Dell :: Lat E-6400 New Owner

Dec 10, 2009

I bought a E 6400 and was wondering if anyone's right speaker grill not as solid as the left grill. I'm able to push down on it and it pushes in a little bit. The right one is really solid

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Dell :: XT2 Owner's Lounge

Apr 23, 2010

Didn't see one in thos forum anywhere - thought it would be nice to have a place to call home ..........................

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Dell :: New E6400 Owner Like It!

Apr 7, 2009

I posted a few times in other threads and received a lot of good advice on which laptop to buy. This led me to the e6400 which I ordered from the outlet.

Received it over the weekend and got it up and running. Though not as stylishly groundbreaking as some, it has a nice sleek, cool look.

It is a business laptop afterall. I will agree with others on the speakers, pretty poor, even for a business laptop. But, other features are nice.... backlit keyboard, screen, keyboard layout/size

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Dell :: Just Became A Proud M1730 Owner, But...

May 6, 2009

I am from Belgium and since yesterday a proud owner of a m1730
After weeks of surfing the net to get the best bang for buck I got myself a brand new m1730 with sli 9800m gt, 6gb ram, a 2,5Ghz duo, blu ray, etc... for just 1839€. Believe me this is very cheap for this laptop in Belgium.

I also game on my Imac (which I bought to do mostly Lightwave and 3d coat) from 2008 with a 8800gs (in reality a 8800m gt) and 3,06 ghz core2duo .....

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Dell :: M6400 Owner's Pics Please

May 20, 2009

I am reading the Precision M6400 Owner's Lounge (only on page 85 ) and I still haven't seen 1 owner's picture

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Dell :: E6410 Owner's Thread

Apr 12, 2010

It's time to start it.

The specs on this one are as follows.

# Dual Core i7 Processor at 2.66Ghz
# 4GB Memory
# Intel 6300 Wireless
# Ultrasharp 14.1" 1400x900
# Discrete Nvidia Quadro Graphics
# 3MP Webcam ......

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Dell :: Vista Owner With Flicker

Dec 2, 2007

I have had a major problem with my M1710 having a fit when running on batteries!

theres a slight flicker when running aero on vista, but the computer has a major fit when running Studio 11 from pinnacle.

have had a great deal of discusion with dell and Tech support with out success.
they suggested new mother board and 7950gtx card!

anyway through reading alot of posts on the forum i tried increasing the clock speeds of the 2d setting on the graphics card

the core is now set at 150 and memory 200

i tried it at 100/150 as suggested on another post.

However 150/200 has created significant performance increase when editting on pinncle studio 11! and vista areo runs smooth as silk

Increasing the Clock speeds cures the flickering problem!

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Dell :: OFFICIAL: STUDIO 14z Owner's Lounge

May 28, 2009


Officially released with nice specs:


· Thin, cool design for those who download media from online

· Powerful, mobile entertainment system combines HD resolution screen with great audio and 500GB1 hard drive option

ROUND ROCK, Texas, May 28, 2009 – For the generation that has grown up with the Internet and can find just about anything online, the new Dell Studio 14z laptop makes it easy to carry their digital world with them. Designed for students and others on the go who demand the perfect balance of mobility and performance, the Studio 14z is a homework-busting system by day and an entertainment powerhouse by night.

It features a svelte design and a huge 500GB1 hard drive option that can store up to 125,000 songs, 142,000 photos or 133 DVD quality movies2. The Studio 14z allows people to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, listen to streaming music with friends, store a vast MP3 collection and socially network from just about anywhere3.

The Studio 14z is the industry's first consumer laptop available with FailSafe™ theft prevention. This option helps protect personal data should the laptop go missing or be stolen. With Failsafe engaged, owners can track network information and the ISP location of the laptop when it connects to the Internet, and get help to remotely erase selected files and render the laptop unusable until the rightful owner unlocks it.

"Young people have grown up with the Internet and can find almost everything they need online." said Michael Tatelman, vice president of Dell's global consumer sales and marketing. "They want a slim, easy-to-carry laptop and like the choice of a larger hard drive over an optical drive. The Studio 14z has the storage and speed that most people need, and it comes with color options that let them truly express who they are."

