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Dell :: XPS: 1645 Speakers Are Not Working

Dont know what happened, sound is not coming from speakers but when I am using headphone sound is coming. I think I messed up something. Can any body guide me what is the solution for this.

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Dell :: Solution To The Crackling Noise From The Speakers. SXPS 1645
Solution to the crackling noise from the speakers.

Right click on the ‘speaker / headphones tab (located in your tray)
Select sound

Box Opens.

Click on playback tab
Right click on the speaker / headphones

Box Opens.


Default format needs to be changed to 24bit 192000hz studio quality.

Done problem solved blast your tunes all day long without that annoying sound.

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Dell :: Studio Xps 13 Speakers Not Working?
i was playing assassins creed yesterday and i am trying to listen to music and no sound is coming out of the speakers.

I searched sound on vista and it says everything is working ...

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Dell :: The Speakers Stopped Working On My Xps 16
the speakers in my laptop just stopped working for no reason what so ever, to make matters worse when i plug in headphones they were fine, it's only the speakers that don't work.

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Dell :: Internal Speakers Not Working
New thread to satisfy people. I don't know why it makes a difference whether a thread is new or old.

I have a Dell E1505 running XP. The headphone jack works but the internal computer speakers do not. Here's what I know:

(1) it's not the speakers. I've swapped an identical set of working speakers.
(2) it doesn't appear to be a software or driver problem. My settings look identical to those of another E1505, and I have tried re-installing drivers several times.

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Dell :: Xps 1330 Speakers Not Working
I was hooking my laptop up to a receive via HDMI yesterday evening to watch movies on a larger screen. all worked fine.

Now I cant get my laptop speakers working. When i check Control panel / sound I can see HDMI as a playback device but nothing for my speakers...

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Dell :: XPS 1640 Internal Speakers Not Working
I've got a Dell XPS 1640. My internal speakers don't work with itunes and most other applications. However, when I ran the Dell diagnostics, sound was produced. Dell tech support told me that its a software problem because there was sound in the diagnostic test.

They checked the drivers etc which are current and recommended that I reformat back to factory settings which is a major hassle. I'm running Vista 64 bit, but do have a Windows 7 update disk which I haven't installed yet. They told me that installing the Windows 7 update wouldn't fix the problem. I've read about disabling IDT (which I've tried) wiggling the inputs e

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6000 Speakers Not Working
The speakers on my laptop are not working. The weird thing is the sound works when I plug in my headphones in either headphone jack (so that's good news, I suppose). But when I unplug the headphones, no sound.

Here's the thing; you know those media buttons that make that little beep whenever you touch any of them? Well, they work fine (volume up and down, mute, DVD and QuickPlay), but no beep sound from them either!

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Speakers Suddenly Stopped Working
I have a Dell XPS M1710 laptop, and up until maybe two weeks ago my in-built speakers had been working perfectly fine.

When I tried using them again this week, I noticed the speakers stay absolutely quiet and don't make any sounds. However, if I plug in a headset on the onboard soundcard jack the sounds work fine.

I have had this laptop with me on multiple trips but afaik this happened during one, so is it possible that something has disconnected inside the laptop itself or is it maybe a common bug with these laptops?

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Dell :: M 1330 No Sound From In Built Speakers. Headphones Working??
loss of sound from my inbuilt M 1330 XPS speakers. Sound working with headphones.

Tried uploading new sound drivers. Did upload and run R171186 and R153908. Didn't work?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv7-2000, No Sound From Speakers Of Headphones, Only Subwoofer Working
Bought a new dv7-2000, custom built. Nothing spectacular

As soon as I received it, I formated the drive and installed Windows XP Pro SP3. So far so good. All drivers installed, everything working.

Except for one little detail : I have sound on subwoofer only, no speaker, not even on headphones, no matter what jack I plug in. Sub does turn off when I plug the headphones though.

I tried several IDT drivers, all act the same.

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Dell :: XPS 1645: Catalyst Stopped Working
I have a vague idea that it has something to do with my ATI drivers?

I get the message right after I log in. I can access my desktop and the Internet, but the taskbar with the programs at the top is missing.

