Dell :: Could XP Install On XPS 1530 Cause HD Failure?

Sep 16, 2009

I bought my Dell XPS 1530 in Feb 09 and last month the HD died! Right after I got the system, I reformatted it and installed XP. Everything was working great until it failed.

Can somebody tell me if somehow having XP on the sytem could cause something like that.

I know it would not make any sense, but I guess I am trying to figure out, why on Earth a 7 months HD could failed.

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Dell Inspiron 1530 :: Logon Process Initialization Failure

Jun 16, 2009

I get the following message everytime I turn my laptop on (Inspiron 1530) and there's only an OK button to press which just keeps bringing up the same message!

"Logon Process Initialization Failure

Interactive logon process initialization has failed.

Please consult the event log for more details"

As i can't even start up my computer, I can't view the event log ....

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Dell :: New Install Of XP-Pro On XPS 1530

Feb 19, 2009

I REALLY want an XPS. The catch is I want to install XP-Pro on it immediately and run a dual-boot with Linux.

I've read tons of stuff on this forum about what one might encounter doing the XP-Pro install, but is there a concise set of directions on doing it, including getting all the correct XP-Pro drivers?

Dell could sell a lot more of these if they would ship them with XP-Pro like they do on other laptops. I just don't want to have to blow off a week trying to get my new computer glitch-free ...

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Dell :: XPS 1530 :: How To Clean Install Windows7 64-bit

Nov 8, 2009

I want to re-partition my HardDisk & install Windows 7 64-bit, on my Dell XPS 1530 (about 10 months old) which came with Vista 32-bit.

Please help me with a step-by-step guide. I havenít experimented with any laptop yet & donít want to screw my laptop .

Section - 1
My Laptop has only 2 visible partitions, but disk manager shows 4 partitions total as follows (in order):-

1.(Unnamed/invisible partition)86Mb - EISA Configuration
2.Recovery (D: ) NTFS file system 9.9 GB, primary partition

3.OS (C: ) NTFS file system163 GB system, boot, Pagefile, Active, Crash Dump ....

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Sony :: OS Install Failure On VGN-NS140E

Mar 20, 2010

gave me his VGN-NS140E a couple weeks back, saying his son F'd it up again, and needs me to do a reinstall of everything. Thought it'd be easy right? Well, Win7 installs about half way, and then says some files are unavailable or corrupted, and then quits. Same disk was used to install Win7 Pro on two of my other machines.

So I tried ubuntu, and found that after reaching the main screen, no matter which option I choose, install/run without install/check disk for defects/etc, it just reboots the machine.

I've worked with tons of thinkpads, only a couple of Vaios, but never came across anything like this...

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Dell :: Making An OEM Vista Install Virtually A Clean Install

Jun 23, 2009

I got my laptop but did not do a clean install. I just removed all the bloatware I could think of. Is there a guide to do just that though, get rid of all the stuff that shouldn't be there so that you essentially have a clean install without all the bloat or footprints of it?

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Dell :: Cannot Install Latitude E6400 Webcam After Clean Install

Dec 14, 2008

I can't install my integrated webcam. After downloading the driver and opening the file installation starts and then suddenly it just ends with the message there was an error during installing.

So the thing I've done are: installing the drivers, which failed.

I've also looked in the device managemer app but could find anything of a camera.

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Dell :: Need To Install Vista Sp1 For Software.....can I Install With No Battery Detected?

Feb 25, 2009

I will try to make this short and understandable......

I bought a XPS M1330 iwth Vista Home Premium Bios A07 in January 2008.

April 2008 I tried to install updates and it messed up my Microsoft Office 2007 so I got it back working and did not mess with anymore updates.

Around June 2008 I started having the notorious battery issues. The battery ran down while I was on it and the battery has never worked since. At first it said connected,

but not charging but then it eventually died while I was trying to fix the problem and now it says battery not detected and it says the ac adapter is not recognized (I have the original AC adapter sent with the computer) .....

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Dell :: New XPS 1530

Oct 12, 2008

Have not had a laptop for a while and when I did get them, I would not hang on to them for long as I never had the need for them. However, my new job will require the use of one. Nice part - they are paying for it.

Ordered the 1530 a few days ago, loaded. Maxed everything out and also opted for the Solid State hard drive. Hopefully it works as advertised.

I do have just a few questions -

1 - Why did Dell pull the higher resolution panels from the options? Only had the option of 1440?

