Acer :: Suitable Notebook Cooler For 6930g

Mar 10, 2010

in choosing which notebook cooler is prefect for Acer 6930g, as i know cooling system work like, its intake from down vents and exhaust from side vents. i have done under clocking cpu its really worked, and currently cpu temp 63c under load and gpu around 75c. and right now iam looking to lower down more temp. i hope there will be perfect notebook for Acer 6930g.

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Acer :: 6930G Notebook HDD Removal

Apr 23, 2009

Does anyone know how to remove the primary HDD from an Acer 6930 laptop? It seems to be designed not to be removed, very annoying. I hope we're not returning to the bad old days of having to remove half the casing just to get at one component.

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HP/Compaq :: What Notebook Cooler Are You Using

Jun 28, 2009

I'm in the market for a new cooler for my coming HP HDX18 and was wondering what veryone was using.

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Dell :: Notebook Cooler For XPS1530

Jun 28, 2009

can you guys recommend the best notebook cooler that will fit for XPS1530.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Notebook Cooler

Aug 20, 2009

I'm looking to purchase a notebook cooler (off of or somewhere like that) to cool down my Nvidia 8600M.

I'm looking for something around $50 USD but I don't mind spending more.

Anyone with any luck in regards to a particular cooler that they have used to keep their temperatures down? I want something that will work well with my laptop specifically.

I also wanted to note that I have a 9 cell battery on my laptop and not the 6 cell (if that makes a difference).

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Apple :: Notebook Cooler For The Unibody MBP

Sep 25, 2009

Is it necessary to have a notebook cooler for the Unibody MBP? My MBP goes up to the mid 50's degree Celsius, but it usually it is at the mid 40's degree celsius.

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Dell :: Recommendation On Notebook Cooler For M4400?

Feb 20, 2009

What notebook coolers are you using for the M4400? Are there any notebook coolers that would fit this notebook and plug into the usb port (for the fan unit on the cooler)? I just bought a refurbished M4400 and will be using it for some intense gaming

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Dell :: Is The Antec Notebook Cooler To Go Any Good For The SXPS 16

Aug 19, 2009

When you are traveling, and wanna game, or do something that heats up the laptop, you think the Antec Notebook Cooler to go will help at all? Or can you guys suggest any other good portable cooler?

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Dell :: The Best Notebook Cooler Option For E6400/ E6500

Oct 5, 2008

I'm looking to get a notebook cooler for my E6400, as I am sure some other are considered or have taken advantage of. So, I want to find out one that is going to work the best.

I am considering the following:

- Zalman ZM-NC1000, said to be really quiet and effective. From what I gather blows air up at the notebook

- Antec notebook cooler, also supposed to be quite effective. This one I think sucks away the hot air from the notebook

Now the question is, what is going to be the better choice? I think the fan on the E6400/ E6500 blows hot air out of the notebook right? In which case the cooler that then helps in taking that away would be best?

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Dell :: Zalman 1000/2000 Notebook Cooler Owners

Dec 20, 2009

How are these working with your Studio XPS 13/16 notebooks?

My wife has a 13 and I have a 16, and we're needing to pick up a couple coolers for game sessions.

To be blunt, I find myself doubting that they could provide a truly outstanding performance on the XPS due to the vent placement on the cooler in relation to the intakes on the XPS.

In fact, when I look at a top-down view of the coolers and the bottom of our laptops, the vents really only get about 10% coverage.

Does anyone have any other coolers they are running that better then the zalmans? If they're the best then I'll grab a 1000 for the wifey and a 2000 for myself.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520: Change Heatsink, Fan, Or Buy Notebook Cooler

Nov 29, 2008

I spoke with a Dell technician and they told me that the reason my computer was randomly shutting off was because it was overheating and that I needed to replace my heatsink and fan, each costing around $12. I was wondering if buying a notebook cooler might be a better way to go. Any notebook coolers that anyone recommends?

Finally, does anyone know what a technician would charge to replace a heatsink and fan?

I downloaded a program called speedfan and it gives me the following temperatures on my notebook:

HD0: 45C
Temp1: 84C
Core0: 63C
Core1: 63C

Core temperatures moved up while computer was put to heavier use if it makes any difference:

Core 0: 76C
Core 1: 74C

Anyone know if this is normal? Computer isn't working too hard right now.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 And Info On The Zalman ZM-NC1000 Notebook Cooler

Feb 3, 2009

Just looking for some info on the Zalman ZM-NC1000 Notebook Cooler please. I've read a few reviews but none specific to the dell

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HP 255 G2 OS/Software :: Can Find Suitable Driver For WiFi

Aug 31, 2014

I just bought a HP 255 G2 laptop and downgraded it to win7 ultimate 64bit.I can not find any suitable driver for it, nothing works.I've tried 1.  MediaTek(Ralink)802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN (WLAN) Adapter (International) Apr 2014 36.3  

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HP/Compaq :: Is 8530w Wsxga+ Screen Suitable For Design

Aug 6, 2009

way to check out laptops before purchase so i would like to hear opinions on 8530w sxga+ screen(1680x1050)

i work primarily on laptop with no external display and 1920x1200 is way too dense for me. as i have seen in reviews wuxga display is quite good, but i have no idea on wsga+ quality

i use my laptop for design, so i'm interested about viewing angles and color rendition

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Acer :: AS 6920G Cooler

Jul 20, 2009

I would like to buy a cooler for my AS 6920G.

