Apple :: Does Tap On Glass Track Pad Work In Bootcamp

May 25, 2009

I have the new unibody MB and use bootcamp ( win xp) a lot. I get most of the things working except the tap on the track pad . for left click. (by tap i mean the light touch on the track pad and not the hard press when i hear the sound) Every time i have to left click , i have to press hard for that clicking sound.

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Apple :: Why Windows Work So Bad Under Bootcamp

Jan 15, 2009

Dont know if it's just me but i just recently installed Windows XP on my new macbook via BootCamp and everything seems working bad...

USB pendrive keeps disconnecting when i try to copy something from it, Windows suddenly freezes, Daemon tools fails to mount a virtual unit... :S

I installed all drivers from Mac OS CD, is there something i am missing or shall i just use virtual machines and forget Bootcamp?

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Apple :: Bootcamp - Wireless Keyboard Does Not Work - Wireless Keyboard Does Not Work

May 15, 2009

I just installed XP throught bootcamp on my macbook (black book, the one that was available right before the aluminum ones).

I have two problems.

1. My Apple wireless keyboard does not work.

2. My wireless keyboard does not work when I plug it into my macbook.

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Apple :: Alum MB And MBP Glass Screen

Jan 16, 2009

Does anyone know that if the new LED Glass screens in the MB/MBP/24" LED is positioned and will allow for multi touch and gestures in future releases of OSX similar to the iphone?

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Apple :: MBP - Track Record For Hardware Updates

Mar 6, 2009

Even though the desktop refresh took quite awhile, it is to my understanding that you can expect a refresh with Macbooks and MBP's every 6 to 8 months, which should put the refresh sometime between 8 days from now (unlikely) to 2 months and 8 days from now.

Is that a likely assumption, or am I missing something here. And yes, I am well aware of the CPU speed bump in the top two MBP's, what I am talking about is an all around refresh, with exception to body structure obviously.

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Apple :: Edge To Edge Display Really Glass

Jun 17, 2009

A lot of laptops now a days are sporting the edge to edge display, which imo is pretty cool lookin. I think Apple was one of the first to implement this in their notebooks so thats why I'm posting here.

But are these edge to edge displays really glass? I went to bestbuy to find out.

Checking out all the laptops from HP, Dell, and Apple, all their displays showed some form of flex when pushing on the center of the screen with my index finger. I'm no expert or anything, but glass is not supposed to flex at all.

Apple's notebook had the least amount of flex and probably is glass cause its so thin, whereas the Dell studio xps13 flexed so much it was unbelievable. I'm surprised this was not brought up in reviews.

Just to make sure it wasn't in my head I did the same thing to the imacs, and those screens were rock solid. Without a doubt are covered in glass.

So whats you're take on Apple's notebook? Glass or not?

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Apple :: Bootcamp And SP1

May 18, 2009

I installed Vista Home 32bit. I've been getting all the microsoft updates and what not.

However when it comes time for me to get sp1 it keeps failing to install and what not.

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Apple :: Bootcamp On Mac OS

Jan 10, 2009

If i were to use bootcamp on my mac and put Vista on to it, would i be able to install games that require windows on to the mac? This is a question about bootcamp and not games.

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Apple :: Bootcamp

May 23, 2009

I Just popped in a new hardrive and all was well. Finally had enough space to have bootcamp and mac osx.

I installed osx no problem, then used bootcamp assistant and made a 80gig partition. Installed XP Pro but then and all was well. Had some problems with XP and needed to reinstall. Only this time when I erased the partition and re did it when I go to XP install I see one partition, and its 127 gig. Confused I put it on that partition and Mac OSX was gone, it would no longer boot.

So I reinstalled OSX and tried bootcamp assistant and made an 80gig partition. But once again when I get into XP install all I see is a a 127gig partition and it won't let me create a new partition.

Now I have a 300gig and disk utility sees that it is a 300gig, but says that it has 127 gig free, and 448MB used... Very odd... Also it will no longer let me partition or format the drives. This is bad.

