Dell :: So I Think My Vostro GPU Is Either Dead Or The Fan Is Dead

May 22, 2009

I was playing stalker a few days ago getting 50-70 FPS and now come today its so much lower at 20-30(not playable) and I tried CS:S, and COD4, and they all seen dramatic fall in FPS. I don't notice any artifacts but I just notice huge FPS hits. I also think my fan isn't running anymore but I am not sure. Does anyone one know what I should do now? Its out of warranty already.

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Dell :: Dead Screen Or Dead Video Card

Mar 29, 2008

I am at my wits end with my e1705. I had a sudden meltdown about 2 weeks ago... screen went scrambled, BSOD,etc...

Performed diagnostic, memory on video card came back as bad. Replaced with new card (from Dell), reinstalled OS, completely reinstalled nVidea drivers from Dell (Used driver cleaner too)...

Everything went smooth for a couple hours after this was completed yesterday (full diagnostic showed no errors), but after booting up today, after about 5 or 10 minutes of use screen freezes and turns either solid cyan or black... a small pattern of thin lines appears also.

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Dell :: Dead Vostro 1500

Jan 2, 2010

my vostro 1500 was working fine, it decided to not boot up randomly. when i press the power button, the power led comes on, followed by the hdd led, and the power led stays on . The lcd does not power on. Tried booting using only the battery, same. the power adapter, same. took the notebook apart, reseated the processor, heatsink, ram, and all the connectors, still no luck. tried replacing the ram with my other laptop, same. the hdd works on my other laptop, so i dont know what the exact problem is. This occured once last time, but it booted up fine after 2-3 tries, now it just wont boot on. tried connecting an external monitor, still no life. anything else i could try? and i rule out the faulty 8600 chipset, as i never overclocked my laptop, and always used thermal paste every 6~ months. would really appreciate some help, as im typing this on an ancient hp pavilion ze series, which still works after all these years.

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Dell :: Vostro 1700 Dead

Dec 8, 2009

My Vostro 1700 just shut off last night and it seems dead to me, just checking that there is nothing else I can try to try and revive it.

basically all that happens now is the power light flickers for a few seconds and then the battery indicator and then it just goes off. The hard drives don't spin up and the screen doesn't come on......

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Dead LCD Screen

Oct 18, 2009

I had firefox running with several tabs, then I went afk for a while and when I came back, the screen was blank. I shook the mouse, made sure it wasn't sleeping, tried alt-ctrl-del, but I got nothing. Then I did a manual restart by holding the power button then starting it up again.

I could hear the sound of the login screen coming up, I entered my password and it was able to login to Windows since I heard that Windows startup sound. I still couldn't see anything on the screen. I plugged in my external LCD to see if that could detect anything but it said "no signal detected".

Does anybody have a solution for this? Or is my laptop pretty much dead?

My specs are:
T7100 1.8ghz
2gb ram
8400 gs
vista home 32bit

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Screen Dead

Apr 3, 2010

The screen on my Dell Vostro 1400 just died on me. I can turn on the laptop and I hear Vista booting but the screen doesn't show up. The Dell Logo doesn't even show up when I turn on the laptop.

So to diagnose this problem, I connected my LCD monitor to the laptop. The screen appeared but tere is flickers of color everywhere and the screen resolution is terrible. I think the graphics card burned out. I was wondering if my diagnosis is correct?

Also if it is burned out, is it easy to swap graphic cards? I have a GEforce 8600 GS on my laptop. It is not connected with the motherboard.

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Dell :: Vostro 1400 Screen (dead Pixels)

May 19, 2010

My trusty old Vostro 1400 starting giving me lcd troubles. I had a couple of dead pixels in the start but last 2 months it doubled to more than 10!

Now I checked the status of my Vostro and Im still covered by dells 3 year warranty!
Called up dell and they send me a
Dell PN: Y276G

Now the the original LCD on the vostro was a SEC3157.

Just wondering how good this new panel would be? Any thoughts on this?

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Dell Vostro 1014 :: Dead Laptop - Refuses To Start

Apr 12, 2013

I have a Dell Vostro 1014 (or whatever it is).. And it refuses to start. I can charge it, but as soon as i press the start button, it stops charging. I don't hear any sounds from the pc as it would start either.

