Apple :: Possible To Network Game Between Vista 64 And Leopard

Mar 6, 2009

If I'm running a copy of say Warcraft III or Age of Empires on my Vista 64 desktop, and have a Powerbook G4 running Leopard 10.5.5 on the same network with another legit copy of the game on it, can the games "see" each other on the network and allow network play, even though its two different OS's?

Or is it a strictly Windows to Windows or Apple to Apple setup in order to game in this way?

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Apple :: IChat Snow Leopard To Leopard Video

Aug 30, 2009

Ever since my parents installed Snow Leopard on their computer we started experiencing constant video freezes during chats. I'm still running Leopard.

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Apple :: OSX Snow Leopard Changes

Aug 11, 2009

Just a heads up. The New OSX has removed the ability to Archive & Install and the Erase and Install option.

Also included in the optional Installs is QuickTime 7 and Rosetta. Also:

- OSX has also added a Software "incompatibility check" during the general Installation of OSX 10.6. Within the installer there is an List with Software Exclusions. With this list any known third party applications will automatically get disabled during the start up.

- The Exclusions lists also Applies to Migration assistant.

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Apple :: Can I Game On A Macbook Pro

Sep 2, 2009

I'm torn between buying the Asus G51VX-RX05 and the Macbook Pro (the 13-inch: 2.26GHz and I'll upgrade the memory to 4gig). I'm a fan of the portability of the Mac and its long battery life. I'm also annoyed with blue screens, error messages, and other frustrations of using Windows. However, I want to be able to play games on my laptop and I don't know if the Macbook Pro will be good enough for me.

The games I like are not current. They include Quake 3 Arena/Quake Live, Diablo 2, Soldiers of Fortune 2, and I heard Unreal Tournament 2004 is awesome, so maybe that too. I'm a big fan of first person shooters and I want to be able to play those games without it being slow. Having said that, can I have an enjoyable gaming experience playing these titles on a Mac (I don't plan on using bootcamp)?

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Apple :: Game Availability In OS X

Mar 4, 2010

I know the Mac platform isn't purchased for it's prevelent skills in the gaming world, however I know there are still some decent games kicking around that work. Essentially, I absolutely cannot adjust to a windows environment and need the protection and stability of my precious OS X so I'll be getting a MBP soon (havent decided if I want to hold out for a refresh or not.)

with that said, I'm curious as to what -IS- available for gaming?

I know Blizzard has some titles that work. WoW for example
-Warcraft III
-Starcrafc II

does Diablo 2 work fine? I know it's older so would there be any compatibility?
Any RPG's or fun sim/strag/rts type games? Diablo 3 wont be out anytime before I die so I'm not holding my breath.

I recently found some really powerful stock/forex trading workstation software for OS X so that was essentially the last straw for me. Not that it's any importance to this thread at all, but I'm excited and felt the need to share.

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Apple :: Game Demo's For Mac

Mar 18, 2009

it is pretty easy to find demo's for just about any game available for PC but the select games available for Mac I can't seem to find demo's of. One I am talking about specifically is Call of Duty 4. I would just go ahead and buy it for the PC and run it in boot camp like I do all my other games but I am curious to see how games run inside OS X. Anyone know where I can find some game demos for OS X?

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Apple :: Should I Upgrade From OS X 10.4.11 To 10.5.x Leopard

Jun 10, 2009

I picked up an old iBook G4, specs are:
1.33Ghz PowerPC G4
ATI 32MB VRAM AGP Video Card (integrated I believe)

Seems to be loaded with all the goodies: Bluetooth, Firewire, USB, WiFi.

Not sure if it would be worth it to upgrade to 10.5 though, seems like it would only slow me down but with Unix/Macs I'm not so sure. Plus, it appears that 10.5.x is the last OS Update for the PowerPC crowd.

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Apple :: MKV Playback On Leopard

Feb 24, 2009

Why doesn't OS X have a single good video player like KMplayer that can handle Matroska (mkv) files.. Or for that matter handle Subtitles elegantly ...