The Studio 14z comes in six colors: Black Chain Link, Midnight Blue, Spring Green, Plum Purple, Ruby Red and Promise Pink (U.S. only). Dell will donate $5 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® from the purchase of each Promise Pink laptop.

The new laptop also comes with Dell Remote Access4; the optional premium version allows people to access content via their home network of personal computing devices including desktops, laptops, ultra-mobile devices, smart phones and web cameras.

Priced from $649 U.S., the Studio 14z is available now online and over the phone in the U.S. and Canada.

The News:

· New Dell Studio 14z laptop sports a stylish, thin (0.79–1.2-inches) design for students and digital downloaders who want a combination of power and exceptional mobility

· Energy-efficient, mercury-free, 14-inch 16:9 LED display with HD resolution (720p/ 900p)

· Intel® Pentium® Dual Core, and Intel Core™ 2 Duo standard voltage processors up to T9550 (2.66GHz, 1066Mhz FSB, 6MB Cache)

· Integrated NVIDIA® GeForce® 9400M graphics5

· Digital Video/Audio via HDMI and DisplayPort

· Standard 1.3MP webcam with dual digital array mics

· Starting weight of 4.3 pounds6

· Standard FastAccess™ Facial Recognition Software to help prevent unauthorized access to your computer

· Optional Phoenix Failsafe™ Theft Protection to help protect laptop and data in event of theft

· Advanced touchpad control to help improve productivity

· 4W, SRS®, 2.0 Audio w/ discrete tweeters and dual headphone jacks

· Up to 500GB1 HDD capacity

· Optional 8:1 Media Card Reader via 34mm Express Card slot

· Six-cell battery standard, optional slim design 8-cell battery for up to 6:46 hours of battery life with WLED display option7

· Standard Wi-Fi, optional Bluetooth® and mobile broadband to connect anywhere3

· eSATA connectivity for high speed data transfer rate (up to 6X USB 2.0)

· PowerShare - Charge your USB-connected cell phone and other mobile devices via the USB 2.0/eSATA combo port even when you're unplugged from a power outlet

· Optional external optical drive options (DVD+/-RW, Blu-ray Disc™ read-only and read-write drives)...............................................

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Dell :: Precision M4500 Owner's Lounge

Mar 31, 2010

Finally 6 months of search is over,

Just placed an order today, Precision M4500.................

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Dell :: Official XPS M1530 Owner's Lounge

Oct 12, 2009

The previous XPS M1530 Owner's Lounge thread was getting too large and slowing down forum search, so this is the new thread.

Original Link to XPS M1530 Owner's Lounge

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Dell :: Vostro 1220 Owner's Cafe

Nov 20, 2009

I guess this little beast of a portable deserves an owner's lounge too.

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Dell :: Latitude E6500 Owner's Lounge

Sep 29, 2008

I got my E6500 a few days ago. I played it around for a few days. Now, I try to start this thread another way. Instaed of writing a post giving my own mpressions, please ask questions and I try to answer. Like this I guess it will be more helpful to you guys.
I list the main spec here:

P9500 CPU
250GB 7200RPM HD with FFS
Intel 5300 Wireless
nVidia NVS 160M display card
WUXGA screen with webcam
Backlit keyboard
6 Cell and 9 Cell battery
90W power supply (new design)

I noticed it has both PCMCIA and PCMCIA Express.

I installed Windows XP SP3.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Owner's Lounge

Oct 6, 2009

Apparently we're trying to keep the size of the notebook owner's threads down around 2k to 3k posts

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Dell :: New Fingerprint Reader Owner's Must Read

Aug 29, 2009

I have a new Dell M4400 Precision running Windows Vista 64bit. Th only function that works with the fingerprint reader is pre boot and windows log on.

I am not able to log onto web pages or applications. The fingerprint reader (in my case the FIPS unit but both are effected) is not attached to the system and will not detect as a biometric device. The fingerprint reader is connected to a unit called a Broadcom USH (Unified Security Hub). Since the unit is not detected as a biometric device you cannot use it with any fingerprint software such as PSQL (Upek's Protector Suite QL) or the built in software with Windows 7. The only software that it works with is ETS (Wave's Embassy trust Suit) which officially from Wave does not support and will not support 64bits OS. The ETS software however does not work even when a 32bit OS is used, Well at least not work in a practical manner.



