Apple :: How To Delete Mail Account

Jan 12, 2009

I've recently set up a Mail account and was wondering how do I delete the account and have so that it's like Mail was never set up?

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Apple :: How To Remove An Account In Mail

Jan 14, 2009

how do I remove/delete an account in Mail?

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Apple :: Import Windows Mail Folders - Mail Into Mail - App

Sep 8, 2009

Is there a proven method to import Windows Mail (Windows7) folders and mail messages into Mail? This would be just about the final step required for me to ditch Windows altogether.....

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Apple :: Using Mail To Filter Out Junk Mail Automatically

Aug 19, 2009

Every time I get junk mail it says "mail thinks this is junk mail" But i never want to see the email at all. Its taking space on a list thousands of messeges long. Is there any way to use mail to block messeges from verizon, gap, best buy, etc all together? Or do I just have to unsubscribe from the 50 mailing lists I am on manually

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Apple :: Password Mac Mail

Feb 5, 2009

Is there any way to make your mac mail passworded? Isn't it no -secure to have your inbox readily available at all times especially for work? How can you "close" mail and make it as for a password to open it?

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Apple :: Mail Preferences -OS X

Mar 22, 2009

I have tried since last night to configure my mac mail. I have read that I need to click "mail" then "preferences". However, "preferences" and most everything else is shaded. Does anyone have a clue why this might be?

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Apple :: Attachments And Mail

Sep 4, 2009

I stopped using Thunderbird and switched to Mail entirely after I moved from Windows to Mac. Everything looks and works great. The only thing I am having problems is the "attachments" with the Mail software. All I want is just to add a file to a message. However, Mail puts everything inline with the text, tries to create preview of the pdf in the message (which doesn't work with complex pdf files that require "full" Acrobat), etc etc. For instance, today I had to send a pdf file before a 5:00PM deadline. It was around 4:55, I added the pdf to the message, and what I got was "Please wait while we generate the preview for your attachment" inline with the text. It didn't allow me to send the message, neither I wanted to send it without making sure that the attachment was added. It was stuck at that stage for about 30 seconds. Long story short, I sent it using Thunderbird and made it before the deadline. This may work great with inserting pictures into messages, but in situations like this, it doesn't...

Is there a way to have the attachments in an "attachment" box (similar to Thunderbird) without all the hoopla? In addition, my replies and forwards are sent as an attachment, even though I chose to include it in the main body of the message. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

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Apple :: Thunderbird - Mac Mail

Feb 10, 2010

So I decided to use Thunderbird as my main mail app. I've set it as my primary mail app through the settings.

But every time I put the mbp to sleep and wake it back up, Mac Mail opens even though its not my main mail application. Is there any way to disable this?

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Apple :: Duplicate Messages In Mail

Nov 19, 2009

For a few days I'm getting duplicate(if I delete one - both deleted) mail messages in Main on MAC OS 10.6.2

I'm using pop gmail account and have 3 of them problem with only one of them. But I'm sure that I didn't modify any settings.

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Apple :: Transfer Messages From Mac Mail To Outlook 07

Feb 21, 2010

way to transfer messages from mac mail to Outlook 07 other than using an Imap account or setting up an Imap server plugin in outlook? I have to move ALOT of machines over and all have thousands of e-mails.

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Apple :: Root Account Enabled

Feb 11, 2009

Is it worth getting the root account enabled (administrator) or is the standard user account which you create yourself quite powerful as it is?

I'm just tryig to get as much info on OSX as possible because I'm going to be switching over from Windows to mac in the next week or so.

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Apple :: How Do U Prevent Mail From Saving SENT Emails LOCALLY

Feb 23, 2009

I used Mail for all my Gmail accounts (IMAP) and for each account, Mail created a "folder" called Sent.

EVERY mails that I sent is kept locally in the Sent folder. Problem is, this create a duplicate because now I have TWO copies of the same sent email:

"Sent" Folder
Gmail's "Sent Mail" Folder

how to prevent Mail from keeping this sent mail locally? It's already sync'ed by the Gmail IMAP folder anyway.

