Acer :: 8204, Failing Fan, Replacement, Cooler Or

Dec 21, 2008

8204 just started to die, thought it was my new hard drive (which I was peeved about) and then realized it's actually the fan that's dying.

I know you can get a new thermal unit (including fan) for about $80, and I know that there are good numbers of laptop coolers out there, does anyone have a POV on the best bet?

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Acer :: New Battery For TM 8204

Feb 9, 2009

my tm 8204's battery is now about 3 years old, and can only hold the power for about 30 min.

So I got a new battery for the laptop, not an original battery but new, and after 1 charging of the battery, there was no power for the laptop.

I thougt that an original battery could do better, so I switch it for the not original battery.

Guess what, the same shit happens, after 1 charging, there was no power in the battery, only if I got the electrical wire connected.

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Acer :: 8204 Travelmate GPU Pixelation

Sep 9, 2009

My laptop of recent has started to pixelate lines appear first and then everything becomes jumbled, I cleaned the Fan and everything, replace the thermal paste and put the thermal blu tack on it put it all back together and it goes on. The Temp of the CPU is around 60c normally a wee bit lower, it also occasionally during being on will start too appear with lines of pixels then diagonal black pixels at that point i shutdown the laptop, but when i go to put it back on again, I have no screen just what looks like a backlight at the bottom of it, I then have to unscrew and go through the process again.

1. I have 2-3mm of thermal blu tack on the gpu as i've read in another post

2. I have used a paste that a friend whos a techie uses to put on cpu

3. Fan and Radiator thing is cleaned out

4. Can sometimes run for hours and then all of a sudden bang black diagonal pixels..

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Acer :: 8204 Hard Drive Upgrade

Sep 26, 2009

I'm looking at upgrading my 8204 with a larger HDD as it possibly is on its way out after nearly 4 years of constant use. If I am going to reformat may as well increase the space somwhat.

I see some people (in old threads) have gone to a 320GB 7200rpm SATAII drive rather than the 100GB 5400rpm SATA I drive in there at the moment.

I was wondering what is the largest drive the system will support and if any one has any recommendations? I have looked at Seagate 500GB drives but not sure what depth the existing drive is as notice there can be variances.

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Acer Aspire 5560g :: Failing To Boot After Firmware Update

Jan 28, 2015

So i recently upgraded my Aspire 5560g to Windows 8.1. I liked it but it seemed to have lost my drivers in the process (my track pad scrolling didnt work and my Dolby audio origram was gone).
I went to  for the drivers and decided to start with a firmware upgrade (9545 for hard disk performance). 
After the computer rebooted, I entered the dreaded Windows 8.1 boot loop. It would say "Your PC ran into problems..." with the bluescreen, then turn off. Then it would attempt the Automatic repair, and fail again, then restart the cycle.
I wasn't able to even get into my BIOS until I cleared my CMOS, now at least I can get into BIOS.
I created a bootable USB for Windows in hopes I could do a clean install, but even when trying to boot from a USB I get the blue Windows 8 screen, "Your PC ran into problems..."Is there a way I can undo the firmware update, it seems like the culprit, doesn't it? 
EDIT: I've read that the Windows boot loop may be caused by outdated drivers. Think this could be the problem after I did the firmware update? How can I install the drivers without being able to boot into Windows?

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Acer Aspire One AOA150-1570 :: Failing HD - On New Drive Can Use E-recovery?

Oct 13, 2014

Have an Aspire One model ZG5 AOA150-1570 running winXP.
The hard drive has had a failure and after running disk checks (dskchk) using a special mini XP boot CD, I was able to view and copy my important files, pictures and videos to a thumb drive.  Now I need to replace the drive but can I somehow use the directory and files of the protected area/hidden partition on the bad drive and copy that to a new drive and use those files to  restore to initial specs on the new drive using e-recovery.  I can use the alt-f10 to boot to the e-recovery on the bad drive but since the drive is bad I don't want to revert to factory specs.
Again can I install a new hard drive and somehow copy all the files needed (what files would they be?) from the old drive to the new drive and then run the e-recovery restoring the computer to factory specs with this new drive installed??
If for some reason I can't do that or if it fails while trying I can always reinstall with a new installation of XP.

