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Dell :: Studio 1737 Can Upgrade To Q9000?

can the P8600 processor in my 1737 be upgraded to a quad core? I do some video encoding and it is still a bit slow.

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Dell :: Upgrade My Studio 1737
I was wanting to upgrade the processor in my Dell Studio 1737 to a Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T9400 2.533GHz 1066 6MB ES QAEL I currently have the Intel T6400. Will this work?

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Dell :: Heatsink Upgrade: Shimming My Studio 1737
This thread will document my attempts at improving the cooling of my Dell studio 1737

Heat Sources:

Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 (2.10GHz/800Mhz FSB/2MB L2/45nm/35W TDP)

ATI 2650HD 512MB
Intel GM45 Chipset

2xWD Blue 500GB
2x2GB DDR2

Dell 370 Bluetooth 2.1 card
Dell Wireless g/n card

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Acer :: Q9000 In 6920
Anybody got any idea if the Q9000 can be used in the 6920?

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Dell :: 1737 Studio
I'm looking for a notebook, the two things that are most important to me are screen size and performance. My computer usage is mainly websurfing, photos, music, IM'ing, that kinda stuff. I'm a huge multi-tasker, somehow I always end up with 1000 windows and programs open, I need a computer that can deal with that. I don't think I've ever played a game on a computer, so gaming is a complete non-issue.

I live a pretty mobile life, hence my desire for a laptop. I'm drawn towards computers with asthetically pleasing features ie funky colours, light-up keyboards, etc. I know their functionality is limited, just what I like.

I found this one, [url]

it's refurb which is fine by me, I don't know much about computer numbers (I'm trying to learn as fast as I can) but this one seems to be up my alley, I really dig the red too, plus the half price from OEM. Others I've looked at are the alienware m17 and the dell XPS 1730, although it doesn't look like Dell is selling that from their canadian site anymore.

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Dell :: Studio 1737
I decided to redo another thread about Windows XP Pro 32-bit drivers that will work with the Studio 1737 Laptop. These drivers may work with the 1735, 1555, and 1535 lines as well (except for the Chipset).

Please note the components of the system I purchased. (Below) If you have any of the same components, then you're good to go. I'll post other drivers as well that I find along the way in this journey of getting the Studio line to function properly on Windows XP Pro 32-bit.

My Studio 1737 main components purchased in Sept, 2009.
Intel Core 2 Duo P7350, 2.0GHz, 1066Mhz, 3M L2 Cache
512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
Intel 5100 Wireless-N (1x2) Half Mini-Card
Broadcom ethernet
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB (the particular Creative software I have will not install on XP, but the IDT Audio drivers are needed)
Back-lit Keyboard (no application for this in XP. Just press the FN and RIGHT arrow)

Also, I'd like to add these observations.
1. Touch Pad (black plate above the keypad) -- The Volume, Pause, Stop, Eject controls work, but the Volume Up and Down ONSCREEN Diagram doesn't appear. BUT IT DOES WORK, JUST KEEP TAPPING THE VOLUME BUTTONS, and you'll notice the Volume fluctuates.
2. For Battery and Power Screen brightness to be the same... Press FN and the UP/Down Key. Then unplug Power cord, and repeat for the brightness to be the same when unplugged.
3. For Back Lit Keyboard to work...Press FN and the RIGHT ARROW. Repeat this action to dim, and turn off.

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Dell :: XP 64 Bit On My Studio 1737
I searched on the site for an answer but did not find anything so I am creating this thread.

I know there is a lot out there about XP on the 1737 and driver issues and such..most of which seems not insurmountable.

I am concerned about this ATA/AHCI the bios for the SATA hard drives.

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Dell :: Just Got Studio 1737, My Impression
Picked up one at Futureshop in Toronto. Originally I wanted to go directly through Dell so I can upgrade to the 7200rpm sata harddrive, and possibly WLED display. In the end I couldn't want to wait x weeks for it to arrive (for work reasons).

Overall impression, very happy!

-I chose this mainly for the keyboard. Very simple english-only keyboard, with hardly any multi-functions on one key. No crazy labels and colors, just plain jane. Loved how all needed working keys are included like pgup/pgdn/home/end/del/backspace/etc... I find it infuriating on other laptops when any of these keys are missing, combined, too small, etc. Love the seperate numpad.

