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Dell :: BIOS CPU Settings For Latitude D630

In the BIOS on my Latitude D630 there is an option for the CPU to be seen as a single processor or as two processors. The CPU is a T7500 Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz processor.

The BIOS info states that some applications may run faster when it is seen as two processors. Can anyone give me any insight into what these options actually mean in terms of PC performance ?

Also, what types of application would be impacted by the single processor or two processor options ?

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Vs Latitude E6400
The price of 2nd user Latitude D630's seems to be holding up quite well in the UK. Does this indicate that it is still a popular machine and favoured over the E6400?

I briefly checked out an E6400 the other day and for a choice between machines of approximately similar spec I would opt for the D630 rather than the newer E6400.

I would be interested in opinions from users who have experience with both models.

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Dell :: Latitude D630/ Latitude E6500
I've got a choice at the moment between two latitudes:

1) Dell Latitude D630: 2.2ghz C2D, 3Gb RAM, 120gb HDD, dvd/cdrw drive, vista, nvidia Quaddro GFX

2) Dell Latitude E6500: 2.26ghz C2D, 3Gb RAM, 80gb HDD, DVDRW, Vista,

Which do you reckon i ought to go for between the two?

The laptop will be used primarily between home and university, so will be taken between the two places in my shoulder messenger bag, so will probably take a few bumps

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Over Heating
I have a D630 that is still under warranty, but I've been having huge overheating problems with it. (We're talking 160F+ under light load). This is the model with the Nvidia video card.

When I first called Dell, they sent someone to replace the fan and heatsink. That didn't solve the problem. I figured that I was suffering from the notorious Nvidia thermal issue, and they replaced the motherboard. The problem got worse, and they replaced the motherboard again, and the problem got slightly better.

The thing is, I don't actually need an Nvidia video card because I don't do much aside from internet browsing and copying files over the network. I was upset after the fourth time they sent a Dell technician, that I called them and demanded that they replace my Nvidia board with a standard Intel graphics board. They finally agreed.

Yesterday a technician came out with a new motherboard with an Intel video chipset rather than Nvidia, as well as a new heatsink and fan that matches the new board. Now the darn thing is running at 190F at light load!!! it's actually worse than the Nvidia one was!

Do any of you have any clue what the problem might be? I don't even want to use this thing anymore. What's even more interesting is that we've issued about 30+ Intel D630's out to our associates at work, and none of them have any issues. I wonder why it's just mine.

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Need A Cooling Mat/pad?
I've owned a D630 for about a year now and have noticed that the bottom of the laptop can get very hot. My dad owned the same model for a couple years and he had multiple hard drive failures. His hypothesis was that the computer might have been overheating and burned out the hard drive.

However, in doing a little research, I heard it's not so much that the computer overheats as it is that the metal frame conducts heat very easily. So while the outside might be hot, the inside isn't at a temperature that's damaging to the parts.

Any experiences with this? Any help would be appreciated. If overheating is a common problem, I'll probably shell out the money for a cooling mat. If it's not a problem, then that's money saved.!

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Dell :: Windows 7 On Latitude D630
I'm thinking about getting a D630 and installing the 64-bit version of Windows 7 on it. Is there any reason that this won't be an easy process? Do I need any drivers from Dell?

I read here ( that someone had a problem with audio from a docking station, but apparently it's fixed by installing vista drivers from the Dell website ...

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Vs. E6400
I keep waiting to order my E6400 until all these problems I keep hearing about get resolved. However, it doesn't seem to end. Would I be better off just ordering a D630 and be done with it? These will be discontinued at the end of the year. Right now, it looks like I can save around $300-400 when I configure the D630 similarly. Of course, the D630 doesn't have webcam, maxes out at 4 GB RAM, has a mono speaker, and so forth. But aside from this, isn't it a much more well-tuned machine?

Are the problems I keep hearing about overblown? Will the D630 have its own share of problems?

