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Dell :: My Latitude E4200 Starts To Make A Buzzing Noise

Recently my laptop starts to make a high frequency whining noise, almost constantly and rarely stopped.

I tried to locate the component which the noise was originated from, I can only figure out it's somewhere below the memory module, but there is no moving component there, so my biggest suspect is the fan, because if I put my ear to the back of the laptop, except the whining I also heard very minor "clicking" noise.

Another weird thing is, this noise only starts after Windows is loaded, not in BIOS or during booting, although the fan was running at those times.

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Acer :: Aspire 6930G Unplugged Make A Faint Buzzing Sound
I've recently bought an Acer Aspire 6930G and am overall very pleased with it.

However, in the few weeks since i've bought it there has been one concern I have had.

Whenever the laptop is unplugged from the mains, it starts to make a faint buzzing sound. The sound seems to come from the 'tube' near the subwoofer on the back (where the power socket is on one side, and the Kensington Lock is on the other side). The buzzing also only seems to be coming from the right side of the laptop above the number pad.

What is also strange is that i am able to stop the buzzing by tipping the laptop sideways or moving the screen. This seems to indicate that something might be vibrating, but again only when the power cord is unplugged?

Like i say, i don't think its enough to take the laptop back (unless somebody tells me differently), but i am concerned enough to ask on here if anyone with the same or similar laptop has any ideas as to why this might be happening.

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Dell :: E6400: CD/DVD Drive Buzzing Noise
When I am burning a cd or dvd, the drive makes a really loud buzzing noise that sounds like its coming from some sort of vibration.

If I push the drive in and up just a bit while this happens, the vibrations stop and the noise goes away.

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Sony :: FW Series Brightness And Buzzing Noise
I am trying to get how many of you are experiencing this issues.

that on low levels of brightness the LCD whines and makes a buzzing noise

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Sony :: Vaio Laptop CF11 5FM/B Buzzing Noise
I am seriously considering purchasing this laptop. I have read reviews concerning a constant high pitched "buzzing" noise on this model.

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Sony :: 2010 F Series Makes Buzzing Noise
I just purchased the new 16" F Series. Right out of the box, the unit makes a slight buzzing noise on the right side.

It starts after the unit has booted. It tends to happen when the machine is idle. It's the same if the battery is in or out.

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Dell :: Latitude E4200 Info
I have been see-sawing between the Sony Z and the E4200 (two very different machines) but being a Dell customer for the past decade, and having access to Premier and EPP, tipped the decision in favor of the the smallest E in the new Dell portfolio.

I thought I would start this thread as a 'catch all' place for all the folks who are ordering the new E4200. I have been looking for info on the E4200 in particular but there isn't much to be found though a few folks have indeed received their E4300s.

There seems to be some disappointment with the E4300. I am holding out until the backlit keyboard as well Latitude ON (hardware-based) are widely available. It does seem that some of the kinks still need to be ironed out from the lilliputian E-class Dells. Here's an early review that pretty much sums up the disappointment that some new owners are feeling:


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Dell :: Latitude E4200 LED Panel
There are two different LED Panels used for E4200.
Toshiba is not a good one, which has some bleeding issue.
Samsung is the best, which is soft.

You can figure out which panel you own on your E4200 via looking at the bottom of LED panel (Golden color means that you have a Toshiba one, and Silver one will be Samsung. Toshiba one also shows a lot of small bulbs at the edge, bad, bad...

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Dell :: Windows 7 On Latitude E4200
Windows 7 seems to be running fine on the Dell Latitude E4200 other than the fact that the Ambient Light Sensor is not working,

did anybody find a fix for this, I know you can find the Windows 7 driver for the Dell Latitude E4200, but still same issue,

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Dell :: Latitude E4200 Fan Noisehow To Turn It Off
I am on to my 2nd Latitude e4200 now ...

the first one had the fan come on straight away at the start and then never turn off. Regardless of what temperatures the ACPI and cores were running at.

it was running bios A03 and we upgraded it to A04 and that didn't fix it. We think the thermistor was buggered so we replaced that but then the Dell service guy basically couldn't remember how to put it back together and buggered it so it wouldn't boot!..........................................

