Apple :: Alum MB And MBP Glass Screen

Jan 16, 2009

Does anyone know that if the new LED Glass screens in the MB/MBP/24" LED is positioned and will allow for multi touch and gestures in future releases of OSX similar to the iphone?

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Apple :: MBP Alum - Boot Camp Won't Run

Mar 10, 2009

I'm having an issue with Boot Camp. I have a stock base model MBP Alum. Vista was running fine on Boot Camp since I got the machine back in January, but today it crashed. When I tried to reboot into Vista I got two '_' cursor flashes on the top left of the screen then the screen just goes dark. Multiple reboots yielded the same result. Seeing I had my files backed up, I just deleted the Vista partition and tried to perform a reinstall of Vista. However, after I click 'Start Installation' in Boot Camp and the comp restarts - I get the two cursor flashes followed by the black screen again.

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Apple :: Which Browser Uses Less Power On Alum Macbook

Jan 16, 2009

Firefox or Opera? Im getting about 5 hours battery life with opera. Im wondering if its worth switching over to firefox. My current amperage is -750.

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Apple :: Does The Alum Touchpad Fade/get Shiny

Apr 12, 2009

On the plastic MBs, the touchpad and/or palmrest get shiny after heavy use.
Do the alum laptops have the same issue ?

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Apple :: 13" Macbook Alum - New Screens

Jun 2, 2009

Apple has new venders making thier screens on the Macbook 13" Alum. Supposebly, these new screens are so supposed to be better than the old one. I went to best buy but they only have old models out. Has anyone seen the new screens? I'd like to know how much better they are...especially the vertical viewing angles.

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Acer :: Crack On The Screen Glass

Mar 2, 2010

My poor Acer 1810T Olympic Edition, after I slipped on stairs.

No scratch, thanks to the neoprene case.

Works perfectly except for a beautiful crack on the screen glass.

I'm using an Acer -- replacement LCD for $99 from eBay.

No $500 LCD's (like for the Sony Vaio P series)

And I'm just going to cannibalize my Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook for now. All Acer-manufactured 11.6's use identical screens (Acer Ferrari One, Gateway 11.6" netbook, Acer

Aspire One 11.6", Acer 1410 series, Acer 1810 series)

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Apple :: Does Tap On Glass Track Pad Work In Bootcamp

May 25, 2009

I have the new unibody MB and use bootcamp ( win xp) a lot. I get most of the things working except the tap on the track pad . for left click. (by tap i mean the light touch on the track pad and not the hard press when i hear the sound) Every time i have to left click , i have to press hard for that clicking sound.

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Apple :: Edge To Edge Display Really Glass

Jun 17, 2009

A lot of laptops now a days are sporting the edge to edge display, which imo is pretty cool lookin. I think Apple was one of the first to implement this in their notebooks so thats why I'm posting here.

But are these edge to edge displays really glass? I went to bestbuy to find out.

Checking out all the laptops from HP, Dell, and Apple, all their displays showed some form of flex when pushing on the center of the screen with my index finger. I'm no expert or anything, but glass is not supposed to flex at all.

Apple's notebook had the least amount of flex and probably is glass cause its so thin, whereas the Dell studio xps13 flexed so much it was unbelievable. I'm surprised this was not brought up in reviews.

Just to make sure it wasn't in my head I did the same thing to the imacs, and those screens were rock solid. Without a doubt are covered in glass.

So whats you're take on Apple's notebook? Glass or not?

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Dell :: Dust Particle Between Glass And LCD

Feb 25, 2009

I got my Studio XPS 13 last night and spent about 5 hours installing Vista Business 64-bit from scratch and setting everything up.

It has been running great so far; however, I just noticed one or two dust particles between the glass and the lcd.

What should I do? It only bothers me when the background is white or light color. Should I ignore all that hard work and get it exchanged or am I being too anal about it? What are the chances of the next one being tightly sealed?

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HP/Compaq :: Sent In My HDX To Get Glass Replaced, Received A Re-imaged Hard Drive

Mar 19, 2009

I sent my laptop in due to dust being behind the Infinity Glass and some scratches incurred by the speaker grilles on the HDX16.

I received my laptop back last night. The glass was replaced (woohoo!) however the hard drive was re-imaged as well (not so woohoo!).

