Sony :: SZ Premium Carbon Fibre Same SZ1-7

Jun 27, 2009

i own a SZ71WN/C that comes with a black carbon fibre lid.

I want to upgrade this to a premium carbon fibre lid.

The ones in the UK for the SZ1-5 are a little bit cheaper. The North American models did not have an SZ5/X model.

Basically i would like to know were the designs for the SZ1-7 premium models any different? Or do the SZ6/X-SZ7/X models lids designed differently and if so how? Are they stronger etc?

Would one even fit? I think all the 13.3 LED models share the same screens so it should fit. If you have owned a SZ1-5/X and a SZ6/7/X how did they look to you?

I cannot find anything about a possible difference in patterns.
If you know about this could you link for me the differences in patterns between both of these models SZ1-5 SZ6-7/X..............

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Sony :: Vaio FWplastic Or Carbon Fibre

May 20, 2009

I had a previous gen Macbook Pro, which was a great machine and I'd go for Apple again, but I kind of dislike that they stopped selling laptops and started selling fancy mirrors :S

So anyway, I always liked Sony and now there are 2 options I particularly like:
1. Vaio SR with ATI Radeon 4570, which should deliver similar gaming performance to my MBP
2. Vaio FW with some series 4000 graphic card (is it 4650 or 4670? would love to see 4850, but that's ain't gonna happen...)

So, SR is small, sturdy, portable and should deliver some decent gaming performance (having the option to play Dawn of War II, Demigod, GRID on a laptop as portable as this would be AWESOME).

What about FW? With the better series 4000 ATI card, it should pack some punch (not to mention full HD)! The main question that bothers me is: is the build quality as solid as SR/Z/TT series? I think all those have carbon fibre casing, and are really top notch. Does FW belong to this group?

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Sony :: Difference Between Premium Black Carbon And Regular Black For Fiber Carbon

Apr 20, 2009

difference between premium black carbon and regular black for fiber carbon

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Sony :: Black Carbon Fibre Or Black Plastic Lid Of My New Z

Nov 25, 2009

I just got a brand new customized Sony VGN-Z890FKB. The sales representative of the website where I bought it from, states all their models come with the Premium Carbon Fibre lid, however I find it very hard to tell the difference between the two.

Nowhere it is indicated that this one has the carbon fibre lid. On the side of the box it says B (Black) so I got confused.

The lid is black indeed, if I look close enough I see small silverish specs mixed with the black, even on the bottom side of the laptop. The palmrest/keyboard area is a darker black without silverish specs in it.

A friend of mine has a Sony SZ and there you can tell it is a black Carbon Fibre lid (black with a hint of purple in it - when you angle the laptop from one light source to the other + you somewhat see horizontal lines on the lid of the Sony SZ).
Also if you look carefully on the sonystyle site, you see those same horizontal-like lines on the Carbon Fibre Black lid of the Sony Z contrary to the Black plastic lid.

How can one tell whether his Sony laptop has a carbon fibre or black plastic lid?

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Sony :: Vaio Z Premium Carbon GONE

Jan 20, 2009

Anyone besides me notice that the the premium carbon fiber lid option on the sony vaio z has disappeared off of Sonystyle for about 2 weeks now?

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Sony :: Premium Carbon Fiber

Apr 30, 2009

Just something I noticed one day by accident. I know a lot of people say that when comparing the black and the premium they look alike. Here is the subtle detail in the premium lid for all to enjoy. I was pretty amazed the first time I saw it, figured I should share.

Normal Light

Direct Light

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Sony :: VGN-Z790what Does The Premium Carbon Fiber Do For Me

Jul 4, 2009

I'm sure this has been answered somewhere but I can't find it. For $50 more you can get the premium carbon fiber color. Is this just a different paint job or a different case?

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Sony :: Premium Carbon Fiber Outside Case Cover Only

Sep 1, 2009

within the Z series, is the "premium carbon fiber" option on the upper case cover only? or is it inside (like where the keyboard is) we well?

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Sony :: What Parts Of The Premium SZ Are Actually Made Of Carbon Fiber

Mar 15, 2009

what the actual parts were on the SZ that are made of carbon fiber?

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Sony :: Invisible Shield And Premium Carbon Fiber Lid

Apr 18, 2010

invisible shield on a vaio premium carbon lid and removed it later? The only reason I was asking was because I was installing one of the shields on my iphone and a small part became affixed to my desk. When I tried to take it off, it took the paint off the desk as well. Not sure if the premium carbon design is painted on the lids... so I was wondering if I would have be facing similar issues if I put it on and decided to take it off later..

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Sony :: Carbon Fiber VS. Premium Carbon Fiber

Sep 2, 2009

is there a way to see the difference between Carbon Fiber VS. Premium Carbon Fiber ??

maybe a photo or something?

buying Z model via sony store can come with the premium, but buying via a reseller won't come with the premium.

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Apple :: Do Any Of The Macbooks Have Fibre Optical Out Jacks

Dec 6, 2009

Just curious, if anyone can answer it, awesome! Im looking at this model.


