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Dell :: E6400: To Install Windows XP Fresh

Just ordered E6400 with Windows Vista Home Basic and will install Windows XP SP2 as soon as it is landed. Is there anything I need to know before installing XP in E6400 (e.g. back up driver, compatibility with hardware, etc)?

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HP/Compaq :: Fresh Install Of Windows 7
My new DV7t Quad should be coming on Friday. Right now it is stuck in China, but I was wondering. Would it be better to keep the Windows 7 that they have install on the computer, or should I do a clean install? Right now, I have Windows 7 Ultimate running my old laptop, however, I only the disk for the 32 bit. While my Quad will be a 64 bit.

So if it would be a benefit to do a clean install, could someone explain how to do it without having a new windows 7 disk. I did order the system restore disks from HP when I bought the computer.

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Acer :: Acer 6930ZG With A Fresh Install Of Windows 7 RC 32bit - MapleStory Blue Screen Of Death
I have an Acer 6930ZG with a fresh install of windows 7 RC 32bit. I can play Call Of Duty 4, Counter Strike, Flatout 2 etc. with no problems! But when I try to open MapleStory a blue screen appears, and begin to make a physcial memory dump? . MapleStory is a 2D-game, and Call Of Duty requires much more.

I made a little research, and I found out that alot of people have the same problem, and they said it was caused by a conflict with a program or hardware drivers. I have tried to delete my NVIDIA driver, and install it again. No luck.

And yes, I have also tried to run MapleStory in compatibily mode

As I said: It's only in MapleStory I experience the problem, and I don't think it's ram-failure, since I have seen the same problem on a different computer, and I can play Call of Duty 4.

Here is the system log:
Navn på problemhændelse:BlueScreen

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Dell :: New E6400 Install Vista Or Windows 7?
I'm getting my new E6400 next week.
It's good idea to install windows 7 64bit?
Someone wrote that there is driver issue and because of that the battery drain faster...

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Dell :: Fresh Install, Gparted The Key
If you are thinking about formatting and re-installing the OS, and setting up new partitions, use GParted. It is a free and very easy to use program. I couldn't believe how easily it worked sparing me the $40-$60 that a good partition program uses. I just thought I would give these guys some free press since they do all that work for free.

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Dell :: 1645 Fresh Install
i decided to do a long over due fresh install of windows 7 to get rid of the nonessential progs that were there for no reason. However, i have run into a lil snag. Some things are missing from my new baby and i can't figure out where i went wrong.

1. My touch pad can pinch zoom but use other multitouch functions like 2 finger scrolling
2. When i adjust the volumn and brightness the indicators no longer show up on screen
3. The eject media button for my cd drive no longer works

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Apple :: Only VGA RES On Fresh XP Install
Just did a fresh install of XP on my bootcamp partition. And I can't gat any drivers to work correctly with the 9600m GT. Tried several drivers from, but they keep reverting to a basic VGA res and color depth. It will not let me adjust any settings.

It says sothing about the currently installed graphics drivers was written for a previous windows installation, so teh default VGA driver will be used.

If anyone has any info to help a guy out here it would be greatly appreciated.

I never experienced any issues like this on either Vista x64 or Win7 X84/64.

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Dell :: Install A Fresh Copy Of Vista
I got a Dell a few weeks ago and I didn't want to be left without all the right drivers etc so I just went with the install they put on it and took out all the bloatware.

Should I create a 2nd partition, and install a 2nd copy of Vista on that and then gradually migrate all the drivers and programs over to that side and then just eventually delete the first side?
Would that improve performance as well?

Then when Win 7 comes out I can just upgrade to that as well.

Anyway of knowing if I would get any conflicts or missing drivers or anything? Any problems you can think of?

Dell Studio 1555

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Dell :: M4400 Fresh Install Applications
I just formatted my Precision M4400 and was going about installing the drivers. Are any of the applications useful?

It seems like every driver has a utility or application to go along with it

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HP/Compaq :: Fresh Install DV4T
I just did a fresh install of Vista Home Premium 64 Bit following Orev's guide. I backed up the SWSetup folder and everything went fine except a couple of things:

1.) Quickplay. I don't have the QPW & HPQPDP folders in the SWSetup folder. Does quickplay still come with DV4T's or is HP using something new? Do I need to install some other program or driver from SWSetup to get quickplay to work? Should I not even worry about it and just another player?

