Dell :: M1730 & Windows 7 X64 Thread

Oct 25, 2009

Given the success of the one on the M1530, I thought I'd start up one of these .....

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Dell :: M1730 Vs M6300 Thread

Jul 23, 2008

I'm not looking to debate the geforce vs quadro performance nor do I want people to tell me to wait for the 9m series cards, just a couple quick questions.

Does the m1730 have a docking port? From what I can find, I'm thinking it does not. For that matter, does the m6300 have one? I think it does...

Can an 8800gtx from an m1730 be put into an m6300? If not, I'll be fine with the 3600m, but I prefer geforce cards.

If yes, where can you get an 8800gtx and how much do they cost? I've seen people saying anything from over $2000 to $700.... which is quite a difference.

I guess while I'm at it, are there any other huge issues that I've maybe overlooked? I'm thinking about things like the huge LCD problems that everyone experienced with light leakage and whatnot on the m170/9300 series and even overflowing into the next gen stuff iirc.

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Dell :: E1705/M1710/M1730 FRAPS Benchmarks Thread

Oct 8, 2007

Looking to get some IN-GAME benchmarks with FRAPS, and see what different people's rigs are doing. Why are the M1730 guys allowed? we can see what the new M1730 can do, and see if it is worth slapping another $3,000 to $5,000 down on the table.

1- To rule out as many variables as we can, we should all use FRAPS for benchmarking. F-11 is the default key to start a benchmark.
2- Tell us about your rig. Be specific about hardware, OS, clockspeeds, and drivers. Having that info in your signature is even better.
3- Cut and paste straight from the FRAPS log that is created in C:Fraps. Be sure to specify what resolution you're using because FRAPS does not document this.
4- Specify what graphical settings you are using for that game. Saying 'Full Graphical Settings' means that you have every graphic option for that game maxed out, turned on, etc. In Bioshock you could say 'Full Graphical Settings, but Dynamic Lighting is Off'. In Oblivion it would be nice if you specify outdoors or indoors. You get the point.
5- TURN V-SYNC OFF. If your scores are pegged at 30FPS or 60FPS, that's nice, but tells us nothing. If you say 'Full Graphical Settings', we are to assume that V-Sync is off. You don't need to mention it.

It is obvious to me that this is not as foolproof as an ORB link. People can edit the text file to say whatever they want it to.

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Dell :: The Windows 7 On A M4400 Thread..

Oct 9, 2009

i thought it might be good to start a thread to discuss how to get everything set up optimally on the M4400 (drivers etc) to run windows 7.

Would be good if people who have been running the beta, or have access to technet could share the experience and information with the rest of us who have pre ordered and are waiting for october 22nd to install this on our machines....

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Dell :: M1530 & Windows 7 X64 Thread!

Jan 10, 2009

I am starting this thread for the discussion of Windows 7 x64 installation on the M1530. Please limit the thred to 64 Bit only.

I just took delivery of my 1530 this morning and now have it exclusively running Win7x64. So far, so good on basic functionality, but I hope to delve into performance and gaming issues tomorrow. I will be running benchmarks in order to compare 7 and Vista.

So far I have only installed Symantec AV 2009 Gaming Edition and Steam. Everything else is either stock to Win7x64 or came down via Windows Update.

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Dell :: Should We Start An Official 1640/1645 And Windows 7 Thread?

Oct 19, 2009

What does everyone think about starting a dedicated thread for the XPS 1640 (and 1645?) with Windows 7? ("Official 1640/1645 and Windows 7 Thread")

I think starting now, there will be a flurry of driver updates, behaviors, tips, questions, etc.,

and it seems it would benefit everyone to have all those in one place instead of having to search through a myriad of individual posts

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HP/Compaq :: Windows 7 Update Thread

Nov 13, 2009

Got my update disk today.

While installing and 'expanding files', the disk tray popped open at 21%. I pushed it back in, waited an hour, and it never went past 21% (Though the HDD light was chugging along like it was doing something). I restarted and now I'm waiting to roll back to Vista and start over. Anyone else have a similar issue on a Dv3?

Update: I ran the disk again after rolling back and it gave me the same problem. An error message pops up after it says "Windows needs to be restarted". That message is one of those 0.5second messages you can't really read, then the tray pops open, and windows restarts.

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Sony :: Vaio Z11 Series And Windows 7 Thread

Oct 24, 2009

I want to install Windows 7 on my UK Sony VGN-Z11VN, however, cannot find the Windows 7 drivers inc Globetrotter WWAN driver.