-Yes, the keyboard is 'flexy' but I don't think it warrants the amount heat ppl are giving it. I kind of like it flexy actually. Maybe they are on to something in terms of tactility or useability.

-Biggest disappointment: no backlit keyboard included !!!!! Was a shocker to me which I only discovered 5 hours later at night. If you order directly from Dell in Canada, do you get a backlit keyboard? Is there anyway this can be added or upgraded?

-Yes, it does have an eSata port! Some people have said only the 15" Studio version does does.

-Love the power and find-network buttons on either side of the display hinges. They got a rubbery touch and the placement makes sense.

-I am pretty sure I got a regular CCFL LCD with this, as Futureshop doesn't have the option to upgrade to WLED or RGB LED backlighting. I'll say I'm very happy with it, and my at home I am going to connect to a CRT anyways, which I can do colour correcting work on when I need to. I think I spent too much time worrying about upgrading the display when the regular CCFL LCD is fine.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 CPU Speed
I ran several system checking software suites which showed errors in the hardware configuration because the motherboard is only capable of supporting a FSB of 800MHz.

Does anyone have a similar issue or can provide an explanation about this?..

I know the memory is 800MHz but I expected this deluxe CPU to be supported by the motherboard and run at 1066MHZ...

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Screen
The screen on my laptop won't turn on, but it will work with an external monitor.

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Dell :: Studio 17 (1737) Memory, CL6 Or CL5?
I have my Dell Studio 17 (1737)

swapped my macbook for it, this one has 2G ram.

going to upgrade on payday to 4G asap!

been looking at Crucial, their memory is CL6 timiing.

is it worth going for CL5 timing ?

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Wireless
I'm having some pretty big problems with the wireless on my 1737. It has the Intel 5300 card installed.

I have an 802.11a/n router, the AVM Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270. It worked perfectly fine with my previous laptop, an Acer Aspire 5920G with an Intel 4965 but with the Studio it constantly drops off.

On Wednesday it disconnected and reconnected 51 times in 5 hours! Setting the router back to 2.4 GHz seems to reduce the disconnects but not remove them entirely (2.4 is clogged in my area so that's why I'm using 5). The thing is, I tried a 4965 card in the Studio and that was dropping off too .....

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Audio Lag
Have a Dell Studio 1737...whenever I play a dvd or a downloaded Vid/Movie etc...

have noticed there is a slight lag in audio, meaning that the audio is either a second behind or a bit behind. Example..

if the video is a video of someone talking the persons mouth opens and the audible speech is delayed a little bit (I know that's a horrible example but don't know how to explain it!!)

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Dell :: Studio 1737 VGA Port
I just purchased a Dell Studio 1737, my first notebook ever. Here are the specs:

Intel Core Duo T6400, 2.0 GHz, 800 MHz, 2M L2 Cache
4GB DDR2 800MHz 2 Dimm
320G 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
Integrated High Definition Audio 2.0

(All for $830 with taxes and S&H. Good deal?)

I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I was wondering about the VGA output on the left side of the model. Supposedly it's only for output, but it's a female connection and I was wondering if I could make it work as a VGA input. (My desire is to play some Xbox 360 on it.) I'm using the Vista 64bit OS. Is it possible with this integrated card, or would I have to go out and try to upgrade it? Is it possible to upgrade the video card on the Studio non-xps .....

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Dell :: Are All Studio 1737's Upgradable To 8GB RAM? now has an option to order Studio 17's with 8GB of DDR2. Can I upgrade a 1737 built last year to 8GB (2 x 4GB)?

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Dell :: Over-saturation On Studio 1737 RGB LED
Colors are not correct on my Studio 1737 RGB LED, even after calibration with Spyder2Pro. Calibration adjusts the color temperature etc, so gray-scale images and documents are displayed correctly. But there is ridiculous over-saturation of colors. It just hurts my eyes.... Interesting thing though, inside ICM-aware applications (PhotoShop, LigthRoom) images are displayed correctly - just the image, program window itself and tools etc are over-saturated.

