Apple :: Can't Exit Warcraft Without Freezing Up

Aug 19, 2009

i can't ever "alt tabb" out of warcraft, and about after 2 rounds of dota, i can't exit warcraft without freezing up.

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Apple :: Macbook World Of Warcraft Lag

Apr 26, 2009

I have the 2009 Macbook White with specs:

4gig DDR2
120gig hd

I notice when playing that my framerates were fine playing WOW and the Burning Crusade Expansion. I mean like 30-40 on average with dips to mid 20's in Shattrath the Burning Crusade city.

I loaded up the Lich King expansion and have been experiencing horrible graphics lag. Weird this is it doesn't seem to be in areas I would see as taxing. Running up to a village persay. Running around an open field with few bad guys etc.

Any fellow Macbookers with the 9400m having trouble in the Lich King expansion?

I have looked all over the web, and the people with the Unibody model with same stats except they use DDR3 ram seem to be fine. From what i've read people say the difference between the two rams should not give me this kind of performance hit.

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Lenovo X120e Series ThinkPad :: Bad Dimm Slot / System Will Not Exit Standby

Jan 24, 2011

I have an X120e running Windows 8.1 Pro x64.I just upgraded the unit to 4GB of ram (2x2) from 2GB (1x2). Whenever the upper DIMM slot is used, the system will not leave standby mode, and all power, including the battery has to be removed from the system for it to operate normally again.
Of interest, all of the ram tested good with Memtest86+ if it matters the system has the e350 CPU, and a 320GB HDD.

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Dell Inspiron 1545 :: Start Up Repair Not Working - Click Finish To Exit

Apr 25, 2011

My computer was being used by my girlfriend to watch some show.  During her use, my computer "freaked up" and she had to manually shut it down.  Now whenever I turn on my computer, it goes to my normal log-in page but instead of my password boz coming up, a gray window comes up.  It reads:

"Start Up Repair. Windows cannot repair this computer automatically.If you have recently attached a device to this computer, such as a camera or portable music player, remove it and restart your computer.  If you continue to see this message, contact you system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance, Click Finish to exit and shut down your computer.

View diagnostic and repair detailsView advanced options for system recovery and support."I've done all that I know how to do, and I still cannot get this to go away.

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Apple :: MBP 15 - Not The New One- Freezing

Jan 24, 2009

My mbp is kind of freezing when it reads files. For example if i click on a folder i have to wait like 40 secs for it to open and when i click on a picure i have to wait 40 more secs for it to show the preview... It doesnt freez 100% but it reads everthing so slow... I have bootcamp and this also happens on windows.. but only when i try to read the mac partition from windows. What could this be?

I have macdrive installed on the windows side and it shows that the mac partition is corruped. Does this have anything to do with it?

I think it may be some virus or something.. is there any free antivirus for mac?

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Apple :: MacBook Pro 2.33 Is Always Freezing

Jun 16, 2009

I have a 2.33Ghz 17" MBP (2006). All went smooth until the HDD became faulty. It was replaced within the warranty with a 250Gb Samsung HDD (to save time I bought a 250Gb samsung disk and I don't use the replacement disk). Since then my laptop regularly freezes. Sometimes it runs weeks - with sleep when I don't use it - sometimes after a few hours it just stops responding. It happens relatively often after recovering from screensaver. In the rest of the cases the CapsLock light can be swithced on/off for a while, but I can't use the computer

Till now I couldn't figure out any event that causes these stops.

I ran the hardware test (after booting from the original dvd) for 18-20 times consecutively in extended test mode, but it didn't find any problem. nowadays when I try to play World of Warcraft it may stop responding in 2 minutes.

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Apple :: Rather Frequent St Osx Freezing

Apr 1, 2009

I clearly haven't pinpointed the problem which is why I'm posting here. But since receiving the macbook pro unibody (17") a few weeks ago, all is fine and dandy, but sometimes there are lock ups and long load times.