It is a 16" Screen notebook with 1366x768(16:9) resolution. Any good suggestion? I need to know the blowing area and some details(price, weight and so on) of the cooler.

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Acer :: Cooler Not Working - 5920G

Sep 26, 2008

i have laptop 5920G

after i installed new windows copy , i setuped all drivers but i discovered cooler is nt working as it was b4 i format system partition

its sound was buzzring me b4 whn it work then stop and work again but nw i miss it and feel it can effect laptop performance

here is all drivers which i have

wht is its driver name or where i can find it , hw can i search 4 it ?

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Acer :: New 6930G

Nov 15, 2008

I just bought myself a new laptop, ACER ASPIRE 6930G. Got home, booted up Vista, did the formatting for it, all is well. It begins installing 21 files that came with it, so I shrug it off and go to pass the time.

I return and it appears to be stuck on number 13. InstantOn Arcade. It was like this for a good hour and a bit. So I try to use the laptop while it installs and lo' and behold it's frozen. I reboot and it continues to install from file number 13 again. 5-10 minutes into it, it freezes, again. This continues to happen each time I boot it up.

Now I reboot again, this time closing the installation before doing anything, and I get about 10-15 minutes into using the laptop and again, it locks up.

I'm really concerned as I've been looking to purchase a laptop and this one stuck out for me and now it works this well? /sarcasm.

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Acer :: 6930G GPU Fan

Aug 18, 2009

I updated my GPU to 186.03 driver

and probably since I updated it my fan doesn't work very well

first because my iddle temperature is 60-64 and I don't hear my fan working.

I tried to use Riva, EVGA,etc. Probably the most famous program that people use to control their GPU fans.

So this is my question... how can I speed up or actually MAKE my fan work

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Acer :: 8204, Failing Fan, Replacement, Cooler Or

Dec 21, 2008

8204 just started to die, thought it was my new hard drive (which I was peeved about) and then realized it's actually the fan that's dying.

I know you can get a new thermal unit (including fan) for about $80, and I know that there are good numbers of laptop coolers out there, does anyone have a POV on the best bet?

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Acer :: 6930g Freeze

Jul 11, 2009

I have 6930g when im playing games on battery power i have no problems but if i connect my power supply it freezes within 3 minits. so now i have charge my notebook before playing

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Acer :: Partitioning - 6930G

Apr 14, 2009

I'm just bought an Acer Aspire 6930G and here's how my partitions look now:

Now I want to divide the partition C: into 3 partitions as following :

1.Windows Vista (The Current One and must stay as it is now)

2.Windows XP (Want to install it and use it as my 2nd OS)

3.Accessories (Just Some Files)

I've already tried shrinking them but failed as there's already 4 partitions exist in my HD! So my questions is how can I create the partitions as the way I want it?

I Haven't made backup dvd's yet so the current windows musn't be harmed and New partition should allow me to install new windows (XP) and use it as my 2nd OS

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Acer :: New Aspire 6930G

Jul 9, 2009

So far I think its a great notebook for the price. I have'nt ran into any serious issues.

1. Sound - When playing music the sound is ok, However with Bluray or DVDs the sound is very low, even on 100% volume level. I tested the Bluray disc that came with it and the DVD to Twister, and in a quiet room its too low to capture all the details of the sound.
Agian music (ie.MP3s) sound fine, but movies are very low. I tried enabling the Dolby Pro IIx but that didn't help.

2. Webcam - How exactly do I turn it on/off. I found the crystal eye software that works with it automatically turning the camera on, but it has no options to do anything with it. No record button or anything.
I read that Windows Movie Maker can be used, but it does not detect the camera at all.

3. Acer Arcade Deluxe. - The album art of the music that I add does show up. I have them embedded in the idtags, They show up in Vista Media Center however.

4. This is probably more of a Vista issue, but I noticed the hard drive is constanly being access most of the time, and I can't figure out why.
I googled and learned about potential culprits like Superfetch, and Search Indexing, Auto defraging, and Malware Scanners. And after disabling all of that the drive still read/writes like crazy when its idle. In Task Manager, I've discover that a file lsass.exe and svchost.exe are the primary culprits, but I don't know if and how I should disable them.

