Dell :: Latitude D820 Shutdown

Sep 28, 2009

I have the Dell Latitude D820, and my problem is this...............

When I go to Start>Shutdown

It goes through the motions as in it's shutting down.

But then it will stay on the Wallpaper image, with no Icons and it will just stay on till I hold down the power button.

I want to be able to go to Start>Shutdown

So it will shut down all by its self, so I don't have to hold down the power button!

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Dell :: Latitude D820 Upgrade Time

Dec 19, 2007

I have a Latitude D820 with T2500 Yonah, 1024mb ram (2 bank: 512mb), and Quadro NVS 120M "video card." I tried running NFS: Pro Street, and even on the lowest settings and resolution, it lags. I think its time for some upgrades... I have a couple of questions first.

Video Card/GPU: I know the 120m isn't a gaming card, however, the GPU IS a GeForce Go 7400, the same as the fx350m found in the Dell PRECISION M65. How is it that the precision, with the same exact same motherboard as the d820, can run a higher fps on 3d heavy apps? I know that the 120m is "optimized" for 2d drafting, but it doesn't make sense why it would be slower if it is the same gpu on the same motherboard. (excluding drivers and software based overclock).

I guess my questions are,
1.) What's the PHYSICAL difference between the D820 motherboard with the quadro 120M and the M65 with the fx350M?
2.) Is there a gpu bios I can flash to make the gpu optimized for 3d gaming? I don't care what windows recognizes it as, as long as its optimized for 3d. Use m65 bios maybe? How much does bios affect performance in game/app?
3.) What is a safe overclock speed and peak running temp for the gpu in the D820? The defaults are:
Low: Core 200mhtz, mem 400mhtz
High: Core 450 mhtz, mem 700mtz.
and averages 70 deg C idle and peaks 95 deg C load

4.) Can the motherboard utilize ddr2-800(pc2-6400) or is it "limited" to ddr2-667(pc2-5300).
5.) The default ram latency is cas 5, 5-5-5-13. Can the mo-bo utilize a cas 4, 4-4-4-12 @333mhtz (ddr2-667)?

I already updated to the newest driver for the video card.

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Dell Latitude D820 :: Used Laptop With No Software?

Jan 31, 2013

I purchased a used Dell Latitude D820 - Windows XP.  All software has  been removed.  What are the steps in getting it operational.  I would like to install  Windows 7 or possibly Windows 8.  How much available memory needed for each?  Is it possible to download the software  or I will need the disc. 

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Dell Latitude D820 :: Screen Won't Turn On

Mar 18, 2013

I have a used Dell Latitude D820 .When I plug in the adapter and turn it on, the little lights on the computer come on that signify that it's charging and powered on, and I can hear 'something', probably the hard drive, spinning inside it, sounding normal. The only problem is that the screen will not come on at all. No Dell logo, no Bios, none of that stuff. how to get the screen to turn on.

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Dell :: Ribbon To Keyboard Ripped Can't Turn On Latitude D820

Sep 10, 2009

The ribbon cable on my D820 keyboard was snagged and ripped today and now I can't power on the laptop.

Is there anyway to short a jumper to turn the laptop on or some other way to turn it on??

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Dell Latitude D820 :: Authentication System Error After User Tried Too Many Times To Login After Forgetting Password

Feb 7, 2013

I really don't want to tear this laptop down & solder two leads to the 24c02 chip & short them together, even though I am A+ certified & an electronic technician.

This laptop has no service tag, old but worth saving because dim b has a 2gb stick of memory so, somewhere inside there's another & so it should be worth some effort to save.

The bottom line is: whoever designed that chip (24c02) is a genus, now how mush will it cost to unlock it ? 

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Dell :: Shutdown Hangs With BIOS A15 On Latitude E6400

Sep 4, 2009

I upgraded to BIOS A15 when it came out and since then I have had a problem that I never had before. I have now downgraded to BIOS A14 and the problem is gone.

Problem description
When rebooting or shutting down Windows XP the shutdown process hanged. I think it only occurred when the computer was docked in the docking station. I have the advanced docking station with serial port, parallel port etc.

After I upgraded to A15 I noticed that the parallel port and serial port got listed the safe remove dialog box. With A14 and before they are not listed.

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Dell Latitude E6510 :: Spontaneous Shutdown And Reboot?

Sep 8, 2010

I've had my E6510 for about 2 months and I am having trouble with a spontaneous shutdown and reboot. There are no errors in the shutdown and the system reboots automatically within a few seconds of shutdown. I'm also experiencing trouble with system freezes. This latter problem may be fixed by an updated bios (as mentioned in another thread), but the shutdown and reboot is about to drive me crazy.

There is no rhyme or reason for it. I had it shutdown once when I pulled out a flashdrive one time, but the other times this was not an issue. Today I was typing an email message when it simply shutdown and rebooted.

It does not seem to be getting hot, but I need to check the LCD as mentioned in another thread.

I should mention this is 64-bit with 8MB RAM, running Windows 7.