Two examples are, when using sequential (yes I hate iphoto, I just want something like irkfanview for windows, simple and to the point) sometimes when I open a picture it takes like 10 seconds or more to load. Does this matter with how many pictures is within the folder?

And the biggest assumed culprit of all, firefox. It seems that firefox tends to freeze up for a while and then return to normal quite often. In some bad cases, my computer just stops responding. As in everything displays normally but I can't type anything or move my mouse.

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have any ram issues, although I tried googling for a ram scanner but the closest thing I found was a crucial ram scanner that just recommends me to buy more ram (duh). So I'm guessing this is probably an osx and/or firefox problem.

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Apple :: MBP Freezing Within Minutes When Gaming

Mar 6, 2009

First my Macbook DVD drive was broken, sent back to store and decided to upgrade to a Macbook Pro while this was possible. This MBP now seems to be having problems with the videocard: when I play a game, within minutes the laptop starts revving up the fans to the highest speed (might be normal?) and a few minutes after that, the game/laptop just freezes. This is with Hallife2, Left4Dead and others.

I'm losing ALL confidence in Apple. Is it normal for the fans to start blowing that quickly after starting a game? And is there a know issue with MBP's locking up after a few minutes (due to overheating?)

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Apple :: Ibook G4 Freezing Up & Asking For Restarts

Mar 7, 2010

I'm having issues with my Ibook G4. I'll start it, it'll run fine for a few minutes, and then freeze up to where no matter what I do, nothing happens, and then I restart it only to have the same thing happen again. I'm thinking it's a software issue, cause when I ran the hardware test, no issues showed up.

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Apple :: MACBOOK FREEZING When- Already 3G Connected- AIRPORT Is Just Set ON

Apr 24, 2009

On my macbook I noted that when I just switch the airport ON, in order to search for some WIFI networks, the macbook completely freezes if I have the 3G usb already connected to internet.

This happens also if the 3G pen is only searching the 3G network (after being plugged) and then I switch the airport ON.

Why does this happen?

May all people having a 3G subscription try this?

I do not understand why this occurs. I will try on Monday in the Apple store but I would like to have your help also. For your information, I have a huawey e169 3G drive.

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Apple :: Macbook - Streaming Live Video - Freezing Every Couple Of Seconds

Mar 3, 2009

brand new Macbook, maybe a month old; trying to stream a live basketball game on it and it is freezing every couple of seconds.

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Dell :: Studio 15 And Wow (world Of Warcraft)

Nov 19, 2008

i have been playing wow on my studio 15 and i have been getting around 18-25 fps. is this normal? (its a little tiny bit jerky but nothing big) but the good news is that the loading screens dont take forever anymore . just would like to know if this type of fps is normal. and what can i do to possibly improve the fps. (without giving up terrain distance at least)

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Dell :: Studio 1535 And Warcraft III TFT

Apr 16, 2009

WC3 is running with average of 45 fps with the ATI HD 3540 GPU.

My other laptop has the same CPU, less ram but have GF 8600M GT and the game runs with 100 FPS. I was wondering why is that big difference between the two GPUs:

ATI HD 3450 - GPU:500 MHz
MEM:500 MHz

GF 8600M GT- GPU:475 MHz
MEM:500 MHz
Both DDR2.

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Dell :: M1730 World Of Warcraft

Dec 4, 2007

Dell video blog site on Youtube..
[url](4 parts)


Dell Site

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Dell :: World Of Warcraft 1730

Oct 10, 2008

Overall impressions with artwork on outside of lid and inside?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 And World Of Warcraft

Apr 24, 2009

I'm thinking of getting the studio XPS 13 but have some concerns. I tried searching the forum but didn't find anything related to this.

1. How is this laptop for gaming? I'd like to be able to play World of warcraft at 30+ FPS in pretty much any situation with medium graphic settings (native LCD res, shadows OFF,everything else medium high).

This means I don't want to lag in PVP or PVE, but I don't mind a little lag in big cities like dalaran. Assume 4GB ram and higher end CPU, running on AC power. I want to have 30+ fps in all the BGs and arena but dont mind some lag in wintergrasp .....