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Acer :: 6930G Temps

Jul 11, 2009

I'm not really sure if I should be putting this here or make a specific thread in the gaming section to ask specifically about the GPU there.

Anyway, I am looking to find out what the average CPU and GPU temps of the 6930G people are seeing while gaming.

I noticed while playing certain games that my 6930G gets rather hot and while I know notebooks generally run hotter then a desktop I am not really sure if the temps I see are normal or not. I have not seen any real decrease in performance while gaming, nor have I had and other problems with the notebook. I am currently not running a notebook cooler but I will be purchasing one very shortly. The fans and vents are regularly cleaned out.

Here are some temps I am seeing using HW Monitor with my 6930G at idle and during gaming while room temp is 22*C,
-GPU=90*C sometimes hitting a max of 96*C for a second or two

Changing graphics setting in the game have no effect on temps I am seeing.

Oh and the video card in my 6930G is a 9600m GT 512mb GDDR3.

So are the temps I am seeing normal? What temps do you see while gaming with your 6930G?

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Acer :: Windows 7 And 6930G

Oct 20, 2009

Just got Windows 7, and have installed 64-bit to my Acer Aspire 6930G. I'm having some issues getting the graphics and sound "just so".

Have tried a number of drivers from the Acer website, but I cannot get the Tuba bass thing to play, and the sound is currently pretty bad.

Also working out what Nvidia drivers are the best to use is proving unusually difficult. Windows 7 automatically downloaded some when I first booted, 186.52, are these good to use? They are not available from Nvidia, just 186.51. With either of these drivers I don't seem to have full control over how to scale images, I'm forced to use my display's scaler.

I don't have any of the Acer empowering softwate installed, I tried checking out the Acer website, but I'm having difficulty working out exactly what would be best to use with Windows 7 (or if I should use it any at all.)

Windows 7 seemed to intall drivers for most items, so I don't know what I need to install manually. I no longer have any "Acer Crystal Eye Webcam" software, for example, and cannot find this for download either?

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Acer :: 6930g Overclock

Jan 4, 2010

i have a question and is very simple. My acre is the model 6930g with a p7450 a graphic card ati 4650 and 2 hard drives. i have already done overclock in my graphic card but i cant do in my cpu. how can i do? because i have already saw a lot of notebooks that the cpu could reach 2.5ghz, so i think that it is also possible do in the acer 6930g.

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Acer In Punjab :: 6930g

Mar 11, 2009

I know PCs inside and out, build my own etc. I have recently bought my first laptop ever (6930g-6762, in canada, since they seem to be different in various countries?).

I have some questions.

1. My on board speakers sound like crap. They sound like unpowered speakers, very tinny and very distorted. HDMI output and speaker out both sound great, when I bypass the onboard speakers.

2. Do I need all the Acer software? I'd like to delete the hidden partitions, repartition the drive and do an install from a 'normal' Vista x64 DVD. I can't believe all the bloat that comes with a laptop.

3. Is a regular install the same process as for a regular PC? ie, install windows then all the drivers etc...or must I make a vlite DVD?

4. Can I use my OEM license on a retail DVD image?

5. How do I use the volume slider, and media controls (the lit up blue ones) on the PC itself? are they touch sensitive? I'm not sure mine work...

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Acer :: Dropped 6930G

Aug 25, 2009

I have an Acer 6930G which recently fallen of my hand while carrying it, the results are a broken screen some light cracks in the casing

however, the laptop now doesn't want to run

When I connect the AC adapter, the blue light turns on, however when I click the button to start the laptop, The laptop starts for one second then the light turns off

I tried with the battery instead of the AC adapter and got the same results

I did take off the wireless card, replace RAM sticks, Replaced HDD and stills the same

Even the fan won't spin

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Acer :: 6930G With FX770M

Feb 28, 2009

Recently I often found a trade information that someone sailing a Acer 6930G which is P7450/1G/320G/9600M GT...but he just showed us a test picture that GPU-Z identified his graphics as Quadro FX770M....and I saw another who also have 6930G showed his 3dmark06 scored 6040 with FX770M....I wanna know if he install the Quadro drivers for his 9600M GT?

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Acer In Kahi: 6930G

May 26, 2009

im looking to purchase n acer 6930G with 4GB ram and 1GB nvidia geforce 9600M GT graphics card

does anyone know if this will handle sims 3 well or not? its the main reason for me buying a new laptop.

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Acer :: 6930G- AVI Files

Jan 9, 2009

I have recenttly purchased a 6930G and am very happy wioth it so far howver I went to play some movies that were in AVI format and all I got was the lines on the Windows Media Player and the sound. Can any one help out here, I was under the understanding that this was a complete Home Thearter package.

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