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Dell :: Hard Drive Options For Latitude E4200?
I think the E4200 is a great machine, and I can probably get one cheap off Dell Outlet. My only real concern here is hard drive capacity. The standard options of 64GB or 128GB SSD aren't going to cut it for me...

I'd want to have at least a 256GB SSD or one of the Toshiba 250GB 5400RPM 1.8" drives.

I know that the E4200 has a 1.8" hard drive slot, so a standard 2.5" notebook hard drive will not work at all.

But its 1.8" slot should mean that regular 1.8" hard drives should work in it, no? Surely the computer can use either a 1.8" SSD drive or 1.8" hard drive

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Dell :: Latitude E4200: Samsung SSD PB22-JS3 TM 64GB Drive W/ TRIM Support?
I got a Dell Latitude E4200 with a Samsung SSD PB22-JS3 TM 64GB drive. Does anyone know if its firmware can be upgraded to support TRIM in Windows 7? Current

firmware version is VBM19D1Q. Seems like the version that support TRIM is VBM19C1Q. Doesnt that seem like a downgrade? I've had my notebook since October 2009 so I dont think it has TRIM support from the factory.

Firmware location I think is here:

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HP/Compaq :: Dv5t Sound Randomly Make A Static Boom Noise
if anyone has had sound issues with their DV5? I have the current bios F13 and have un-installed and reinstalled sound drivers and such. What is happening is the sound will randomly make a static boom noise and then go away and then do it again.. i have checked my external speaks and have even replaced them thinking it was them.. it is not since it is happening with my onboard speakers as well. So this static boom sound is a constant annoyance along with music sounding rather off/staticy..

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Dell :: Ordered A Latitude E6400 Did I Make A Mistake?
I ordered a "previously ordered new" Latitude E6400 from the Dell Outlet a few days ago. Got a pretty decent price of $560 after using a 15% off e-coupon.

Mine is fairly basic as far as the E6400 line-up goes, e.g. no fingerprint reader, no backlit keyboard, no Bluetooth, etc. I'd use this strictly as my personal laptop, and I was looking for something with XP and a matte screen anyway.

It has a Core 2 Duo P8400, 160 GB HD, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 24x CD-RW/DVD drive, Intel GMA 4500 MHD video, WXGA matte screen, and the Dell 1397 802.11 b/g internal wireless card.

Hopefully I'm just overreacting, but I've come across some owner reviews on CNet, Amazon,, etc. about E6400s having overheating problems, issues with Dell's ControlPoint (?)

software, the pseudo brushed metal exterior surfaces collecting fingerprints and skin oil way too easily,

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Dell :: Latitude E6400/6500 Touchpad Is Bad, How To Make It Less Bad
This is not the newest topic but it's been well described that the Latitude E series' touchpad is crappy. With the launch of Windows 7, I thought that I'd give the new touchpad drivers a try. Still as crappy.

This is the worst touchpad and pointing stick that I can remember using on a laptop. Normally I wouldn't care, but actually having a terrible nav system really stinks more than I thought it would.

Well, my stop-gap solution was to simply remove the Dell touchpad drivers altogether and go native with whatever Windows 7 detected. What an amazing difference! The touchpad is usable now (it doesn't freeze and it tracks much better).....

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Dell :: Latitude E6400/E6500 Owners Fan Noise?
I'd like to ask any E6400 or E6500 owners about their fan noise as I'm considering those machines right now. I'm thinking of going with the Intel 4500 graphics for hopefully less heat and noise than the Nvidia NV160.

How long does the fan stay off while doing basic web browsing? When it turns on does it ramp up to a slow speed or does it blast on and then ramp down to a slow speed? Does this cycle of off and on continue?