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Acer Aspire 5336 :: Windows Restore And ERecovery Both Failing?

Aug 10, 2014

Last night, my system started hanging on the welcome screen (for over 30 minutes), so I attempted a windows system restore to a few days ago. That wouldn't work (I can re try it and advise of the specific error messages)....

I then tried the Alt+F10 erecovery, but again receive an error message when it is almost complete - the message says "windows restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click ok to restart the computer, then restart the installation" ....

The complete factory reset is the only thing I haven't tried, as I'd rather not lose all the pictures and music I have stored on there- is there a way to resolve the issue at all, without completely wiping the hard drive? I have access to other pcs etc to download things and burn them to cd/DVD/memory sticks...

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Acer :: AS 6920G Cooler

Jul 20, 2009

I would like to buy a cooler for my AS 6920G.

It is a 16" Screen notebook with 1366x768(16:9) resolution. Any good suggestion? I need to know the blowing area and some details(price, weight and so on) of the cooler.

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Acer :: Cooler Not Working - 5920G

Sep 26, 2008

i have laptop 5920G

after i installed new windows copy , i setuped all drivers but i discovered cooler is nt working as it was b4 i format system partition

its sound was buzzring me b4 whn it work then stop and work again but nw i miss it and feel it can effect laptop performance

here is all drivers which i have

wht is its driver name or where i can find it , hw can i search 4 it ?

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Acer :: Suitable Notebook Cooler For 6930g

Mar 10, 2010

in choosing which notebook cooler is prefect for Acer 6930g, as i know cooling system work like, its intake from down vents and exhaust from side vents. i have done under clocking cpu its really worked, and currently cpu temp 63c under load and gpu around 75c. and right now iam looking to lower down more temp. i hope there will be perfect notebook for Acer 6930g.

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Acer Aspire 5750g :: Overheating When Playing Games Cooler Work In Passive Mode

Nov 6, 2014

I have problem with my Acer 5750g. When I playing games cooler work in passive mode, like it dont know that  should work as much as possible.
After 5 minutes without additional cooler it goes overheat to 100 degree and turn off instantly.
When i turn my laptop on, the cooler starting work very good, like it should work all the time when it overheating. But after few seconds its turn into passive/silent mode and doesn't work properly till overheat and turn off again.

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Acer :: CD/DVD RW Replacement

Jan 9, 2008

I recently purchased a new CD/DVD RW because mine went bad in my Acer Aspire 1640 notebook.....I am trying to install and cannot figure out how. It looks like I have to take the entire computer apart, and after removing all the screws I still was unable to remove the old one.

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Dell :: DVD Drive Failing?

Apr 11, 2010

When i load a disk the drive tries to spin up three of times but then stops.

I've tried several discs and it's the same each time so it's not the disc, only started happening today.

I've tried reinstalling the driver but to no avail. Maybe some dirt got in there? I read of some utility to test the drive but i can't find it.

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Dell :: Possible HDD Failing On SXPS 16

May 16, 2009

So a few days ago I tried to boot up my machine and it did nothing after the BIOS screen. I had to hold the power button to get it do shut off. After a few minutes I tried to reboot and Vista tried to fix the problem which it indicated it couldn't. So I tried to do a system restore and it failed. In fact it failed on every point I tried.

The next day the system seemed to be running normally so I just figured it was a fluke. Then the next day Vista booted but I had no desktop icons, all programs initialized with errors and nothing was responding. So I rebooted and backed up my data.

I then downloaded Active Hard Disk Monitor and was shocked to see my Raw read error rate was 57% and my seek error rate was 66%! So I contacted Dell tech support and was instructed to run their diagnostics. The initial test indicated an inverter cable issue but the HDD passed all tests.

