Apple :: Cracked Macbook Screen

Sep 17, 2009

My dad's Macbook (Early 2008 black plastic) got its screen cracked today, I wanna know how much it will cost to get it fixed.

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Apple :: White Macbook Palm-rest/topcase Cracked

Jun 11, 2009

i have had my like MB for just over a my warranty just ran out. i noted that the top case has started cracking around the edge, and asking my friends and people who has the macbook, this is a pretty common problem. but mine is getting pretty bad.

Do you think Apple would send me a replacement topcase and if so, how much would it cost. i don't know if anyone else has had this problem and asked for a replacement.

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Sony :: FW- My Screen Cracked

Feb 2, 2009

The LCD screen on my 6 month old Sony FW laptop is toast. It looks like a window that was hit by a speeding baseball (only worse). The laptop itself still works, but it is unusable due to the broken screen.


1. To get it fixed, should I go through Sony or a third party? (anyone know the best phone number to call for help?)

2. Should I have the work done for me or should I order a new LCD and attempt to fix it myself?

3. I have an XBRITE-HiColor screen. How can I be sure that the screen I am getting/ordering is indeed a HiColor LCD and not an Eco?

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Dell :: 1525 Lcd Screen Cracked

Jan 2, 2009

Our 1525 is 6 months old and my daughter opened the laptop at college to find the the LCD screeen had an internal crack just at the top middle directly underneath the webcam. The laptop was sitting on her desk and the previous evening was fine.

Dell is claiming that it was customer damaged and will not cover under the normal warranty. Unfortunatley I did not purchase the extended warranty.

I have read a number of similar internal crack issues with 1525's online and would like to know if it's possible to escalate this to someone at Dell who could approve the repair.

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Dell :: Screen Appears Cracked Only When On?

Feb 7, 2009

Only when this laptop (and its wireless card) are "on" does the LCD display screen generate a cracked appearance which is obviously related to a light behind the screen?

The screen itself is not cracked; therefore does this Inspiron 1100 require a full new screen, or a light source which is broken?

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Acer :: 5710 Cracked Screen

Oct 7, 2008

I have an Acer 5710. The screen has cracked where the webcam should be. There is no support at all behind the top of the screen. It flexes in to empty space due to there being no rear support. Can anybody confirm if there should be a top support fitted if no webcam is there.

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Dell :: Cracked Screen Claims Out Of Warranty?

Feb 16, 2009

I purchased a Dell around May 2008, and upon receiving the laptop I noticed that there was an area on the left of the screen that seemed to have an internal protrusion;

whenever I moved the screen that area would have extensive rippling. When viewed from different angles the screen seemed to have a white mark in that area. Since I had had a lot of computer drama with HP back then,

I didn't want to ship back my new Dell right as I got it, and I left it alone. Unfortunately I didn't take any images of the screen.

A couple of weeks ago, I opened my laptop like any other day, only to find that the screen had cracked internally, right where I had suspected the weakness .....

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Dell :: New Inspirion 1525 LCD Screen Cracked

Jan 3, 2009

Dell is requesting $400 to replace the screen.

Unfortunately, I did not purchase the accidental damage coverage. The laptop has not been dropped or abused and is under the so-called 12 month warranty. I have read online similar cases of new 1525 LCDís developing cracks (see below a copied post from Amazon).

I am furious that Dell is failing to admit either this is a design problem with the frame or a faulty LCD panel or perhaps there was a manufacturing process blunder during assembly.

Are there any forum members who have successfully convinced someone at Dell to honor the warranty in a case like this? Is there a best approach to elevating my dispute? My daughter really wanted a Mac and now of course I am a knucklehead as highlighted by Dell's excellent customer care and design engineering.

I have a friend who owns an Inspirion 1520 and it is obvious the frame is far heavier and structurally more rigid than the cheap plastic case on the 1525. At the moment, Iím the screwed customer and Dell has a college freshman on a campus of 35,000 kids who will be bad mouthing Dell for years to come. Dell also has a few other kids who own 1525ís in the same dorm who are experiencing quality issues and the brand is taking a beating.
Thanks in advance for your comments .....

