Dell :: Inspiron 5100 Just Died

Apr 17, 2009

consider me lucky I guess) Anyways, I was on it when it suddenly shut down unexpectedly. Straight up black screen, no lights on in the front, nothing. The power cord box light even went off.

After unplugging the cord and moving to another plug the green light came back on for the power supply box.

The laptop does not function whatsoever. No charging light and so on. I revoved the battery and re-inserted it .....

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Dell :: Inspiron 9400Video Card Just Died

Sep 3, 2009

So I woke up today to do school work and my Inspiron 9400 just decided to break! I'm pretty sure it's the video card. Again. I have a Geforce GO 7800 in there, which is what it came with and by the severe artifacting on the DOS screen, I'm guessing it is indeed the video card. This happened to me under a year ago and I got a replacement, I was still under my Dell Care. The problem is now, I am not. Since I got this last replacement, I haven't even taxed the system much, I just use it for desktop stuff, web, etc. I don't think I've even gamed on it since I got the card replaced, so I was shocked today when it died again.

So being out of warranty and it probably being too late to renew it (It expired in Febuary.) I wanted to come here and see what my options are...if any. Money is tight with me and my wife right now so I might not even be able to fix it, but I still wanted to see what might be done about it. The computer Gods were kind enough to let me boot it up once more and get a few important files real quick but I should probably consider it out of commision for awhile.

I wanted to add although I am farily positive it is the video card, the laptop was doing a few odd things as well that I'm not sure are a product of the card going bad. When I boot it up, that white line that fills at the bottom when the BIOS is loading was filling extra slow, and it's never ever did that before. Also the one time it did boot into windows, the Wi-Fi Card didn't intialize. Can all that be a byproduct of the video card failing?

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Dell :: Hard Drive For Inspiron 6400 Died!

Apr 10, 2009

MyHard Drive for Inspiron 6400 died! I am photographer and need to get this running as soon as possible.

It came with a 120GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive.

Trying to replace it with a bigger HD.

Not sure what to get.
Would the 7200 rpm be better.
Would the Seagate ST9160411AS Momentus 7200.3 SATA 3Gb/s 160 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Driven work? ...

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Dell Inspiron 1545 :: Battery And Adapter Simultaneously Died?

Mar 3, 2013

I have a 2 year old Inspirion 1545. The battery and adapter simultaneously died on me, so I bought new ones and can't for the life of me get the adapter to behave. One day,it will work,then the next day,nothing. I keep getting an error code saying that I need  a65w adapter ,which the new one is.  I have updated the BIOS and have done all of the other troubleshooting that I can find.

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Dell Inspiron M5010 :: Died Without Symptoms And No Post Beep / BIOS But Power Light And Fan On

Jan 27, 2013

no slow-downs, BSOD's or anything - not even a fan running high and hot. All of a sudden, video blanks, no beeps, no ctl-alt-del, etc. Then no reboot post beeps and no BIOS. LED power light comes on, HD light flashes once, stays off , and battery charge light works until battery is charged. Holding PWR button down forces "off", and PWR on repeats single HD light on to off. Is this the motherboard? Also, pulled HDD - needed business info from it right away, so it reads on other computers, scanned for both viruses and errors, and is clean.

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Dell :: Inspiron 5100 Shuts Off

Aug 1, 2009

I have an Inspiron 5100 That when turned on turns off after about 5 seconds. Once in a while I can get it to turn on but it blues Screens (memory Dump) after the Windows Splash screen about 80% of the time and the other 20% it runs fine. I saw this post Inspiron 5100 won't stay on for more than 10 minutes. and thought I would try Cleaning it out, The Fan turns on so its not that. I also Put new thermal Grease on the Cpu since the old stuff was dried and flaking off. This, I am sad to say, had no effect what so ever. So I Thought I would Ask the Laptop Guru's here to see if my assumption may be right. Do you think that the Proccessor is bad and needs replacing?

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Dell Inspiron 5100 :: Turn On But Shuts Down Right Away

Sep 11, 2007

so my old ac adapter was starting to break..the end that plugs into the laptop was falling off..then it stopped charging the laptop...i have been using another laptop for awhile and decided to buy a new ac adapter for my 5100...well i got my adapter today and plugged it in..the 5100 powered on and i turned away for a second and looked back and the screen had a bunch of words and the only thing i caught at the bottom it said press f2 then it shut i tried to power it back on and it went to the dell intro screen where u can press f2 and then it shuts off...everything turns on the fan and the screen comes up but as soon as it gets to the dell screen it turns off..