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Sony :: Windows 7 Premium Drivers

Dec 13, 2009

I downloaded all the drivers for my vgn-fw510f/b and installed them. The bluetooth is not active on my laptop.

I installed SmartWi and it used to be in the bottom left corner, but it is not there anymore

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Sony :: Says I Can't Upgrade From 7 Premium To Ultimate

Nov 10, 2009

I am very interested in purchasing a new Sony L series ( all in one ) computer that comes with Windows 7 Home Premium installed

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Sony :: Vaio Z690- Black Or Premium

Feb 21, 2009

I am on the verge of buying a Vaio Z690 CTO but have one final questions, if you had to choose between black, or premium carbon fiber, which would you pick? I am nervous that with black, I would feel as if I should have opt'd for Premium and if I get premium, I am nervous the notebook won't look as classy. I have seen black at the Sony style store however and it looked very classy.

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Sony :: Upgrade From Home Premium 64 To Ultimate 64 On Z690

Apr 6, 2009

I recently purchased the new VGN-Z690 and thought i would save some money by ordering it with the Home Premium (64bit) OS since I already had Vista Ultimate disks. I went to do an upgrade by installing the Ultimate disks, but the option to upgrade was greyed out.

The only option was to do a clean install, which I want to avoid due to all the other software that is on it already.

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Sony :: Projected Date For A New Round Of Premium VAIOs

Dec 29, 2009

My SZ was destroyed but the insurance is paying for it (hooray!), now I have to decide what notebook to get. I loved my SZ, it was thin (especially the screen), lightweight, fast, and well built. Makes me sad that they got rid of it. It appears that the next closest model is the Z, which seems nice but isn't quite the same. It looks as though the keys are smaller are further spaced apart (why??) and it looks a bit chunkier (especially the screen), although the other features seem nice.

if there will be a debut of any new business class premium notebooks at CES in a few weeks? Should I wait or just buckle down and get the Z?

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Sony :: ZPremium Carbon

Apr 16, 2009

I'm considering consolidating the SZ's, the existing Z's and the TT's into one model. Currently I have a small deluge of separate-model docks and spare batteries, and that in addition to other issues means I'm looking at the top-model Z as the not-completely-ideal but logical replacement to all of my ultralight/lightweights partly to
simplify 'logistics', if I can use that pretentious a word.

And I figure why not go for the 'Premium Carbon' model. Specifically here in the UK, the Z35X model.

what bits are 'Premium Carbon' and exactly what 'Premium Carbon' implies on the Z - lid only as before? I'm interested in the nature of the structural and cosmetic differences between my 'premade' 2.5 Z11's.

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Sony :: Z620DBluetooth & Carbon Fiber

Oct 22, 2009

1. How do you turn off bluetooth (currently disabling the adapter) and leave wi-fi on?
I do not have the smart wireless app installed, can i down load it and will it work?

2. is the lid carbon fibre or not in the marketing specs it says it is however comparing it to my SZ650N the Z looks more plastic than carbon fibre.

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Sony :: Light Scratches On Carbon Fiber TZ Lid

Mar 13, 2009

I bought this TZ as a refurb from Sony. I didn't notice at first, but there are a couple superficial scratches on the lid that are apparent in direct light. What would be the best way to get rid of it? I have some auto paint buffing products that I've used on carbon fiber pieces, but those had been clearcoated IIRC. What can I do about light scratches on the TZ's lid?

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Sony :: Lightweight Carbon Fiber = Fragile Casing

Apr 20, 2010

We run multiple Sony units that are light weight and supposedly made with carbon fiber casing or something like that . (TT, TZ, previpus Z) We also run other brands including netbooks and other laptops in the sub 3 lbs range. (Acer, Asus, Dell etc )

In the inevitable bumps of daily use and travel, I sometimes drop the case or even the bare notebooks. All of them survived beautifully.

Yesterday however, my shoulder bag slipped out of my hand and fell about 18 inches. The TT was inside that padded bag . Took it out and there was a nice two inch long break in one corner. It is beyond just a small hairline crack. I was astounded as my other laptops have survived much worse. (i.e. An Asus netbook fell out 30 inches without case on one corner straight onto the asphalt and only suffered a scratch etc.)

The damage to the TT case is far worse than any other laptop I have had through the past 15 years and it was a very minor fall in a bag.

My read then is that these uber lightweight designs by Sony are not very tough in terms of casing? The rest of the notebook functions fine and i won't be repairing it though I have four year Sony accidental coverage on it. I figure I'll use it until it really needs a hardware repair down the road.

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Sony :: Vaio Z, Z520n Want To Change Carbon Fiber To Black

Aug 23, 2009

I just recently purchased a used VGN-Z520n from ebay.

I noticed there is a small dent on the carbon fiber casing on the Keyboard.

I want to replace that part, but I actually like the black color on the new Z series. Is there a way I can purchase just the Black keyboard housing and replace it on my vaio?

