Acer :: 6930 / 6920 Build Quality

Sep 2, 2009

Been looking at getting a mid range media / gaming laptop and it seems that Acer with the 6920/6930/6935 range seem to have the best range of affordability and good specs in the laptops.

But I was wondering about build quality, I had a shot with one of them in Carphone Warehouse and it seems very cheap and breakable is this the case or are the good quality built laptops?

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Acer :: Much Difference Between 6920 And 6930

Dec 29, 2008

I'm looking for a new laptop (for basic use, nothing fancy) and am having trouble deciding between these two. I'm basically looking at the base models, specifically at, say, these two: this 6920 [url] and a 6930 with these stats [url]

With comparable hardware, is there much difference between the two? I like the keyboard layout on the 6920 better than the 6930 (not a fan of the number pad) but that's mostly aesthetic. Do the two differ much in any significant way? Why is the 6930 a little bit pricier?

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Acer :: Can A 1920x1080 Resolution Be Reduced To 1366x768 In 6930/6920

Dec 1, 2008

all available screen resolutions on the full hd version (1920x1080) of their 6930/6920? I'd like to know if it can be reduced to 1366x768 before I buy the notebook so I can have a true pixel for pixel reproduction when connected to my HD ready plasma. I know I could just buy the lower resolution version of this notebook but I've read that 768 vertical pixels is not enough for this 16" display, too much scrolling it seems and one review even said that graphics on the screen look almost jagged when compared side by side to a notebook with a higher resolution.

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Acer :: 6920G Build Quality

Jan 3, 2009

6920G - Build Quality

Is it strong? break easily? poor? weak?

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Acer :: Aspire 6935 Build Quality

Nov 14, 2008

Are Acer laptops one's that I could rely on for 3-4 years to come?

I've been planning on buying a new laptop this month or at the beginning of December. I was considering Dell's new XPS, when they come out, but so far no luck on that front.

The Acer Aspire 6935 has caught my eye, but it seems dangerously cheap for the specs. (T9400 CPU, 9600GT GPU, Blu Ray, FullHD screen etc - and that for only 1299.- euros).

If users who have the 6935 could post their opinions (I realise that it won't be after a year or so of usage, but still) and maybe some benchmarks, or gaming results?

So all in all - is the quality up for it, is it up for 3-4 years, with out me going to the warranty service every now and then after a year or so?

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Dell :: Build Quality Of Studio 14z

Sep 3, 2009

anyone know hows the build quality of the Studio 14z?? Does the chassis and palm rest flex a lot?? is the palm rest really.

prone to scratches?? I know its made of plastic, and im worried that its a really cheap feeling, non durable this the case?...

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Dell :: E6410 Build Quality

May 25, 2010

How's the build quality on E6410 compared to Thinkpad T410? Creaks, flexing, etc? I'm almost sure this month my next purchase won't be a Thinkpad and Latitude seems to be a good choice. Our office use them.

I currently have a 6-year old T41 and 2-year old T61. I'll miss the keyboard and trackpoint but i can live with that.

I have an utrabay HDD adaptor on my T42 does E6410 have the same? I can only see a travel lite module.

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Dell :: M6400 Build Quality

Sep 12, 2009

Im thinking seriously about buying a M6400 How is the build quality?

Are there many problems, because im not sure if i will be in a region where dell has decent represantatives, i need it to be stable and reliable, no repairs needed.

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Sony :: Build Quality Of VPCCW27FX

Apr 16, 2010

I'm looking to buy a laptop for programming, gaming, and everyday tasks. Right now I'm debating between the VPCCW27FX and a 15" MBP. The price difference is huge (almost $1000 more for roughly the same machine) but there are two things that are making me consider getting the Apple.

1. The ability to do iPhone/iPad programming. Hard to put a price on this. I'm not positive I will have the time to do this but it is nice to have the option.
2. Build quality - everyone raves about how well Apples are made and my general experience observing friends makes me think they are decently made as well.

how well put together their VPCCW27FX is? Have any components needed replacing/how timely was the repair work? Any more general nagging complaints about the machine (wobbly screens, bad keys, loud drives, etc)?

Also, if people have more general thoughts on comparing the 15" MBP vs the VPCCW27FX that would be great. It's pretty amazing the price difference between the two but if the MBP is must better made and will be supported more quickly then that's something I'll have to take into serious consideration.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy Build Quality

Mar 29, 2010

I received my HP Envy 15 today (I was excited). As I proceeded to open the contents of the box I was impressed with the presentation and packaging of the system. After I got the laptop completely out of the soft-cloth cover case, I sat it down and began to inspect around the system. Looking around the laptop, before opening the screen lid, I start to notice black marks, scratches, and smudges on the case.