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Dell :: Cracked Screen Of M1330-just Out Of Warranty

May 12, 2009

a while ago i accidentally cracked the screen of my Dell M1330 (im a student by the way it was a present i should have been more carefull with it i know i am gutted )

the laptop itself worked fine for a while after that apart from the blemish of the screen itself,

it was only untill recently that after a while the screen turns a shade of greeen with lines down it then resets itself only to be just white, it works about half the time i try to turn it on now

i was wondering what my best course of action would be, i have heard very bad things about dell's OWR and i cant really afford to pay a lot for repairs?

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Dell :: Just Opened Mini 9 Cracked Screen....

Jan 28, 2009

It is a Refurb, but I have had very good luck with their refurbs. I am typing on a XPS M1530 Refurb that is flawless.

Anyways, I got the Mini 9 yesterday from FedEx but got home so late that I decided to wait till today to open up the box. Box is in fine shape. Laptop is not. It looks like it is cracked behind the screen. Lots of dead/broken pixels in both horizontal and vertical lines.

Worst part about it? (And I KNOW it was stupid move on my part, but I ordered a Runcore 32GB and 2GB of ram that I will be getting tomorrow, should have waited until I knew the laptop was good).

So what should I expect in the exhange process? I am going to press to do a cross-ship (I know they do this for XPS's).

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Acer :: 5601 Dropped And Screen Cracked

Nov 1, 2008

my laptops screen was damaged quite severely and im not sure if i should check my laptop for any other type of damage?

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HP/Compaq :: Replace Cracked Screen ForDV6500

May 25, 2009

Screen on a HP DV6500 cracked and need to replace it.

I have been searching online and found some good instructional sites and videos, and I think I can do this by myself.

Is is safe to buy screens on eBay? eBay saves me about $150 if I but it there...should I go for it or can anyone refer me some where else.

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Acer :: Extenza 4420 - Cracked Screen After 8 Days

Oct 16, 2008

I bought an Extenza 4420 a few weeks ago, and the screen cracked after only a week. I did not drop it or step on it or abuse it. Acer told me a replacement screen would cost $450 plus shipping costs. This doesn't seem right. The customer service at the store where I bought it, and also when I called Acer's customer service line offered no help at all.

My question is if there is anything I can do about it other than replacing the screen at my cost?

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Apple :: Core I7 IMacs Showing Up DOA And With Cracked Screens

Nov 24, 2009



Apple's new Core i7-based iMac might be a performance monster, but it looks like the whole family's having some problems getting out of the gate: in addition to the previously-noted performance issues with the Core 2 Duo models, a quick glance across Apple's support forums and on other Mac boards around the web reveals that some machines are showing up DOA and / or with cracked screens. We're a little more familiar with the DOA issue, since the new i7 we just bought doesn't boot at all, but the cracked screen issue seems to be equally common and mostly affecting the bottom left corner, from what we can tell. Now, our review Core 2 Duo 27-inch iMac is perfectly fine, and Chris Ziegler's new Core i7 machine doesn't have any problems either, so these obviously aren't universal issues, but if you're about to stick one of these under the tree for someone it might be wise to do some surreptitious testing first.

Wouldn't surprise me if it was happening during shipping, the box my MBP came in had a big hole in it. (luckily it was double boxed) Maybe they have a problem with their packaging design.

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Apple :: Best Macbook Pro Screen

Apr 30, 2009

Which model has the best screen quality for movies?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Screen

Nov 13, 2009

Does this generation of MBP have the best screen? (In terms of accuracy for photography). I'm looking to get the 13" but never owned a mac before.

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Apple :: Macbook - Screen

Feb 19, 2009

saying that the screen of the macbook is really bad, with no specifics of why it is bad. I was just wondering if its just the viewing angles that everyone is complaining about? or is it something else?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Screen Comparison

Aug 18, 2009

After the disappointment of buying a windows laptop, I've decided to buy a mac.

I'd like to get one of the new pros, either a 15" or 13". i don't need the 9600gt as I just web surf and do documents.
So its either
the 2.26 13" version
2.53 13" version
or 2.53 15" version.

What I'd like to know is which screen has more pixels per inch, ie a clearer/crisper screen.

I'm used to a full hd vaio screen, so which would be the smallest step down in terms of crispness of images?

