Apple :: Macbook - Driver Quality For Windows

Jul 1, 2009

I bought a macbook before they upgraded the 13" into macbook pro and had some driver issues with windows, the screen flickered on windows which was very annoying so I returned it, is there any improvement in the new refresh, i heard they have better screens?

Is the screen quality on the 15" better than the 13" ignoring the resolution
I am willing to pay up to 3000$ but I can't justify the price differences, as we all agree apple screws the customers when it comes to small hardware improvements

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Apple :: Macbook & Air Screen Quality

Mar 4, 2009

I remember someone talking about the screen quality of the unibody MB being < that of the MBA. Just wondering if anyone can tell me whether that is true? I found it very hard to differentiate at a store.

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Apple :: 17" MacBook Pro Screen Quality

Jan 13, 2009

I'm curious about the screen they are putting in the new 17 inch MacBook Pro. It says "The 1920-by-1200-pixel resolution (133 pixels per inch) means you can view more palettes and windows or watch HD video in its native 1920-by-1080 resolution. Perfect whether you’re working in the studio or out in the field, the display offers a 60 percent greater color gamut than previous generations for richer, more vibrant colors and a 700:1 contrast ratio that makes whites brighter and blacks blacker." Does this mean that they are using real 8 bit displays? I kind of doubt it since that don't mention the infamous "millions of colors". How are they getting a high quality screen in a such a small compartment? The screen on the Sony AW is easily a half inch thick on it own. I can't wait to see the difference in person.

To me the screen is the most important aspect of a notebook followed by weight. I'm not a fan of Apple's politics, but this new MBP has me intrigued.

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Apple :: MacBook Pro - Battery Life - Fingerprints - Driver Support

Jan 11, 2009

After seeing how awesome the Education discount is, I've decided I will definitely go after a MacBook Pro 17 if I can get this shoddy Acer returned. What attracts me is the thinness, design, keyboard, screen, weight and basically everything except the price. Everything about it screams quality, even the notorious glossy screen which I kinda like.

I have some questions about the MacBook Pros and Mac OSX in general.

1. Is the 8 Hour Battery Life for real? I know that this is some "revolutionary" new thing, but honestly I can't believe something with a WUXGA screen could go for so long.

2. Does Aluminum scratch easily? How about fingerprints?

3. (Applies to all MacBook Pros) Does the hinge of the lid creak or wobble when opening or closing the laptop?

4. Is Leopard 32 bit or 64 bit? Or is it default 64 bit? I can't see any mention of that in the configuration page.

5. How about driver support? I have a Razer Copperhead, Piranha and am ordering a Mamba and it would be a shame if they were not compatible with the OS.

6. Does Parallels or VMWare lag at all when running XP? Or is it the same experience, with no slow down? How about Boot Camp?

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Sony :: Vaio FW Speaker Quality Vs Macbook

Apr 23, 2009

I ordered a sony fw laptop from sonystyle, and was wondering on the quality of the speakers, as I have heard mixed reviews about them. My sister has a unibody macbook and I was wondering if anyone has experience of the sound quality of these laptops comparitively. As the macbook is the only laptop I could really compare the fw's sound to as I have not heard any others.

So basically is the sound better, equal or worse than the unibody macbook's? when listening to music, watching films.

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Dell :: Quality Of Display M4500/6510 Vs Macbook Pro

Apr 29, 2010

can anyone tell me if the quality of the new dell screen are of the same high quality as that of the apple macbook pro.

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Apple :: Windows 7 On Macbook Pro

Sep 2, 2009

How is the Windows 7 experience on a MacBook pro? Is there good driver support? I've heard that you can set up the track pad to detect a two fingered tap as a right click? Is this true? What would I be giving up in my windows experience by using a MBP?

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Apple :: Windows On Macbook Air

Apr 24, 2009

I just bought a macbook air rev. a for my wife not long time ago, this is our first mac, she like it so far (probably other than the fan ramp up more than we like) she would like to use OSX as the primary OS but we still need to install windows on it.

