Dell :: XP 64 Bit Install Guide For Precision M6400 ?

Mar 7, 2009

Anyone have a XP 64 bit install guide for precision M6400 ?

What dell utilities should I install ?

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Dell :: Where Is The Vista 64bit Install Guide For The M1730?

Mar 11, 2009

I can't seem to find it in the reinstall gude!!

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Dock

Mar 15, 2009

We currently have many Latitude D830s with the D/Dock stations on lease. When the lease runs out on these, I'd like to get some M6400s.

Are there any similar docking stations available? We currently drive 3 external LCD monitors plus use the lid on each, but 1900x1200 on a 15.4" screen is starting to affect my eyes as I feel the effects of age.

The only docks I've found so far are the port replicators and it looks like you can't use the lid with two monitors. We'd be willing to sacrifice one monitor, but not two. We also don't want to switch to desktops due to frequent travel?

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Need Parts

Jun 10, 2009

i have a dell precision m6400 but the cable from the finger print reader to the motherboard is missing. were do i get this part? forward me some links so i can find it.

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Dell :: Precision M6400 RAID

Jun 23, 2009

Can you do RAID Stripping with e 256 SSD and a 160GB 7200RPM Drive???

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Exposed

Jun 3, 2009

Well with the arrival of my second M6400, this one now detailed in my Sig, the first order of buisness was to drop in two 320 GB 7200 RPM drives and my OEM QX9300 CPU.

So open this baby up I did, and this time I took some shots and will add some comments out the process.

Step One.

Remove the Battery, bottom Base assembly cover, and hard drives.

Step Two.

Remove laptop LED Cover (Bezel) - this requires some care as the power on cable is connected on the underside of the bezel right by the power button.

Also if you have the finger print reader there is a very small ribbon cable that has to be disconnected - carefully, From this exeperiance I suggest placing the bezel at the top of the laptop and after removing the keyboard disconnect the ribbon cable from the main board - it was much easier to reconnect this way, and I dam near broke the small connector on the bezel end.

Step three.

Remove the 4 screws for the keyboard and slide the keyboard upwards toward the screen to disconnect it from the laptop.

Step four.

Flip the laptop over and remove the four m2.5 x 8 mm screws .....

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Dell :: Precision M6400 And Wireless

Nov 4, 2008

It appears that Dell just removed the option for Intel wireless cards on the M6400... The Dell branded cards are now the only option...

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Dell :: Parts For Precision M6400

Jun 14, 2009

Were do I get parts for my dell precision m6400?

I need four things.

Web Cam
Both Hard Drive cages
Second Hard Drive Sata Cable

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Overclocked?

Jun 6, 2009

I know this is probably a dumb question but can the Precision M6400 with a QX9300 be overclocked?

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Drivers

Apr 20, 2010

can some one tell me were the driver is for the on screen display for the brightness and volume? You know when you press the volume key it shows it on the screen.

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Dell :: XPS 1730 Or Precision M6400

Mar 16, 2009

so have the option of purchasing the M6400 fully kitted out with the FX3700M which is basically a 9800GTXM.

System is quad-core, 8gb of ram and similiar to my current XPS in HD space etc. However I have 8800GTX sli'ed. I know SLI really only gives me about 20-50%

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Review

Feb 9, 2009

First Impressions:

Was a little underwhelmed when first opened the box, in part because it looks like a gray laptop - nothing special. Once hefted out (yes tis a bit on the heavy side) began to realise how solid this thing is.

The base is one solid chunk of alloy - built like a tank where is the E1705 has a alloy base this is this is twice as thick. Booted it up and found they had a new installation of Vista Business 64 bit - had a bit of a play then thought time to play with Windows 7 64 bit .....

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Dell :: About To REVIEW The Precision M6400

Nov 6, 2008

Well i have had my Dell Precision M6400 for about two weeks and i want to do a comprehensive review (with video) as part of my school project.

I am studying multimedia Technology and Design and I am just in my second year. So my skill level is still as good as average. We were tasked to create a website portfolio and market both ours and our partners.

Am still in the process of apply finishing touches to the site(it isnt live yet) and after much deliberation about my marketing strategy. I have decided to use the video/written review as part of my means to promote my site and draw in my audience.

My Dell Precision M6400 came with the following configuration: ...

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Broadcom USH What Is That?

Jun 9, 2009

What is the Broadcom USH? Its showing it not installed in my deivce manager on my dell precision m6400.

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Sony :: Guide To Install W7 X64 On VGN-FZ31Z

Nov 4, 2009

which of these great guides in the forum can I follow to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on a VGN-FZ31Z ?

Is it possible to install W7 x64 on this type

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Or Alienware M17x

Jul 30, 2009

Ive been hunting around for a laptop for a couple of months now and ive still not decided what to get lol, i was initially drawn to the M17x but here in the uk we seem to be paying well over the odds for one compared to the US.

I was looking on ebay earlier and i came across a couple of Dell Precision M6400 laptops with what looks like a huge spec for a decent price, they seemed to offer more value than the M17x at their respective prices.

Now what i need to know is what is the difference between a Precision M6400 and a Precision M6400 Covet ?

How well regarded is a Precision M6400, is it known as a gaming laptop as ive not come across them before.

This is the spec i was looking at, how would this compare against an M17x, how well regarded is the processor and graphics card and the spec in general? ...

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Dell :: I8kfan On Precision M6400 WIN7 64?

Nov 27, 2009

Has anyone been able to get i8kfan installed on a M6400 with win7 64 bit?..

I get a error just saying fanio driver has failed to install. I only just got this machine and it is hotter than my M1730....

