Sony :: Battery Drain Fix Request Thread

Oct 8, 2009

Us VAIO users will most likely have (and still do) experienced the common and annoying battery drain issue, which Sony has dubbed a 'feature'.

Sure, Lithium ion batteries do suffer some degrading when charged near 100% or fully discharged at 0%, but many here will have experienced the battery draining from 80% (Battery Care on) to 30% (a few days later), which, to everyone here, is NOT beneficial to the battery in any way............

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Sony :: Vaio Z Battery Drain Diagnostics Thread

May 14, 2009

I am starting this thread in hopes of getting to the root cause of the battery drain found in the VAIO Z-series (among other lines I've been told).

Battery drain here is defined as the amount of battery the laptop loses when turned completely off and left to sit for a period of time. If the battery is removed, the loss is insignificant: 1-2% in a week's time. If the battery is left in, the loss is significant: 5-10% in a 24 hour period.

I am here to try and determine what causes this loss. What I would like those who wish to participate to do is the following:
1. Charge your laptop to 100% (battery care must be disabled to do so).
2. WHILE THE LAPTOP IS PLUGGED IN, shut the laptop down completely (no sleep/hibernate/low power state, in other words, OFF)
3. Let the laptop sit unused for at least 24 hours
4. Just prior to starting back up, PLUG THE LAPTOP BACK IN, start it up and record your battery %
5. Post your battery loss here as well as your laptop's configuration

Keeping the laptop plugged in on shut down and start up removes the possibility of a large amount of juice being used for either process which has been documented to happen..

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Sony :: Vaio CW Battery Drain

Jan 30, 2010

I just got a CW i5 from Best a few days ago (its the VPCCW27FX). I have since noticed that it has serious battery drain issues.

My computer seems to lose about 7% of battery life PER HOUR when in sleep mode (although at some point it seems to put itself into hibernation). (I just put it to sleep for 2 hrs, and it dropped from 90% to 77%. Last night put it to sleep at 40%, and computer would not start up this AM w/o immediately going into hibernation again b/c battery totally drained)

Dunno why this is happening - computer seems to be asleep (screen off, blinking orange LED on front, etc.) and certainly is hibernated when I start it up again (vaio splash screen, etc.), but if I am losing 7% an hour, I will need to return it.

Battery life seems to be okay when I am using it though - watched and hour of DVD last night on battery, which dropped the charge from about 80% to 40%.

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Sony :: Vaio CW Battery Drain Information

Mar 7, 2010

What is Battery Drain?
-When your computer is turned off or in sleep mode and looses large amounts of battery life.

How do I know if I am affected?
-To my knowledge, ALL Vaio CW computers (at least with the i5 and 330m combo). I have come to to this conclusion because I have had two of these with the same issue and I have yet to see more than one person say they do not have it on a Vaio CW

How can I fix this?
-Right now there is no fix for loosing battery life while 'Shutdown'. As for sleep mode, you can help make the loss less substantial by doing a 'clean install'
Instructions here
And also make sure that you have these settings in the 'advanced power options'

All tests have been run on two different VPCCW27FX notebooks

Test 1: 100% Battery, 4 hrs shutdown: 90%
Test 2: 65% Battery, no HDD, 3hrs shutdown: 48%
Test 3: 48% Battery, 'Power Saver' battery mode, 5.5 hrs shutdown: 20%
Test 4: Wifi Switch off
Test 5: 50% Battery, Battery out: 50%

At the time being, there is no fix or known cause for the battery drain while shutdown. For now, myths of a clean install or using different windows battery settings make no difference, which means this is either a problem with the motherboard, BIOS or the battery it's self.

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Sony :: Solution For All Vaio Battery Drain

Jul 26, 2009

I was running an FW and noticing huge percentage drop when I would hibernate and leave it unplugged overnight, sometimes it would be about 30%. However the percentage would always remain 30% lower then when I powered it down for a while so I figured my battery life was not affected overall and that the battery indicator was wrong. Well it turns out that I was wrong, I can usually squeeze out 2 min per percentage if I leave my computer idle and allow the screen saver to popup while on battery. However after the 30% drain overnight I noticed my overall battery life was affected severely, with 1 overnight on hibernate session my battery life went from on average 2 min per percentage to 1.33 min per percentage.

