Apple :: Macbook Pro - Boot Camp Working

Jan 10, 2009

I am running windows vista 32 on the new macbook pro unibody. It works horrible. Constantly freezing and with tons of audio distortion. Many MacBook Pro unibody users are having this problem with Vista. There is no fix at the current moment. Although some have reported, success with different video drivers and using a program known as "Anti-Lag" to fix the audio distortion issue.

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Apple :: MacBook Pro Overheating In Boot Camp

Feb 28, 2010

I just got a new MacBook Pro and installed Windows 7 via Boot Camp. I updated the system completely both in OS X and Windows (so I have Boot Camp 3.1 drivers). Yet, it's pretty much unusable except for surfing the web. If I try to play a video back, it gets extremely hot and as I've found out with Core Temp, it's bumping into the 105 degree Celsius Tjunction temperature limit and throttling. Thus I end up with stuttering video and a pretty useless machine on the Windows side. This is just one activity that does this. Compiling in Visual Studio does the same thing.

Is this typical for Boot Camp or is there something wrong with my machine?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro 17" With Boot Camp

Aug 10, 2009

I was hoping to get some input with actual owners of the 17" Macbook Pro and Boot Camp.

I've been doing my own research and it seems that everyone points out that using Windows via Boot Camp makes their systems hotter. This is due to the drivers (or lack of it) for the Macbook's fan.

I'm truly hoping that Apple updates their drivers once Windows 7 comes out...I was looking forward to buying a Macbook Pro this month too. I guess I'll have to wait.

For those who have the 17" unibody version, what has your experience with Boot Camp been so far?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro 15 - Installing Vista X64 In Boot Camp

Jan 7, 2009

I have a new unibody Macbook Pro 15 inch and after playing with it for a month and having XP in parallel only, I decided to install Vista Ultimate through boot camp so that I'll be able to play games on my macbook. Now here's the problem...

After I load up the boot camp assistant and I proceed to install Windows, the laptop restarts and goes to the Vista installation screen. I set up the region codes and language that I prefer and I hit next. Now, I finally hit the big "Install Now" button in the middle. After clicking on this button though, I hit my error:

Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing.

My dvd drive is the Matsua DVD-R UJ-868
My IDE controller is the 82801BA Ultra ATA Storage Controller 244B

Also, no, I do not have an external DVD drive and so loading up another CD with the drivers is out of the question.

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Apple :: After Using Boot Camp To Format Your HDD - Install Windows Using Vmware To That Partition And Boot Natively

Jun 24, 2009

it would be pretty slick to be able to do that, i guess it isn't possible, but MAN they should get on that.

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Apple :: Hot Windows In Boot Camp

Jul 20, 2009

I'm trying to find out if lack of fan control is still an issue on mid-summer unibody macbook pro's in bootcamp with windows vista.

Lots of articles around but none specifically address these new machines.

Anybody with one experiencing a hot vista under bootcamp and having to manually override fan control?

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Apple :: If I Boot Camp Which Is The Default Os

Feb 4, 2010

so im going around to install windows 7 through boot camp, got my blackbook ready, i must know which OS will boot by default if i dont touch anything? or am i doomed to hold the option key or something every time? just started installing snow leopard too

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Apple :: MBP Alum - Boot Camp Won't Run

Mar 10, 2009

I'm having an issue with Boot Camp. I have a stock base model MBP Alum. Vista was running fine on Boot Camp since I got the machine back in January, but today it crashed. When I tried to reboot into Vista I got two '_' cursor flashes on the top left of the screen then the screen just goes dark. Multiple reboots yielded the same result. Seeing I had my files backed up, I just deleted the Vista partition and tried to perform a reinstall of Vista. However, after I click 'Start Installation' in Boot Camp and the comp restarts - I get the two cursor flashes followed by the black screen again.

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Apple :: New Drive - Can't Set Up Boot Camp

Feb 4, 2009

I got a new drive and I cloned my other one to it, but now I can't set up boot camp. I get this error. It's partition as OS X extended Journaled, and there is only one partition.

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Apple :: Parallels & Boot Camp

Jan 13, 2009

I ended up installing Windows XP twice, once for Parallels, and once for Boot Camp. When I open Parallels now, there are two choices, "Microsoft Windows XP" and "My Boot Camp". When I use "My Boot Camp", it seems just like how it would if I would use Boot Camp normally (ie. having the same files like booting up from Boot Camp). When I use "Microsoft Windows XP", it looks like a fresh install with nothing there.