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Dell :: HDD Dead... What Replacment Should I Get?

Jan 25, 2010

The harddrive in my 1520 has died...

Lucky i have a recent backup of info, and currently booting it using puppy linux from a liveCD for general browsing.

Question is what hard drive should i get for it?

can anyone reccamend a reliable one on a budget?

space isnt important... had a 160gb one and had 80gig free.

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Dell :: Dead M6400

May 27, 2009

Whilst working away at my desk, M6400 docked it just powered down.

Pressing the power button causes it (the power button) to light briefly and then go out. Pressing FN+Power (as requested by Dell Tech) does nothing at all.

I've tried it with another PSU (I got 2, one with M6400, other with docking station) - and if you plug the PSU in, and then hit power on the laptop - the blue light on the PSU goes out - and doesn't come back on till the power is cycled. The M6400 does nothing during all of this.

The PSUs work just fine with my D820.

Dell techs are coming tomorrow to fix it. I'll let you know what they say!

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Dell :: Help On Dead XPS M1210

Jan 24, 2009

I have been using my Dell XPS M1210 for 2.5 years now. It has been a great laptop, only big issue has been a dying battery which is something that has occurred to most close friends that own the same model. Recently, my laptop shut down on its own. After this occurred, it wouldn't start up again. When I hit the power button, no sound comes out of the computer. There is no noticeable hard drive spin, fan noise or anything. The screen does not flicker or show any sign of life. The power LED shines for 5 seconds and then goes down.

I tried FN+Power button to no success. Also, if I leave the power button pushed down, the power LED flashes after 5 seconds and continues to stay on until the next 5 seconds doing a cycle that only ends once I stop pushing the button. I tested my battery on another XPS M1210 and it worked well. Also, I tested another battery on my XPS and it did the same thing.

I am currently out of warranty. I don't know what to do to test the failing component. Since I don't know what the specific problem could be, I don't know how much a repair could end up being.

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Dell :: Dead XPS M1210

Oct 14, 2008

My XPS M1210 laptop is dead right now. It happened last friday morning when I am trying to turn on the laptop. After I press the power button, the hard drive sounds spinning, but after a second, it remains silent (Same for the cd-rom). Only the power led is on.

All other leds are dead, not even the bluetooth, cap led, number lock led. So I connected my laptop to a external monitor, but nothing is showed. I have inserted a boot disk, but it doesn't work. I also tried to press Fn and power button method, but it still doesn't work as well.

Right now, I am suspecting my hard drive is broken or some virus infected my laptop because a day before my laptop is still working, my laptop got infected with some virus.

When I opened my inbox, my laptop suddenly got out of control. The cursor jumped around the screen and there was some bar code surrounded the cursor. But after I restarted my comp and did some virus scan, nothing was found. However, the next day, I turned on my laptop, the screen/images were all messed up. The images were chopped into piece. But in safemode, things are looking perfect. So I shutted it down and planned to reformat the laptop. AFter that, I am not able to turn it on again.

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Dell :: XPS 1530... Dead Already

Dec 3, 2008

1 week old.

Now refusing to boot.

"interesting" clicking noise coming from the HDD (Samsung 500gb).

One. Week. Old.

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Dell :: Mini 9 Dead?

May 29, 2009

I just went on the Dell website and I think that they stopped producing the Mini 9. I suppose that the Mini 10v has replaced it now...

If I'm not mistaken, that's the first netbook to die. (apart from the never good cloudbook and first gen eee's)

I always thought that system was a cute little one. I was attracted to it for some reason. I'm sorry to see it go. I wish they offered more HDD / SSD space though.

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Dell :: Value Of A Dead XPS M1330

Apr 20, 2009

What's the best way to sell it?..........................................

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Dell :: Dead Battery?

Jan 4, 2009

Either my battery is dead or something in my laptop is wrong.
an Orange led is flashing in the right cornor of my laptop (not on the screen)

Its the battery charge led its flashing non-stop !
My laptop only runs when the power charger cable is connected this means my battery dont charge or is dead ?

