Dell :: Dust Particle Between Glass And LCD

Feb 25, 2009

I got my Studio XPS 13 last night and spent about 5 hours installing Vista Business 64-bit from scratch and setting everything up.

It has been running great so far; however, I just noticed one or two dust particles between the glass and the lcd.

What should I do? It only bothers me when the background is white or light color. Should I ignore all that hard work and get it exchanged or am I being too anal about it? What are the chances of the next one being tightly sealed?

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HP/Compaq :: New HDX16t- Little Speck Of Dust Thats Got To Be Behind The Glass That I Cant Figure Out How To Clean

Jan 9, 2009

Theres a little speck of dust thats got to be behind the glass that i cant figure out how to clean. Im about 98% sure its not a dead pixel. Can i do anything about this?

Also, i have the tv tuner. How do i start watching tv? Is it through media center? i tried it and it cant recognize it, even after i go through all the steps. when i click on live tv, it says theres not tuner card.

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Dell Adamo 13 :: Air Bubbles Forming Under Glass Between LCD And Black Border

Sep 1, 2010

As the title suggests I am starting to see small air bubbles form under the glass on my Adamo 13 laptop - along the edge of the LCD monitor and the black border.  I cannot seem to find any other reports of this issue on the web.

This laptop almost never leaves the house, or even the desk it sits on, and is otherwise in perfect condition.  It is run in a 75-degree house, low humidity (Phoenix, AZ) - really no reason I can see as to why this would be happening, at least not from anything I am doing.

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Acer :: Crack On The Screen Glass

Mar 2, 2010

My poor Acer 1810T Olympic Edition, after I slipped on stairs.

No scratch, thanks to the neoprene case.

Works perfectly except for a beautiful crack on the screen glass.

I'm using an Acer -- replacement LCD for $99 from eBay.

No $500 LCD's (like for the Sony Vaio P series)

And I'm just going to cannibalize my Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook for now. All Acer-manufactured 11.6's use identical screens (Acer Ferrari One, Gateway 11.6" netbook, Acer

Aspire One 11.6", Acer 1410 series, Acer 1810 series)

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Apple :: Alum MB And MBP Glass Screen

Jan 16, 2009

Does anyone know that if the new LED Glass screens in the MB/MBP/24" LED is positioned and will allow for multi touch and gestures in future releases of OSX similar to the iphone?

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Apple :: Does Tap On Glass Track Pad Work In Bootcamp

May 25, 2009

I have the new unibody MB and use bootcamp ( win xp) a lot. I get most of the things working except the tap on the track pad . for left click. (by tap i mean the light touch on the track pad and not the hard press when i hear the sound) Every time i have to left click , i have to press hard for that clicking sound.

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HP/Compaq :: Sent In My HDX To Get Glass Replaced, Received A Re-imaged Hard Drive

Mar 19, 2009

I sent my laptop in due to dust being behind the Infinity Glass and some scratches incurred by the speaker grilles on the HDX16.

I received my laptop back last night. The glass was replaced (woohoo!) however the hard drive was re-imaged as well (not so woohoo!).

I admit I did not back up my data. Here's why - 1.) I was never told that data backup was necessary. I have my original chat transcript showing that I was never informed of a possible system restore. I have a chat transcript from last night confirming, from HP, that I was never informed. 2.) The glass was being replaced. Nothing internally needed to be touched.

I attribute this to going to a shop to get your car's windsheild replaced only to find out they also rebuilt your engine. It makes zero sense.

I've contacted HP to see what they can do about this and they stand behind their warranty information which states they are not responsible for lost data. I can understand that. However, they are responsible for their staff and their ability to properly inform customers what may happen when a laptop is sent in for service.

Heck, I don't even know WHAT's reasonable at this point. I could go all out and get my laywer involved but it seems like a waste of time.

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Dell :: Dust On My SXPS 16

May 16, 2009

i got lots of dusts stuck on the surface beside the speakers... i was wondering if anyone could show me the way to get rid of the dust...

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Dell :: Dust And Dirt Under The LCD

Apr 13, 2008

Recently I've noticed that my entire right hand portion of my LCD is covered with black specs. At first I thought they were dead pixels, but some of the specs are larger, and lighter in color.

I opened up MS Paint and drew a circular dot around the black specs, and then I looked to the side of the LCD. I could still see the black specs underneath the dots, so I think it is dust.

Does anyone know how I could disassemble the LCD and clean the dust off?

