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Acer :: Where To Find My Clock Generator And Chipset Name

i am not really know about this 2 things. but i know its neccessary to use it to modify FSB. so where can i get it?

Other question , im using rivatuner oc my 9500m GS (180.70), after i click "OK" button. it restore to default. what should i do.. ?

Anyone who familiar OC aspire 6920g, or expert on OC. anyguide..

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Acer :: Underclocking With SoftFSBwhat Clock Generator
I'm trying to underclock my laptop, but am not too successful. At the moment I am trying my luck with SoftFSB. Anyone have any tip on what clock generators I could try for a Turion based system? I have the 780G/SB700 chipset. (It's an Acer 5536G).

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HP/Compaq :: Clock Generator
how to get his information for my computer?

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HP/Compaq :: Can't Find Out What My Chipset Is
I trawled through the Device Manager, downloaded the Intel Chipset Identification Utility and also used RightMark CPU Clock Utility but I still cannot find out what my chipset is.

On Device Manager, the device description that would tell me the chipset is missing, while for both Utilities, the result of "Unknown" came up.

My laptop is HP Pavilion dv5-1102tx.

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Dell :: Can't Alter GPU Clock With ATI GPU Clock Tool
I have a brand new xps16, running wonderfully.

I've modded the desktop Catalyst 9.4 drivers, games perform well, better than the provided Dell Catalyst.

What I would like to do however, is be able to alter the GPU clocks. Not by much, just a little.

I've tried AMD GPU clock tool; but this does not let me fix new clock values for the ATI 3670. I enter a new value, and they revert to the default right away

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Acer :: How Do I Under Clock My Aspire One
Would like to UNDER clock the AAO. I did a forum search but could not find anything. I'd like to UC it because it'd get better battery life and not get as warm as it does.

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Acer :: ASPIRE 7720G Audio And Clock
my Acer's been having trouble playing audio and keeping time. The clock problem's simple: ever since I got it it's lost time at a variable rate, averaging at probably around a minute every hour. Nothing I've done has managed to fix this, except in the short-term by updating it to Internet time.

More complicated have been the audio issues. These vary in severity and come and go to an extent, and I have had some success fixing them. Basically, since I got the computer, audio's been at least slightly choppy while playing videos over a period of time. Generally just playing audio files themselves work fine (unless something resource heavy going on in the background), and bizarrely playing videos through my browser (say on YouTube) has always been perfect, regardless of site, length or quality of video. But when it comes to playing anything from the hard drive regardless of whether it's WMP or VLC and regardless of bit rate, sooner or later the audio screws up. This can be either to the extent that it'll glitch every couple of seconds, that I'll lose sync with the video slightly, or loss of sound entirely. In fact, the first time I downloaded a video podcast on iTunes I was left wondering why the opening scene was so eerily silent for so long!

Now initially I was able to fix this by updating the BIOS to v1.45 and after that pretty much everything was good. It would still glitch occasionally on HD movies, and certainly still didn't like too much going on in the background, but generally nothing I couldn't handle. At least until now, when all the same problems have come back to haunt me worse than ever. I tried going on to v1.43, but no dice. And now I'm back on v1.45 in the vain hope that re-installing it might make some difference. But alas. I've looked at performance in task manager and it's ticking along at about 16% CPU usage, so nothing untoward there either. It seems like a BIOS problem because updating the BIOS fixed it, but now it's screwing up again under that same BIOS and with nothing untoward going on in the background or hitting the CPU too hard I'm totally stumped.

Basically, is there anything else I might try software wise, or is it time to give Acer a call while I'm still in warranty?

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Acer :: Drivers For Chipset,Aspire 5100
The driver on acer site donīt work.Where do I find it?

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Acer :: Replacing Ricoh 1394 Controller Chipset With TI
my Acer 7720-6604 and audio. It's got the dreaded Realtek HD audio chip in it, and no matter what I do (I've tried Windows XP, Vista 32/64) and no matter what order I install the drivers in (audio first, chipset first, etc.) I get terrible audio performance. I constantly get pops and clicks, stuttering and time stretching while playing any audio from CD, mp3, or video Xvid / Divx. I've tried all the different codec packs to no avail.

So I decided I would just scrap attempting to use the Realtek and buy an external audio card (since I do a lot of audio recording anyway) and bought myself a Presonus Firebox.