Possible Solution:
Turn on battery care function on the Vaio Control Center and set the custom setting at 100%. Having done this my battery during hibernate (and shutdown) overnight drops only 1-2%.

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Sony :: Battery Drain On My Vaio F Series Laptop

Apr 10, 2010

Several times I charge the laptop to full and turn it off. When I turn it back on moments later, it shows the battery at 75-80% and it always does this.

I call up customer service (only to find out that they are a bunch of retards because they always refer to their "manual") and they say that this is normal. Which I think is total bs, because they specifically state 3-4 hours of battery life

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Dell :: Battery Drain + Power Off

Oct 29, 2009

I've had a strange people recently plaguing my D630 (purchased June 2008).

The battery states 100%, pull the plug, and within a minute, it goes to about 10%, then the laptop shuts down.

Now, here's the catch - the battery is still good. I've tried the battery out in my other D630 and it works perfect, still holding a charge. I also tried the other laptop's battery in the problem laptop and it did the same thing.

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HP/Compaq :: Excessive Battery Drain

Dec 12, 2009

the battery of my Dv7t is draining very fast... first i was on vista, it would shut down directly at abt 30% and the battery would last like jus 45 minutes on full 100% recharge! now i moved to Windows 7 and the battery went from 100% to 6o% in just 20 minutes.. also there is a error showing on the battery bar saying "consider replacing ur battery .. the system might shut down suddenly"...what should i do.?the problem starting suddenly like 10 days ago before that my laptop was giving like 2 Hrs back up on full recharge!

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Dell XPS 13 :: Battery Drain While Powered Off?

Apr 18, 2013

I've got a relatively new XPS 13.  I noticed that I seem to lose battery charge even when I'm completely powered off -- about 10-15% overnight.  Is this common or is something draining the battery that shouldn't?

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HP/Compaq :: DM3 Excessive Battery Drain When Shut Down

Dec 11, 2009

I last used my DM3 about 2 1/2 weeks ago. When I shut it down the battery was at 100%. When I powered it up today, I had only 58% battery charge. This drain seemed excessive to me so I called HP and they seem to have agreed with me as they are sending me a new battery for free under warranty.

Anyone else notice excessive battery drain when the unit is shut down?

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Acer :: Is This Excessive Battery Drain (while The Laptop Is TURNED OFF)

Jan 1, 2010

I have an Acer 4810TZ timeline (SU4100 processor). I had charged the battery up to 100% and then left on an 11 day vacation. When I came back, I found the battery to have only a 16.7% charge left on it. Is this an excessive lost of battery over an 11 day period? My laptop was left shut down (it was not in sleep or hibernate mode). I would think the drain on the battery would be minimal.

Is my battery defective or is this normal? I've had the laptop for about 2 months.

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Acer :: Findigs About Timeline Excessive Battery Drain

Mar 6, 2010

here we go, acer 3810tz :

1.Laptop turned off -> charger unplugged -> turned on after 15h, battery bar:
99,99-93,0= 6,99% of drain

2.Laptop turned off -> charger stays plugged -> turned on after 15h, battery bar:
99,7-99,0= 0,7% of drain

3.Charger unplugged (laptop goes to on battery mode) -> laptop turned off ->
-> turned on after 48h, battery bar:
98,0-97,0= 1,0% of drain


There seems to be a bug in BIOS power managment, so:

1. Unplug charger, laptop goes to on battery mode (green leaf).

2. Turn off laptop

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: E535 High Battery Drain When Laptop Is Off

Apr 8, 2013

i just bought a Thinkpad e535.Every time I turn off the laptop (not hibernating, not sleeping) and unplug the power cable from the Ac Outlet  the battery loses around 20% of charge every 24 hours, 
What I've already done to troubleshoot:
-Disabled USB always on in BIOS
-Disabled Wake On Lan from Windows AND BIOS
-Running command powercfg /devicequery wake_armed to see if any device is programmed to power on the laptop 
BIOS version is the latest one (2.08)
Power Manager software is 6.32

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Dell Vostro 3550 :: Windows 8 Heating And Battery Drain?