1. The Fingerprint readers used are standard USB readers
2. The port on the USH is a standard USB port.
3. The fingerprints are stored in the fingerprint unit.
4. The fingerprint reader will still work with the TPM disabled
5. The FIPS and HSPD security is part of the UPEK reader and has no bearing on the broadcom USH.
6. It is the USH that is blocking the fingerprint from Windows.
7. Up until approx 10 days ago Dell did not see this as an issue. But now see it as a high priority to resolve and are talking about developing a 64bit ETS.
8. Being able to use PQSL with the FIPS reader would resolve issues. Allowing webpage logon and application logon as all previous Dell units did.
9. The FIPS reader is supported by PSQL 2009 confirmed by UPEK.
10. Not confirmed only commented by a UPEK Tech that they are trying to resolve the broadcom compatibility issue that effects Dell.
11. The Broadcom USH controls the Smartcard and Contactless smartcard readers. The fingerprint reader is only connected to a USB port on this device which is restricted from the system. Like a locked port on a USB hub.
12. Which with out Dell owners speaking up as a whole Dell engineering will not listen to the Dell Pro support.


After speaking with UPEK and Dell pro support is is confirmed that this solution will resolve the issue of the fingerprint reader not being a biometric device and all of the problem associated with this simple fact.


If Dell engineering was to update the firmware on the Broadcom USH allowing the USB port that the fingerprint reader is attached to be seen by the system then all would be resolved and windows would see the fingerprint reader as a biometric device instead of Broadcom USH w/ fingerprint touch sensor. This would work the same way a USB port on a hub sees a device. For example a memory stick on a USB hub intergrated into a keyboard is not seen as a "Keyboard w/memory stick".


Dell pro support has already requested the update from Engineering and was told they are looking into a 64bit ETS. This does not add inbuilt support for windows 7. Unless Dell owners speak up together and in numbers ENGINEERING WILL NOT LISTEN. So please reply to this post if you are not able to use your new fingerprint unit in the practical way that a HP, Acer, Toshiba or owner of another brand laptop can.

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Owner's Lounge

Sep 24, 2008

Ordered a M6400 today. Estimated ship date 10/23!

X9100 3.06ghz (Rather have raw speed then extra cores - next question - can it be overclocked?)
4GB (2 DIMM) 1066mhz
nVidia 3700m (Yeah!)
1440x900 WXGA
Dual 80GB hard drives (have my own 320's ready to go in)
Backlit keyboard (Standard)
Intel 5300
Bluetooth 370
Fingerprint Reader
Extra AC adapter (210w!

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Owner's Lounge *Part 2*

Oct 14, 2009

This thread is an extension of the original Precision M6400 Owner's Lounge thread. The old one was getting to be too large and slowing down the database.

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Dell :: Official Studio XPS 1340 Owner's Thread

Oct 6, 2009

Remember to keep all comments/discussion related to the Studio XPS 1340.

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Dell :: The Official Studio XPS 1340 Owner's Thread

Jan 24, 2009

As requested by peep's in the combined 1340/1640 Owner's thread, here is the Official XPS 1340 Owners Thead....

So, have it with the Official Studio XPS 1340 Owner's Lounge/Thread:

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Dell :: Precision M4400 Owner's Lounge *Part 2*

Oct 14, 2009

This thread is an extension of the original Precision M4400 Owner's Lounge thread. The old one was getting to be too large and slowing down the database.

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Dell :: How Do You Fully Sell A Laptop, And Transfer Warranty To New Owner

Dec 12, 2008

I have a business laptop (Precision M4400), how do I know if my warranty is transferable or not? If it is, what is the process of transferring the ownership to someone else?

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Sony :: New Vaio TT Owner

Mar 14, 2010

I just purchased a tt290yab with 1.4ghz blueray and all the trimmings. So I though I would post and introduce my self...

