Dell :: How Well Does Vista 64-bit Run Or Just Vista In General On XPS 16?

Feb 11, 2009

I just read an article and it's made me even more disappointed in Vista then i already was in it.

I'm receiving my XPS 16 next week and after reading an article pointing out it's graphical bugs, crashing issues it's made me wonder if i should put XP on there (duel boot it)

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Dell :: XPS M1530: How To Upgrade Vista Premium To Vista Business + HD Change

Jan 11, 2009

Firstly I apologize if this has been asked earlier, but I couldn't find an answer to my question. I have a 1530 on order. The OS will be Vista Premium x86. There are 2 things I need to do-

1. Upgrade the HD from a 5400 to a 7200, I have the HD.

2. Install Windows Vista Business - I have an original retail version, and I absolutely need this.

I have the Vista Business Retail DVD. What I want to do is have Windows and the dell partitions configured exactly as they came with the original computer, only with Vista Business, and on the new hard disk. I don't want to alter Media Direct, or delete the restoration partition. Everything should be the same except the Windows Versio

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Acer :: Delete Vista Partitions, Format Hard Drive, Reinstall Vista ...

Feb 21, 2009


A few days ago i bought an Acer 7730 laptop with Windows Vista pre-installed and no disks. After initial hesitation i have decided to keep vista and not downgrade to XP. After all there will be more service packs and tweaking should speed it up lots anyway.

However, i really want to get rid of the three partitions on the hard drive. There is only one physical hard drive but there are three partitions; a hidden 10GB one (EISA configuration) which from what i have gathered is now obsolete, a C: partition 111.44GB and a D: partition 111.44GB. There is no need to split a drive into several partitions now that we have the NTFS file system (unless you are using multiple operating systems of course - but i am not) so this is really annoying me.

I have made the 2 recovery DVD and the 1 applications/drivers DVD. I have an old WinXP disk that i can use to format the laptop if required.


Using the recovery disks (which i'm assuming contain a copy of my bought OEM Vista that was pre-installed on the laptop), can i delete the partitions, format the hard drive and install Vista onto a single c: partition?

I've done this exact process before with WinXP hundreds of times but i'm not sure whether i can do the same for Vista with just the 3 DVD mentioned...

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Dell :: Windows Vista 32 Bit On Studio 15 Vs Vista 64 Bit

Jan 26, 2009

I bought a Dell Studio 15 (1535) from Futureshop with the following specs .....

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Dell :: About 4GB Of RAM On Vista-32

Oct 9, 2008

I want to buy a dell studio 17 and I don't know if I should add 3GB or 4Gb of RAM, I know Vista-32bits can't use 4GB of ram completely (although vista sp1 will "read" that you have those 4gb physically installed, the system can't access the RAM completely...)

But my question is, May I have some benefit to have that amount of ram ? Maybe the games, or heavy programs could access the extra ram, or is pointless ? If it's pointless, why dell's try to sell that amount of ram if the system can't use it ?

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Dell :: How Is Vista SP2 Going For Everyone

Jun 24, 2009

I have yet to install SP2 on my new E4300, though I'm downloading it now.

I was wondering, those with the Latitude E-series, does SP2 play nice with the factory intall? I've installed Office 2007, NIS 2009, and uninstalled Dell Connection Manager.

So I guess my question is, how was the install experience?

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Dell :: Vista Only Seeing 3g Of RAM

Feb 11, 2009

I know this has been covered here, but I can't seem to find it through search. I'm running 32-bit Vista Ultimate and it's only seeing 3 g of RAM out of 4. What is the solution? I think I remember someone saying you have to upgrade to 64-bit Vista, but is there any other way? I coule really use the extra 1g RAM for certain things I do, and would rather not have to reinstall Vista...

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Dell :: Vista UAC Pop Ups

Aug 29, 2007

i have two programs that i use everyday and works fine under vista, the only problem is that every time i open it vista would stop and ask for my permission to let the program run, after i click allow, everything goes normally, but this is driving me insane!!! how can the stupid vista not REMEMBER that i have AUTHORIZED this program as legit like a billion times already and still ask me EVERY TIME i open it?

i don't want to disable UAC completely because i do believe it could be useful, but i want it to stop asking for permission to launch two of my favorite programs (a chat program and a download manager, and yes they are both latest version from maker)

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Dell :: Vista -> Xp

Sep 30, 2007

how can I install windows xp on my inspiron1720 that has vista home premium? When I boot my laptop form winxp cd, it says during instalation that he can't find hard drive connected.