2 - Is Dell still including all the standard XPS goodies you normally get? The case, cd holder, ear buds.. etc etc or have they gotten cheap and no longer do that? Would suck if they don't.

3 - Lastly, I have read about some issues with the Nvidia GPU. I have also read that Nvidia has rectified this issue. Is that the case with newly built/shipping XPS systems?

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Dell :: My New XPS 1530

Oct 7, 2008

After 10 days of using my new XPS 1530, I will give it a 8 of 10 rating.

This is a great laptop. Looks great with a solid build. Great performance too. It is more then I thought it would be. A great value especially with the EPP discount I got it with.

The only flaws that I have noticed are the placement of the power connector being on the left side towards the back of the unit with the 2 USB ports very close to it. It seems very cramped to me. Also could have at least 2 more usb ports. But a USB hub takes care of that. I find this setup very ackward. Also the headphone jack being in the front. Again ackward to me. The speakers are very weak also. Finger print reader is very problematic also.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 LCD

Oct 8, 2009

My kids have wrecked my screen (xps m1530). It was REALLY beautiful, 1440 x 990 LG philips one, am really annoyed. Thanks to your posts on this forum, I found the dell p/n XP059 and know my screen is the LPLDF00 one. Called Dell parts today and the guy said that he would need the EXACT number which can only be found on the actual screen itself; this is the only way he could guarantee it would be the LGphilips one. He didnt seem to think the LPL number would ensure that. Does anyone know what number he is talking about - a bit reluctant to open up the screen casing etc (I'm still using the half that is working!) until its time to fix it. Is there any way to get this number without opening up?

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Dell :: 1530 Mic

Aug 3, 2009

So I was webcaming with a friend and he said my mic was horrible. It sounded like I was outside and very windy and statically sounding. What is the driver for it? Is it the webcam driver?

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Dell :: N XPS 1530

Apr 22, 2008

I just ordered my XPS. Well, I got the final quote for my wife to turn into her employer so they can order it and do the payroll deduction thing. So we get interest free payroll deductions for 18 month or so...pretty cool. So it should be ordered in the next few days.

They had the 40% off promotion going on, so that took it down to $1604 from its 'MSRP' price. I did a bit of haggling via email. I told him my wife wanted an Apple...but most of all, we were concerned about price. I then got my 12% EPP discount, which brought it to its final price of $1412. Below are the specs. I think I got a decent deal.

T9300 2.5GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB 667MHz DDR2, 250GB 7200RPM HDD, 1680x1050 WSXGA+ LCD, 256MB 8600GT video, 8X DVD-RW, Intel Wireless N, Bluetooth, Vista Home Premium, 6 cell battery, and a second AC power adapter.

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Dell :: Xp On A Xps 1530

Dec 28, 2008

I installed xp on a xps 1530 but I can not seem to find the bluetooth drivers for xp. In Device manager, i have at other devices - Usb device With exclamation mark, but this is the bluetooth, because it appears only when I activate the bluetooth. I tryed the drivers for vista but it doesn't work

Anyone has the bluetooth drivers for xp?

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Dell :: Del XPS 1530 Blu-Ray

Mar 9, 2010

I have a top-of-the-line (at the time in 2008) 1530 with the Blu-Ray player. I upgraded to Windows 7. About a month ago, my Blu-Ray player recongnized regular DVDs but not the blu-ray discs.

I spent 5.5 hours with Dell support (India, of course

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Dell :: 1530 Powers Off On Its Own

Sep 30, 2008

Just started doing it today, I havent had any other problems. I have checked all the power settings and I don;t see anything that should be causing it to shutoff, and I dont receive any Windows errors upon booting it back up.

Any ideas?

ill more then likely call Dell and have them look at its but I wanted to getr some other opinions first.

I was in the middle of A game of WoW when it happened.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Ram Upgrade

Jan 3, 2009

I'm looking to upgrade my XPS 1530 to 4GB of ram and run Vista 64. So I was looking at and and I found these:

OCZ 4096MB PC5400 DDR2 667MHZ SODIMM Memory
Corsair 4096MB PC5400 DDR2 667MHz SODIMM Memory
OCZ 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz SODIMM Memory (I know my notebook will still only run at 667, but would this still be better performing then PC5400?)

any thoughts or suggestions?

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Dell :: Thinking Of Getting A 1530

May 13, 2009

how bad is the 8600m gt overheating issue... has anyone that games had one of these for over a year without it going bad?

