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Acer :: Ferrari One Cant Change Desktop - Win 7

I have a Ferrari One netbook.

The default desktop background is the ferrari car with a calender.

When I go to change the desk top (right click, personalise, select a new theme eg window aero) and reboot the computer it starts up again in the Ferrari scheme! Any ideas?

for some reason the window to select all the different themes DOES NOT have an 'Ok' and 'Cancel' button on the bottom right? That's weird!

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Acer :: Ferrari One 200
I got the Acer Ferrari One 200 2 days ago (win7 64bit home premium). I noticed it has a hibernation problem. It goes to sleep for no reason. Very annoying. I tried tweaking ALL the power settings but still it will go to sleep for no reason. Hibernation on this laptop is erratic. I emailed Acer about this and still waiting for a reply. Bummer!

I also have a compaq cq40 with almost thesame specs with the Acer Ferrari One. turion x2, ati 780g chipset. My Compaq running win7 64bit Ultimate RC does not have hibernating issues. This really baffles me. Is this a windows 7 bug? or am I having hardware issues?

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Acer :: Ferrari Wallpaper
"Upgraded" one of my acer laptops to Vista from XP and now the beautiful Ferrari wallpaper doesn't function properly. I moved the folder from a different (XP) machine onto the Vista one, and it almost works. If I double-click the "FerrariWP.exe" file, the wallpaper shows up and with the correct date - however it never updates and it stays on the same day. If I uninstall and double-click again-everything is ok until the next day

My guess is that there is a slightly different version needed for Vista, and since Acer did ship many of these laptops with Vista preinstalled, there has to be (Ok, I'm hoping there is) a version floating around somewhere that is Vista-compatible.

Not the end of the world, but I've gotten really used to having that great looking calendar on the desktop and I'm not ready to give it up yet..

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Acer :: Ferrari One Opinions
Would it be a match for a Celeron t1600 with GMA4500 graphics? (My wifes' laptop has this spec)

Bear in the following: I would be using it for college (if I'm accepted) and would need to run VMWare etc. Youtube and browsing etc. I also use handbrake for transcoding.

My budget is less than €500.

The killer about all this is that I had to sell my XPS m1530 with T9300 and 4gig RAM cos

I had an offer I couldn't refuse.

One of the reasons I was looking at the above "laptop" was for portability, cos I would be going to college on the motorbike. I have a well specced P4 pc for the home.

Another reason is because it has the 1366*768 screen with dual core cpu and discreet graphics. Nothing compared to what I had before, but needs must

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Acer :: Ferrari 4005 With 4GB Of RAM Possible
if the Ferrari 4005 BIOS supports memory remapping, so that I can use full 4GB of RAM?

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Acer :: Ferrari Cpu Upgrade
purchased and installed a 1.6ghz tk-42 cpu in my ferrari one netbook, the bios detects it as a 1.6ghz cpu but i cannot get it to run @ 1.6ghz in windows without using 3rd party tools. tried reinstalling windows 64/32bit and it always boots @ 1.2ghz (default cpu clock). Does anyone have any idea how I can sort this out? Possible bios hack etc?

I can run without my external graphics card fine @ 1.6ghz, with it the machine crashes constantly.

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Acer :: Ferrari 1005 Fan
I have a problem with my Ferrari 1005, when i power up it, the CPU Fan is sound so loud ... seem that the fan is improper place because of shock or something.

I want to know the problem, however i don't know how to open the Ferrari..does anybody can assist me to open.. and see the problem in CPU fan..

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Acer :: Will There Be A Ferrari 6000
I loved my 5000 right up until it became to out dated to play on. Anyone know if a 6000 is in the works?

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Acer :: Anyone Spotted The Ferrari One Yet In The States
I thought the Acer Ferrari One was supposed to be released in conjunction with Windows 7. Has anyone seen it available anywhere yet in the US?

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Acer :: Installing XP On Ferrari 4002 P
My Ferrari 4002 shuts down when formatting the HDD using the long format or when copying files if the quick formatting was used.

Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do to try and troubleshoot this problem?

It installed Windows 7 without any problems.

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I never thought about installing Vista in my 4005, but Windows 7 seens tempting. What about the drivers?

