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Acer :: Touchpad Not Working111111111111111111111

I started my computer up yesterday and the touchpad was not working. It has nothing to do with the FN key either. Does this wear out after awhile? I've had my acer2025 since the summer of 2004. Any troubleshooting to check if it is just broken?

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Acer :: ACER 5101 - Keypad/Touchpad/USB Not Working
i have a ACER 5101 laptop. suddenly one day my keypad and touchpad is not working,
i cant even go to Bios by pressing F2. only sometimes Fn+F6 works.

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Acer :: Touchpad Not Working3333333333333333333
i have acer aspire one laptop.touchpad has stopped working.drivers are up to date installed.even the buttons located on both sides of touchpad are not working.pls suggest something to overcome this problem.i have tried evrything fom cleaning touchpad and updating and reinstalling drivers

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Acer :: TouchPad Not Working2222222222222222222222
Actually the place where I live, the power goes and comes on roughly an hourly basis.

Hence, when the power goes, I unplug my notebook until the power comes back. Last time, when I plugged my notebook back, after some time, a humming sound came from the notebook which lasted for about two to three minutes. Just to be on the safe side, I restarted my PC via windows restart. Once restarted, the touch pad stopped working. As a matter of fact, I am getting a virtual touch pad at the log on screen and all other kinds of Tablet features in Vista now. This is what I have done till now:

1) Checked "Device Manager" and the HID compliant Mouse is "Working Properly"

2) Restarted in "Safe Mode", still the no success.

3) Oh yes, its not the "Fn + F7" problem, checked that too.

4) Installed the latest drivers from synaptics (without uninstalling the previous drivers).

5) Uninstalled Synaptic drivers.

I am going to install the drivers from Acer's website now, but from #4 I think it will not work as well. Currently, I am using an external USB mouse.

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Acer :: Touchpad Sensitivity
My Acer 5520 came with the touchpad set so sensitive that by just by passing over icons I am opening windows that I dont want to. My sisters older Acer also has an "Alps" touchpad with Alps driver and under the tapping tab in the mouse window she has a "touch sensitivity" button that adjusts from light----to-----heavy touch and thats all I need.

After checking various computer stores that carry Acer and other brands it seems that some have this feature and some dont. Annoyingly also is the fact that no-one in the sales dept in these stores knows what I'm talking about and when I show them they say it's the first time they've encountered it. Surely if I'm spending over $1000. for a new notebook I should be able to control this. I have tried updating the driver from the Acer websight. Both the Synaptics and Alps drivers they offer don't have this control either. Some Acers however have it and they are not necessarily the upscale or newest models. So what gives?

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Acer :: Apsire 1 Touchpad
I recently purchased an aspire 1 netbook and Ive had an intermittten problem with the touchpad. It encounters an error and the box do I want to send error or dont send pops up but the touchpad is unresponsive. I have presssed fn and f7 which disables touchpad then I enable it again but this doesnt recitfy the problem. Only rebooting computer does.

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Acer :: 5740 Touchpad Not Working
I just got the new acer 5740-6491 model and the alps touchpad (multi-touch) does not work well.

When in use the cursor jumps around the screen very erratically.

Ive tried reinstalling the driver and using the synaptics driver as well. Neither work.

Does anyone have support in this issue? Basically all I want is to scroll on the touchpad and doubleclick.

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Acer :: 5315 Touchpad Is Unresponsive
I sorted my 5315's battery problem (it was the AC adapter), only to find that now the touchpad is quite unresponsive. It won't move smoothly, constantly stopping and starting.

I've played with all the settings I can find, and installed the latest Synaptics XP driver, but Windows seems to see it as a "PS/2 port pointing device" - the laptop doesn't have a PS/2 port, so this is obviously incorrect.

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Acer :: 5100 Touchpad Dead
I have an Acer 5100 and the touch pad has died ( including all the buttons ). Was perfect one day , turned it on the next day and it was dead. I'm surviving on an old IBM mouse plugged into USB port at present.

Have checked the mouse properties and it says it is working properly ( which it obviously isn't ) . Have uninstalled and re-installed including checking for latest driver on line . The mouse properties still tell me everything is working properly .

