Dell :: How Do Exchanges Work When Using Preferred Account?

Jun 23, 2009

I bought a Studio 1555 for $1,173 and used Dell's Preferred Account to pay for it (so in other words it hasn't been paid for yet). Because of a defective screen I set up an exchange.

THey just shipped it and it should be here tomorrow. The invoice for the replacement has its own total,
Order Total : $1100.30

Which is $73 cheaper .....

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Dell :: Preferred Account

Nov 25, 2008

I was just about to buy an XPS M1530 today, and then I found out that you can get a 12-month-no-intrest-for-XPS-systems deal (it ends in a few hours) with a Dell Preferred Account. I also heard that you can get a 3% discount off of any dell product with a DPA. What I'm asking is if it is a good idea to get a DPA before I buy this laptop, and if it costs anything and how to create this account.

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Dell :: Paid With Preferred Account ( Financial Services Which Is Serviced By Citiback)

Jun 26, 2009

I placed and order on June 16 2009 for the new Dell Studio 14z Laptop.... The estimated delivery date was July 22, 2009 (). I called to find out about the hold up and the rep put me on hold told me it was in production. This went on for 3 days.

I decided to cancel the order but when I called Dell they tell me the odrder was shipped. I check website and it still says in production. Now I am pssed and I don't want the Studio 14z I purchased a Mac Book from the local APPLe store........

I paid for the Dell with my dell preferred account ...... can I just refuse the delivery and get my money back or should I accecpt the delveiry and then call dell to ship it back. Also how wwould that affect my dell preferred account. How long will it take to get credited back to the account.

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Dell :: Exchanges M1710 For M1730

Oct 14, 2009

After going through 3 GPU's, heat sinks, fans, motherboards, processors.

Dell is finally going to replace my ...............................................................

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Dell :: Question About Exchanges And Warranty

Apr 10, 2010

I finally got Dell to agree to exchange my defective laptop. I am a little concerned because when I look at the warranty on my computer and on my wifes computer under "My systems and Peripherals" both of our systems now show

warranties as expired. My wife should have about 5 months left on hers and I had 2 years plus 5 years of complete care.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy Series Exchanges, Warrranties, And Service Policies

Nov 13, 2009

I got an HP Envy 15 recently with the Bing CB deal on the day it was released; but have found that an SSD on that machine would probably be necessary for my needs. I posted some questions in the owners' lounge, but haven't since gotten any response, so I assume that people there may not know the answers. So I want to see if people in the broader HP forum would be familiar with these things.

When I purchased this machine, HDD was the only option, and the HDD is not listed as a user serviceable component. But in the last couple of days, the SSD option is up on the HP website; so I can see several options that maybe available to me, depending on HP policies. Is anyone here familiar with HP policies regarding:

1) Returns of products, does the 21 days mean 21 days from purchase, or 21 days from the time that I receive the product?

2) Returns of products that was purchased with warranty? I did purchase with the 3 year accidental; but I have not activated the service with the machine yet.

3) Exchange of products, how easily could it be done through HP, for the same machine of a different configuration?

4) Bing cash back, would it still be valid if I decided to exchange it for the same machine of a different configuration?

5) Since the HDD doesn't seem to be a consumer serviceable part, would it endanger the warranty if I changed out the drive myself? Or would they even care about that?

6) How easily can HP parts such as the 1.8" brackets be obtainable from HP, some time in the next few months; based on experiences with HP products in the past.

I guess depending on the answers to these questions, I would have the option of A) returning and buying anew; B) exchange for another configuration through HP; C) change out the HDD myself with a 2.5" and just forget about it; D) wait until the appropriate parts are available, then change it out with two 1.8" drives.

I would like to keep the BCB; but if there is no other way of getting an SSD into that machine, then I might just have to let that go, and try to find some lesser discount to work with.

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Dell XPS 13 :: Brightness Gets Dim When Log On To User Account

Apr 16, 2013

I have a XPS 13 ultrabook and when I turn it on It is really bright how i want it but when I log on to my User The brightness gets dim, I have the brightness all the way up. How do i make it as bright as when I turn It on?

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Dell Inspiron 15 :: Laptop Screen All Symbols - Cannot Get Into Account?

Nov 21, 2014

I've had this Dell Inspiron 15 for all of about 3 hours, and when I'm on the internet, it randomly shuts off, turns back on, and displays this:


This computer has Windows 8 and when I type in my password in the box I suspect is the login screen, it just comes up with more symbols.

Can't get into computer. Computer is covered in symbols and gibberish. Is there a way to factory reset this computer without actually being able to get in? Or should I just send it back?

