Dell Latitude E5430 :: Unable To Locate Graphic Protocol

Jan 8, 2015

Laptop Model: Latitude E5430 vPro

When I ran the Dell diagnostics, I received the message on top of the screen: " Unable to locate a graphic protocol. PSA cannot be used."I tried to update BIOS, but when I restarted the machine, the BIOS update wouldn't executed. 

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Dell Latitude E5430 :: SD Card Reader No Response

Apr 21, 2014

All of a sudden the SD Card Reader on E5430 laptop doesn't work  When I insert SD card nothing happens. Before, a window would pop up, or I could see the SD card in my computer.

No nothing happens and it doesn't show up under my computer.

Also, under device manager -> storage controllers, not there any more.

I believe it's a O2 Micro OZ600xxx card reader.  I tried installing driver, but still doesn't see SD Card when inserted.

If the SD Card reader is just dead? Or do I have a driver issue. Windows 7 Professional 64bit

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Dell Latitude E5430 :: Installing MSata Module?

Nov 6, 2014

i am asking for adding new m-sata ssd drive in WWAN slot in dell latitude e5430

or in PCI-Express slot  

is this operation possible or this not allowed in this model ?

this is the msata model  [URL]

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Acer :: EDSLoader.exe Unable To Locate Component

Feb 7, 2009

I am a "silver surfer" with limited computer knowledge and would greatly appreciate help with a problem which has recently occurred with my Acer Aspire 5920G laptop which is running Vista SP1.

All of a sudden and for no apparent reason, when I switch on I get a message " eDSLoader.exe Unable to Locate Component. This application has failed to start because ADMIN_CLASS_LIB.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

This is followed by a Windows Message which says "eData Security System Loader (Load and prepare environment) has stopped working" and I get the 2 usual Windows alternatives.

Looking in Google, I see an article which says this problem is not serious. It says the eDSLoader program relates to data encryption and is not normally used. The solution recommended by the article is to use msConfig and disable the program from running at start up.

Before doing this, I would like to double-check with knowledgeable members of this forum.

Is disabling the program from running at start-up really the best solution ?

Or should I try to re-install the program in question ? If re-installing is the best option, do I uninstall in the normal way and where do I find a new version of the program to re-install?

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Dell Latitude E5430 :: Shut Down Randomly - ASF2 Force Off

Jan 27, 2015

We got several Dell Latitude e5430 machines with the same problem.

They shutdown randomly. In the bios event we can see "ASF2 Force Off"

They have all the latest bios version (A15). They all pass the onboard diagnostics.

Motherboard, CPU and heatsink already replaced.

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Dell Latitude E5430 :: Will Boot Only Some Of The Time When Power Button Is Pressed

Jan 26, 2015

I have an E5430 that when the power button is pressed will not post every time. It is random. I get the power light only. Holding the power button down until it clicks off and pressing it again on the sixth or 19th time it will finally light off and post and head into boot. I have run the full diagnostics and no problems are found. The diagnostic finds no problems so I am wondering if this is a power button problem or something not tied to the MB. The same thing occurs with different batteries and power adapters.

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Dell Latitude E5430 :: Can Force BIOS Update If Laptop Battery Is Bad?

Jan 21, 2015

I'm trying to update the BIOS on a latitude E5430.  When I try to run the file it provides an error that states the machine needs to be plugged in and battery connected.  Both are true.  However the battery LED blinks orange.  A new battery has been ordered but with the most cost effective shipping it could be a week or two until it arrives.  Laptop runs fine when plugged in and that is the way it is used normally anyway.

On a desktop computer you wouldn't require a UPS with good battery to flash a bios, so why would you require that on a laptop if it is plugged in?  I am familiar with the plugged in requirement and that makes sense, and the laptop is plugged in.

Is there a command switch such as 5430A15.exe /force or something similar to brute force the BIOS to install?

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Sony :: VGN AW190- Unable To Locate Any Network In The Device Settings

Jan 4, 2009

I bought the laptop from Newegg and they shipped it with Vista Home Premium. I use the laptop at work so I purchased Vista business. However, when I install vista business, the drivers from Sony's website don't seem to work (especially the network ones). I am unable to locate any network in the device settings.

I called Sony and they said they do not have an official drivers cd for the AW190 since it is a newer laptop. They can't even confirm if Vista Business is compatible with AW190! All they told me to do was re-install the drivers in a certain order but that did not work either.

Is the AW190 Vista Business compatible? Has to be, right?