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Acer :: Ferrari 4000 Not Turning On
all of a sudden my laptop is not turning on...

i see the power light and the HDD(constantly glowing not blinking as if in use)..and a blank screen...not even the POST screen is showing up

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Acer :: Ferrari Keeps Switching Off During Upgrade
I'm trying to upgrade my OS from XP Home to XP Pro SP3. However during the installation process (about 70%)it just switches off and reboots back to the old OS.

Is there a special process that I'm not aware of?

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Acer :: Ferrari One Cpu/ram Upgraded (& Bluetooth)
yesterday upgraded cpu in ferrari one with 2.4GHz AMD Turion Dual Core TL66 processor, also upgraded Ram to 4gig. laptop is a bit random, but works ok, have tested a couple of games on it and it seems ok for now, although is running a bit hot? not sure if this is going to cause any problems? have also flashed bios..any ideas as to what could go wrong?
ram and cpu from my dead ferrari 1100

The original cpu was a 1.2GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual coreprocessor, acer tech guys said it was not upgradeble...

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Acer :: Heating On Ferrari 4005
i have update my firmware to the new one, but it seems that it shut down at lower temperature.

but i have also upgrade my ram to 2 gb but its kingston value ram

and i have 2 operating system now, window xp and window vista ultimate

is it true that if i run the systerm on vista, it make the pc temperature hotter? and if run on high performance, its even higher than that?

at the moment im running window xp, running window media player watching videos, with 2 internet explorer running and also the everest ultimate edition which shows 63c for the cpu and 39c for hdd, and now im using those 4 fans notebook cooler.

is this temperature normal?

and sometime when just watching high definition video on window vista my laptop will shut itself down...

do u think its the ram which cause this problem? or is it window vista? or the new firmware which cause my laptop to shut itself down?

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Acer :: Ferrari 4000 HDD Upgrade
I have a Acer Ferrari 4000 AMD Turion 64 2GHz, and I'm trying to upgrade the internal HDD to an SDD drive (IDE interface) - it's a Photofast G-Monster-IDE SSD 90R/70W 128GB

The drive is working OK - I have conneceted it to the machine via a USB adapter, and partitioned it with no problem, I've also cloned the existing HDD onto the SSD with clonezilla.

But when I put it in the laptop it won't get past the initial splash page with "press F2 for setup" prompt and nothing happens. If I press F2 to enter the Bios, it just says "please wait" and never enters the bios configuration.

The bios version is S3A27

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Acer :: Ferrari 4005 & XP64 Bit
I have a acer ferrari as you can see in my sig and up untill now i have been using the 32bit xp which came with it . I wanted to know if anyone of you guys has installed the 64 bit version and if it rus better on it and if the driver support etc is fine?

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Acer :: Ferrari 1000 And Windows 7
Has anyone tried installing windows 7 on their ferrari 1000? How has your experience with it been? Can you get everything such as the orbi cam, wi-fi, etc. working? I'm on linux now and am pretty intrigued by what windows 7 has to offer. I want to try it out but Acer doesn't have any drivers available yet.

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Acer :: (lock Up) Ferrari 4005
I've seen this somewhere, on a board (I think), but whenever I press firmly to the right of the touchpad, about an inch, the computer will freeze up every time. Sometimes typing, like right now, will do it. Any ideas? Acer Tech said they're never heard of it.

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Acer :: Ferrari 4000 Overheat
After using my ferrari for about 3 years now it's been with me in a lot of different places, climates, dust conditions and so forth. Lately I started to notice that the laptop was kind of hot , and the primary use of my laptop is internet browsing and office applications so no heavy cpu or gpu loads. The heat was annoying problem but not annoying enough to make me do any actions. But a week ago I noticed that when I watch flash based videos (like youtibe) laptop gets really hot and after 15-20min it just shuts off or reboots . This was annoying as shit. I tried things like putting it on a try of ice, didn't help, and since I don't believe in "gay" things like those cooling pads I decided to get to the root of the problem .

First thing I noticed was that the flow of hot air from the grill around the cpu was very weak, this gave me the hint that the radiator is probably stuck with dust. The solution I came to is simple: open the body clean it and see how it works.............