Mar 8, 2013

i recently installed windows 8 pro on my dell vostro 3550 laptop. i was facing with overheating and battery drain issues. i read in dell forums that dell resolved battery drain issue in bios update and now my current bios version is A10. but problem is i saw in other dell thread that A11 has some flaw in it and not advisable to update and that too previously my bios update failed and dell replaced my Motherboard. so how can i overcome overheating and battery drain issues ?

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Dell :: E6400 + 6 Cell + Windows 7 X64 7229 + Standby = Serious Battery Drain?

Jun 19, 2009

Fresh load of Windows 7 x64 7229 and when I put my machine into standby the battery seems to drain incredibly fast....almost like it is on. I will standby the machine before I go to bed and in the morning it's dead with 0% battery.

I used to do the same thing with my D630 and in the morning I would have 85% or so on the equivilant 6 cell battery. Is there something I am missing.

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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Flex :: Not Charging - When Plugged In Battery Continues To Drain

Jan 25, 2015

Earlier today, my Yoga 3 Pro decided to stop charging.  When plugged in, the battery continues to drain as if it was not plugged in.  I have tested the A/C adapter by plugging in my phone with a micro USB and that worked fine, and the USB charging slot works when my wireless mouse is plugged into it, so I assume it must be the strange Y3P USB cable that is not working.  
Would a normal USB to USB cable work for charging my laptop?  If not, how do I replace that "kink" USB cable?

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Sony :: Vaio RecoveryInformation Request

Feb 5, 2009

i have a sony vaio notebook with the os vista home premium.

It came with only one partition which i am plannig to resize to add another couple.

My question is the following, if in the future i will want to recover my computer, using the recovery tool, will i lose all the new partitions and the data included in them or it will only revert the windows partition? (at the moment there is only a C: partition, where windows is installed)

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Lenovo T400 / T500 :: T540p Battery Drain In S4 Sleep State After BIOS And Intel WiFi Driver Update

Aug 17, 2014

On my T540p, I configured the rapid start technology according to [URL] ....
Since I have performed a BIOS update to 2.14  and an update of the Intel Wifi driver to 17.0.5, I experience the problem of battery drain when the computer is in S4 sleep state, at a rate of approximately 0.125% per hour (on the 56Wh battery).
This was not the case before these updates. There was no noticable power drain in S4 sleep state, even not over multiple days. I'm using Win7, I set all the WoL capabilities both in BIOS and in the Intel driver to disabled, according to [URL] ....
External device USB charge settings are also fully disabled in BIOS and Power Manager. The problem does not occur when the system is fully shut down, but in S4 Sleep state, which should be a zero-power state too, as it was before the updates. In the details of the BIOS update it is stated " Fixed an issue where the computer might fail to enter sleep state". Could the power drain be a side effect of this fix? Or is it an issue with the (new) Wifi driver, as it was the case for the Y410P?
How could this battery drain be avoided?

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Sony :: Request For Nvidia GeForce 8400M GT Graphics Flash ROM ( Vaio VGN-AR61M)

Oct 27, 2009

Can anyone be kind enough to share a flash ROM copy of Nvidia Geforce 8400M GT notebook graphics display for

Sony Vaio VGN-AR61M? A backup copy done with Nvflash, NiBiTor or any similar flash app perhaps will do.

I need to flash my video graphics display which is no longer recognized. For some unknown reasons,

after installing and playing some high resolution games, my pc crashed and suddenly Windows 7 display won't accept any video driver except the standard VGA adapter

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Acer :: Timeline Battery Endurance Thread

Aug 14, 2009

How long does your Timeline last?

model / CPU / screen size / OS / Power setting / screen brightness / endurance

Mine: 3810TZ, SU2700, 13.3" ,XP Home, laptop(portable), 3/9 , about 6 hours..

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Sony :: FW Picture Thread

Sep 9, 2009

FW owners, post up your FW pictures and show everyone your set up. I noticed that there are no picture threads and lots of people would love to see user pictures and not just the googled pictures of the same looking FW just at different angles.

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Sony :: Z Series Accessories Thread

Mar 30, 2010

I'm about to get one of these beautiful laptops and while I wait I have been looking for accessories, like a case.

Maybe people could post what they have and where they found it.
This can be for anything, from mice to cases etc.