2.) Recovery Partition. I followed a link in another post, here at NBR, to HP's site telling me how to add quickplay from the recovery partition of the hdd. I can see the recovery partition but when I try to access it, it says it's empty. Is it possible to access it through explorer or do I have to boot from it? When I did the fresh install, I just reformated partition 1, the one with vista on it already and did nothing to the recovery partition. Is this correct?

3.) Bluetooth. After I installed bluetooth and only after the internet connection is established, the icon pops up on the system tray even though I disabled it in the startup menu and told it in the bluetooth program itself not to display the icon. Also, when the computer first boots up, it tells me bluetooth couldn't connect because of a .dll file that is missing?

4.) Scroll Slider on Touchpad. I disabled alot of things in the startup menu and now the scroll slider doesn't work. Obviously it's because of the things I disabled, but why would disabling it from startup cause it not to work? The touchpad still works fine. I followed some things in this thread and everything here. Could any of this affect the scroll slider?

5.) Recovery Manager. What happened to the recovery manager that came factory installed? Is that in the SWSetup folder?

6.) Drivers. Should I follow this thread and update all the drivers since they are all new compared to what is in my SWSetup folder?

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HP/Compaq :: New DV8T- Fresh OEM Install
Just purchased... haven't received yet.... rather than try and clean up the existing system... I plan on installing a fresh windows 7 OEM.

Are there any problems to expect that those who have preceded me could help with?

1. Do you recommend installing windows and then updating all current drivers from HP's site or get the latest available?

I've always enjoyed running drivers without bugs more than try to eek out a little more performance and put up with bugs. This computer is going to be far faster than anything I need anyway..... so I prefer stable bugless drivers!

I currently own a ZV6000 and I learned not to trust Microsofts drivers or even some of the manufacturers drivers for that matter as the one from the HP site are the only ones proven to be bugless... is that still the case with the dv8t?

2. Previously with XP I have done a total reinstall and found much better performance than trying to clean the existing bloatware.

I've read some folks can't tell the difference.

I"m feverishly reading as much as I can to offset any mistakes I'll regret.

3. Should I try and use my existing OEM serial number than came with my computer or is that considered used already?..... just thought if I could use it, I could save the OEM serial that comes with my new purchase of windows 7 OEM so I can install later on another computer.

I"ve technically paid for two licenses.... just don't know how that will all work and I really don't want to fuss with all the bloatware, easier for me to spend the cash.

I just want to get the system totally installed and up and running with no device manager errors and all working.. then I can worry about tweaking further.

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Dell :: Initial Restart When Install Fresh Vista
My XPSM1330 got a serious trouble with the old Vista... Unluckily, I didn't have any image backup or recovery on it.. That's why I have to install a new Vista on my laptop... I got a full OEM Vista DVD which has been installed so many times on my desktop as well as my father's laptop.. No problems !!! But when I used it for my DELL... After the initial restart after installing updates... It cannot keep on the process.. Now the screen appears in black with Vista Boot Manager Error... I think the AHCI Drive is the main reason so I downloaded the new Intel Matrix Strorage with AHCI support on and put it in USB and chose Load Driver in the installing page in Vista ... But nothing changed...!

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Dell :: No Internet Connections After BSOD And Fresh Install Of XP
So she downloaded a recent WinXP update and when it restarted, she got the BSOD with this description only: 0x0000007e (0xc000001d, 0x80537008, 0xbaccf3b8, 0xbaccf0b4). Attempts to reboot just let directly to the BSOD. I couldn't even safeboot... it would just freeze up on me before it even got to the WinXp logo.

I did a several google searches for the error and tried a number of different things to no avail. I decided to just do a clean install of WinXP. The format/install went fine. BUT... the internet connections are missing. I installed all the drivers in the proper order. When I go to Control Panel>Network Connections there's nothing there. No icons or anything. PLUS none of the USB ports work .....

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Dell :: Fresh Install Using VLite On E6500 Driver
im going to vlite my own vista install cd an strip it of all the drivers and crap i dont need or want but im concerned about the security side of things

i have the fips fingerprint scanner and i have seen some people having issues with getting it to work properly after a reinstall i think the control point software has to be installed first is this true ?

anyone else using a vlited image on their machine and is everything running smoothly?

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Sony :: Clean Install With Fresh Win7
I have a fresh copy of win 7 ultimate (legit of course.. got it from a microsoft event).

I have seen a few threads about clean installing vaios (boy do they put a bit of crapware there...) but not sure whats best to do..

