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Dell :: XPS: 1645 Speakers Are Not Working

Dont know what happened, sound is not coming from speakers but when I am using headphone sound is coming. I think I messed up something. Can any body guide me what is the solution for this.

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Dell :: Studio Xps 13 Speakers Not Working?
i was playing assassins creed yesterday and i am trying to listen to music and no sound is coming out of the speakers.

I searched sound on vista and it says everything is working ...

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Dell :: The Speakers Stopped Working On My Xps 16
the speakers in my laptop just stopped working for no reason what so ever, to make matters worse when i plug in headphones they were fine, it's only the speakers that don't work.

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Dell :: Xps 1330 Speakers Not Working
I was hooking my laptop up to a receive via HDMI yesterday evening to watch movies on a larger screen. all worked fine.

Now I cant get my laptop speakers working. When i check Control panel / sound I can see HDMI as a playback device but nothing for my speakers...

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Dell :: XPS 1640 Internal Speakers Not Working
I've got a Dell XPS 1640. My internal speakers don't work with itunes and most other applications. However, when I ran the Dell diagnostics, sound was produced. Dell tech support told me that its a software problem because there was sound in the diagnostic test.

They checked the drivers etc which are current and recommended that I reformat back to factory settings which is a major hassle. I'm running Vista 64 bit, but do have a Windows 7 update disk which I haven't installed yet. They told me that installing the Windows 7 update wouldn't fix the problem. I've read about disabling IDT (which I've tried) wiggling the inputs e

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Dell :: XPS M1710 Speakers Suddenly Stopped Working
I have a Dell XPS M1710 laptop, and up until maybe two weeks ago my in-built speakers had been working perfectly fine.

When I tried using them again this week, I noticed the speakers stay absolutely quiet and don't make any sounds. However, if I plug in a headset on the onboard soundcard jack the sounds work fine.

I have had this laptop with me on multiple trips but afaik this happened during one, so is it possible that something has disconnected inside the laptop itself or is it maybe a common bug with these laptops?

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Dell :: XPS 1645: Catalyst Stopped Working
I have a vague idea that it has something to do with my ATI drivers?

I get the message right after I log in. I can access my desktop and the Internet, but the taskbar with the programs at the top is missing.

When I go to Explorer, my laptop also can't find any of my libraries (documents, pictures, etc.).

Anyone else has experienced a similar problem? It happened yesterday...

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Brightness Adjustment Isn't Working
I've noticed the brightness adjustment isn't working. I see the slider moving than I "Fn+up or down" but the screen doesn't dim

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Dell :: Solution To The Crackling Noise From The Speakers. SXPS 1645
Solution to the crackling noise from the speakers.

Right click on the ‘speaker / headphones tab (located in your tray)
Select sound

Box Opens.

Click on playback tab
Right click on the speaker / headphones

Box Opens.


Default format needs to be changed to 24bit 192000hz studio quality.

Done problem solved blast your tunes all day long without that annoying sound.

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Dell :: Internal Speakers Not Working
New thread to satisfy people. I don't know why it makes a difference whether a thread is new or old.

I have a Dell E1505 running XP. The headphone jack works but the internal computer speakers do not. Here's what I know:

(1) it's not the speakers. I've swapped an identical set of working speakers.
(2) it doesn't appear to be a software or driver problem. My settings look identical to those of another E1505, and I have tried re-installing drivers several times.

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HP/Compaq :: Dv6000 Speakers Not Working
The speakers on my laptop are not working. The weird thing is the sound works when I plug in my headphones in either headphone jack (so that's good news, I suppose). But when I unplug the headphones, no sound.

Here's the thing; you know those media buttons that make that little beep whenever you touch any of them? Well, they work fine (volume up and down, mute, DVD and QuickPlay), but no beep sound from them either!

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Dell :: M 1330 No Sound From In Built Speakers. Headphones Working??
loss of sound from my inbuilt M 1330 XPS speakers. Sound working with headphones.

Tried uploading new sound drivers. Did upload and run R171186 and R153908. Didn't work?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Dv7-2000, No Sound From Speakers Of Headphones, Only Subwoofer Working
Bought a new dv7-2000, custom built. Nothing spectacular

As soon as I received it, I formated the drive and installed Windows XP Pro SP3. So far so good. All drivers installed, everything working.

Except for one little detail : I have sound on subwoofer only, no speaker, not even on headphones, no matter what jack I plug in. Sub does turn off when I plug the headphones though.

I tried several IDT drivers, all act the same.

