent mode, for my state of sanity (literally)?

From time to time, I run Lightroom CS2, which seems to be my most CPU intensive program... otherwise I usually just have a few internet tabs open, windows media player, and a few chat windows.

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Sony :: Vaio Z Keyboard Doesn't Work
after i disassemble my vaio z the enter key and the delete key doesn't work, however rest of the keys work.

I even order a brand new keyboard from sony still have the same problem. Can any one please help me thanks.

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Acer :: 'G' And 'Z' Suffix In Aspire Models
I noticed that some of the Aspire model numbers come suffixed with 'G' and 'Z', such as 4930G and 2920Z.

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Dell :: I Know XPS16 Isn't A 'gaming' Laptop, But How Bad/good Is It?
Can it still play all the new games and the games that will come out in the next few years at a good resolution and framerate? What about 3d?

Also, this might be a stupid question, but hey, you never know until you ask: the XPS16 excels as a "media" laptop, what does that exactly mean?

Also, XPS has the best available screen on a laptop currently right? If so, doesn't/should that help it out in the gaming category?

Finally, I am considering the XPS16, or the Macbook Pro 17'. Which has better display and can someone list the pros and cons of each?

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Sony :: New Z W. Win 7 Pro, GPS, Blurayshould I 'clean Install'
New Z coming. Model 899 w. BluRay, GPS, Win 7 Professional. All the doodads. how to clean install before we actually use it? I assume that this will come LOADED with a lot of junk software clogging up the system.

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Sony :: Beep Sound At Start Up And Key 'p' Is Not Working
While starting the notebook, it beeps, (short toned but continuous) and pressing Alt / Ctrl or function keys stops that noise , then system getting booted. In the login screen, in the password field automatically populated with "*" and entering correct password get into a windows.

Every key is working except 'p' and this sometimes works. But to my wonder, this key automatically getting typed in text areas frequently. it continuously prints that key whenever focus goes on the text area.

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Sony :: How Do You 'mirror' Image Your Laptop View To Your TV Via HDMI
how to use the TV as an extended. Which options do I go to if I want to use it to view whatever my laptop is viewing?

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Sony :: Can't Restore The System, Even With Restoration CD's- Vaio VGN-CR120E, Vista 32-bit
My mother's laptop had some issues, so I decided to completely restore the system. Restoration went through, however when it booted for the first time after restore, it gave me an error message that some file is missing or corrupted. I did second restoration...same problem but different file, tried 3rd time....same problems and different file.

I decided to do restoration without "value added" stuff, it went through, booted fine into windows vista, went through all the vista configurations, booted into Desktop. Desktop was all black, and right away I got the error message, something to do with "hardware shell".
Did hadware test - everything is fine.

Finally, I ordered restoration CDs directly from SONY.
First try using Sony's own CDs - error, file is missing or corrupted.2nd Try - same thing, 3rd try - same thing.

And finally, after multiple tries, it boots into Vista Green Background with small rotating circle (Vista's HourGlass). Nothing happens afterward.

It is Vaio VGN-CR120E, Vista 32-bit

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Sony :: ITunes Isn't Burning My CD's Correctly
I know iTunes is full of bugs and I'm really starting to get annoyed but this maybe the straw that puts me over the edge to finding an alternative. I've tried 2 different brands of CD's and even one that was a friggin "Sony CD-R". Still when iTunes burns my disks it'll finish like normal and mount the finished product in the sidebar, and upon first inspection it looks fine but when I play through the CD all the ends of my songs are cut off and some skip and then some are just plain not there (towards the end of the disk).

I've looked at the individual song properties and none of them specify a start or end time and I'm at a loss as to what to do. I know CD's aren't expensive but when I only burn like 1-2 a month, and I buy a five pack and it messes them all up that's money I'm just "burning" (pun intended). Could it be a problem with the buffer under-run? In that case it's HW and I'd need to RMA it to Sony... or is there some special tool I can use to see if I can calibrate the drive or something? the drive in QTS is an Optiarc BD-ROM BC-5500S4 with the released firmware update.

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Sony :: How's The Vaio SR's Fan Activity
So I returned a VAIO Z not too long ago b/c the fan was intolerably noisy due to the fact that it was always blowing.

However, in looking for a new laptop, I just can't seem to find anything similar to a VAIO in terms of looks/portability/battery life

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Sony :: 'Downgrade' From Vista To XP
trying to "Downgrade" my Laptop from Vista to XP, I have a legal copy of XP and when I boot from disk it wont install it just says that it cannot find a HD to install to. I downloaded a copy of XP to see if my disc was just broken or something and it let me format my HD and install XP, the only problem i have with that is i wont be able to perform updates and i only have a small screen in the middle of my display (i assume this is because some drivers are missing) also i cant connect to the internet because there are drivers missing. I have been on the sony website and downloaded some but they dont work, i think its because there designed for Vista.