Is going backwards to the D series a wise choice?

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Problem With The Screen
I have a D630 with nvidia nvs135 and it dont show nothing on the screen, i tried to replace hdd, i disassambled the RAM and put it back, i tried to connect it to a lcd monitor none works.

The display/s are working, but its just a iluminated black screen, even the bios does not loads.
I think that the gpu is the problem ...

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Dell :: Latitude D630 NVS 135M Copper Mod
My motherboard was replaced couple of days ago by DELL technician (GPU problem). Now with new mobo I have GPU temps uder stress up to 100C. Its too much I think. My question is what is your temperatures?

Im thinking also about copper mod of cooling system, but not sure about thikness of the copper shim for D630, I know that for XPS1330 it is 1.5mm ..

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Dell :: Latitude D630 @ 1400x900 Resolution
I have considered purchasing a Dell latitude D630. I've looked at online retailers such as,, ebay, amazon...but so far can't find a D630 at the resolution of 1440x900, only at a lower resolution of 1280x800.

So, looks like the only option is to buy a screen sold individually, and upgrade the laptop manually to replace it.

The question is, is it safe to replace a lower-resolution screen with a better one on a laptop?

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Yellow Tint
My D630 screen is losing it color the whites look yellowish no matter how hard I try to adjust it. The unit was bought from Dell

new and still has about 5 months on the basic warranty. Is screen replacement covered for this problem?

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Dell :: Using KVM Switch With Docked Latitude D630
I am trying to use a Latitude D630 docked in a PR01 port replicator with a KVM switch. The problem I am having is that the video signal is not displayed using the PR01 DVI port.

The Latitude D630 itself does not have a DVI port, however, when docked in the PR01, the port replicator has a DVI port that will display a video signal when connected directly to a monitor. When the KVM switch is placed in line between the PR01 and the monitor then the DVI signal is not displayed .....

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Dell :: Thinking About Upgrading Processor (Latitude D630)
I recently upgraded the processor in my Inspiron 1545 to an Intel T9400. I think that processor totally rocks and performs as well as I need for everything that I do.

My Latitude D630 is not so fortunate. I forgot what the processor was that it has, but it has a 2MB cache and a 2ghz clock speed. It does not perform as well as my Inspiron does. If I were to buy another T9400 (since I already know I like it) could I pop it in my D630? Or is it not compatible with it?

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Dell :: Latitude D630 Intel 4965AGN Installation
I just received an Intel 4965AGN card i bought from ebay and proceeded to install it in my Latitude D630.

Card was recognized by windows fine and loaded drivers fine, it just doesn't find any networks.

I believe I installed the antennas correctly (1: white, 2: gray, 3: black).

Also the wifi switch on the side doesn't work and the LED is always off even though the Intel diagnostics say that the card's Radio is ON.

Is my card bad or is it just not compatible (BTW: It is toshiba branded.

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Dell :: Spilled Drink On Latitude D630 Keyboard
I couldn't remove the keyboard so I turned it upside down and put aside. So from my search in Google I found that I must leave it like that about few days untill everything is completely dry.

I also panicked a bit and it took me about a minute to remove the charger and about few minutes to remove the battery.

My questions are:

1.The laptop turned off - does it mean that it was short circuit or it could be some defence mechanism .....

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Dell :: USB Device Driver Problem Latitude D630
Can anyone please advise me what the "fix" is to get rid of a "? USB Device" indicator in the Hardware Details of a Latitude D630?

It seems as though quite a few people have reported this but I cannot find a definite fix.

I have done a clean install of XP Pro followed by the D630 drivers but this is outstanding for a driver or some fix. The only USB item I have connected to the PC is a mouse and this is working O

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Dell :: Latitude D630 And WWAN Card HP HS2300 SIERRA MC8775
I purchased that WWAN for my D630.

First, can I use drivers from HP site?

Driver from 2007

or it should be Dell dedicated?

Second, how I connect to the Internet? after inserting SIM card.