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Dell :: XPS M1530 Sound Not Working, Mic Not Working
I now definetly think its drivers. Sound not working, mic not working.

i found out strange thing happened to my laptop. When i tried to play mp3, or any other file through wmp, vlc, itunes no sound was heard. when tried to play with wmp it showed up error i clciked web help but no useful info was found in there. when through vlc i just kept playing music (without sound) i tried updating drivers reinstalling to them that were shipped but no good. i have the warranty bought from the dell. i can/ but dont want to acces the mainboard so i wont loose my warranty. i now think it is a soft/drivers problem. in device manager it shows that everything is ok. tried so set the default audio device, microphone not working ***

THe error on wmp:

Original Error Code

Original Error Message


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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 Speakers
Is it just me, or are the speakers on the SXPS13 very, very quiet? The max volume is on this thing is inadequate. I'm forced to use headphones.

Has anyone else had a problem with this? Is there anything to be done about it?

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Dell :: Speakers Cracking? Xps 1340
I bought an xps 1340 and just received it. I was streaming some music off youtube today and my left speaker was cracking when playing the song Roses by outkast.

I played the exact same video on my desktop and it played without any problems.

I called dell and they had me play a cd (don't have an outkast cd) and the speakers seemed to play fine. Once i played the CD, the dell representative just told me it is a software issue. But how could a software issue only affect 1 speaker(the left one)?

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Dell :: Best External Speakers For XPS 1640
I was looking into buying a speaker set before I head out for college. I prefer at least a 2.1 set (speakers + subwoofer). I saw the Hercules XPS 2.1 Lounge Speakers from Dell. Are those good? Or can anyone recommend a better solution?

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Dell :: XPS 16: Any Solution Towards Cracking Speakers?
yesterday I received my XPS 16. Nice machine, BUT: the cracking speakers / subwoofer is hard to accept.

I mainly listen to trance / techno music and the cracking noise is just there. Is there any patch or whatsoever? It's horrible ;/

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Dell :: Dust In Studio XPS´s Speakers..
I keep getting dust in my Studio XPS Speakers.
The dust just gets stuck in the little holes, and I can not remove it.

Quite annoying, specially since the notebook is all black and the dust is usually white.

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Dell :: Do All Studio XPS 16 Have Unbalanced Left And Right Speakers
Is there any Studio XPS 1640 users out there who gets perfectly balanced sounds from their left and right speakers?

My right speaker's volume is louder by default. Yes, I can adjust the balance using one of Windows' sound configuration screen, but it's annoying to have it reconfigured back whenever I plug a headphones.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 Remote In The XPS 1645?
it looks like my XPS 1645 didn't come with a media remote like my old 1530 did. Is it possible to use the remote in the 1645?

It looks like the SXPS does have an IR receiver so I would think that it would be, but I'm not sure what sort of software I would need or how that would work.

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Dell :: New Studio XPS 1645
I have just received my new Studio XPS 1645 yesterday. since then i had been trying to install XP OS. then finally after being touched with dell, they said me that this machin is not compatible with XP Operating system. anyway, after that i tried to install vista ultimate and win7 dual boot. finally today i made it.

but the problem is both in VISTA and WINDOWS 7 the default font and icon is very small. in vista the taskbar icon is so small that they can hardly be seen. my screen is 15.6" widescreen with full hd (1920X1080). I have changed DPI Scalling to 120 DPI from the Default 96 DPI. but still the task bar icon (show desktop, switch between windows,internet explorer, mozilla firefox) is small. i have installed mozilla and it's font size has also become very small but clear(it seems). i m wondering is it they way in high resulation machine should appear. it's annoying. plz help me guys who is having this laptop.

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Dell :: Waiting For My XPS 1645
I ordered my XPS 16 during the signature event on 1/18 and it has a ship date of 2/8 which is on Monday. I don't expect that my laptop on time since its already Friday. The online status still shows it as pre-production and the two numbers I called say being processed/pre-prod/building plus the chat is no different.

I really hope there is no delay. I want my laptop

Anyway just wanted to post and say hi.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645
I generally use my computer each day, and if I close the lid at night without shutting the computer off, in the morning the computer will be off.

That wouldn't be a bad thing except many times it'll shut the computer off so I lose everything that was opened up. But the only weird thing is that it won't happen every time.

I was just wondering if any of you have this problem and if there was some setting that I overlooked each time when I looked to change that. It's not a big thing, but I had a Dell computer provided by school and it would still be on in the morning after using it at night...........................

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Dell :: Sudio XPS 1645
Has anybody ordered one yet?