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Dell Inspiron 5720 :: Cannot Access Admin Account

Jan 27, 2015

I let a family member borrow my laptop and it came back with cryptowall2.0 and another one (cant remember which one it was) because they had somehow disabled my antivirus (panda pro) and my anti-malware (malwarebytes). But i got the infections themselves removed and cleaned but my files are still all encrypted. No big deal, MOST of the important stuff was backed up online and on flash drives. Tried restoring to a previous point but didn't work. So now i can't access my admin account AT ALL. I can log into it but the screen stays black with just the pointer. I can log into the guest account.

But i can't do ANYTHING from there and put it that way on purpose. How do i fix this??? Will a factory restore fix the damage from the ransomware infections??? Is there ANY way to save my files? Well, i guess none of that matters if i can't get into the admin account first... This is the ONLY computer i have access to, i can use my smartphone for accessing information and whatnot but connecting drive to an external drive on a secondary computer is out of the question.... 

Running windows 7 home premium 64 bit with i3

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Apple :: Root Account Enabled

Feb 11, 2009

Is it worth getting the root account enabled (administrator) or is the standard user account which you create yourself quite powerful as it is?

I'm just tryig to get as much info on OSX as possible because I'm going to be switching over from Windows to mac in the next week or so.

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Apple :: How To Remove An Account In Mail

Jan 14, 2009

how do I remove/delete an account in Mail?

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Apple :: How To Delete Mail Account

Jan 12, 2009

I've recently set up a Mail account and was wondering how do I delete the account and have so that it's like Mail was never set up?

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Apple :: Connect Via Adium To My MSN Account But It Keeps Loading And Nothing Ever Happens

Jan 11, 2009

I am trying to connect via Adium to my MSN account but it keeps loading and nothing ever happens..

I tried connecting via microsoft messenger and it worked.. anyone have any idea of what happening? is there any difference between the way adium connects compared to MSN?

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Apple :: Can I Use My Mobileme Account With IPad For Files

Apr 11, 2010

I just ordered an iPad and I was wondering if I could see my files on with it. I should be able to, right? I mean, there is an app for that on the iPhone.

Then I could 100% use my MBP files that are stored on, right?

I am asking this cause I see lots of reviews that say you don't have access to all your files, you only have the files you set to sync (in which case I would need to sync my MBPiPad all the time).

This is very weird for Apple not to use their own products together completely, more than email & contacts. By the way, are notes synced to On the iPad?

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Apple :: IChat - Account Is Temporarily Disabled Because I Logged In And Out Too Often

Mar 14, 2009

I have a new Netgear router because my old one died. From everything I can tell it is the exact same router I had before just brand new. Perhaps the firmware is different but I kept it updated so don't know for sure.

Basically what is happening is when I start iChat it will just sign in and sign out extremely rapidly until the account is temporarily disabled because I logged in and out too often. I click the icon and it logs in an out faster than I can count instantly then BAM the error message.

Have no idea whats going on. Don't have any other network at my disposal right now to try this on so I can't say if it is the router or a random problem with iChat. AIM works fine on my phone so I know it isn't the account.

I'm going to restart right now and then try 7 and see if the problem still persists but has anyone heard of a problem like this? Very strange.

My MBP is up to date software side. Made no new changes.

Works fine in Windows 7. AIM starts up without issue.

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Acer Aspire V7-582pg :: Can't Use Microsoft Account On New Laptop

Sep 10, 2014

I have a month old acer aspire v7-582pg, and I've never been able to link my Microsoft account. Every time I add my Microsoft account I get a message saying please wait that doesn't go away after putting my password in. I end up having to delete my account and create a new one without an email attached. I've tried to link them multiple times, but the same thing keeps happening.

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HP ProBook 450 G1 Audio :: Account Specified For This Service Is Different - Error 1079

Sep 19, 2014

HP ProBook 450 g1 ! Here is picture with problem - [URL] ....
Just when i try to start windows audio its shows error 1079 The account specifided for this service is different from the account specified  for other services running in the same process ! 

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Lenovo Yoga 11 Flex :: Unable To Connect To Microsoft Account (Win RT)

Sep 19, 2014

A week ago I have bought new Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11, win RT.

All look fine excluding following problem: I unable to switch the laptop to my Microsoft account. Currently the laptop is connected to local account but that does not allow me to use SkyDrive and MS Store.

I tried following: Went to Setup, pressed on <Switch to Microsoft account> button, then I've asked to provide my local password, and then my email.

Finally the white rectangle appeared for an half minute or so, and then following message is appearing:
Sign in with Microsoft account. The service isn't available right now - please try again later.

I tried for a week but unsuccessfully.

I'm sure my Microsoft account is functioning good. I can sign in to it using a web browser.

Then I called to MS support service, they told me that they do not support Windows RT at all. As they said: Windows RT IS NOT A MICROSOFT PRODUCT, each HW vendor builds it for it own use as he wants. And they sent me back to Lenovo support.

