Sony :: Why Oh Why Does Not Specify Graphics Card

Apr 28, 2009

What is the reason behind this obscure leaving out of useful information

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2000-I Can't Change My Graphics Card- Is There A PCI Graphics Card

Jan 21, 2009

You can't Change your Graphics card, is there any graphics card that i can use through the PCI express slot, or the the expansion port? the laptop is hp pavillion dv2000 (exactly: dv2132ea) since i don't want to go through the hassle of changing my laptop. I just need a better vga card

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Sony :: Graphics Card

Jul 16, 2009

Sony is providing Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD graphics card with vaio cs 24. Actually I am familiar with NVIDIA and other graphics cards but not with Mobile Intel one. So I want to know about performance, quality, limitations of this graphics card .

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Sony :: VAIO FZ Graphics Card

Jul 30, 2009

when i play WMP videos the video gets all messed up. is this a problem with the graphics card?

i have a geforce 8400? or something like this. ive heard of booting problems but i have none...its just windows media player. PES 2009 and project64 run fine graphics wise

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Sony :: Blu Ray- Graphics Card- HD Screen

Feb 9, 2010

laptop that has

1. Great style

2. Blu Ray

3. A graphics card that can do ok in gaming

4. A nice HD screen

I was looking at the E series and I kept hearing that the E series had a 5660 in it well
I went to the Sony website tonight and only shows the 5470 I think. The question I had was will Sony put the 5660 in the laptop or is the 5470 for a different country like the UK? Will the Full HD screen be available in the near future, or will they keep it like it is?

I was also looking at the f series with the i7. will the 330gt be that much better then the 5470 and if so Is it worth the difference in price? If you had a choice which one would you choose

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Sony :: Graphics Card- VGN-AR61M

Jun 1, 2009

I have a Sony Vaio laptop, model number VGN-AR61. It is factory installed with an Nvidia 8400M GT graphics card which seems to have failed. Vista disables the device fter the machine has been ruuning for 5-10 minutes, with the generic error code of windows disabling the device after it has stopped working.

I read a thread somewhere that these graphics cards are prone to cooking themselves and failing.

If the video card has failed, is it integrated into the motherboard or is it a part that can be changed?

The machine failed 1 month after the warranty expired (13 months old).

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Sony :: Upgrade To 1gb Hd 4650 Graphics Card

Aug 4, 2009

If I do absolutely no gaming, should I pay $50 to upgrade from 512MB to 1GB on a HD4650 graphics card on the FW 490 I am about to order?

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Sony :: Vaio Graphics Card Is Messed Up

Aug 12, 2009

I've got a Sony Vaio FE model. The screen, processor, ram, wifi, etc. all work well except the graphics card (geforce go 7600). I can get my computer working but only at a resolution of 640x480. If I go to display properties and increase the resolution, the screen shows a bunch of white lines all across for a second and then restarts.

Its very hard to use a pc at that resolution! Sometimes I can change it to 1280x800 if i get the computer hot enough (weird, i know) but then (i guess) as soon as it starts to cool down the screen goes blank (after some time it will go back to 640x480 in 8-bit colour mode and show a nvidia nv4 error) and then I usually hold the power button to turn it off cuz I don't want to wait for the nv4 error which takes 10-15 mins.

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Sony :: Upgrading The Graphics Card In The Vaio Z

May 17, 2010

The standard graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce GT 330m, but the laptop's gaming performance could be higher with a 335m or even a 360m (for its premium price, I would like the ultimate machine if possible). How do these two other cards compare to the first in terms of size/motherboard compatibility/power drain? In other words, could I buy the Sony Vaio Z and successfully upgrade the graphics card aftermarket, and if I did so how would the new card(s) affect the laptop's battery life?

Are there any guides that would help me into the guts of the machine, and could I possibly proceed without voiding the warranty?

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Sony :: Vaio FZ Graphics Card Query

Dec 14, 2009

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21E, here are my specs:

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7250, 2.00GHz.
Memory: 4gb.
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8400m GT GPU.

My query is about the dedicated video memory and the memory interface.

The official Nvidia website [url] lists the specs as being:

CUDA Cores: 16
Core Clock (MHz): 450
Shader Clock (MHz): 900
Memory Clock (MHz): 600
Maximum Memory: 512MB
Memory Interface: 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec): 19.2
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec): 3.6

However, my laptop (under the Nvidia Control Panel, Advanced display settings, System Information etc) lists the specs as being:.................

