Dell :: M1710 Motherboard In An E1705

Jul 23, 2007

A few auctions on Ebay claim the m1710's mobo will also drop into an e1705. That would allow for up 4GB RAM, and also allow me to use the T7600G CPU. I'm sure someone else has thought of this already. Is it possilbe? I see the motherboard for around $300.

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Dell :: M90 Or M1710 Bios On E1705 Motherboard

Aug 9, 2009

I want to know how to flash my E1705 MB with the M1710 or M90 Bios. I was told by 2 Dell repair shops I could gain the 10/100/1000 ethernet by flashing my E1705 board with the bios from the M1710 or M90.

I made a CD with the M1710 bios but when I boot up from the CD and try to run the Bios file for the M1710 I get a big red x saying that this bios is not supported on this board

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Dell :: Replace The Motherboard With M1710 Motherboard

Oct 4, 2007

I have xps gen 2 with a faulty video card and i was wondring if its possible to replace the motherboard with M1710 motherboard so i can fit my 7900 gs video card in it and put all the other hardware parts for the xps gen2 motherboard to the M1710 motherboard in the XPS Gen2 palmrest ... so can u please give me some hints if its possible to do it or not,so basiclly its replacing a motherboard and putting all the old part in the new 1 ..

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Dell :: Dead E1705 Motherboard

Oct 22, 2007

Any retailers online sell just the motherboard? Or should we go ahead and just get a refurbed e1705 and salvage the hard drive and processor?

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Dell :: On The 9400/E1705 How Can You Tell If Its The Motherboard Or Video Card ?

Mar 12, 2010

I got a Dell Inspiron 9400/E1705 here that will not boot. The owner said he put into hibernate and went home, when he came in and turned it back on it was sluggish for about 10 minutes, he powered it off and then it would not power back up.

When you turn on the power the power and HD lights come on, you hear what sounds like the HD doing some movement and then it shuts down in a few seconds.

I removed the HD, ram, dvd, wifi, modem and tested it with same results. Also took out the CMOS battery to try to reset the BIOS and put it all back together and same thing.

CPU fan does not spin at all on power up, not sure if this model is supposed to do that little 5 second thing most of them do.

No beeps, nothing on the screen, etc.

Is there a way to determine if its the motherboard OR the video card, as this has a discrete video card, not integrated. Would you get any kind of system response if the video card was dead but the motherboard/cpu was ok ?. I would rather replace one and not both if I can tell which to go after first.

thanks for any ideas or advice.

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Dell :: E1705 Vs. M1710

Feb 17, 2008

So I bought an Inspiron 9400 bout two years ago, its a piece of shi*t ... i've had i dunno about 6 or 7 service calls now .... ANYWAYS

When I went to purchase a laptop I was looking at both the XPS and the laptop I decided on (E1705), and the only thing I noticed that was different was that the XPS was substantially more expensive, and had a different look ...

Not to insult anyone's taste or anything, but the look of the XPS is tacky as hell lol ... I mean, its inundated with the word XPS everywhere (even on the touchpad ... ?), i've never seen one in person ... maybe someone can explain to me haha

Anyways, the purpose of this post isn't about the aesthetic differences between the two series of laptops lol. A friend of mine who is in the market to purchase a laptop has asked me what the differences were ... and I couldnt answer him (hence why i'm posting)

What i'm asking then is, other then its shell, assuming the CPU, GPU, RAM, display are identical what is it that makes the XPS better and at a much higher price? Is the motherboard better, or are XPSes less prone to random breaking? If anyone can differentiate the two for me i'd appreciate it, so I can help my friend out before he drops $2.5k on a laptop

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Dell :: E1705/M1710

Oct 7, 2007

This guide will get lengthy over time. To search for a keyword in the guide, use the CTRL+F command.


GPU OVERCLOCKING: Go here, and carefully follow the instructions for your specific GPU: [url] All GPU's and systems are NOT created equal, meaning Johny Knucklehead's benchmarks may always be better than yours, even though you both have the same hardware.

IF YOU'VE GOT A BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH (BSOD) DUE TO A BAD GPU BIOS FLASH: [url] ZZpulp has made an excellent guide for recovering from a bad GPU BIOS flash.

