Dell Adamo 13 :: Air Bubbles Forming Under Glass Between LCD And Black Border

Sep 1, 2010

As the title suggests I am starting to see small air bubbles form under the glass on my Adamo 13 laptop - along the edge of the LCD monitor and the black border.  I cannot seem to find any other reports of this issue on the web.

This laptop almost never leaves the house, or even the desk it sits on, and is otherwise in perfect condition.  It is run in a 75-degree house, low humidity (Phoenix, AZ) - really no reason I can see as to why this would be happening, at least not from anything I am doing.

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Dell Inspiron 5547 :: Black Border Around Screen?

Sep 14, 2014

I am having issues with my Dell 5547 laptop. There is a roughly 1cm border all around the screen which wasn't there before and I noticed it now as my taskbar is adjusted 1cm up but when I put google chrome in full screen it sort of chops the top bar down a bit.

I noticed through google searches other people have had similar issues with Dell laptops however I can't seem to find a solution because every time I try to turn off the "maintain display scaling" it won't let me turn it off. 

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Acer Aspire E1-510P-4814 :: Black Border Bars Around Screen

Jan 12, 2015

Enjoying my new Acer E1 laptop. I installed Linux Mint and got rid of windows 8.1. Everything has been working/running great... except there is a black border about a 1/2 inch wide running all the way around the screen. I've tried without success to get rid of it and can't remember if it was the same when it was running windows. When I google image search that model of Acer, every pic I see shows the screen image go right to the plastic edge with no black border bars. Iff the Acer E1-510P-4814 is suppose to have a 1/2 inch black bar around the edges of the screen?

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HP Mini 210-1060EV Display :: Black Border - Screen Shifted Down After Power Failure

Jun 19, 2013

HP Mini 210-1000 ... Actually it's HP Mini 210-1060EV PC  
From product specifications: Display: 25.6 cm (10.1") Diagonal WSVGA LED HP BrightView Infinity Widescreen Display BID (1024 x 600)
Battery has been dead a long time. My display drivers  and BIOS have recently been updated from HP website. After a power failure and a restart, the display looks weird. It was shifted about an inch downwards with a black border at the top, over which the mouse will not go, and the taskbar is not visible as is off the bottom of the screen.
When I go to Screen Resolution from Windows by right clicking on desktop resolution is set as 1024x768, when I click on Advanced Settings, Monitor tab,  Monitor is set as Generic Non-PnP Monitor (1024x768 60Hz). When I change to 1024x600 it looks blurry and stretched vertically, but the screen is still shifted downwards with black border on top. 
When I enter Intel Graphics Settings I can do the same changes as in the Windows dialog box (640x480, 800x600,1024x600,1024x768).  

In the Aspect Ratio Options when I select Fullscreen (No-Border) the  Black border is fixed but the screen still appears streched vertically but the screen is cut off at the bottom with no Taskbar visible. Re-installed graphics driver as well as a few Monitor Type Drivers from windows, nothing changes. When I turn the notebook on, the HP Quickweb screen also appears as a 1024x600 stretched vertically with no black border at top but going off the display at the bottom.
It appears that  Windows and Hp Quickweb see the display as 1024x768 60Hz after the power failure. Before that, I had installed some Windows Updates but nothing related to Display drivers. I only had a System Restore point from earlier that day (very low free hard drive space?) but that didnt do anything.
Guessing it's a registry/driver problem since no pixels are bad and the black border on top is fixed in Aspect Ratio Options when I select Fullscreen (No-Border).

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Dell Inspiron 15r :: Bubbles Then Flashing On Screen

Nov 28, 2014

I have an Inspiron 15r that acts up sometimes. I never know when it going to do it. Online or just using computer of my pictures or anything!

Along the left side of the screen bubbles start coming up then the screen starts flashing sometime its whatever web sight I was on or email or looking a my documents.

It started when the machine wasn;t ever 6 mo. old. I doesn't do it every day. But yesterday it did it every time I turned it on.

My warranty is coming up and I'd like to get this fixed.

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Dell Inspiron 13 7347 :: Why Is Touchscreen Flashing White Bubbles And Making Screen Inoperable

Nov 9, 2014

Yesterday i bought a Dell Inspiron 13 7347 and I dont know whats wrong with the touch screen on my Dell Inspiron 13 7347. The screen keeps flashing white bubbles, white streaks and the icons are all moving around, shrinking/expanding; and jumping from one screen to another? 