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Sony :: Vaio CW I5 Driver Thread

Mar 4, 2010

When Installing the Sony Drivers, it is NECESSARY to install 01, 02, and 03, in that order (and it may be necessary to run 01 as an administrator). Otherwise you may not have functioning FN keys and other anomalies.

System Drivers
01 - Sony Firmware Extension Parser Device Driver v8.0.1.1
02 - Sony Shared Library v5.5.0.10160
03 - Sony Notebook Utilites v1.0
04 - Intel Chipset Driver v9.1.1.1023
05 - Intel SATA Driver v8.9.4.1004
06 - Intel Turbo Boost v1.0.0.1030
07 - NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Video Driver v8.16.11.8783

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Sony :: Vaio Z Vs SRCompare Thread

Jul 16, 2009

I've been looking at both of these for my next laptop... as well as possibly the ASUS U80V. The main problem I have is the battery leakage problem they both have, which defeat the purpose of their long lasting battery. I'm really not sure what to do as this is the only drawback or I would order one this week.... any further information would be appreciated, but I try to keep up to date in the specific thread.

I know the Z is quite a big price jump from the SR, but they are similar in appearance (different materials though)... I can't seem to justify which one would be worth it.

Differences I have noticed.
-Z is lighter (uses carbon fiber and other light materials)
-Z has 2 graphic cards (use integrated for longer battery life)
-Z has the better screen supposedly?
-EDIT*** Z does NOT have lighted keyboard

Please help me understand other differences that I have overlooked and please expand if you could on any I have already mentioned.

Really just looking for a 2.4ghz or greater processor, atleast 4gb RAM, bigger than 100gb hard drive, 5+ hours of battery life (surfing and music).... occasional game of counterstrike/DOD source, nothing crazy. It MUST be quiet and not overheat....

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Sony :: Vaio Z11 Series And Windows 7 Thread

Oct 24, 2009

I want to install Windows 7 on my UK Sony VGN-Z11VN, however, cannot find the Windows 7 drivers inc Globetrotter WWAN driver.

People are discussing newer Z models in other threads and cannot find much info about installing it on the Z11 and I'm sure lots of Z11 owners also want to install Windows 7.

Therefore I'm creating this dedicated thread for us Z11 owners how to install Windows 7.

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Sony :: FW490 XBRITE-FullHD Screen Speculation Thread

Jul 9, 2009

I was asking about the difference between XBRITE-ECO and XBRITE-FullHD. To my surprise, the rep told me the XBRITE-FullHD is LED backlit (which I think it's not true). I ask her to confirm that and she came back with the same answer.

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Dell :: Request Driver For Vostro 1510 Dvd Rw

Mar 31, 2009

please somebody give me the matsh..a uj-875s driver for windows vista 32 bit

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Acer :: 6920G ATI HD 3650 512MB V BIOS Request

Apr 7, 2009

i desperate about it. need a bios for Ati mobility radeon hd3650 512mb. I'm even ready to pay 30 euros for this bios if you will get it till the morning of 08.04.2009.

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Acer :: Aspire 9410-2079 :: Special Request | Dyslexia

Jan 13, 2009

I have an Acer Aspire 9410-2079, its about a year old.

I need to do a complete restore (default setings) on my laptop, but it needs a password.

Well I think i might have made a mistkae when I first put it in a year ago. I want to keep my D: drive in tack, but the C drive needs tro be wiped.

Only thing is, I cant get eRecovery to run without a password.

I tried searching and the only things I find are:


Like many others, the first time that you launch eRecovery on your laptop you have use a password. Then the months the years passed, and you need eRecovery, but now you forgot the password...

Note : The method can be very different with your model, but the principle remains the same one, there must be a file which stores your password, and it must be in one of the most recent files since you changed your password.

Note 2: Vista compatibility

This problem is solved very easily, makes a right click on the partedit32 icon, goes in properties, clicks on the tab compatibility and set the compatibility on winxp or win98..................................

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Dell Latitude XT3 :: Webcam Central Image Rotation Request

Aug 6, 2012

I have an XT3 with the built-in webcam.  When I use the tablet in portrait mode, the webcam image stays oriented for landscape mode.  Can we get a driver update to correct the image rotation when using the webcam in portrait mode?

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