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Sony :: Can't Extract Drivers With Universal Extractor V1.6

When I try to extract Sony Notebook Utilities, BIOS update, and other things, this stupid error keeps popping up.

Can anyone be kind enough to download the drivers, extract them, and reupload them for me? I have tried all of the extract options and none of them work.


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Sony :: Vaio, Vista, And The Universal Extractor
I keep getting a message stating that any updates for my drivers on a VGN - C25G are not intended for use with my model (all details are correct). So, I need to resort to the universal extractor to get my FN keys, Camera and Bluetooth working on this vaio...

I have never used the universal extractor before, and am uncertain where i would need to place the extracted files once the UE has finished

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Sony :: Kensington Universal Power Supply & VGN-SR Series
Anyone use one of Kensington's universal power supplies with their VGN-SR? Trying to figure out which "smart tip" to use.

Their compatibility wizard on the Kensington website doesn't list the VGN-SR290; only lists a Vaio SR series. I think this may be referring to an older series and not the VGN-SR line. The tip the wizard recommends for this 'Vaio SR series" is N15, which, according to the power supply instrcution manual has output volatge of 15-17V. Another tip, tip N27, has output volatge of 17-20V. The power brick that came with my SR290 indicates a 19.5V output (Sony VGP-AC19V25 - 19.5V, 4.7a)

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Acer :: [Timeline] How To Extract A Bootable Vista DVD
I have an Acer Timeline 4810TZ. With Windows XP you were (usually) able to just take the "i386" folder which most companies put on the laptop's drive and use that to produce a full bootable Windows XP CD that you could use to completely reformat the drive with the Windows license key that came with your laptop.

Is this possible with Vista? More specifically, is this possible with the way Acer sets up their laptop?

I know I can use their erecovery tools, but I'd rather setup my own partition structure.

I have already backed up all the files in the secret partition and do know how to recover it even if I delete the hidden partition so another option is to just delete it and then combine the partition with the other one and then repartition the drive. All this should be doable with gparted (or a bunch of other programs) and shouldn't harm my files, but it seems like a dumb roundabout way to go about it if I can produce a Vista DVD.

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Dell :: Extract Files From M170 Harddrive To Inspiron 9400
I have m170 laptop which has a fried motherboard but the harddrive works, also I need my stuff from this harddrdive like my mp3's, pictures, and videos.

I also have inspiron working 9400 laptop. I wanted to know how can I get back these files and put it in the 9400 harddrive because I cant use the m170 laptop to get it back.

I have windows xp home editon installed on the m170 harddrive, I didnt get a chance to backup these files before the m170 got a fried motherboard. It got fried during when I was still using m170.

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Dell :: XPS 1530 IR / Universal Remote
I want to use a Universal Remote to control my Dell laptop and my TV in one and since I have a XPS M1530 and one of those media control remotes, I figure I had 3 options:

1 Find a remote that my computer recognizes and/or figure out what buttons do what and pray it works.

2 Find out how to get my computer's IR to recognize a remote and then write drivers or something to do the rest.

3 Purchase IR sensor bar or something and do it that way.

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Dell :: Universal Power Supply
So i have a new e6400 moved from an e4200. Figured I could use the nice dell travel adapter I had with my 4200. Once i plugged it into my new beast i got a not enough wattage message from DCP.

Which is fine, I now realize that my nice slim power adapter is very much under powered for this laptop.

I went out and got a Cooler Master SNA 95 it is a 95 watt adaptor and acutally is really small and light. Got it home and plugged it in and I got this message .....

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HP/Compaq :: HP Power Adapter.. Are They Universal For Almost Alllaptops
I am trying to find a power adapter for my HP dock XB3000, however, everywhere I look, the power adapter seem to be the same. My laptop uses the newer smart pin connection, however the dock uses a smaller plug. When I look on ebay, I see they list practically all hp laptops to be compatable with their power adapters. I was just wondering if the power adapters are practically universal, other than the difference between the 65W and the 90W adapters.

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Sony :: Pro/Wireless Drivers & Proset Wireless Drivers Compatibility
I have a Sony Vaio VGN N130G with an
integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 3915ABG wireless or
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG that runs the standard sony driver.