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Apple :: Connect Via Adium To My MSN Account But It Keeps Loading And Nothing Ever Happens

Jan 11, 2009

I am trying to connect via Adium to my MSN account but it keeps loading and nothing ever happens..

I tried connecting via microsoft messenger and it worked.. anyone have any idea of what happening? is there any difference between the way adium connects compared to MSN?

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Apple :: Can I Use My Mobileme Account With IPad For Files

Apr 11, 2010

I just ordered an iPad and I was wondering if I could see my files on with it. I should be able to, right? I mean, there is an app for that on the iPhone.

Then I could 100% use my MBP files that are stored on, right?

I am asking this cause I see lots of reviews that say you don't have access to all your files, you only have the files you set to sync (in which case I would need to sync my MBPiPad all the time).

This is very weird for Apple not to use their own products together completely, more than email & contacts. By the way, are notes synced to On the iPad?

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Apple :: Integrating ICal - Mail - And Address Book Into One Window

Jan 14, 2010

I know it sounds Outlook-ish, but I think it'd be nice to be able to have my calendar and contacts show within Apple Mail -- that way, everything is right there in one window, and any changes I make are synced to Gmail / GCal, since that's the source of my calendar and contacts.

Have only found one reference to a since-defunct piece of software. Can this be done, preferably via freeware -- or even software options I missed?

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Apple :: IChat - Account Is Temporarily Disabled Because I Logged In And Out Too Often

Mar 14, 2009

I have a new Netgear router because my old one died. From everything I can tell it is the exact same router I had before just brand new. Perhaps the firmware is different but I kept it updated so don't know for sure.

Basically what is happening is when I start iChat it will just sign in and sign out extremely rapidly until the account is temporarily disabled because I logged in and out too often. I click the icon and it logs in an out faster than I can count instantly then BAM the error message.

Have no idea whats going on. Don't have any other network at my disposal right now to try this on so I can't say if it is the router or a random problem with iChat. AIM works fine on my phone so I know it isn't the account.

I'm going to restart right now and then try 7 and see if the problem still persists but has anyone heard of a problem like this? Very strange.

My MBP is up to date software side. Made no new changes.

Works fine in Windows 7. AIM starts up without issue.

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Dell Inspiron 15R :: Delete Key Not Working Continuously Delete The Files On Clicking?

Jan 5, 2015

My Laptop Dell Inspiron 15R , delete key not working. When I click on any file , The message comes for its deletion "Do you want to delete the item and move to recycle bi?". Continuously messages are coming for deletion. In text while typing, the text goes automatically deleted.

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Apple :: Mail -Trying To Schedule A Move Of All Inbox Messages To An Archive Folder On A Different IMAP Server

Jan 18, 2010

I've got a couple of accounts set up in Mail, and I'm anal about keeping a clean inbox. Is there any plugin of which I'm unaware that can automatically move messages in either server's inbox into an archive folder of my choosing, depending on the account?

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Apple :: App - Delete

Feb 15, 2009

about App Delete.

I used it to delete a program, then when I right click on it in the dock, it had that program listed. Was there something else I was supposed to do?

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Apple :: How Do I Delete Files

Mar 8, 2009

I recently uninstalled VM fusion. Probably not correctly. Being used to a mac all i did was drag and drop the icon to the trash. Then i realized it still was somewhat on the computer. So i manually deleted it folder off the harddrive. However there are 4 files it cant delete because they are in use , and when i right click on a rar file it still says "extract with winrar - windows xp pro 2- vm ware fusion" It's getting annoying.

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Apple :: Can't Delete In IMail

Jan 6, 2009

I just got message in my iMail and can't open it or delete - it just grays and DELETE button becomes UNDELETE and not moves to deleted folder. But after restart of mail it just reappears. How to remove this thing from imail?