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Acer :: Ferrari Netbook Hdmi
since this netbook doesn't have an hdmi port, can u get like an adapter to get hdmi?


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Acer :: Ferrari 5000 Boot
I've had a ferrari 5000 for over a year now and never had any problems with it until today. When I power on my laptop it boots up to the Ferrari picture where it has the "Press F2 to enter setup" and it just stays there. I try and press F2 to enter set up but none of the keys on the keyboard seem to work. It just stays frozen on that picture.

I'm able to use the CD ROM but it still leaves me in the same place.

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Acer :: Ferrari 1000 Review
Acer Ferrari 1000


The Acer Ferrari 1000 is the fifth incarnation of the Acer Ferrari line. The Ferrari line was brought as a joint effort between Acer and AMD. The Ferrari part comes into play as both Acer and AMD are sponsors of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 racing team. First impressions of the Acer Ferrari 1000 notebook brought about an impulsive need to purchase. This notebook sets itself apart from the crowd with performance and styling which will get it noticed on your trip to the local coffee house or anywhere for that matter. The Acer Ferrari 1000 is typically categorized as an ultra-compact notebook being that it is only a 12.1 inch notebook. This was one of the primary reasons that this reviewer had for purchasing the Acer Ferrari 1000. At the time this reviewer was looking for a notebook the primary concerns were small, lightweight and the ability to support 4GB or memory. The Acer Ferrari 1000 met all these needs and even delivered more. However, the Ferrari 1000 did not come cheap at an MSRP $1999.

The Ferrari 1000 was the first Ferrari to feature a 12.1 inch chassis, where previous generations were either a 15 or 15.4 inch chassis. Acer meticulously was able to engineer all the style, performance, and quality of the Ferrari line into a small 12.1 inch chassis. Furthermore, they just about got it right on the first try.

SpecificationsBrand Acer
Model Ferrari 1000
Processor AMD Turion X2 TL-60 – Dual Core 2Gz, 1MB L2 cache (512KB per core)
Video Card Integrated ATI Express 1150 with Shared Memory up to 256MB
Display 12.1 inch 1280x800 resolution (WXGA) (16:10 aspect)
Chipset ATI Express 1150 (ATI RS485M + ATI SB460)
Memory 4GB DDR2 PC2-6400 800 MHz Memory
Disk Storage 500GB 5400RPM SATA hard drive
Audio 2 speakers
Media Bay 5-in-1 card reader (SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, xD)
Battery 2 Batteries included – 3-Cell 2000mAh & 6-Cell 5200mAh
Weight 3.7 lbs..........

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Acer :: Ferrari 4000 CPU UPGRADE
Acer Ferrari 4000.. Ive upgraded pretty much everything on it from mem to hdd.. Now I would like to buy some faster Turion from ebay and try it on my baby.. Currently I have Turion ML-30 (1.6GHz) I wonder whats fastest CPU supported by MB of this mobo ? ML-40 (2,2GHz)? Are there some specs arround on net about this stuff?

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Acer :: Are These Temps Normal For Ferrari One 200
i have already re seat my heatsink and replace the stock TIM with a better thermal paste which is the OCZ Freeze.

now i cant seem to remember and i also forgot to record thru OCCT the idle temps of the cpu at stock 1.2ghz clock.

i am wondering if it is normal if my idle temp now after my replacement of the stock TIM and reseating are ranging from 39 celsius up to 45 celsius while its load/slight apps would get these temps to 50 celsius going up to 54 celsius.

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Acer :: Ferrari 5002 Review
First of all I have been thinking that why here is no such Review Available for this computer up till now. Anyhow I got this one but I was expecting it to be 5005 with 2.2 Ghz but anyhow I got better price too. I got this one for around 1000 US $ where 5005 was around 1800$.

My computer Specificaitons are:

Processor: AMD Turion (tm) 64 x2 Mobile TL-50 1.6 Ghz
HD: 120 GB (5400RPM) SATA
VGA: ATI x1600 (512 with 256 Hyper Memory
Operatting System: XP Media Center

Other specifications can be requested. I was really very much willing to have review of this laptop over this computer that i hardly found. Though I did found nice pictures of this computer in the pictures section. Uptill now I am not able to get any nice score form this comptuer as I was expecting due to which now I am thinking I should have gone for Aspire 5920G as it comes with Nvidia 8600GT and having Ferrari was not a good choice as I am casual gamer. But its appearance and overall outlook is very attractive. Specially the name: FERRARI though Ferrari is not performing upto its name. My old system was.
Acer Aspire 5651 AWLMi
Core Duo: 1.73 Ghz
HD: 120 GB (5400 RPM) SATA
VGA: Nvidia 7600 (128 MB)......................