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Dell :: Airplane Power For Precision M6400?

Jul 13, 2009

I've searched for some answers to this, but have been unsuccessful...

I've got a Dell Precision M6400, and would like to be able to use it on an upcoming trans-Pacific flight.

Does anyone have experience with an airplane adaptor which would work with the M6400?

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Wireless Card?

Jun 9, 2009

I have a dell precision m6400 but i dont have the intel 5300 card.

in this system the 5300 can only be used because its half the size and thats what is allowed in the computer.

you cant even try and fit a normal size one. my question is can i install a normal one in the wwan slot?

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Worth The Money?

Jun 2, 2009

I'm deciding between the HP 8730w or the Dell M6400, and was wondering how solid the laptop feels, and if the early software quirks (like the sound breakage) have been resolved?

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Owner's Lounge

Sep 24, 2008

Ordered a M6400 today. Estimated ship date 10/23!

X9100 3.06ghz (Rather have raw speed then extra cores - next question - can it be overclocked?)
4GB (2 DIMM) 1066mhz
nVidia 3700m (Yeah!)
1440x900 WXGA
Dual 80GB hard drives (have my own 320's ready to go in)
Backlit keyboard (Standard)
Intel 5300
Bluetooth 370
Fingerprint Reader
Extra AC adapter (210w!

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Dell :: Any Precision M6400 Owners With A Blu Ray Drive Out There

May 4, 2009

If you are, can you tell me wht model of Blu ray drive is installed?

Been looking into getting one,

It seems 9.5 mm high Sata Blu Ray drives do not exisit out there

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Dell :: Precision M6400 4 Dimm Slots

Aug 2, 2009

anyone added 4x2GB dimms into this machine and how did it go was it full stable etc ?

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Dell :: Precision M6400 : Is It Possible To Put The GPU Into A Low Power Mode

Apr 11, 2009

Precision M6400 : Is it possible to put the GPU (2700M) into a low power mode ?

Often, when I'm on battery, I do low GPu work, like text editing and compilation, or giving presentations. Also I use XP 64 bit; all low GPU work.

Can I downclock the GPU or undervolt it or do something to conserve energy ?

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Acer :: [GUIDE] Clean Install Of Windows 7

Nov 11, 2009

Guide: Clean installation of Windows 7 on Acer, heavily edited by moderators

This guide explains how to do a clean installation of Windows 7 on an Acer computer that's been licensed to used it.
If your system originally came with Windows Vista, you need an Acer Upgrade Kit.
If your system originally came with Windows 7, use the key on the bottom of your machine.

The described method will work for ANY edition (Starter/Home/Pro/Ultimate) and for ANY architecture (32/64-bit) and ANY language, but only the version you are licensed for; no free upgrades here.

Step 1: Verify eligibility for Windows 7.
Either you are licensed for Windows 7 by having a key on the bottom of your machine, or you have an Acer Upgrade kit. If you have neither, then you are not licensed for it, regardless of what's in your BIOS.

Step 2: Back-up factory images and personal files.
Since we will be reinstalling Windows you will lose all your files and ability to restore to factory condition, so it would be a wise thing to make back-ups.
A. Back-up factory images.
If you want to have restore DVDs then it should be a good time to create them now. You can do it via Acer eRecovery program. If you have a built-in or external DVD drive then simply burn them and if you do not then you can save DVD image to your hard drive. Follow these instructions.
B. Back-up personal files.
If you have files you would like to keep now it is time to save them to either a flash drive or an external hard drive.

Step 3: Preparing Windows 7 installation image.
Simply use the content in this topic to download and prepare your Windows 7 DVD or USB key. This will also remove the version restriction so the burned DVD or prepped USB key can be used to install any version of Windows 7 - you'll still need the right license key, of course.

Step 4: Setting up Windows 7 installation media.
See above..................................................

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Finger Print Reader

Apr 19, 2010

I have a brand new dell precision m6400. It didnt include the finger print reader and over at part i can get two different types of finger print readers.

Dell Precision M6400 Center Control Power Button Cover with FIPS Swipe Module

Dell Precision M6400 Center Control Power Button Cover with Biometric Fingerprint

Now what does FIPS Swipe Module mean?? What are the difference between them?

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Owner's Lounge *Part 2*

Oct 14, 2009

This thread is an extension of the original Precision M6400 Owner's Lounge thread. The old one was getting to be too large and slowing down the database.

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Dell :: Difference Between The Precision Covet And The Regular M6400

Jul 29, 2009

seems they can all be configured the same , surely they arent charging extra for that paint job , there must be more to it than that ?

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Dell :: HELP With Precision M6400 Caps Lock LED Blinking....

Jun 9, 2009

When ever i start the computer it lights up the screen but no dell logo and then starts to blink the caps lock led then shuts off 10 or so seconds later. it only flashes the caps lock led. no other.

it was working. i was in the middle of install windows and then all of sudden blue screen of death and then now this. at first all that was happening was no image at all on screen and the number lock led was flashing and the other two lite up.

that ment processor but now im getting this error after i reseated the processor. I need some help here. dell is sending me a new motherboard and cpu but i want to know why this happened in the first place.

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Dell :: FX 2700m In Precision M6400 For Occasional Gaming?

Nov 8, 2009

I am after a notebook for work, basicly just nice and fast but i play games maybe an hour a week, although its not much i still want to be able to play all the new games.

I dont want to pay the extra for the 3700m so im left with the choice of the alienware m17x or the Precision. Because its for work and trying to look perfessional i dont think the alienware fits but if the 2700 wont game it will have to do.

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