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Acer :: Aspire One Touchpad Use With Keyboard
My Acer Aspire One, which I love, does one thing that drives me NUTS! The touchpad, mainly noticed in games (FPS are the most detectable), doesn't respond while pressing keys... IE, I press "W" to run forward, and the touchpad doesn't work simultaniously... I can run, or look around, but not both at the same time... why is that? No other touchpad in a laptop I've ever used had the limitaion? And, when using an external mouse, the mouse works great, meaning I can move around pressing keys on the keyboard all while looking around. It just gets annoying having to stop, look around, then move, stop, look around, move, etc.

Is this a driver problem or a hardware problem? Even the EEE Pc that I use to have didn't do this, so why the new Acer? Curious, and no idea how to fix it.... Maybe it's even a setting somewhere I'm unaware of...

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Acer :: Aspire 3680 Touchpad
Basic issue is that all of a sudden the touchpad has stopped working and that little icon that was in the systray has dissapeared. it was working fine a few weeks ago. i currently am using a USB mouse, but i need the touchpad at uni as the desk space is very limited. its a shame this issue has came up now a day before a MAJOR assesment is due, and i cant finnish it because i cant use the mouse at uni.

Anyways, so i have tried the FN+F7 thing, doesnt work. Tried Re installing and rebooting the drivers, still doesnt work. tried a system restore to when it was working. still doesnt work i have basically tried EVERYTHING mentioned on various forums and on google. nothing seems to work. the drivers appear to be installed but wont work for some reason. i will attach photos to the main options so you can see how it appears to me.

there are no bios otpions i looked for those. seriously its so weird, nothing works and its very frustrating! in the past few weeks i have installed adobe illustrator CS3, dont know if that could be the reason for it not working, but i dont think so. I have windows XP SP2. when i try installing the original drivers off a backup cd my dad made, it just installs and does nothing. i downloaded the newest drivers from the website and still the same thing. the program does appear in the program files, and the control panel/add remove, but just doesnt seem to run!

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Acer :: New 1810T: Touchpad Buttons Not Even
I got my new 1810T and after opening it up, the first thing I noticed was that the touchpad buttons are not even.

By "even" I mean they're not level with each other. The left button sits a little higher on its right side and the right button sits lower on its left side.

Anyone else experience this? Is this something that has a simple fix like the double-sided tape for the mushy keyboard?

Also, I went into the device manager, opened up the monitor properties and when I choose "Hardware Ids" it shows this:


What type of panel do I have?

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Acer :: Sound Regulation On Touchpad On 8930G
Today i bought the new Acer 8930G with the Touchpad on the left of the keyboard. The touchpad works great, i can stop tracks, skip tracks and mute. But i cant control the loadness of the sound. The touchpad gives a reaction (the LED lights when i touch the sound-regulator), but the software doesnt recognize it. The sound just stays the same!

I deinstalled a lot of software, maybie i got the wrong one and there's a conflict now or something?

If i cant bring that to work, i'd like to be able to make regulate the sound via keyboard (a button to make it bit louder and a button to make it a bit less louder), how can i do that?

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Acer :: 5920g Touchpad Stopped Working
about 2 months ago i bought an Acer 5920G, a week or so ago suddenly the touchpad stopped working, i dont recall how it happened, i think i just booted Windows Vista as i usually do and the touchpad didnt work when i tried to click my user name so i could enter my password to logon.

I thought maybe the driver had gone bad so i rebooted and booted Windows XP( on a different partition) and in windows xp the touchpad also didnt work anymore.

Is this a hardware failure? Or are there other possibilities? I tried removing the driver and reinstalling, but it still didnt work.

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Acer :: 5739g Cant Use Touchpad And Keyboard Simultaneously
While I was hoping to use this for games, I have not been able to as the keyboard and touchpad cannot be used at the same time.

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Acer :: Aspire 5335 Touchpad Ain't Working
i have an acer aspire 5335 and the touch pad aint working i have not installed anything new or used a mouse or anything i have even restored back to factory settings and i cant seem to install the drivers i have downloaded them from acer offical site but they aint working. i cant even open the synapsis to even do any test or anything and i have tried the fn+f7 and that is not doing anything.