People are discussing newer Z models in other threads and cannot find much info about installing it on the Z11 and I'm sure lots of Z11 owners also want to install Windows 7.

Therefore I'm creating this dedicated thread for us Z11 owners how to install Windows 7.

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Dell :: [Official] XPS M1330 Windows 7 X64 Thread [Official]

Nov 24, 2009

I created this thread with the intention of grouping all who have, or in the process, or are planning to upgrade to Windows 7 x64 for the XPS M1330.

Personally I'm currently on Vista Ultimate x86 (because it's a Product Red) and I'm entitled to a free Windows 7 Professional x64 license from my school. I've read that it's not possible to upgrade directly from higher-to-lower (in terms of level of OS).

Like for mine I'd only be able to upgrade directly if I had a Windows 7 Ultimate license.

Hence for my case, I would like to seek the advice from the helpful fellas here on my upgrade (sequence) options.

Currently I have 2 partitions, as per default. C drive as OS and main partition of 285GB and D drive as RECOVERY of 9.99GB.

1) If I were to install Windows 7 on a newly created partition, ie. F drive (as my DVDRW is on E drive now), would I be able to format my C drive (after backing up data from it) and turn it into a storage drive?

2) If 1) is possible, should I partition F drive to 20-25GB as the norm capacity for Windows 7 OS installation, or should I allocate more space? (I'm asking this because I've never done an OS-only partition + Data-only partition in any computer I own because I don't see the usefulness of it LAST TIME.

3) If I had an OS partition in F drive, 20-25GB, and the Data partition on C drive (after formatting Vista), would I be able to swap these 2 drive letters so C drive becomes my Windows 7 OS Drive and F drive becomes my Data drive?

4) If that's the case, would I still be needing D drive (RECOVERY), or can I format->delete it?

5) Having 20-25GB in C drive, assuming I've swapped F drive with C drive, where would I be installing my applications? Do I need to install applications into the OS drive or can I install it in the Data drive? Because if it were the case that applications NEED to be installed into the OS drive, I'd need to allocate a little more space in now-C drive, right?

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Dell :: Windows 7 64 Bit On XPS M1730

May 29, 2010

Anyone with experience installing windows 7 64 bit on XPS M1730? Things to watch for? Recommendations?

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Dell :: Windows 7 And M1730

Jun 3, 2009

I gave my m1730 to my work colleague and his network connection will drop from time to time.

He has to do a "repair/diagnose" to get back on the network

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Dell :: M1730 And Windows 7

May 8, 2009

the only thing i wanted to ask was what drivers should i be installing? i dont want anything to conflict since 7 isnt entirely supported yet. right now i just installed the touchpad pointer and nvidia drivers for windows 7 from nvidia's website.

the real thing i want to install is quickset, but i feel this particular piece of software would conflict the most.

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Dell :: Windows 7 On The M1730

Apr 4, 2009

I'm about to pick up the XPS M1730, maxxed out on pretty much everything. Now I was considering throwing the Windows 7 beta on there, but I haven't really found anything saying if there are any problems with doing that, driver conflicts, software conflicts, that kind of thing.

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Dell :: M1730 Windows XP Install

Jan 25, 2008

I have M1730 with windows Vista.

I just installed 2 x 120Gb hard drives, created RAID0 stripe, and trying to install Windows XP.

I Downloaded Intel SATA RAID drivers from Trying to install them from a floppy during Windows XP install but get a BSOD every time its trying to load the driver

If anyone was successful in installing Windows XP on M1730 (with RAID 0)

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Dell :: XPS M1730 LightFX And Windows 7

May 30, 2009

Although I doubt many people use it, I still find myself attracted to the LightFX plugin when playing music. It makes things more entertaining =-P

My issue is that in Windows 7 when I use LightFX Plugin 1 or 2, the lights simply 'flicker' really weakly. They don't change color or anything. LightFx3 works fine.

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and has been able to fix it? Does anyone know where maybe an updated version of LightFX is available? (it's nightmare to track down!)

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Dell :: 4gb Ram On M1730 Windows Rating

Mar 9, 2009

what is everyone's rating with 4gb memory ram on windows rating. i have 4.8 on 64bit basic.

my asus g2k-a1 has 4gb memory on 32bit premium and it's rated 5.9. why is this? both are 5-5-5-18 ddr2 800.