When i tried powering on again the lights flashed and nothing turned on..i unplugged the adapter and plugged it back in and the lights flashed as i did that...i pushed power and it started up again only to turn off at the dell the adapter is plugged in the battery light doesnt stay on at all..just flashes when u plug in the adapter...the light stays on when u turn on the computer but everything just dies within a few seconds..i tried pressing f2 before the computer shut off but it still just turns off

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Dell :: Inspiron 5100 Unable To Watch Videos

Feb 15, 2009

I've been using my inspiron 5100 to play videos on my LCD TV for a couple of months now. Today I went to use it "stand alone" and I have no video on the laptop's LCD. Here's what I've done so far.

No I did not leave it in external video mode (in fact when I "CTRL F8" I can scroll through all 3 modes).

The following 3 scenarios are the same with or without the external VGA connected) (with the exception of the TV display of cou

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Dell :: Inspiron 5100 Intermittently Stops Charging Battery...

Apr 20, 2009

I know about the DC Jack problem the 5150 has and I don't think this has that it works great with the AC adapter plugged in.

I have already tryed another battery and same results. I ordered a new AC adapter and I am (albeit impatiently) waiting for the arrival. So in the meanwhile I thought I'd ask here if anyone has any ideas (And if the AC adapter doesn't work)????

I have already done a search and the only relevant item I found was something about the LVC14A chip issue and was wondering if it could be that?

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Dell Inspiron 5100 :: High Speed USB Port Controller

Feb 13, 2013

What do I need to download to create a High Speed USB Port Controller on my antique Inspiron 5100 .....

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Dell :: XPS Gen 2 Died

May 26, 2009

I thought this was odd, since I didn't shut it down last night, just closed the lid. I hit the power button, and the laptop looks like it trys to start up, and the harddrive spins up, but it won't boot.

I see the lights come on for about 5 sec. then it shuts down. I don't hear any of the fans spinning up at all. What could it be? I tried booting off the battery, and the power supply(which is almost brand new) nothing works.

It's not even posting. I don't see anything on the screen at all. Is my video card dead? I used it for about 3 hours last night and it was fine, I didn't have any artifacting, and the computer was running fine.

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Dell :: XPS 2 Died

Jan 2, 2008

My laptop died last night and i dont know where to begin a diagnostic.

I will try to explain what happened and what it is doing to the best of my ability but my sentence structure and grammar is not all that great So please bear with me.

this is my machine...
Inspiron XPS Gen 2
Intel Pentium M Processor 770 (2.13 GHz/2MB Cache/533MHz FSB),
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Video Card 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 6800 Ultra
2 gigs of Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz (from newegg)

I ordered this machine 7/04/05 and has worked awesome since it arrived at my door step. I have done 0 mods to it. The only thing i have swapped out is the ram.

Over the holiday weekend i had a strange graphical haze happen, everything was hazy and not very clear. So i logged on to a game and the strange haze followed. Figuring the machine was bugen out i rebooted. Doing this fixed the problem. Now fast forward 10 days with no problems. Last night i logged out of Wow for the evening, upon logging out my screen was filled with small hazy Z's that stretched the length of my monitor and my system was locked up, so i just help down the power button and shut down for the night.

Today it booted up with no problems and i was reading the news. I went to log on to Ventrlio to chat with a few friends and found it jacked all up. I had this running last night when my system crashed fyi. I got up for a few and later noticed the hazy Z's are back. Then the monitor stared to flicker on then off randomly until it went black.
Now 4 hrs later i have gotten it to boot twice for a short periods of time. The black background lights up but shows nothing. The hard drive seems to run for a moment but i cant really tell if its running. The lights come on along with the power on light. A few of the times i have turned the unit on and 5 minutes later i will hear the windows loading sound but nothing graphical happens. I opened up the unit hoping i had a loose connection, nothing was loose and everything was fairly clean.

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Dell :: My XPS M1530 Died

Aug 16, 2009

my favourite laptop choosen through reviews and suggestions just died because of faulty GPU after 1year. The most cost effective system i ever owned . i spent over $1000 to get the "Best bang for buck" system.

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Dell :: M90 Gfx Card Died

Nov 15, 2009

It has finally happened, my graphics card has after 3.5 years of steady and faithful use, finally given out.

Since a picture says more than thousand words, here is two:

What happens next? I have put Arctic Silver on the GPU, more than 3 years ago, so if anything it extended the GFX's lifespan, will Dell still give me fuss about this? This is the infamous G91 series with the production fault, so i have kind of wating for this to happen.. And i have more than 1.5 year left on my NBD warranty..