My question is was I supposed to install Windows XP twice? How do I delete the "Microsoft Windows XP" in Parallels? Will everything I do in Boot Camp be affect like in the "My Boot Camp" in Parallels and vice versa?

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Apple :: Boot Camp Drivers

May 4, 2009

I'm planning on installing Windows 7 RC via boot camp when it comes out, but I've lost the Leopard disc needed to install the drivers. Apple's website has Boot Camp Update 2.1 for Windows Vista 32...will this work, in other words, does this have all the drivers needed for the installation?

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Apple :: Convertxtodvd - In Xp Sp3 Via Boot Camp

Jan 11, 2009

i installed xp seamlessly on my alu macbook and everything works great ..updated everything a movie lover so i burn my movies and videos accasionally on the windows side and i use convertxtodvd which i love been using it for a long time now..but now everytime i open it up and start to get a movie setup it doesnt last 5 min. till i get a BSOD and the strange thing is that it only happens when i use it.

So am i missing something there a drive missing or am i doing something wrong.. anyone out there experiencing the same problems? i got the 2.4 Ghz alu macbook , bootcamp 2.1

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Apple :: Boot Camp And Windows 7 RC

Jun 23, 2009

does it work out of the box on par with other versions of windows?

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Apple :: Getting The BSoD While In Boot Camp

Mar 28, 2009

I've been noticing whenever I run XP in boot camp I'll get the BSod much more often than running XP on a dedicated Windows machine. For example I got the BSoD the other day while just attempting to save my Word doc. I'll get BSoD for other weird reasons like switching the screen resolutions, closing windows, and opening simple programs. I never had problems like this with my old laptops. For some reason I think Apple is just doing this so users will think Windows OS are more prone to crashes.

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Apple :: Boot Camp Running Very Slow

Feb 20, 2010

I have Windows XP installed through boot camp, and it seems the hard drive is acting very very slow. Or basically XP in general. Installations are taking a very long time. It literally took 4 hours to install Modern Warfare 2. In case anyone is wondering I have the 2008 iMac 2.4 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 7200rpm HD. Also in device manager, under SM bus controller there is a yellow question mark, could that be part of the problem?

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Apple :: Best Version Of Windows To Run Under Boot Camp

Jun 30, 2009

Ever since I setup a Mac for a friend of mine, I've been very interested in the Mac and Mac OS X. It's fairly easy to learn and runs very well. Of course, I've been dealing with Windows for over 15 years, dating back to Windows 3.1. I also work with Windows 99% of the time since I mainly work on PCs as a PC tech.

Of course, Windows will run on a Mac using Boot Camp, but it seems like there's a whole variety of glitches when running Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp. Thus, I come up with the following question: which version of Windows runs best under Boot Camp? XP? 32 or 64-bit Vista? 32 or 64-bit Windows 7 RC? Do I need to wait for Snow Leopard to come out with better Boot Camp drivers? Do I even need to wait for Windows 7 to come out?

I am seriously looking at getting a 13" MacBook Pro and will most likely run some version of Windows on it using Boot Camp. Also, depending on the version, what amount of RAM is needed? I know that if you have 4GB or more RAM, you might as well run 64-bit Windows 7. Other than that, I'll probably run mostly Mac OS X on the MacBook Pro, but having some version of Windows on the MacBook Pro running under BootCamp would come in handy. Not sure if I'll do Parallels or Fusion.

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Apple :: F1-f12 - Way To Disable - Partition With Boot Camp

Mar 3, 2009

We all know that the f1-f12 keys have their own functions. But I used to always use those keys for other things in World of Warcraft (on a PC that is). Now that I'm on a mac, I can't use the f keys even if I keybind them. Is there a way to disable them for just this program?

And on a side question, is it possible to make a partition with boot camp and then have vmware or parallels run off that partition? Or do I have to install windows twice for boot camp and vmware/parallels?

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Apple :: Boot Camp 3.1 - Windows 7 Users

Mar 26, 2010

Running OSX 10.6.2 on a 15" MBP with only minor complaints, but I'm facing the fact that deep down inside, I still miss Win7.

I have a Win7 Professional disc and a copy of the Office 2010 beta sitting side-by-side, keeping each other company.

I'm just curious how those of you running Win7 via Boot Camp 3.1 feel about the point update that Apple put out in January -- particularly as regards battery life. From what I understand, the touchpad "touchiness" is resolved, and graphics performance is much improved, but I have read few comments (and conflicting ones at that) as far as any gains in battery life.