I also have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG that runs the driver for Intel Proset/Wireless driver .....

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Sony :: 's ATI Drivers
My recently new purchased FW 490 JFT comes with ATI's Mobility 4650 1GB GPU.

I installed all the "latest" drivers from Sony however the ATI drivers they offer are version 8.5. The latest drivers out on ATI's website are now 9.7

Will Sony ever update their drivers? How can I get this card updated to the newest drivers? I already tried Mobility Modder and they don't support 4650 series..

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Sony :: Viao Drivers?
i have a sony viao laptop but i cant seem to find the drivers for it anywhere can you help the model number is

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Sony :: Installing Drivers
How To Installing Drivers Imean wich driver must be to instaled before before another driver ? beacouse i have problem with sony drivers and i think there is an order of installing these drivers .....

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Sony :: FW 490 32 Bit Drivers For 7/Vista
My FW490 arrived today and I'm planning on doing a clean install of either Windows 7 or Vista. But there's only drivers for 64bit

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Sony :: XP Drivers For VGN-CR590
i need windows XP Drivers For My New Sony VGN-CR590

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Sony :: Windows 7 Drivers For FW
Do you think Sony will release Windows 7 drivers and utilities for FW and make everything works perfectly, including ALL Fn keys and special buttons?

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Sony :: Windows 7 Drivers Available
It seems that Sony is updating their FTP with Win 7 drivers. Some drivers are Alps touchpad(Win 7/Vista 64-bit), Nvidia 186.56(Win 7/ Vista 64-bit), Intel chipset,

SATA driver, etc.

Link :
(Look for the most recent dated drivers)

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Sony :: Vpceb14EN Drivers
I need win7 drivers for sony vpceb14EN drivers.
I am new to sony products

I have formatted my sony vaio before building rescue disk, thinking that drivers might available at sony support website. But they only provide updates to drivers!!!
I have searched a lot and found that they provide complete drivers & vaio software for business products. Among those the following models

HTML Code:

which are closer to vpceb14EN
Is there any problems in downloading and installing these drivers. or plz. suggest any other alternative solution??

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Sony :: VGN- TT11 WN Drivers
I am looking for drivers & utilities for sony viao vgn-TT11Wn.

i have deleted the partition by mistake which holds the vista setting *great*, i cant revert back to vista if i wanted. Just wondering if you guys can help.

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Sony :: Windows 7 Drivers For SZ
Where can I find the Windows 7 drivers for SZ series. Its a pity that sony just says that the hardware is not compatible. They just suck at the support which they should be providing and now us guys.

who have tried the RC and can gain from that experience to install the full upgrade.

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Sony :: 64-bit Drivers For Vaio Fz
I am trying to gather the 64 bit drivers for sony vaio vgn-fz model

so far... only thing i could find was this link


it only has drivers for

memory card reader/writer

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Sony :: What Will Be With Drivers When Windows 7 Will Be Available
I am wondering what will be with drivers when Windows 7 will be available. Now when I go to Sony website and try download drivers and utilities factory installed with my Vaio TT21 XN/B it is not available. Only one way of reinstallation is recovery partition (or DVD's) or semi clean install. But question is how to install Windows 7 when it will be available without drivers? When Microsoft will lunch W7 I am going to upgrade but how I will can do that?

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Sony :: Drivers And Utilities
What to do, if didn't make recovery disc?

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Sony :: SR Webcam Drivers
I upgraded my Sony to Windows 7 and I cannot find the webcam/microphone driver.

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Sony :: Upgrading The Drivers
how often Sony upgrades their drivers?

I'm sitting with a SZ71 and nVidia driver from 2007.

I got some graphics issues and wouldn't mind to upgrade the drivers.

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Sony :: No Windows 7 Drivers For Z11's
Newer Z series models seem to have drivers available for download, but what about us with Z11's (VGN-Z11WN/B to be precise)?

I'd like to install Windows 7 (64 bit) on my Z, but it makes it a bit tricky if I can't obtain the drivers

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Sony :: VGN-Z Windows 7 X64 Drivers
IIt seems than Windows 7 brings many drivers, that works well - no need for installing all Software, which are suggestet here:

Vista Business 64 Bit Drivers for Vaio Z
Vista Business 64 Bit Drivers for Vaio Z

My first challange was to get Dualboot WinXP, and Win7x64 to work.