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Dell :: M1730 Windows 7 Problem (PCI Bus 5)

Nov 28, 2009

My main concern is I get 2 ! in triangles in my device manager under Other Devices

Here is how it goes:
Other Devices
Base System Device, Location: PCI Bus 5, Device 1, Function 2
The Driver is NOT Installed (Code 28)


Base System Device, Location: PCI Bus 5, Device 1, Function 3
The Driver is NOT Installed (Code 28)

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Dell :: XPS M1730 Windows Expierence

Aug 1, 2009

I have a dell xps m1730 with a X7900 processor in it running at 2.8. Everytime i run the Windows 7 expierence index my processor gets a 2.3 or 3.0 out of 7.9. Why? I have a extreme processor.

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Dell :: Want To Upgrade To Windows 7 On M1730

May 18, 2010

Currently running vista 32 and I want to upgrade to windows 7 64 but on the dell device driver's page there is no support for windows 7. Only XP and Vista drivers are listed.

Will the drivers automatically update through Windows 7 or do I try to find the drivers myself?

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Dell :: Re-install Windows Properly On My M1730

Aug 12, 2009

Ive basically just bought an M1730 so its a machine i`m not familiar with, i noticed that no details were appearing in the small LCD window in the top right so i referred to the manual,

it said you go to Logitech in the start menu to change the settings. Now this is where the fun started, i had no Logitech option on my start menu, it simply wasn`t their.

I bought my laptop from a Dell Outlet reseller, seeing as i had the back up disc for windows vista and the Dell drivers disc i thought i would do a full install of windows as something was obviously missing, normally re-installing windows is straight forward.

Now i don`t know how i managed this, after re-installing windows my laptop starts in the normal way with the Dell logo appearing but i then get a black boot up screen which gives me 2 boot options and they are both labelled Microsoft windows vista, so basically i have 2 choices of the same thing to boot up.

I think i have somehow installed windows vista onto 2 hard drives, my laptop has 2 x 200GB drives.

With laptops ive had in the past re-installing the operating system has been easy, its basically put the disc in and it walks you through it, this wasn`t straight forward .....

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Dell :: M1730 RAID Setup Windows 7

Jun 15, 2009

Not sure how exactly to get RAID setup - I've never set it up myself. Could anyone explain how to set up your computer in RAID in Vista/

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Dell :: M1730 Laptop Windows 7 Drivers

Oct 13, 2009

I just installed windows 7 Ultimate, ran windows update and everything, but I still have 2 unrecognized devices in my Device Manager.

The 2 devices are:

Base System Device
PCI Device

They both have the horrible ! next to them, and I can't figure out what drivers I'm missing.

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Dell :: Xps M1730 :: Does The Intel Turbo Memory Have To Be Installed In Windows Vista Sp1?

Feb 3, 2009

does the intel turbo memory have to be installed in windows vista sp1?

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Dell :: XPS M1730- After A Windows Update (Vista), My Screen Blacked Out And The Resolution Changed

Sep 14, 2009

Relatively soon after a Windows Update (Vista), my screen blacked out and the resolution changed from 1920x1200 to something like 800x600. After restarting the notebook, everything seemed to be back to normal, except my graphics card (GeForce 8800M GTX x 2) wasn't working, and upon looking in the device manager, it said the device wasn't working (code 43).

So, I tried uninstalling drivers/reinstalling drivers, etc. and nothing seemed to work. And now something I've done has made the main VGA drivers or whatever not work, and all I see is a big black screen on startup (but the mouse icon is on the screen and can move around).

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Dell :: 13z Thread

Oct 25, 2009

Introducing the new InspironTM 13z laptop. With long-lasting battery options, discrete graphics and an internal DVD drive, it’s surprisingly powerful for its size.

