Apple :: ITunes 9 Auto Import Folder

Sep 10, 2009

Saw this tip on another site and figured others may find it useful and wanted to pass it along.


Tip: Using The New Automatic Import Folder In iTunes 9

10:26 am, September 10th, 2009, Giles Turnbull

iTunes 9 has neat little new feature: it will automatically import any music or videos you throw into a specific folder.

That folder is called “Automatically Add to iTunes”, and after installing iTunes 9 you’ll find it tucked away inside your “~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/” folder.

Anything you drag into it will be imported into iTunes immediately – and it’s worth noting that the original file (the one you put into the Automatic folder) promptly disappears afterwards. It doesn’t get trashed, but moved to the appropriate place inside the iTunes Music folder.

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Apple :: ITunes - Can I Import A Bunch Of Songs From Different Folders

Jun 12, 2009

Can I import a bunch of songs from different folders instead of having to drag and drop each individual music file? Like drag and drop the entire music folder into iTunes instead of having to go into each individual artist's folder and dragging and dropping?

Also, is it possible to clear all registered machines to an account? I just went through my third computer and forgot to de-authorize (un-authorize?) my account, again again.

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Apple :: ITunes Auto Sync - Disableing It

Feb 26, 2010

iTunes.. I need to stop it from synchronizing the iPod with laptop.

Is there like an option im missing or overseeing?

I wish i could tell iTunes DO NOT SYNC my iPod with my the laptops itunes library when the iPod is plugged in

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HP OS/Software :: Pavilion 15 Notebook / Unwanted Folder Auto Created

Sep 22, 2014

i am using HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC  of windows 8.1, i used a pendrive today after that in my all drive, (as C,D,E & F)  two folder( $RECYCLE.BIN & System Volume Information) auto created, as it not be deleted.Also using authentic antivirus,

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Apple :: IMovie Won't Import Videos

Jan 17, 2009

I tried to go to iMovie tonight to edit some videos, but when I went to import the video, it wouldn't import them. All it did was say "importing video," then it would say "processing video," and then just quit. It only attempts to import a video for about 15 seconds, then stops.

This is iMovie 08 from the iLife 08 suite.

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Apple :: ImovieHD Won't Let My Import My Video

Jul 15, 2009

I recently found I don't have a Firewire port on my Desktop pc becuase I have a custom case ... so I am trying to use IMovieHD on my Macbook to import my video but whenever I set it all up and click import it just says camera playing with a blue screen... the camcorder plays but it doesn't import anything... what's going on! I have had problems like this with Macs forever and I'm getting a wee bit frustrated at this point

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Apple :: How Do I Import All The Photos That Are In My Aperture Library To Lightroom

Feb 16, 2009

I have used Aperture for quite sometime now and have quite a few thousand photos in the Aperture library from my DSLR, I just installed Lightroom as a trial to give it a whirl and see how it compares to Aperture. My question is, how do I import all the photos that are in my Aperture library to Lightroom? I haven't seem to found a way and links from a google search suggest that the photos that are imported through Aperture are stuck in the Aperture format, so I can only view them through the program itself not as an individual file in Finder, is this true?

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Apple :: IWork 2009 - The Future - Why Pages's Import Of Simple Documents Is Off

Apr 8, 2010

I'm thinking about snagging a copy of iWork 2009 because, well, I don't like Office 2008 even though I paid a marginal price for the suite as available from my medical school. I realize that Office 2011 is coming within the next seven months or so, but until then...

I haven't been able to find a thing out about iWork 2010, so I'm assuming I'd just spring for the '09 version. In experimenting with the trial, I've noticed that even a simple import of a text-only .docx is formatted differently; it seems like the line spacing is different, because in the imported .pages that Pages makes from the source .docx I made, there are two additional lines of text on the first page. Why is this?

My big thing is that all created works must be easily taken to a different platform; I like OS X, but I have no allegiance to it or to Apple, and if a solid competitor to the 15" MBP comes along, I would seriously consider switching back to Windows 7. I rarely need to share .doc/.docx (or any other Office suite) files with others for their own editing, so PDF exports would suffice most of the time.