After owning a vaio P as my sole machine for a year this thing flys even with vista installed and untweaked.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice, things I could tweak... Best video playing software etc.. ?

Also my laptop came refurbished and has the noise cancelling capability but I don't have the headphones. Anyone know where I can get some? Or the part number for them so I could call sony? I tried the ones from my vaio P but they dont work.

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HP/Compaq :: New3510nr Owner

Apr 17, 2009

After researching a portable laptop with good battery life, and fast processer speed I choose the best buys blue label 3510nr laptop. The screen was gorgeous, and I bought it to get adapted to vista. One the volume of the speakers is clear for a laptop this size inside windows looking at videos or playing music baqck but strangely enough when viewing DVD movies the volume is very quiet. When the computer first started a DVD is went from 0 to ffering several numbers for US language and it plays in US mode but I wonder what this was. Also my movies downloaded from utube and various sources throughout the years ran fine on XP and xp PRO but 50% only will play in AVI not the movie in windows media player. Also I am perplexed at how strange the new Media player is compared with earleir versions that ran under XP. Waht can I do about seeing my movies, and possibly whats up with the sound as Ive checked all settings in control panel. Im scared to even call HP as their customer service horribible.

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Dell :: Latest XPS M1530 Owner Starting On The Warranty Exchange Road...

Mar 3, 2010

I contacted Dell yesterday morning via chat because my laptop has started crashing when playing fallout 3/wow, again... This time I remained persistent that I did not want another defective new motherboard with a bad 8600m GPU in it, installed for me. I explained that it’s not a matter of IF the replacement will fail, but WHEN. I was persistent that I wanted a better solution than the motherboard swap. I asked to be transferred to the agent’s supervisor.

When transferred I was told that they "redesigned" the motherboard/GPU so this issue was no longer occurring. I explained to the supervisor how he must have his facts wrong because that is not true. I was eventually offered a warranty replacement. It only took an hour of being firm but polite. I was told it would take 1 week to get an order number from the supervisor and I could reference the chat log number if I had any questions.

After I got off the chat, I realized that I forgot to get the dispatch number. Today I went back into chat to get my dispatch number and asked again when I have an order number for my warranty exchange. Today I was told 2-3 weeks for the order number and 4-5+ weeks to actually get the new system. The agents explained that the "We (dell) are seeing a huge backlog in our warehouse and that is the reason we are not committing on a earlier date." I asked why I was told 1 week the day before but I was only apologized to for being miss-informed.

Currently I feel like i am trapped and dell doesn't care about me as a customer, and that is a shame. I am going to be updating this thread as I progress through this process for a couple of reasons. The main reason is I hope that this will help me keep my insanity in check when dealing with the frustrations of spending my money for my "cool" xps 1530 with 4 year complete care warranty that was almost broke more than it worked. It would often take dell 2-3 weeks to get a tech out with the correct part to fix my laptop when it had issues. The second reason it to just document in one central location this process. Finally maybe I can help pass some people’s time out there by letting reading about my story :-)

In conclusion, I am grateful that I was approved for a warranty replacement, and hope that everyone else out there who has “dealt” with dell’s bs regarding the 1530/1330 will get the same result. It just sucks the wait it looking to be about 1.5 months, lol :-)

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Sony :: New Vaio Z11 Series Owner

Mar 31, 2010

I just received my new Vaio Z11 laptop a few days ago. I'm very satisfied with my purchase as it's my first ultra portable laptop. I have the i7-620M version with the 1920x1080 screen and 256GB SSD (4x64gb).

I have a few concerns though:

First, Is it safe that I make a clean install of W7? My Drive came with a single C Drive partition but I'd like to partition my drive into C and D drives. Are there specific tools to use for SSD's?

Second thing is regarding the Fingerprint Scan. I have been able to apply it on Windows Logon, and have also set it for Power On mode, but unfortunately when I turn on my laptop it doesn't ask me for the finger print it only does that at the Windows Logon screen. I have checked the bios and saw nothing that has Enable finger print or something of that sort, there was just a clear finger print option.

