Dell :: Any Experience With New M6400 Video Drivers?

Feb 9, 2010

Does anyone have any experiences with the new nVidia drivers Dell has posted? Any comments?

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Dell :: Windows 7 On M6400 Experience

Mar 11, 2009

Why not share how 7 run on our precisions m6400 ?

I'm using win 7 build 7048 x64 working really well (way better and faster than XP sp3, however I never thought to use Vista..).

there was some issues with build 7000 and Adobe CS4 production apps (like premiere, encore, AE) now solved with 7048

The only nvidia driver I found working well are 179.44 for Win vista x64, installed without modding nv_disp.inf

the one provided from windows update for 7 (179.43 win7 i think) was not working (the screen turn white).....

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Dell :: M6400 Random Black Screen Experience Log

Sep 6, 2009

i am aware that there is a lengthy thread on the owners of the m6400 and even a shorter thread on the crashes of the m6400 while gaming, namely wow and others...

i've recently purchased an m6400 and i too have become a victim of this issue.

until recently, i've no quarrels with Dell, i've purchased mostly Dell systems for my business, over 20 or so systems to date... and they have been doing well for my uses.

but the frustration with the m6400 is begining to wear down on me.

i make this thread and hope that someone from Dell becomes more aware of the situation.

it seems that the m6400 with the 3700 graphics card has brought many woes to owners who utilizes any program that uses 3D accelerator...
in my brief review of the threads here, it seems that the only resolution is like playing a lottery... get the card replaced... and see if it works, if not, repeat... some works after one, some after numerous replacements.

it also seems that this issue is not related only to games such as WoW or FFIX or Guild wars, there's been issues reported with Google Earth, as reported by fellow NBR members, SolidWorks, and by other dell users who have responded to my post on their "support" or rather, "support-less" forums...

now firstly, i am not bashing on dell... as a matter of fact, i have nothing but praise for their service department on the business machines... they've been quite responsive and the quality of service is excellent... just that the resolution of the problem is very disappointing to say the least.

in my experience, the crashes happen most frequently during WoW and also happened while i was installing a program and even in google earth... but it was very random...
i'm sure it's basic tech service procedure to have me check external monitor, fine, then they asked me to reseat the LCD cable.. hmm... i'm being asked to go inside my computer?

i've asked them if it will void warranty if i do this... answer is no... but i still felt that ANY customer should not have to disassemble their machines to make it work...

well, they scheduled a repair, replaced the graphics card and now... it's more frequent.

on a side note, i have to say, dell pretty much sucked on the packaging of the replacement card... the fins were pretty dented on 3 locations... seems that the packaging failed to hold the card in place.

well, as i was saying, it fails more frequently... so far, it failed over 10 times... in frustration, i don't even check the machine... and resorted to using my old one.

now i'm scheduled for yet another replacement... i hope for the best as i am really pleased with all of the other aspects of the machine... except, of course, the power brick... who can have any love for such a big ugly thing?

i am contemplating a requesting a full refund or even asking to replace the quador 3700 to the new ATI card...

but in the end... it's definitely not what i have paid good money for...

the resolution is pathetic... try and let's see? now i have to take off another day off work and schedule an appointment with the tech...

wonder if dell is going to reimburse me for my use of personal day?
wonder if i can charge dell my regular hourly wage when i perform these tasks...

anyway, next week, new card... new hopes? well... let's see...

and as for those who ask... why did you get a workstation lappy and complain it does not game well?... it's not really just a gaming issue... any machine purchased by the end consumer should come as a full working order for the ENTIRE package... fine, show me the disclaimer that says, you cannot game on this machine... and i'll stay quiet...

what do you guys think? should i request for refund or request for the ATI card?

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Acer :: Installing Windows 7 On An 6920G - Drivers, Experience Etc

Jan 24, 2010

Well my PC came OEM installed with Vista 32 Bit edition and I would like to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition (as i get a student discount).

Looking around the forums and internet in general, I have noticed that on the acer 6920g there seems to always be a problem with drivers such as the CineDash, Realtek, TV tuner, Modem, Card reader, Fingerprint, Webcam, Bluetooth etc.. I have also read that you can fix the launchmanager by running in Vista compatiability mode.

If i do an in-place upgrade (going from vista 32-bit to windows 7 ultimate) will it be fine? Also is there anything I should be cautionous of such as the drivers etc..

I would actually really like to do a clean installation but I'm worried that the keyboard "quick" buttons (such as the internet,bluetooth,mail on the side of keyboard will not work)- can someone please confirm if I did a clean installation, would theese buttons still work?