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Acer :: Aspire 5630 Touchpad + Keyboard
I have an Acer Aspire 5630 and since 2 weeks i'm having problems with the touchpad and the keyboard. I tried reinstalling Windows Vista which didn't work. Then i tried windows 7 and it also has the same problem( also tried new drivers etc) . With an extern keyboard and mouse it is able to use te laptop.

fn+ f7 doenst work. (because de keyboard doenst work )

The strange part is that when i acces the bios, de keyboard works.

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Acer :: 3000Keyboard/Touchpad Not Working With Battery
The laptop just does not work with the battery in. It will boot up but the keyboard and touchpad do not work. Taking out the battery works fine...but my question is, will I ever be able to use the computer with a battery in it? Do I need a new battery? Or is my laptop forever a battery-less one?

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Acer :: 5630 Laptop Touchpad Software
I can't seem to load the Touchpad Software fot the Acer 5630 Laptop ? Do I use the Alps or the Synaptics Software ? When I load the Alps I get pop-ups on startup that don't go away asking me if I want to start Apoint.exe and other files. I uncheck the pop-up but it still keeps coming back ? When the computer fully loads and I right mouse click on the Touchpad Icon in the right bottom tray it shows up like regular mouse software. It used to have an area asking me if I want to shut the touchpad. Not anymore. As for the Synaptics Software if fails when I try to load it. Do you have a solution to this problem ? I do use a USB Mouse and never use the Touchpad.

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Acer :: Quickly Switching Touchpad Configurations
Is there some way to quickly change the configuration of the touchpad? My wife and I use the same computer but don't like each others setup. I would be nice if there were some way to easily switch from one configuration to the other.

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Acer :: Aspire 5315 Touchpad Broken
My touchpad broke days after I got the laptop, I go to Acers site for drivers and then when I download them I get told they have errors. I cant click or scroll with the buttins either, it is utterly useless and I am having to use a terrible USB ball mouse.

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Acer :: Aspire 5100 Touchpad Keyboard Not Working
My touchpad and keyboard quit working all of a sudden. I tried to reboot and I can't select the safe mode choice cause the arrow keys on the keyboard don't work. Some people suggested that I remove the battery and reboot, and again nothing.

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Acer :: Keyboard/Touchpad Doesn't Respond When Booting
I've got an acer aspire 5672 and I can't get passed my login screen anymore. The keyboard and touchpad do not respond.

I tried in safe mode and there they do.
There was one time where they did respond but then they stopped right after loggin in.

The system seems to keep running though, as the cursor blinks etc, it's just that I cannot do anything.

As it does work in safe mode, it must be a software thing, no?

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Acer :: Aspire 5735Z- How Do I Permanently Disable The Touchpad
I have an Acer notebook, Aspire 5735Z. Each time I turn on my computer I have to disable the touch pad using Fn plus F7. This disable function is not permanent though. Is there a way to disable the touch pad permanently?

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Acer :: Aspire 7520-5185, Touchpad Too Sensitive
Does anyone know how to change to sensitivity of the touchpad. It is so sensitive that one minute I am typing and the next I am somewhere else on the page. It is totally driving me nuts. There has to be a way to change it, or is there a way to simply turn it off and I will use a USB mouse.

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Acer :: AA 7520G Boots Only If You Press Hard Next To The Touchpad
My Acer Aspire 7520G suddenly refused to boot, leaving blank screen only. No boot logo or anything. However, after googling around a bit, I found one thread with a solution, which is to press hard around the touchpad, and to my big surprise it did indeed work.

So does anyone know what's wrong with the computer that behaves this way? I never found the cause, and before I start disassembling the laptop, it would be nice to know what to look for. (Can't take it to the service as warranty expired a couple of months ago)

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Acer :: Touchpad Sensitivity Settings Lost After Restart
After you adjust the touchpad properties like double click speed and cursor speed is there a way to keep these settings? Everytime the computer restarts I have to go back into touchpad mouse properties and readjust everything.

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Acer :: Touchpad Button No Longer Has Tacticle Feedback
it hurts my finger to try and click on the button.

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Acer :: Touchpad (mouse) Suddenly Not Working On 8930G
I turned laptop on today and the touchpad is just not working. Has this happened to anyone else? I looked for drivers but only found vista ones which I installed but still not working. Thankfully I have a bluetooth mouse but it is not that good and I like to use the touchpad.