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Apple :: Washed Out Screen In Macbook Pro

May 21, 2009

I recently purchased the 15" macbook pro from apple online store. I immediately noticed that the screen was a lot less vivid/washed out than what I have seen from demo units at the store.

I did not find many similar complaints about the washed out screen so I was wondering if this is an isolated incident.

I have returned the unit and was thinking whether I should give it another shot (buying it in the store).

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Apple :: Macbook Aluminum Screen

Jan 13, 2009

I hear a lot of negative about the screen. does anyone actually like the screen? Looking to buy one, but will skip if the screen is as bad as people say.

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Apple :: New Macbook PRO 13" Screen

Aug 30, 2009

Is there a lot of backlit bleeding on the new Macbook PRO 13"? My 13" unibody Macbook has horrible backlit bleeding. We are looking for a second computer and want to go with this notebook (Macbook PRO 13") as we love our current Macbook unibody, except for the screen which has bad backlit bleeding. Are the new screens much better? I can't find any informationpictures comparing both...

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Apple :: Washed Out Screen On Macbook

Jan 26, 2009

I purchased a refurbished macbook the screen looks really washed out, I have gone through the calibrations for the screen but unless I have the screen set just right it is really light.

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Apple :: Upgrade MacBook Pro Screen

Aug 8, 2009

Is it possible to upgrade the 15" unibody MacBook Pro screen (1440x900) to a 15" 1680x1050 screen? Not concerned if it voids the warranty or not, just wondering if it can be done.

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Apple :: New Macbook Screen 9CA8

Apr 23, 2009

I just got a new Macbook in the office for my boss and it has a screen I have not seen with model 9CA8, it looks decidedly better than the 9C89 screen that I have.

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Apple :: Macbook/Pro/Air Screen Calibration

Jul 12, 2009

I was incidentally looking for some calibration tips for my Unibody Macbook Pro (late 2008) and I figured, why not set up a thread in which we can actually share our calibration profiles...

I've got the 9C84 which is the LG/Philips LP154WP3-TLA1 as far as Google says.

You can check your display manufacturer in System Preferences click Displays, go to Color tab and "Open Profile". In this list scroll down to number 17 which is "Apple display make and model information".

This is what Google says:
9C84 = LG/Philips LP154WP3-TLA1 (15" MacBook Pro)
9C85 = Chi Mei N154C6-L04 (15" MacBook Pro)
9C89 = LG/Philips LP133WX2 (MacBook UniBody)

Don't know about the Air, sorry.

There are quite a few people sharing their calibrations on Macrumors and other forums, I've tried some of them and frankly, they're either too blue or too bright...........

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Apple :: IPS Screen On Macbook Pro 13"

Apr 6, 2010

I have a question about the screen that is use on the Macbook Pro 13". Does the Macbook Pro 13" have IPS screen.

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Apple :: New LED Screen For Macbook 13"

May 31, 2009

I read where Apple has issued a new screen for the Macbook 13". It is supposed to be an impovement to the existing one. Does anyone know if it is as good as the screens on the Macbook Pro's?

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Apple :: Macbook Screen Flicker

Jul 21, 2009

my white 13.3 inch macbook has developed like a flickering problem, its a good few years old, max memory on this one is only 2gb's. well anyways, the screen, it has only done it intermittently but when opening it for wake up, or when the screen dims, it ocassionaly does like a flicker thing, but only for a few seconds, then it stops. my guess, its the screen invertor.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro Screen Flicker

Feb 10, 2009

i was working on my thesis in a completely dark room and realized that the screen on my macbook pro flickers even if the background is completely white. this annoyed me to no end since i have sensitive eyes, so i set out looking for a temporary fix before i try and get apple to replace my panel. anyhow, luck has it that there is a fix out there that at least temporarily stops the flicker (i havent seen it posted on nbr before, and my apologies if this is old news): press ctrl-shift-eject to reset the screen. once it goes blank, hit any key and your display should be good to go. worked for me and my screen has been flicker-free for ~30 minutes.

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Apple :: Macbook & Air Screen Quality

Mar 4, 2009

I remember someone talking about the screen quality of the unibody MB being < that of the MBA. Just wondering if anyone can tell me whether that is true? I found it very hard to differentiate at a store.

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