When I go to Explorer, my laptop also can't find any of my libraries (documents, pictures, etc.).

Anyone else has experienced a similar problem? It happened yesterday...

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Brightness Adjustment Isn't Working
I've noticed the brightness adjustment isn't working. I see the slider moving than I "Fn+up or down" but the screen doesn't dim

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Sound Not Working, Mic Not Working
I now definetly think its drivers. Sound not working, mic not working.

i found out strange thing happened to my laptop. When i tried to play mp3, or any other file through wmp, vlc, itunes no sound was heard. when tried to play with wmp it showed up error i clciked web help but no useful info was found in there. when through vlc i just kept playing music (without sound) i tried updating drivers reinstalling to them that were shipped but no good. i have the warranty bought from the dell. i can/ but dont want to acces the mainboard so i wont loose my warranty. i now think it is a soft/drivers problem. in device manager it shows that everything is ok. tried so set the default audio device, microphone not working ***

THe error on wmp:

Original Error Code

Original Error Message


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Acer :: Timeline Keyboard NOT Working In BIOS, Working In The OS
I have a timeline 4810T which has worked lovely since September, but now I have a weird problem with it: The keyboard won't work until the operating system is loaded. I can't access the bios (press the F2 key but nothing happens), neither select my OS on the Grub menu as the arrow keys doesn't work, all I can do is wait for the 10 seconds timer, then Ubuntu launches, then I can login without problems and all the keys work perfectly.

To give more details, maybe some keys do actually work before the os boot, because when I'm on the grub menu, some keys manage to stop the timer, but unfortunately I can't change the OS or accept the selection, then I have to reboot and wait for the timer to go back to 0 for itself and ubuntu loads.

I'm running the newest BIOS, updated some days ago but didn't had the problem since today.

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Dell :: Bad Speakers
Well I just had my speakers exchanged. But these do again have some horrible sound once you turn them up a little.

Could you guys watch this youtube Video, with the Sound of your computer set to 60% and tell me if your Sound gets messed up when the guy talks

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Dell :: M1530 Speakers
Are the speakers considered kind of low grade compared to the rest of the computer? or could it just have been someone in the family that had the music up to loud for a extended period of time?

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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 Speakers
Is it just me, or are the speakers on the SXPS13 very, very quiet? The max volume is on this thing is inadequate. I'm forced to use headphones.

Has anyone else had a problem with this? Is there anything to be done about it?

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Dell :: 1640 Speakers
I just have a quick question. I put my audio on max and itunes on max and the sound is not clear at all. It use to be, I was wondering if my speakers are blown or can I adjust something to make it more clear?

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Dell :: Modded Speakers
Does anyone know how to mod the studio 1535/37 speakers to make them better. NOT THE LOUDER MOD.

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Dell :: Studio 15 How Are The Speakers?
I'm thinking about getting one... but after browsing the internet a bit, I see some people saying that the speakers are absolutely hideous. I understand that sometimes only the people experiencing a problem speak up, and that might give me an unfairly bad impression of the speakers.

So I'm asking here. How are the Studio 15 speakers? I know that notebook speakers are usually not great, but how do they compare to the middle-of-the-road average notebook speakers?

How do those new LED screens they're offering on the Studio 15s look?)

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Dell :: Speakers Cracking? Xps 1340
I bought an xps 1340 and just received it. I was streaming some music off youtube today and my left speaker was cracking when playing the song Roses by outkast.

I played the exact same video on my desktop and it played without any problems.

I called dell and they had me play a cd (don't have an outkast cd) and the speakers seemed to play fine. Once i played the CD, the dell representative just told me it is a software issue. But how could a software issue only affect 1 speaker(the left one)?

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Dell :: No Sound Coming Out Of Speakers
I am new here and have a question.

I have a Dell 1505 laptop Dual Core
1.7 ghz dual core processor
169 GM Hard drive
2 GM DDR2 Ram 256MB Video Nvidea 8400
Wirelesss built in
Office 2007

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Dell :: SXPS 16 [Throttling, Speakers, Etc.]
Hoping to buy one but wow, there are a huge amount of problems here.

If I order one now, will this brand new machine have these problems? Have Dell sorted this mess out?