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Dell :: Dead XPS 9100

Dec 13, 2007

My Dell XPS 9100 laptop just went stone dead, no lights, charger or otherwise and happened while I was not looking. With no power apparent from battery or AC charger, no other indicators are known.

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Dell :: Dead M1330!

Feb 6, 2009

So after having my motherboard replaced before Christmas due to GPU issue, my notebook decides to shut itself off, and I am unable to turn it on.

This is < 2 months since the motherboard was replaced.

It is literally a door-stop!

After talking to the technician on the phone, it looks like they will try to repair it after I send it in. If they can't, he said I probably will get a new notebook (but don't count on it!).

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Dell :: My Xps M140 Is Dead

Jan 8, 2009

Ok so I'm on an apple right now trying to get help for my Dell XPS M140. I have a simple question and I would appreciate any feedback.

A long time ago when I had to reformat the pc I called Dell support and they told me there are 2 keys you can press at boot-up and it will automatically reformat my computer. I forgot what the keys were that I press. I called dell to ask but because my warranty is expired they want $40 for 1 hour of support.

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Dell :: Dead Pixel Or What??

Aug 2, 2009

I have a small grey blob about 3 pixel by 3 and its annoying me.

when i turn the laptop off or to screen, i cant see it but when its on its always there.

its not on the case as iv tried to clean that.

i cant remember how long its been there but now i notice it, its annoying me

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Dell :: Two Dead Pixels

Aug 2, 2009

So this weekend I finally have some time to play around with my shiny new Inspiron 1545, and during Vista restarting I found 2 dead pixels on my LCD screen. I called tech support, and they said that because I don't have on-site service I will have to send the p.o.s. through a courier to their depot in Newmarket to replace the whole screen, which will take 10 days.

Naturally I'm nervous that they will screw something up or that the system will get damaged during shipping or whatnot, leading to even further delays.

I tried telling them that I shouldn't have to wait for 10 days due to the nature of my work and the fact this is a business plan and I want them to make an exception and send a tech here to fix it. After all, this system is only 2 days old. They want me to purchase the on-site warranty for $200 for them to send someone out OR pay $60 for each incident.

Is there any recourse I can take, perhaps escalate it to a manager who may make an exception?

They tried telling me that even for the 2 pixel they were making an exception as the "law" says that up to 5 deal pixels is fine. What "law" are they referring to exactly? Haha... Brutal. Last time I buy a Dell that's for sure. Is there any re-course, such as escalating it to a manager?

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Dell :: OMGCmos Battery Dead?

Jan 6, 2010

In all my years of building and using computers I have never actually experienced an actual case of the cmos battery running out. However, I think my awesome m1530 has shown me everything now. Here is the case:

Fresh windows 7 install - Windows 7 time is correct - Shut down - Boot up - The time is the exact time I shut down.

Is there anything this could be besides a dead cmos battery? I bought my LT brand new directly from Dell about 2-3 years ago, which is a ridiculously short life for a cmos battery. I have to dismantle my LT to bits in order to replace this battery. Anyway, having the wrong time makes a mess of windows, I really need some advice here.

Can it be something other than the cmos battery and what should I do?

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Dell :: Dead Graphics E1705 Said They Have Fix?

Aug 23, 2009

I have twins and bought two E1705 about two years ago and have been very pleased with them. I had one start the graphics problems (will not boot to windows and has the vertical lines at POST) you have all heard about and after changing the motherboard twice and graphics three times within about six weeks Dell suggested a change out to a XPS 1640, 15 days later it showed up (brand new and no problems).
One week after we received the 1640 my other son's computer is doing the same thing. I asked Dell if we could skip the change outs and go with the 1640 but they did not go for that. I will be shipping the E1705 back to them this time instead of the technician coming to my home. My question is that Dell has a fix now that they did not have a month ago.
Anyone have any ideas what they think they will be doing? They can not change to a ATI 1400 to run cooler because that card stinks. They could change that the fans run all the time but that seems silly. I am hoping they change me to one with two pipes instead of one but I do not know if they will modify the case like some have done to add the 7950 cards. Anyone else had Dell do a repair in warranty in the last few weeks so I know what i am looking at? We really like the E1705 but need something that is reliable.