I know that .pages files are essentially archives containing XML data and a .pdf of the document, but I'd hate to have to hand-convert a bunch of XMLs if I did switch back. And sadly, Pages doesn't natively save to a .doc/.docx -- it only exports (though I did read about a hack to change that some time ago). Formatting mismatches for something as minor as line spacing are just concerning.

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Apple :: How To Folder UP With Finder

Aug 18, 2009

I have been trying for days to figure out how Finder works in OS X. Where on earth is the UP button to see the folder containing the current folder?

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Apple :: Folder Thumbnails

May 18, 2010

I just migrated from W7 to OS X and love it so far but was wondering if there was a way to have the folders show thumbnails instead of just the plain blue folder. Maybe I'm just spoiled because later versions of Windows had that. [url]

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Apple :: Folder File Management

May 13, 2010

how to organize files in folders by date modified by when i modified it. I know that you can right click and use "arrange by date modified" but that sometimes arranges the files when they were modified online and not by me. I know on windows when i use Arrange by last modified it arranges it according to the date when i last downloaded it or opened it, not by when it was modified online. I would like to be arrange by date last opened or used by me.

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Apple :: Snow Leapard And Windows Network Folder

Sep 24, 2009

I just bought a macbook! Yah, but I've already hit a snag... a notebook is only good if it contains my music library! so seeing as I have everything on my PC and I already have the network folders set up... I tried ot copy my music (3.71GB) onto my mac, but my mac can only see 945MB of it and that's all it will copy. it can see and copy my video's folder(195GB). but only a fraction of the music!

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Apple :: ITunes To Mp3

Oct 12, 2009

What do you all use to convert itunes music to mp3 format? Is there an automator action that can do that? Or what third part software do you use?

My daughter just got an mp3 player, and I want to easily get music onto it as it doesn't support the m4a files in our existing iTunes library.

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Apple :: ITunes And External HDD

Jun 25, 2009

I am trying to help my parents with their CD collection. A couple of years ago, my dad bought this ridiculous CD player that holds 400 CDs. What should have been a foreseeable problem is that there's really no real way of having any idea which CDs correspond to which numbers. As of right now they lined up the cases and made a photocopy and then numbered the paper printout, but it's just silly and I want to make it simpler.

What I want to do is just put everything into an iTunes library, but since I want it all at audio quality (which iTunes can do, yes?) then I need to keep the library on an external drive. How do I set this up, so that uploaded CDs are automatically store on the external HDD?

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Apple :: ITunes Sync Between PC And Mac

Jun 23, 2009

got a 13" MPB, 2.26GHz.

I have a Dell Inspiron desktop that has a couple of files I want to keep in sync with the Macbook Pro.

I have one hurdle already down with Dropbox - I sync my important documents/files between the desktop and the Mac. However, I would really like to have my music synced between the two iTunes libraries as well. I did a quick Google/forum search on the issue but it seems like people haven't arrived at a conclusive answer or it involves programming with rsync, which I'm not familiar with at all.

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Apple :: ITunes Organizing

Apr 17, 2009

Is it possible to make iTunes store different artist, but same album into 1 folder instead of spreading it out? I hate having multiple folders for the same album in my library. I makes it so confusing when looking for my music.

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Apple :: ITunes - Name Change

Feb 14, 2009

With the application store for the ipod touch and iphone, full blown movie store with TV shows and rentals... the iTunes Store is kind of busting out of its name by the seams, is it not? What is needed here? a new name for iTunes that represents this? nothing splitting up iTunes into multiple apps?

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Apple :: 3.0 Ipod Software W/9.0 Itunes

Sep 23, 2009

I didn't pay for the 3.0 software for my Touch because it wasn't (and still isn't) worth it to me. Everything was fine until the latest update to iTunes came out. Now Yahoo IM, Twitterfon and Facebook won't appear on my Touch. Is my only option downgrading iTunes?

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Apple :: ITunes New Column Browser

Sep 12, 2009

Anyone else dislike the new column browser? In previous iTunes, the bar was accross the top; access to Genres, Artists, Albums.....

Now, down the side (taking more space away from my collection views), and I have to go to a menu to select between the different options its lists.....