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Dell :: Dust? In My M1530 LCD

Oct 10, 2009

I came home from a trip and unpacked my laptop from its case and went about playing some relaxing TF2. When I exited to my desktop I realized how *filthy* my screen was so I started cleaning it off...

and then I noticed one big spot wasn't coming off. If I look at it from a different angle it disappears and its not acting/looking like a dead pixel so I think that theres dust stuck on the LDC itself.. if that makes sense.

I called Dell and they quoted me a price to fix it for $800. I asked if there was a way to fix it myself and they said they couldn't tell me.

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Dell :: 6-9 Specks Of Dust Within The Led Pane

Apr 8, 2009

Its 2 weeks since i have received my sxpx 16.... i luv it but there is a problem.

i found about 6-9 specks of dust within the Led pane which is only visible when the lap is switched off or on a black/white background..i dont know whether others have this complaint..

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Dell :: Screen Type And Dust

Feb 5, 2009

I own an XPS M1530 with a WXGA+ screen. My wife has a Studio 15 with a WXGA TL (CCFL) screen.

Why does dust seem to stick to the screen much more and faster on the Studio than on my XPS?

we use both laptops on the same environment... has the screen type have something to do with this?

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Dell :: Dust Speck Behind LCD Pane

Apr 6, 2009

I've got a small dust speck behind the LCD pane on my new Dell SXPS 1340, so no amount of rubbing is going to help.

I've contacted Dell, and after a not so short in time yet short in number set of emails, they told me that my LCD screen isn't in a condition to warrant a replacement.

Fine, I don't need it replaced; I just want the spec out of there .....

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Dell :: How To Remove Dust Off XPS 1647?

May 17, 2010

I have a can of compressed air I'll be using to dust off my laptop.

How do I go about cleaning it? Do I just spray air into the vents or...?

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Dell :: SXPS 16 Dust Or Something Between My Screen, How Do You Fix?

Apr 20, 2009

i just got my Studio XPS 16 in from the dell outlet. it looks perfect other then the fact that between the glass and the screen there are 2 small marks that are not dead or stuck pixels.

i have one on the upper right and the other thats right in the middle. i was wondering if there was a way of fixing this as its anyouing the heck out of me

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Dell :: Dust Behind Your Wled Screen?

Apr 30, 2009

Friends do all of you have speaks of dust behind your wled screen?? I had on my first lcd which i replaced ...

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Dell :: 7950 Gtx Bites The Dust

Oct 26, 2008

gaphics card has bitten the dust.

M1710 not overclocked

was working fine at the office, when i get it home on de hybernating the screen scrambled progresivly getting worse.

On restart there is a matrix style back ground behind the dell start up logo?
isnt this VGA generated? or does graphics card handle things from power on?

If i allow to boot normally it blue screens and says its graphics driver
I have not inslalled new drivers

it will boot in safe mode but there is still pink dotts behind all images, again isnt safe mode boot in safe mode with graphics from mother board in VGA

have disembled and resembled laptop and made sure graphics card is seated properly has made no diffrence

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Dell :: Dust In Studio XPSs Speakers..

Aug 27, 2009

I keep getting dust in my Studio XPS Speakers.
The dust just gets stuck in the little holes, and I can not remove it.

Quite annoying, specially since the notebook is all black and the dust is usually white.

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Dell :: Dead Pixel Or Dust Particles

Oct 14, 2008

have beautiful LG screen in My XPS M1530 but recently i started to notice few black dots in the screen , i thought it might be dead pixel but they look completely different from all the pics i have seen in the internet .

It looks more like a dust particle then a Dead Pixel . and its very annoying

But I want to make sure before i call dell.

here are few pictures ( one in the middle and many in the side of the screen )

(Click On Them to See a Bigger Image)

I Tried for Better Pictures but this what i got any other means guys and if those are Dust Particles , how to remove them i have tried to clean them from outside its not going

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Dell :: D520 Taken Apart + Added A Dust Filter For Fan

Dec 13, 2009

Well, i took my D520 apart to give it a clean... And then it hit me to add a dust filter on the fan so it does not get dusty.

I had a OEM speaker out of my Taurus, and that has this very thin cloth like material covering the speaker for what ever reason

might just look nicer then seeing the speaker) I cut a little square out, and then placed it under the fan. The fan holds the filter nicely, and it does not take away from the cooling

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Dell :: XPS 1640 Screen Replacement Dust Inside

Feb 22, 2010

I just want to know if Dell fixed the problem with their new screens, i am having some dust particles in the lower left hand corner..

i called Dell and after arguing with the rep, he said they will send me a box and i have to ship the Laptop to them for a screen replacement. The rep was saying that this was due because i dropped the laptop and cracked the screen, this is ridiculous because the laptop has been sitting on my desk and never been dropped.