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Dell :: Xps 1330- How Do I Get A DVD Out Of A Dead Laptop?

Apr 21, 2009

HAve a 1330 with a slot loading DVD. The mobo is completly dead, the laptop won't even turn on (dell is allegedly sending me a replacement -- second on in two years).

Since the laptop won't even turn on, how on earth do I get a DVD out of the drive, WITHOUT taking the laptop apart? I know I can take the laptop apart and trip the mechanisim, but I just don't feel like taking the @#$@'n think apart.

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Dell :: Dead M1330 Screen..

Jun 12, 2009

I bought myself a Dell xps m1330 when I was in Japan last year and it's been rather troublesome. (I had to replace the hard drive.)

The built in monitor has recently died much to my disdain. I have a spare monitor lying in my room that would work. The thing is that when I start my laptop,

I can't get the display to transfer over to my old monitor. Is there a certain key combination I can press on startup to make the display go over? My nvidea control panel has the ability to choose a preferred monitor but I can't see to get to it..

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Dell :: Dead Studio 1536

Jan 30, 2010

I have a 14 month old Dell Studio 1536 Wal-Mart special that is dead. According to the box it only had a 1 year warrenty.

I know the 320G HDD & the 4G of RAM still work ( tested them in a different laptop ). I'm pretty sure the motherboard is dead.

The power light comes on , media lights flash & the HDD spins but nothing else happens no monitor, no HDD light, no caps lock light, no USB mouse light, nothing. Through my searching the net I figured out that I can put 1535 / 1537 guts into my 1536 chassis ( which is good as I no longer will buy anything with AMD inside ( this is my first & last ) & I haven't found a 1536 motherboard ).

I have found many different 1535 / 1537 motherboards & processors. What I want to know is which ones do I want & which to stay away from.

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Graphics Dead

Mar 16, 2009

The 7950GTX appears to have died on me, artifacts on boot up and black screen with drivers installed all the pointers of dead graphics card.

What options have I got I'm out of warranty and looks like I'm paying for new GPU if I ever want any graphincs out of this thing again.

I'd like to replace the 7950 gtx 512mb but its abit expensive (only looked on ebay) any other outlets for them? (I'm in the UK)

If I go for a different one 7900 7800, amI going to notice a massive difference?

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Dell :: 9300 Dead. Video

May 31, 2008

Well it looks like my dell 9300 finally bit the dust. It has been a great machine. Dell is going to replace it under complete care.

I do not know what I am going to get but I am hoping for a 1720 with the 8600 video card.

How does the 6800go compare to the 8400 or 8600?

I have searched here and google and can't seem to find any comparisions between these specific cards. I think mine is too old as all I could find were old links comparing them to older cards..

Should I be satisfied with the 8400 or should I fight for the 8600?

Dell warranty has been great. I have never had a problem and they fixed all issues promptly. I don't want to take advantage and fight for an 8600 if the 8400 performs as good or better than my current card.

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Dell :: 7900GS Dead- E1705

Oct 26, 2007

I woke up from my nap today to see my 1 year old E1705 with the blue screen of death, except this time there were verticle lines all over the place like there was a video card problem.

So I reboot and It cant get into windows, and the lines come back. It starts to load vista then goes to the blue screen saying I have a memory/parity error. Next I try safemode and it works fine. No lines, no memory errors, no blue screens.

The first thing that came to mind is my overclocked 7900GS. Right now I am in the process of setting it back to the stock clocks. I feel like maybe I fried my beloved card with the slight overclock Ive had on it for the past year. Maybe Im right, maybe Im wrong.

If this doesnt work, what the heck do I do? Video card? Memory? I dont want to have to call Dell.

<!-- / message --> <!-- sig --> __________________
Dell Inspiron E1705
T2300E 1.66ghz
2 gig 667 mhz
NVIDIA 256mb 7900gs
(470C 1100M)
80 gig HD
LG WUXGA w/ TrueLife
Vista Home Premium

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Dell :: 9300 Laptop Dead

May 25, 2009

When I power on the green light flickers and it's dead.

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