Dell :: Best Place To Purchase XPS M1530 9 Cell Battery?

Sep 18, 2009

My battery on my XPS 1530 has lived its life. I need to buy a replacememt battery. The Dell website is offering me the amazing price of $189.99 (CDN dollars).

Can anyone recommend me a reliable online store or brick and mortar store that sells the XPS 1530 9 cell battery at a good price?

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Dell :: Cheapest Place To Purchase Xps 16/13

May 20, 2009

I cant believe how much money could be saved if i were to get it from the states!

Where is best value to get one from UK ? it seems as though most money can be saved by getting a refurb, lots on ebay and from a lot of reputable sellers.

where did you get yours from? dell ? ebay ? which seller? etc

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Dell :: M1530: 9-cell Battery Gone?

Mar 16, 2009

I was just about to pull the trigger on a m1530 via (US) but found I am no longer able to configure it with a 9-cell battery.

I know I can easily buy the battery separately - but I was wondering what the likely reasons for this option disappearing are - could this mean they have stopped making 9-cells (maybe EOL for m1530)?

Wouldn't they normally just delay the ship date if the component was due to come back later?

Side note: as an alternative, I'm considering the SXPS 16 - does anyone have both a SXPS 16 and m1530 and can comment on the size/weight difference?

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Dell :: M1530 9 Cell Battery Dead?

Mar 22, 2009

so my 9cell battery is no longer taking a charge. my 6cell still charges so i know its the battery. i called tech support and they said that batts only have a 12mo warranty.

i bought a frickin 4yr warranty when i bought it is there any loop hole or something that i can use to get another 9cell for free??

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Dell :: XPS M1530 6-Cell Battery Life

Feb 25, 2009

I want to make sure I'm on par with others that have an XPS m1530. I always get exactly two hours while wirelessly browsing around on battery.

Everything is on, the only difference in settings is the LED LCD monitor is turned down by half.

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Dell :: M1530 9 Cell Battery Life 1 Year Later

Aug 11, 2009

I started looking at the XPS M1530 way back in early 2008 as a potential laptop to purchase as my first laptop, and I found that it was all around the best deal for a 15" laptop when I bought it in July of 2008.

I originally wanted the 6 cell due to the slimmer design but ended up purchasing the M1530 when the 6 cell was not in stock and the 9 cell was a free upgrade.

So I got it with the 9 cell. When I first tested it a few weeks after purchase I was able to get a little over 4 hours (almost 4.5) with Wi-Fi on and the screen at low-mid brightness. Today I tested again, I unplugged it from the wall at 4:50 today, and at exactly 7:40 the screen shutoff. That is 2 hours, 50 minutes. That is over an hour worse then what it got originally.

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Dell :: 9 Cell Battery For The M1530 ... Bought From Ebay

Oct 26, 2009

so today I took the plunge of buying a 9 cell battery for my m1530 in ebay it was a 7200mah/85mWH. I was wondering if anyone bought this battery here before and if its any good?

i looked at genuine dell batteries and its out of my budget...and my 6 cell can only hold an hour of charge after 1 and a Half year of use.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 6-/9-cell Battery & Zalman NC 2000: Wobble

Nov 14, 2008

I got a new 6-Cell battery from Dell for the M1530. I had a 9-cell before. All is well. Only issue is, with the 6-cell, if I place the laptop on the Zalman NC2000, the foot rests are not even. The back right foot rest, is lifted and there is this wobble.

Now, I did check if its fine on a normal, flat desk and the laptop sits perfectly fine, even on all four rubber foot rests.

BUT - with the 9-cell, the laptop sits well on the Zalman NC2000 (and also on a normal, flat table!)

I am confused as to why with the 6-cell it doesn't like to sit evenly on the Zalman???

To summarize:

6-cell on a normal, flat table - all is well, no wobble.
6-cell on the Zalman NC2000 - Back right foot rest (of the laptop) is in the air, hence there is the wobble. * Why?

9-cell on a normal, flat table - all is well, no wobble.
9-cell on the Zalman NC2000 - all is well, no wobble.

By the way, the zalman itself is fine, sitting well on all four corners on the table or on any flat surface!

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Dell :: 9-cell For 6-cell Battery Replacement & Separate Gaming Question

Feb 20, 2009

I have an XPS m1330 (T7500, 3 GB RAM, 8400M GS GPU) and had a bad 6-cell battery that wasn't holding charge.

Dell sent me a replacement, but they've sent me a 9-cell which I don't want b/c it's heavy, adds bulk and most importantly, the angle on the laptop REALLY hurts my wrists... but apparently they won't send out 6-cells as replacements anymore, just 9-cells.