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Dell :: World Of Warcraft On The 1330

Mar 12, 2009

Just wondering has anyone played it on the 1330? because i was just wondering if these are bad fps ratings most of the time i get 30 but then some other times id be running at 8-12 fps alot of the time and it seems if i restart my computer it helps. this is with all settings on lowest as well.

Furthermore, i tend to get a burning plastic smell a lot of the time I did get it replaced about 8 months ago for a gpu failure.

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Dell :: World Of Warcraft And Studio 1x Laptops

Nov 9, 2008

For all you WoW players out there who have purchased Studios with the ATI 3650 graphics chip, could you please give some feedback on gameplay / framerates.

My main concern is whether or not the laptop can handle the game at 1920x1200 resolutions, and failing that 1400x900, both being set at max settings.

I specifically ordered the 1400x900 screen so as not to overburden the video chipset, but if the 3650 is up to snuff, the full HD resolution would be a nice bonus and would easily warrant a re-order.

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Dell :: Dvd/cd Drive Problem (world Of Warcraft)

Feb 25, 2009

before I state my problem I should state that I do not have the latest windows updates installed (installing now) yet.

When I insert world of warcraft to install on my brand new Dell XPS M1530, I get all the way up until disc 5, and then the drive seems to freeze and it won't read disc 5.

On top of that, it won't read ANY cd or dvd unless I restart my computer (in which case it all works fine again, except disc 5)
does anyone know why this is?

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Acer :: Aspire 8930 Vs World Of Warcraft

Mar 16, 2009

i am having some issues with the performance of my game. I have heard issues with the Epower causing slow downs with the frame rate and thought i would ask here if people had some suggestions.

Running the settings at full and only getting about 15fps tops. I have only seen it at 24fps once and it wasn't after playing with settings.

I know i am not giving much info at the moment but will post any extra info needed. heck if there is another thread i could not find that would be quite helpful too.

Just did a windows experience check and graphics seems to be the lowest at 4.3 if that means much....

Newest update if anyone is paying attention. I am plugged in and i swap it to balance power plan and now i am getting 32fps. why would it do that...

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HP/Compaq :: Does Anyone Play WoW (World Of Warcraft) On Envy 15

Jan 12, 2010

I am strongly considering buying the envy 15 because I like how it looks and it seems pretty good at games.

Does anyone play WoW on it? I am curious what the framerates are like @ native res in dalaran, in raids, and in BGs

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Dell :: 1340 W/ N210 Stuttering In World Of Warcraft

Nov 16, 2009

I was playing WoW and every few minutes it would lock up, and the sound would stutter/repeat really fast, then it would resume working fine. The FPS would never dip low, except when the whole thing would hang/lock up with the sound stuttering.

I did a search and I didn't really find any relevant information that seemed to relate. I have the latest driver from Dell, the one released in October 09. Is there a newer driver, or am I looking at the wrong component as the culprit?

Thanks for any info. She doesn't seem to care but its going to bug me, especially as this is a brand new laptop.

On another note, her 'E' key squeaks. Does anyone know if these keys can be popped off without causing damage? I'm assuming the answer is no, but I'm not about to let a Dell tech take her entire laptop apart so that he can swap the keyboard out and put it back together poorly.

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Dell :: M6400 CovetRandom World Of Warcraft Crashes

May 21, 2009

I have a new m6400 Covet (WUXGA RGB-LED | T9600 (2x2.80GHz) | 4GB DDR3 | 320GB HDD | Quadro FX 3700M 1GB (WDDM 1.1) | Windows 7 64bit) and I'm having an annoying crashing problem when I play WoW.

It seems completely random and I already have a coolermaster laptop cooler underneath it so I don't think its a heat problem. It can happen within 15 mins of playing or sometimes I can go 3 hours without issue.

The screen just goes black and I can't get it to come back without forcing a hard reset

I have the large version brick PSU also so assume power delivery is ok.

This happens both in the Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit (which the laptop came with despite asking for 64bit) and also the current Windows 7 RC1 x64.