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Dell :: Sleeve For XPS 1645
I'm looking for a sleeve for my Studio XPS 1645. I'm having trouble finding one that will accommodate the extended 9 cell battery

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Dell :: Bricked XPS 1645
Less than a month after receiving my 3rd replacement system from dell, I experienced strange problem... I couldn't adjust the screen brightness anymore, altought the quickset was showing movement, the brightness was constantly at max. So I get into dell tech support chat, explain the problem and the guy send me a link to a program that would grand him access to my machine.

He login and start installing some drivers... chipset and etc. He try to flash my bios but i stop him even before downloading it and told him that he will not do that on my laptop. Then he said that he needs to restart the system and this should fix everything. I said ok .....

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Drive Image
I have spent two plus days searching thread after thread and I am not getting anywhere! If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I just got my 1645 yesterday and what I want to do is to remove the hard drive and put it into my desktop and create an image. I will be formatting the drive removing all three partitions and install another OS. Later on down the road I want to be able to reimage my drive with the original backup. I do not want to clone the drive as I will be using it... I have tried Drive Image and it successfully makes a backup image and when I use it to image another drive the 'OS' & 'Recovery' partitions are fine, and the computer even boots into Windows. But when I use F8 to access the repair console I get a '0xc000000e' error. All of the information I find is somewhat outdated and refers to the period when Dell used Mediadirect.

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Dell :: No Audio Studio Xps 1645
I own a studio xps 1645 i720qm 4gb ram with ati 1gb 4670 card. My speakers are pissing me off. I can only hear sound through my head phones. my speakers arent working. Worst case i tired diagnostics tools at the bios startup and during the tests i hear the sounds?!?!??! when I log in my speakers just go dead. I checked IDT panel and it shows that my headphones are plugged in when they really arent. I called Dell rep to help the replaced my speakers and after a week im having the same problem again. I kind of doubt my HDMI port cause the last time this happened was right wafter i watched movies in my TV through my laptop. please guys help me out this is pissing me off soo starting to regret getting this machine. IM experiencing constant freeze-ups too. some times when i go from adapter power to batter power (Power saver mode specially) and some times it randomly freezes (CONSTANTLY). Please help me somehow. I tried even a fresh install.

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Regarding Monitor Choice?
recently got a replacement for my laptop with an xps 1645. However when it got here I was having a hard time viewing the screen with the wide screen view. My current laptop has a

15.6 945p HD+ WLED LCD

However I have an option to get either a

16" FHD RGB Display in Merlot Red with leather and 2.0 MP Webcam, 1645/1647


15.6 FHD WLED Display in Merlot Red with leather and 2.0 MP Webcam, 1645/1647

I'd prefer to have a more normal screen size. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between these three monitors.

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Random Shut Off
My Dell XPS 1645 [see sig for specs] will random shut off on me. I will be doing anything from watching a movie, listening to music, or just browsing and it will random shut off. They are like days apart but It shut off 3 times on my today :S.

These shut offs are not Temperature related as In BOTH Windows and Ubuntu it has shut off and I have been monitoring temperature in both, with log files so I can check the temperature @ shut off time.

I live in Jamaica and it would be kind of hard for me to just send it in to have it looked at. I'm hoping the next BIOS revision along with fresh installs of both OS's will do the trick.

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Dell :: Ok To Use 6 Cell Battery With XPS 1645?
I recently ordered a Dell Studio XPS 1645. By default it came with the 9 cell battery. I also ordered an additional 6 cell battery for it.

Is it ok to use the 6 cell battery with this laptop? Obviously the battery won't last as long, but will the laptop run ok? I'm asking because my laptop is going to be plugged in on my desk most of the time and the 6 cell keeps the laptop flat.

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Dell :: Still ....freezing And Blackout XPS 1645
I installed windows 7 using the provided dvd on XPS 1645. Installed all the drivers followed the installation order released on dell site.

Received new 130 W adapter and also upgraded BIOS to A08. But after all this hassale and procedure my problem is still there. When ever I am playing any movie using Cyberlink the screen is freezing and all this ended up to a force shutdown.

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Dell :: S-XPS 1645/1647 Throttling
for 130 Watt Adapter and update to the latest BIOS

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Dell :: S-xps 1645 Battery Life
my S-XPS 1645 battery lasts only 1.5 hrs..

is this same with you guys as well or is this just in my case....

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 ESATA
just wondering what the specifications were of the eSATA port on the Studio XPS 1645?

Is it 1.5 or 3.0? also what is the max transfer speed anyone has seen using the eSATA port?

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Dell :: XPS 1645 And Soundblaster X-Fi MB- Anyone Got These Drivers?
I did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate, and I have the driver DVD and all and went to Dell's website.

There are no Soundblaster X-Fi MB drivers or software available for the XPS 1645 and the ones for the 1640 won't install.

