Sony :: F Series Reviews?

May 10, 2010

I read a lot of bad reviews about the F series got broken down too soon after it's being used. Actually, I got the reviews from the sony website.. I'd rather hear from you guys with true experience ....

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Sony :: S & Y Series Reviews

Jan 28, 2010

Have there been any proper reviews of the S & Y series yet? how they stack up.

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Sony :: VGN-Z610Y- No Reviews

Jun 12, 2009

I am trying to decide between a Macbook pro 13" or a Sony VGN-Z610Y/B. What bothers me is I am having a horrible time finding reviews on the VGN-Z610Y/B. What's up with that?

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Sony :: VGN-Z51WG/B Reviews

Nov 4, 2009

I'm looking for some reviews of the Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG/B laptop. Dunno if the reference is specific to my location (Belgium) but in doubt, here's a link to it: [url]

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Sony :: New Vaio Z Full HD Top Model : Little Reviews + WEI & HDD Benchmarks

Mar 9, 2010

To day i found new Vaio Z show off in my country (Thailand) it come in stores 4 days ago here is specification of top model

Intel Core i7-620M 2.66GHz - 3.33GHz
Quad SSD 256GB
Nvidia Geforce GT330m
13.1 Screen at 1920x1080
Windows 7 x64 Professional
Weight 1.4 Kg
Battery 5hrs
Local warranty 2years Inter 1 years
Price 94,900 Baht (Approx US$2899)

New palmrest design is looking more better than the picture, the 1920x1080 screen does not look too small at all because it set font size to 125%. Text look a little bigger than the 1600x900 at font size 100%

When i set the font size back to 100% the text is small but not too much i think many people can live with that size.

After that i download some benchmark programs to test the device but in final the sale really don't want me to do that. So i took a picture in hurry and this is the result.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 .. Reviews Please?

Apr 20, 2010

I'm planning to buy Studio XPS 16.

I need you guys reviews and comments


i7 720QM
4GB 1333 DDR3
500GB 7200RPM HDD
15.6 Edge to Edge Full HD 1080p
ATI 4670 1GB

I would to ask one more thing, what is edge to edge display? izzit frameless screen?

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Dell :: Any Latitude 13 Reviews?

Apr 11, 2010

I can't locate any.

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Dell :: Any E4200 Reviews Out There

Oct 7, 2008

Any reviews, user pictures, experiences with the E4200 out there by now? Still waiting for feedback before I pull the trigger on one..

Any real world weight figures? 2.2lbs with standard prismatic battery sounds amazing, but I wonder if this is truth. That's the weight of the Asus EEE 8.9" 900 series NETBOOK!

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Dell :: M6400 Reviews

Nov 21, 2008

I start this thread with a nice review with pictures

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavillion Dm1- Reviews?

Oct 19, 2009

Im stuck between getting an acer 1810tz or the DM1, the DM1 is actually a bit better with its DDR3 and bluetooth, its possible i can get it for cheaper as well.

However the inspiron 11z looks great too but the reviews say that sucks with its horrible touchpad and only 1 ram slot etc, i cant find any reviews of the DM1 anywhere, is it a good laptop? Better than the 1810tz?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 17 Reviews

May 30, 2010

I can't find any reviews of the HP Envy 17... have they not shipped out yet? I am looking for some user reviews and also some reviews on Cnet etc.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv4i, Any Reviews

Feb 20, 2010

HP Pavilion dv4i customizable Notebook PC VN673AV

Espresso Black
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-330M Dual Core processor (2.13GHz, 3MB L2 Cache)
FREE Upgrade to 4GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
FREE Upgrade to 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
50% OFF! 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) HD 4550 Graphics
14.1" diagonal WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)
SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-R/RW with Double Layer Support
Webcam Only
Wireless-N Card
No TV Tuner w/remote control
HP Color Matching Keyboard
6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery.............

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Apple :: First Reviews On New MacbookPros Is Out

Jun 11, 2009

For those interested, Gizmondo has a review up with Benchmarks for the new 13 and 15" macbooks. [url]

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Dell :: Reviews On Vostro 1220

Sep 18, 2009

I am thinking about picking up a Vostro 1220 to replace a faulty HP laptop, however, there are not many reviews about Vostro 1220 on the web, certainly not from any established review site like this one or Cnet.

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Dell :: Exclusive: APC Reviews The XPS Studio 13

Feb 4, 2009


Originally Posted by APC

As far back as XPS antiquity will allow, an XPS PC offered bright coloured lights, above-average build quality, sharp high definition displays, graphical prowess and a notable CPU selection, all of which separated them from the mainstream Inspiron heap. And while the Studio XPS M1340 offers many of these features, its graphical prowess is rather limp. If youíre looking for a gaming machine you may need to look at a larger model with a beefier graphics card.


Originally Posted by APC

While it will play some games in lower settings, itís going to be a bitter disappointment for desktop gamers looking for a notebook alternative.


Originally Posted by APC

The sound, on the other hand, is pretty poor.


Originally Posted by APC

misleading graphics hardware...


Originally Posted by APC

our 3DMark 2006 score of 3586 isnít particularly impressive


Originally Posted by APC

its graphical prowess is rather limp


all in all, APC seems to think it's a competent 13" notebook in general. however being an XPS i think people expect more from it. without a good GPU, beyond a slight difference in size and superficial cosmetic differences, what's the point if thats achievable in something slightly larger and cheaper within the Dell family or even better in the same size, out of it? never mind the initial bugs that seem to be cropping out from it.

eta: it's also funny that APC picked up on the deceptive naming of the 9500M GE. whether it's Dell's, nVidia's or a collusion of the two, most likely the latter, it was a cheap transparent gimmick. the 9500M GE in an XPS 13 is no where near the level of an actual 9500M GS card.