I'm wondering if there's anything I can tell them to get them to send me a 6-cell without having to put my 9-cell on ebay or something .....

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Dell :: 6 Cell Vs. 9 Cell Battery On The Studio 1555

May 10, 2009

I'm looking to get the Studio 1555 and the only thing I'm not sure on right now is which battery to get.

Is it true that the 9 cell sticks out the bottom a little bit? I would just go for the 9 cell, but I use my current laptop on my lap a lot and I'm worried that if the battery sticks out the bottom it would be uncomfortable since the laptop would be resting on two points rather than the entire bottom

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Dell :: Best Place To Get Ram For M1530 (8gb)?

Feb 17, 2010

my 1 year warranty passed recently and I'm pretty happy with the happy with it that I figure I might as well up the ram on it.

Now the unit has 4gb installed and I'm looking at maxing it out with 8gb.

I've searched high and low and can only find ram for about $160.00 for 4gb stick.

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Dell :: M1330 Battery 4-cell Or 6-cell

Jan 24, 2009

how do I check how many cells my battery has? Its either 4 or 6, since it doesn't have the external prop behind it.

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Dell :: Inspiron 6 Cell Vs 9 Cell Battery

Sep 30, 2009

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 for about 4 years almost. I have 512MB but am going to buy the 2GB ram from newegg because it is very slow.

I am also formating my laptop as well as my desktop. Most of the time i use my desktop but for my laptop i bought a charger that was CHEAP and i think it messed up my battery life a bit.

I just purchased a new charger from Dell and will throw away the bad charger i have.

My battery life in my 6000 is about 40 minutes. It used to be 2 hours and 30 minutes when i first got it. A few months ago it was actually 1 hour and 20 minutes. My neighbor has a e1505 and his battery lasts like 5 minutes now so all he does is use his charger.

I see on Ebay from reputable sellers that the 6 and 9 cell battery price is pretty close. 6 Cell is about 44 dollars and 9 Cell is about 48 dollars.

6 Cell one

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Dell :: Inspiron Should I Go For 6 Cell Or 9 Cell Battery

Dec 12, 2008

i am having a hard time deciding my configuration for a inspiron 13"

i noticed that the Refurbished laptop have a Great price $609, 2.0 intel core 2 duo,4gb,320gb,6cell,Dell 1395 802.11G Wireless Mini Card.

For that price it seems to good to be truth, but i have no experience with refurbished laptop.

What is causing me confusion is, if i should go for a new laptop that has ,2.0ghz(same cpu), 3gb,250gb,intel next gen wireless N, 9 cell battery
for $779, all because the $10 for the wireless and 70$ for the battery
and it has a 195$ discount already of the original price.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6000- New Battery -- 6 Cell Or 12 Cell

Feb 13, 2010

I have an HP Pavilion dv6000. When I purchased the laptop, I chose a 12 cell battery, and it has a sticker on it that states: Replace with 451864-001. My battery went bad, and I purchased a replacement at the HP Parts Store online. I specifically chose a 12 cell replacement, which brought up the same part number, i.e., 451864-001. However, when it came in the mail today, the battery looks like a 6 cell, as it's about 1/3 the size of the old 12 cell, despite my purchase receipt which states that I ordered a 12 cell and the packing slip which also states that HP shipped a 12 cell. The model number of the old battery is HSTNN-DB32, and the model number of the new battery is HSTNN-DB46. Unless they were able to shrink the 12 cell to make it resemble a 6 cell, I'm pretty sure I received a 6 cell, despite the notations in the purchase order and packing slip.
This is a long way of asking, is there a tool that I can install that will tell me how many cells are contained in the battery? The battery, itself, does not state how many cells it contains. If it is a 6 cell, as I suspect, HP will be getting it back.

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HP/Compaq :: HP 2530P6 Cell Vs 9 Cell Battery

Dec 4, 2009

Couple of questions:

1. Does the 9 cell PROTUDE out the back and is it thicker than the normal 6 cell?
Would love to see a photo comparing both if possible.

2. Practically, in terms of percentage, how much more run time? 50%? 60%?

3. How much more weight?

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Dell :: 9-cell Or 12-cell Battery

Aug 29, 2009

hey everyone im a new Dell E6400 ATG owner and was wandering what would be a better option for my money? I already have a 9-cell battery and was wondering should I go with another 9-cell or get the 12-cell battery for extending my run time?

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Dell :: Best Place To Buy Studio 1535 Battery?

Sep 27, 2009

I have one of the older Studio 15 laptops (aka the 1535) and the battery I'm using now barely lasts an hour and Windows 7 is giving me a notification saying that I should "consider replacing my battery."