Can someone here with a factory installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi MB go into the C:

drive, and zip the Dell and driver folder up so I can get the drivers (and any other relevent folders you see)?

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Dell :: Confused -S-XPS 1645 Related
Just spent an Hour on the phone with a dell rep today and its got me pulling my hair out and i'm really confused..

Basically, one of the USB ports, in my XPS-1645 does not work .(the port right next to the microphone jack).

The other two work fineThis was the case right from the time it got delivered to me which was on 12th December.

After troubleshooting, it was clear that the USB port wasn't going to magically start working and the guy gave me the option of getting the part replaced, a full unit replacement or a refund.

The last two options run out on 12th January
Now i'm in a dilemma as to whether to ask for a full unit replacement or just the part, as i will have to wait another 15-40 days to get a new laptop for which time ill be stuck without a laptop .....

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 Keyboard
I'm currently having some issues with the keyboard. It seems as if the two rows with Y and U are not responding.

Even from the Dell test thing. It happened that it would stop working for a short time, then work again and now it stop working again. It was intermittent and would always come back but now... I'm wondering will it ever come back?

What could I do? It's only 2 months old and I am out of the country, so I can't call support now. Could I make my warranty effective on other country?

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Dell :: How May In India Bought XPS 1645
I just ordered SXPS dream laptop. I was just wondering how many in India have ordered this computer? How was thier overall shipping experience? How many delays and everything.

Also how is the laptop...any issues with the new one?

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Dell :: 1645 XPS / Keyboard Malfunction
About 10 Keys randomly do not work. Unbelievable. I've had it with this machine after 10 days.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1645 RGBLED
So I recieved my laptop yesterday and opened it up today. I got everything set up and messed around, yet had to go out for a little while. I left it off power yet when I went to start it up the screen didn't come on! The side light is constantly white when plugged in, and an external monitor works perfectly fine. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this issue? I there any button I could have pressed to cause this problem? Or is a call with dell my only answer?

*UPDATE* Issue resolved by buckZor: Shutdown gracefully, disconnect power. Remove battery. Wait 3 minutes. Plug battery back in & power, open and boot. Display light up?

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Keyboard Backlight
I know this question has probably been asked before but I can't seem to find a definitive answer.

Anyway is there a way to keep the backlight for the keyboard on all the time? I seem to remember it staying on before I did a clean install last night

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Dell :: Blu-Ray On The XPS 1645
I got the XPS 1645 with the Blu-ray Burner (in Europe). Does anybody know if this player is region-free?

And if not is there a firmware update or some type of way to make it region free so that I can play region A (US) discs too?

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Screen Tilt
What I'd like to know is how far back the screen on the 1645 tilts.

I like to use a notebook on my lap occasionally and was wondering about that but couldn't find any information on this in the XPS owners thread

(I didn't read ALL the pages!), the review or even using the search method. I do remember something about it not tilting very far back but that could be some confusion with the Envy.

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Keyboard Backlight Leakage
Th backlit keyboard on my XPS 1645 leaks a lot of light, which is quite annoying in dimly lit environments.

In my case it is mostly the upper row of keys, but other individual keys have the same problem. As not all keys have this problem I assume it is not a design feature.

Is anyone else experiencing this same issue? I have done a search on the forum, but couldn't find anything related.

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Dell :: Poll: Are You Keeping Or Returning Your XPS 1645?
Are you returning your XPS 1645?

1. Yes, I am returning it or already returned it.

2. Yes, unless the throttling problem is fixed.

3. I will keep it and use Throttlestop until DELL fixes the problem.

4. I love it, I will keep it either way.

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Dell :: Laptop Bag For Studio XPS 1645
I have an order for the XPS 1645 16" and am wondering what bag you guys would recommend.

Ideally I'm after something lightweight and not a heavy duty briefcase style if I can help it.
I see loads of bags for 15.6" and 17" - should I err towards a 17" one?

I'm in the UK, so have been looking at what Amazon offer, this one seems popular:

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Dell :: S-XPS 1640 And 1645 Bottom Line!
The bottom line is that this laptops are not worthy to buy!

1. Throttling Issue (No real fix so far)
2. Random freezing (Speculations about driver fix)
3. Brightness control stops working randomly (remove batery to fix)
4. Sub-buffer rattles (nobody knows why)
5. Stereo leaks between left and right (no fix)
6. System runs extremely hot (1645 a little bit less than 1640)

All-in-all nice looking and feature complete laptop with a lot of issues.

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Dell :: Xps 1645: How To Clean The Laptop Screen
Can any experienced friend suggest me what should I use to clean my Dell XPS 1645 Laptop Screen.

Like what and which wipes and from where I can order them etc..

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