The reason I'm asking is I had a Lenovo Ideapad Y430 that was very irritating regarding fan noise. With basic web browsing or even idling the machine the fan would stay off for about a minute or two and then would blast on when it turned on before ramping down immediately to a slow speed for about a minute. Then it would shut off and this cycle would continue over and over. Was very distracting and annoying when in a quiet environment.

I'd like a fan with either consistent fan noise (stays on at slow speed forever) or with no noise at all (stays off forever). How close is the E6400 or the E6500 to this ideal behavior?

I was amazed when I tried out a Dell Studio 1537 that had a fan that didn't turn on at all while web browsing. I could use it for hours and it wouldn't turn on.

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Dell :: Latitude E6400 Loud Cracking Noise
Bought a latitude E6400 a few weeks ago. Every now and again a loud cracking noise can be heard somewhere around the left side of the keyboard. This happens very infrrequently, about 10 times since I have had it.

Before I ring Dell has anyone come across this before?

The noise is like a crack and then a smaller click Sounds like a small peice of plastic just broke or something.

The laptop could be sitting there doing nothing for 20 mins and then the noise happens.

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Acer :: Fan Starts And Stops Constantly
Model: Acer Aspire 4720-4538

The CPU fan is totally off when the CPU temp is under 55C (according to Everest). Once it's over 55C, it goes onto its low setting. Somewhere higher up, it goes to its high setting.

The problem: Even just browsing the web and doing light desktop work (IM, Explorer, Word), the CPU temp creeps up to 55C pretty easily. Once it does, the fan shoots on, but it only takes about 3 seconds to get to below 55C, so it shuts off again. Without the fan, the temp goes up past 55C again, and the cycle restarts.

The result is an on-off-on-off-on-off fan that turns on or stays off for only about 2-5 seconds at a time. REALLY annoying, esspecially in an otherwise quiet library environment. I can see people looking over at me with a "what the f is wrong with your computer" look.

I've updated the BIOS to its latest as of this date (Jan 06 2009) on the Acer site (3810), that didn't help any.

I've read (on this site) that Acer uses something propertiary to control their fan, causing normal fan control software to not work on Acer's.

Does anybody know of any software that will let me control the speed of the fan? I tried the fan control software for the Acer Aspire One, which didn't seem to work.

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Acer :: 1350 Starts Up But Won't POST
I have an Acer 1350, when I press the power button the CPU fan comes on for five seconds or so, but the screen doesn't come on, and the hard drive doesn't seek. If I leave it on, after a few minutes the CPU fan comes on again, so obviously part of it is working, but it just won't boot up.

The screen is definitely working fine because I've tested it on another Acer 1350, the hard drive is fine as well, also tested on another Acer 1350, the memory is fine, ditto.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6000- 3 Starts And Reboots To Run
I have a dv6000 and I have been finding lately that I need to restart the laptop 3 times in order for everything to work. First time I can't click on any icons. Restart. Second time when I run my mouse over the start icon the hour glass appears and I can't activate ctr,alt delete. Restart. Third time the wireless does not start. Then I proceed to reboot and and start and things run fine. Weird. Rebooting is done by holding the power button down.

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Dell :: Inspiron 1521 Game Starts And Then It Just Freezes
I have a problem with gaming on the Inspiron 1521 laptop running on vista home prem. Ok, take any game that has some 3-D effects on it, when I play the game with the battery charger plugged into my laptop, the game starts and then it just freezes.

I have to hold the power button to get out of it, but when I take the battery charger out of the laptop and start the game, it works fine but a little slow. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?

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Acer :: 2420 Notebook - Starts Slowing Down Again
I've been experiencing kind of a problem with my Acer 2420 laptop. When I start up its usually pretty fast, but eventually it begins to slow down to the point where I have to restart the system completely. I have it running Windows Vista Home Edition at 512MB of ram, 1.5Ghz.