Honestly Apple, why? Its crappy, out of place and makes me scroll accross because before I actually had enough room to get all the info I needed on my screen (track, artist, album, track number).... now.... not so much!

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Apple :: Itunes - USB Flash Memory

Mar 15, 2009

Anyone know if it is possible to download Itunes movies or music onto a Flash USB device instead of having it downloaded directly onto the HDD or SSD in the Macbook its self?

Trying to save space on my SSD by downloading movies directly onto my USB device instead.

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Apple :: How Do I Transfer My ITunes Library

Jul 7, 2009

I'm getting a new computer. My old one is at my parents house and has my entire iTunes library on it. I know I can't just plug my ipod into a new computer and upload the songs onto it, but I'm sure there's a way to transfer the library from my old computer to my new one.

How exactly can I do that? I assume it has something to do with an external hard drive, but I'm not sure.

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Apple :: Itunes - Two Instances Of The Same Song

Jan 2, 2009

Forgive me if this a stupid question. I'm a Mac newb. In windows I had my music sitting in my "My Music" folder and Itunes pulled from that. If I deleted something out of there I couldn't listen to the song.

When I got my Mac I moved all my music to the "Music" folder. I then dragged them into Itunes. Some time later I noticed the mp3s seem to be duplicated in the "Music" and "Itunes" subfolders.

My question is: Can I clear out my "Music" folder?

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Apple :: ITunes Update - Iphone 3.0

Jun 1, 2009

Well there is a iTunes update. Witch means we will probably see iPhone OS 3.0 next week. And maybe the real iphone 3g

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Apple :: Best Media Player Besides ITunes

Feb 9, 2009

I've got a lot of unorganized music and I don't want to play it with iTunes as it adds to music and this will clutter up my organised iTunes library. What is the best media player apart from iTunes?. Similar to Winamp for Windows.

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Apple :: Mail -Trying To Schedule A Move Of All Inbox Messages To An Archive Folder On A Different IMAP Server

Jan 18, 2010

I've got a couple of accounts set up in Mail, and I'm anal about keeping a clean inbox. Is there any plugin of which I'm unaware that can automatically move messages in either server's inbox into an archive folder of my choosing, depending on the account?

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Apple :: ITunes - Restore My MBP Using A Fresh Install

Mar 19, 2009

I want to restore my MBP using a fresh install.

I have an external hard drive.

I can transfer all my music files, but they won't be organized into my playlists.

Is there a way I can backup the music while retaining my organized playlists so when I transfer my music back onto the computer after the reformat, the playlists are still there?

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Apple :: Can Get All My Music On My Ipod To A New Itunes Library

Oct 22, 2009

I am planning on doing a clean install of windows 7 on my computer but when i do so is it possible that i can just sync my ipod to the empty itunes library and let it put all my ipod music on my computer? or will it ask me if it can erase all the data on the ipod and sync it to that itunes library.

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Apple :: Itunes Is Randomly Crashing Macbook Pro

May 26, 2010

Itunes randomly closes when opened. Virus scan came back negative and all of the file seems to be standard. version number 9.1.1 (12) of itunes and OS X 10.4.11. Anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Also updated Java, but it did nothing.

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Apple :: ITunes - Way To Have An Artist Not Appear On Your List Of Artists On Your IPod

Jun 19, 2009

Is there a way to have an artist not appear on your list of artists on your iPod?
I have an iPod video. A bunch of random artists that I only have one song by so I'd rather not have them show up when I sort by artist.

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Apple :: ITunes AppStorehow To Redownload All My Purchased Apps

Jan 23, 2009

my Dad has this issue with his iTunes.

We just did a clean install of Leopard and authorized the computer and all that, you know sign in the account in iTunes and all...

Anyways, my Dad has this list of purchased apps in his "purchase history". However, when clicking "Check for available downloads" iTunes reports that all the apps have been downloaded.

And no, my dad doesn't have them on his iPhone anymore because it's a jailbroken one and I had to wipe out everything and make it new again.

How do I re-download all his apps (that he bought) from iTunes? and by the way, there's no "Applications" in his sidebar in iTunes, because he has none on his HDD.

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