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Dell :: On Vostro 1400 Speakers
i have a dell vostro 1400 and like today when i turned it on theres no sound coming from the speakers and i already put it to the max volume and when

i put my ears all the way up to the speakers i here very very little sound from my music can

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Dell :: Looking Into Replacing The Studio 15 Speakers
The speakers in the studio 15 are pretty bad, worse than any other laptop I've ever used (worse than my cell-phone)... and I've never even used the Dell audio drivers which are supposed to be even worse. I've picked up a set of Logitech V20 speakers which are great, but it would be nice to upgrade the stock speakers.

I've started doing some digging ... the speakers are part number Dell part D954D made by Veco ( which makes a lot of small speakers and custom notebook mounts .....

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Dell :: Best External Speakers For XPS 1640
I was looking into buying a speaker set before I head out for college. I prefer at least a 2.1 set (speakers + subwoofer). I saw the Hercules XPS 2.1 Lounge Speakers from Dell. Are those good? Or can anyone recommend a better solution?

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Dell :: XPS 16: Any Solution Towards Cracking Speakers?
yesterday I received my XPS 16. Nice machine, BUT: the cracking speakers / subwoofer is hard to accept.

I mainly listen to trance / techno music and the cracking noise is just there. Is there any patch or whatsoever? It's horrible ;/

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 Speakers
I just found this site and signed up. Looks like some good info here. I have a couple of questions if you all don't mind.

I just bought a gently used e1505 from a friend at work. He just got a Macbook Pro.
The laptop seems to be working great so far. I am replacing my tower at home with this and am trying to figure a couple things out.

1. I have pair of Boston speakers with a sub that I used with my tower. I remember that in the audio settings, there was a box to tic for "Digital Output" and I had to tick that box to get the speakers to work.

I cannot find that box on the e1505 and I cannot get the speakers to works by just plugging them in. What am I doing wrong here?

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Dell :: Speakers Not Muting Properly...
After attaching my Sansui receiver to my new e6410 i noticed that Skype causes to audio to stop; switch to the internal speakers for an alert message and then switch back to the external speakers

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Dell :: Dust In Studio XPS´s Speakers..
I keep getting dust in my Studio XPS Speakers.
The dust just gets stuck in the little holes, and I can not remove it.

Quite annoying, specially since the notebook is all black and the dust is usually white.

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Acer :: Ext.5630z - If I Working Long Time And Turn Off Then Turn On Not Working
once work well,once not working ,suddenly,if i working long time and turn off then turn on not working

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Sony :: FW's Speakers
They look so out of place to me imo, kind of turns me off. But then I hear people say it has such a nice design. I think the speaker "bar" kills it :

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Dell :: Studio 1558 Speakers Not Loud Enough!
is it just me or other people find it the speakers not loud enough?

i have tryd to change in control panel but not much different

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Dell :: Blown Inspiron 1720 Speakers
So after the last couple years in school, my speakers are shot. I have an inspiron 1720 and was wondering how hard it is to change out the speakers.

I was looking around and found these: I looked through the manual and couldnt find a tutorial on how to change the speakers or get to them or anything.

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Dell :: E6400 Audio From Connected 2.1 Speakers
the reviews were right, the laptop's speakers are very poor so i thought maybe i could connect it to my 2.1 desktop speakers.

they're still very poor (and low). i tried adjust settings to Stereo Speakers but nothing works. I'm connecting through the head phone port btw.

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Dell :: 5.1 Speakers With Spdif So Can Hook It To M1730
is there any good speakers(5.1) with spdif so I can hook it to my m1730..

I have 5.1 speakers but does not support spdif and I have a lot of wires and I want to get rid of them asap so am looking for good 1s with spdif...

is it better to hook the spdif or use the normal jacks(speakers+line out+mic), can u tell me if there is any differance between them please?

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Dell :: Do All Studio XPS 16 Have Unbalanced Left And Right Speakers
Is there any Studio XPS 1640 users out there who gets perfectly balanced sounds from their left and right speakers?

My right speaker's volume is louder by default. Yes, I can adjust the balance using one of Windows' sound configuration screen, but it's annoying to have it reconfigured back whenever I plug a headphones.