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Apple :: Boot Camp - With Snow Leopard

Aug 20, 2009

For anyone lucky enough to try one of the pre-release versions of Snow Leopard, do you know if it has any updates to Boot Camp? What's the latest version of Boot Camp right now thats available to the general masses?

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Apple :: Using Boot-camp Does My Mac Essentially Turn Into A Pc

Oct 5, 2009

If I install Windows 7 or Vista using boot-camp does my mac essentially turn into a pc?

So would that mean everything that works for Vista such as my printer for example would work with the mac while I'm on Vista.

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Apple :: W7 Boot Camp - Touchpad Driver

Dec 2, 2009

Are there any alternatives that doesn't have super-sensitive tap on an MBP? Can I adjust it somehow?

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Apple :: Is This The Right Copy Of XP For Boot Camp (OEM Version)

Mar 3, 2009


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Apple :: Boot Camp Drivers Package

Feb 19, 2009

I just bought a apple keyboard and I need to use the boot camp drivers to use the FN key and other few things.

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Apple :: Updating NVIDIA Drivers In Boot Camp

Apr 2, 2009

I have a base UMP and I went through the basic steps of upgrading video drivers - uninstall, reboot, install new...

However, when I did this process, the install portion would barf. It would say something like "can't find hardware" or "not the right driver"... something along those lines.

Should I just install the latest from NVIDIA without uninstalling first?

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Apple :: Boot Camp Windows 7 - Low Volume Output

May 16, 2010

I have an early 2009 Macbook unibody (2.4 Ghz).

I find the volume output to be extremely inadequate. All of my volume are at max. I click the little speaker icon in the taskbar to make sure everything (speakers, system sounds, application sounds) is max and sure it enough...they are.

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Apple :: Snow Leopard - Boot Camp 3.0 Drivers

Aug 31, 2009

So having installed Snow Leopard I was wondering how to install the new Boot Camp drivers onto my Boot Camp partition (which I created under Leopard). Is it as simple as just inserting the Snow Leopard disk when I am in Windows XP? Or do I have to get involved with the Device Manager?

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Apple :: Boot Camp - Fusion - Delete - Install

Jun 30, 2009

I had put fusion on my notebook and it crashed, now that I have a partition with fusion thats no good I was wondering if I could delete the fusion and just install windows without bothering OSX

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Apple :: Boot Camp Installed, CD Drive Won't Eject

Apr 3, 2009

I'm trying to figure this out. I've done some searches and googled some more but to no avail.

I recently migrated over from PC so I might be having a harder time than some.

Anyway, I installed Windows XP Pro SP3 without a hitch. After installing it, I tried to remove the CD in order to install my bootcamp drivers. No luck. I tried right clicking CD drive and then eject, no luck. I tried all other possible methods in Windows to eject it, no luck.

I ended rebooting and holding down the trackpad and it finally ejected. Anyway, my hope was that installing bootcamp will help the issue but it didnt. When I'm in Windows and holding down the eject button, I would see the eject graphics pop up on screen, but nothing comes out. HOwever, the CD drive reads without a problem.

Any other things that I can do? Am I required to use SP2 when installing? Also, everything is fine in Mac OS.

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Apple :: Use Boot Camp Withj Parallels Desktop 5

Dec 25, 2009


It's about Using Boot Camp Better With Parallels Desktopģ 5 for Mac.

We know the run Window on Mac with Boot Camp and with Parallels Desktop has different advatages and disadvantages. For example, with Boot Camp method, can run high-performance PC-only software at full speed on my new iMac but unable to run both OSes at the same time. With Paralells Desktop, can run high-performance PC-only software at almost native speed in VM but can run both OSes without rebooting

However this advertisement is telling me that we can run high-performance PC-only software at full speed in a Macís native hardware environment without rebooting. I have been using Paralells Desktop 5 to run Windows 7 visually on my new iMac, but my PC-only software will never run at full speed in a Macís native hardware environment. I checked the perfomance on visual mode and found that Parallels Desktop allowed my iMac to use at most 1 Core or Processor (I have 2 cores) and 2GB of Ram (I have 4 GB). So it's not running at full capabilities of my Mac's hardware at all.

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Apple :: Windows 7 Upgrade Media And Boot Camp Install

Dec 26, 2009

I understand the upgrade version requires a previous version of Windows installed. But given the way Boot Camp works, I don't think its possible to have Windows installed if I want to install Windows 7 (or any new copy of Windows) to my Macbook.

I also know that there is a registry workaround should I encounter problems w/ the Win7 Setup program not accepting my key.

Anyway, my main question is will this upgrade media work for me if I decide to install it via Boot Camp?

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