So my question is this, does anyone know how I can get my LEGAL copy of XP to install and also does anyone know where I can get compatible drivers for it? My Laptop is VGN-NR38E/S.

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Acer :: Webcam Interchange & General Part's Compatable Cross Platform Notebook's & Laptop's
If I have a aspire 5517 what models share this webcam and microphone with emachines or other acer models? looking at a 5100 cam about like the rectangle not punched in my 5517...Think it will fit? is the Mic intergated? doesnt look like it... but I've never taken apart the bezel. Think the motherboard had extra ribbon clips for the camera thou but not sure now that it is back together...[url]

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Dell :: Removing The 1735's Keyboard...
How exactly do you go about doing it? I would appreciate a link to the info, hopefully with pictures.

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Apple :: Macbook Is Dead - The Screen Doesn't Go Grey The Sleep Light Doesn't Turn On - Fan Doesn't Start
My friend's macbook (white plastic, 2.0, napa/core2 before santa rosa platform) isn't starting, and I have no idea why. He initially asked me to replace the top and bottom casing. I accepted, and ordered the parts. Around the time they were supposed to come, I took the computer apart completely (required for the repair), but one of the parts was delayed, so the computer sat splayed on my desk for a week. I didn't exactly stack textbooks on it, but it also wasn't covered in anti-static wrap. So, now, I finally got the part and put it back together, and the computer doesn't start. At all. The screen doesn't go grey, the 'sleep' light doesn't turn on, the fan doesn't start - nothing. The magsafe light is green, so the power is going in. It's also worth noting that I have no battery for it, so it's all on A/C.

Does anyone know what's wrong? My two hypothetical solutions are (a) I need a battery, or (b) the logic board is dead due to static.

How likely are each of these scenarios - especially the logic board one? How possible is it that it was static overloaded?

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HP/Compaq :: My DV9000- Keyboard Is So Stoned It Can't Function
my keyboard is so stoned it can't function.

anyone have a pinout for the keyboard header so I can scope it and see what's going on?

it's a dv9548us. i found nothing in the "service manual" (should be called a disassembly guide, 'cause that's ALL it is) relating to pinouts

i basically want to verify that I still have +VCC going to the keyboard before I just buy another one.

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Dell :: Do All Outlet E6400 E6500's Have Backlit Keyboard?
I've been shopping laptops and have my eye on either an e6400 or e6500 from the dell outlet.

I've been tempted to pull the trigger already but I'm going to try and hold off in hopes of a coupon.

My question: Do all these have backlit keyboards?

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Dell :: Computer Turns Off, And Then Keyboard Doesn't Work
I've bene playing a game (tf2) on my laptop, and 3 times now its turned off, just straight up turned off, and so I turned it back on, and then the keyboard didn't work no matter what I did.

So I called dell and they said some sort of static built up in the keyboard, and to take out battery, and wall plug, and hold power for 15 seconds, and then turn comp on. I did that and it restored my keyboard to full use.

But now twice since then my comp has shut down, and I've had to use that technique to restore it...

This laptop is only 2 weeks old, ? Why is it having problems a mere 2 weeks after I got it.

I mean I'm not even typeing fast enough to make a static charge, in game you only use a couple buttons. Also i'm on tile floors, no carpet at all, I use my laptop on a table although it does get hot.

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Dell :: Want To Switch Xps M1530 Keyboard With Vostro's
I'm just wondering which specific Vostro model's keyboard will be completely compatible connection-wise.

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Acer :: Keyboard/Touchpad Doesn't Respond When Booting
I've got an acer aspire 5672 and I can't get passed my login screen anymore. The keyboard and touchpad do not respond.

I tried in safe mode and there they do.
There was one time where they did respond but then they stopped right after loggin in.

The system seems to keep running though, as the cursor blinks etc, it's just that I cannot do anything.

As it does work in safe mode, it must be a software thing, no?

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Dell :: Ribbon To Keyboard Ripped Can't Turn On Latitude D820
The ribbon cable on my D820 keyboard was snagged and ripped today and now I can't power on the laptop.

Is there anyway to short a jumper to turn the laptop on or some other way to turn it on??

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Dell :: My Studio XPS 16 Keyboard Backlight Isn't Working
I tried to turn it on again by pressing Fn + right arrow key on my keyboard to turn it on but the lights on my touchpad light up as well as caps lock when I turn it on but not the rest.