Some of these were production dust but some were actually scratches. Next, I open the lid to inspect the screen and noticed more smudges and a few hair-liner scratches on the lower part of the screen. At this point I am like ?!?! Upon further inspection of the screen, I noticed that the rubber screen spacers were peeling off. How did these issues pass the final Q&A check? Lastly, the bottom part of the plastic shell covering the screen was warped, as it was rubber-banding out instead of sitting flush against the screen.

I am disgusted, to say the least, to receive a $2000+ laptop in this condition . Since this is HP's high-end model I expected near perfection. So, after trying the Dell XPS 16 and now the HP Envy, I have to say that I am not impressed with the build quality of either system. I guess Apple or another PC brand will get my money. So long to Dell and HP!

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Dell :: Better Build Quality: E6500 Or M4400

Sep 16, 2008

I am in the markey for either an E6400 or an M4400. I like the power of the M4400 and the looks but I have heard some stuff about the lid not being as sturdy as it looks.

Is it made of metal as the lid of the E6500 is?

Which is a more durable laptop in yor opinion?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645: Build Quality

Dec 4, 2009

I received my Studio XPS 1645 this Monday. My Specs:

-I7 820
-8G Ram
-128g SSD
-RGB Screen

The machine runs beautifully and the screen is amazing but I am having what seems to be an incredible amount of build quality issues. I wanted to know if others have had the same issues and how they resolved them...

-The tech is coming for a second time to fix my screen. It came out of the box with a large scratch. The second screen has several dead pixels.

-Above the keyboard, in front of the screen, the batter (9-cell) doesn't fit flush

-The Sound is uneven. It is FAR louder coming out of the right side than the left. The settings in the control panel seem fine.

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Dell :: XPS And Inspiron Build Quality Comparison

Jan 19, 2009

How would the build quality compare with both of these notebooks?

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Sony :: CTO Vs Ready To Ship Build Quality

Jul 21, 2009

I was just wondering if there were any differences in build quality with the CTO models and the preconfigured ones.

I think someone posted that CTO had better build quality. And also, if the majority of people posting about barrel issues have CTO or preconfigured model

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Sony :: SZ6 (SZ650N) Poor Build Quality

Dec 23, 2009

In addition to having a bad hard disk (after less than a year of ownership it totally failed, corrupted data, bla bla bla), the welds on the palm rest screw posts (see picture attachment) have come undone. I have been able to fix this for the time being with krazy glue, but it's not perfect. Furthermore, because of this, the plastic piece on the CD drive side broke at the incredibly flimsy joint with the main carbon chassis. Also fixed for the time being with krazy glue.

The touchpad comes on reversed from time to time, there's a ton of bloatware installed by default, no official 64bit support (although I was able to get it working with help from this forum), bla bla bla. My friends think all of this is hillarious, as I "overpayed" for a Sony that has been a real bear in terms of quality.

I can't complain about the design, weight, battery life, gorgeous screen, or performance however... but the quality issues are canceling out the positives, I'd say overall it's impossible to give the SZ6 a better grade than a B: it's a pleasure to lug around (I'm moving around every day) but the poor quality means you can never relax.

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HP/Compaq :: HP/ Build Quality/parts Vs Other Manufacturers

Jan 4, 2010

I talked to the guy who repaired my laptop about what brands he thought lasted the longest and needed the least repairs (he's been fixing computers all his life pretty much). And he said hp/compaq were the best.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Envy 15-1100 Build Quality

Mar 16, 2010

I read through most of the owners own HP Envy 15 1100 model got a keyboard problem.

Is this happen most of the machines?

does this machines able to cope with intense photoshop cs4 photo editing?

Does this machines in UK version run USB 3.0 or 2.0?

About the external battery does it last long enough total of 15 cells battery?

Lastly, Is it worth the money or a macbookpro 15"

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 Heat Issues .. Build Quality?

Apr 8, 2009

Heard...a LOT of negative regaurding this laptop...heat quality...etc What do you think? It would fit me perfectly as a secondary backup however I have heard nothing good yet.

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Dell :: Build Quality Of Precision M4400 Vs The M65/M4300 ?

Mar 31, 2009

How is the Build quality of Precision M4400 compared to the M65/M4300 ?

I was taken aback by the following post: ...

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Sony :: VAIO Build Quality And User Experience

Aug 16, 2009

I bought a brand-new VAIO sz-220 made in Japan back in 2006 for around $1400. Since then, I've experienced the following problems:

optical drive broken
speaker hissing
fan has unusual whizzing sound
fingerprint scanner broken
trackpad randomly fails to work (buttons/trackpad sticks, I've never spilled liquid, always have clean hands when handling the computer)
ac adapter broke
windows randomly goes into restart/shutdown sequence and freezes midway
laptop runs at 94C when placed on a desk and freshly internally dusted
laptop does not reliably turn off after initiating shutdown sequence (sometimes it freezes midway)..........