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Dell Latitude D500 :: Cannot Locate Specific Network Drivers For Modem

Feb 14, 2013

Cannot get online. I went into the device manager and found thefollowing:

+ Under other devices

! Linksys EtherFast_10/100_PC_Card_(PCMPC100_V3)

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

Location: on O2Micro OZ6912/601/711EO CardBus/Sm

! Network Controller

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

Location: PCI bus, device3, function 0
PCI Modem

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

Location: PCI bus 0, device 31, function 6
System Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation
System Model: Latitude D500
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A06
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M Processor 1300MHz, ~1,3GHz
Memory: 510MB RAM

I cannot connect to the internet to download these driversdirectly to her laptop. Can I download them to a usb from mine and transferthem? I've looked everywhere for these drivers but can't seem to navigate theDell Drivers page to find them.

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HP Probook 4530s Display :: Unable To Install Graphic Drivers?

Sep 25, 2014

Model: HP Probook 4530s
OS: Windows 7
I have both Intel and ATI switchable graphics in my laptop. I recently reinstalled Windows & If I try to install the ATI drivers from the drivers CD or from the HP website, the laptop hangs on the Windows logo after a restart and I have to do a system restore to fix it. If I try to install just the Intel driver it just gives me an error that says "This computer does not meet the minimum requirement to install the software".  I am unable to change the brightness and the resolution is bad. In Device manager both the options under display adapter say "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter", with a yellow error sign over one of them. I am worried if the graphics card is damaged from over heating. Is it possible to disable one of the cards to check functionality of the other?

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HP Pavilion G6 2105tx OS/Software :: Unable To Update Graphic Driver

Nov 11, 2014

I own a HP Pavilion G6 2105tx with Windows 7 64bit version. The Problem is that im unable to update my GPU driver. I searched this site and downloaded the appropriate driver for my notebook. But when i tried to install, i receive an error message that my notebook is not supported. I rechecked and im sure that i downloaded the correct driver listed for my notebook model. My Graphic card is Intel HD Graphics 4000.

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HP Pavilion 15 N278tx OS/Software :: Unable To Install Graphic Drivers

Jun 3, 2014

Unable to install Graphic Drivers for HP Pavilion 15-n278tx Notebook

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HP/Compaq :: Warranty Protocol

Feb 1, 2009

i bought a pavilion dv4 about 4 months ago, so its still under warranty, and recently not only does the battery not charge but the volume button on the panel doesn't work.

when i call HP, will they waste my time by trying to walk me through troubleshooting, or is there a way i can just have the laptop sent in since its still under warranty.

also, im really exposing my ignorance here, but is there any way to just be refunded rather than a repair?

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HP Pavilion Dv4 Networking :: No Properties For Internet Protocol TCP/IP

Sep 30, 2014

i have an HP Pavilion dv4, the tcp/ipv4 properties is disable, i'm unable to configure the IP address,

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Dell Latitude D630 :: Unable To Connect To Projector?

Jun 9, 2008

I am having some difficulty getting a Dell Latitude D630 to connect to a projector. I have tried the Fn key+F8 key however this does not work. This option merely cycles through three other options all saying 'Presentation Mode Off'. I have been successful in connecting other laptops with the projector. Is there somthing with the D630 that I have failed to do that is causing this?

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Dell Latitude E6420 :: Unable To Use Fingerprint Reader To Log On To Windows 7

Sep 13, 2011

I have Dell Latitude E6420 with Windows 7 OS installed.

The driver for Biometric device is also installed. But windows is not finding any biometric device as shown in the following picture message.

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Dell Latitude E6230 :: Unable To Change Pre-Windows Password

Apr 15, 2013

I can not change the pre-Windows password.

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Acer Aspire E1-410 :: Window 8.1 - Associate File Type Or Protocol With A Program

Nov 14, 2014

I would ask if the " Associate a File Type or Protocol with a Program " Return to Default Settings when i Windows Update...
When typing in wordpad , notepad and more, why not work Ctrl + D?

But the others shortcut is working , like Ctrl + V and Ctrl + C.

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Dell Latitude E6510 :: Enter Key Broken - Unable To Pass Resume Loader Screen

Mar 18, 2013

the enter key on my windows 7 latitude E6510 is broken and i am unable to pass the resume loader screen by clicking enter. I tried cleaning underneath my keyboard with no luck.

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Dell Inspiron 6000 :: Cannot Locate Touchpad Controls

Mar 3, 2012

I cannot locate the Touch pad controls on my laptop. I've gone through the owners manual, (no such "touchpad tab" in the mouse menu, and cannot locate any "touchpad" in control panel settings.