I admit I did not back up my data. Here's why - 1.) I was never told that data backup was necessary. I have my original chat transcript showing that I was never informed of a possible system restore. I have a chat transcript from last night confirming, from HP, that I was never informed. 2.) The glass was being replaced. Nothing internally needed to be touched.

I attribute this to going to a shop to get your car's windsheild replaced only to find out they also rebuilt your engine. It makes zero sense.

I've contacted HP to see what they can do about this and they stand behind their warranty information which states they are not responsible for lost data. I can understand that. However, they are responsible for their staff and their ability to properly inform customers what may happen when a laptop is sent in for service.

Heck, I don't even know WHAT's reasonable at this point. I could go all out and get my laywer involved but it seems like a waste of time.

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HP/Compaq :: New HDX16t- Little Speck Of Dust Thats Got To Be Behind The Glass That I Cant Figure Out How To Clean

Jan 9, 2009

Theres a little speck of dust thats got to be behind the glass that i cant figure out how to clean. Im about 98% sure its not a dead pixel. Can i do anything about this?

Also, i have the tv tuner. How do i start watching tv? Is it through media center? i tried it and it cant recognize it, even after i go through all the steps. when i click on live tv, it says theres not tuner card.

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Dell Adamo 13 :: Air Bubbles Forming Under Glass Between LCD And Black Border

Sep 1, 2010

As the title suggests I am starting to see small air bubbles form under the glass on my Adamo 13 laptop - along the edge of the LCD monitor and the black border.  I cannot seem to find any other reports of this issue on the web.

This laptop almost never leaves the house, or even the desk it sits on, and is otherwise in perfect condition.  It is run in a 75-degree house, low humidity (Phoenix, AZ) - really no reason I can see as to why this would be happening, at least not from anything I am doing.

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Apple :: MBP : Screen - Pixel - On The Far Left Side Of My Screen

Jun 12, 2009

The MBP I bought in Aug '07 2.4 GHz model seems to be having some screen issues... in particular ... pixel issues on the far left side of my screen... I'm attaching a pdf shot of the areas in question that i took with my camera ... there are quite a few patches of pixels that are remaining a shade of white and are not responding to any colour change in desktop wallpaper/ movies/ anything...

I'm terribly dissappointed with this... i've taken pains to ensure that the MBP is always padded when i take it out (and i can count the number of times i've taken it outside home with fingers on one hand) .... so... i'm sure i haven't bumped it anywhere...

I have the apple protection plan...

any advice on what my options might be at this point? would apple look into screen replacement options? I'm in India and there aren't any official apple stores out here either:| (the closest thing out here to an apple store is a premium reseller) ...
on a totally separate note .. my battery seems to be performing excruciatingly badly as well.. health is at 84% after 64 cycles ... and that's after i've done the battery calibration tests ......

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Apple :: How Can I Use The Screen Of Mbp

Oct 14, 2009

how can i use the screen of mbp for other things? i mean contect the scereen of other computer or something like that?

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Apple :: MBP LED Screen And Colours

Apr 5, 2010

I have a problem with my MBP LED Screen and its colours.

I tried calibrating, but I've noticed everything has a bluish tint and I didnt like it, so I went back to the original colour settings, but it doesnt look the same. I type in something in Google Images, and it all has a monotone to it. They all look quite grainy also.

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Apple :: OSX Lock-screen

Jan 30, 2010

If I lock OSX and someone steals my macbook is my data secure. I wouldn't want to get my identity stolen.

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Apple :: MBP 13" Screen

Jun 13, 2009

I was poised to order a new MBP 13" after hearing they updated the screen to have a 60% greater gamut. (I had previously returned my unibody Macbook last December after not being able to live with the low quality screen; I had loved everything else but it was that intolerable.) The longer battery life of the newer model seemed appealing as well.

However, several things are making me re-think my decision. First of all, I'm hearing stuff about throttled SATA speeds. This has me a little worried, as though I'm going to be getting the base model with the hard drive, I was planning on upgrading in the future to a SSD. Do you guys think this is a hardware issue or a software issue? How big of an issue is it?

Also, another thing that has got me a little bit worried (okay, a LOT worried) is about a display where the blues seem like purple and whatnot. Apparently it "looks like when you turn up that one artificial option in the nVidia control panel", as one forumer stated. What alarms me even more is the fact that someone said they contacted Apple support and they said that it was supposed to look like that and that's what 60% greater color gamut was supposed to look like. What are your thoughts? Do some notebooks have a normal screen while others have that "unnaturally vivid" screen?.....