Several users had reported this problem in this forum, so it is known problem. Some were able to fix it with adjustment of saturation settings in ATI color control panel. Unfortunately, my notebook is equipped with Intel 4500 MHD integrated graphic card, and somehow saturation control is missing in "color Correction" tab of "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for mobile" .

I did set up Dual boot with Vista/XP and the problem is the same in XP. Futhermore, over-saturation it is noticeable even in BIOS and during Windows start up.

Is my LCD (RGB LED) panel faulty? Graphic card drivers are raw? Video-BIOS is messed up? I this fixable or not?

I spent couple hours on the phone with Dell Technician trying to solve this problem. No luck so far...

As of now, I am thinking of returning this laptop. Such color reproduction is just not acceptable, considering that I paid $250 for the RGB LED, expecting close-to-perfect colors.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Audio
hello on my new studio 1737 i just installed my sound blaster notebook card and since i did this no sound comes from my lappy at all can anyone please help me?

i would like to keep the stuff i just installed for the card on but i would like to hear stuff from my speakers

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Battery
I purchased a refurb Dell 1737. I hope the refurb one is good and anyone can share their experiences about that?

I am actually wondering about the battery. The reviews mention long batter life but the description on said that the battery can go about to 6 hours and 39 minutes.

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Dell :: Keyboards For Studio 1737
The keys on my Studio 1737 are very difficult to press. I'm a good touch typist, and this just requires way too much hammering to keep my speed up.

Same thing happened when I got my first Inspiron 1705, but I found out that there were multiple manufacturers for those keyboards. One of them made light touch, the other made very heavy touch (though not as bad as the 1737). Swapping the keyboard solved the problem.

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Acer :: Possible To Install A Intel Quad Core Mobile Q9000 In The 6930G
i have the acer aspire 6930G core 2 duo T5800 - Nvidia 9600M GT 512Mb GDDR 3 - 4Go 667mhz - 500Go 7200RPM - bios 3238... it's possible to install a intel quad core mobile Q9000 in this laptop?

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Remote Control
Im after a remote control for my studio 17, but im not sure where i should look! Iv tried searching for similar threads but didn't come across many so decided to ask here.
Iv found this one on ebay, but it doesn't recharge from the slot. Are there any versions which do? if not how long does the battery last? and finally, will that remote be suitable for my 1737


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Dell :: Shipping Time For Studio 1737?
i ordered a studio 1737 on 7/14 and im currently 8 days away from my estimated ship date(8/7) and im still in the build stage .....

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Dell :: 19300 Replacement Studio 1737
Dell finally replaced my old system after 4MB replacements,3screen replacements,2 gpu replacements and a few other issues.

I love the new computer but have a few questions.

1) GPU. I received the ati 3650 replacing the 6800go. is the 3650 'better?' I checked on the internet and found that the 3650 only has 128m bit rate vs 256 for the 6800 go. Does this matter? the web had mixed results on this question(which is better). I like to play games and definately want to be able to play starcraft 2 when it is released on decent settings. I don't play any first person shooters.

2) can I put my old bluetooth card from the i9300 into this machiene? I believe the one I have is the 350.

3) I think my hard drive size is 250Gb. System shows: recovery partition size of 14.9GB and main partition of 217 gb. Where is the extra harddrive space? Does anyone know the maximum size hard drive this computer can take?

4) CPU - I have the intel t6600 2.2 GHz. Is this a decent processor? where does it fall in the scheme of processors for this computer? high,middle,low?

5) memory - how can I check the speed of my memory? I believe the FSB in this system is 800mhz. I want to make sure that I have memory that runs at least that fast and not 667 mhz.

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Dell :: Graphics Card In Studio 1737
I recently purchased a Dell Studio 1737 for mainly college, everything about this laptop is great, except the graphics card, the infamous Intel Media Accelerator.

I would like to know if there's anyway to replace, or would I have to get another motherboard to replace it, and if I have to replace it I would like to know a estimate of how much it would be,

and personally I would like a high end Nvidia card =], not so much ATI.