Gaming laptops get HOT. That's one of those prices we pay for having a portable platform capable of playing Bioshock while you sit on your duff at the airport. Before you make a post complaining that your laptop is getting too hot, make sure to get some real numbers with one of these tools. Maybe it's just you.

If your laptop is getting hotter than it used to, there are a few things to try before you lose your mind and start posting new threads with lots of exclamation marks.

- If you changed a component prior to the problem, you should start troubleshooting there.

- If this problem has crept up over time, you more than likely just need to clean the fan and heatsink area of your laptop. Dust, lint, pet hair, and other things are constantly being sucked through that area by your cooling fans. Most clean out their heatsinks every few months, or you can just do it whenever you notice those temps creeping back up.
Using compressed/canned air. I don't recommend this for a couple of reasons.

- This will work to an extent, but you aren't going to get everything out of there.

The compressed air could possibly spin your cooling fans at a dangerous RPM that may destroy the fan's bearings. If you insist on doing it this way, insert a straightened paper clip into the fan intake to keep it from spinning up.

- Some have also used a vacuum hose to suck debris from the heatsinks without opening the laptop. Again, the only way to get it ALL out is to open 'er up........

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Dell XPS M1710 :: Changed Motherboard It Hangs On Startup

Mar 5, 2013

I recently changed the motherboard on my Dell XPS M1710. After the first startup if actually got to the password login page. I then restarted but is hung on the Dells splash screen and froze (fans etc. are on) I did a full systems diagnostics and its metioned a memory error in DIMM slot A. I installed 2 new memory sticks. And re-ran the diagnostics which found no problems. I tried pushing the power button down, changing the CMOS battery etc but no luck. So I have a diagnostics programme telling me everything is working but I still cant get past dell spalsh screen. I also tried reinstalling windows, but it also hangs after starting. I can get into BIOS screem. but it wont let me change to 'Factory Default'

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Dell :: E1705 To M1710 Conversion

Jan 13, 2008

I've been doing a lot of reading, and I *think* I've got a handle on the best course for converting the e1705 to the m1710, one piece at a time.

I'm hoping those whove been down this path could chime in and confirm/deny what I believe to be correct.

OK, so I've got an e1705;

2GB PC5300
3945 wireless (PCI-E)
7900 GS (single pipe)

So, I'm thinking I start by getting the m1710 motherboard.

From what I've gleaned from here, there, and everywhere, if I cut out the hole for the docking port on my e1705 base, the mobo is a direct swap-in, correct?

Everything listed above will work with the m1710 mobo, correct?

Until I get the m1710 palmrest, I can use the e1705 palmrest as is, correct?

Until I get the m1710 fans and speakers, I can use the ones from the e1705, correct?

The e1705 keyboard is a direct swap, correct?


Will the card reader in the e1705 work with the m1710 mobo?

Will the left side USB ports plug in and work with the m1710 mobo?

Required; Upgrade to the 9 cell battery and 130W brick when putting in the new m1710 board.

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Dell :: LEOPARD OSX 10.5 On M1710/E1705/M90

Sep 16, 2007

I find this interesting, I came accross it on a torrent. This is only for PCs with SEE3. I'm almost down getting it, and will be testing it on my E1705. Only problem I foresee is my Quadro 2500M. Not sure how that's going to work out. This is what the guy says.

FOR Hackintosh Only! do not install it on real mac!

Attention: This DVD is designed for Intel architectures SSE3 HPET Only! IT IS BETA!

Custom INSTALL OSX DVD Leopard 10.5 (beta 9a527) wit 9.0b5 kernel from synthetix! )

Designed by Kalyway!

IN Utility menu at install:

Diskutil from Defiant so you can partition the whole hard disk!
Idefrag (from coriolis)
ASR Restoration

Languages : All!

Application & Drivers that comes optional at install :

DRIVERS : all uphucks drivers & patchs from 10.4.9 v 1.4 rev3!

Applications :

Adium (multiclient messenger)
Colloquy (irc client)
Transmit (ftp client)

NATIT & GMA950 Video Drivers ALREADY installed!

Use it at your own risk! this system is for testing purpose!

just install and reboot!

THX TO Synthetix & All OSX Developpers!