Second, The unit I am looking at has the 256gb ssd... is there a significant performance boost from this, and does it generate more or less heat than a regular hard drive? Do you guys think it is worth it to get one?

also how are the LED screens on them... I know a while back they had a lot of screen issues.

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Dell :: Underclock Xps 1530

Jan 11, 2009

i would like to know, is it possible to do an underclock on the xps 1530 on the gpu and the cores?

i would like to know if its safe, and how can i do?

i use windows vista and xp, the videocard its geforce 8600 and the processor its t5800, o this?........

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Dell :: XPS 1530 - A Piece Of Art

Aug 3, 2008

My new Dell XPS 1530 crimson Red.

Justifies the line by John Keats : A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Anybody else with the same color or diff color can upload their pics.

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Dell :: A12 Overheats My 1530

Jan 10, 2009

I'd updated my BIOS from A9 to A12 and the temperatures of my 1530 are shooting thru the roof. I'd left my laptop idle for an hour with a download in progress. when I came back, the laptop had shut down and upon restart the system the CPU temps touched 80 . The fans weren't even turning on.This wasn't a one off case, it had happened before. I've since reverted back to A09 and things are back to normal.

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Dell :: XPS 1530... Dead Already

Dec 3, 2008

1 week old.

Now refusing to boot.

"interesting" clicking noise coming from the HDD (Samsung 500gb).

One. Week. Old.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 & Windows 7

Oct 5, 2009

Well I got Windows 7 Ultimate running excellent on my desktop, so I was now going to turn my attention to my XPS 1530. However, what's the word on drivers, Quickset, and fingerprint reader?

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Dell :: Have U Overclocked Ur Gpu In The 1530?

Feb 25, 2009

im overclocking my xps 1530 with an 8400m gs gpu and t8300. rite now i overclocked at 580 core clock and 730 memory clock with 64 degrees according to cpuid and got an 1800 on the 3dmark06 score which is horrible...

i havent artifacted on 3dmark06 yet so i was wondering what are some of the speeds u guys overclocked that are stable and not too harming on the mobo and heat...

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Dell :: Games For A New XPS 1530 ?

Jan 17, 2009

i want to ask is what are the sort of games that the xps 1530 can handle well and are tried and tested and known to work nicely ? Before i start investing money in buying games.

i want to have an idea whether or not they'll look good on it.........................

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Memory

Mar 6, 2009

What is the difference between these? The only thing i can see is a 50 dollar larger hole in your pocket...There cant be anything different is there?

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Dell :: SRS Sandbox On XPS 1530

Feb 22, 2009

I was wondering if anyone used SRS Sandbox on their XPS 1530. Ive never been too pleased with the audio from the XPS compared to my old Vostro 1500. I was thinking baout trying it out. Any comments and advice on optimal setups/configurations?

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Dell :: When XPS 1530 Will Get Updated

Oct 1, 2008

I currently have an Inspiron 1420 with Nvidia 8400 & T7500. I'm quite happy with it but have lately been eying the 1530 because of the LED screen and Nvidia 8600. I've been playing HL2 at 1440x900 with max settings execept AA and getting great frame rates on the Nvidia 8400. How much of a difference will the 8600 make in recent games. Also i don't want to buy the xps 1530 and then in 2-3 months Dell goes ahead and releases the successor.

So does any one have any idea or heard any rumors of the XPS 1530's successor. I've been hearing horror stories of the WXGA+ (1440x900) screen, any idea if the LED screen also has the same problems.

So should i stick with my 1420 and wait for the 1530's next iteration with hopefully a better video card and keyboard back lighting or should i plunk down the money and get the 1530?

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Dell :: FPS, 1530 Overheating

Oct 13, 2008

I've had my laptop for about 2 months now and never really thought twice about it, but now after reading the forums and talking to a few people I'm actually pretty concerned.

Computer: m1530 3gig ram 320gHD 5400

Game: WoW
Avg FPS: 10-20 (in cities 1-15)
Settings: Maxed

Core 1: 80
Core 2: 80
VideoCard: 90
Harddrive: 45

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Dell :: Xps 1530 Benchmark

Mar 27, 2009

I have a 8600gt with the 176.44 driver and I got 4802 marks in 3dmark06. I was wondering if that was better than the other drivers such as 175.97. (I was using the Zalman NC-1000 laptop cooler while running 3dmark06)

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