So now you probably know where this is going... Yes, I discovered (after RMA-ing my Presonus for an Edirol FA-101) that my Acer contains within it another terribly flawed piece of hardware: the Ricoh chipset that controls my Firewire and card reader. Woah is me... According to just about every pro audio soundcard manufacturer the Texas Instruments chipset is the bee's knees and the Ricoh should be avoided like the plague.

So let me ask you all this: I've seen a lot of ingenious people here modify their laptops to include faster processors, new video cards, etc. Is it also possible to replace this Ricoh chipset with a TI IEEE 1394 controller?

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Acer :: Acer 5610-4610- ACER Disk Formatter Cannot Find Any Drives
I have an Acer 5610-4610 system. It was repartitioned to one XP drive for several years. I am finally wanting to put the PQ service partition back on it but none of the folders of the restore CD's have any of the files needed to recreate this partition. I am wanting to put the factory (VISTA Home Premium) system on C. With all the system files and folders from the 3 restore CD's into the PQSERVICE partition. I have no clue how to proceed.

I do remember there was an acer(C) partition and a data (D) partition when I got it. The PQSERVICE partition was there back then.

The first (System) CD has none of the files mbrwrdos.exe or rtmbr.bin
used to create the PQSERVICE system.

I run the ACER Disk Formatter and it cannot find any drives on the laptop.

Weird! From what I've been able to glean my thought was that that the Formatter disk would facilitate creating the correct partitions?

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Acer :: 8920 Fastest Processor That Can Be Installed With The Intel PM965 Chipset
what the fastest processor that can be installed with the Intel PM965 chipset.

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Acer :: Where Can I Find Service Manuals
I bought a used 5315 off ebay. It turned out to have a bad hard drive but I was able to save the pqservice partition and clone it to another drive. I successfully performed a restore and it is up and running. Just for future reference, I would like the service manual for this model but can't find it here.

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Acer :: ATTN---> Can't Find The 2nd Memory Slot
where the 2nd slot is.

Please don't riddle this forum with the same questions everyone else has already asked. UTFSE (use the search engine) first then ask questions if you can't find anything. Or USE GOOGLE! When you use Google search try using your exact model number, not just the series number.


There are only 2 places it could be:

1. First remove the existing ram chip (from the bottom side of the laptop), it might be under that one, but I don't know why the chip would in the top slot, it should be in the bottom one already.

2. It's under the keyboard. It can vary between models. But all you have to do it carefully pop the top button bezel off (EDIT: Start on the right side and pry it up and then pry the bottom edge until all the tabs are free) and then take the few screws out that are holding the keyboard down. It might be there clear as day or you might have to remove one more protective metal plate to find it. It's gotta be there!

If you still can't find it, GOOGLE your exact model number and include the keywords "ram" & "slot" with it. You should find some sort of specs saying how many slots are available.

Don't bother asking for a service manual. Most of the ones I've seen for Acer suck and don't show much other than an exploded parts view. But if you have to look, go here.


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Acer :: How Can I Find Out If My Other Hard Drive Has A Built In OS
I am currently using an acrer aspire 2930z. It comes with two HDD, both of which have 111GB each. I am only using 1 HDD at the moment which is only around 52percent full. I want to move all my movies, music and games to my other empty one, (we'll call drive D)but when I do this my drive D only opens up as a folder. Itries to mark this HDD as active, but get a maessage telling me that if drive D has no OS installed on it, it could stop my comp from working. What I would like to know is...... Does this drive come with vista already installed?

this is only to save me buying an external drive, (which is probably the better option), but with this extra space on my laptop it would be handy to use.

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Acer :: 3680- FN Function Key Drivers I Can Not Find Anywhere
I have an acer 3680 (aspire)

The FN function key drivers I can not find anywhere......

I have looked and looked launch manager I thought for sure would work but they aren't...

Can anyone help me out with the FN key drivers? for the 3680?

I have everything else installed from launch manager to chip set drivers...still no fn functions...

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Acer :: Aspire 9410z: Can't Find WIFI Hardware
I downgraded my Vista to XP.

Everything is fine, except that it can't locate my wireless adapter/hardware stuff. I've already downloaded and installed the Broadcom 802.11 Wireless Adapter setup but to no avail.

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Acer :: Where I Can Find A Laptop Sleeve For My Aspire 4810tz
ive bought 2 online that said it was the for acer aspire 4810t, but its TOO big... being that the acer is a slim design, i cant find one that fits!