Short solution for the EFI GDT Problem
//Edit: see VGN-Z Windows 7 x64 Drivers for a better way (with advanced Menu)
(only needed for x64, if you doesnt want to format your disk)

Create 3 folders c:efi-iso c:efi-exe c:efi-dvd

Download oscdimg.exe from [url] into c:efi-exe

Extract iso using 7Zip or WinRAR (Or copy the contents of the DVD) into c:efi-dvd

Start up a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd)
Type: cd c:efi-exe.............

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Sony :: FW139E Drivers
My computer froze recently and something failed on windows so I decided to reload Vista again. Unfortunately, I didn't have the recovery discs on me so I bought a copy of Vista Ultimate from my university. After installing though, none of my shortcut or "FN" buttons work and the wireless doesn't work either. The esupport website doesn't have any drivers available and the only option I have is to buy the discs from Sony directly. Does anybody know how I can the drivers? Can I download a different set of drivers from FW with vista ultimate?

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Sony :: Drivers- VGN-S58GP

the drivers on their site don't work... where else could I get?

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Sony :: Drivers After Insalling XP
I've used linux on my vaio vgn-485b but now I need to get back to win and I've installed it on partition. the problem now is that when I try to install the drivers (starting with the Bios files, sony shared library etc..) I've got weird messages like 'impossible to read the data system' or 'shared libary not installed' when I try to install the shared library... unfortunately I don't have the recovery dvd. so what can I do?

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Sony :: Z-VGN Z555dn X64 Drivers
I checked the sony site for x64 drivers and it seems that my PC can now have x64 drivers. My question is, why are there so few drivers on that page. There are no video drivers at all. Will vista find the correct drivers for the video and all the other pieces of hardware.

Here is the link to the drivers:

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Sony :: PCG-5J2L XP Drivers
My friend has a pink Sony PCG-5J2L that originally came with Vista but we all can almost agree Vista is a dread.

She downgraded or what I consider an upgrade to XP; however. There are some driver issues such as the video and network.

Anyone got any luck on downgrading/upgrading to Windows XP on this?

It seems the video, display functions, ethernet drivers are the main issues.

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Sony :: VGN-Z540 64-bit Drivers
Someone said the 6xx drivers work fine on the 5xx series if you extract them from the model wrapper, but looking at the drivers, it looks like some hardware is different.

The Sony site only lists a little amount of 64 bit drivers (they didn't used to list any about 6 months ago) but there are some hardware components that don't have 64 bit drivers listed and are different in the 6xx series.

Could I get everything 100% working on a Z540 with Vista or 7 64-bit?

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Sony :: Drivers For Japanese Z
I wanted to reinstall my VGN-Z90US, so as for preparation I was planning to download latest drivers, as it's easily possible from the US page. But what a surprice, on the Japanese page it's written that it's not possible and I'll find the drivers on recovery discs and C:WindowsDrivers only...which are outdated of course.

So the question is, does anybody know the source for latest drivers for Japanese Z...FTP or anything? Or should I try to use the ones from US site?

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Sony :: Drivers- FW490
I just ran PCPitstop on my FW490 (running Vista Home Premium 64 bit), and the Driver recommendations report listed two drivers which they suggest changing:

1) Realtek High Definition Audio current driver is , to proposed driver

2) Marvell Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller current driver is to proposed driver

The recommended drivers do not appear on the Sony eSupport site for my specific model (VGN-FW490CJ).

Should I leave well enough alone, or is Sony not posting the most current drivers for my Vaio.

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Sony :: Vista Drivers
I recently installed 64bit vista on my vaio vgn-nr21m/s because I upgraded to 4gb ram. Since then I have not been able to find a compatible driver for my SD card reader.

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Sony :: Windows 7 32 Bit Drivers For Z
I can not decipher Sony's support site. I have looked for windows 7 32 bit drivers but can't find them for my model, a Z590. I can't find them for any model. Are they hiding these for some reason? Why can't they be normal and just put up the drivers in a coherent fashion?