So my question is shoudl I be concerend about the SMART feedback info or should I rely on Dells diagnostics? My concern is that their diagnostics may only flag a problem if the drive is really close to death not just on its way. I plan on reinstalling the OS but don't want to spend the effort if this drive is going to be on its way out.

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Dell :: RAID 0 Failing

May 6, 2008

Got my XPS 1730 today and as soon as windows booted, the first message I got was that a RAID 0 drive was failing and I needed to back it up immediately. Does this mean anything? Do I have a defective part?

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Dell :: I Cant Tell If The Gpu Is Failing Or If I Have A Virus

Jul 23, 2009

Recently my laptop's desktop and icons have started to flash randomly,things like the sound icon has a x on it.A couple of days a ago avast warned me about a win32:trojan(other) in 2 places.

I looked at dell's instruction to replce the gpu but i think it would be to hard for me to do and my warranty is over.

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Dell :: 8700 Sli Is Failing

Apr 13, 2009

i think my 8700 sli is failing, a lot of stuttering and screen tearing. im gonna try to get it replaced, anyone know if this card is still available ? or will i get the 8800

i was disappointed with the 8700..

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HP/Compaq :: Failing 9600m GT

Jan 24, 2009

I got my HP DV5t about 4-5 mos. ago. The graphics card which is a 9600m GT is definitely starting to fail. When ever I start to play graphically intensive games like COD4 or CS 1.6 the screen begins to freeze and the computer says the display driver failed while other times it causes a BSOD. This used to happen occasionally about 1-2 mos. ago but now it happens very often. I updated my drivers as soon as I got the laptop and always lifted the back for better airflow while gaming but apparently it didnt help.

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Apple :: Failing Superdrive

Oct 28, 2009

I am pretty sure the optical drive on my MBP is failing as I am having trouble installing software like windows, office for mac, and just burning stuff. So, I did a search here and look it up at ifix it, but I am not sure what is the right model I should be looking at. I have the first gen MBP with the Core Duo CPU. iFix it lists two models UJ-857-C and UJ-867. So, will both work or is one of them only going to work? I know my original optical drive could not burn DL dvds, but it seems like both of these can though?

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Dell :: My 8600m Gt Is Thermally Failing

Jan 2, 2009

my m1530's 8600m gt is now idling between 69-73 degrees celsius, as opposed to the 58-65 it did when it was new. also, in-game temps are now well into the 90's. will be calling dell support this afternoon to have them set up a tech to come out and replace it.

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Dell :: Failing Video Card

Dec 13, 2008

I believe my video card in XPS 1530 is failing, from time to time i get half inch by half inch colorful checkboard pattern on part of my screen, usually shows up in the same place.

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Dell :: Failing Harddrive On XPS1340

Nov 7, 2009

I'm experiencing some strange problems with my XPS1340 and I think it might be related to a failing harddrive.

The computer hangs quite often during startup or if I am installing/running programs. However, it seems to handle file copying with no problems - at least for now.

When it hangs, the harddrive LED stays ON, but the computer doesn't freeze totally and no BSOD. I can still move the mouse, but I can't open any programs or browse through files. After a while I get a message that Windows is not responding and I have the option to terminate the process or wait for it to respond. I can't click on any, though.

The only thing to do is a hard reset, and then normally the computer boots with no problems. If it hangs during startup I have to do the hard reset again.

As mentioned - the problem seems to occur only when the computer is installing a program / opening a program / starting up. I have just copied about 20GB to the harddrive to test, and it did that with no problems at about 32MB/s. Also - I can do "light work" like typing (I'm typing this on the computer)

I have tried to format and do a complete reinstall AND - Windows installs just fine - the problems begin when I start to install all the programs.

So.. Is this harddrive related, or could it be something else??.. I really think it's weird...

I got the computer about six months ago and until now I haven't really had any problems. I'm running windows 7 64 bit and the harddrive is a Western Digital (WDC WD32 00BJKT-75F4T).