I dont think I need/want any of the free apps (are there any good ones?) so I reckon I am going to blast the harddrive (I imaged the whole lot with another backup prog)

Whats the best strategy for this? i.e. whats best for getting drivers etc?

I noticed some files in c:windowsdrivers (an exe and a inf diretory, not sure which is for which) should that contain all I need?

Will I have issues with sony system stuff?

Also what about registering it? I guess there will be no issue as far as warranty is concerned (as said, it is a proper legit win 7)

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HP/Compaq :: Software For Fresh Vista Install On A Dv3
I just got my new dv3 and want to to reformat the machine and install Vista afresh to get rid of all the bloatware. I've burned my recovery disks using the HP Recovery Manager. I've also read through the "Clean Vista Install with no activation" thread here.

My question is this: what happens after I install a fresh copy of Vista? Do I need to download all the required HP drivers? Where can I get some of the software that comes preloaded on the machine like HP Mediasmart and Wireless Assistant etc? Does anyone have a list of all the software that comes preinstalled on the dv3? I'd like to be able to get some things installed like mediasmart (and anything else that might actually be useful and is not junk).

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HP/Compaq :: NewDV7 Owner Fresh Install
just picked up a new DV7-1270ca and did a clean install to Vista Ultimate 64B. I noticed that a few of the apps that were on the machine are missing and can't be downloaded? Can anyone tell me where to find these apps? I did make a set of recovery disks prior to deleting the recovery partition but they don't seem to contain files that are accessible unless one does a complete recovery...which kind of defeats the whole purpose of my intentions.

I notice that i don't have the control panel for my sound anymore. Not sure if this is related but i think since i can't individually configure my speakers without this application i notice some crackling sounds in movies i play which i am assuming to be because the subwoofer is set too high?

I am also missing complete functionality of the keys that reside directly above my keyboard. The keys work, but i notice i no longer see a visual screen confimation and get the clicking sound when i access them? The mute button should also turn amber when i mute the machine but it no longer does. I did check HP support but the only file they had was HP MediaSmart SmartMenu Update which is only an update according to the Readme. It states that i must first have HP MediaSmart SmartMenu installed for the update to work but HP does not supply a download link for this utility?

There are also a few other apps that i can't remember the name of that are missing i know.

Has anyone else done a clean installation?

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Apple :: ITunes - Restore My MBP Using A Fresh Install
I want to restore my MBP using a fresh install.

I have an external hard drive.

I can transfer all my music files, but they won't be organized into my playlists.

Is there a way I can backup the music while retaining my organized playlists so when I transfer my music back onto the computer after the reformat, the playlists are still there?

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Sony :: Win 7 Fresh Install Guide For Vaio F Series
I share with You the steps I've made to install a fresh Win 7 on A Vaio VPCF11Z1E (EU model)

1 Before anything else be sure to make Your recovery disks If You haven't already done them. It's very important to actually do them since we'll need them later. You will use them for a future installation of the bundled utilities You may require.....

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Apple :: Install Leopard Fresh On The New 500gb Drive
i want to install leopard fresh on the new 500gb drive. so from my understanding, there's a migration assistant that will help me transfer my apps, my music, my photos, etc from my old drive (attatched via usb) to my new installation right? what happens to software licenses and stuff? i use mostly opensource software, so my main concern is will my ilife installation remain intact? I use omnioutliner too. it was bundled with my mac... will my registration remain valid?

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Dell :: IMM. Assist200GB 7k200 Hiatchi Vista Fresh Install MAJOR Iss. In I1720
My Inspiron 1720 is currently down....

I swapped the primary bay 120GB 5400rpm that came with the DELL for a 7k200 200GB 7200RPM Hiatchi 16mb Cache Hard drive.

No bent pins, reseated twice.....

ALL DELL diagnostics pass.... but when I try to launch Hitachi's hard drive fitness tests/diagnostics it fails to load when detecting the bays.... give me an OLD DOS COMMAND.COM error.... this software with my 7k100 works perfect on Inspiron E1705.

BIOS is seeing hard drive... as 200GB... Vista sees the hard drive....

I can even do a FULL FORMAT (not quick) through Vista's advanced command prompt install and diagnostics.....

it formats successfull...

HOWEVER!.... when Vista gets to the final phase of its install when it is @ the VERY last step... I believe its called Finalizing the install.... it just sits there with the three ... and the dots are animated... so the install is not frozen, just doesn't go anywhere.

This install on my e1705 /w 7k200 and 7k100 takes like 10 minutes TOPS....