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Dell Latitude E6540 :: AFS2 Force Shutdown After Update To A12

Dec 8, 2014

today have appeared AFS2 force shutdown after i had updated bios from A10 to A12.

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Dell Latitude D510 :: Blue Screen On Shutdown / Won't Turn Off - Will Restart Instead

Dec 31, 2014

I recently got a Latitude D510 from a friend, he says it wont turn off unless you hold down the power button, I tried turning it off by the start menu selection (windows 7 home premium sp1)

And it starts turning off. Then a Blue screen pops up for at least 30 seconds and then it restarts.

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Dell Latitude E5550 :: Enabling Bitlocker - Makes Shutdown Request Sleep Instead

Dec 3, 2014

I'm starting customising my new Latitude E5550 laptop.

After turning on Bitlocker I noticed that when I shut down the laptop, it goes to sleep. Even if I logoff first then request a shutdown it still just goes to sleep. I can request a restart which does work - it restarts, but a shutdown still makes it go to sleep. I can hold the power button to force it off. Doing that or when requesting a restart, the laptop starts back up but I find that the laptop goes into Flight mode. The Flight mode symbol is visible even before you logon.

I turned off Bitlocker, and the problem has gone away. Is there a solution for this?

Should I use the Dell DDP Encryption product instead?

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Dell Latitude E6400 :: Immediate Shutdown When Large Text File Opened With Six Pictures

Mar 18, 2013

My E6400 Atg has been shutting down on me at least once a day. I don't do any graphics, but I usually have a large text file open with about 6 pictures in it and I stream pandora constantly.

Usually it is when I have a pop up accessing a remote database. It hangs up then poof.  Screen goes black.  When I hit power it starts to open, but then hard shuts down. When I feel the vent fan it is hot. Not super hot, but hotter than I think it should be.

I have the system set for high power usage with the cpu fan set to active cooling. I have the processor set to minumum processor speed 50% max 100%.

I have 4 gb ram, T9900 processor and a SSD hardrive.

It was doing this last year, but only when I had it on a soft surface that restricted airflow.  Even then it was just slowing down drastically and would resolve itself once I took off my lap or what ever soft surface it was on.

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Dell :: D820 W/ D/APR USB

Feb 3, 2010

We have a D820 with a D/Port APR that the USB ports on the D/Port stopped working. The normal ports on the D820 work correctly.

I bought a used D/Port and the issue still exists.

So my next thought is the connection to the D/Port. But I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

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Dell :: D820 And Windows 7?

Jun 26, 2009

I can't count on Dell coming up with Windows 7 drivers. Otherwise I might say the heck with it and get a new E series that are on sale.

I have been living with Vista, but Win7 sounds much more promising of a computer experience ...

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Dell :: D820 And Battery

Jan 6, 2010

My battery is fully charged, according to both the PC power monitor and the button and LED's on the battery. If the AC power supply is removed the computer dies. Its like the battery is not connected to the laptop.

Before this problem cropped up, the computer would die while I was using it on battery power.

I could continue using on battery power if I removed the battery for a minute and replaced it. I was good to go for a few hours after that.

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Dell :: Intel 5300 Does Not Work In D820?

Oct 21, 2009

I have seen posts around the net that the Intel 5300 (mini PCI-e) will work in the D820.

So I put one in...and no dice. While is is recognized by the system (driver installs, etc.) it does not actually work. Won't communicate, find access points, etc

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Dell :: Bootable Mini-PCIe SATA SSD For D820

Oct 11, 2009

If I wanted to put a mini-pcie SATA SSD in the WWAN slot of my dell latitude D820 and *boot* from it what should i buy?

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Dell :: D830 Motherboard Compatible With D820 Laptop

Jun 23, 2009

my motherboard just crashed on me and I need to get a replacement for it and would like to catch two flies with one hit and upgrade my cpu while I`m at it but the d820 motherboard doesn`t support the better newer ones and i feel the d820 computer i own is still perfect for my needs.

Therefore I was thinking if the d830 motherboard has the same fit as the prior since after some looking into it they look very much alike but it would kinda suck if it didn`t fit.




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Dell :: D820 And Docking Station With Vista Ultimate

Mar 31, 2009

I have a Dell d820, docking station, and monitor stand. I am running Vista ultimate.

My problems are two-fold:Hot docking does not work. If I take my laptop out while it's running and open the screen, it is blank, and it never comes back. Pulling it out while asleep results in similar issues. The only reliable way to dock and undock is to shut down completely

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Dell :: D820, Docking Station, Vista X64, Input Latency

Apr 15, 2009

I'm running a D820 and I just installed Vista 64 Ultimate. I ran the entire install while disconnected from the dock and everything went smooth (SP1 and all patches afterwards).