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Dell :: Vista 64 Bit

Oct 3, 2008

I currently have a Toshiba Sat. A200. It's dying quickly, and I need a new laptop for school (I'm a nursing student, and we do a lot of stuff online [ie/ viewing labs etc]).

Anyway, I'm looking at the Dell XPS m1530. It seems to be a very nice laptop. What I want to know, is how I can get Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I plan on getting Vista Ultimate Edition SP1 with the laptop direct from Dell (I live in Canada if that makes a difference). Is the Vista Ultimate option with the XPS 64-bit?

Actually, a good second question is, what is the main difference between 32 and 64 bit?

I just want 64 bit because someone told me it was better?

I want this laptop to last me years (2-3-ish).

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Dell :: Vista Or Xp

Jan 22, 2008

i recently bought XPS<SUP><SMALL>TM</SMALL></SUP> M1530 and its got vista premium with aero as os

i wanted xp as os but there was no choice but to have vista as os

im thinking of installing xp on the laptop and wonder if its a good idea

will there be programmes that installed on the laptop not work with xp or that kind of "inconvience"?

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Dell :: Getting 64-bit Vista From?

Apr 27, 2009

I just ordered a refurb e4300 from dell with vista. I want to run 64-bit vista. Is there a way to get the disk free from dell or somewhere else versus buying it?

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Dell :: Vista SP1 Out

Mar 19, 2008

well its official! i got the update just a little while ago. lets hope it makes a difference.

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Dell :: POLL: Vista Or XP

Feb 27, 2008

Since vista has come out, I have installed it three times to give it a chance, and all three times I was upset about how slow it seemed, but my new M1710 came with a license for vista ultimate and I just received the install DVD from Dell and was wondering. As of today, a clean install of vista with ALL updates and some tweaking, would it affect my FPS in games enough to notice? Would it help if I upgraded to 4gb? (3.2gb addressable)

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Dell :: XP Downgrade Vs. Vista

May 23, 2009

About to purchase a new E6400 and still deciding which operating system.

I noticed that I have a choice to downgrade to windows XP which I am extremely familiar and happy with. Im not familiar that much with Vista and I am concerned with all the complaints I hear.

I definitely expect to upgrade to Windows 7 when available in the winter.

Im just not sure which operating system i should go with now until then.
Did anyone else have this delemna?

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Dell :: Need To Get Rid Of Vista And Back To XP .. How?

Dec 17, 2007

i upgraded from xp to vista over the weekend. i'm now typing this back on xp. boy i tried as hard as i could to make it work, but i just couldnt break down and use it. i had so many problems with it from drivers, to programs, it was horrible. thanks to all that helped with my previous questions regarding my upgrade. i'll just have to continue to use xp until it dies, or is just no longer supported at all.

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Dell :: Vista Reinstallation DVD

Nov 5, 2008

i got a Vista Reinstallation DVD with my Studio 1735.

1. Do i need to format c before i can install a clean vista with this DVD? If that is correct, how can i format c without a floppydrive?

2. Or does using the Reinstallation DVD automatically format the HDD? Will i loose the recovery partition this way? And perhaps some more important hidden partions? Because i would like to keep the recovery partition.

3. i have heard about problems with mediabuttons, when reinstalling Vista. Will they not work anymore or crash my pc, after using the Reinstallation DVD?

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Dell :: I8kfangui On Vista 64

Jan 2, 2009

had anybody successfully installed i8kfangui on 64 bit vista ?

I just reinstalled my system and i can't seem to install since fanio.sys driver refuses to install. I've tried the suggested solution (Ready Driver Plus) but windows didn't even boot with it.

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Dell :: Reformatting To Vista From XP On An XPS

Sep 27, 2009

After a few weeks using Vista on my Xps 1530 i used the guides on this site to install XP on my machine. Now I've decided to go back to vista but this seems to be a much more difficult task than i first tought.

I tried reinstalling with my Vista disk, either by starting it up in Xp or by booting directly from it. But when the installation gets halfway and needs to restart the computer i get a blue screen every time after restarting and trying to continue the installation.

Blue screen message:
A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your

If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer .....

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Dell :: Vista 32 Bit & Win 7 Professional 64 Bit

Oct 25, 2009

I would like to know if I can upgrade vista home premium 32 upgrade to windows 7 professional.