What software do I need? and where can I get it?

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Dell :: Where To Find D630 Modded Bios?
I read from somewhere there is modded bios for D630 exists. I have googled around but unable to find one. I need it to overclock my X9000 cpu.

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Dell :: Latitude D600 Recover Back To Factory Settings
I have a Dell Latitude D600 which i bought a few months ago second hand, It came with charger and thats it. No recovery disk or nothing. Laptop worked perfect and is a really good laptop. However I have so many viruses on my laptop, I have ran all types of AVG's, adware scanners, and much more. Its cleared alot of the viruses but still the laptop is not working properly.

I would like to restore the laptop back to its factory settings, i have backed up all my data on an external harddrive so its all good. I checked on google and it says something about Pressing F11 + Ctrl or something like that and it has a recovery procedure in the laptop allready. I dont think D600 has that feature and guessing i need a recovery disk. I have looked on ebay and cant find any, Im not even sure what type of recovery disk to get because i found a few, prices were ranging from 30-35 and i cant afford that as i am a student.

Is there a way where i can download some sort of recovery software for dell and burn it onto a disk or something, I looked on google but there is no detailed sources telling me about this,

how i can restore my dell latitude D600 back to its brand new settings without having to buy the recovery disk.

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Dell :: E6400 Bios Settings
I finally received my E6400 machine.
Later on today I will update the bios to A15.
In the meanwhile I'm looking for the optimal bios settings for best performance.

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Acer :: 5315 Bios Settings
I just upgraded my 5315 to 2 gigs ram. Now I would like to increase my video memory to more than 8 mb. Doesn't seem to be a way to do that.

Now that I have more memory, can I not? use more of it for my graphics. 8 meg isn't much memory

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Bios Settings Getting Reset Automtiacally.
i have a brand new 2 months old studio 1555. but the problem is that when ever i connect a charger the screen brightness automatically levels up and when ever i restart there after the bios settings revert back to multimedia keys first. having a bois A07.

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Acer :: Aspire 3680-2633 Won't Save Bios Settings
I just bought used Aspire 3680 laptop, I was told it only had harddrive problem,
however It have few more problems.

1. it won't save bios settings.

2. it won't always boot sometime it takes 3-4 tries before it will boot.

3. when it finally boot it will randomly freeze after 2-10 minutes.

I try new harddrive, reset the memory, unplug the battery.

memtest shows the memory is fine.

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HP/Compaq :: How To Access SATA Settings In BIOS In Case Ofdv 1131 TX
I have a HP dv1131 TX laptop.I am not able to access SATA settings in it. I tried with the BIOS....but it doesnn't seem to display any option pertaining to SATA operation.

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Dell :: Shutdown Hangs With BIOS A15 On Latitude E6400
I upgraded to BIOS A15 when it came out and since then I have had a problem that I never had before. I have now downgraded to BIOS A14 and the problem is gone.

Problem description
When rebooting or shutting down Windows XP the shutdown process hanged. I think it only occurred when the computer was docked in the docking station. I have the advanced docking station with serial port, parallel port etc.

After I upgraded to A15 I noticed that the parallel port and serial port got listed the safe remove dialog box. With A14 and before they are not listed.

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Dell :: Latitude On ECM As Compared To Latitude On FLASH
We are looking at getting some Latitude E4310 systems. Since fast boot up to access the web is important, we see that the Latitude On FLASH option is required.

The downside is that Dell will not install this along with the WiMax card option. They have a combo WiFi and WiMax card, but it can not be installed with the FLASH option.

They also list Latitude On ECM as an option instead of On FLASH. The ECM runs $149 more. With ECM, the system can then have the WiMax card which would be nice.

The people at Dell have not been able to provide a good explanation on what the ECM option does. There is a write up on the FLASH option, but not a good one on ECM. Does anyone know what the ECM does differently than the FLASH?