Now my question is what is the best way to setup the windows, I'v read about all the options a bit but still need your opinions. The main limitation is the hardware on Macbook air, basically Core 2 duo at 1.6G, X3100 graphics but only 2G ram and 80G HD and no upgrade option.

I have both legit version of windows vista ultimate and windows XP professional, I can download windows 7 beta. I prefer windows vista over XP on my desktop. Here are a few options I have:
1.Run vista through bootcamp , but I don't feel that will be convenient for my wife, and chances are she will exclusively using vista.

2.Run vista through bootcamp, and use Vmware or parallel (which one?) run virtual machine of the bootcamp partition? Not sure how practical is this, will it be too slow because of the ram.

3. Run Xp through bootcamp, and use Vmware or parallel run virtual machine of the bootcamp partition?..........................

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Apple :: Macbook Pro - Windows

Sep 24, 2009

i know this is like blasphemy but she now is required to have windows vista or better for her job and she just got this thing a month ago. she doesnt care it she has the mac os really yes she likes it but.. can the current gen macbook fully support windows vista or 7 by itself.. she doesnt want to be bothered running boot camp and other ways to run windows stuff. she used all her allowed funds to buy this thing now she is a bit annoyed with the situation not with apple at all..but with the mess of the job etc..she will be running in windows all day long and some of the programs she is told will not work right running on a mac os running as if she formats and wipes it clean can she run vista or 7 easily? im sure i can test it all out but since there are so many mac users i figured id ask first.

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Apple :: Running Windows Only On A Macbook

Jul 24, 2009

I got the keyboard Eject key to work. Post has been updated accordingly.

This was done on an early 2009 white Macbook, with Vista SP2. Your mileage may vary. I'm not responsible for any damage or loss of files. On that note, always remember to backup data before doing a reformat!

First of all, I booted from the OS X Install disc, went into Disk Utility, clicked on the hard drive and selected Partition. From there, I created a new single partition, under options I selected Master Boot Record table. After it was done I rebooted, holding the ALT/Option key until I got into the boot manager, and I ejected the OS X disc and inserted the Windows disc (I am using the original Vista RTM disc in this case, and I installed SP1 and SP2 later)...........

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Apple :: Macbook Pro For Running Windows

Jun 20, 2009

I absolutely love the new Macbook Pro 13" hardware. The unibody case and high quality panel makes me want to buy one right now. Nobody really offers anything similar. The problem for me, however is the fact that it comes with and runs OS X, and as far as I understand I will need to use Apple software (bootcamp) to run Windows. Is it at all possible to modify the computer to run Windows exclusively? And if I do run Windows through Apple software, are there any limitations to what I can do there or is it exactly the same as on a regular PC laptop? Running OS X is not an option, as alot of very specialized software I use is Windows only and I frankly dislike Apple OS.

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Apple :: Macbook Black And Windows 7

Feb 2, 2010

its the old 2006 black macbook, basically dual core 2ghz and 2gb or ram which i will upgrade to 4gb, i was wondering since its on an old intel GMA 950 can it run windows 7 with aero and all its goodness? while i will primarily use OSX i would like the option to boot in windows 7. anyone has tried on an GMA950 here? thanks thats my only concern. ALSO about hairline cracks on the macbook, i read that apple would replace/fix it for free, and there are some hairline cracks on the palm rest, think apple will still honor it?

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Apple :: Running Windows On A Macbook

Jun 3, 2009

I'm going to uni next year to study CSc and have been told nearly every system they run is an XP machine. I also checked what software they run, and it turns out the majority aren't available for the mac. I asked them what would be best for the course and they told me I would get better support if I had a PC and that there may be workarounds for macs. However, the person I spoke to (head of faculty) has no experience whatsoever with OS X.

Anyway, the thing is I want to keep my current macbook mainly because I find it hard to part with and the second being I don't have the cash to dish out on another notebook of comparable quality.

The question: Which version of Windows (XP/Vista/7) runs best on a Macbook?

