Dell :: Vostro 1400 Dead LCD Screen

Oct 18, 2009

I had firefox running with several tabs, then I went afk for a while and when I came back, the screen was blank. I shook the mouse, made sure it wasn't sleeping, tried alt-ctrl-del, but I got nothing. Then I did a manual restart by holding the power button then starting it up again.

I could hear the sound of the login screen coming up, I entered my password and it was able to login to Windows since I heard that Windows startup sound. I still couldn't see anything on the screen. I plugged in my external LCD to see if that could detect anything but it said "no signal detected".

Does anybody have a solution for this? Or is my laptop pretty much dead?

My specs are:
T7100 1.8ghz
2gb ram
8400 gs
vista home 32bit

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Screen Dead

Apr 3, 2010

The screen on my Dell Vostro 1400 just died on me. I can turn on the laptop and I hear Vista booting but the screen doesn't show up. The Dell Logo doesn't even show up when I turn on the laptop.

So to diagnose this problem, I connected my LCD monitor to the laptop. The screen appeared but tere is flickers of color everywhere and the screen resolution is terrible. I think the graphics card burned out. I was wondering if my diagnosis is correct?

Also if it is burned out, is it easy to swap graphic cards? I have a GEforce 8600 GS on my laptop. It is not connected with the motherboard.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Screen (dead Pixels)

May 19, 2010

My trusty old Vostro 1400 starting giving me lcd troubles. I had a couple of dead pixels in the start but last 2 months it doubled to more than 10!

Now I checked the status of my Vostro and Im still covered by dells 3 year warranty!
Called up dell and they send me a
Dell PN: Y276G

Now the the original LCD on the vostro was a SEC3157.

Just wondering how good this new panel would be? Any thoughts on this?

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Replacement, What Is Comparable Now Since 1400 Is Not In Production

Sep 23, 2009

Dell is sending me a new unit as replacement to my faulty Dell 1400.

I had the = discrete nvidia graphics option along with the upgraded Dell screen (wxga+).

My question is this? Which will they send? They say it will be comparable. How can it be comparable if they dont even make a 14.1" vostro anymore? I don't want a 15" clunker because the reason i got the 14" was because of portibility.

I also dont wanna get stuck with onboard intel crap graphics, will they give me discrete video card?

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Screen Brightness.

Oct 18, 2009

My Vostro screen is really really dim, I've never noticed this until I compared it to other laptops and screens.

I was wondering how is your Vostro 1400? are you happy with the brightness?

I'm not sure what make of a screen I have but I'd gladly buy a new one and replace this one if I knew other screen makes for this model are brighter.

Here's the comparison shot with 1400 vs Vostro 1300, brightness of both is set to max.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Screen Brightness

Oct 18, 2009

My Vostro screen is really really dim, I've never noticed this until I compared it to other laptops and screens.

I was wondering how is your Vostro 1400? are you happy with the brightness?

I'm not sure what make of a screen I have but I'd gladly buy a new one and replace this one if I knew other screen makes for this model are brighter.

Here's the comparison shot with 1400 vs Vostro 1300, brightness of both is set to max.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400

Nov 1, 2009

I have got Vostro 1400 with GeForce 8400M GS and graphic card failed... I tried to reflow the chip and it worked for 5 day and then it go wrong again...

My last chance is change motherboard... I look at ebay and I found motherboard with integrated Intel graphic... Is it possible to change motherboard with integrated VGA instead of one with GeForce VGA?

I think it should work, but I'm not sure and I don't want to be surprised after spending 200 USD on new motherboard.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 To TV

Apr 4, 2009

I'm trying to connect my Vostro 1400 laptop to my television. I bought this adapter off EBAY:

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 ?

May 2, 2009

is the dell vostro 1400 graphic card (8400m gs) covered by the heatsink i wanna knoe if i can apply thermal paste to it

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Possible Fan Going Bad

Jul 20, 2009

I have Vostro 1400 and it has been a rock for last 2 years I have had it. Recently it developed a rattling type of noise coming from the fan.

It is almost continous but sometimes stops for a second or two. Fan seems to be working OK for now.

Also I noticed if I put me ear next to the fan while the laptop is flat I can clearly hear the noise but I turn the laptop vertical to the ground the fan rattling almost goes away

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 -- New Heatsink

Feb 18, 2010

I should have said microprocessing cooling unit, not heatsink!