Key points of the FLASH option are (we need these functions):
Boot Fast, 8-10 seconds
Wi-Fi and LAN 10/100/1000
Web access via browser Firefox Browser
Supports Java and Adobe Flash
Read Microsoft Office
Edit Microsoft Office 2000

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Dell :: D630 Video
I bought this (used) about a year ago and everything worked fine up until about two weeks ago. At that time I was reading some pages on the Internet and the screen began to flicker then turned black with some vertical green lines. I shut down the computer and then restarted it. Everything worked fine for about an hour and then the process repeated itself. For the last two weeks I have had on and off problems with the laptop working correctly for a while and then crashing.

I tried reinstalling the video driver for the nVidia Quadro NVS 135M from the Dell website and it seemed to work for about 4 to 6 hours and then the D630 crashed again. Next, I tried reinstalling Windows XP Pro and once I had gotten all the updates, I installed the video driver from the Dell website. Everything seemed to be fine so I started reinstalling all the various software programs that were previously installed. With only one or two more programs to install the screen began flickering once again and so I shut the laptop down.

Last night I reinstalled Windows XP Pro again but without reinstalling the video driver, any Windows updates, or anything else and left everything running. This morning the screen appears normal.

My technical skills are very minimal and I have run out of things to try. Now I am wondering if it is possible (or even a good idea) to run the computer without reinstalling the driver for the video card. Is this going to lead to other problems or is it going to frustrate me because the computer will simply run very slowly without a driver for the video card installed?

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Dell :: E5400 Or D630
The E6400 would be great but it is way over my price range. With the current Dell's offering (35% off for E5400/D630).

I am seriously tempted by these two. I just want to know the difference between the E5400 and the D630...

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Dell :: Need Clarification On A D630
I have a Dell D630, 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB DDR2, 320GB HDD, 14" Screen etc. and this is my question. I have used this laptop for over 3 months now and I have noticed something.

When I go to the system properties to check the processor speed, what I have noticed is that when it is unplugged, the it runs at 789Mhz .....

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Dell :: D630- New MB On Vista
looks like my d630 Mb has gone wrong. Luckily enough for me the machine is still under warranty ;-) Unluckily for me I don't know where product key etc is:-( The machine was upgraded to vista ultimate before I bought it s/h from a dealer.

Would a straight swap out (by the Dell Eng) require this information as he's coming on Tuesday and I can't find it and now worried he will change the MB and the thing will hang on activation

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Dell :: New Charger For D630
I've had my D630 for over 1,5 years now and having grown tired of lugging the 65W PA-12 adapter to work and back, I'm thinking of buying an extra adapter, so the new one would stay stationary at home and the 65W one at work and on the move, if neccesary.

I know a safe bet would be the 90W PA-10 chunky brick but looking ahead (hint E6400), I'm thinking the E-series 90W flat brick would be a better choice. D and E series chargers voltages/amperages match but will the E series one work reliably?
Both choices can be had for the same money

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Dell :: Got 4x D630 Today. Need More.
I had just placed an order for 3 Latitude D630, but by an error I ordered 4 of them, it does not really matter as I could send it back,

but I am not sure yet if I might need it or not as I initially only needed 3 of them.

I was planning to use them for some side training with my company, where I will use these computers to teach the other employees in various programs, like Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver (I am a Adobe fan),

also the office 2007 package as many have not made the transition yet, also some needs the basic of Vista imprinted in their brain so that they may work more efficiently.

I also just love the look of the Latitude computers, they are so plain and not full of lights and useless buttons placed in the wrong places .....