Its really weird because sometimes when I unplug the charger it works again but after I plug it back in, like 10 minutes later it starts slowing down again. I can't figure it out.

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HP/Compaq :: HP Pavilion ZE2000- Starts, Shuts Itself Off
Laptop starts, shuts itself off. Sometimes will boot to Windows, then shut off. Now, obviously this thing is toast. But look at that thing..what's with the wire? What's with the huge blob of solder? Did somebody just cobble something up here so it would at least still power on, giving some hope of fixing it? Does anybody here think it's fixable if I replaced that chip? Is it a power mosfet? Sorry no pics of the reverse side as I haven't "progressed" to that point yet.

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HP/Compaq :: Pavilion ZE2000- Starts, Shuts Itself Off
Laptop starts, shuts itself off. Sometimes will boot to Windows, then shut off. Now, obviously this thing is toast. But look at that thing..what's with the wire? What's with the huge blob of solder? Did somebody just cobble something up here so it would at least still power on, giving some hope of fixing it? Does anybody here think it's fixable if I replaced that chip? Is it a power mosfet? Sorry no pics of the reverse side as I haven't "progressed" to that point yet.

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Acer :: 7720zg - Integrated Wireless Adapter Starts At The Boot
1. My integrated wireless adapter starts at the boot. How do I make it not to?

2. The same with the bluetooth.

3. I have some media buttons under my numpad stop, back, play/pause and forward. They don't work. Does anybody know how to make them work?

4. How can I remap the fn key shortcuts? I saw some stuff in registry but I don't understand how the codes work F5FD and stuff.

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Acer :: Aspire 5102 - Ubuntu Starts With A BIOS BUG #81[49435000]
When I start it everything is fine. You see the Acer logo. Ubuntu starts with a BIOS BUG #81[49435000]. Then when the Ubuntu load screen just freezes. When I reboot it the screen is dead. But after a cold start it's fine.

I don't think it's because of the bug, I've read it's because I have a 32-bit linux on a 64-bit. When I try to install XP it works for a while but then the screen just dies.

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Dell :: AC Adapter Buzzing
I was wondering why, on occasion, my AC adapter has a little buzzing noise (sporadic) coming from it?

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Dell :: E4200 Owners: Which LCD Did You Get?
The LCD is bright and clear when viewed head-on, but the slightest change in vertical angle causes the brightness and colors to vary like mad, making the system unbearable to use on my lap.

I tried to figure out who made this particular LCD, but the intel graphics driver makes it hard to get the EDID info.

The only thing that sort of worked was MonInfo:

And that only worked by getting the raw data string from the EDID structure, which indicates the LCD is part number "NU412.

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Dell :: Any E4200 Reviews Out There
Any reviews, user pictures, experiences with the E4200 out there by now? Still waiting for feedback before I pull the trigger on one..

Any real world weight figures? 2.2lbs with standard prismatic battery sounds amazing, but I wonder if this is truth. That's the weight of the Asus EEE 8.9" 900 series NETBOOK!

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Dell :: E4200 128GB SSD Speed
Does anybody have HD Tune or HD Tach benchmark for 1.8" 128GB SSD that comes in E4200 ?

I originally ordered refurbished E4200 with 64 GB SSD because I read it has better performance compared to 128GB model, but canceled the order because I realiezed 4 cell battery might be too small and the one I ordered does not come with fingerprint reader and bluetooth.

I ordered another one with 128GB SSD, fingerprint reader, 6 cell battery and bluetooth for just $40 more. (at cost of a little slower processor and no DVD-RW and latitude on capability )

I found HD Tune bechmark result for 64GB SSD, but I don't see benchmark for 128GB model.

I will be great if someone with 128GB SSD post HD Tune benchmark or at least post its modem number so I can read specifications.

R173J Module,Solid State Drive,128G S2,Thin Micro Sata,Samsung,XLO

This is what it says on my order, which is not very helpful in figure out what this SSD really is, other than its samsung model.