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Dell :: Upgrade E1705 To M1710

Feb 21, 2008

I know it involves redoing the case, but what is the actual process?

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Dell :: Does The XPS M1710 Hardware (Motherboard/Chipset) Support 4GB DDR2 Ram

Dec 26, 2007

I have a XPS M1710 2.2 C2D, 2GB with Windows XP Professional 32bit, and I am planning on getting a 4GB OCZ PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHz Ram (OCZ2M8004GK) for my laptop.

My questions is whether or not the XPS M1710 hardware (motherboard/chipset) will actually support/make use of the 4GB memory.

The manual says the M1710 will take up to 4GB of memory, but some people say it will not (regardless of the OS 32 or 64bits).

I know that 32bits OS (Vista, XP, etc) will only see about 3.25 GB of the 4GB, but I have read that applications such as game and VMware will actually support and use (if necessary) all the 4GB of ram. Is that true?

What if the M1710 hardware does not support the 4GB then no applications will support it?

I also know that the M1710 is only supposed to handle up to DDR2 667mhz, but i will be getting the DDR2 800mhz $10 bucks cheaper than the 667mhz and I read that memory with a higher frequency than you system can handle will usually give you a lower CAS latency(timing) speed, so why not

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Dell :: M1710 LCD 30% Brigher Than The E1705/9400 LCD

Dec 1, 2007

My friend just told me he heard this was true. Can anyone confirm? I know there are 2 different brands of LCDs floating around in the E1705/9400. A Samsung model, and a Phillips. However he claimed that the M1710 used one different than the E1705/9400, and was a blazing 30% brighter.

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Dell :: E1705 -> M1710 Visual Conversion

Jul 10, 2007

I ordered a black XPS M1710 lid for my E1705 today as well as the XPS touchpad. I know the touchpad won't be able to light up, but I have a few questions:The XPS lid comes with LED's in the cover, will they light up with the E1705?

Can I buy an XPS fan assembly and put it in the E1705 to get the led's to light up in the fan's?

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Dell :: How To Get RAID 0 Working In M1710 And E1705 Instructions

Jan 29, 2008

First have 2 drives of course. main drive and a Optical 2 SATA or PATA.

my howto is for a 320 and a 250 raided giving you 250/250 =465 real gb of space.

first partition the 320 drive when installing XP PRO so that you have your main partition 70gb and the rest leave for later. also just leave the other drive for later as well.

Install windows XP pro on the 70gb partition.

get your drivers etc programs etc and all other shit that you want setup.

next hack the registry to enable Dynamic Drives on XP-PRO. Funny cuz they say that you can't get dynamic drives on notebooks. not even with XP PRO.

go into :

and change the following
in the services dir there is each reg dir and the corresponding start value.
you must change the start value to whats below.

dmadmin: 3
dmboot: 4
dmio: 0
dmload: 0
dmserver: 2

after that reboot.

then go into control panel, admin tools, computer management and then disk management.

right click on the windows drive and click on convert to dynamic.

it will pop up with a list of drives you have *2 of course cuz thats all we have* so check the other drive. and convert to dynamic. just say ok to the next few things it asks you. and reboot.

after reboot go back into disk management and right click on the second partition in the windows drive and click "new volume" and choose stripped in the list for what kind of volume. click next until format and do a quick format.

bingo you just created a raid 0 drive which will not be redundant but will be UBER QUICK.

mine has a 8ms response time.

sorry for my crappy howto. but I really wanted raid in my notebook and there was no howto's so it took alot of digging.

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Dell :: Is It Possible To Swap A 9400/E1705 Into A M1710 Case

Aug 12, 2008

My Inspiron 9400/E1705 case is getting a little banged up and I was wondering if it's possible to use a M1705 case (bezel, palmrest, base, etc). as a replacement.

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Dell :: E1705/M1710/M1730 FRAPS Benchmarks Thread

Oct 8, 2007

Looking to get some IN-GAME benchmarks with FRAPS, and see what different people's rigs are doing. Why are the M1730 guys allowed? we can see what the new M1730 can do, and see if it is worth slapping another $3,000 to $5,000 down on the table.