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Acer :: Applications Crashing, Not Able To Find Any Networks, Not Able To Turn My Firewall On
my Acer travelmate 5720 (same laptop that had problems last time) running Windows Vista Home Premium has recently been having some problems.


-Any of the Acer Empowering Technology Applications crash uncontrollably

-I can't find any networks, and it's not my router I checked.

-My windows firewall won't turn on which is strange.

-There might be other problems but I haven't found any others yet

I have run a "Deep" virus scan and found nothing.

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Acer :: 6920G WLAN Can Find Networks But Unable To Connect
WLAN is shown in device manager as functional, it even can find networks in range and everything. But when I want to connect to a network it gets to a point when it asks me for the username and pass, and stops there. The error sometimes says that it can't identify the server or that i should just try to reconnect. I tried connecting to various networks, and I can't even make it tell me that my pass is wrong... It seems that it isn't able to communicate with the server. It passes Intel wlan tests until the 'association' test.

Rainstalling the drivers and/or the windows didn't help, should I send it for RMA?

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Acer :: Travelmate To Find Brand Of Ram In Notebook
I want to additional RAM for my notebook and want to put in the same brand as exists in this Acer, how do I go about finding that out?

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Acer :: 'The System Cannot Find The File Specified' When Empowering Button Is Pushed After Installing Windows 7

I recently installed Windows 7, and I re-downloaded the Acer Empowering Technology off the Acer website.

I can access all the features, but the Empowering Button doesnt function anymore.

My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5535.

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Acer :: Aspire 5935G - Power Smart Button Is Not Working (cannot Find Drivers / Application To Make It Work)
I recently formatted my Acer Aspire 5935G and downloaded and installed all drivers from the Acer website. I currently am experiencing the following probs:

1. The Acer PowerSmart Button is not working (cannot find drivers / application to make it work)

2. Cannot switch from the onboard video card (Intel) and the "discrete" one which is an ATI Radeon Mobility 4570 HD

- Both video cards are installed

Current OS - Vista Ultimate x86 SP1

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Dell :: RM Clock Undervolting
Does anyone here use RM Clock to undervolt their CPU's for better battery life and production of less heat with regards to the CPU.
I use it and the lowest I can set it to is 0.95, I have selected mobile in the advanced settings CPU type. My results are:

T8300 CPU

8x-10x multipliers set at 0.95
11x at 0.975
12x at 1.00 .....

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Dell :: Ram Clock Speed
i am looking at dell laptop, inspiron vs latitude (both have lots of promotion going on recently)

according to wiki, both e6400 and e6500 can support ram clockspeed at 800mhz, but i can't find similar information about the inspiron models.

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Dell :: 4670 Core Clock
GPUZ shows my gpu core clock at 399.9mhz and it doesn't move - this is on my 4670 replacement that I received two days ago.

Everything is on "high performance".

What are others getting for this setting? I thought this was supposed to be 675.

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Dell :: My M4400-clock Is Falling Behind
issue with my m4400-clock is falling behind... it all started like this- couple of days ago I put it into sleep and it suddenly turned off.

When I got home, i couldn't start it-froze on windows loading scene... then I went into bios-guess what time/date was set 25:06:66 of 33/11/22 - I corrected everything and it booted normally-but clock is falling behind! I tried format and bios update-

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Sony :: RM CLOCK Voltage Reset
I was installing something and my laptop crashed. Now since I have the voltages set too low. I can't get myself back into windows. How can I reset the voltage during bootup?

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HP/Compaq :: Hd4650 Clock In Dv6-1360us
i have ati hd4650 1gb gddr3 in this hp. should be 550 gpu clock and 667 memory clock. when i go to gpu-z graphic card tab it shows that values but when i go to the sensor tab it shows gpu core clock 220mhz and memory clock core 250 mhz.. it is on hp recommended power style. and interesting thing happens when i unplug it. memory clock core jumps to 396 mhz.. why is this so?

i checked power options and when its plugged in graphic should work for best performance.

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HP/Compaq :: What Chipset It Is
What chipset has this model HP Pavilion DV6-1020ec

Can I change T4200 for T8300 ?

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Dell :: Tried Undervolting-RM Clock Doesn't Detect My CPU!
I have read the entire guide, and even downloaded the 64-bit version driver( even though I'm running 64-bit Windows 7).

However, the damn program doesnt detect my CPU (P8700)! I have tried ticking "detect on startup", but it just doesnt recognize it!