I disabled the touchscreen driver and now its working fine without the touch screen; by the time i enable the driver

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Dell :: Dust Particle Between Glass And LCD

Feb 25, 2009

I got my Studio XPS 13 last night and spent about 5 hours installing Vista Business 64-bit from scratch and setting everything up.

It has been running great so far; however, I just noticed one or two dust particles between the glass and the lcd.

What should I do? It only bothers me when the background is white or light color. Should I ignore all that hard work and get it exchanged or am I being too anal about it? What are the chances of the next one being tightly sealed?

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Lenovo U/S Series :: IdeaPad S210 - Rogue Bubbles Killing Touchscreen Usage

Sep 29, 2011

I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad S210 a couple of month ago. When I start using the touchscreen everything works for a couple of seconds and then randomly bubbles with about a half inch diameter start popping up, usually in a horizontal fashion across my screen. These bubbles that I am referering to are the visual effect when a finger touches the screen. So far these rogue bubbles seem to spawn whenever I start using the touchscreen, and keep me from controlling my cursor with my track pad, touch screen, or an external mouse once they appear. The only thing that works then is to shutdown the laptop, which is a big annoyance. 
It is running on Win 8 default settings.

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: Window Move Automatically When Mouse Reach Border

Aug 11, 2011

I have a ThinkPad Edge 11
It came pre installed with synaptics and windows 7
When i move a window partially out of the screen, and i move the mouse on the edge the window is, it automatically moves the window back to the screen. Iwant to stop this.
aero snap is disabled.
this don't happen in safe mode, so is definitely some third party application?

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Acer :: Crack On The Screen Glass

Mar 2, 2010

My poor Acer 1810T Olympic Edition, after I slipped on stairs.

No scratch, thanks to the neoprene case.

Works perfectly except for a beautiful crack on the screen glass.

I'm using an Acer -- replacement LCD for $99 from eBay.

No $500 LCD's (like for the Sony Vaio P series)

And I'm just going to cannibalize my Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook for now. All Acer-manufactured 11.6's use identical screens (Acer Ferrari One, Gateway 11.6" netbook, Acer

Aspire One 11.6", Acer 1410 series, Acer 1810 series)

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Apple :: Alum MB And MBP Glass Screen

Jan 16, 2009

Does anyone know that if the new LED Glass screens in the MB/MBP/24" LED is positioned and will allow for multi touch and gestures in future releases of OSX similar to the iphone?

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Apple :: Does Tap On Glass Track Pad Work In Bootcamp

May 25, 2009

I have the new unibody MB and use bootcamp ( win xp) a lot. I get most of the things working except the tap on the track pad . for left click. (by tap i mean the light touch on the track pad and not the hard press when i hear the sound) Every time i have to left click , i have to press hard for that clicking sound.

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HP/Compaq :: Sent In My HDX To Get Glass Replaced, Received A Re-imaged Hard Drive

Mar 19, 2009

I sent my laptop in due to dust being behind the Infinity Glass and some scratches incurred by the speaker grilles on the HDX16.

I received my laptop back last night. The glass was replaced (woohoo!) however the hard drive was re-imaged as well (not so woohoo!).

I admit I did not back up my data. Here's why - 1.) I was never told that data backup was necessary. I have my original chat transcript showing that I was never informed of a possible system restore. I have a chat transcript from last night confirming, from HP, that I was never informed. 2.) The glass was being replaced. Nothing internally needed to be touched.

I attribute this to going to a shop to get your car's windsheild replaced only to find out they also rebuilt your engine. It makes zero sense.

I've contacted HP to see what they can do about this and they stand behind their warranty information which states they are not responsible for lost data. I can understand that. However, they are responsible for their staff and their ability to properly inform customers what may happen when a laptop is sent in for service.

Heck, I don't even know WHAT's reasonable at this point. I could go all out and get my laywer involved but it seems like a waste of time.

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HP/Compaq :: New HDX16t- Little Speck Of Dust Thats Got To Be Behind The Glass That I Cant Figure Out How To Clean

Jan 9, 2009

Theres a little speck of dust thats got to be behind the glass that i cant figure out how to clean. Im about 98% sure its not a dead pixel. Can i do anything about this?

Also, i have the tv tuner. How do i start watching tv? Is it through media center? i tried it and it cant recognize it, even after i go through all the steps. when i click on live tv, it says theres not tuner card.

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Dell :: Adamo XPS Gone?

Mar 4, 2010

I cant find it on dell home website.

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Dell :: Where Is Adamo?

Jan 9, 2009

where is adamo.they suppose to b release in ces 2009.

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Dell :: Adamo XPS Refresh?

