HP/Compaq :: HDX Backlit Keyboard Install

Nov 3, 2009

if its possible to replace the original, non-backlit keyboard with the new, backlit version? I called HP and they wont say it (or sell it) directly, but it is available for sale on ebay.

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: Upgrade Non-backlit Keyboard T440s To A Backlit?

Aug 24, 2014

unfortunately I made a mistake in my order and I bought a T440s without backlight. if there is a possibility to let to T440s officially upgrade by Lenovo to a backlighted version? or can I only buy a backlighted Keyboard and I have to install it on myself?

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Dell Inspiron 7720 :: Possible To Exchange Non Backlit Keyboard With Backlit

Jan 6, 2015

I like to know if it's possible to exchange my non backlit keyboard for one with backlit

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5 Backlit Keyboard Mod

Feb 4, 2009

is it possible?

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HP/Compaq :: Add Backlit Keyboard To Dv3t

Oct 10, 2009

Is it possible to add this feature (safely) after purchase? I'm not optimistic but I thought it would be worth asking, it's the one feature I think I would have changed when I ordered (had it for a little while, don't want to go through the return process [even if they would let me at this point] just for this).

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 16 Backlit Keyboard Upgrade

Sep 23, 2009

I bought an HDX 16 1354CA here in Canada from Futureshop which, for those of you in the US, is much like Best Buy. Now, as some of you may be aware, there is no option for a backlit keyboard for this model of laptop.

As much as I love it, I can't help but be a little jealous of my girlfriend's Macbook Pro where her's has a spiffy backlit keyboard. Furthermore, the keyboard included in my laptop is the Canadian layout, which is absolute garbage. There's two of the same backward slash keys on either side of the keyboard, making the left shift the same size as the control key and enter takes up two lines. Not to mention the french accents and translations all over the place.

So, basically what I'm getting at is that I was fed up with this keyboard, and would have really like to somehow upgrade the keyboard on this laptop I paid a stupid amount for. I contacted HP support through their chat feature, and they said that it was not available as an upgrade option. Frusterated, I turned to the only place I knew would fix everything in life: Ebay.

I found myself a perfect backlit keyboard by a ebay seller called Yallstore. 22 american dollars and 6 days later, I got exactly what I wanted. I have it installed and much as I expected, it was one of those things that I didn't really realize was great until I actually had it. WOW, is it ever cool. I'm glad I bought it, and it makes the laptop that much better to use.

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HP/Compaq :: Backlit Keyboard On Older Dv7t

Sep 19, 2009

Has anyone managed to put a backlit keyboard on their older-style dv7t?

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HP/Compaq :: Anybody Have Button Not Work On Backlit Keyboard

Aug 31, 2009

I just got my new HDX16 and for the first couple of minutes the backspace, enter, and number lock keys didn't work. But after a couple of minutes they work. They have been working since. I have shutdown and rebooted a couple of times and they are still working.

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Dell :: Backlit Keyboard

Apr 13, 2009

Any one can give a introduction what is backlit keyboard..

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Dell :: Keyboard With A Backlit One

Aug 16, 2009

I got a Dell Studio 1737 through the Dell Outlet, and after a little while the Num Lock light stopped working. The button still turns it on and off, and I've been debating calling and having to deal with them to get a replacement. Another option I've been thinking about is replacing it outright with the backlit keyboard.

My question is this. What will doing this outside of Dell do to the warranty? The Caps Lock light does still come on, so I'm thinking it's an issue with the light, and if I have to replace it, I might as well go with the better one.

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Del Break Itl :: Backlit Keyboard

Jul 14, 2009

i recently bought a dell studio 1535 laptop. it does not have backlit keyboard.
so, i was wondering if i can install the backlit keyboard now by any means

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Sony :: Backlit Keyboard + SR

Jul 16, 2009

does the sony SR series have a backlit keyboard. if not its not a big deal. just would be a nice addition thats all.

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Apple :: MBP - Backlit Keyboard

Oct 7, 2009

It is my understanding that all MBP's now have the backlit keyboard, even the base config 2.26 GHZ 13" Unibody. Is this indeed so?

My BIL has taken a liking to the backlit keyboard on my 2.4ghz MB Unibody, and wants to buy a similar machine. I told him that the base unibody system didn't used to come backlit, but now they apparently do (at least from what is written on the Apple website).

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Dell :: Backlit Keyboard Colors

Aug 4, 2009

does anyone know if you can change the colors of the keyboard light like you can on alienware laptops? ive been wondering this since ive only seen the backlit keyboard in white, and i was hoping to maybe switch the color to that of my lappy? i think that would be awsome to see on a studio.

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Dell :: Illuminated/ Backlit Keyboard

Jul 13, 2008

I am trying to find out if there is a replacement lighted keyboard for a dell inspiron e1705 or a mod that i could do. I am not interested in the the usb lights that everyone seems to buy for there laptops I want it stationary.

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Dell :: 1555 Backlit Keyboard

Sep 20, 2009

when i received it it is actually the backlit keyboard for the new 1555. part #nsk-dcm01.

just wondering if this will work on the 1535. i see that the media buttons are now on the keyboard itself for the 1555. any help would be appreciated.

if it turns out to be non compatible i guess i have a keyboard to sell..

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Dell :: Where To Get A Backlit Keyboard For An M4400?