Where would be the best place to buy a new one?

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Dell :: Screen Jumping All Over The Place On Battery

Oct 31, 2007

Have weird problem on new m1710 4gb 7950gtx on vista ultimate

Trying to edit on pinacle studio 11 becomming a nightmare! the screen is jumping all over the place everything shifiting 4 - 5cm to the left and back!

has standard vista drivers as installed?

doesnt seem to do it when plugged in

still with in 30 days

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Dell Inspiron N5110 :: Won't Start Up When Battery Is On Place

Apr 25, 2013

I was working on my laptop without the mains power and it completely went dead and refused to restart.

If I take the battery out and use on mains only the pc is fine.

Does this mean the battery is causing the start up fault and needs replacing?

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Dell :: M1530 Owners With 9-cell Batteries

Mar 30, 2009

So I haven't even had my laptop for a year yet (will be a year at the end of May). I bought a separate 9-cell somewhere in late June or early July.

I've noticed as of late, that my battery life is nowhere near as long as it used to be. With all my tweaks and once it was sitting at the desktop idle, Rightmark would regularly say I have almost 6 hours of charge left. As of today, I don't even see 4.5 hours, sometimes barely 4 hours.

I checked the battery by holding down the button at back; the lights go away instantly and then 3 of them light back up.

I definitely didn't buy this thing with the expectation that it would lose over 30% of its capacity in barely 10 months of use, especially considering a new battery costs between 100-150 bucks.

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Dell :: 9 Cell Battery?

Jul 23, 2009

I ordered my SXPS on 7/17..

it hasn't shipped yet, so I can probably still take advantage of the 9 cell free upgrade.

I am concerned though, about the size it adds to the laptop - i don't like the bulge much. But I just read elsewhere that the 9 cell fixes some heat issues with the this true? And is the difference significant (heat-wise)? I'm reconsidering now..

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Dell :: Battery 9 Cell

Nov 26, 2008

My Xps m1530, has 15 days left of warranty, and the battery is saying that the capacity is 70%/poor. Design charge 86.6 Wh last full charge of 60.6 Wh. So i was wondering can i get a replacement on warranty, the laptop and battery are under a year old.

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Dell :: Studio 15 9-cell Battery?

Jul 20, 2009

how long the 85 WHr Lithium Ion 9-cell battery lasts while surfing the web/word processing and how much it sticks out of the computer? I am probably buying one and I would really like to know.

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Dell :: Ok To Use 6 Cell Battery With XPS 1645?

Feb 4, 2010

I recently ordered a Dell Studio XPS 1645. By default it came with the 9 cell battery. I also ordered an additional 6 cell battery for it.

Is it ok to use the 6 cell battery with this laptop? Obviously the battery won't last as long, but will the laptop run ok? I'm asking because my laptop is going to be plugged in on my desk most of the time and the 6 cell keeps the laptop flat.

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Dell :: 9-Cell Battery $59.99 Studio XPS 16

Mar 1, 2009

Just in case anyone wants it, you can get the 9-cell extended battery for the Studio XPS 16 for $59.99 on sale. It's on sale for $79.99 right now and if you apply this additional 25% off coupon it will be only $59.99. Great Deal!

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Dell :: Using A 90w Charger On A 3-cell Battery

Feb 14, 2009

Hoping for some insight.

I have a 90w Dell charger that came with my studio XPS 13 (6 cell).

If I was to use this charger on a 3 cell Dell Inspiron Mini 12, can this seriously damage the 3-cell battery, or are the chargers smart enough to know what type of battery they're charging?

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Dell :: M4400: 12-cell Battery

Sep 20, 2008

I know there currently is a 6-cell and a 9-cell for the M4400.

However I also remember reading that Dell has a 12-cell out for some notebooks in the new E-series.

Does anyone know whether there is going to be a 12-cell battery that can be used with the M4400?

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Dell :: 9-cell Battery Size

Nov 3, 2009

Is the 9-cell battery larger than the 6-cell? ie. does it stick out the back?

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Dell :: XPS 1530 9 Cell Battery

Apr 24, 2008

I'm getting ready to order my XPS1530, waiting for the screen issue to be sorted out, hoping to hear that the Samsung has been dropped in favour of the LG.

On my current laptop, an Inspiron 8600 I have the 2nd modular bay battery to give me extra uptime when on the move. As the 1530 doesn't have this option I've been thinking about the 9 cell battery. Now in all the places I might be when I buy it, the UK, India or Singapore a 9 cell costs an extra 100 pounds (200 US$) over the 6 cell. This seems a lot extra to pay for an unknown quantity of extra uptime, I don't think I should assume I get a straight 50% more.

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