Because of that, do you guys think it safe to go ahead and start undervolting anyways? Does anyone else have this problem

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Dell :: Xps M1710 7950gtx Clock Speeds
I was playing around with mine to get it to 645/700, but it gives way too many artifacts.

I was just wondering what everyone elase is runnign here with the same card 521 MB 7950gtx and laptop. And how in the hell do you keep it cool?

Also I am using 97.92 driver, since I cant get any 100XX drivers to recognize my 22" external LCD, but now I see in the Nvidia control panel that my monitor is not showing up. I mean it trasfers picture right, but its not shown in the options...

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Sony :: Clock Changes Automatically Once I Restart The Computer
it came with vista business installed, and replaced it with XP Professional.
so after that i realise that the clock changes automatically once i restart the computer.

the BIOS time is OK. and i have checked the clock config and all is OK.
can you tell me whats going wrong with it.

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Sony :: FW490 CTO 4650: Clock Speed Only 450/600
I ordered a FW490 CTO w/ P8700, 4650 1GB, 4GB RAM, Vista 64, etc. Anyways, I was a little disappointed with how well it ran Americas Army 3. I downloaded and ran GPUZ, and I got some interesting results... It says that my 4650 uses GDDR3 memory, which is apparently the best setup for the card, but it also reports that my clock speed is 450 MHz, and my memory clock speed is 600 MHz. From everything I have gathered, that is below what most 4650 Mobilitys are at... what gives? What are the speeds of everyone elses 4650?

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HP/Compaq :: Where Is The Shader Clock- Dv2700 / 8400M GS
I have been reading the threads related to HP notebooks with defective nVidia GPUs and just out of curiosity, I checked the 8400M GS GPU in my roommate's HP dv2700 notebook, which normally runs @ 80 - 90 deg C, using GPU-z software. The sensor data matched the default core / memory clock for 8400M GS, when under stress. But I got confused when I saw that the shader tab is disabled .

I do not know if somebody else has already come across this situation. I searched here and could not find a similar reported problem, hence this thread. Am I missing something here or is there someone out there having the same problem. Can it be something related to an older ForceWare version (156.65)?

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HP/Compaq :: Tx2zRM Clock Not Recognizing Proc
I just got a new tx2z yesterday, opened it up, took forever cuz of bloatware. I downloaded a copy of windows 7 from MSDNAA (Thank you college) and installed it and found drivers for the pen and everything.

I knew from the reviews that the tablet runs HOT, and was going to use RMClock since I heard people using it to undervolt their processor. However, RMClock 2.35 does not recognize my processor (AMD Turion Ultra ZM-83 2.3ghz)

I did the vista 64-bit RMClock fix in order to run the application, but since it doesn't recognize the processor, there's nothing I can do to undervolt it.

Also, does anyone know of any fan control software that I can install that works? Something like I8K for dell that works on the tx2z? (64 bit windows 7 that is)

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Dell :: Studio Chipset New?
Are the Studio units still on the old chipset they shipped with when they were released back in the summer? Or have they moved onto the new chipset?

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Apple :: Chipset Used In The New MacBook Pro 17
i couldn't find the name of the chipset used in the new MacBook Pro 17", does anyone know, cause i was on their site and saw that the MBP 17 can take 8GB of DDR3, so does anyone know the name of the chipset used?

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Dell :: E6500 Core 2 Duo P8700 Clock Speed
I was wondering why my CPU would go over its factory clock speed when i didn't even overclock it its kinda weird this is what its getting

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Dell :: XPS 1730 Screen Resolution And Clock Issues
My XPS 1730 has a couple of issues I can't seem to resolve. I just updated the bios to the latest version but that didn't help. If I set my clock to 9:45, it will run until 10:38 and then revert back to 9:45. It will do this endlessly. When I installed the new bios, I got a message say the RTC was fixed as I might have a clock problem. The clock ran last night for about 4 hours properly. Then I closed the lid. When I opened it this morning, the clock displayed the same time as when I closed it last night.

In addition, when I leave the computer on and just close the lid, the resolution goes from the highest (my preference) to the lowest when I open the lid again.

I have a new battery in the machine as well as it was left on last night with the power cord plugged in. All I did was close the lid.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Sony :: VPC-Z112 Nvidia Graphics 2D Clock Speed
Have a Vaio Z112 with the Nvidia 330M. I know this gpu should slow down to ~150mhz when only running 2D apps. Looking at nvidia system tools and nvidia precision tool mine always seems to run at the full 475mhz regardless of what I'm using.