I bought Windows 7 Professional upgrade through my schools student program, and I would like to know the proper way to install windows 7

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Dell :: Buggy Vista Sp1 (rtm)

Feb 15, 2008

Vista SP1 RTM is buggy, internet (using wireless on a Dell 1390 card) would occasionally be dead. Like if I try to visit a website usually it says cannot reach server or whatever the usual thing is when it can't sense a connection. Also when I type in sites like it will bring me to like the live search or yahoo depending on what i set the provider to be and link me to click on the site with If I type the www first it wont happen. Also the "dead connection thing is affecting everything like AIM wont connect sometimes and I have to click connect again. Same with World of Warcraft. It says unable to connect server usually the first time I click connect. Have to click again. I am using a netgear wgt624v3 router, I did not test this with different router yet or have i tried the cat5 cable. But this problem happened after SP1.

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Dell :: Vista Ultimate DVD

Feb 13, 2009

My laptop came with 32bit vista, and I have the cd too. Now I also received the 64bit version after calling which I have not opened yet

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Dell :: Too Many Processes In Vista!

Jul 24, 2009

I was used to having, at most, 45 processes running when I used XP. However, I noticed that I have an average of 65 processes running in Vista

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Dell :: XP, To Vista, Back To XP

Sep 13, 2007

I ran Vista Ultimate on my M170 for about a month before I got fed up with it and loaded XP back on. I'm not saying that Vista is a bad system...I just had more problems with it in one month than I've had with XP since SP2 was released. I would have gotten rid of it sooner if I wasn't in the middle of Bioshock at the time.

The good: Speed wise, Vista was awesome. My system was plenty healthy enough to run it smoothly, though I think it only rated my system as like a 3.x in performance. Vid card was a 6 though...sweet. With Aero turned on, it was very pretty too look at, though not as much as Linux with compiz or other comparable programs. The file indexing system was just straight dope. I applaud the programmers for this: when Explorer would crash, it wouldn't require a system restart, it would just reload and the system was fine again. All of my hardware was recognized without the need to load drivers.

The bad: It would BSOD quite often. Went through multiple drivers for my hardware to try and curb the problem...even reloaded the OS, which seemed to have helped slightly.

Explorer also crashed more times than I care to count. Firefox crashed every time I closed it. And what happened to display properties? What a step backwards. What's wrong with a single window with multiple tabs? Why do you have to click a link that opens another window that needs to be closed when you're done with it? It also didn't like my dell quickset drivers for the touchpad. I liked that my touchpad had the sensors to scroll web pages...Vista had a different opinion on the matter. Vista also didn't care for my external usb WD 250gig hard drive, as it would start transferring data, and then the stream would stop and the drive would no longer be accessible until I plugged into a different port. I was afraid that my drive was dieing...nope, XP has no problems with it.

After removal and going back to! You don't realize how fast an M170 and XP is until you've played around with a hog of an OS like Vista.

Overall, I'm not all that impressed with it. I think I'll wait to use Vista again when both the SP1 update has dropped, and I'm running a DX10 video card.

Specs: M170, 1.7 pin-modded to 2.2ghz, 7800GTX, 60gig 7200rpm, 2gig.

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Dell :: OEM Vista Disk

Jun 12, 2009

I'm upgrading my laptop's hard drive soon to a Western Digital WD5000BEVT and I plan to do a clean install of vista after the hard drive swap. I know the procedure to install media direct first and everything. My question is regarding the dell vista disk. Is it free of bloatware? Once installed will I have a clean system? Or will I have to go back again and uninstall loads of crap.

I have that hard drive in my ps3 and love it. Fast, cool and quiet.

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Dell :: Windows Vista X64 Sp2

Sep 17, 2009

I tried windows update to get SP2, but it says No New Updates are available. But mine is still SP1

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Dell :: M1530Windows Vista SP2

May 26, 2009

I'm thinking I should, but then the hassle like with SP1. Naaah I'll better wait for some other people

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Dell :: Vista X64 On M1530

Oct 17, 2008

I currently have an M1530 with the specs listed in my signature. My question being, would it be faster to have x64 bit Vista on my computer over the x32 I have right now for everyday applications and stability? I web browse, do some audio editing, listen to music, manage cameras and other devices, and download and watch TV shows etc. Would I notice a speed improvement over x32 besides the obvious "fresh install" feeling? I also should mention that I do some moderate gaming on the computer, CS:Source and BF2 mainly.

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Dell :: Worth It To Go To Vista

Sep 6, 2007

I have vista home premium that came with my e1705. I am running xp right now. I figured I might give it some time but I am looking for your opinions on the matter. Is it a worthy upgrade?

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Dell :: Vista & XPS M1710

Sep 26, 2007

I have a problem with my M1710...

I just installed vista ultimate again and my system keeps recognizing an uncknown device...

I have removed the device manually but now I have some problems wth my audio...

I also had the same problem with vista home premium....

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