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Dell :: D630 Battery
It seems my D630 9 cell died the other day. The orange light flashes and when I pull the power out it dies. I tried the battery in another and the same thing happen

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Dell :: D630 Being Replaced
Dell is sending a replacement for my latitude d630. Does anyone know if they are still shipping d630s or will I have a different model sent to me? My d630 is about 2 years old, if it is another d630 do you think there will be any differences in the tech specs

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Dell :: D630 Monitor/gfx
Maybe someone had similar problem as I do and will be able to help/advice me. I usually connect my D630 laptop to monitor, but now its messed up,

if I open pic/video or just after few hours my pc crashes I need to disconnect monitor and use just laptop but it cuts view into two parts and displays 2 same windows

( Nuotrauka0119.jpg ) I usally have to restart many times and hit Fn+F8 to get to normal condition

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Dell :: D630 Display Munged!
last week my lappy started to play up after my sisters brother used it . I believe he tried to put a modem on to connect to the net.

We got it back and it's been getting worse and worse since.I wondered if the reg or drivers were faulty/ corrupt etc

now the display has gone wrong. I had a company look at it and he just said "as it's on start up it's hardware, must be the onboard G.C faulty. not worth repairing"

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Dell :: D630 Wont Turn On
My d630 wont start. Whenever i push the power button, the power led lights up, hdd starts but the display stays black. And then, after few seconds i can hear the hdd turning off (it makes this funny "click") and the whole notebook powers off.

I disassembled it few times already. I kept unplugging one part after another trying to power up the notebook after ever one. Finally, with both ram modules (genuine, no upgrades) taken out it powers up, but of course won't boot...

There are now two problems:

1. Both ram modules worked already for some time.

2. The notebook powers up and boots into win xp from time to time and everything seems ok, till it dies after around one hour, sometimes more. This opts against corrupted ram...

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Dell :: D630 AHCI Cant Get It Work
I am using ATA mode with XP. Lately I switched to ACHI in bios and do a clean installation.

During setup I press F6 to install ICH8M driver. The driver is loaded sucessfully from a floppy disk.

Later when the windows installer prompt whether to Install Windows, Repair or F3 to quit; I select install windows and it prompts unable to detect hdd.

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Dell :: Converting A D620 Too D630
Does anyone know where I can buy a D630 motherboard. I want to convert my 620 too a 630 so I can get the Intel 965 chipset. My 620 has Nvidia graphics so preferably I would like to find a D630 notebook with built in Nvidia graphics. I have checked ebay with now luck and I know that asking Dell about this would be a complete joke. Anyone know where I can just buy Latitude parts?

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Dell :: D630 And Replicator Dock
I just bought a Dell port replicator dock used one - model PRX01X

I'm having problem with mouse connected to this dock using USB. Previously mouse was connected to laptop, now is connected to replicator dock.

I'm feeling that mouse is not working properly, my move is not smooth like before. It caused by replicator dock

Is there any patch/software fixing that issue?

PS: I'm using 90W power adapter.

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Dell :: D630 Motherboard Question?
I hope someone in this forum can help.
I have D630 Nvidia 135m. Now it won't turn on. Power light turns on for 2-3 sec then off.

I suspect nvidia finally died. I've looked for mobo replacement at ebay. I don't want to get another nvidia mobo. Was looking into the Intell. To prevent future mobo failure with bad chipset.

My native resolution is 1440x900.
Can I use the Intel chipset instead and will I be able to keep native resolution?

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Dell :: D630 & D420 Double
This is just fabulous. Dell has essentially shut down my business indefinately. On Wednesday, my D630's (my primary machine) hard drive failed. They sent me a "new" hard drive on Thursday. Great. But, it was a "refurbished" drive of a different brand, and something wrong with the bracket fitting left the sharp corner of the bracket sticking out of the side of my computer. Ok, I get yet another on Friday -- same thing. They promise to send me a new bracket assembly along with it, in case the one on the other drive is bad, too. Got the "new" refurb in today. As expected, they didn't include the new bracket hardware, this one has the same problem and, in addition, the thing is a cheapee Fugitsu (my original was an 18 month old Seagate) that is scraped up on the sides and seems to have some of the connectors broke off! Their only options are -- wait for it -- to send me another POS,non-fitting refurb drive, or send it to the depot, where they'll keep my computer for two weeks and send it with the jagged edges of the refurb drive hardware sticking out the side of my lappy.