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Dell :: Do Recent Studio 14z's Still Have Excessive Keyboard Flex?
I have been trying to read thru the gazillion posts in the 14z owner's lounge - but there are too many! Anyways, I have decided to sell my ASUS G50Vt so I'm thinking about a Studio 14z.

About the only drawback I can think of is several reviewers have commented that the keyboard flexes too much.

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Acer :: My 5420-5038's Keyboard And Touch Pad Went Dead
Plus the the Sound Manager is saying no Audio Output Device is installed AND all of a sudden ATI is saying I have to install new drivers but with no keyboard I cannot find the "display manager".

The only possible thing I can think of is that I added SW for a Sprint aircard right before all this happened bu that couldn't possibly be the cause of the problems could it?

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Apple :: Windows 7 - Few Buttons On My Keyboard Don't Work Anymore
My apple had Mac and XP installed on it. My friend suggested me to install Windows 7 on it. And I thought it was a good idea. So I started my XP and runned it up. When win7 was completely installed everything seemed to work. Except that a few buttons on my keyboard don't work anymore now. The button for throwing out CD's and DVD's don't work anymore. And my 'Fn' button doesn't work anymore. Does anybody else have the same problem as me, or does someone know how to fix this. Because I also can't change the brightness. Which is set to maximum at the moment.

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Dell :: Successfully Installed New Keyboard On D800 But The Back Part Won't Go..
I finally replaced the keyboard on my Latitude D800 - the spacebar stopped functioning. The new keyboard works fine, but I think I screwed up putting stuff back together.

The back plastic part that needed to come off (the thing with the power buttons, mute, and lights, etc.)

has a small bump in front of the four indicator lights around where the right screw is for the keyboard. I can't press it down more, thoug

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Dell :: Do Not Install The Update 'IdeaCom HID Touch Screen (PS/2)'
Warning, do not install the optional update from Windows update called 'IdeaCom HID Touch Screen (PS/2)' on your Dell laptop.

If you do, your built in touch pad will no longer function.

This happened to me on my XPS M1530. To fix it, in Vista, I simply plugged in a USB mouse, opened up device manager, found the IdeaCom item under Human Interface Devices. Right click on it and select 'Uninstall' and also check the box to remove the driver.

To completely uninstall in XP, you may have to delete one of the INF files from C:Windowsinf. It should be the last one named oemXX.inf.

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Acer :: Aspire 5100 Won't Load And Doesn't Boot From A CD
My Acer laptop died on me sometime last year, I tried to fix it, had somebody who is more techie than me look at it and we couldn't fix it. He managed to get all the data off but couldn't get it to boot up.

My brother recently had a similar problem with his desktop computer so he told me to put an XP disc in and change the BIOS so it booted from the CD ROM.

I have done this and it wont boot. It doesn't seem to recognise there is a disc in there.

When it loads, the Windows XP screen comes on, then a blue screen flashes up, can't read what it says as it doesn't stay on long enough, then the Acer screen comes up then the screen asking if you want to start up in safe mode etc comes up, if I select start as normal or from last know good configuration, it just keeps looping but if I select safe mode, a huge list of drivers comes up then it turns itself off.

I have tried to do the built in recovery but it doesn't work, just stays on please wait for hours.

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Apple :: Why Can't I Move Or Copy Folders Within My External Harddrive When I'm Using It With My Macbook
I don't get it. I try to move one file into a folder and it says it can't be modified.

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Dell :: When Will We Be Seeing Intel's 32nm Die Shrink CPU's?
I tend to only buy Laptops when theres a Die shrink, if not the performance gains and battery effciency are insignificant.

I am looking for ward to a new system preferably on a 32nm die, will they get here by Christams 2009 or are they delayed? I know The back to school season is used to get rid of old back stock and NOT to launch "new" products.

I figured pulling the trigger on an RGB LED screen and 45nm CPU Monetveniea and 4GB DDR2 was a good start.

I am looking forward to

-32nm from Intel offered by DELL (or others)
-DDR3 of course
- USB 3.0 (maybe some desktops have it)

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Dell :: Outlet & 'Click System ID0'
I'm looking at purchasing an Inspiron Studio 1555 laptop for a friend through the dell outlet store in the UK.

However all the processors show up as 'Click System ID - 0'
See [url]

Dumb as it sounds, can anyone confirm for me that the refurbished models do in fact come with a processor and what spec it is?

I emailed Dell a week ago and still have had no response, which I suspect is par for the course.