Also I have two games:GTA IV, Call of Duty 5 , will theese both work on windows 7 (or on compatability).

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Dell :: M6400 Very Dim Display When Windows 7 X64 Video Driver Installed

Aug 20, 2009

M6400, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit RTM, FX3700M, E2E RGB LED

Everything appears to be working fine in my win 7 installation with the exception of the video. If I install any video driver then the LCD display dim's down to <50% of its normal brightness compared to just vanilla VGA drivers. External monitor works fine.

I initially went with the official NVIDIA 186.03 driver, and this exhibited the dimming effect. I have since tried all manner of other video driver versions including laptop2go, etc and none of them work. Even had my first win7 BSOD when I installed Dell's latest Vista x64 driver .....

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Dell :: New Graphics Drivers For M6400

Feb 6, 2009

Today, Dell updated the 32 and 64bit drivers for quadro FX3700 and FX2700 so head over to their site to update your system.

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Dell :: Precision M6400 Drivers

Apr 20, 2010

can some one tell me were the driver is for the on screen display for the brightness and volume? You know when you press the volume key it shows it on the screen.

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Dell :: M6400 Display Drivers...

Mar 6, 2009

I could have sworn that Dell released some new drivers for the FX2700 / FX3700 earlier this year - I could have sworn that I installed them and had problems so didn't re-install them when I had to re-image my laptop

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Dell :: Blu-Ray Video Drivers

Dec 2, 2007

I have a Dell XPS-M1710 and I've tried a few different third party video drivers, but when I try ot play a Blu-Ray movie it says that the drivers aren't Blu-Ray compatible. I'm back using the Dell ones, but they really suck, especially for gaming, and even more so with newer games. Does anyone know of any good video drivers that can play Blu-Ray movies?

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Dell :: 1705 Video Drivers

Jun 15, 2008

i changed out the video card and in the process I did a drivers cleaner and deleted all the old video drivers now the problem is that when It restarted it did so without any drivers the card and the screen works (did a diagnostics test) but how do I go about reinstalling the drivers so I can get the display to come up after the Windows XP logo.

I can hear the wndows screen coming up but the screen is blank. The 7900GTX card went out so I went to to the 7800GS and I have the drivers just need to get them installed.

So is there something I can do to to bring everything normal?

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Dell :: Audio And Video Drivers

Apr 25, 2009

I have updated all my audio and video drivers and when I play a game my audio is great with the subwoofer, but when I play a movie it has very bad audio.

It began with media center, then media player, and finally power dvd. What should I do?
I'm sure it has nothing to do with the storm.

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Dell :: Drivers For XPS M1530 (video)

Apr 17, 2010

I recently downloaded the new one from nvidia (197.16), and I find modern warfare 2 seems to run a little slower, especially when I aim down the sight.

The one I had before was the Xtreme-G 190.62, which ran pretty well.

What drivers work best for you right now? I can't seem to find any recent posts on this subject.

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Dell :: Video Drivers For Inspiron 1720, For Gaming

Apr 7, 2009

I have games such as COD4, Crysis, and Assassins Creed. What are the best drivers I can get for this laptop in order to play these games with good quality? I've done some reading and saw that it's possible to overclock the GPU.

Is this safe? Is it really worth it? I'd like to try and increase the quality. I've never really played Crysis or Assassins creed because it was a bit choppy.

I have since installed the T9300 processor and havn't tried crysis since as I replaced my HDD with a 7200 vs the 5400 that was in it.

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Dell :: 1730 XP Video Drivers SLI Working Correctly

Oct 25, 2007

when I got the 1730 from Dell, right out of the box I was getting 15,500 on 3DMark05. I installed Dell's 'new' driver on their site and it lowered to around 15,000, so I rolled back to the original 'pre-release' driver and it popped back up to the original scores (this is stock, non-overclocked, btw...when CPU is cranked to 3.4Ghz, it gets ~17,000). This was dandy, and I was very happy with the performance of pre-release drivers.

So many games didn't work with Vista, or else worked badly (i.e. crashes), that I decided to reformat and put XP on there. Well, I figured I'd put the video drivers from Dell's Reinstall CD on there, thinking these were the same 'pre-release' drivers that were allowing the better scores in Vista. BOOM: I get 10,000 in 3DMark05, a 1/3 performance decrease! Believe me, I tweaked the driver settings just like I always do...SLI is definitely 'enabled' in the driver page, but the computer performs as if it is DISABLED. So, thinking it's a driver issue, I upgrade to the 'new' drivers on Dell's Support site, and BOOM: same issue. I'm so pissed off right now, I can hardly type, as this is LOWER than my 1710. For $4000, I could have bought a lot of hookers and coke, so this laptop may be going back with extreme prejudice if a solution isn't found in the next five to seven days.