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Dell :: My XPS M1330 Died

May 18, 2009

my XPS was running fine, just had the MB replaced a couple months back due to the GPU failure... all of a sudden it powered down instantly, just went dead, it was running on ac when it happened.


The power button does nothing, running on battery or ac.

If I plug it in with the ac adapter the little blue led on the adapter turns off, and won't come back on until I unplug it from the computer and re-plug it in the wall.

There is a slight smell of burnt coming from the vent, may just be mental...

My normal 1 year warranty is dead, does it sound like anything I could replace... wondering if it is the MB since I can get no power at all and the ac adapter seems to short out when plugged into the computer?

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Has Died

Jan 10, 2010

I am looking for some advice as what to do/try.

I did a restart of the laptop and after the initial bios load screen I get.

"A disc read error occured"

Does not give me any options just a black screen with that message.
I have removed the hard drive and reseated it to no avail.

The warranty ran out two weeks ago

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Dell :: Harddrive Died

Oct 11, 2008

My Hard drive went kaput and right after I had put about 4 hours of paper research info into it.

I spent hours trying to get the information off the drive, but now have an additional issue: The external drive I borrowed from my friend was being used with Apple OS X. SO, when I plug it in to this win XP machine, it doesn't recognize the drive or show any existing files!

Does anyone know a program or a way to help me verify if my attempt to recover data might have been successful? The only other option I can think of is, after getting a new drive into the laptop, installing linux hastily and transferring to a different drive. And no, the friend that I am borrowing from is a few hours away at the moment. I need that research for Monday, and I feel the pressure!

This is the first hard drive that has ever failed on me inside of a year, and its true what they say: It happens only when you suddenly have data that is actually important.

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Dell :: My M1330 Has Died Again

Nov 20, 2009

My sister is using my Dell M1330 in Germany. It has the same graphics problem that it did over a year ago, and I had the motherboard replaced with a new one. She is going to ship it over to the US, and it's still under warrantee.

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Dell :: 9400 MB Died

Nov 25, 2007

My 9400 MB died this AM! Suck!! Was looking at replacement MB on Ebay, seems there is are a few different PNs to choose from. Anybody know the most current part number Dell produced? Prices dont seem to bad compared to a new laptop.

Actually, While Ive gotten this thing dopwn to parade rest. What is the best combo of MB Vid and CPU to make. I have look ed a nd most parts are still cheaper than a new box. I hve serched these forums and read MANY MANY ides for mods but all the configurations are too numerous to keep track of.

This is now a project and I want to upgrade my gaming capability while on thre road for my job. If you all will just give me what you think are the best options I will then reserarch rather than start from scratch.

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Dell :: M1710 DIED

Apr 12, 2008

I have M1710 2GHZ, 2GB, 1000GB@7200, XP Media Center, last friday i was workind and then XP Crashed.. the mouse wont respond as well the keyword so i pressed the power button for a while to turn it off and then restart.

When i pushed the power button it died (i think), the LED of Power gets on, and the LED for NumLock gets on too, the LED's for CapsLock and ScrollLock gets blinking, and the LED of the CD/DVD drive ON.. but after some seconds (before minute) it shut down.. at this point i might say that the Screen wont turn on.. so i cant see the numbers of RAM or DELL logo or something

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Dell XPS M1530 :: Died And Won't Revive

Jun 30, 2009

My 15 or so month old M1530 was running fine, all of a sudden, while plugged into the A/C Adapter, it just stopped working... shut down, it appeared.  I attempted to re-start it, to no avail, the power button doesn't work.  I unplugged it from the A/C Adapter, still no good... I checked the surge protector, functioning fine... 

So, I grab a couple of the power adapters, the one @ the desk and the travel one, and try them both; when connected to the outlet the nice little green light on them is illuminated, however, upon plugging either of them into the laptop, the light goes out.  I ordered a replacement battery, HOPING that the battery was the problem, still nothing...

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Dell :: M1530 LG LCD Died, Replaced By Grainy One

Feb 21, 2009

I was a happy owner of my XPS M1530 for almost 10 months in a row now. I had a luck and received M1530 with LG Philips LCD -what a joy.

Unfortunately LCD backlight started to dim out and I had to call Dell Czech for a replacement.

I requested to replace my faulty LCD with the same type (LG Philips) and CSR guy told me that's not a problem ordered one for me and the next day service man arrived. Replaced my faulty LCD no questions asked. Before he left I asked him if it is really LG Philips as I requested because the new one had quite less contrast and the viewing angle was also somehow diferent. We found out that the new one is manufactured by Optronics and is grainy.