I've talked to DELL hardware and Dell Software On Call support (first 30 days free).... I've worked in IT since the early 90's and I must be missing something here.

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Sony :: Boot Times For I5/i7 Z: Factory Settings, $50 Fresh Start, Clean Install, Manual Uninstall
Now that the new Sony Z is out, I think it would meaningful to get a sense of the boot time for this system under various scenarios.

If people could post the boot times of their Z with this information:

- Whether you're calculating the boot with all the bloatware untouched (factory settings), with the $50 Sony Fresh Start (which still has a couple unnecessary programs), a Clean Install, or a Manual Uninstall of all programs.

- And the size of your SSD or HDD. If it is an SSD, it would be nice to know if you can tell us have many SSDs are in the RAID 0 configuration as that affects the speed.

I think this would be very helpful not just for direct comparison, but as another factor to consider in whether to do a clean install, which takes more tech-savvy than some may have.

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Dell :: Cannot Install Latitude E6400 Webcam After Clean Install
I can't install my integrated webcam. After downloading the driver and opening the file installation starts and then suddenly it just ends with the message there was an error during installing.

So the thing I've done are: installing the drivers, which failed.

I've also looked in the device managemer app but could find anything of a camera.

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Dell :: Update: Fresh Installation Of Windows Xp After A Bad Virus...
my computer can't "standby" or "hibernate" I can see that option but its disabled, what can I do?

I'm downloading some drivers right now like, my wireless card drivers, ethernet drivers and some others that were lost during the reinstall.

The drivers I'm missing are:

Ethernet Controller
Video controller
Video controller (VGA compatible) ....

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Sony :: "Fresh Start" Vs. Custom "Clean Install"
I'm thinking about purchasing new z with "Fresh Start" option and wondering what's included with it.

On my current TZ, I've used "Clean Install" and everything worked fine for me.

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Dell :: E6400 Clean Install?
How well will the E6400 work without the dell DCP software installed. I've had the E6400 only two weeks and thinking of wiping the OS and installing Win 7 again with only the necessary drivers, without all the Dell software. The machine was using over 3.1 gigs of RAM yesterday and there was NOTHING running on the taskbar. Looked at the process list and there was no one process that was consuming my RAM, I was getting nickel and dimed by all the processes that are running. DCP seemed to be a big consumer as well as CPU time.


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Dell :: E6400: DCP Control Point Which To Install
Which DCP (Dell Control Point) I should install? I want to control Volume and Display brightness only. Nothing else.

I do not want to install DCP for security, power saving, etc because last time I installed security and power saving DCP, it caused me disaster.

If anyone knew which app and if they allow me to install: Volume + Display brightness control only,

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Dell :: Install Windows Server 2003 And Windows Vista In The Same Laptop?
i need to know can i install windows server 2003 in the same laptop. I have partitoined my Laptop in to C, D and E drives,

now i installed Vista in C: drive is it posible to install windows server 2003 in D: drive? Suppose if i install like tht it will cause any problem? . Thank you all

My DELL Inspiron 1525 (Midnight Blue)
Screen: 15.4" HR glossy widescreen (1440x900)
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T6400
RAM: 4.0 GB DDR2
HD: 320 GB

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Dell :: Clean Install Windows 7? Or Windows Xp?
Has anyone clean installed Windows 7 on their new Inspiron laptops? I just bought a E1545 and it came with Windows 7. I'd like to clean install and I was wondering if it was as easy as popping in the Windows 7 DVD and waiting for it to install and then just dling the drivers online and installing.

And how about Windows XP? I know most people have gotten used to and accepted Windows 7... but has anyone installed WIndows XP on their laptop that came with Windows 7 originally? I mean a native install, not virtual...

If no one has done this yet, I am willing to create a guide if it is requested and if I succeed in doing so...

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Dell :: Windows 7 On Latitude E6400
I am trying Windows 7 on my Latitude E6400, and I am having two a little issue for the system.

First issue is despite enabling advance performance for the drive under Device manager, Windows 7 gives me score or 2.0, than in Vista the score is significantly higher in the 5.0 range. My HDD is the Hitachi 5400RPM 160GB.

Second issue is, I don't know what I missed when installing the drivers/software, but I don't have the on-screen volume control. But the ambient light sensor, brightness level and keyboard backlit mode, does appear.