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Sony :: New Vaio Ns Owner- Apps

Mar 8, 2010

I just got a vaio ns with a pentium dual core t3200 @ 2ghz. I just did a fresh install of windows 7 so theres no SONY apps in there. I'm having trouble with notebook hardware control. It doesn't detect the voltage, it's basically showing ... and so I can't undervolt it and I really want to. Also when I installed NHC, it seems to take over the original settings somehow and always dims the screen to 0% when I start up the PC.

I'd also like to know if vaio's have a way to enter the bios during boot?

What are some recommended apps/drivers for me to download for this laptop? It comes with a gma4500mhd. Do I have to download drivers or does it pretty much come or auto download with the windows 7 updates?

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Dell :: Official Studio XPS 1645 Intel Core I7 REAL Owner's Thread

Oct 29, 2009

Do not post in this thread until you ACTUALLY take deliver of XPS 1645 I7. Since the other thread has been destroyed by the production fiasco, we will reserve this thread for reviews, questions, etc about the ACTUAL machine...

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Acer :: Aspire 8930G Owner's Lounge

Dec 31, 2008

I found that we don't have an owner's thread for Acer's latest Gemstone Blue notebook, the 8930G! I got the laptop today and it is a beaut! I got the 6243 model with BluRay.

If anyone here has tweaked it or has some useful tips, post it here! I'm pretty novice in regards to notebooks so it would help me just as much as other members! A quick guide to what to install and uninstall would be greatly appreciated. Also appropriate drivers would be beneficial.

If I'm too new to this board to post an owner's lounge, my apologies.'s Review: Click Here

Courtesy of NBR
Plasma's Review: Click Here
Tweaking Vista: Click Here
Free Software!: Click Here

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Acer :: Aspire 5935G Owner Thread

May 25, 2009

A few days ago I was bought a new Acer Aspire 5935G-744G50N notebook. I would like to install the original nvidia 185.85 WHQL driver for the GT130M video card from the nvidia site. But the installer drop down me and doesn't installed the driver.

He says: "Doesn't found components for the driver". Or something like that. Okay, I install back the original Acer-Nvidia driver from the driver backup dvd, but the screen brightness is too dark. I repaired the system with the system-restore. I delete again the originally installed Acer-Nvidia driver, and I download a modded .inf with nvidia driver from the That's generate a bad screen resulation and after some installs black sreens. After it, I download a "Dox" modded driver from here, too, but it doesn't work correctly, too.

My question is: How I install newest Nvidia drivers for this good laptop?

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Acer :: Aspire 5930(G) Owner Thread

Oct 3, 2008

I just got my Aspire 5930G here in sweden, and i have to say coming from a DELL laptop, this one is really nice.

It has a 2.0GHZ CPU which maybe is a little slow, but the grfx card (Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT) makes up for that!
3 GB RAM, HDMI/VGA ports, DVD-writer, 15.4" screen with 1280x800.

I just put in another harddrive in it (320gigger instead of 250 that came with it) and with 7200rpm instead of the original 5400 it is really much faster.

I bought the laptop for 1160$ aprox, which is pretty cheap, isnt it? =)

Just tried 3dmarks 2006 and it gets 5567 points which is VERY good for this kind of cheap laptop, "for the win"!

It seems this laptop is pretty rare still, im not sure its new on the market, but can other owners please write here, maybe some tips or so
Wonder if i for instance can put another (faster) CPU in this one to make it faster..

Here are some links for those who are intrested in this one:

WinXP drivers for 5930: [url]

Review of it: [url]

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Sony :: New Vaio Owner- Regarding SD Cards & Mem Sticks

Mar 26, 2010

I have a question for the new Z owner with 128GB SSD.

I have been thinking about returning the unit in exchange for one with a larger SSD due to the drives lower capacity.

After reformatting and installing win7 Ultimate Office 2007, and some other things I deem as required Iam left with approximately 76 GB this includes BFBC2.

I have a few more games and some benchmark tools I like to install etc.

I would like to hear a few opinions on SD Capacity (SDHC) or Sony memory cards as an alternative for additional storage rather than returning it for the higher capacity SSD models and getting nailed with a 15% restock fees.

Do SD cards or the Sony mem Stocks have any short comings?

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