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Acer :: How To Locate RAM In Aspire E5 771

Jan 6, 2015

I need to ugrade the RAM using the empty slot but I cannot find any support/diagrams/videos that will show my how to do this correctly.

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Acer Aspire E5 771 :: How To Locate RAM

Jan 5, 2015

I need to ugrade the RAM using the empty slot but I cannot find any support/diagrams/videos that will show my how to do this correctly.

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Dell XPS 14Z :: Where To Locate Instructions To Change Faulty Backlit Keyboard

Nov 11, 2014

Where I can locate the instructions to change my faulty backlit keyboard on a Dell XPS 14Z (L412Z) ??

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HP G60-100 :: Locate Enhanced USB Port On Notebook

Oct 3, 2014

Where to find the fast USB port on my laptop. In the device manager on my HP HP G60-100 Notebook PC series, it confirms that I have an enhanced USB port. Which of the three ports is the fast USB port?  I have to back up a lot of information from my phone & it is taking too much time. Difficult to test each port as I'm in the middle of a long transfer. It is not shown in the product manual, the ports are only listed as USB ports. 

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HP Pavilion G7 OS/Software :: Cannot Locate Windows 8 Install Disk

May 7, 2014

I recently Had my HP Pavilion G7 crash on me which ran windows 8 (OEM) I was unable to restore it. I decided to downgrade to windows vista and do a clean install due to the fact I connot locate my w8 install disk. The problem im having is my network,display adaptors and other devices arent working and showing a yellow triangle with an exclamation point and ive done some research and tried fixes like unistalling and reinstalling but it still not working.Here is what is showing up with the exclamation points in yellow
network adapters
-acer NIC - 559A pro/100+ with alert on lan 2
Other devices
- SM bus Controller
-Universal serial bus(usb) controller
-universal serial bus (usb) controller
-Unkown device
I feel like if i can get online and get windows to update some of these things will clear up and fix. Now i did have problems with realtek PCIe FE Family Controller but i went and found the driver for are some system info:
system Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
system model: HP pavilion g7 notebook pc
system type: x86 based pc (32bit)
I did call HP free support because my warranty was up and they told me it seemed like an software issue or corruption and they felt confident they could fix it but they wanted me to pay for tech support which i dont mind but it would be a monthly service charge which i dont need constant tech support this is the first time ive ran into this issue they also told me that the tech would have me enter some Commands in command prompt to resolve this.

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HP Pavilion 15 P159na :: Where To Locate The Keyboard Backlight Setting

Nov 24, 2014

where to locate the keyboard backlight setting for the Pavilion 15-p159na laptop.  I want to turn the backlights on but cannot locate this setting anywhere. 

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HP 8570p OS/Software :: Locate Base System Device

Apr 4, 2014

trying to locate the "Base System Device" driver for my laptop HP Elitebook 8570p, I have google and tried different .exe files but none of them worked, downloaded all the driver from the HP driver page for this model but no avail.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: Can't Locate Print Screen Button - W510 Keyboard

Jul 17, 2010

I just fired up a new W510 laptop today and can't seem to find the print screen button.

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HP Envy14-1200 OS/Software :: Couldn't Create New Partition Or Locate Existing One - See Setup Log File

Dec 19, 2014

System - HP Envy14-1200 Beats Edition Notebook PC Series - Product # XQ103AV.  It came pre-installed Windows 7.
Error message "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one.  See the setup log file" appears during fresh installation of Windows 8.0.
MS Windows 8 installation DVD detects the hard drive OK.
Mini Tool Partition software (3rd party) detects the hard drive OK.
Both Windows 8 DVD and MiniTool software detects the disk partition and its formated OK, but the error message appears to prevent it from installation.
These are steps that I tried to resolve the problem, but it won't work.
1. Used Microsoft Windows 8 DVD diskpart to clean HD, partition and format........still get the same error message.
2. Used Microsoft Windows 8 DVD diskpart to clean HD and partition....................still get the same error message.
3. Used MiniTool Partition software to clean HD, partition and format........still get the same error message.
4. Used MiniTool Partition software to clean HD and partition....................still get the same error message.
5. Purchased a new hard drive repeat step 1 - 4 and I got the ......same error message.
I upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and it worked for a 2 month, then I upgraded to Windows 8.1. After the system is upgraded and rebooted, the screen turn black.  So I decided to re-install Windows 8.0. There is no SIM/SD card in the laptop.

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Dell :: ATI Graphic Card

Feb 9, 2009

is the ATI graphic card in the new xps m1640 better than the 8800m gtx card in the m1730?

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