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Apple :: Mac Screen Of Death

Sep 9, 2009

So this is the fifth time in this month my mac give me a screen of death. Something like this:

I just checked out the bottom, and it's freaking hot.

I have no idea. why this happened.

Do you think that I should come to apple store and ask for a replacement? Will they even give me one?

This thing happned either in SL (clean install) or Leopard.

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Apple :: Best Macbook Pro Screen

Apr 30, 2009

Which model has the best screen quality for movies?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Screen

Nov 13, 2009

Does this generation of MBP have the best screen? (In terms of accuracy for photography). I'm looking to get the 13" but never owned a mac before.

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Apple :: Macbook - Screen

Feb 19, 2009

saying that the screen of the macbook is really bad, with no specifics of why it is bad. I was just wondering if its just the viewing angles that everyone is complaining about? or is it something else?

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Apple :: MBP 13" With External Screen

Jul 9, 2009

Im currently interested in both the 13" and 15" MBP. The laptop will be my primary computer until I really need more processing power in which case I will get an i7 desktop. Now the question is will the 13"s 9400m run a samsung t260 (full HD, hdmi port, dvi) at its full resolution. If its not possible then I guess I will get the 15" with dedicated vram and gpu. Obviously I dont want the laptop to run games on full HD. Just video, photoshop and some other apps.

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Apple :: Mac Book - Glossy Screen All Day

May 16, 2009

Seems I get headaches or at least eye strain from staring at my Mac Book Pros glossy screen all day.

I've always spent way to much time on my LapTops over the years & I know that in its self is not good for your eyes, But it seems that this glossy screen is making it much worse.

I dont remember dealing with this with the Mat ( non-glossy screens ) before.

Might this glossy screen be doing this? Should I get a film for it?

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Apple :: What CPU And Screen Res MacPro 13" Has

Nov 29, 2009

i'm a PC user and is planning on buying...a Mac Pro book 13" for my neice...on they don't give me the detailed specs of the Model # CPU and Screen Res?....

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Screen Comparison

Aug 18, 2009

After the disappointment of buying a windows laptop, I've decided to buy a mac.

I'd like to get one of the new pros, either a 15" or 13". i don't need the 9600gt as I just web surf and do documents.
So its either
the 2.26 13" version
2.53 13" version
or 2.53 15" version.

What I'd like to know is which screen has more pixels per inch, ie a clearer/crisper screen.

I'm used to a full hd vaio screen, so which would be the smallest step down in terms of crispness of images?

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Apple :: IMac 27inch Screen

Dec 3, 2009

thinking about buying an iMac. I bought the 27inch model on Black Friday and since two days ago, my screen started flickering and blacking out. I returned it last night and found out this is a major problem for Apple right now. I got home and did a search on google and it seems like this problem is affecting a lot of people. I know it's an early model, but I would think there QC would be better. Anyways, I got refunded and will wait out until the problem is under control.

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Apple :: Washed Out Screen In Macbook Pro

May 21, 2009

I recently purchased the 15" macbook pro from apple online store. I immediately noticed that the screen was a lot less vivid/washed out than what I have seen from demo units at the store.

I did not find many similar complaints about the washed out screen so I was wondering if this is an isolated incident.

I have returned the unit and was thinking whether I should give it another shot (buying it in the store).

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Apple :: Cracked Macbook Screen

Sep 17, 2009

My dad's Macbook (Early 2008 black plastic) got its screen cracked today, I wanna know how much it will cost to get it fixed.

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Apple :: Macbook Aluminum Screen

Jan 13, 2009

I hear a lot of negative about the screen. does anyone actually like the screen? Looking to buy one, but will skip if the screen is as bad as people say.

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Apple :: Screen Flickering With Scottrade

Mar 17, 2009

I have the new Macbook Pro 15" and went online to do some stock trading with my new Macbook. It seems like either my new Macbook doesn't like Scottrade's stock streaming or Scottrade's streaming quotes don't like Apple products

Anyone here use their Apple with Scottrade for online streaming quotes? The screen flickers like crazy when one inputs sell or modify orders.

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