Or maybe there is something but I am just not aware of its existence

Please don't say it's VLC (even 720p playback stutters on a Unibody macbook) Perian is somewhat better but then Subtitle support is very flaky

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Apple :: How To Upgrade 10.3.9 To Leopard

Mar 27, 2009

I'm upgrading a Mac from 10.3.9 to Leopard. I've got an image of the disc... how do I go about upgrading.

The Mac in question is a desktop (please don't shut down the thread mods! ) 1.6ghz, power-pc g5, 1.25gb. I've checked the specifications for Leopard and its seems to meet them. [url]

Someone else tried unsuccessfully to upgrade Leopard on the same machine before without much luck.... hoping it might be better this time.

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Apple :: Game On Mac Os And Windows

May 8, 2010

I just wanted to know on which operating system a game will performance the best, I'm talking about the game who has a version for windows and mac os.

As I plan to use my macbook with bootcamp (mac os and windows 7), I was wondering If I should play on mac os or windows for a game who can support the 2 system, for example modern warfare, civilization 4 etc...

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Apple :: 4GB Upgrade & Snow Leopard

Sep 11, 2009

this is my first foray into 4GB in OS X. Just to appease my TypeA twists, could someone please comment for me?

Upgraded my uMB to 4GB last night and System Memory in OS X Activity Monitor (Utilities folder) shows 3.75GB available. I'm not freaked out about this, just wanting to check my curiosity.

Now the About This Mac pop-up window shows 4GB installed so I'm thinking the difference may have to do with OS memory addresses and such which is why you end up with memory recognition in 32bit windows systems, but I'm hoping for confirmation from others that I'm not missing something. The other possibility I considered for the difference is just simply the 1024bit vs 1000bit thing that you end up with in HDD sizing (and that would actually match nicely with the conversion @ ~3.73GB ).

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Apple :: Can't Instal Leopard On My MacBook Pro

May 4, 2009

Have a brand new MacBook O/S 10.5.6 (Leopard) Intel Core duo. Also have MacBook Pro also Intel core duo but running on O/S 10.4.11(Tiger). Want to run both on Leopard rather than have 2 different O/S's. Tried install Leopard Disks (which came with new MacBook) onto MacBook Pro, but all i get is Message " Mac OSX cannot be installed on this computer." Can anyone enlighten why i can't instal leopard on my MacBook Pro with the instal disks from my Intel MacBook?

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Apple :: Snow Leopard Reviews

Aug 27, 2009

Here's a short list of reviews that hit the web today!

Walt Mossberg

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Apple :: Leopard - Best Media Player

Feb 5, 2009

I'm wondering what is the best media player for Leopard? I dislike quicktime and want something similar to SMPlayer.

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Apple :: Snow Leopard Upgrade

Aug 31, 2009

My upgrade to Snow leopard from Leopard went without incident, and everything works great except for Quicktime.

If I want to watch a WMV file, I get an error message indicating that Quicktime must be installed first to proceed.

The question is this. Can I install Quicktime alone from the Upgrade disk?

I tried the newest version downloaded from Apple's website, however it gives an error upon installation that indicates that the version is incompatible with Snow Leopard. I guess Apple has not updated their download website.

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Apple :: Powerbook G4 And Leopard Upgrade

May 31, 2010

I just got a free Powerbook G4 17inch from a relative and I was wondering if I should upgrade it to Leopard or if I should keep it on Tiger. It has a 1.67Ghz processor, 2GB of ram and an ATI 9700 128mb. Will I notice any significant improvement in performance or will it slow this machine down more? I was inevitably planning to sell it but if I can run Leopard decently I'd most likely keep it. Though being unable to play HD youtube videos without stuttering is kinda annyoing.

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Apple :: Should I Up-grade To Snow Leopard

Oct 19, 2009

I was just at my MAC class & the guy tells me that Snow Leopard is much faster & i should think about up-grading & that it only cost $30.00, But he also said its not for everybody.
Depends on what you do with your LapTop?

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Apple :: OS X Leopard Install Disc

Aug 31, 2009

I'm trying to install OS X onto a computer using a external dvd drive. I have heard that alot of dvd drives won't read the OS X disc. Anyone know of a specific brand and model of external drive that will boot the retail install disc?