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Sony :: VGN-FZ11S- Graphics Card Failure

May 11, 2009

I'm having a sudden problem with my FZ11S laptop. I've had it for just under 2 years and its just started playing up. Basically, I'm getting a set of either red, white or blue dashed vertical lines over the screen during the Vaio logo and initial bootup, followed by complete black screen and then blue screen dump, followed by automatic reset and through the same cycle. I've tried doing a complete recovery from the drive, and the screen works fine during the initial steps, but then goes wrong again when it does the first restart to begin reinstalling Vista. I ran the diagnostics programme in the recovery suite, and the CPU, RAM and HDD are all fine.

At the moment, I'm running the laptop with a CD booted version of Ubuntu. When using this, the normal version also does not work, but the low-graphics version does work, at 800x600 resolution only. The screen itself seems fine. Does this mean something has gone wrong with the graphics card?

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Sony :: VAIOflashing Red Pixels- Graphics Card

May 28, 2010

My Vaio is about 6 months old and is awesome (aside from the really super loud fan) and now it started to display red flashing pixels-mostly where black or dark colours should appear. Is this a problem with the graphics card? I'm hesitant to send it in because it was bought in sanfran. easy solution to fixing it? reformatting?

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Sony :: Win7 Doesnt Recognise Graphics Card

Dec 30, 2009

I installed Nvidia system tools earlier today, but didn't change anything (knowingly) at the time.

I then downloaded and installed batterybar which asked for a reboot, and upon restarting Aero had stopped working and 7 had apparently forgotten my gpu exists?

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Sony :: Graphics Card Has Failed (Vaio VGN FE21M)

Jul 10, 2009

I'm fairly sure that my graphics card has died, the startup screen has a green grid whenever I turn the laptop on, and it only runs in safe mode.

I'm aware that in terms of pricing this could either be quite modestly priced, or really horrific, depending on whether or not the card is part of the motherboard.

if it's seperate or not?

The Spec of the laptop is here

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Sony :: Low Score Index On Win7 Graphics Card (vaio Z)

Feb 22, 2010

I'm getting a subscore of 2.3 with my nvidia card on windows7 experience index.
all the other components have an index of around 5.5.

This just doesn't sound right !

I'm using the driver supplied from sony.

also, I am feeling that everything is a bit slow (more then it should be)
anyone ?

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Sony :: Vaio Z Startup Screen Flickers And Graphics Card Failures

Mar 30, 2010

when I turn on my Z, the screen glitches two or three times upon hitting the login screen. Does this happen for anyone else?

Sometimes, (it's happened once or twice) my graphics card even failed upon logging in and had to be reloaded, and even, on one occassion, completely shut down my computer (Straight to black, green light turned red) in the middle of casual browsing.

Are these causes for concern? Should I return my laptop?

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Dell :: Graphics Card

Jul 11, 2009

This is a long winded question so bear with me.
Both me and my friend, have Dell XPS M1710 laptops.

mine has the Go7900GS 256MB, and my mates has the 7950GTX 512MB, Graphics cards. have been thinking about an upgrade to a XPS M1730. The base model of the M1730 comes with a single Go8700gt 256MB card in it.

my question is this card any better than our older ones at DX9 and DX10 Games?? there is also an SLI option for the 8700gt, again how would this compare to our older cards??

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Dell :: M90 - New Graphics Card

Jul 28, 2008

I have an M90 and my FX 2500M has memory failure. I upgraded the M90 with a T7600 CPU, 4GB Ram, and it is running Vista Ultimate 64. What do I need to do to run the FX 1600M? Any other suggestions on cards is appreciated. I use it for 3D solid modeling and mechanical design.

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Dell :: Want To Know Which Graphics Card I Have?

Dec 2, 2009

I got this new xps studio 1340 and I noticed in the device manager that the display adapter is NVIDIA 9400 MG instead of g210 (n10). I also checked the Nvidia control panel and it said the same thing. I also installed some gpu detector (GPU CAPS viewer) and it said the same thing .....

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Apple :: MBP New Graphics Card

Jul 5, 2009

if Apple will implement a new graphics card anytime soon on their macbooks.Is it worth buying the macbook pro now or should I wait?

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Dell :: Adamo Graphics Card?

Feb 21, 2010

I am purchasing the original Adamo (not the XPS) with the following specs.

(Pearl) Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor Lv SL9600 (2.13GHz, 6MB, 1066MHz)
UK - Irish Internal Keyboard (QWERTY) - Pearl
45W Adamo (Pearl) Power supply with UK power cord
4096MB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR3
Intel 5300 wireless card, 802.11 a/g/n
1.3 Mega Pixel Integrated Camera
13.4" (16:9) 720p WLED Display
Dell Bluetooth 370 Card

What is the graphics card?