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Dell :: Video Chip For A Studio 1737
i was wondering if anybody knew of any video chips or cards available to help run games like crysis and farcry 2 smoothly form my dell studio 1737

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Dell :: Studio 1737 With (RED) Healling Patterns
UPDATE: Here's the video review fixed links

Here's the specs:
P8700 (2.53GHZ) CORE
17.0" WUXGA TL (RGBLED)w/ camera
INTEL 5100 WRLS-N (1X2)

And some pics for those curious about the design. No need for inside or side shots.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Video Card
I have dell studio 1737 with a core 2 duo T9400, 4GB Ram and ATI Mobility Radwon HD 3650 and i was wonderfing if i could change out the video card for a 512?

Beause it lags a little playing COD4

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Screenis It LED Or CCFL?
A month ago I received my new laptop from Dell. After a short inspection I discovered that instead of 2 HDDs only one was appearing in device manager.

After a bios check that confirmed that only one HDD was installed I called Dell Support. The person allowed me to open the laptop and to my surprise there were 2 HDDs but one of them was not fixed with screws and it was able to move freely inside.

Those from Dell decided to replace my laptop and one week later I received a new one .....

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Remote Control
I have formatted the hard drive and installed Vista Ultimate and all of the drivers including Media Direct and Quickset.
But, the remote control no longer works.
It worked before with the OEM software.
There are no bangs in the device manager so I can't imagine I am missing a driver.

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Dell :: Vista Ultimate 32-bit Studio 1737
I want to blow out all my existing partitions and put Vista Ultimate
32-bit on my new Studio.

I have been trying to find threads that might help...I'm an old salt at
OS installs but these fancy new machines sometimes need drivers
for SATA or what have you during the install.

Has anyone successfully installed Vista (any version) from scratch?

Did you have driver issues? Did everything work when you were done?

I plan on putting in a different HDD and trying the install just to see
how far I can get.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Blurry Screen
I got a brand new Studio 1737 for my 18th Birthday in July, since then I've noticed that the screen often blurs and goes fuzzy when running applications that require even the most basic graphics (Solitare for example).

I called Dell, and they picked up the laptop, only to return it a week later saying nothing was wrong with it. Its still blurry.

Since then, I've installed Windows XP, Vista, 7, and even Linux (Xubuntu and Ubuntu). XP, and both Linux work fine, but Vista and 7 dont. its getting really frustrating. Any ideas of what to do?

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Screen Does Not Turn On
I installed windows 7 ultimate today on my studio 1737. I first as always install the dell drivers and update windows.

I was told by a dell tech to flash the bios. When I did this, the bios froze right near the end of being complete. I waited for about 15 mins and nothing, not even the mouse moves.

So I pressed the power button and hold it for about 10 seconds and nothing. The only thing left for me to do was to pull the power cord and the batterie so the computer will turn off which of course did happen.

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Dell :: Suddenly No Sound From Studio 1737
Below is my configure for Studio 1737 (no bluetooth/finger print reader) Outlet price $600.

I had it for 10 days and didn't install or touch any settings when I received it. Only had windows updated a few days ago. To test video/audio, I ran dvd and some sample wmv for a few days, video great, audio fine.

Everything was great until today, no sound suddenly...Tried to remove all sound devices in Device Manager and system restore to 1st day and still no sound. I had the notebook ON for an hour or so, then suddenly have sound again .....

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Dell :: Replacing Studio 1737 Keyboard
can someone help me remove my old keyboard and replace it with the backlit one i just bought.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 And Computrace (Lojack)
My 1737 came with Computrace (LoJack for Laptops) available in the BIOS.

When I received the unit, Computrace was disabled in the BIOS.

I enabled it and set the BIOS password to make sure no one else could
access the BIOS except me.

I then monitored the Computrace website and it seemed to ne
calling their facility okay except at times I had reformatted the hard
drive to intall XP 64 bit and Vista 64 bit. I had to atually re-install
the Lojack software for my Stiudio to call Computrace .....

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Freezing On Lid Closed
I decided to reinstall everything and make some hardware upgrades. Fisrt of all I upgraded BIOS, DVD firmware etc. Then I installed Win7x64 (proffesional), previously I had Ultimate RTM version.