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Acer :: 6920G Screen Replacement

Oct 13, 2009

I have the same problem as the user in another thread Acer Aspire 6930 screen replacement
but since the layout of 6920 and 6930 are different, I stuck at the part when I have to pull out two video cables beneath speaker cover, cause there is only one cable (that I am aware of) in 6920. So I hope someone could explain to me what to do next after removing speaker cover, cause I don't want to brick my laptop

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Acer :: Hard Disk Replacement

Apr 7, 2010

I have Aspire 5112WLMi (conf. in the signature) for 4 years now, and my HDD is almost done!

I want to buy a new one with much biger capacity (thinking about WD 320GB), how can I know will my system support this HDD?

Has anybody installed this big HDD on 5112WLMi?

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Acer :: 6920G Motherboard Replacement

May 26, 2010

My 6920G went down a few days ago, I sent it to local computer store to have it diagnosed. It turned out that they say it is a mobo issue and said that it would cost aroun 400 to get a new mobo + labour fee.

I don't have any warranty on theis laptop, and the 1 year warranty by the manufacturer has expired. I am just wondering if I can order the mobo fron Acer and maybe replace it on my own.... I don't know which would be better, to have the guys at the store do it for me or phone Acer....

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Acer :: Replacement For 5610 Cd/dvd Drive

Jun 5, 2008

I've got a 5610 (5612wlmi).

The Hitachi-LG GSA-4082N cd/dvd burner seems to have mostly died. It only occasionally recognises that a disk is in the drive, and burns almost always fail.

I've tried cleaning the lens and I've removed the unit and given the contacts a clean and a dust down. Still problematic.

I'm assuming that there's a hardware fault on the drive.

I'd like to replace the drive but the only GSA-4082N I can find are 2nd-hand out of old lHPs etc on eBay.

Is there a new and not-too-expensive unit that will work as a drop-in replacment?

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Acer :: Choosing Replacement Drive

Dec 2, 2007

I have a Acer 1710 which came with a DVD drive, which turns out to be a UJ-820B.

It has died but finding a replacement seems an issue, I can get one on ebay but would prefer to get a newer model if possible.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1501 Failing To Boot

Nov 1, 2009

my daughters Inspiron 1501 (just out of guarantee) when switched on the keyboard lock lights come on briefly as normal, the hard disc runs up, the screen

illuminate after a few seconds then the following characters momentarily appear top left of the screen- RS485/M BR#23931 -the screen blacks out momentarily then illuminates again.

Does anyone know what the message tells us . It took lots of restarts to get the full message and there may be mistakes in it .....

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Dell :: M4400 Power Adapter Failing

Dec 8, 2008

My company recently bought 10 M4400 and they work good so far...not laptop freezing etc....but both myself and another guy have had our power adapter die on us.

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Dell :: Is My Xps1340's Video Card Failing?

Nov 24, 2009

I feel that my 9400M G card is about to die, heres why:

When I upgraded to win7 I noticed a more blurry playback on same videos, and my card would always get stuck in a certain part of the video playing a sound "grrr wwaaa'' like microter, and then regain itself and very soon do the same again, and there isnt anything bad with the video because it would do it in different parts all the time.. Same even on dvd playback too...

So I tried all options, all drivers that are out, all codecs, then I came to conclusion that its win7 and the drivers arent perfectly made for it yet, So then I installed back Vista to resolve this issue once and for all.. Only today I find that the issue is back again... I cant watch any music video without it chopping the audio for like 2 seconds and playing a broken disk sound and freezing for those 2 seconds then playing again and about in another 30 seconds doing the same again.

So can some one tell me is this NVIDIA 9400M G that is gona die soon?
The video quality of dvd's is perfect other formats gotten a lil worse! but the audio making a horrible broken records disk and video freezing for 2 secons happens in all videos even dvd's, youtube, avi, mp4, mpg, etc....

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