Found a comparison pic on the internet: Grainy of the left, LG on the right

Well I am not happy with this one, it is much worse LCD than LG was. Called to Dell asked for immediate replacement. CSR guy told me it is not possible as Dell does not quarantee ANYTHING - check out our terms of sale. Did you get WXGA+ 1440x900? If so then don't complain was his answer.

I requested to put into my CRM that I am not satisfied with the new one and that I feel cheated as I was promised LG LCD over the phone. CSR guy promised to pass this info to his supervisor and that he will call me back. Two days passed no-one called and I am gonna call them on Monday again .....

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Dell :: M1710 Video Card Fan Died

Jun 27, 2008

after long 2 years of using this laptop, my video card fan died. How do i know this? Well, after turning on the laptop today, i got all these artifacts and my left side fan isnt running which supposedly run when you turn on.

Now my question is, where can i find a video card fan for this specific model to replace it?

I have all sorts of data on this laptop and i dont want to die on me just like that. any info or help would be greatly appreciated.

Specs: 2.0 Centrino Duo--512MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX--2G DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHZ--80Gig 7200RPM HDD--XP pro SP2

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Dell :: XPS M1530How Long Have You Had It And Has Your 8600M GPU Died Yet

Dec 14, 2009

For all you M1530 owners, how long have you had it for and is the 'defective' GPU still working fine?

For those that had the M1530 or had it replaced, how long did the GPU last before it died?

Also, please mention whether you undervolt/undervolted your CPU and use/used a notebook cooler as I think this would affect the life of it.

Had mine since April '08 and the current motherboard since December '08. Undervolted CPU and notebook cooler. Still working perfectly.

These questions are relevant to my big question here:

XPS M1530 - Keep or Sell?

The poll is just for summaries sake but an actual response with the details would be appreciated. Also, the poll is only for M1530's you bought new. i.e. not refurbished, second hand.

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Dell :: M1530 Network Card Died?

Apr 13, 2009

I've been using my laptop daily with its ethernet port for my internet connection. A few times a week I'll use the wireless connection, which is easy enough to switch on and off.

Today when I got back to my desk and plugged in my ethernet cable, nothing happened. No orange/green flashing lights, nothing.

Wireless still works fine, but I can't get a byte of internet out of the wired LAN connection. The device manager says it's a Marvell Yukon 88e8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller.

Pinging loopback ( works just fine and the device manager says that it's working properly

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Dell :: Laptops Died Playing Company Of Heroes

Sep 18, 2008

Was in the middle of playing company of heroes, and it just switched off, and now it wont power up again, ive tried disconnecting the battery and power lead, and tried starting it up again and the power light stays on for about 2 seconds and just goes off, i disconnect the battery try to power up again, the multi media lights flash and power light stays on for 2 seconds and then goes off. DEAD as a dodo. feel like throwin it throu the window.

if i bought this from dell as reconditioned, am in the right mind to demand a new one for havin so many problems.

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Dell XPS 13 :: Laptop Won't Boot When Shut Down After Battery Died

Nov 21, 2014

I have a xps 13 l322x that won't boot up.  It shut down after battery died, it was plugged in to charge and it won't turn back on.

When power button is pressed the LED in front of the touch pad blinks once.

The F12 with the power key does the BIST and the colors show up. 

The Fn key with power key does nothing. 

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Dell :: 6800 Ultra In My XPS Gen2 Video Card Died

Feb 21, 2008

For whatever reason, my 6800 Ultra in my XPS Gen2 I got awhile ago went dead. Can anyone suggest where I can get a replacement on the cheap(er)? I bought the 6800 Ultra upgrade for $500 back then and now spare parts wants $599 for one.

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Dell Studio 1735 :: Died After Being In Standby Mode For An Hour

Nov 4, 2014

My Studio 1735 has been quite reliable, until today when I closed the lid and left it for an hour. When I came back it simply refuses to switch on at all, so I checked the battery (full charge) and the adapter (green light) so all power sources look good. Briefly, the button on the opposite side of the laptop from the power switch did show a white light, but that's died as well now! I removed the CMOS battery in case it was a logical problem, but it made no difference.

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Acer :: My 1410 HDD Just Died

Dec 1, 2009

I just had a blue screen of death (dump screen) for the third time in 2 months and after reboot, i get this screen:

What can i do now? I would like to recover the files i have in the HDD, as i know if i send this to Acer, they'll wipe out everything or replace a new HDD. Can i open the laptop and try to plug the HDD to some enclosure to get the files out?
Will that void the warranty?

In the BIOS, i see:
HDD Model Name: None
HDD Serial Number:
ATAPI Model Name: None

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