There are threads about this in other forums around the net, but none of them I've found have any real workaround or solution other than 'we'll have to wait for Dell or Nvidia to properly support SLI.' Even the 'pre-release' driver on the system when it ships is not available for download anywhere, and I believe it's Visa-only anyway. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Hell, is anyone else HAVING this problem? I PM-ed Progneta yesterday, because I thought he had had the same issue and fixed it, but the more I thought about it, the more I figured a separate thread should be started concerning this problem, since it's pretty basic and very crippling. SOMEBODY at Dell should have caught this, since I know for a fact the engineers over there EXPECT people for format their machines when they get them (i.e. this is marketed to an enthusiast crowd, and they know it).

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Dell :: Installing Video Drivers Straight From Intel...Impossible

Dec 10, 2008

I periodically check Dell's site for updated video drivers but they are always sooo old. (Dell's driver-Version 7. something, Intel's-Version 11.something) Intel's site is much more up to date. Anyway, I'll download the Intel drivers and attempt to run the installer. It'll extract all the files but then close and show a message stating that the driver isn't "validated" to run on this computer and that I must get driver updates from my pc maker.

Why are others able to install the drivers, even on other Dell systems? Is it a business notebook thing due to the need for stable system images?

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Dell :: Best Current Video Drivers For M1330? Laptop In Danger

Mar 16, 2009

Recently I've been having trouble with my M1330's GPU overheating. It's been idling at 70-85C and can sometimes get past 100C when under load.

Since I'm going to be in Japan for the next few months, it doesn't seem like there's a simple way for me to send my laptop in to get a new GPU or motherboard, if that's the issue.

So I've been trying various things to try to reduce the temperature. I bought an aluminum laptop cooler with 3 fairly large fans on it, but it hasn't had any significant effect.

I also downloaded the latest BIOS, since I heard that the newer ones increase the fan speed.

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Sony :: Z Video Drivers Instability

Jan 11, 2009

is anyone else having gpu driver problems, if you are please email sony so they can update it. the drivers are still the original yet nvidia and intel have updated. and dont work with the switchable graphics on the z.

Update: talked to sony and they have no update in the works. talk to head of North american texh support and he said if enough people complained they would update the drivers.

it would be nice to have the nvidia cuda drivers. from what i understood sony edited the code to permit for the switch without reboot. that is why there has been no update.

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Dell :: M1330 Bios A15 + Latest Intel Drivers = Dead Video

Feb 10, 2009

Was having an issue on bios A12 (I think it was) with the brightness (function keys were not adjusting it properly), so updated the bios to A15 and the latest intel drivers as advised. (have intel, not nvidia).

Now the screen on boot is either blank or with only blue lines.

Can hear it booting into windows so the system on the whole seems fine.

Have got it working successfully on an external monitor via the vga port. I have tried to reapply the A15 bios and reinstall the intel drivers but not changed anything. The display properties in windows shows the laptop monitor as stuck on 640x480 and low colours. screen is off on 640x480 and if upped to the only other option 800x600 gives blue lines.

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Sony :: Video Drivers For My Upgraded Laptop

Mar 25, 2010

Just upgraded my VGN-SZ491N to Windows Ultimate 32 bits OS with a 320GB 5400 rpm drive. It is much faster than the 4200rpm drive.

Anyway, after the fresh install of Win732 onto my new hard drive, I need to find the drivers for my built in Intel and Nviaid video card, can someone kindly tell me where I can download those drivers to complete my install.

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HP/Compaq :: AMD/Ati... Video Drivers For XP... Mobility HD 3450

Mar 5, 2009

I managed to install XP SP3 on my laptop without any problems .. dv7 1110eg

but now I can not find drivers for video ...

I tested with modtool ...

but I said that the driver is not compatible

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HP 15-R074TU Display :: Audio And Video Drivers?

Dec 6, 2014

Recently 2 weeks back I have bought  HP 15-R074TU laptop free dos. I have installed windows7 64 bit.  And other required softwares, I have problems with audio which is very low.  Video display is not proper, movies are not comfortable to watch without any reason get stucks. I have installed HP recommended video and audio driver but still having problems.
Audio and video drivers for HP 15-R074TU model....

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Dell :: M6400 And The M6400 Covet? Whats The Difference?

Jul 17, 2009

Yup me again, in my hunt to determine if M6400 is right for me as it costs just about as much as a used car, I want to make sure its a good investment before I buy it.

What is the main difference with the M6400 and the M6400 Covet?