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Dell :: E6400 Performance Windows 7
I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my e6400 with p9500, 256mb graphics, 4gb ram and 256gb SSD. First, 7 BLOWS Vista to shreds regarding speed. It is unreal how clean and efficient it is. My first question is in the power settings, high performance is gone. Anyone know why? Also, the Windows Performance Rating shows the following:

Processor: 6.1
RAM: 6.1
Graphics: 3.4
Gaming Graphics: 5.3
Primary HD: 6.9

The scoring goes up to 7.9. Do you guys think those are low? I'm surprised gaming graphics are higher than Aero graphics and that the hard disk is only a 6.9 and the processor is only 6.1.

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Dell :: E6400 + Windows 7 X64 + Hibernate = Not Reliable
Windows 7 x64 RTM from TechNet
Latest BIOS, DCP drivers, etc

Not sure if anyone else is running into this but I will put my computer into hibernate by closing the lid and toss it in my bag. Works for about 5-7 hibernates and then sometimes it will look like it is hibernating, but the machine never turns off. I open the lid and see that the keyboard backlight is on and the num lock or caps lock will go on and off, but I can't get the screen back. I can only hold down the power button for 5 seconds and then restart.

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Dell :: Can E6400 Run Windows Server 2008?
Would the drivers for Vista 64bit work?

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Dell :: Windows 2008 On Latitude E6400
I'm running Windows 2008 64 bit on Dell Latitude e6400. Most everything works. The only issue is the Ethernet Gigabit adapter. The Vista 64 bit driver exists stating that no hardware was found. Dell supports says this laptop was specifically designed for Vista, no Win 2008 support if provided.

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Dell :: E6400 WebCam Central On Windows 7?
Anyone got the Dell Webcam Central App to install on Windows 7? I have installed the creative webcam drivers, but don't have the app to use the webcam.

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Dell :: E6400-6500 Windows 7 Index Rating
I just was wondering what some of you are getting in Windows 7 Index Rating.

I was having issues getting VS 2008 to work without going crazy with SearchIndexer.exe and re-installed 7 just now. Somehow my score is now a 4.1, using the same drivers ....

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Dell :: E6400 Driver For SD Card Reader (Windows XP)
I just do a fresh install windows XP. Everything has been installed properly (no exclamation mark) in device driver. However, 1 thing that hasn't worked is the SD card reader. I inserted SD Card and nothing shows up. I open My Computer, the only available is my hard disk (C and cd-rom (D.

I opened device manager: IDE/ATA/ATAPI controllers:

Ricoh SD/MMC host controller.

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Dell :: New Windows 7 Driver For 5530 WWAN Card On E6400
Anyone got the new 64 bit Windows 7 driver (not the Vista driver) for 5530 WWAN card on E6400 working?.

The driver installed fine on my E6400 (running 64 bit Windows 7), but Wireless Manager (downloaded from Sony Ericsson website) stopped working saying it can't find any wireless device (probably because it can't recognize the new driver)..

Then I went to get Control Point Connection Manager and noticed that there's none for Windows 7. So how do you use the WWAN card without a client?..

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Dell :: M1730 Windows XP Install
I have M1730 with windows Vista.

I just installed 2 x 120Gb hard drives, created RAID0 stripe, and trying to install Windows XP.

I Downloaded Intel SATA RAID drivers from Trying to install them from a floppy during Windows XP install but get a BSOD every time its trying to load the driver

If anyone was successful in installing Windows XP on M1730 (with RAID 0)

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Dell :: 1536 Windows XP Install
I tried several times to install Windows XP on my 1536.

Problem is that after "Windows loads all the files" and claims that "Setup is starting Windows" it will blue screen. This problem is not the disk, as I have tried Pro, Home, and Media Center edition all with burnt and OEM disks.

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Dell :: How Can I Install Windows On A New HDD...Without A Disc
I got a new 120GB seagate Momentus 7200rpm HDD in the mail today. I wasn't expecting it yet (I actually wasn't expecting it to ship until today) so I wasn't ready for it.

I need to know how I can copy windows from my current 60GB HDD to my new 120GB...but I don't have a Windows Xp CD. I know there is some way to make an "image" of my current HDD? But when I research that it gets a little confusing because they are always how to's for backing up your files rater than making a CD that you can actually install on a blank HDD.

How many CD's will it take If I un-install all my programs first and basically just copy Windows itself?

I'm not interested in going out and buying an external caddy and copying directly to the new HDD externally UNLESS that is the only way to do it. I need a way that it can be done like...2day! cause i'm anxious!