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Acer :: Wireless Network Setup Between My Desktop W/xp Pro An My Laptop W/vista Home Preminum Acer 5570Z
I have a wireless network setup between my desktop w/xp pro an my laptop w/vista home preminum Acer 5570Z.

My laptop can open drives & folders on my desktop, but my desktop can't open drives or folders on my laptop it says I don't have permission. I fixed this once before but can't remember what I did.

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Acer :: Ferrari 3400 137GB Limit
I have an Acer Ferrari 3400 and i just replaced my hard drive with a 160 GB drive, however the computer only sees about 131 GB. I've read abit about the 137 GB limit and wanted to know if the motherboard/BIOS for this model supports 48 bit LBA so that i can see the remaining space on the hard drive. I have windows XP pro service pack II installed, but i don't know how to activate 48 bit addressing or if my BIOS suppoerts it.

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Acer :: Upgrading Memory In Ferrari 5005
At the moment i have 2GB of RAM running on the Turion 64 Dual Processor with Windows Vista Business (in the Control Panel > System it says the OS is 32-bit).

I have heard that with a 32-bit OS you can't go above 2GB in laptops. Is that right? It seems a little too broad of an accusation.

Will it acknowledge the extra 2GB i put in it?

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Acer :: Cyberlink PowerDVD For Ferrari 4000
Is any of you guys have a link for the Cyberlink PowerDVD application file which came with the Ferrari 4000?

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Acer :: Ferrari 1000 Compatible Keyboard
I have a ferrari 1000 and i need a replacement for the keyboard, in spanish.

I can't find one, but i found the one for the travelmate 6293. I know that the keyboard from the 6292 is compatible, but is the 6293?

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Acer :: Ferrari 5004, HDMI To TV Sound
I have a Ferrari 5004wlmi running vista business and have just bought a Sony KDL40V4000 40" LCD TV. I had great plans of plugging the notebook into tv with HDMI cable to watch movies etc. I can get picture on the TV but no sound. I did a bit of hunting round the web and found this is a pretty common problem. But, for me i am yet to find a solution.

I tried updating my audio drivers from the Realtek website but i wasnt really sure which one to install, they have just updated their website with quite a few and i dont know the correct one for this notebook. I emailed them asking for help but they have not replied. I have emailed Acer but got a reply that did not help at all.

In my readings i see that by right clicking on the speaker icon in taskbar then 'playback devices' I should be able to select HDMI cable but i do not get this option; only "Speakers" and "Realtek Digital Output". If i select the digital output option and cross my fingers, touch wood and hold my tongue in the right position i do sometimes get sound coming through the TV.

Seems to be quite a process for it to work though; i turn tv and notebook off, plug hdmi into notebook, turn on tv, turn on notebook, then about 15 seconds before vista finshes starting up i select HDMI on tv and if i am very lucky the sound will work, if it doesnt i restart notebook and then it may work or it may not.

This seems really fickle to me which makes me think something needs fixing. Even if everything is plugged in and working but then i leave it for awhile or watch normal tv then try the notebook again the sound will be gone again.

I see there was a HDMI update on realtek which i installed but it said no driver was supported once it had finished installing, i had the hdmi cable plugged in at the time.

What are the correct drivers to download from Realtek for a Ferrari 5004?

Why do i not get the option for HDMI cable on 'playback devices' do i need it?

Should i really have to go through the above procedure for things to work correctly or should i just be able to plug notebook into tv at any stage?

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Acer :: Ferrari 3200 Locked In Bios
My old Acer Ferrari was protected with a bios password that i personally used. However I was giving away my old laptop and tried to clear out my bios password for its new user.