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Dell :: Does 's Stock 7950 GTX Driver Allow For OC'ing
I'm swapping out my 7900 GTX for a new 7950 GTX. Do I need to download anything specila to overclock it? Or will the stock Dell or G-Force drivers allow me to do so through the Nvidia control panel?

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Apple :: Mac - Can't Hear Msn's Notification Sounds
why can't i hear notification sound from the normal msn for mac not the new beta one? i checked in the settings of msn and notification sounds are enabled?

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Apple :: IPad Users Targeted By 'iTunes' Virus

Apple iPad users targeted by 'iTunes' virus

It may have only been on the shelves in the US for a few weeks but the Apple iPad has already been hit with a virus.

BitDefender has reported that it has found malware links are being sent to iPad users which disguise themselves as an iTunes update.

The malicious link comes in an email, explaining that if you update your iTunes you will be given "…best performance, newer features and security".

Once clicked, any sensitive data stored on the users' iPad may be used for exploitation.

Backdoor man

BitDefender said about the virus in a release: "Identified by BitDefender as Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY, the piece of malicious code inadvertently downloaded injects itself into the explorer.exe process and opens up a backdoor that allows unauthorised access to and control over the affected system.

"Moreover, Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY attempts to read the keys and serial numbers of the various softwareinstalled on the affected computer, while also logging the passwords to the victim's ICQ, Messenger, POP3 mail accounts, and protected storage."

The dodgy link is primed for the iPad as it seems that Mac users are unaffected by the link.

The Apple iPad has a delayed UK release date of 'May' – hopefully without a virus.

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Apple :: Do The New MB Pro's Throttle Their CPU's Under Loads When Plugged In
Kindly check if the new Macbook Pro's throttle their CPU's under loads when plugged in...?

I am considering to buy Macbook Pro 15 with i7 and standard screen ( high res not available in India__ 17 inch model does not come with i7 here)...

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Dell :: Inspiron 1525can't Even Install Vista With CD (suspect It's The Hard Drive)
I've been trying to help my roommate out on this one and I think that the issue is hard drive is corrupt, but I'm not sure. A few days ago, he told me that Vista has been taking ages to start up.

I tried looking at to see what was going on and we couldn't even get passed the welcome screen. At this time, there were no errors showing up before the Welcome screen loaded. I got the Dell Vista reinstall disc and attempted to repair the files. Doing that didn't do anything. Therefore, I figured that his only option was to reformat.

I followed that guide that's stickied which shows you how to install the mediadirect and vista to each of there own partitions. After doing deleting the partitions and installing mediadirect to its own partition, I proceeded to installing Windows Vista.

Vista then finished installing and restarted automatically as it normally does. After restarting and going passed the first black screen (here you can hit F12 to get to bios), I get an error that reads .....

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Shuts Off When 'playing' Game On Battery Power
I say 'playing' because I never actually get there. Say, Im on the train, and I'll want to play something.. Assassins Creed. I load it up, loading screen is fine, the little video opening is fine, as soon as it comes to actually rendering the graphics it jsut turns itself off. I plug it in at home and it runs beautifully, but as soon as I unplug that power cable, the whole thing just turns off.

It reports a windows error after this, but there is nothing in the error log telling me what shut it down. I KNOW this isn't overheating because I can play it fine on power and although it gets hot when playing gfx intense games it has never turned itself offdue to that.

The games I can play on battery are WoW and Cimcity 4 and audiosurf (although that lags alot on battery :) xD

The games I cannot are Assassins Creed and Devil may Cry 4.

Is this a power issue?

I have tried on multiple power settings and it still likes to turn off when I want to play these games. It may be a GPU power issue?

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Dell :: Will 'vanilla' Vista 64 / Win2k8 Server Run OK On XPS M1330
I'm considering this upgrade, but I only have vanilla install disks.

Are there issues running a non-Dell OS on an XPS M1330? I seem to recall reading something about this here, but cannot find the related thread(s).

I understand about having to find all the drivers (I have read much of the Vista 64 upgrade thread by Trebuin [thx, T - brilliant work!]), but don't want to go through the pain if a vanilla OS disk won't 'cut it'.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 '' Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 Or P8800?
hey im looking now for a xps 13'' and i dont know what taken between the 2.53 p8700 or the 2.66 p8800 i saw a couple of benchmark but it doesnt mean anything to me ...