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Dell :: Studio's Speakers Being Barely Audible
I've been reading a lot of complaints on the volume of Dell Studio's speakers being barely audible. One of the ways to solve this problem is to uninstall the original IDT sound card driver provided by Dell.

But I realised that one of the headphone jacks on the Studio will no longer function if you uninstall the driver. So, let me present you guys with another simply solution that works (I hope). Make sure you've the IDT driver installed on your system.

1. Right click on the volume icon in the taskbar and select "Playback Devices".

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Dell :: Inspiron 1000 Speakers Not Detected
My grandpa gave me his old insprion 1000 and i wiped it clean and reinstalled windows xp on it. i was hoping to use this computer for my music (itunes, syncing ipods ect.)

but the speakers will not work. i go into the control panel and under the sounds and devices it says that there is no audio device.

i know that this computer has speakers build in and i can see them on the front on the computer. Also when i try and plus external speakers in it doesn't detect them either.

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Sony :: SR( No Sound Out Of Speakers)
out of nowhere it seems that my speakers are no longer working. sound drivers look okay, no viruses, and audio works out of the headphone jack

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Acer :: Speakers Crackle =o
The sound quality from my 6935g is terrible in XP. Vista is fine though. I've tried reinstalling the realtek HD drivers but its still the same. Is there anyting else i need to install? I've tried looking to see if there is an acer HD audio manager for XP had no luck.

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Sony :: What Speakers Are You Using With Your VAIO
I was speaker shopping for my Z and wanted something a bit high-end that would match the Z in performance, but not too much in the sens of a 5.1 unit as I already have one of those in my living room. That's why I decided to keep to 2.1 systems.

I came across great deal, the Cambridge Sound Works Extreme 2: [url]

LOTS and Lots of power, but great price. I think I will order these this week.

I did have the 5.1 version of this in the past, so highly recommended.

So, I was wondering, what speakers do you use with your VAIO?

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HP/Compaq :: HDX 18t: Low Sound From Speakers
I just put in a DVD to test the speakers sound quality and noticed the sound is very low. Even when turned up via the touch controls the audio is barely audible (hardly one of the best laptop audios). Am I missing something, or did I get a bad apple?

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HP/Compaq :: EQing The Speakers
the speakers sound blown out at anything above minimal volume. i don't need them for music, only watching tv shows or short internet clips. there's what i guess you'd call a rattle when anyone is talking. i just want to know if there's any options i can set from the IDT audio control panel as well as specific EQ functions on playback programs like winamp or media player classic to help solve this. isn't getting outside speakers or headphones.

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HP/Compaq :: 8530w Speakers
Anyone have issues with these speakers lately. Mine just got back from hp repair and the speakers seem to be no better than before. Tons of static when playing music, tons of static. Most songs are downright terrible, even at lower volume.

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HP/Compaq :: DV9000 Speakers
The speakers for my dv9640us are cracking when the songs have a little bit of bass, guess they're damaged. They're altec lansing. I was searching and found some posts saying very good things about harman kardon speakers and JBL,anyone knows if there is such a thing as speakers replacement or upgrade for notebooks? If not i guess i'll have to buy new altec ones.

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HP/Compaq :: CONNECTING 5.1 Speakers To HDX 16
i hav bought a new creative 5.1 t6060 speaker system which i wish to connect to my hdx 16..hdx 16 comes witha dolby home theater so i think it has an 5.1 card...but my 5.1 system has 3 input jacks..while the lappy has just two.. specify any convertors or cables or splitter that i may to use to connect them

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Apple :: Macbook Pro - Speakers
I'm using a mini video plug to my HDMI tv and I need some advice for some speakers for sound, any recommenddations for laptop speakers ( not expensive ) I don't use it that offen but enough to want speakers for it, not to big in size either

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Apple :: MBP - Portable Speakers
I will be traveling abroad for a couple of months and I will be listening to music obviously. I would like to find a good set of speakers that I could attach to my MPB.

Initially I was looking for an iPod dock/alarm clock, that would also have an audio in that I could attach my MPB to and have that work but I don't think they make those. So I would like to find some good speakers instead.

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