After all almost everything is working fine. System is working great except one thing - something is wrong about power management. Sleep, hibernation and poweroff option is working ok. There is problem with lid only - when it's closed external monitor is turned off (that's ok) and main LCD is black (but backlited).

Music is still playing, but also that soon is gone (I always play that from Internet). Fans are working as usual, LCD is not completely turned off, music stops, keyboard is somehow working (i.e. Fn+F10 - dvd key), but I can't do anything with computer then.

The only thing that is working then it's holding down power button to turn off computer hard.

In power options I tried to change some options about lid. On plugged in - closing lid: do nothing .....

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Dell :: Graphics Card On Studio 1737
Just bought a 1737 yesterday but the dell website crashed after I'd made he specification, so I had to do over.

Long story short, second time I selected the components I managed to miss upgrading the graphics card from integrated intel to dedicated ATI.

The status is currently "preparing for delivery" and I need to have the order amended to include the dedicated graphics

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Dell :: Questions About Closing The Top On A Studio 1737
I have a new Dell Studio 1737.

When I close the top down and open it later,

usually the unlock screen appears and I can go back to doing whatever I was doing.

Sometimes there is only a blank screen and I can't do anything but unplug it and remove the battery so it'll start up again.

Should I be closing the top down or not?

And why doesn't it always start back up when I open it?

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Dell :: Studio 1737- Video Driver/hardware
A month ago I bought Studio 1737 with ATI Radeon HD 3650 video card. From the very first day there was a problem with video driver or hardware.

Each day (sometimes 2-3 times a day) I get the following message:

"Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered. Display driver igfx has stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

The display starts blinking for 3-5 seconds and after that it works fine again or crashes to blue screen with IRQL_NOT_LEFF_R_EQUAL. If it crashes to blue screen it will work find after rebooting.

Most of the time I use the laptop with the external monitor connected (I use it as extended desktop). And I think the problem might be related to the use of the external monitor. I tested 3 different monitors (Acer, Dell and ViewSonic) and it happened with each of those. So I know for sure that the problem is not with the monitor itself. In the same time it crashed only once when I used it without external monitor connected.

After trying everything by myself (re-installing video drivers, updating bios and even reinstalling viste) I called Dell. They asked me to do some things but couldn't figure out the problem. Then they asked to run a diagnostic test and it found Error Code 5300:1028. When I reported that code to Dell tech specialist he said I need to send the notebook for repair/exchange since that code means there is a hardware issue with video card. They agreed to send me another laptop. So I've been using the first one I got for about 2 week and each day it crashed.

A week ago I received the new laptop. It's almost the same configuration. Before setting the new laptop up I decided to run the same Diagnostic test and it showed the same error!!! I called Dell right away and they said it might not be a problem and asked me to use new laptop and see how it works. First day I didn't have an external monitor and everything worked fine. The next day I connected the second monitor and the system crashed just in couple hours. The same happens almost each day. But this one usually just shows the the "Display driver stopped responding..." message and doesn't crashes to blue screen. Anyway the problem exists.

Last week I've been contacting Dell each day. They didn't find any problem but keep saying it's a problem with drivers. They offered to send laptop to them for testing but I can't do so because I need the laptop for each day working.

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Dell :: Transport Studio 1737 Laptop Without The Battery In It?
This might be a dumb question but, can I transport my Dell studio 1737 laptop without the battery in it? Is the tiny battery inside enough to keep everything okay (not sure what 'everything' is).

I based the size on specs from the Dell site plus answers to my questions from a tech support guy via chat. He told me that my new 9 cell battery would only stick out the back of the laptop by 1". I specifically asked him if it would stick out the bottom, he said no.

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Dell :: Montevina Or Santa Rosa Studio 1737
I have been reading on the boards here and from what I understand
(or maybe I misunderstood) one of the differences between the
1735 and 1737 was the chipset....Montevina instead of the Santa Rosa.

I was reading Intel's website to see what the differences are in the
chipsets. One of the items that struck me was that the Montevina
supports DDR3 and it should be labeled "Cetrino 2".

My 1737 has just "Centrino" on it.

Belarc doesn't seem to want to list the name of the chipset I have.

It does list Board: Dell Inc. 0P786H A04 as the motherboard.