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HP Envy X Recovery :: Windows 8 - Password Reset For User Account

Sep 26, 2014

I bought a used HP envy x from amazon, windows 8. When it's delivered I tried to open it, there's only one user account, and it has a password... What should I do? I tried the password reset thing, but it didn't work?

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HP 15 D017tu OS/Software :: After Windows 8 Pro Update Unable To Change Account Picture

Jul 12, 2014

i am using hp15-d017tu notebook.It's comes with free dos but i install it to windows 8 pro.Yesterday i update my windows ,after updating the windows i can not change my start screen,acount picture and lock screen that mean all pwrsonalize is not working also i can not install any software from windows store.

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Dell Inspiron 1545 :: VGA Won't Work / When Plug In Cord It Doesn't Work

Feb 3, 2013

I have a VGA plug in my Dell Inspiron 1545 and when I plug in the cord it doesnt work. I have another laptop and I used the same cord and it works.  So I guess my VGA doesnt work, what do I have to get to replace the VGA in my laptop? 

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2000-when I Start It Up And It Gets To The User Selection Screen I Cant Find My Cursor To Select My User Account

Jan 15, 2009

i got a hp dv2000 and sometimes when i start it up and it gets to the user selection screen i cant find my cursor to select my user account. I keep moving my finger on the touch pad but cant find it. I have to hold the power button down it will shut off then i have to pull out the battery start it up and the cursor is now there this has happened like 5 times already what would cause this?

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Dell :: Latitude E6430 / USB Ports Don't All Work And Docking Station USB Ports Do Not Work

Mar 1, 2014

I have a Dell Latitude E6430 laptop running windows 7 64-bit.  When I try to use it with a docking station, the USB ports on the docking station do not work.  When I try to use a USB mouse with it, it only works with one of the USB ports.  When I try using my printer (HP laserjet 1320) through the USB ports, it doesn't work (it did previously with a Dell latitude E6430 running windows 7 64-bit).

I've installed the latest BIOS upgrade, updated the USB and intel chipset drivers.  How do I get these working?

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Apple :: Bootcamp - Wireless Keyboard Does Not Work - Wireless Keyboard Does Not Work

May 15, 2009

I just installed XP throught bootcamp on my macbook (black book, the one that was available right before the aluminum ones).

I have two problems.

1. My Apple wireless keyboard does not work.

2. My wireless keyboard does not work when I plug it into my macbook.

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Dell :: Does Esata Not Work On The 435 Mt?

Jan 23, 2010

i can't get my xps 435 mt (running vista 64 home premium) to recognise my new seagate back armour 2tb drive via eSATA. The drive works fine with USB connection, but is not recognised via eSATA. In BIOS the drive doesn't appear in the list of drives under eSATA either.

I searched and found a similar post but it was someone with RAID setup and the solution there doesn't work for me. Checking for relevant 435mt updates on the dell site - I can't update intel matrix storage manager r205899, as you need to be set as RAID in the BIOS for it to work. When I install r205900, it installs some files, but nothing happens.

I have looked for driver or firmware updates for my eSATA drive on the seagate site - nothing there either. Can't think of what else to try... Dell support will charge to help me since I'm out of warranty (even though it's highly likely to be an issue with the eSATA since I got my system).

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Dell :: What Os Will Work Best With A D830?

Mar 30, 2010

Hi, I'm going to be getting a Dell D830, What OS should i get installed. I can get Vista ,Windows 7, XP?

Spec's on it are Core 2 Duo 2.5GHZ T9300, 4GB's Of ram, and All that good stuff!

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Dell :: How Does Lattitude On Work?

Feb 13, 2009

I know it is Linux, but does it have the usual Linux stuff installed, such as emacs, bash, etc?

If not, can I install them myself? I am seriously thinking about buying a business-class notebook and comparing between Lenovo X200, Sony Z, and Dell Latitude E4200.

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Dell :: BD+ Doesn't Work

Oct 7, 2007

just moved to BD+ and my Power DVD 7.3 can't handle it anymore and I'm getting really frustrated with trying to get my blu rays to work. Cyberlink is a terrible company probably run by like 3 guys. The customer support is awful and I can't get anything to work anymore. I'm begining to think that getting blu ray on laptops was a bad idea. WHo knew they were going to change things on a month to month basis.

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Dell :: StudioHow Does The Fan Work

Mar 30, 2009

I am currently waiting for my Studio to arrive - it will be my first laptop. I have been told to get a cooler for it, however I am not sure what one I need as they all seem to be designed differently - ie. some suck the air in from the bottom, some throw it out the sides, etc etc.

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Dell :: Can 185.66 Work For 8400m Gs?

Apr 4, 2009

using xps m1330. the laptopvideo2go forum page on that release didn't state...

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