So, lucky me, I can't play their "refurbished" drive game any more, and I had to pay to order a new one from New Egg. So, now the computer will be out at least a week after the drive failure, and I'll still be faced after a week's down time with rebuilding the programs and data.

But wait, it gets better. I've been working on my refurb (purchased 10/2007) D420 with 2 years of warranty left on it since my D630 went down. As "luck" would have it, the thing is suddenly getting scalding hot on the bottom near the vent, and my PC Card slot has failed, so that I can't get on my mobile broadband. Looks like the darned motherboard on this one is going, and I have to send it into the depot, where I'll likely get more of their "refurbished" (read, "used") parts. 7-10 business days for this one, and now I have no computer, can't use my primary programs, and I've lost tons of data.

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Dell :: D630 And Nvidia Quadro NVS 135m
My laptop is a D630 with Windows Vista 32 which otherwise was working perfectly.

First the facts:

-Starting last week, my screen started to switch off without apparent reason requiring a hard reboot each time it happened since nothing else worked to bring it back to life.

-Then it started getting worse, one of the times I rebooted I got a split screen (two identical bad quality images one on top of the other) and the only way I managed to get out of it was to disable the nvidia driver (I had already tried to revert to the previous one and it was failing as well). Only problem with that is that playing video with the Nvidia disabled is a nightmare since the image slows down a lot and it's not synchronized with the sound.

-I tried to install the latest drivers from Dell (it seemed to be working then), and then I installed the latest ones from Nvidia and started having problems again.

-At some point during all this, my Windows lost the ability to suspend or hibernate.

-When I thought about restoring the system, it was already too late to go back to before the problem started, since all the available restoring points where more recent than that. (I know, slow reflexes on my part). I still tried to restore to when the new Dell drivers were working but the restoring failed (several times).

-Once or twice I managed to re-enable the driver and make it work for a few hours but the "screen turn off" eventually appears again.

Now the questions:

-Does anyone have a solution for this?

-Has it happened to anyone else? I searched D630 and Nvidia in the forums but all the threads I found were from 2008 and older.
-What's the next step, what should I do now?

-Would re-installing Windows be the only option, or it wouldn't help at all since I'd still have a driver problem?

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Dell :: Unable To Install Driver For D630
why Windows Player is not working after installing a new HD on Latitude D630? I downloaded the AUdio driver from DELL website.

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Dell :: T6400 Vs T7300 On A D630 ... Vista X64
I have a D630 running vista basic x64, 4gb ram, 500gb drive and currently have a T7300. On specs it seems like the T7300 07' & T6400 09' are basicly the same. I'd like to know if there is any reason to make a change since I have one available.

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Dell :: Difference Between D630 / D630c / D631?
What is the difference between D630 / D630c / D631 ? Are they using exactly same casing? Which one is newer?

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Dell :: D630 Wont Charge Battery With 90W Adapter
my d630 refuses to charge with a 90w power brick, it stays on, but the battery doesn't charge and i get the power warning screen after the bios screen.

does this need a 65W adapter or is there something wrong with my 90W one?

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Dell :: D630, Replaced Motherboard, But New MB Has Bad Dock Port
I just got done swapping the motherboard of a totaly dead D630 laptop, and to my amazement, the new motherboard dell sent me has a bad dock port!

I double checked to make sure I connected everything up right.

Has anyone else seen this? It's very fustrating. I have seen this before with a couple D620 motherboards

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Dell :: Does The Latitude E6400 Have Latitude-On
I am wondering whether or not the E6400 has the Latitude-On feature or can be configured as such.

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Dell :: D630: Windows Media Player Crashes System
I have a D630 with XP Home, 2GB ram and a NVIDIA video card.

Lately if I power up this machine and play something in Windows Media Player, the system crashes. The whole screen goes squiggily and out of focus.

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