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Apple :: I Messed Up My Bootcamp Partition And Now It Won't Delete

Apr 11, 2009

I wanted to install vista. I did the normal bootcamp procedure but forgot and extracted candy bar at the same time the partition was being created.after the partition was created and the message appeared telling me to insert my windows cd appeared, my mac froze. I held down the power button and forced shut it down. I switched it on again and windows setup started. Everything went on fine and i booted in windows fine. However , when i wanted to enter my os x partition, it would start and go up to the part where the rotating circle would appear. It continued rotating for a long time and then restarted my mac. I tried again several times and it did this. I then booted my mac from the os x install dvd and selected install os x on the windows partition. Setup failed. I launch disk utility and verify and repair disk partition (There was no problem when i did disk check). I restarted my mac and everything booted fine. I now have a new partition labeled "mac os x". I launched bootcamp manager and tried to restore my disk and get the error: "The startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition: The startup disk must be formatted as a single mac os extended (journaled) volume or already partitoned by Bootcamp Assistant for installing Windows".

How do i format it in this format? Do i have to use the setup disk again or do i use disk utility?

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Apple :: How To Delete Specific File From Trash

Jan 10, 2009

is there a way to do it? i always forget that it empties the whole thing and i always go desperate wondering what else i deleted

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Apple :: Finding The Windows 7 Beta Image (To Delete It)

May 3, 2009

I never got around to installing the Windows 7 beta image, but now I have no idea where I saved it on my MacBook Pro. I definitely did download it. What were the names for the 64-bit downloader (I forget if there was a downloader or how I downloaded it, it was official from Microsoft's site, though) and the 64-bit Windows 7 image? It'd be good to clear up a few GBs from my HD.

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Apple :: Boot Camp - Fusion - Delete - Install

Jun 30, 2009

I had put fusion on my notebook and it crashed, now that I have a partition with fusion thats no good I was wondering if I could delete the fusion and just install windows without bothering OSX

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Apple :: OS X Programs - Downloader -application Delete Program - Prog For RAR Files

Mar 25, 2009

1. Advise a downloader(on Vista pc i use Flashget and enjoy it), Speed Download is shareware+interface is not too friendly. some pals recomended:
iGetter, Leech, Download Queue, Download Wizard, and Download Manager, but which one to choose, which is better ?

2. Which application delete program would you suggest:
Ó) AppZapper
b) CleanApp
c) AppDelete

3. need a prog. for .RAR files ( not Stuffit, cos it has unfriendly interface for me, imho), which is better:
Unrar X,
Simply Rar

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Apple :: Why 10-point Calibri In Word 2008 Looks Like 15-point Calibri In Mail

Mar 31, 2010

Weird question, but: why is it that in Apple Mail, I can set an outgoing font to 15-point Calibri and have it look identical to an incoming Office 2007 user's message sent from Outlook (and in fact, "show fonts" shows it as 15-point Calibri), but in Word 2008, if I were to set it to 15-point Calibri, it would be huge compared to what I remember it as in Office 2007?

Its default in Office '07 is 11 point, if memory serves. To my eyes, 10-point zoomed to 150% looks normal, but I definitely do not remember this.

Is this just a function of OSX's 72 dpi versus Windows's 96 dpi? I'd hate to send an email at 15-point Calibri, have it look like an 11-point Calibri message in Outlook '07 on the Windows size, and end up having my recipient get an email with a HUGE font.

I've looked at messages I've sent using 14- or 15-point Calibri in Outlook 2010 in Windows 7 via Boot Camp, and it looks like I'd expect 11-point Calibri to look.

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Apple :: "Control-Alt-Delete" Equivalent On A Mac

Mar 10, 2009

When my Windows machine would lock up, "Control-Alt-Delete" got me out of that state.

What is the equivalent for the Mac OS X on a Macbook Pro?

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Dell :: Preferred Account

Nov 25, 2008

I was just about to buy an XPS M1530 today, and then I found out that you can get a 12-month-no-intrest-for-XPS-systems deal (it ends in a few hours) with a Dell Preferred Account. I also heard that you can get a 3% discount off of any dell product with a DPA. What I'm asking is if it is a good idea to get a DPA before I buy this laptop, and if it costs anything and how to create this account.

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HP Pavilion G6 OS/Software :: Can't Open Either Mail Or People App

Nov 6, 2013

I have Windows 8.1 installed on my Pavilion g6, and just today it started that I can't open either the Mail App or the People App.When I pick on either, they just begin to come on the screen but then disappear and end up little tabs or buttons, whatever down in the Taskbar.

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