What happened was i simply put nothing when it asks to enter the new password in the bios..i just hit enter. Now the system keeps asking for a password when i have none to give. Even the old password doesn't work, as does just hitting enter. I don't know if anyone still knows tricks of the trade for this old system but anything could be helpful.

I've been trying to find a backdoor password but I can't find any that works and Acer won't help me cause I don't have warranty anymore since the laptop is old.

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Acer :: Where Is The Best Place To Get Ferrari 3400 Motherboards
Does anyone know of a good place to get replacement motherboards for Acers? Specifically the Ferrari 3400.

So far the only place I've found is Notebook Solutions:


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Acer :: Acer Build An New Ferrari NB In The Future
Does anybody know if Acer build an new Ferrari NB in the future?

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Acer :: Gotta Old Ferrari 3200 Laying Around, Wandering If I Can Put Hd
if I can get card or tuner to somehow allow my old ferrari 3200 to watch hd videos.

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Acer :: Ferrari 4005 Screen Blank On Startup
When i boot my laptop everything seems to start but the screen remains blank. Nothing will come up. I have taken it apart several times to make sure everything was connected and reaplied arctic silver to the cpu and vga.

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Acer :: Can I Use Travelstar 7K320 HTS723232L9A360 In A Ferrari 4005
I have an ACER FERRARI 4005, I want to upgrade to a new 7200rpm and bigger hard disk, eg. 320gb .

Can i use the following Hitachi?

Travelstar 7K320 HTS723232L9A360 i320GB 9D5mmj
Size: 2.5 inches
Capacities: 320GB
Speed: 7200 RPM
Interfaces: SATA 1.5Gb/s
SATA 3Gb/s
Seek Time: 12ms

Is Sata2 or this hard disk possible for my machine?

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Acer :: Ferrari 3400 VISTA BIOS Update
After i updated to the new vista BIOS 3c25. my ferrari 3400 cannot wake up from standby. the screen is Hard drive light blinks..looks like the system got hanged.i have to force the power button to power down the system and restart it again.There is no other issues other than this standby thingy..

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Acer :: Ferrari 3400 Dead (again) With Strange Behaviour
About a year ago my Ferrari 3400 kicked the bucket, but it turned out that it was the RAM that had gone bad, I replaced the stick and it worked beautifully again.

Around that time I also bought another 1 gig stick to get it up to the 2 gig mark.

Both sticks are Ultra PC3200 400Mhz Sticks.

This evening while working on a website my computer froze up completely. I rebooted and similar to the last time it died, it wouldn't post.

So I tried pulling out the RAM, trying 1 stick at a time, one slot at a time, reversing the sticks etc.

Once the screen actually lit up and there was a flashing cursor. But the next time I tried there was nothing.

Following this I tried a spare 256mb sodimm I had kicking around, this time it posted fine and seemed to be good, but following the post screen hung at a black screen. I reset and it once again refused to post.

So I tried swapping in all the sticks again with different combos, finally once more the spare stick managed to get it to post but with the same result.

I'm completely baffled now. This thing's well beyond the warranty period now, my gig sticks I think are both still covered, but I'm really doubting that the RAM is really the issue. Could it be a processor issue?

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Acer :: Ferrari 4000: Speakers Dont Work
i have a ferrari 4000 lappy. I just noticed that my speakers do not work but my headphones do, which indicates it has to be hardware related,

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Acer :: Which -- Timeline 1810T Vs Ferrari One -- To Replacing Ao751h Netbook
Anyone who has compare the two?

Similiar price, similiar specs, similiar 3 pound weight, similiar form factor, same 11.6" screen, except for CPU and graphics.

I've got an Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook, which I had to purchase in an emergency to replace a failing laptop two days before travel. It's great, except it's a bit too slow. I managed to make it perform miracles such as smooth YouTube playback and 100% stutterfree AVCHD video file playback (from my Panasonic camera), but I need to use heavyweight apps now, plus a little lightweight video editing (just trimming clips) and much faster copying and synchronization of big files between computers over Ethernet (gigabit) and faster USB performance. And possibly, occasional Blu-Ray quality playback, which both alternatives can do.