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Acer :: Aspire Timeline 5810tz Won't Boot, Can't Access Setup Or Bios
I just got an acer aspire timeline 5810tz, which came with vista, so i was in the process of reformatting it to have XP, which i've done several times on my previous laptops. When i changed the bios to IDE, which is what i read was the correct setting (perhaps this is where my problem is?), i found that i could no longer boot the computer or access setup, bios or the boot menu. When i attempt to do any of these things, the computer just sits on the logo screen.

i'm getting fairly desperate at this point, having tried a large variety of solutions, key combos, removing the battery, etc.

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Acer :: 'The System Cannot Find The File Specified' When Empowering Button Is Pushed After Installing Windows 7

I recently installed Windows 7, and I re-downloaded the Acer Empowering Technology off the Acer website.

I can access all the features, but the Empowering Button doesnt function anymore.

My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5535.

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Dell :: I'm Confused, Can't Use An XPS M1330 On An Airplane?
So, I was bored and going through my XPS M1330 manual. Then I find this:
Altitude (maximum):
Operating –15.2 to 3048 m (–50 to 10,000 ft)
Storage –15.2 to 10,668 m (–50 to 35,000 ft)

Does this mean we can't use the notebook while in-flight above 10,000 Feet? Don't commercial flights fly at about 30,000 feet?

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Dell :: I Won't Be Home When It's Shipped...what Will Happen?
What will happen if no one is there to take/sign the package? Will they just deliver again monday or do I have to go pick it up somewhere?

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Dell :: What Is The 'max' Processor Ability For The M1530?
I've been wondering what is the max processor the M1530 motherboard will accept. I've searched these forums but didn't find the answer I was looking for.

Mostly I found people asking if it's possible to install a newer processor and how to do it, but nothing on what is the maximum processor the board will accept.

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Dell :: Help Inspiron 1520 Can't Burn DVD's
My Dell Insipiron 1520 (lappy) with a DVD-RW combo has started to make a weird 'high pitched 'chuggy' sound whenever I turn on the laptop or when I eject or put in a disc.

Also when it starts to read something and when you tell it to write. The last time I checked, I can still read DVD game discs but trying burn a DVD just doesn't work. It doesn't think that anything's in there.

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Dell :: Just Received 'Damaged' XPS 1645
I just received my 1645...

i7 820
8 Gigs Ram
128 Gig Solid State

Anyway...when I took it out of the box, it has a fairly large, very noticeable black scratch on the LCD. Has anybody else experienced this? I've called dell and they are sending a tech out to replace it. Question:

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Acer :: Aspire 5920G Appears To Have 'died'
My Acer Aspire 5920G appears to have 'died' and I thought I'd try here before contacting Acer. Despite being under warranty, Acer have found loopholes to charge exorbitant fees every time something goes wrong.

the 2.5 year-old laptop was working perfectly last night. This morning, I opened it and:

T: Pressed power button
T+2secs: DVD drive clicks on, hard drive spins up, everything seems normal
T+5secs: NumLock light flashes, but visible POST/BIOS *does not appear*. The screen never shows anything.
T+8secs: Hard drive is still on but ceases activity. Operating system is not loaded.

(I took the timings at a subsequent attempt, but every attempt follows the same pattern)

I've tried:
- running from battery, AC and both
- reseating the memory modules
- replacing and removing the hard drive
- booting with a boot disk in the DVD drive
- booting with an external monitor attached

to no avail. From this end, I'm not sure what else I could try. Clearly there's no 'good' time for a laptop failure, but this is a pretty terrible time, so I was hoping to avoid Acer spending 6 weeks deciding how many hundreds to charge me.

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Acer :: Can't/won't Say How To Wipe & Reinstall
A few days ago I phoned Acer's local home office in San Jose, CA. I understand Acer customers, like any of the reported support lines, are hard to get thru to. Fortunately I called their home office as they kindly listened to why I was calling (Acer's recovery instructions conflict and can't be followed), eg; the instructions refer to uses of their "recovery media" disk(s) as opposed to either "recovery disk" or "system disk" (which's what those two 'media' disks are labeled and Acer instructions are 'all over the place'; ie; conflicting and uninterpretable).

Of note, apparently calls from Acer's H.O. and are answered by support after "one" ring. Because Acer publishes some 5 sets of how to's for recovering their AOA150 OS's and few to none of those instructions agree with each other, including the instructions that are mailed with the "system" disk, I decided to at least clear up what the differences were between the "recovery" and "system" disks.

After nearly 20 minutes of repeating my name, most all the details I'd already answered, not to mention having reiterated my question something like 5 times (likely their support people have a so called supervisor who loosely listens to the goings on in their 'boiler room' and pretty likely the workers soon realize to keep the super's off their backs, they simply ask for your name and everything again, just to make it look like they're on another call)......................

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