My Dell Vostro 1400 laptop has been running hotter with age (it's two years old). About 5 minutes after startup the core temp hits 50-60C, the fan kicks in, the core goes down to 30C, the fan kicks off. This cycle occurs about every 5 minutes or so. I've cleaned the fan area thoroughly and am using i8kfanGUI. I'm wondering if replacing the microprocessing cooling unit will help keep the core temp down. They're pretty cheap, about £15 on eBay. Here's what I'm looking at:

What do you guys think? Will a new microprocessing cooling unit make a significant difference in keeping down my core temp?

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Dell :: On Vostro 1400 Speakers

Feb 14, 2009

i have a dell vostro 1400 and like today when i turned it on theres no sound coming from the speakers and i already put it to the max volume and when

i put my ears all the way up to the speakers i here very very little sound from my music can

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Dell :: Serious Problem With My Vostro 1400

Sep 26, 2009

Ive been having a pretty bad problem with my vostro and its getting worse, I hope someone can help.

So once in a while my computer completely freezes- keyboard and mouse too. I used to be able to restart it and it worked fine after.

But lately it started going into startup repair after I try to restart it. The colours get messed up too. It does system restore to be able to start back up.

The last time it happened, it was really bad, it took about 6 or 7 restarts to start normally - it would either keep doing the repair or freeze again when I entered my password.

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Dell :: VOSTRO 1400 Nvidia GPU (pic)

Sep 21, 2008

i own a vostro 1400 and my 12 months warranty ran out.i should admit until now, i never had a single problem with this machine...only thing is that if i play any game for a prolonged time,area near the fan get heated up.

Now all of a sudden- BOOM! i got some weird lines(colored) and my laptop fan area is like a oven.. i thought it is a temporary problem...but it just got worse,i m now getting frequent hangups with colored screen,i can only start my windows in safemode(i am still in this safemode) i read of some bios update,so installed it ...RESULT? still same colored streaks.. so i even reinstalled my WINDOWS,only to find those colored screen,and same old hangups... heres how my laptop looks while it works(rarest case,that too while my graphic card is disabled)

most users in direct2dell blog are crying out that dell customer care is really ignorant of this issue and they doesn't even know about that EXTENDED warranty on this issue i donno is this dell guys will replace my GPU, if any one faced same problem or have a proper solution do reply...

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Dell :: [Vostro 1400] CPU Load To 100% After 5 Min?

Jul 26, 2009

This is on a vostro 1400 with the notorious 8400M. Recently, whenever I run a game (any game, even older ones like WC3) or anything graphics-intensive such as movies, the cpu load increases until it hits 100% and the system basically freezes until I exit whatever program was running.

For the first 5-10 of a game, everything runs smoothly, but eventually the cpu load maxes and I have to quit. the sound is also messed up, which i think is just an effect of the cpu load.

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Dell :: No Display On Startup (Vostro 1400)

Mar 2, 2010

I encountered a problem with my Dell Vostro 1400 notebook. When I power it up, it sits at a blank screen. The HDD activity light flashes and all that good stuff, but there is no video.

I decided to try out some of the beep testing with the system and according to this it's my optical drive.............................

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Dell :: Need Power Adapter For Vostro 1400

May 5, 2010

My original power adapter snapped at the plug, and I need to buy a new one. Problem is that I can't find the originals listed on the dell site anymore!

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Chassis Screws

Jan 12, 2010

I was using my laptop as I normally would a few weeks back when I noticed that the left hand-side was sticking out a tad bit more than usual. I ignored it and now it's starting to become quite drastic.

There's a huge gap that keeps the top cover sealed with the rest of the laptop chassis. I look underneath the laptop and notice that somehow, 2 screws had disappeared!

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Dell :: Possibility Of 8600m GT In A Vostro 1400

Feb 6, 2008

I see that right now the 8400GS is the best you can get in a Vostro 1400. The Vostro 1500 supports both the 8400GS and the 8600m GT. I'm assuming then that a 8600m GT would fit perfectly into a Vostro 1400. Has anyone tried it? Sorry if this has been asked before, I tired searching for it and found nothing.

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Dell :: Replacing Vostro 1400 Motherboard?

Mar 22, 2009

I'm wondering if you guys can help me find a few resources to purchase/install a new motherboard on my Vostro 1400. One day out of the blue, the thing stopped charging.

I had the charger replaced, as the charger itself was still under warranty, but the system has been out of warranty since last August, which makes getting help from Dell a ver trying experience.

I was given the choice of either extending my warranty for $257 for 1 year, $317 for 2 years (yeah right!), or $358 for a one off repai

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Dell Vostro 1400 :: Installing OS Without Product Key

Mar 16, 2013

- My Dell laptop's motherboard is fried and needs replacing (Vostro 1400) - I can't read the Product Key for the copy of Windows installed on it, because the sticker underneath the laptop is worn out - Dell said that as long as I use the recovery disc supplied by them, it won't even ask me for the Product Key on install because it reads the data off the motherboard - If I replace the motherboard, does that mean I can't install Windows on the system without it asking for a Product Key again?