So.... I'm looking for a full-performance laptop in the same form factor, and it has boiled down to the Acer Timeline 1810T (SU7300 Core2 Duo version and Intel GMA4500), and the Acer Ferrari One (with the AMD Turion64 X2 and Radeon HD3200). Some love/hate the Ferrari branding, but I don't really care about the Ferrari branding, however red is my favourite color, and is the color of my ao751h anyway.

Which CPU and graphics perform better than the other?

I would bet the 1810T with the Core2 Duo would have better CPU scores, while the Ferrari One would have the better graphics score (being a Radeon HD3200).

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Acer :: Ferrari 1000 5123 Vista Ultimate Recovery
I have an Acer Ferrari 1000 with Vista Ultimate.
160GB Hard Disk

This notebook are not CDs of recovery, but a partition PQSERVICE hidden partition.
The structure of this is:
One Hard Disk of 160GB with the following:
C: NTFS Type 06 Label: ACER 70GB
D: NTFS Type 07 Label: DATA 70GB
AND Hidden Partition NTFS Type 12 Label: PQSERVICE 9GB

I don't have access to boot with Windows Vista, is broken...

I need to recover all my system to factory default, but the option ALT+F10 not work: Is enable in the BIOS the D2D Recovery, but i think that there's is some problem with the MBR.

The file acer oolsmbrwrdos.exe NOT EXIST in C: and the hidden partition neither, there is something like that but for windows only... MBRWRWIN.EXE and RTMBR.BIN ....

How can i fix the MBR for the ALT+F10 Works? and restore my system to factory default?

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Acer :: AC Power Interfering With Wired Networks- Ferrari 4002
I've got an Acer Ferrari 4002 I bought back in 2005. It's been a great laptop so far.

Last year I had the ac adapter burnt out by a shortcircuit apparently and had to get a replacement adapter.

It's worked great so far, but lately I've noticed that my laptop can not connect to wired broadband or dial up when on ac power, it only works on the laptop battery but it only lasts for about 40 mins!

USB adsl however works.

Can we say for sure this is a hardware problem? Or could it also be a software related seeing that my laptop has been behaving funny lately as it can not hibernate properly and all.

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Acer :: Wrong Desktop Icons And Memory Running Low
and there is another issue regarding memory running low, i'm running on 2GB ram and after awhile of using the laptop around 1-2 hours it will prompt memory low issues.. but the weird thing is i run only the standard program like MSN and OPERA .. any solutions? sorry for the lack of information but this only what i get off.. if you need extra info i'll be glad to post it up.

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Acer :: Aspire 5739G Win7 Desktop Lock Up
I have a big issue with my Acer Aspire 5739G laptop that I recently purchased through Ebay. Actually, I bought it from Newegg dba Fred's Fresh Deals. (Newegg sells their returned items and cosmetically damaged goods under this name on Ebay). The laptop was advertised as a possible hard drive issue (it couldn't load windows and the error code looked like a boot sector virus, so I purchased it thinking a simple reformat will fix it).


CPU Type Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 2.2G
Screen 15.6"
Memory Size 4GB DDR3
7200RPM Hard Disk 320GB
Optical Drive DVD Super Multi
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M
Video Memory 1GB
Communication Modem, Gigabit LAN and WLAN
CPU Type Intel Core 2 Duo
CPU Speed T6600(2.20GHz)
CPU L2 Cache 2MB
Chipset Intel PM45
Screen Size 15.6"
Wide Screen Support Yes
Resolution 1366 x 768
LCD Features LED backlight & Acer CineCrystal Technology
Operating Systems
Operating System Windows 7


After I did a fresh reformat of the hard drive and a fresh install of Windows 7, the laptop freezes/locks up after 10-30mins on the desktop. I cannot move the mouse or anything, so I have to do a hard reboot. I don't understand how it is happening.

I updated the mobo's Phoenix driver to the latest one, and tried older VGA Nvidia drivers because I thought it might be a video card driver issue; It is still locking up. I went as far as to purchase a brand new laptop hard drive and the problem still arises. There is no BSOD. As noted earlier, the computer just simply freezes. I cleared CMOS....240M GT VGA is running factory settings....I tried leaving only 1 ram stick in the laptop. I never ran through a problem like this before.

I ran it on Safe Mode and the computer seems to be working fine as long as I do simple tasks or remain idle. I did the SFC /SCANNOW in safe mode and it locks up. I attached my event view file to this email. (I tried to install RivaTuner to underclock factory settings, but the program could not load).