I downloaded UBCD and it also will see that the HDD Size is 300gig, but again it is showing that 127gig free and only 448mb used. I really don't want to call apple on this.

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Apple :: Secondary Tap Off After Bootcamp

Jan 29, 2009

I found that Secondary tap doesn't work after restarting in Bootcamp mode.

On restart if checked in Touchpad setup but doesn't work until on -off manually (checked on-off) What can it be?

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Apple :: Backup Of Bootcamp

Dec 21, 2009

I've tried disk utility to create an image of it; it won't boot after this and once the bootcamp wizard has been run, still doesn't recognise that an os is on the partition.

Also tried Winclone; of which has to have exactly the same partition size as previous otherwise it doesn't work properly.

Can anyone suggest something like symantec ghost or osx equiv? Same for backing up osx partition; want something that I can just restore if needed. Used CCC but for some reason cannot get it to not keep all my previous files, so when restoring it also restores all deleted files too.

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Apple :: Win 7 Beta In Bootcamp

Jan 8, 2009

What the likelihood of me being able to do this?

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Apple :: Mac - Bootcamp/vmware

Jun 29, 2009

I have been looking for a new computer and am looking at the mac book pro since it is 13 inches now something I like. I have a few questions though regarding bootcamp and Vmware.

So say I install windows xp via bootcamp. Can I still view files that I had on my mac partition or does apple not allow that to happen.

Second question:
Say I install xp via bootcamp. Can I run it with Vmware too or do i have to have a fresh install just for Vmware?

Lastly, what do you like more bootcamp, vmware or parallel?

I am currently a windows user ever since I started using computers so I do not have much knowledge with macs.

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Apple :: Trying To Load Bootcamp

May 17, 2009

I have a 32-Bit Vista Ultimate and I want to load it. Now when I partition my HDD do I need to partition it for lots of space, like 100 GB or do I need just enough to load Vista. And if I load Micrsoft Office and games will it need to be saved on the partitioned HDD or my regular one?

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Apple :: Boots Into Bootcamp From OS X.

Sep 8, 2009

Does anyone know of a App that can boot into bootcamp from OS X, So I don't have to wait and hold option, I can just click the App or something in the menu bar and it will boot into bootcamp?

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Apple :: New Macbook Pro - Bootcamp

Jun 26, 2009

My new notebook might just be a macbook pro. But I'll also really really need Windows for some stuff. So that's bootcamp then. But I heard there might be several problems. Especially with the multitouch trackpad (not being able to tap to click, right-click, (right)drag. Is that still an issue?

Also, is all the hardware fully available under windows? Like the graphics card and the DVD burner?

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Apple :: Bootcamp - Xp Crapping Up

Jul 27, 2009

I just tried bootcamp today. The installation went off seamlessly. I installed all the drivers and stuff. I have some problems.

I'm not able to connect to the internet through my ethernet cable which is connected to a router. What do i do?

Also the backlight on the keyboard is not completely turning off. Is that a common problem? and i'm running windows sp sp3.

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Apple :: Bootcamp AND Parallels

Jun 27, 2009

I have boot camp installed on my Mac, and it runs good enough for me. However, I hate having to restart my comp to just use word or something easy like that. So can I run VMWares, or Parallels on a pre made bootcamp drive? Like it will already have my Vista loaded, my word, my installs and updates and Virsu protection? If so that would be a great help to me. And If I do, how much RAM should I dedicate to it?

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Apple :: Stuttering In Bootcamp

Mar 6, 2009

Anyone have a clue as to why my unibody macbook pro stutters in left for dead every 45 seconds or so? I'm using the default settings and even have a brand new solid state drive in there and it's still stuttering! Maybe my video card drivers need to be updated if so whats the easiest / best drivers out there? Would appreciate any gamers input, as this is the only reason i use my windows partition.

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Apple :: Windows Via Bootcamp

Apr 28, 2009

Is windows 7 stable enough to use or is it still recommended to get windows xp?