Apr 7, 2010

I'm a somewhat pleased (after months of displeasure) SXPS1645 owner *points to sig* but after 5 months of carrying this thing with me to my campus daily (and pretty much everywhere else I go) this machine is heavy and big and bit overkill since when I'm outside I rarely use it for video editing and gaming which I tend to do at home. So for the Fall(ish) I'm going to be in the market for an ultraportable, but after using this machine it's going to be hard to go to a machine with a wimpy atom processor or even a ULV C2D. So I found the Adamo XPS and it appeals to me in the same way the SXPS did, an eye catching design that isn't bulky and still performs well. However looking at the specs currently available for it I was disappointed. It's using a hodgepodge of outdated parts. I wanted to basically start a thread on potential component refreshes for the Adamo XPS, in the hopes that by the time I'm ready to purchase one some of these things will become reality. Also I'm curious about other brands of ultraportables (NOT netbooks) that people use/have used and would recommend.

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Dell :: Adamo Ripped Apart...

Apr 14, 2009

Saw this over @ ifixit and thought some of you might be interested....

They basically take it completely apart. Very interesting with lots of photos.

I was surprised to learn the battery can't be replaced by the user...

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Dell :: : Studio 14z Vs. Adamo

Sep 7, 2009

Apples and oranges, I know. I've done the "what should I buy?" FAQ and have had my options whittled down, and I'm between these two at the moment.............................................................

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Dell :: Adamo Vs. Vostro V13

Feb 11, 2010

I really need your advise on which one to go with. I prefer to test them out at the store. Unfortunately, I can't find any locally.

Anyhow, I can get the Adamo Admire on Dell (the 1.4GHz version) for $899 (with $100 EPP discount).

The Vostro V13 for $700 (w/o SSD). In fact, if I go with the V13, I may get the base version to save even more, but just to make a comparison, let's consider the $700 version.

I don't use this laptop for much heavy work. I have the Latitude D630 for that. I like to add a sexy machine for documentation, web browsing, and business travel. Occationally, I will compile some C code, but not often .....

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Dell :: Unboxing The NEW Adamo XPS

Nov 5, 2009

Glimpse into...


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Dell :: Adamo Graphics Card?

Feb 21, 2010

I am purchasing the original Adamo (not the XPS) with the following specs.

(Pearl) Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Lv SL9600 (2.13GHz, 6MB, 1066MHz)
UK - Irish Internal Keyboard (QWERTY) - Pearl
45W Adamo (Pearl) Power supply with UK power cord
4096MB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR3
Intel 5300 wireless card, 802.11 a/g/n
1.3 Mega Pixel Integrated Camera
13.4" (16:9) 720p WLED Display
Dell Bluetooth 370 Card

What is the graphics card?

And can you do some light gaming on the lowest settings?

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Dell :: **The Official Adamo Thread**

Jan 14, 2009

Is anyone ready for the Dell Adamo 13 to be release..............................................

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Dell :: Ram Upgrade On The Adamo Admire

Aug 7, 2009

Is it possible to upgrade the ram from 2 to 4gb on the Adamo Admire.

can`t see why it wouldn`t be but i wanted to check.

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Dell :: Thinking Of Porting From A MB Air To Adamo

Dec 9, 2009

I started out with a M1210 and than moved to a MB Air. I like the Air but i really want to come back to Windows so would you recommend the Adamo or the Adam XPS ?

I really like that Adamo XPS but what do you think of the specs ? Will it preform well ? Would it preform as good as my Air with 120 SSD, Nvida Card and 2 GB Ram?

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Dell :: New Adamo (9,99mm Thin)

Sep 9, 2009

It is even thinner than the new Sony Vaio X.

I thought my Nokia E51 was thin at 12mm but this Adamo is just 9,99mm!Really insane.Take a look at the following links:



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Dell :: New Adamo Terrible Value For The Money

May 21, 2009

This notebook is so vastly overpriced I do not know how dell can stay in business when coming up with new products like this. Look at this...

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Dell :: Any Ideas When The Adamo Will Be Available At The Outlet?

May 6, 2009

Does anyone have any ideas? Any guesses on how much they will cost?

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Dell :: Adamo Hard Drive Crashed

Apr 21, 2010

dell adamo hd crashed. Have new hd but no disk came with system. what to do

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Dell :: Adamo Vs Macbook Air Design Poll

Mar 20, 2009

I was just wondering what the community thinks of design of the new Dell Adamo.

Please vote on the two based on a purely design perspective without basing your opinions on specs.

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