After connecting the laptop to the dock I'm getting a very annoying latency with my mouse and keyboard. The mouse stops responding for as little as half a second, up to 4 or 5 seconds depending on what

I'm doing. While typing, the keyboard will also repeat the last key I touched when the issue occurs

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Dell :: Frequent Shutdown

Jan 24, 2009

Does the laptop need frequent shutdown, in case if we are leaving it all the time by turning off the display/screen, while downloading or leaving it to do any other background task like defrag/scanning/downloading while we aren't on laptop?

does anyone here completely turn off laptop without leaving it to sleep/hibernate mode while we aren't using it?

do leaving the laptop without turning off does causes any problem to laptop?

i have closely monitoring the temp as i leave it on all the time while downloading and not doing any-other work on it, so leaving the laptop on always does cause any problem .....

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Dell :: Inspiron Shutdown Randomly

Mar 23, 2010

i have a dell inspiron b130 and every once in a while the thing just shuts off lke the bat has been takin out, no shutdown process or nothin. i know the battery is shot, i was just wondering if its the cord or the ac jack on the computer itself? i can mess with the cord by the computer and i can get it to work. but also the cord has been chewed on near in the middle between the ac plug and the power brick....

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Dell :: Loud Click On Shutdown?

Jan 15, 2009

I've noticed that when I shut down the computer, just before everything turns off I hear a loud(ish) click from the back of the computer. Same sort of noise as when you turn on a light switch, maybe a little sharper.

At first I thought it might be the speakers, but not so sure. Anyone else have this? It might just be hardware turning off

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Shutdown Temperature

Nov 22, 2008

i just wanted to know how high the temperatures on the m1530 can go until the computer shuts down ( for CPU, GPU, and ACPI )

I ask this because my lappy will suddenly restart after some stressing while OCing my GPU to 625 core, 890 mem. (no i dont want you posting that its my fault, that im an idiot, that i shouldnt OC this lappy and such)

Its usually stable when gaming (ie. Team Fortress 2), stays at 72C CPU and 81C GPU OCd, but when i try a heavier game ( EVE Online) it will restart after about 20-30 minutes of use.

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Dell Inspiron N4050 :: Shutdown After 10 To 15 Sec

Dec 21, 2014

I was using my laptop and suddenly it shutdown. I thought ot was some kind of battery probelm and i change it but same result i check ram and processor too but all are fine . Laptop shutdown after 10 to 15 sec . The fan speed increases before shutdown.

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Dell XPS L702X :: Shutdown And Won't Power Up?

Dec 12, 2014

I have a Dell XPS L702X that I bought June of 2011.  It has been working fine up to this point.  I ended up replacing the battery but other that that it has been a dependable champ.

Today I upgraded the video drivers.  I fired up World of Warcraft and was checking out the new settings when the laptop just shut down.  I tried the power button but nothing worked. 

I unplugged it from the wall, removed the battery and pressed the power button for ten seconds. I put the battery back in, plugged it back into the wall, still no power up. 

The wall socket is good, the power supply is good (i get the glowing LED at the end of the power cord) and (as stated) the batter is practically brand new (got it a few months ago)

I'm guessing power supply or motherboard failure.  If this is true how much am I looking at to get it fixed? or am I better off buying a new laptop?

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Dell XPS 15z :: Shutdown Without Warning - Will Not Turn On

May 10, 2014

I was using my Dell XPS 15z when it turned off (didn't shut down). The system made a click noise and then it was gone; it will not power on. I get no battery lights and I get nothing when pressing the power button. I verified the AC adapter is working. When I plug the AC power in the wall socket, the light comes on; however, when I connect the Ac to the laptop the power light goes out on the AC adapter. The system was not hot, no burning smells. There appears to be substantial number of XPS systems experiencing the same failure.  I have tried a second AC adapter and no joy. I have read most of Dell's responses to this same issue. The fell its a motherboard failiure. Has Dell issued a recall for XPS 15Z since this is a known issue? 

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Dell :: Studio 1558 Shutdown Without Any Warning

Feb 18, 2010

so, this has happened twice. Last time I didn't now when it happened as I was not using the laptop for anything.

But just right now, I was listening to music on it and it just shutdown in the middle of all that. Nothing else being done on it.

Any ideas?

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Dell :: New M1530 Random Shutdown Only On Battery

Feb 6, 2009

New British poster here, please be gentle ;] !

I'm glad I found some fellow XPS users, maybe you could give me some advice.

I got my new(ish) M1530 yesterday (refurb from Dell Outlet, saved me 200).
Initially I was very pleased, its a lovely machine, but I then found a problem - its the curse of the random shutdown!

I first noticed it when running 3dMark this morning to demo the XPS.

It happens fairly consistently after a few minutes; the machine doesnt feel hot.
I phoned Dell support (took 1.5 hours) and they/we found it shuts down in the diagnostics tests too.

Conclusion: Replace motherboard, engineer booked.

However I have discovered it only happens when its on battery power - everything is fine on AC power.

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Dell :: Whenever I Shutdown I Get The Blue Screen And This Message

Sep 23, 2008

whenever i shutdown, i get the blue screen and this message:

stop: c00000219 {Fatal System Error}

The windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000000 (0x00000000 0x00000000). The system has been shutdow

i have xp os.

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