And can you do some light gaming on the lowest settings?

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Dell :: Upgrade Graphics Card

Oct 18, 2009

I;ve recently purchased the new dell inspiron 1720, which is little more than a glorified netbook.

The graphics are terrible. and i was wondering if i can uppgrade my graphics card. (Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family. 780 mb)

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Dell :: Whats The Best Graphics Card In A 12.1/13.3

Oct 12, 2007

So is the 8400 the best I'm gonna get in a small chassis.. 12.1/13.3? or are there any other brands that have a 8500/8600.

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Dell :: M1710 Graphics Card

Jul 23, 2009

Say I wanted to upgrade the graphics card on my M1710 laptop, is it

a) Possible?
b) Worth it?
c) What are the options in terms of new ones.

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Dell :: Graphics Card Seems To Have Disappeared

Apr 28, 2008

I have an inspiron 1720 which came equipped with an Nvidia 8600m GT. I have had it for a few months but recently found that my laptop says that I do not have a graphics card.

I went to Personalization>Display Settings>Adapter and found that it said my chip type: <unavailable> The same for adapter type, DAC type etc.

Also it said that my total graphics memory was <unavailable> and that my dedicated video memory etc was N/A.

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Dell :: M170Dead Graphics Card

Jan 16, 2008

My trusty (out of warranty) XPS M170 has given up the ghost shortly before its second birthday. I'm fairly certain the GeForce Go 6800 Ultra is shot; there was a moment of heavily corrupted graphics followed by a BSOD, then nothing more on the LCD since (backlight still working fine). The VGA output has small green lines over the picture.

I'd like to get another year or two's use out of this baby. I hear the M170 can take a GeForce Go 6800, GeForce Go Ultra 6800, GeForce Go 7800 GTX or an ATI X300. I'm happy to put any one of those in the machine; I really just need solid 2D performance. The ATI would be perfect but I have no idea where they can be bought from.

Is there somewhere reliable from which I can source a new graphics card? I have dropped an email to Dell as their UK site doesn't seem to have spare parts. The US site seems to have a slightly ovepriced 6800 card, which I wouldn't mind resorting to if necessary.

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Dell :: Graphics Card Drivers

Sep 20, 2008

can I install the latest ATI drivers from the official site, or do I have to get them from the Dell site?

(Actually..i can't seem to find them on the ATI site :S Does this mean you have to wait for Dell to update? Or am I just not looking in the right place?)

This is for a Studio 15

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Dell :: Gen 2 Graphics Card Fried

Nov 17, 2009

I've been having a problem with my xps gen 2 laptop lately. I was using it the other day and closed the lid and let the system hibernate while I was at work, when I opened it up again it looked like the video card was artifacting. (It has a 6800 ultra in it) I don't use the system to game anymore, its just my daily laptop and it doesn't do alot of video intensive tasks. I ran dell diagnostics and it said it was experiencing errors writing to memory. Every once and a while I can start the system and there is no artifacting. I'm pretty sure the video card is fried because it artifacts while posting, and on the external screen I tried as well. I pulled apart the system to clean it (it wasn't to dusty, I blow it out with compressed air a couple of times a month).

Also I removed the graphics chip and reseated it just to make sure it hadn't come loose or anything. I just want to be sure before I spend the money to replace the graphics chip. I'm probably going to replace it with an x600 since most of the things I do aren't graphics intense and I plan to get a new laptop some time next year.

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Dell :: How To Get To The Graphics Card In My 1520

Oct 27, 2009

I've followed the instructions provided by Dell and have it at this point:

I know the card is located under the big "metal thing" that says PUSH HERE, I've loosened all the screws off (3 are used to secure it to the motherboard, 4 others are used to secure the metal thing to another,

smaller board) but i can't seem to separate the smaller circuit board from the metal...and the last thing I want to do is force it too much and break it.

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Dell :: XPS M1530, Best Graphics Card

Nov 19, 2008

My M1530 came with the Geforce 8400M GS card and I was wondering what is the best one I can upgrade to? I read somewhere it won't accept newer graphics cards or something like that? Just trying to make it a little faster.

Also as far as upgrading the CPU, in the device manager it lists it as an Intel Core 2 Duo T5550. I'd like to upgrade this also but as far as newer CPUs go I'm not sure which models would work

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