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Sony :: Should I Be Using New Drivers For More Vaio Z
I have a Vaio Z690 and am using the default 174.49 Nvidia drivers which sony provides. What I am wondering is if there is a better driver I should be using then this one. I have read My discoveries on Vaio Zís Hybrid Graphics although could someone point me in the right direction of which driver I should be using, that has been verified that will still allow me to keep all the features such as the stamina vs speed mode switch, shortcut buttons, etc with everything working 100%.

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Sony :: SZ691N Drivers
my sony vaio SZ691N after installing windows 7. Most of the drivers from my previous OS (Vista Business) are not suitable with this new windows.

Has anyone got a solution for this? I want to find drivers for windows 7 x64 for my sony vaio SZ691N. probably other drivers for SZ series also compatible.

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Sony :: Aw Series Set Of Drivers Uk Or USA
I have a Uk Aw 21 S/b model and have done a clean vista install, on the Uk support site there are a limited set of drives and sony utilits as oposed to the US site that has a complete set of all sort of stuff.

Can i use the US drivers on my model?

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Sony :: Win 7 Drivers On VGN-AR71m
I think I have everything installed but the camera and an unknown device and mass storage controller that show up with an ! in Device manager. I've had a look through [url] but drivers there stop at the AR6. To the best of my knowledge the chipset is an intel p965 and I have installed these drivers from the intel site as well as the Realtek and nvidia drivers.

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Sony :: Windows 7 Premium Drivers
I downloaded all the drivers for my vgn-fw510f/b and installed them. The bluetooth is not active on my laptop.

I installed SmartWi and it used to be in the bottom left corner, but it is not there anymore

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Sony :: Vaio Tz 91 Vista Drivers?
anyone know where I can find vista drivers for my sony vaio tz91?

(The recovery partition no longer exists and i don't have dvd's of drivers due to it being a 2nd hand machine

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Sony :: Sz6 Windows 7 Official Drivers?
I saw that some Sony windows 7 drivers were now online. I was just wondering if the drivers for the sz6 are available?

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Sony :: 64bit Drivers For Win 7 On VGN-SR21M
got the vaio control centre showing a few things but really havent got some stuff working properly, luckily with 7 alot of stuff works out of the box.

I downloaded the ati driver from ati but it doesnt show any control centre, also installed synaptics but it asks if i want to reinstall everytime i restart, power management seems to work.

mainly the problems are none of the fn things work and the 5 buttons/settings/mode dont work, I would like them to work, would also like some of the cool functions that were on the screen with vista when i first got it.

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Sony :: Vista Drivers Work For XP
I've just bought a new NW series laptop! =) But it's got Vista.. I want to install XP on it but the vaio site only seems to have Vista drivers, will they work on XP?

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Sony :: Vgn-ar78e Drivers&utilities
I`am new in this forum I search it but i couldn`t find can someone upload Sony Vgn-ar78e drivers and utilites for Vista&Xp

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Sony :: .comgetting Drivers For Windows 7 Pro
I just got an F. Like it.

It came with Win 7 Home Premium and I clean installed Win 7 Pro after I got it.

When I enter my Model number on Drivers and Support, I can only see Win 7 Home Premium driver and no way to trick the website into showing me Win 7 Pro drivers.

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Sony :: FW 64-bit Drivers And 32-bit Vista Compatibility
I am looking for the very latest drivers and utilities for my FW notebook. I have 32-bit Vista but the latest 32-bit drivers from Sony are for FW3. FW4 drivers are newer but they are for 64-bit Vista. Which of the 64-bit drivers that are 100% compatible with 32-bit Vista?

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Sony :: Drivers For VGN-FZ92S (Japan)
I bought a VGN a couple of months ago in Japan, but I need the drivers in english because i will like to install vista Ultimate on the machine. everywhere I searched, only japanese drivers were available. I want the language in English, not in japanses as i am currently working with. It came with Home Premium, i need drivers for the camera, the bluetooth, the geforce 8400GT.

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Sony :: SRATI Windows 7 Drivers
Can anyone confirm that the following driver can be used on my Vaio SR with the upgraded ATI graphics card? I am getting occasional crashes with the default Vista drivers.


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