By this I mean which has the greater support (drivers), and is most stable to work with (incl/ battery life, less glitches etc).

Also, will Snow Leopard provide better compatibility with Windows and how? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me with.

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Apple :: Switching From Windows To Macbook Pro

Jul 10, 2009

I've been contemplating a Mac, too. I recently bought an HP HDX18t, and I'm trying to decide if I want to keep it or get a Macbook Pro 17). The thing that's holding me back is that for essentially the same price as a Macbook Pro with 4 gb of RAm, I have 8gb RAM, a 160gb Intel SSD plus a 500gb hard drive, 18.4" high def monitor that is in the 16x9 format (I can have two IE windows open with no overlap), a Blu Ray burner, QX9300 Quad processors. I also love the full numeric keypad on the keyboard.

My first 3 computers were Macs (SE, IIsi, and Quadra 840AV), and I switched to PC when Windows 95 came out because I was tired of incompatibilities between my Mac and work and college computers. I was also tired of cool apps for the PC not being available for the Mac. Honestly, Windows has never given me any significant problems. Sure, I've had crashes and performance slowdowns, but I had those on my Macs, too. I've never had a virus on Windows. I've really never regretted switching to Windows...........

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Apple :: Installing Windows 7 On Macbook Pro

Aug 27, 2009

Got my macbook earlier on this week, but i want to install windows so i can use it via bootcamp for when i need windows. how easy it is to do.

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Apple :: Installing Windows On A Macbook A

Jan 4, 2009

I'm interested in the 13.3" but I'm used to using Windows. How does it fare with XP? Vista?

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Apple :: Windows 7 On Aluminum Macbook

Jan 16, 2009

how I could use Windows 7 on my MB, without fully dedicating it to a partition on my HDD, because I already have Windows XP Pro as my Boot Camp. I mainly just want to test it out, without installing it completely.

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Apple :: Install Windows XP Pro On A Partition Of Macbook Air

Jun 20, 2009

How easy is it to install windows on a partition of the HD of a Macbook air instead of running windows in a virtual machine environnement of OS X ? It should be much faster and consume less power, no ?

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Apple :: Can The Macbook Pro Unibody In Windows Do HDCP

Feb 24, 2009

I know that Apple did not include any HDCP support in their notebooks. As I understand it though, HDCP is an actual piece of hardware on the graphics card. I'm guessing Apple uses the same graphic cards as everyone else, but their drivers simply don't support HDCP.

Now that Nvidia has released drivers, I'm wondering, is it possible to update a Macbook Pro's drivers with Nvidia drivers and enable hdcp?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro - Windows 7 Beta Install

Jul 8, 2009

Anyone have a quick reference guide to downloading/installing Windows 7 Beta on the macbook pro?

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Apple :: MacBook - The Windows Missing Link

Mar 12, 2009

I am currently in the market for a laptop for college. Now I am not looking to buy atm but I am getting ideas for the fall semester. My overall goal is to provide mobility in my life and not feel like I have to depend on the desktop to handle my computing needs. I have been looking at Apple's OS X for the past 1 1/2 years and feel it's finally time to start making the switch.

Computer Science Major
-Not intended for Gaming
-Not intended for Graphic Design/Video Editing (outside of iLife)
-Able to boot Windows (XP or Windows 7) if needed.
-Able to run iWork, iLife, iTunes, etc. w/o issues.
-Last for 2+ years w/o needing upgrades (unless desired) or replacement.

As you can see I will still need a dependent on Windows. This comes down to several classes that I have taken in which there wasn't Mac equivalent software to some programs I needed, so I will need options. What I don't know is how system resources on the Mac suffer when you boot to Windows. Would I need to buy higher system resources such as a strong processor? Will a 2.0 be sufficient or would I need a 2.4 or even have to look at a MBP's 2.66GHz? Now I don't know if I am overlooking anything else and I get the impression from looking at other posts that I wouldn't have an issue but just making sure before I spend the money and make the switch.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro 15 With Only 9400M - Batterylife Windows

Dec 2, 2009

the 17 macbook pro would have poor batterylife due to drivers and the forced use of the dedicated gpu. now I got an idea: how about the 15 with intergrated graphics? I've heard that the 15 on dedicated graphics can hit 3-4hours(in windows) which isn't quite enough but VERY close.