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Acer :: Aspire 5520 - Can't Access The Location Of My Desktop
I just started my Aspire 5520 laptop, and when I get to the desktop an error pops up saying that I can't access the location of my desktop (C:Windowssystem32configsystemprofileDesktop)

Only thing which shows up on the desktop is the recycle bin.

The Vista theme is changed to classic and I can't get it back.

Internet doesn't work

Sound doesn't work

I can't open the control panel (in safe mode I can, but not all of the icons are there that should be there)

In the task manager there's only 4 processes running:
eplorer.exe csrss.exe taskmgr.exe (of course) and winlogo.exe

I think I can open all of my programs that I got installed, but basically I almost can't do anything else.

I've been trying to use system restore, but even in safe mode it won't open.

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Acer :: Aspire 5360 Screen Does Not Show The Desktop
I have an Acer Aspire 5360 with a screen problem. There is a thick stripe of the screen on the right hand side that does not show the desktop. I have changed the display settings resolution, reinstalled the intel chipset driver which I updated on the intel site. Reinstalled the OS XP, reset the bios to defaults etc.

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Acer :: Desktop Objects Size Changes When I Switch Between Displays
I have this Aspire 6920G with a beautiful 1080p screen.

My only concern is that when I switch between different displays, the size of the desktop objects and icons changes (see caputres below). And that occurs even when I connect my laptop to a 1080p LCD screen, with which the resolution does not change (I checked in the nVidia control panel).

After I disconnect/switch back to the original screen, the icons size is still not right and I need to reboot my computer to get them to their original aspect.

Any solution for this not to change everytime I connect an external monitor?

I don't know if it comes from Acer or Windows 7...

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Acer :: Ferrari 3400 Video Card (ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility)
here are the specs of my Acer Ferrari 3400:

Acer Ferrari 3400
ATI radeon 9700 mobility
2 gigs of ram
Dual boot with Win XP pro and Ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn
Newest BIOS and software updates from Acer homepage

Few days ago I started having a problem with my Acer Ferrari 3400 laptop. It all started one morning when i tried to boot my computer.

I booted with ubuntu 7.04 feisty fawn and right after the operating system loaded the X graphical interface, the screen went black and the computer freezed.

I rebooted and tried again with Windows XP (I use a dual boot with Win XP and Ubuntu), and this time I got as far as the Windows loading screen. Then the loading screen turned black and the computer just rebooted itself.

I turned off the windows "auto-rebooting in case of error"-option and tried to boot with Win XP again.

This time I got a "blue screen of death (BSOD)" right after the Win XP loading screen. The BSOD indicated a problem with ati2dvag.dll and said that the "device driver got stuck in an infinite loop". Also the technical information said:
** STOP: 0x000000EA (0x8A56C218, 0x8A5BDAD8, 0xBACDFCB4, 0x00000001).

The numbers in parenthesis are always bit different each time i try to boot.

I googled the error and it seems this kind of a error message is very generic and could be the result of nearly anything ranging from software problems to hardware malfunction.

So this is what I have tried to do so far:
- I booted Win XP with VGA mode -> Windows booted normally, but as I try to increase resolution the same BSOD appears and I have to reboot.

-I uninstalled all ATI video drivers from Win XP and windows booted normally. Of course, without video drivers, the performance of Windows was very sloppy. But it worked with higher resolutions.

- I installed the newest Omega Drivers for the vid card. Windows booted normally, but still had sloppy performance. I tried dxdiag and it showed that DirectDraw&Direct3D acceleration are unavailable. It also showed that video card memory was n/a. Win XP worked with high resolutions.

- I tried to boot Ubuntu linux with a generic vesa driver and it booted normally. Changed back to radeon drivers and it didn't work.

- I ran the Memtest 21 times and got no memory based errors

- I cleaned Win XP radeon drivers with DriverCleaner and tried a fresh install of radeon drivers. Didn't work.

- Finally, I did a Win XP recovery (reinstall) with the CD:s that came with the computer. The result: same error as before and now I can't even enter the VGA mode because the windows tries to raise the resolution right before entering the desktop -> BSOD

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