Using windows 7 32 bit. I might install the OS again but does this sound like a hardware failure?

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Acer :: 8940G's Touchpad Stops Working When Any Key Is Pressed
Has anyone experienced a problem with Acer notebooks where when the user presses any key on the keyboard, the touchpad gets disabled? The 8940G we are reviewing has this problem and I have never seen this happen before. When the touchpad stops functioning the little Synaptics status thing on the taskbar still shows the sensitivity blob when you finger presses the touchpad. This tells me it is still working but something else is interfering.

I have looked around the Synaptics menu for anything relating to this feature and found nothing. I disabled the "hide cursor when typing" feature in Windows already and that didnt fix it.

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Acer :: Synaptic Touchpad Customization MissingAspire 5315
I've got a Aspire 5315 which I configured for my brother in law by removing Vista and replacing with XP (SP2).

Everything is peachy, it is a great computer for the price (got it at W*M) except for some reason I can't get customization features on the synaptics touchpad.

I've got the latest drivers installed for XP (x32) - which is 10.8.10 I think... but the menu isn't there to customize things like, disabling tapping on the touchpad. I noticed on the synaptics download page it says:

Note: Installing a generic driver can result in the loss of customized Synaptics pointing device functionality.

is there a way to get a non-generic driver? any help would be appreciated.

oh and someone mentioned flashing the BIOS, is that safe? would I need to do that before this problem can be fixed? is the touchpad issue related to the BIOS? how do I know if it is already up to date?

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Acer :: Aspire 5610-4179 Orbicam And Touchpad
I have an Acer Aspire 5610-4179 laptop which was recently shipped back to me from the factory. I had been experiencing several problems, all of which were detailed and only some of which were fixed. I love having it back so much, though, that I am reluctant to send it away again. Some of the problems I am running into deal with the Orbicam camera and the touchpad. I have tried updating the drivers for these, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem. The camera still says that it is not plugged into a working USB port even though it's an internal camera; the touchpad works for moving the mouse, but tapping on the touchpad does not act as a mouse-click anymore. In addition, the volume and DVD control buttons on the right side of the keyboard no longer work.

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Acer :: Navigation Keys On Touchpad Setopped Working
I've fot Acer Aspire 9423WSMi laptop with Vista Home premium preinstalled. Untill recently, it worked just fine, but the other day, my navigation keys on the touchpad just stopped responding (everything else on the pad works OK). I've tried to update the driver, but the response was that I'm using the latest driver and the device is working propperly. I've also tried switching the pad ON/OFF with Fn+F7 but to no avail.

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Acer :: Aspire 5003 WMLi Keyboard/touchpad Dead
My laptop was freezing on boot up at the account selection, the cursor would not move or the keyboard operate.

I did a factory restore with the Acer discs and I am left with the same problem. If I access the Bios then the keyboard and touchpad work. The minute |I get to the Windows logon screen they are both dead again, no movement whatsoever.

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Acer :: Touchpad/Keyboard Dead After SP1 Update On Vista Business
I have an ACER Aspire 5670. Recently i installed windows vista business.

From the day i installed vista my battery appears to be broken.

Ok let's say battery cells were destroyed (Fedora installed on the same system report that battery may be dammaged)-So it may be destroyed in a couple of hours.

The second weird thing is that it persists not to recognize one device. In the device manager it has a hardware ID: ACPISMCB000

Third weird story. Today my notebook prompted that there was SP1 update available. I installed it (in 3 phases - 2together at shutdown and 1 after restart)

After SP update my keyboard stopped working - same thing with touchpad. I uninstalled SP1, uninstalled synaptics driver and re-installed it - same thing.

In a forum somewhere i read that battery causes these problems. I took battery off and now i am writing this message from my notebook's keybord ... touchpad still dead...

both keyboard and touchpad work perfectly in Fedora 9 and that usb mouse/keyboard work perfect too in Vista.

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Acer :: Aspire 6935G - Entertainment Part Left Hand Touchpad Frozen
The entertainment part on the laptop on the left hand side the touchpad has somewhat frozen so it is impossible to use, it has put itself ontohold somehow and now will not work, i have attempted restarting the laptop and shutting it down completly still the touch pad will not work.