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Apple :: Unzipping And Unraring In OSX Leopard

Mar 21, 2009

What are the best tools to unzip and unrar in OSX Leopard?

I've heard good things about unrarx for unraring. Is there a better alternative?

If i'm honest i'm looking for something like winrar for mac osx. You know, a great GUI application that will handle pretty much every format. Winrar for OSX is just command line only however

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Apple :: Snow Leopard - Before I Install

Sep 24, 2009

I received my snow leopard today. it was made in singapore and had a chinese leaflet and the box had chinese letters on it. is it a genuine one? The dvd however had the usual english writings...also what type of setup do you advise me to do? a clean install?or just and upgrade. i also have w7, so i guess i will have to do a clean install to be a ble to get advantage of the bootcamp 3.0 with it being most stable. A picture of the box is posted below.

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Apple :: Leopard Performance Tweaks

May 6, 2009

Being digging around with my macbook this evening, figuring out ways to spruce up hardware performances, in the form of buying/installing latest and greatest hardwares (hard drive, optical drive, "expensive" ram etc ...) and it dawned on me about tweaking it, just like with Windows.

Yahoo-ing/Google-ing brought me to this blog, from which I played with some suggestions. A nice surprise, not that I had any complaints with OS X performance.

There are a few suggestions here that I had not yet tried, may be later.

--------- Quote:
Finder Tweaks:

The first batch of speed boosts come from minimizing the Finderís system load.

1. Turn off Spotlight.

This will save an older system with a slower hard drive the pain of indexing. Even after the first index, Spotlight needs to continue updating its indexes. It also uses resources to cache searches and be ready for use...................

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Apple :: Software - OSX Leopard (10.5.5) On Intel CPU

Mar 23, 2009

What are some Softwares that you guys recommend for OSX Leopard (10.5.5) on Intel CPU?

Free is great, but recommend some paid ones too.

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Apple :: Leopard Hangs During Installation

Feb 23, 2009

I tried reformating my mac today but for some odd reason, the installation screen is stuck on " Time Remaining: About 20 Minutes" for the past hour and a half I don't know whether I should remove the battery and start over or wait it out?

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Apple :: Snow Leopard - Upgraded

Sep 12, 2009

I've been reading up and thinking about purchasing the upgrade for my OS I am currently running OS X 10.5.8 so I am here to ask those who have upgraded to Snow Leopard, is it worth it? What I am getting different with this upgrade?

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Apple :: Original Leopard Trash Can Icon

Jan 17, 2009

My problem is after using Candybar, I somehow got rid of the original trash can icon, and it was replaced with something else. I like the original wire mesh one. Is there anywhere I can download the original one? Or if someone can email me their trashempty.png and trashfull.png files. I'm new to OS X.

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Apple :: Snow Leopard - Opening Files In SL

Sep 26, 2009

Double-clicking files in the Finder under Snow Leopard launches applications associated with the types of the files regardless of which applications used to create those files. I like it but I can see why those users who have been using Mac for 2 decades hate it. Other than that it forces one to adopt a new habit, I think it makes sense both conceptually and practically to ignore creator codes for most users.

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Apple :: Firefox Crash With Snow Leopard

Nov 11, 2009

I recently noticed that my firefox finds a reason to crash on its whim most often than it was during the pre snow leopard era. Any one knows the reason why it does or how I can pin point the problem it happens next time?

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Apple :: Snow Leopard And Writing NTFS

Sep 15, 2009

writing to an NTFS formatted drive?

NTFS 3G with Macfuse worked in Leopard, but now that I've updated to Snow everything is broken now.

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Apple :: Game Benchmarks For New Macbook Pros

May 1, 2010

I have yet to purchase a new 15" Macbook Pro of my own, although I am interested in the FPS that these new laptops can produce. I am an occasional gamer and realize that these new GPU's are about middle class and may be able to play a few of the newer games at mid-high settings although they have 512MB. Any FPS benchmarks out there with specs of their laptops? I had a i7 2.66ghz, high res screen 1680 by 1050 , 4gb RAM in mind.

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Apple :: Program Compatibility For Snow Leopard

Aug 26, 2009

For all those upgrading,here is a great list detailing what works and what doesn't
a, [url]

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