* Power up with up to 11hours and 23 minutes of battery life with the optional 8-cell battery.
* Easily travels by your side at 3.94 lbs / 1.79kg.1 and barely over an inch (1.04”/2.64cm) thin.
* Get up to a 320GB2 hard drive and up to 512MB dedicated graphics.
* Experience true mobility with Intel’s ultra-low-voltage processors.
Intel® PentiumTM Dual Core SU4100
Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo SU7300
Operating System
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
2GB 2 DIMM DDR3 1067 MHz (2 x 1GB)
3GB 2 DIMM DDR3 1067 MHz (1GB + 2GB)
4GB 2 DIMM DDR3 1067 MHz (2 x 2GB)
6GB 2 DIMM DDR3 1067 MHz (1 x 2GB + 1 x 4GB)
Intel® GS45
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500MHD
NVIDIA® GeForce® G105M - 512MB
LCD Display
13.3” HD WLED True-Life (1366x768)
Audio and Speakers
Main Speakers (quantity): 2 x 1.0W with SRS Premium Sound
Microphone – Integrated single analog
Hard Drives
250GB2 5,400RPM
320GB2 7,200RPM
Optical Drives
Integrated DVD+/-RW standard
4-Cell LI with Express Charge (up to 5 hours, 9 minutes of battery life4)
8-Cell LI (up to 11 hours, 23 minutes of battery life4)
Integrated 1.3M Pixel Webcam
DellTM Wireless 1397 802.11g Half mini-card
Intel® WiFi Link 5100 (802.11 a/g/draft-N) Half Mini card
Optional Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Internal (2.1) mini-card
Ports, Slots, Chassis
Externally Accessible
Kensington lock
AC Power-in
7-in-1 Card Reader (SD, MMC, XD, MS, MS Pro, MMC+, Hi Density SD, Hi capacity SD)
Integrated network connector 10/100 LAN (RJ45)
VGA connector
(3) USB 2.0
Audio jacks (1 line-out, 1 Mic-in)

Dimensions & Weight
Width: 12.98" (329.8mm)
Height: 0.68" (17.2mm) to 1.04" (26.4mm)
Depth: 8.78" (223.0mm)
Weight: Starting weight of 3.94lbs (1.79 kg)1 Weights will vary depending on configurations and manufacturing variability.

PRICE: 479-599 pounds!

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Dell :: **The Official Adamo Thread**

Jan 14, 2009

Is anyone ready for the Dell Adamo 13 to be release..............................................

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Benchmark Thread

Apr 21, 2009

even though this computer is hot to the touch and she is having a few issues with it i figure id put it threw its paces for you guys. id just like to mention before hand that we have the WLED screen (1366x768)

out of the box running with dell's 9.4 drivers it ran a 5060 in 3dmark 06
i ended up having to down grade the drivers to dell's 9.2 because i was unable to over clock with the 9.4's. however even with the 9.2 the only program that would work is AMD GPU clock tool. i was able to test it up to 749 mhz core / 945 mhz mem. it works like a charm, no artifacting or anything. with just one run threw 3dmark 06 it brought the temp up to 76C. after an 45min of looping the test the temps peaked and leveled out at 83C.
it idles around 60-63C at these clocks (stock idle is about 8C cooler)

anyways here are the results for 3dmark 06

dell 9.4 drivers= 5060
dell 9.2 drivers= 5004
dell 9.2 drivers OC(749c/945m) = 5520

i have yet to test if its stable at higher clock then these. i feel as though it still has a small amount of room left, maybe another 20 mhz on ether . i haven't had time to test this out yet though. im probably going to try undervolting the CPU and see if that brings down the temps any. ill report back with the results from both the CPU and GPU when i get a chance to do it all.

this is a spiffy little computer, im sure that once we resolve the screen and power supply issues with dell that my wife will be happy with the unit.

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Dell :: New M6500 Discussion Thread

Dec 1, 2009

here the link:

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Dell :: XPS Divorce And/or Replacement Thread

May 22, 2010

I figured most of us all had/have something in common which is why we bought a XPS. Therefore, I am interested in other laptops being used by fellow XPS owners and past XPS owners.

Let me begin im the owner of a M1330 (specs in sig) since 2008 it has been reliable but lately it has been running pretty hot. Plus I figured its time for a change since I know most laptops begin to act up after a year.

This week I got a Sony Vaio CW series which im using to type this, specs are 4gb ram, 500gb hd, 2mp cam+mic, Intel i5 processor, blu-ray, bluetooth, 14" screen.

It will suffice for now im not as excited about it as I was when I received my XPS but its nice. Really hoping that Dell can make a super reliable XPS 13" in the future

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Dell :: E6410 Owner's Thread

Apr 12, 2010

It's time to start it.

The specs on this one are as follows.

# Dual Core i7 Processor at 2.66Ghz
# 4GB Memory
# Intel 6300 Wireless
# Ultrasharp 14.1" 1400x900
# Discrete Nvidia Quadro Graphics
# 3MP Webcam ......

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