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Dell :: Anyone Added Bluetooth To Their E4200?
I got on eBay to my new E4200 and noticed I am missing some piece in there where the Bluetooth would plug in. Anyone else run across this?

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Dell :: Screen On E4200 Dim And Then Brighens On Its Own
I have owned a Dell E4200 for about 1 month. I purchased this E4200 as a refurbished unit from the Dell Outlet. Overall, I am pretty happy with my
E4200, I really like the backlit keyboard, weight/size, solid state drive..price I paid...etc.

But, the screen on my E4200 dims and brightens and then brightens and dims on its own...with no change in the surrounding environment lighting.

For example, I will be sitting with the laptop and all of a sudden the screen will start dimming...and it stays dim for 3-5? seconds...I can still see everything...but screen appears to have lost about 20-40%? of its brightness...usually the screen will then brighten back to where it was...

this cycle will then repeat 2-3 times...this might happen 5-6 times per day...other days it might happen only once or twice

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Dell :: E4200 SSD Firmware Update?
I have an E4200 with the standard SSD. CrystalDiskInfo shows it as a Samsung SSD Thin uSATA 64GB M running firmware VAM05D1Q.

Seeing that Windows 7 has been out for a little while now and TRIM support is showing up on more and more SSDs, I was looking for a firmware update for my SSD. Anyone seen one?

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Dell :: E4200 Hardrive Upgrade
Where can i go for an upgrade of my 64gb ssd other than dell.

the prices are unbelievable from dell, surely by now there are some aftermarket upgrades, i love the dell but i need more space.

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Dell :: My 1555 A/c Power Adaptor Is HOT And BUZZING
I received my 1555 today and am absolutely over the moon. Trying to installing Windows 7 RC on at the moment and apart from some small hiccups - due to user erroor everything is going smoothly. BUT

From the moment I plugged in the a/c power adaptor I noticed that every so often it produces a buzzing noise? It happens every 20sec to 1min or so and last between 1sec to 10sec each time. Does anyone's do that? Not only that, it gets pretty hot as well, when I put my hand on it(on the label side) it feels really hot, in fact so hot that I have to take my hand off unless I 'made' myself stay there. Is this normal?

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Dell :: High Pitching Buzzing On XPS M1730
When the laptop is under video stress there is a loud high pitch buzzing sound coming from the back left of the laptop(GPU?) Is this normal?

I have a 8800gtx SLI setup.

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Acer :: 5920G Buzzing Fan
my fan is making a buzzing noise it's really enoying when i record stuff in the mic you can here it very well

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Acer :: Microphone Buzzing When When On AC
When I speak through Skype, my microphone is buzzing, and I sound like an old radio or something. But when I pull the AC out, my voice 100% clear with no buzzing! I can't figure out why. I have checked the settings, but there are no changes at all?

I have tried to update to all kind of Realtek drivers, and I have done several system recoveries -

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HP/Compaq :: DV9774ca- Buzzing Fan
I have a one year old DV9774ca which suddenly overnight started a slight brrrrr sound from the cooling fan. Its definately the fan because if I watch it and the fan stops for a while then the noise coming from it stops.

At first I thought it sucked up something. I can't see anything, so I blew it out with compressed air, through the fan and through the vents, and it never helped.

I can only assume its the bearings in the fan. Theres no wires or anything sticking down.

I had a similar burrring fan noise once on a computer and if i tapped on the top of the cpu cooler fan the noise went away for a while.

My question is if theres bearings actually at all in these tiny little fans? Or what else it could be. I ask this in case anyone has had experience with these noises and have you either pushed/pulled on the fan blades and it stopped?

I have no issues changing the HSF myself as I build computers for myself and family. So its nothng new to me to pull things to pieces. I have been perusing ebay, etc, for a hsf model 434678-001, as I gather thats the correct one. I can't stand HP's prices so I will source it any where else!