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX X18 Premium Series

Jan 2, 2010

I've got an HP HDX X18, it was working perfectly for almost a year, purchased in jan 2009. If anyone could help diagnose my problem i would be thankful. First I've got a BSOD after restart an unusual beep sound than OS freeze. After 2nd restart my laptop does not start not even boot up, black screen no error appear no change in display. The disk LED blinks orange a few times, no other response. CAPS and NUMlock lights are on, not blinking cpu fan seems to be working. Before BSOD i installed EVGA Precision for temp monitor (NOT for overclocking!). Also as suggested by HP support, reseated the RAM. Screen still blank. No idea if there is disk activity but that should not stop from entering the BIOS, if Im right.

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Dell :: Vista Home Premium- 2GB Vs. 4GB

Dec 20, 2007

I have been searching all over various forums and tech sites for an answer. Currently I have 2 GB of ram in my 1520 that's running Home Premium. I've done a clean install after adding the 1 GB Turbo Cache module. It was only about $30.00 and figured worth the risk to try for performance gains. I haven't felt much there.

Does anyone have any positive feedback on performance when upgrading from 2 GB to 4 GB of RAM? I am running 32 BIT and don't care that the full 4 GB are not recognized. I don't want to waste money unless it will make some difference.

Aside from the clean install, I've been using X-Setup Pro, Tweak UAC and TweakIV for optimizing the settings for a little speed. I've also tweaked the services according to Black Viper's web site. The software tweaking has helped immensely.

I appreciate anyone's feedback on upgrading to 4 GB of ram. Sorry if this has been an old discussion getting beat up once again. However, prices are right around $75.00 for 4 GB of G Skill from Newegg.

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HP 350 G1 OS/Software :: Drivers For W7 Home Premium X64?

Oct 31, 2014

I installed Windows 7 Home premium x64 on my freshly bought laptop HP 350 G1, but there are a lot devices not recognised. OK, I went to this site for drivers, saw windows 7 profesional and tried to install it, but installer is telling me that my OS (W7 HP x64) is not supported. 
How and where can I get drivers for this laptop? And one more catch, I don't have ethernet/wireless drivers so I updating them via USB for now.

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Dell :: No 64 Bit Home Premium Option For Vostro?

Dec 19, 2009

I'm looking at the Vostro 1720 and there is no option for a 64 bit verson of Windows 7 Home Premium. It comes with the 32 bit verson and I dont want to play $120 for the Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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Dell :: Need A Reinstallation Disc For Vista Home Premium

Feb 15, 2010

Dell never gave my girlfriend a disc to re-install Vista.

Actually... I'm playing the role of Tech Support Guy (even speaking to her with a difficult-to-understand Indian accent!!).

She had a crash, so I used VistaPE to get her data off of the computer. Now, I wanna restore Vista to the original factory settings. Sounds easy enough... use f8, right?

Wrong... it won't work in my case. The recovery partition is still there... I just can't access it. The operating system won't boot up at all. I used a non-Dell Vista Home Premium disc to access the Vista System Recovery option, but that doesn't help. I can't get at Dell's recovery partition.

I figure if I had a re-installation disc that's actually from Dell, I could access Vista's System Recovery feature that includes the Dell option to restore the computer to the original factory settings. Problem is, I can't get ahold of one.

Does anybody know where I can find one without going directly to the Dell website? I think Dell has the worst customer service on the planet and I would pay someone to hit me in the head with a sledgehammer before I'd spend one dollar on a Dell product. I've been scouring the internet for two days and can't seem to find a stray copy of what I need.

The computer came factory-installed with the 32-bit (x86) Windows Vista Home Premium.

Yeah... you read that right: a DELL with VISTA!! Could it get any worse?!

This whole thing is driving me bat-sh*t crazy.

I hate Dell... I thank you all in advance for any help that you can give.

Maybe someone would be so kind as to post an .iso image of their own disc?!

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HP/Compaq :: HP HDX X18-1180US Premium Notebook PC Monitor Properties

Apr 1, 2010

how to see HP HDX X18-1180US Premium Notebook PC monitor's properties and possibly calibrate it.

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HP/Compaq :: To Upgrade Home Premium Vista To W7 Ultimate + SD

Oct 27, 2009

I'm one of those people that purchased a notebook during the free Vista to W7 upgrade period so I'm eligible for the no cost W7 upgrade. However, I would also like to additionally upgrade from Home Premium to W7 Ultimate now that it's available.

What would be the most efficient and economical route to combine all these upgrades and include a student discount? Is there a way to do this so that I only have to upgrades once?

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HP/Compaq :: Installing Windows On HDX 1050 EF Premium Edition

Jan 16, 2009

i am trying to do for over one week . The problem is that i didn't even see the windows xp startup screen until now . My problem stats like this :

I insert the cd , setup begins and right after the txt mode drivers are loadead and until the hdd recognision should start , when the bar is prompting windows is starting ... blue screen 0x0000007B .

Ok now let's start resolving the problem .. nlite sata drivers , 4 whole days . i think i tryed every last piece of driver i could find . I think now i am able to make a whole collection of windows XP cd's but none of them worked.

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