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Apple :: Windows Xp On Macbook 13" How Works

Jun 17, 2009

i would like to buy a macbook 13" with intel core 2 duo processor, i would like to know, how works windows xp on macbook? by bootcamp or virtual box, is it work fast? i would like to play games on xp or use some audio software, does it work simillar as a pc? or a little slow?

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Apple :: Macbook Pro 13" 6,1 Can't Install Windows Or Linux

May 1, 2010

I have the 13" Macbook Pro 7,1 and everytime I try to install Linux/Windows they come up with errors which basically say that they can't find my HDD or the Optical Drive during installation.

I don't like the idea of being stuck with OS-X.

Turns out it's a MBP 7,1...not 6,1.

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Apple :: Macbook Pro 17 Windows (vista/7) Battery Life

Nov 19, 2009

what the battery life of the new(er) unibody macbook pro 17 was like under windows. I read a review somewhere that says the new macbook pro (the one with advertised 8hours battery life) managed about 1 1/2 hours in windows, is this true? the only reason I'm looking at the 17inch pro is because I program a lot in Windows and Linux, and 17inchs would be fantastic to display more code, but I still need good battery life. portability is no issue, as I'm a big guy and I carry 2 computers with me right now anyway. any other cons to installing windows on this beast?

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Apple :: Dragon Age Lags In Macbook Bootcamp Windows XP

Nov 29, 2009

I bootcamped my macbook into Windows XP to play Dragon Age Origin, and the game lagged when I connect the macbook to an external 22" monitor and tried to play Dragon Age with it. What could be the reason that causing the lagging?Could it be a 22" monitor is too much for a macbook in bootcamp Windows?

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Apple :: New MacBook Pro 17" Unibody - Don't Need BootCamp For Windows Applications

May 24, 2009

Just bought new MacBook Pro after about 15 years of using Windows machines (first experience with Macs was in aerospace when for a time there they used Macs almost exclusively.) Very nice. Even nicer I've found that I don't need BootCamp for Windows applications .. don't miss them at all! For office-type applications just use NeoOffice and Photoshop does a Mac version, too. It's great just to be able to get on a computer and do work rather than spending time (sometimes lots of it) trying to figure out how to make the thing work better or even work at all.

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Apple :: Compatibility Between 27" Imac, Macbook Pro, And Windows 7 Laptop

Apr 26, 2010

I currently have all Windows 7 PC's in my house. I find that it is easy to share foles and filders through Windows 7's "Homegroup" thing.

My question is:
If I have windows 7 running through parallels on a macbook pro, will with macbook pro show up in my homegroup?

On a side note I am also thinking of getting a 27" imac. I have an extra monitor so I would like to have windows 7 running on the external monitor, and os x on the main 27" screen.

I just want to make sure I can still share files easily with all the computers.

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Acer :: 8920G- I Changed The Picture Quality To 3D (from Quality To Performance) ..

Mar 3, 2009

I have got some problems with my notebook.

1) I changed the picture quality to 3D (from quality to performance) after that i am not able to open my nvidia control panal.

I also updated my drivers .. didnt work

2) I am not able to play any games (big once like NFS pro) . It works very slow

3) If i put a memory card in my card reader i get a blue screen.

4) If i on my blue tooth it asks for installing drivers (every thing i have to search and intall it again and again).

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Apple :: Windows 764 Driver Support In BC

Jul 2, 2009

I think my XP partition is acting up a bit and I'm due for an reinstall. Wondering what some NBRers experiences have been installing Win7 on a Unibody MBP rev A. Will it find all of my hardware without a problem? Any performance bumps over XP? General thoughts?

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