1- To rule out as many variables as we can, we should all use FRAPS for benchmarking. F-11 is the default key to start a benchmark.
2- Tell us about your rig. Be specific about hardware, OS, clockspeeds, and drivers. Having that info in your signature is even better.
3- Cut and paste straight from the FRAPS log that is created in C:Fraps. Be sure to specify what resolution you're using because FRAPS does not document this.
4- Specify what graphical settings you are using for that game. Saying 'Full Graphical Settings' means that you have every graphic option for that game maxed out, turned on, etc. In Bioshock you could say 'Full Graphical Settings, but Dynamic Lighting is Off'. In Oblivion it would be nice if you specify outdoors or indoors. You get the point.
5- TURN V-SYNC OFF. If your scores are pegged at 30FPS or 60FPS, that's nice, but tells us nothing. If you say 'Full Graphical Settings', we are to assume that V-Sync is off. You don't need to mention it.

It is obvious to me that this is not as foolproof as an ORB link. People can edit the text file to say whatever they want it to.

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Dell :: M1330 Replace The Motherboard With The Integrated X3100 Motherboard

Dec 14, 2009

One of my mates has a dead M1330. I told him about the "oven" trick but his wife might hurt the both of us. It is however possible to replace the motherboard with the integrated X3100 motherboard correct?

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Dell :: I Can't Buy M1710 Parts From SPARE PARTS W/o An M1710 SVC TAG #

Feb 21, 2008

I was going to be assembling an m1710 this weekend....

I called Dell Spare Parts a few days ago, and placed an order for the following;

HG345 Refurb bottom plastics, m1710
FF084 Refurb palmrest assy, m1710
J8841 Refurb speakers, LED, m1710
CF426 Refurb hinge cover, m1710

I've been watching the order on Dell's site all week, as it was scheduled to ship (on or before today) (2/21/08), and I opted for Next Day shipping.

When I placed the order, the woman I spoke with asked for my Service Tag number. I, um... don't HAVE one... I didn't say this, I simply said I don't have that information at the moment. She asked how I got the part numbers, and I told her from their own Spare Parts page.

Well....the order got cancelled today. Saw it online while at work, just before I left for the day. Another order number with the identical items was created, with a scheduled ship date of 3/3/08. WHAT?

The woman just called....she states they cannot process my order without a service tag number. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

I told her I don't have a tag number....she asked if I was building one. "Yes." To which I hear...

"Oh....well, I don't think our supplier will allow that without a service tag number, because we reserve those parts for people who bought m1710's."

I said "That's amazing...because I know a number of people who have done the same thing I'm trying to do, and had no problems getting these parts."

"Well, that's because they have m1710's"

*mad enought to scream at this point* "Um, no...where do you think I got the idea from?? I'm certainly not the first person to have this idea."

how I can get them to sell me some refurbished plastics? What's the secret password?

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Dell :: Motherboard & GPU

Jul 17, 2009

Dell came and replaced my motherboard the other day, I was wondering if this also means that I got my GPU replaced?

I was told that my GPU was part of my motherboard by a friend.

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Dell :: Looking For Motherboard

Jul 8, 2009

does anyone have a burnt motherboard for a m1730 that they would either donate or sell very cheaply i am in need of some connectors and i dont wanna buy a good mobo on ebay for 150+ just to scrap it

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Dell :: M170 With Motherboard Or Gpu

Jan 15, 2008

i'm having trouble with my XPS m170.

It has:

Pentium M 760 2Ghz
1Gb Ram
60Gb HDD
Geforce Go 7800GTX 256mb
Windows Media Center 2005

I was playing CS:S, and all of a sudden i was getting artifacts on the display. Than the computer froze up and i had to power the laptop down manually.

I was able to restart the computer in safe mode a couple times.

But wow when i try to restart the computer, i'm getting artifacts on the Dell Splash screen. And then it would freeze up.

What do you think the issue is? At first i was thinking the GPU is the problem. But now i'm beginning to think its the motherboards.

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Dell :: I9400M1710 Motherboard For LED's

Sep 6, 2007

I have recently put an M1710 LCD screen cover on my I9400, and the palmrest with the XPS logo in it.

I saw while I had my system apart my motherboard has the solder joints on it for the plugs for the LED's but no plugs for them(has them at the front for the speakers, next to the fans and next to the connection for the monitor).