I configured both with the same specs and the Covet is about $900 more in price?

Does orange paint really cost that much?

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Acer :: Aspire 8920G XP Downgrade All Drivers, Except Video

Sep 25, 2008

I Have The Acer Aspire 8920G that i Want do to downgread to XP.

And have been search google for hours trying to find the XP driver.

ATI RADEON HD3650 512mb XP drivers.

I called acer and ATI no result.

all other drivers you can find on this site.

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HP/Compaq :: Is There A Way To Get Official Intel Video Drivers On A DV5-1000us

Jul 7, 2009

If there a way to install official Intel video drivers on an HP DV5-1000us? A friends friend has one and I tried extracting the files from the .exe then updating the drivers thru the device manager but it won't take the drivers prob due to a hardware id # hp had changed to prevent people from installing all but thier own "optimized" ( my ) drivers.

And this DV5 is the one with the GMA X4500 video adapter in case anyones wondering.

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HP DV1000 Audio :: Sound And Video Drivers Won't Install?

Jul 30, 2009

I just had to reformat my DV1000 due to a corrupt Windows XP installation. I downloaded the drivers from the HP website but they will not install, it just says FAILURE at the end of attempting to install them.
The p/n of my laptop is ED338AV.

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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Flex :: Video Drivers For DX 11 Games

Feb 23, 2014

I am using a Yoga 2 Pro. I absolutely love this laptop/tablet whatever you want to call it, but the biggest issue I seem to be still having is relating to video games. I realize this is not a gaming system, but it would be nice to play some.
The game I am most interested in playing is civilaztion 5. Civ 5 has great touch controls built into the game and works great as a tablet game. However, due to the Yoga 2 Pro's super high res screen, I am unable to run the game at full resolution. The best compromise is 1600x900. The issue is that running the game with touch controls enabled forces the game into direct x 11 mode. In Direct X 11 mode, running at a non standard resolution messes with display scaling. So I end up with a small box centered in the middle of the screen surrounded by black bars, instead of the lower resolution scaling to the display.
There is a work around, that involves putting the resolution to 1920x1080 through the intel control panel first before launching the game, but this is a pain.
This seems to be a driver issue, but lenovo does not seem to care about ever updating drivers as the most recent drivers all seem to be from October or November. I tried to install the intel drivers direct from Intel (which should work fine) but lenovo clearly has some block in place to prevent non authorized drivers from installing.

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Acer :: Video Card No Longer Detected Or Installing Drivers

Apr 13, 2009

I'm working on this Acer Aspire AS7520-5311 laptop, on Vista 32, with a NVIDIA GeForce 8400M. Trying to tweak some graphic settings last night somehow I guess I deleted the video drivers for the nvidia card. I went into the device manager and deleted all of the display drivers. When it rebooted it tried to install it again. For some odd reason, it installed a "Standard VGA adaptor". So my desktop resolution is back to the former settings but any remotely graphic demanding programs will not run. I've went to Acer's website and nvidias website and cannot find the exact NVIDIA GeForce 8400M driver. I've tried everything listed under the model number on acer's website and it will install, reboot, but when comes back up. It still only shows the same standard vga adaptor.

This did not come with a restore disk for some odd reason!

Now before I just blame Vista, transfer all of my data, erase it, and then put XP on it.

I'm sure If I could somehow find the correct driver for the video card it would help.

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HP 2000-BF69WM Display :: Screen Flickering When Using AMD Video Drivers?

Jun 3, 2014

When HP'S AMD video drivers (tried all available versions) are installed, I get screen flickering when the laptop comes up to the Start screen.  However, when I installed Microsoft's video driver, the screen is normal.  Please note that a recovery back to factory settings (Windows 8) was already done to this point. 

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HP/Compaq :: HP DV5-1010F Turnoff Video Issue Latest Nvidia Drivers

Apr 6, 2009

I installed the latest Nvidia drivers (179.48), Since I then when the video turns off the laptop does not respond any more and I have a black screen. I uninstalled the drivers and I reinstalled the original HP (179.04) and I still have the same issue.

I uninstalled the latest video drivers using the control panel.

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HP Pavilion 1000 Display :: Upgraded To Windows 7 After Hard Disc Formatting - Video Drivers

Jul 25, 2014

Had to format my hard disc and reinstall Windows XP, then upgraded to Win 7. Windows has generic VGA driver that's OK, but it can't run any copmplex videos that it used to be able to run. I know it's 5 years old, but everytime I download stuff for the "specs" listed on website, I can't get anywhere. I'm sure there have been more than one video card integrated into the board, but I don't know where else to turn!

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