I've tried a number of different driver versions including the ones from Dell, Windows (Windows 7 provided) NVidia and laptop2go. None fix the problem and many give me the dim screen problem which seems to be related to my having the RGB LED screen. Sorry I don't recall exactly which driver versions I have tried.

I appreciate the Quadro is not NVidia's gaming card range, but thats no reason it should crash right? When its working it plays pefectly fine, and the WoW graphics engine is hardly new or taxing on most half decent computers.

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Dell :: Skin Site For Xps 1730 World Of Warcraft

Nov 6, 2008

my friend doesn't want his 1730, and i do. however, he is a geek, all out. i don't want to trot around my school with a world of warcraft notebook, so i was wondering if there was a place where i could buy a skin that shows off the lighting affect, but hides the "World of Warcraft" logo on the lid.

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HP/Compaq :: World Of Warcraft On Presario V6000- Graphical Glitches

Apr 10, 2009

I'm trying to help my ex GF out here with her laptop and playing WoW on it.

for starters, her system is as follows:

Vista Home Premium 32-bit
2gb DDRII 667 ( 2x 1gb )
MK-36 2ghz 512k L2 single coe
Geforce Go 6150 ( default vista drivers via win update )

I know she plays the new expansion with all the updates but don't ask me what that all is cause I treat WoW like the plague so Idk.

The problem she says she's having is lines or missing textures in certain areas. At first I thoguth it might be a lack of ram or bad ram as she had the orig 2x 512mb modules so I got her the 2gb kit and she said it made the machine faster but didn't fix the glitches.

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Acer :: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 And Warcraft 3

Dec 3, 2008

I just bought an Acer-Notebook with the Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator x3100.

I did not buy the notebook for playing games, but sometimes I just want to play. First it is all fine with World of Warcraft. Low FPS at all, but everything normal.

But when I am trying to run Warcraft with the notebook I get bluescreens. I know this have been discussed several times yet, but I can't get it running with the given hints.

First I did:
-opengl on shortcut (Bluescreen)

-swtnl on shortcut (Bluescreen)

Then I tried several drivers to run. The latest and some older drivers from the official Intel page.

Another hint is to install drivers of the version 14.33 or older. But I can't find anything like this. The links posted in some posts i found here didnt work and in the archieves of the Intel page are just newer drivers.

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HP Split X2 Display :: Can Play Video Games Such As Sims 3 Or World Of Warcraft?

Jun 22, 2014

I just recently bought this Hp split x2 for school purposes, but my husband wanted to play World of Warcraft in my laptop. usually the of the screen feels so hot after he played for atleast 3 hours. I don't want him to mess my laptop. sometimes his game freezes. 
I wanted to know if games such as WOW or sims 3 can be played regularly in this type of laptop. I wanted to know if there's anyway I can upgrade this laptop to run to its full potential. 

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Dell :: 1645/Win 7 Freezing

Dec 16, 2009

it seems that my lovlely 1645 keeps on freezing completely in random fashion. I have not noticed any patterns as everytime it has frozen it has been while doing something different, such as surfing the web, plugging in peripherals, etc etc. So know ive HAD IT. First with the bsod's when fullscreening a flash based video online, which i attribute to the video drivers, of which i have tried installing MULTIPLE, with no solution, and happens to begin with the screen freezing, and now the stupid freezing caused by random events..

Do these issues affect anyone else? I have noticed that the random freezing started to occur after flashing to the A03 BIOS.

i have already reinstalled the OS once, and dont want to do it again....unless absolutly necessary.

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Dell :: Xps 16 Touchpad Freezing

Oct 18, 2009

after ive had my notebook closed overnight, the mouswhats going on here?

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Acer :: 6920G Freezing Up

Dec 24, 2008

Any 6920G owner have their hard drive access light stuck on "on" for about 30 seconds or so and have their laptops freeze for this duration? Freeze as in as soon as I click any window, it turns white. This happens every now and then, doesn't matter what I'm doing.

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