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Dell :: E4200 ESata Cable Stuck!
Yeah so my brand new E4200. Went to install Ubuntu on it. Voila the Esata cable connecting to the external drive refuses to come out of the notebook.

Please tell me there is a magic button that I have to pus

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Dell :: E4200 Ultra Performance Ssd Benches
had a dell e4200 with the ultra performance solid state drive upgrade in my hands for a day or two last weekend. i'd looked everywhere for benches on the upgraded drive before purchasing, but i couldn't find them anywhere. so when i got the computer i decided to take some benchmarks to help out any other shoppers.

couldn't take any write benchmarks because the drive was an o.s. drive. i believe this drive is an slc drive with samsung's second generation ssd controller.

i don't have access to the laptop anymore, so i might not be able to answer any questions you may have about the drive or the laptop itself. but i'll try my best.

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Dell :: How To Upgrade To Backlite Keyboard On E4200
A few days ago a couple of keys from my dell e4200 (non-backlit keyboard) were broken, and I think is timely to upgrade (myself) to backlit keyboard. I was wondering if anyone has done the same and if it's worth.

Another issue is how to activate the lights on the keyboard, because i use linux, do you believe it is a problem

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Dell :: ATTN: E4200 / 4300 Owners
Ok so heres the deal.. I am an xps16 i7 owner who ordered the wrong blue-tooth mod part # 430-3313 ( works on E4200/ E4300 ). Dell wont take the return as i ordered it in sept with my system and my system didnt arrive til december. so...

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Buzzing Headphone Jack Problem!
The headphone jack emits a buzzing noise when I have it connected to my Logitech speakers.

It only makes the annoying sound when the AC Adapter is plugged into it. Is there any quick fixes for this problem????

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Sony :: VAIO AW Screen's Buzzing!
I have Sony VAIO VGN-AW360J.
About two weeks ago I noticed something weird with the brightness regulation of the display. When I tried to change the brightness

(always set up to the maximum) to a lower degree using the keys (Fn F5) a high pitch noise can be heart coming from the screen (to be more exact -

from the lid of the laptop, below the VAIO logo), and it is very noticeable in a quieter environment. Continuing lowering the degrees of brightness would cause higher or less noise. The nosier setting is at 90% of brightness

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Sony :: Buzzing Sound From Display On FW 590
I just got my FW 590 CTO a week ago, and two days after I got it I noticed a buzzing sound coming from the display when the brightness is set to anything other than maximum.

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HP/Compaq :: 2nd DV5t -- Finally No Buzzing
Well After my first DV5T had really annoying buzzing, I asked for a replacement. Got the replacement and have been playing with it for about 3 days now and the buzzing is about 90% quieter.

I know a few others were experiencing this, but with the laptops side-by-side, there is a night and day difference between the two

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Apple :: MBP - Buzzing Sound When Typing
Sometimes when I am typing on my Mid 2009 macbook white there is a sort of buzzing sound, I have ruled this down to the magnet on the top left of the screen as if i put somthing magnetic near it i can hear the magnet moving slightly, I havent had this issue with my 17" MBP

Is this anything to worry about or is it a common problem? it only happens when the screen is at certain angles

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Dell :: Lattitude E4200 Toshiba Vs Samsung LED Panel
I've been researching the Lattitude E4200 and was wondering if people could chime in with more information about the screens available on the E4200.

I know that for the E6400, there is a lot of talk about screens, but it seems like there isn't for the E4200. I've read the few posts that there are regarding the two options that are available: Toshiba and Samsung.

Is there a general consensus of which one is higher quality? Does anyone have side by side comparison pictures? The information that I've read through is pretty scant in terms of not having many responses.

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Dell :: Should I Buy E4200 With Su9300 Or Su9400; Later Upgrade To Su9600?
at a significantly speedier 1.6ghz compared to 1.3 and 1.4 for the former two.

I can save app -80+ bucks going with the su9300 then upgrade later.

1. Is the upgrade easy?

2. What will su9600 cost? .. app/best guess.

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