Is it possible to solder the plugs on, will they work ?? I guess I will need a new BIOS for them ? anyone done it. Would appreciate any info/help. what plugs are they ?

Also is the XPS logo in the touchpad controlable ? mine isn't working at the moment (it's plugged in and was bought second hand but supposidly working ?) anyone know. I know others have done this mod.

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Dell :: Motherboard Crashed

Dec 6, 2007

my motherboard crashed and my harddrive has some important files, is there a way to extract the files from the hard drive with my current pc?

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Dell :: Motherboard Replacement, Anything New?

Feb 9, 2009

After some issues i had with my GPU, Dell agreed to replace both my Heatsink and Motherboard, and i wanted to ask those who have had replacements in the past; has anything changed since july 2008? (when i bought my m1530)

have they improved the heatsink, or even changed it? ( i got the aluminum one, crappy piece of engineering right there )
and im sure the GPU issues are still present, but do they run cooler now ?

im asking this because in July the "defective Nvidia GPUs" were still in the dark, and the news about them was a mere rumor...

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Dell :: Replacing Motherboard

Sep 22, 2009

My E6500 is having the motherboard replaced later today. Is there anything I should be aware of or that I should check out once it's done?

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Dell :: XPS 1710 Motherboard

Sep 25, 2008

I bought a Dell XPS from a friend of mine and the motherboard packed it in, what kind of motherboard is in the XPS 1710. I want to buy one so I can get this machine up and running again.

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Dell :: How Do I Identify My Motherboard

Jun 3, 2009

The motherboard on my XPS M1330 needs replacing for the second time. First time it was replaced under warranty, but my system is now out of warranty so I'm going to replace it myself.

I phoned Dell and they're charging €400 for a replacement but I can get it cheaper if I knew the Dell part number. I have the NVIDIA 8400M GS.

From doing some research, here are some part numbers for motherboards for XPS M1330's:


How can I check my existing motherboard's part number to ensure I order the correct part?

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Dell :: Motherboard Downgraded?

Aug 6, 2009

Dell has replaced my SXPS 16s motherboard thrice in order to solve my overheating issues and some usb errors in the diagnostics and each time i have noticed that my motherboard has been downgraded.

The initial one was an A02, replaced by an A02 (new), replaced by an A01 (new), and then replaced by an A00 (refurbed).

All this hassle never solved my problems but introduced a new one - the sound latency issue. I just play a song in WMP and start browsing and the sound crackles and pops so badly that I feel like bloody throwing this thing out of the window, although I cant coz its darn expensive

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Dell :: M1210 Motherboard Trouble

Sep 4, 2008

Has been soo long since I post anything on this great forum! I appreciate everyone's time here, and thank you all for taking some time to help me diagnose this problem. Anyways here is the problem:
I bought a "broken" Dell M1210 from ebay. The cosmetics of the laptop looks very good: no dents, few scratch marks, and almost no blemishes. It did not came with a hard drive, only an AC adapter.
Currently, I am trying to transfer ownership to me and will be trying to buy warranty for my m1210 once the transfer is complete. My m1210 is a little more then 1 month out of warranty coverage period.
I have completely disassemble the laptop and examine the motherboard, it looks and smells new. Internally, everything is very, very clean. The motherboard model of mine is HN110, the one that has the geforce 7400gs in it.
However, the batter is bad because it holds no power. I have tried on my friend's m1210 and checked it through Dell utilities and it gave a thumbs down.
I cannot confirm if the LCD, speaker, sound card, processor, system fan, heatsink, and camera are fine, or not.
I am able to confirm the ram, wireless card, and the CD drive are perfectly functional. I have yet to test those under performance conditions.
The main problems is:
I am unable to turn on the laptop.
I have tried 5 different adapters: 2 Dell m1210, 1 E1705, 1 E1505, and 1 Targus universal adapter. All of them do not work on the laptop.
When I plugged a Dell adapter into my m1210, the AC adapter shuts off. The green light on the Dell AC Adapter shuts off.
I tried my friend's charged battery to power up my laptop;however, my m1210 still will not power on.
I have not find a way to test the circuit board on my m1210 and my friend is very, very wary of me opening up their laptop. So anything that involves me trying different parts on his laptop will be almost impossible for me to ask for, he is a noob.

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