Apr 21, 2009

I recently bought an M4400 from the Dell Outlet. Unfortunately, the one that had everything else I wanted didn't have the backlit keyboard.

From looking at the service manual, it looks like a keyboard swap is pretty easy, but I can't find anywhere (including Dell Parts) to buy the actual keyboard (whose part numbers appear to be either G077C or 330-0825, depending on where you look).

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Dell Sell It :: Backlit Keyboard

Nov 2, 2008

i have dell studio 17 nb1735 in the quickset it has the option for backlit keyboard and its all turned on but no backlit lights come on at all how do i know if i actually have this on my laptop or if it simply is not working?

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Dell :: Backlit Keyboard Glowing

Nov 3, 2009

backlit keyboard Glowing problem

Im facing problem with my studio xps 13

The keyboard backlit not glowing as much as it was before however the capslock work just fine ??

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Dell :: Where Can I Buy A Studio 14z Backlit Keyboard?

Aug 16, 2009

I have a stock non backlit keyboard on my 14z right now. However, I want to replace it with a backlit keyboard, anyone know where to get it?

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Dell :: Backlit Keyboard For The M4400 (or Others)

Dec 20, 2008

How is the backlit keyboard? It is of much use? Worth thee upgrade?

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Dell :: Questions About The Backlit Keyboard

Apr 5, 2009

Is the light always on or I can turn it off manually? Or it goes out automatically when out of use for a certain time?

And how is the color of the light? White or kinda blue?

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Dell :: 14z Backlit Keyboard Canada

Aug 22, 2009

Is it possible to get this upgrade in Canada? The sales reps I spoke to said no but I read on another thread that someone else managed to get it... is it just a matter of insisting?

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Dell :: Looking For A Backlit Keyboard For Studio 17

Nov 26, 2009

Anybody know how I would get my hands on a 1080 LED screen for my Studio 17. It's the new 17 with the i7, if that makes a difference.

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Dell :: Studio 15 Backlit Keyboard

Dec 15, 2008

I called the sales dept for the part, is it worth the $75 upgrade?

I didn't get it with my studio because it was a system replacement for my old one. but do you think I should invest in it for show?

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Dell :: Backlit Keyboard And Antiglare?

Apr 14, 2010

Why are these two features so rarely available together??

All I have found is the teeny Vostro 3300, and expensive Latitude models. Why no middleground for 14/15/16/17 inch screen machines?

Am I being too picky....? Probably. But seems daft where you are able to customise just about every other feature.

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Acer In Khi :: 8935G Backlit Keyboard

Mar 8, 2010

I've just purchased a brand new acer 8935G and I just want to say what a mistake that was so far.I received delivery last Wednesday but the windows 7 upgrade disc was missing,it took me 2 days and loads of calls and emails to get it sent out.It arrived Friday so I unpacked computer and then noticed the back lit keyboard wasn't working. Contacted retailer they said I had to contact acer technical and get a returns number before they could do anything .

So I emailed Acer on Friday and explained as I was about to load windows 7 upgrade onto the computer but on checking it out I noticed the back lit keyboard wasn't working . Got an email back Monday totally unrelated to my question stating as it was a software problem and I had to contact a premium rate number .50 p a minute yeh right

So this morning I tried and tried to get trough to the customer services technical hardware) help line finally got through at .10p a minute and what a carry on. Don,t forget this is a brand new unused 8935G just unpacked . I had to go through about 20 mins of questions with a male who I couldn't understand a word of what he was saying and he definatly couldn't understand me .

In the end I asked for the ref no and he tried & tried to get me to return it for repair he said a week at least! stuff that

So I got back on to the retailer(simplyacer.com) customer services sixth in the cue and waited & waited ,eventually got through and was told ,the returns department would call back within the next 10 mins and they would arrange collection today (11am)

At 3pm still no call ,so I emailed them twice I received a read reply , but no answer and no reply to my question . Back on the phone again and 8th in line ,so I hung up
At 4pm receive a call from the returns department,He asked what the problem was and when I told him he replied Oh I didn't realise the 8935g key board was back lit . I lost it a little I'm afraid, told him to get it sorted I want a new computer not a repaired one . Their collecting tomorrow but I'm not sure what the outcome will be . Am I being unfair on insisting on a new computer with the service I've received so far? or should I insist on a full refund and go somewhere else and buy a different model and tell them to stuff it.

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Sony :: Vaio F Backlit Keyboard

Apr 1, 2010

I have just bought a Vaio VPCF117HG (top of the line) here in Singapore and the advertising said it had a backlit keyboard.

I get it home and discover to my horror there is no backlit keyboard. This is on certain overseas models only. I would not have purchased this if I knew.

So, my next question is would it be possible to source one and replace the current one on my computer. There's the question of powering it and connecting it to the light sensor that would switch it on and off.

This is really for a tech but surely there would be someone out there who would know whether this is possible or not.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Backlit Keyboard

May 19, 2009

I've been having this problem lately where when I click the backlit keyboard button it gives me a circle with a / through it. All my settings regarding ambient light detection is turned off so I am not to sure why it is doing this...

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Dell XPS 13 :: How To Turn On Backlit Keyboard

Mar 25, 2013

Had a quick google but couldnt find out how to turn on my backlit keyboard?

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