In other words: do all Vostro 1400 motherboards have the same SLIC digital signature? Will I be able to install Vista Business 32-bit without it asking for a Product Key?

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Dell :: Replacing Geforce 8400m GS GPU On A Vostro 1400?

Feb 22, 2010

So I have a broken Nvidia Geforce 8400m GS GPU on my Vostro 1400 out-of-warranty (even with Nvidia extension) laptop and Dell wants $240 to repair it.

That money could probably go to a new laptop, but I was still wondering if there was a way I could go for a do-it-yourself repair. How would I go about replacing the GPU? Is there a guide for this somewhere I could look for?

I'm guessing I will need to order a replacement motherboard from Dell to do this, but I'd rather attempt repairing the laptop on my own rather than send it to Dell's out-of-warranty repair depot. I've taken apart PCs before, but have never taken apart a laptop.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400/Win 7 Webcam No Longer Connects

Nov 7, 2009

I received my Win 7 DVD, did a fresh install and it detected my webcam. However my webcam no longer works in either skype or MSN.

Skype reports the error 'cannot capture video, camera may already be in use' MSN returns the error 'cannot connect to webcam. Close any programs that may be using your webcam and chose setup audio/video'

The only thing I can see 'blocking' these apps is the Dell Webcam Console. I can't see any way to uninstall just the console, I think it comes bundled with the default windows 7 driver. I can see the path is

undll32.exe OEM02Cvw.dll,ctCVWConsoleRunDLL32EP

I have changed the setting 'automatically launch webcam console when video is played' but still no joy. Tried uninstalling and installing old drivers but no luck either.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Unable To Format Laptop

Jan 23, 2009

I am unable to format my laptop (vista home pre-installed) and tried to install with xp professional on vostro 1400.

i am getting the error as "unable to identity drives to install" on the boot screen while formatting. Do anyone can help me to figure it out

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Dell Vostro 1400 :: Only Btg Keys Work On Keyboard

Nov 22, 2014

I am using a Vostro 1400..The btg keys only work on the keyboard. No other keys work except all system keys , backspace , punctuation keys and lock keys.I have ordered a new keyboard 

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 9 Cell Windows 7 X 64 Battery Life

Nov 18, 2009

I'm super happy with win 7 x64 on the vostro 1400, except for the terrible battery life. Off power, it's less than 40 mintues even on the 'power saver' mode. I'd get 3 hours plus out of my 9 cell battery on XP...

any suggestion as to how I go about improving this problem? anybody else experiencing this?

I've looked for some answer here, but not found too much except for how to get RM clock to work on x64 so far.

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Dell Vostro 1400 :: Doesn't Boot - No Lights And Display

Nov 16, 2014

Basically I have tried these:

Discharge laptop: No result

Use different wall outlet charger: No result

Swap RAM: No result

Use PSA: No lights and display

Use battery status: No lights even not plugged in!

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Dell :: So I Think My Vostro GPU Is Either Dead Or The Fan Is Dead

May 22, 2009

I was playing stalker a few days ago getting 50-70 FPS and now come today its so much lower at 20-30(not playable) and I tried CS:S, and COD4, and they all seen dramatic fall in FPS. I don't notice any artifacts but I just notice huge FPS hits. I also think my fan isn't running anymore but I am not sure. Does anyone one know what I should do now? Its out of warranty already.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Wireless Switch Not Working Hardware Or Software?

Mar 12, 2009

I opened my Vostro 1400 some time ago to clean it out, and put it back together again carefully. I also reformatted it recently.

Ever since, the wireless switch at the front doesn't seem to do anything when I press it all the way to the right. Before, it would show all wireless APs in the area, and their signal strengths, on the screen.

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Dell Vostro 1400 :: Laptop Typing Automatically In Search Or In Browser

Jul 30, 2013

I have Dell Vostro 1400 and I am facing a very wierd issue. My laptop types automatically in the search or in a browser if it is open and in any application that it can type. It mostly types "asdf;lkj" like this. Again when I use a media player it automatically increase or decreases the volume to the max. and sometimes restart the player. It again sometimes automatically locks my computer.


1. I have already formated my laptop many times and also updated the BIOS as I thought it as a VIRUS problem. Also, I have tried different antivirus software but all in vain.

2. I have also dislodged my laptop keyboard and using an external keyboard; but this is also not working.

3. Prior to all these I have called DELL Service for support. But they also could not offer me a satisfactory answer.

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