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Sony :: AW Touchpad
I have a bit of problem with the touchpad on my vaio laptop

in my house downstairs when my laptop is plugged in and placed on the floor or surface the touchpad becomes un useable really slow but as soon as i disconnect the psu the touchpad works.

in another room all works ok and when the laptop is plugged in upstairs all is ok.!!! even on the carpet

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Sony :: SZ Touchpad
One solution mentioned on NBR was the improved insulation - but there may be another one.

Or maybe the "mad mouse" is static and the inverted mouse is something else.

My laptop was gettig very bad with the inverted mouse - and it didn't seem to be static related.

I just did some googling - [url] this seemed promising (the detailed driver analysis for XP) - unistalling of the touchpad driver to be specfic

I ujst did it and my mouse is no longer inverted - of course I loose some functionaltiy too (scrolling etc.)
But tapping works, and clicking too and moving the mouse.

I hope I'll remember to drop back in at a later date to tell you how it works out - it the mouse no longer inverts without the Alps driver.

My SZ is a SZ71VN/X

No, the inverted mouse is back

its possible that Vaio Alps touchpad drivers are outdated.

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Sony :: SR Touchpad
The left button of my touchpad does not work anymore! If someone has encountered a problem like this and has come up with a solution it has stopped working permanently!

Forgot to mention that the laptop I have is a VAIO SR and that I have tried a few things already to see if it would solve the problem, but no luck. Uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, switched from right-handed to left-handed, uninstall and let windows choose the driver, etc...

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HP/Compaq :: Touchpad
is there a way that i can change the option so that i have to double click desktop items? right now i only have to click once to open a folder..

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Dell :: New Touchpad Driver
There is another, even newer driver available from the E4300/E4200. Thanks to Logan_Nolag for posting that. It is even more responsive than the Studio driver.


The touchpad is now up there with the Synaptics from my old XPS m140.

I tried it on my E6400, and it updated to the newer drivers without issue. I am definitely noticing a diffference in the touchpad.

New Touchpad Driver From Dell - For Studio 1536

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Touchpad
I'm planning to do a mod on my latitude E6400, so if anyone with an M1330 would answer these questions, that would be great. I can't seem to find concrete info anywhere.

Are the touchpad in the 1330s all Synaptics, or a mix of Synaptics and Alps?
How big is the surface area of the touchpad (width x height) ....

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Dell :: Touchpad Question
I have recently purchased a dell inspiron 15. I have a small question. I can not figure out what I am hitting to cause this toi occur but seems to be touchpad related.

I keep shrinking the text on the screen! Silly but it is always when I am using the touchpad, not typing. I can not figure out how to undo!

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Dell :: Touchpad Screwed Up
We just got my gf's laptop from dell this week. I start it up and notice that something is wrong.

The touchpad icon in the taskbar shows that the right click on the touchpad is pressed, all the time. Everytime i move the mouse over the desktop, the right click menu comes up ....

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Dell :: Touchpad Scroll
my touchpad scrolling is not working. how can i go about getting it to work?

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Dell :: 1530 Touchpad
anyone notice if they close the lid on the 1530 that when you open it back up after a bit that the touchpad jumps around and is unresponsive.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Touchpad
I recently ordered a SXPS 16 and have a potentially silly question about the touchpad.

For when I want to play a game and need to use a USB mouse is there a way to disable the touchpad like I can with my current ASUS G2S laptop?

Nothing is more annoying when trying to play a game and having inadvertant mouse clicks and movement because I can't or forgot to disable the touchpad while using a mouse.

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Dell :: Studio 15, Touchpad
I have got dell studio 1535. After a couple of days I noticed that my mouse cursor is moving very erratic. E.G. If you touch touchpad and move cursor in circle it's like jaming / stopping every 5 seconds for 0.5 sec.

I have done diagnostic, I reinstalled vista,Ubuntu, XP still this same.

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Dell :: Touchpad Disable
i recently got a new studio 1555, i wanted to disable my touchpad while using an external mouse so i use the feature in the touchpad properties that disables the touchpad

once an external pointing device is connected. The problem is, once i disconnect the mouse the touchpad does'nt turn on again, is that normal behavior? should'nt the touchpad come back to life once i disconnect my mouse.

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Dell :: Xps 16 Touchpad Freezing
after ive had my notebook closed overnight, the mouswhats going on here?

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