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Dell ::1420/1520 Reviews

Jul 6, 2007

im guessing no one has got one in their hands yet, seeing as how there are no reviews?

im real interested in buying a new dell, but the store by me still has the old stuff

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv7 3065dx - Reviews- Info

Dec 28, 2009

just got the HP dv7 3065dx and I've been looking around to find out more about it. I know general inormation about it and it seems like a good computer. If anyone has any opinions or info on it that I should know about like heating issues, battery life, memory issues, or capabilities vs other laptops in its range i'd appreciate it.

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HP/Compaq :: ProBook 4320s Reviews

Apr 17, 2010

impressions on the ProBook 4320s? I've scoured the web trying to find reviews on the laptop, but I've come up with no luck.

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HP/Compaq :: Reviews On HP-dv5-1010tx (Discontinued)

Apr 30, 2009

I m buying a HP DV5 1010tx notebook which is discontinued.

The specs are:

Product Name dv5-1010tx
Product Number FN363PA
Microprocessor 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P9400
with Intel Centrino processor technology
Microprocessor Cache 6 MB Level 2 cache
Memory 4096 MB (2 x 2048 MB)
Memory Max Up to 8 GB
Video Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
Video Memory 512 MB dedicated
Hard Drive 320 GB (5400 rpm)
Multimedia Drive Blu-Ray ROM with SuperMulti DVDĪR/RW DL
Display 15.4" WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView
Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)........

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Apple :: Snow Leopard Reviews

Aug 27, 2009

Here's a short list of reviews that hit the web today!

Walt Mossberg

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Apple :: IPad Reviews & News

Apr 1, 2010

Bob LeVitus




Andy iHnatko


David Pogue


app that lets you print [url]

Netflix App on launch day


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Dell :: Upcoming M1710 & M1730 Reviews

Dec 30, 2007

Im doing an in depth review comparison of the XPS m1710 and the XPS m1730 cause frankly the ones online elsewhere or anywhere just suck from what ive seen.

I'll be doing a suite of benchmarks ranging from popular DX8,9,10 games and for the sake of doing it 3Dmarks across the board but if there is a demo suite or a game I might have you want me to bench i'll try to include it in the markings so feel free to ask it wont hurt I promise. If there is any particular photo shot of either unit you would like to see then nows your chance to voice up. Im gonna collect all the responses till Jan 7th and then I'll make the magic happen I cant wait to hear what you guys want so have at it.

Requests so far


Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties DX9 FRAPS
Crysis DX9-10 FRAPS
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne DX8 FRAPS
Planetside DX8.1 FRAPS
Hellgate London DX9-10 FRAPS
Call of Duty 4 FRAPS
Unreal Tourny 3 FRAPS
Team Fortress 2 FRAPS
BioShock FRAPS (This game runs on the UT3 engine thus is on the maybe list)

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Dell :: Inspiron 15 Reviews By Daily Users?

Oct 18, 2009

I am finding the Inspiron 15 at reasonable pricing (from 429.99 to 489.99) so am thinking of buying an early Christmas present.

I need information on its reliability. Will I need to purchase an extended warranty or should the owner be able to operate trouble free for at least three years?

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Dell :: Core I7 Studio 1557 Reviews?

Nov 20, 2009

I have been looking for any reviews of the Dell Studio 1557 with Quad Core i7s. Havent been able to find anything.

Does anyone know of any reviews for this machine ...

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Dell :: Beware! Display Quality On SXPS16 Not On Par With Reviews

Feb 11, 2009

However measurements conducted using a professional grade meter severe issues:Yes the colors do pop but green is widly oversaturatedMost colors have incorrect hueYes maximum luminance is very high but black levels are very poor, so the contrast remains below 580:1Color temperature is too high (greyscale suffers from a greenish tint)

Those issues cannot be solved:Calibrating the greyscale to a different color temperature (65K standard) reduces the contrast significantly. Adding some red will fix color temperature but also increase black luminance and hence reduce the contrast.The color saturation and color hue controls do not alter the green color in any significant way.

While the display may be ok for gamers who like nuclearly inaccurate colors, the display is very poor for what it is supposed to do: displaying Bluray films and other video content (after all this is a 16/9 HD media laptop)The poor black levels mean the picture looks flat and 2 dimensionalThe color inaccuracies lead to radiating grass and foliage as well as incorrect skin tones.

I am including the details of my measurements below, as well as examples of ow the color settings of the ATI Catalyst Control panel affect the readings.

Black Level: 0,48cd/m≤
White Point (maximal luminance): 270cd/m≤
Contrast: 560:1

Unfortunately, this is merely average, as most competing non LED panels have contrasts of 600:1 or higher. Also any good screen should have black levels below 0,3cd/m≤ .....

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Apple :: MBP2.66ghz And 2.93ghz Model Reviews

May 16, 2009

Has anyone seen or done any PCmark, 3dmark etc performance testing with the slightly newer cpu's?

I am really interested in them as you can run 8gb of ram and am wondering if the 2.93ghz

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Dell :: Inspiron 1570 (Inspiron 15z) Owners / Reviews?

Dec 8, 2009

Any owners yet? I'd love to get some reviews.

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Sony :: SZ Series Docking Compatible With New Z Or Y Series

May 12, 2010

My SZ430 has been a workhorse for me for 3+ years and I m now looking into the replacement of either Z or Y series....

Problem I have is I have 2 docking stations for my SZ in my home and office and would like to know if I can reuse those for the new Z or Y series.

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Sony :: New E Series To Replace NW Series

Feb 14, 2010

I just saw the new sony e series laptops. Are they supposed to replace the NW series?

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Sony :: F Series Versus Z Series

Feb 13, 2010

I am trying to decide between the F series and the Z series. Anyone else been debating between these two laptops?

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