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Apple :: X-25m BootCamp Woes

Jan 29, 2009

I just treated myself to a sweet new Solid State Drive but boot camp apparently does not like the new intel ssd drives. Is there any viable work around for this? Lovin my new mac, but bootcamp was fun for lan parties and such... I hear an EFI firmware might be in order, but in the mean time any alternative would be useful. I find the myself using OSX way more often than windows, and if not for gaming would prob convert most of my machines. Sorry if this is a dupe thread, but i've been searching the net days for info on this.

These drives are going to be popular, i hope other future ssd drives don't have issues with these new nvidia based macs.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro - Running Xp On Bootcamp

Aug 10, 2009

what is the battery life of your macbook pro on bootcamp? i want to compare it to that of windows 7 as i will be doing heavy programming during my second year at uni. i want to know what will be better, vista or xp. i currently have w7 rc. i wanted to purchase it but i do not know when it will be released. therefore i wanted to go with something more stable.

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Apple :: Bootcamp, Can't Create A New Partition

Aug 13, 2009

I want to install windows by Bootcamp. But I've found some problem about a partition on my HDD.

My MacbookPro HDD has 27 GB free space remain. And it's has only 1 partition on HDD. I try to create a new partition, 10-15 GB on my HDD for Bootcamp. I just want to run windows for some program, some games. But it always show "verification failed", "don't have enough space", "partition failed"...etc. on bootcamp and disk utility

I've seen some thread about a partition for bootcamp problem on some website. Some solution such as

1. use iDefrag for HDD then try to create a new partition.

2. Shrink your HDD space (disk utility) , revert , then try to create a new partition by Bootcamp.

3. Try to remove some files, that size is over 1 GB, then try to make a new partition.

4. Backup your harddrive, reinstall then try to create a new partition (I don't want to do this)...

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Apple :: Bootcamp: Windows 7 Batterylife Vs. XP

Jul 25, 2009

I just installed Windows 7 on my MBP 13". Seems like battery life is a little shorter, about 4:37 max, while I got just over 5:00 hours in XP.

Is this consistent with what other people found?

I'm considering going back to XP.

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Apple :: Shrinking Bootcamp Partition

Apr 17, 2009

When i created my Bootcamp partition i mde it way too big and i will never use all the space i created. Is there a way to shrink it without losing what i have on that partition?
I tried to shrink it using Winclone but that did not work and if i create a backup using Winclone i believe that when you restore it the partition must be the same size as the original, is this correct?

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Apple :: To Use The 9400m In Windows Bootcamp

Aug 19, 2009

Is there a way of disabling the 9600m gt and using only the 9400m? I mean i want to use the 9400m in windows bootcamp. I know in windows laptops with 2gpu's, users can disable one gpu through the bios. But is that possible on the mac?

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Apple :: Trackpad BSOD On Bootcamp

Feb 13, 2009

Not all the time, but most of the times i used the trackpad in bootcamp, i get a BSOD.

It is really annoying. running Windows 7 Beta btw. does anyone know how to fix this, or what might be causing this? i have updated all bootcamp drivers and trackpad.

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Apple :: MacBook Pro -How Does Vista Run In BootCamp

Mar 21, 2009

Does the battery really last 8 hours? Also should I wait and buy the new release in a couple of months or should I buy the current one? How does Vista run in BootCamp? My old MacBook Pro died a few weeks ago.

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Apple :: Updating Bootcamp Drivers

May 30, 2009

do I do it in Bootcamp or download them on OSX and then they are installed next time that I load up bootcamp. I ask because last time I did, it stoped all my hotkeys, sound, and backlight keyboard.

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Apple :: Partitioning Size W/ Bootcamp

Feb 17, 2009

I am pretty new at this partitioning thing and only plan on putting windows on for gaming....I will only be putting games Empire, Medivial 2, Rome, Total War and Age of Empire III on it along with a virus scan for potential online problems with online gaming w/ these titles.

How much HD space should I dedicate to windows with this being the direction I am taking?

I have just bought the Macbook 2.0 Aluminum w/ 4GB upgrade

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