Anyone else experience this? Did Sony write out the slow speeds in their drivers due to the assumption we would switch to intel graphics when needed?

In nvidia system tools there is an area that shows 2d/3d clock speed. normally you would expect to see ~150/475 there...I only see 475. Basically it looks like there is no 2d-only clock speed.

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Dell :: Finding Chipset Drivers
I need to find the latest chipset drivers on Intel's website. Dell has several listed and i'm not sure which ones i need so i think it would be best to get them from Intel however i'm not sure which ones to download? Can anyone provide a link?

Dell M4400
Service Tag: HC4GXH1
Windows 7 x64

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Dell :: Ricoh Chipset Updateall OS
For all current Latitude E Series & Precision M2400/M4400/M6400..

Updates and Fixes:
- Combined Driver support for Ricoh R5C847 and R5U241 controllers
- Uses Ricoh driver for SD/MMC support on R5U241
- Fixes various Memory Stick issues
- Fixes possible data corruption on xD cards
- Improves performance on xD card transfers
- Fixes large file copy issues on MMC cards

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Dell :: Does My Chipset Support Core I7?
I'm thinking about upgrading to Core i7 for my laptop (Studio 1555, since I run games and stuff on it, and don't have enough resources to build my own PC.

I researched, but I always like asking to make sure... does the PM45 chipset support i7 processors? I usually know this stuff, but i* is pretty new, and I'm running behind.

I currently have a freshly undervolted Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz (I forget the model number).

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Dell :: Upgrade Chipset For XPS M1730
Knowing that you can upgrade the graphic card + ram for m1730, but I wonder if there is any possibility for you to upgrade the processor for m1730 or not. Right now,

I'm having intel 9500, but hope that I can move to extreme 9000.

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Dell :: M/B Chipset Thermal Pad Thickness?
Can anyone tell me the specs for the chipset thermal pad thickness on the e1705 / 9400 / M1710???

I have several that have "broken down" from pulling the cooling heatsink to do regular cleaning maintenance and they need to be replaced.

I have found thermal pads on ebay, but they come in all different thickness and I want to order the correct thickness.

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Dell :: Chipset & Sata Drivers?
I'm just wondering is it worth installing the chipset & sata drivers?

The specific drivers im talking about are the Intel Mobile Chipset Drivers & and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers

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HP/Compaq :: Driver For Chipset On The Dv5-1210es
I acquired last week the above mentioned laptop for my wife. The use for it is basically browsing, shopping, skyping, messaging, searching over the net, no gaming.

To make it short and not to bother you with long stories: My brother gave me an original Ultimate Vista 64 with its own license and I'm planning to install it on this new laptop delivered with Premium 32 bits to fully use the 4 Gig Ram.

I've collected all the necessary drivers to proceed, but one, only one driver is giving me a major headache, the driver for the chipset Intel Cantiga PM45...I simply can't find it, neither on Intel's if it never has existed.

Everest tell's me:
- Manufacturer: Quanta
- Chipset: Intel GM45/GM47/GS45/PM45 Yes (Intel Cantiga PM45) Montevina Platform
- Northbridge: Intel Cantiga PM45
- Southbridge: Intel 82801IM ICH9M

And here a screenshot with Cpuz

Maybe I don't even need that driver, but having built many xp desktops, I guess that there's no possible workaround without that driver...

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Apple :: IPhone Theme That Includes Sensible Weather / Clock Icons
the default (only) clock icon points to 10:15 (arbitrary) the default (only) weather icon says 73 degrees and sunny. I want non-arbitrary icons for the clock and weather in a theme that I can pull off of cydia. or- it doesn't have to be a full blown theme- just the animated icon replacements will do.

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Dell :: Intel 965 Chipset Power Issue?
So here is the scenario, for example, I unplug my laptop and move it into the living room and then plug it back in.

At this moment, once the laptop is plugged in, the igfx driver stops responding and recovers but locks up any application I had open.

I have been researching this issue but haven't come across anyone with a similar issue. I just dont see the correlation with the power plug and the graphics card and why it freezes up

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Dell :: Latest Chipset Update For Pm45?
As I am in a hurry and Intel's site did not read my Studio xps 1640 as I have Dell's "latest" chipset update from 10/7/2009 ver,A01,

Does anyone know what the latest chipset update /firmawre is for the studio xps 1640 from Intel's site?

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