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Dell :: Windows Xp Install On 1720
i rebooted with the windows xp cd in and after it does the first check and you press enter i do, and something comes up about cant continue because theres no hard drive detected?

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Dell :: Trying To Install Windows XP Pro On My XPS M1530
I'm trying to install Windows XP Pro on my XPS m1530. I am using this driver pack:

XPS M1530 Windows XP Driver Pack (Final) by Udi

Which AHCI driver(s) should I include? UDI mentions in his readme (Method 1) to use 82801HEM/HBM (Mobile) driver. This driver is in both iaahci.inf and iastor.inf. Which one should I use? I have a 7200 RPM SATA HD.

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Dell :: How To Install Windows 7 64-bit On XPS 1330 ?
Can any one post how to Install Windows 7 64-bit on XPS 1330 ?

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Dell :: Why I Cannot Install My Windows After Format?
I had facing a problem after format my laptop. The problem is i cannot Install my Windows Vista.

I using Original Windows Vista. But my laptop cannot finish the installation. The message is Windows Error Recovery. Please leave me a message if you know why.

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Dell :: Clean Windows 7 Install On XPS 16?
Dell is sending me a replacement SXPS16 (the 4th one. The previous 3 have been SXPS13's that have all been defective).

I genuinely hated all the bloatware on the 13's, so would you guys advise doing a fresh install on the 16?

The computer comes with the proper disc to do that, right?

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Dell :: Windows 7 Clean Install
I have a Studio 15 (1535) and did a clean install with Windows 7 (32 bit) and now I'm in the process of reinstalling my programs.

I used Windows 7 Easy Transfer so I can keep track on what needs to be installed and boy this program is slick.

I didn't install all the Dell software that came with the computer but selected what I wanted

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Dell :: Windows 7 64 Bit ... Overheating? Cant Install It
I was thinking to upgrade to 64 bit windows 7.

I insterted the dvd and boot from it but when after clicking install button, it asks me to insert the drivers cd...

and if I dont insert it, it doesnt continue.. Any one wanna to help me

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Dell :: How To Install Windows XP 64-Bit (x64) On XPS M1530
How to install Windows XP 64-Bit (x64) on XPS M1530

Is it possible? Yes it is! For those of us who enjoys Windows XP and need that 4GB+ ram for bragging rights, here is a HOWTO (with pictures) for you. This is working on a Dell XPS M1530 with an PM965 chipset, T9300 CPU, 4GB DDR2 ram, and 256MB GeForce 8600M GT video card. I will not guarantee that this will work on ALL Dell XPS M1530 systems. For those with the same laptop specs, this should work for you.

You will need:Basic knowledge of installing WindowsA genuine Microsoft Windows XP 64-Bit CDDrivers pack (downloaded in this thread). This will not include drivers for your video card, touchpad, and fingerprint.Agree that by following these steps, I am in no way liable for your actions and you will take full responsibility to any damage to your computer, if it may occur

Optional step, but recommended. Install the latest BIOS for your M1530 from the Dell website. More info on benefits of BIOS A11+ drivers here: 8 gb on xps m1530, with A11

Download the essential drivers pack HERE: [url]

Put this driver pack inside a flash drive or an external hard drive that uses a USB port. You will need this for later steps.

This essential drivers pack includes:

- Intel Mobile Chipset Driver
- Ricoh R5C832, R5C833, R5C843 Driver
- Sigmatel STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio Driver
- Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller Driver
- Creative Labs Laptop Integrated Webcam Driver
- Intel Wireless WiFi Link Adapters Driver

*Most of these drivers are for other laptops such as the M1330, M1730, Inspiron, etc. that support Windows XP 64-Bit. Since these laptops share common hardwares, these drivers work fine on the M1530.
Before installing XP 64-Bit you need to disable the Flash Cache Module and switch the hard drive mode from AHCI to ATA. To do this, restart the computer, and then press F2 to go to the BIOS.

In BIOS under Flash Cache Module, change it to OFF:

Then under SATA Operation, switch it to ATA:

More info on ATA vs. AHCI: Flash Cache Module in XP?................

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Dell :: E6400 + 6 Cell + Windows 7 X64 7229 + Standby = Serious Battery Drain?
Fresh load of Windows 7 x64 7229 and when I put my machine into standby the battery seems to drain incredibly fast....almost like it is on. I will standby the machine before I go to bed and in the morning it's dead with 0% battery.

I used to do the same thing with my D630 and in the morning I would have 85% or so on the equivilant 6 cell battery. Is there something I am missing.

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