Anyway, i just want to know if they fixed the new screens, because if they don't i can wait because the replacement screen will have to be replaced again in few months..........

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Sony :: Vaio Z Dust On Fan

Jul 22, 2009

I've owned my Z for almost a year now, and i'm thinking that alot of dust must be in the fan now.

Has anyone opened their Z up and cleaned it yet?

I'm also going to apply some arctic silver 5 too, just for good measure.

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Sony :: VGN-Z -airflow, Fan & Dust

May 24, 2010

I own a VGNZ890FKB laptop and I was wondering where does the air come into the laptop to cool it down? I know it expels the air on the left hand side through the grill.

Also it is quite dusty in my room and my laptop is starting to run hot with the hot weather, and I was wondering how to take out the dust? (without opening it)

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HP/Compaq :: Dust In Infinty Display

Feb 12, 2009

Last week I sent in my HP DV5T to get fixed because one of the supervisors set up a repair because I told them that there was dust between my Inifinity Screen and LCD and that there are keyboard impressions on my screen. I send it in, and wait and check the order status.

Last night I checked and saw that I had a service charge of $428.35 so I called and questioned them. They told me that we had to "Escalate" the problem and that I have to personally talk to a Case Manager. I call the Manager and I tell him my problems. He tells me that the two problems that I have are out of warranty claims and that it is physical.

I argueed for almost an hour and still nothing. I gave up and they are in the process of returning my laptop. Thing is that, he said that the issue of having dust and keyboard impressions are now in the "ISSUE TRACKER" status and that HP will be looking out for others that have the same problem.

So what I'm hoping is that many of you that have DUST or Keyboard impressions with your INFINITY Display, call up HP and complain because they said if they hear about it enough, that it will fall into a Design Flaw and that we will all get Brand New screens.

I've noticed that all HP Infinity Displays get dust by people that posted comments here on the Notebook Review, so whether or not you have a DV5T or anything else, just as long as you have a INFINITY SCREEN, you should call and complain because we should not be held responsible with the repair costs for a design flaw.

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HP/Compaq :: Ze4430us Finally Bit The Dust ... RIP

Apr 6, 2010

My wifes trusty laptop of over 8 years has finally succumbed, it now begins to boot, then stops, and restarts, rinse repeat.

No screen activity, no post, just cpu fan, lights and then nothing, restart.

Kinda the restart of death. I've taken out the mainboard and all other componants and cleaned, then replaced, still nothing.

HD was already removed and data transferred, she's sharing my DV7 now in win 7 ...

(really think MB, pwr supply of some sort) Plan on getting her a new one, but if someone knew of a known issue with these symptoms ...

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Acer :: How To Clean 5920G Completely From Dust

Nov 10, 2009

when i have the back cover off i cant get to the heatsink completely.. there isnt so much dust there.. look at the pic in the red squares im pretty sure there is a lot of dust but i cant get to it?

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Acer :: How Do I Clean My Aspire 6920g From Dust

Dec 19, 2008

how do i dust this thing, i dont just want to spray air into the vents...i actuly want to open it and clean all of it from dust, since i think this is become a problem with me and heating up and lagging in games. So how do i open this up without breaking it, do i unscrew the bottom?

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Apple :: Edge To Edge Display Really Glass

Jun 17, 2009

A lot of laptops now a days are sporting the edge to edge display, which imo is pretty cool lookin. I think Apple was one of the first to implement this in their notebooks so thats why I'm posting here.

But are these edge to edge displays really glass? I went to bestbuy to find out.

Checking out all the laptops from HP, Dell, and Apple, all their displays showed some form of flex when pushing on the center of the screen with my index finger. I'm no expert or anything, but glass is not supposed to flex at all.

Apple's notebook had the least amount of flex and probably is glass cause its so thin, whereas the Dell studio xps13 flexed so much it was unbelievable. I'm surprised this was not brought up in reviews.

Just to make sure it wasn't in my head I did the same thing to the imacs, and those screens were rock solid. Without a doubt are covered in glass.

So whats you're take on Apple's notebook? Glass or not?

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Acer :: Gemstone Blue Dust In Speaker Panel

Nov 17, 2008

There's all little bits of white dust in the speaker panel and it won't come out if I try to vacuum it.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv2000- To Remove The Dust Bunnies From The Inside Of Their Laptop

Jul 13, 2009

what is the max RAM it can handle, second, how do i convince 3 little sisters they need to remove the dust bunnies from the inside of their laptop? (dv2000)

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