I'll have to research to find out how I can tell precisely which chipset
I have.

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Bluetooth Cannot Start Code 10
I have a Studio 1737 with Bluetooth connection. I have used it in the past to send data between PC and phone. Now it is not working.

Device manager says devcie cannot start code 10

Reinstalling drivers tell me to turn on the device using FN+F2 or radio on/off switch.

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Dell :: Review - Studio 1737 (s1737-USE0145)
If you can spot the Dell Studio 1737 (s1737-USE0145) ($749.98 list) in your local Staples, your eyes are already locked in on the prize: Its sweet, delectable 17-inch widescreen will dazzle you, and its 4GB of memory should be ample for your needs. For performance seekers, however, the system's budget processor and Intel integrated graphics might be deal breakers. Otherwise, it's one of the most affordable desktop replacements laptops around.

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Dell :: Studio 1737: Sleep Mode Becomes A Hard Shut-down.
I've recently encountered a problem where every time my Studio 17 is supposed to go to sleep mode (closing lid, clicking sleep mode in start menu, etc.)

it becomes a hard shut-down, where I have to turn on the laptop again and it tells me that the laptop was shut down improperly.

My power settings indicate that it is supposed to go to sleep mode, but it actually doesn't

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Dell :: Studio 1737 A07 BIOS My Fans Won't Stop Running Now
Yesterday I flashed my 1737 to the A07 BIOS because DELL says it gets the machine ready for Windows 7.

Flash went perfect, machine works fine. Heres the problem.

the CPU runs very hot now, web surfing checking emails in the 40C to 47C range

when before with the A06 BIOS I only cracked 37C 39C was with lots of video and Gaming.

So I will be emailing DELL to see whats going on, I am very upset about this. Oh and the Fan wont stop running now. and I am at 37C on Core 0 and 33 on Core 1, which is Cool. But the fan does not stop.

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Dell :: Review - Studio 1737 (s1737-USE0145) [notebookcheck]
Notebook: Dell Inspiron 17R-2211OBK

Processor: Intel Core i5 450M

Graphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Graphics

Display: 17.3 inch, 16:9, 1600x900 pixels, glossy: yes

Weight: 3.1kg ...

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Dell :: New Studio 1737 Screen Resolution And Icon/font Size
had a Dell 1735..screen resolution was perfect and webpages i visited looked nice and sharp etc...purchased a new Dell studio 1737 laptop and it seems that the default setting is 1920 x 1200..this makes everything very sharp but to small to work with...the correct setting for the correct size etc...seems to be 1440 x 900..but when i change the settings to this size everything is the correct size but not as sharp...and websites i visit such as Facebook etc..the text on these pages seems, when I place my old Dell studio 1735 beside my new Dell studio 1737 my old laptop which is set at 1440 x old laptop looks far sharper and superior to my new laptop! My old 1735 has the highest setting for resolution at 1440 x 900 while the new 1737 seems to have a higher setting option of 1920 x 1200. Is there a big difference between the 1735 and 1737? Am I stuck with just keeping my setting on my new 1737 at 1440 x 900 and putting up with the blurriness etc? Have tried everything from going into Catalyst center to adjusting settings in appearance in vista etc..

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Dell :: Spare Parts Source For Studio 1737 And Inspiron 9300
Dell's parts people are idiots-1 hour on hold then "Ah yes...we have a Logitech wireless USB keyboard for only $54.99 and it will be compatible with your 1737"

I need to source the following parts:
Studio 1737:
Backlit Keyboard.(Found a refurb keyboard for $90..that can't be right)

Inspiron 9300:
Bluetooth card (Dell wanted $35)
New keyboard (Dell wanted $45)
Power jack(I will solder to the mb)

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Green Pixels Just Start Appearing All Over The Screen
Hello i recently received a dell studio 1737 for Christmas and about every couple weeks the screen acts weird,

its like a bunch of green pixels just start appearing all over the screen and wont go away until i either close the laptop or restart. After I do that it will go away for a couple weeks and then it will happen again.

I've been trying to just ignore it and keep thinking it will go away but idk. Has anyone else had this problem and what could it be?

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