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Acer :: 8920G- I Changed The Picture Quality To 3D (from Quality To Performance) ..

Mar 3, 2009

I have got some problems with my notebook.

1) I changed the picture quality to 3D (from quality to performance) after that i am not able to open my nvidia control panal.

I also updated my drivers .. didnt work

2) I am not able to play any games (big once like NFS pro) . It works very slow

3) If i put a memory card in my card reader i get a blue screen.

4) If i on my blue tooth it asks for installing drivers (every thing i have to search and intall it again and again).

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Acer :: 6930 Blu-ray LCD

Jan 7, 2009

I just picked up a 6930-6805.

I tried hooking up to a 720P LCD via HDMI while playing a blu-ray and I get an error saying the graphics card is inadequate. My model has the Nvidia 9600m GT.

Is there a setting I need to configure?

my screen is the 1366X768.

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Acer :: 6930

May 10, 2009

When logging into my laptop, i have been useing the finger print reader, and have been since bought laptop(nearly 4 weeks now). I don't remember setting password also, but have never needed it.

When switched laptop on this mroning, the little finger print scanner on top left hand corner of screen has gone.

I can now not get into laptop useing finger print reader. I don't have password(when press enter says enter password).

So now i can't get into laptop. I have no recovery disks.

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Acer :: 6920 Mbr

Jul 18, 2009

i've recently installed windows xp (dual boot with vista), then decided to remove it and do a fresh install. however when i held ALT and kept pressing F4, but nothing happened.

i've searched this forum, and understood that the problem is that xp reset the mbr with its default file. so how can i fix the mbr?

i tried downloading the mbrfix[url]but i didn't work (maybe bcs it's for 5610).

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Acer :: Aspire 6930

Dec 24, 2008

I've just purchased an Acer Aspire 6930. It came with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD and a HDMI out port. The weird thing is that if I can't play HD-DVDs or BlueRay discs, then what's the point of having it? Can anyone tell me why they setup that way?

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Acer :: Aspire 6930 (Two HDD)

Jan 1, 2009

My Aspire 6930 has 320GB by using two hard drives. 142GB on drive C, 138BG on drive D, and 40GB as reserved. Are there any good by using two drives? It looks kind a stupid to me because drive D is like a giant folder in drive C. Do anyone owns the same model with one or two drives?

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Acer :: How To Add 2nd HD In Aspire 6930

Apr 7, 2009

how to add additional hd in Aspire 6930?

And which one can I add?

Currently I have 320GB and would like to upgrade to more hd space with additional hd, but just can't find info's how to upgrade and which hd do I need to buy.

Also got a question about expresscard 54? What it is for? What I need to buy to get that up and running? For what can I use this?

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Acer :: 6930 G - Recovery

Mar 16, 2009

I have an Acer 6930 G. I had accidentally installed the French Vista (stupid me) and the store gave me the 2 backup DVDs I needed in order to install the English one (they had a previous customer with the same problem). So on the Acer screen, I pressed Alt-F10. I choose restore using user's backup and insert my DVD. Under Source Drive, I choose "Recovery1:Z" which is the name of my 1st recovery disk. Under Backup Point, I cannot choose anything and thus, I cannot hit the next button. I tried enabling F12, and putting USB CD ROM as first priority (didn't make sense but worth a try)

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Acer :: Windows XP OEM On 6930

Jul 26, 2009

I would like to install Windows XP on the second hard drive of my 6930G.

And I was wondering I could use a XP OEM disc that I got from HP about 5 years ago for an NC 8000 notebook? Also do all those OEM XP discs on eBay work with any compuer? Or do I need a speciific brand of computer?

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Acer :: KSOD On 6930

Aug 25, 2009

im getting ksod (black screen of death) on my 6930 which came preinstalled with vista home premium. it boots & shows the vista bootscreen & then when it is supposed to show the login screen it just shows a black screen with mouse cursor (which is movable), ctrl+alt+del doesnt work, same condition in the safe mode too. tried booting into startup recovery, it fixed a cpl of probs & said the os s'd boot fine but it still doesnt. i've googled a lot for the last cpl of days & didnt find a definitive fix for the prob. i've tried a cpl of fixes that i found but none worked. so finally i've decided to do a clean install (after i back up my docs & stuffs from C: to D: ). now i need to be sure abt a few things b4 i decide which way to go-

1. say i want to reinstall vista from the recovery disks, will that effect my D: (data partition) or just C:?

2. say i want to replace vista with xp (with sata slipstreamed), will that corrupt the recovery partition? do i need to repartition the whole drive to install xp?

3. say i installed xp & then later someday decided to install vista again from the recovery disks, will that wipe out the whole partition table to revert it back to factory settings?

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