Sony :: Guide To Disassembling A VAIO VAIO VGN-SZ75 GN?

Apr 18, 2009

Does anyone have a link to a website or PDF describing how to properly open and disassemble a VAIO VGN-SZ75GN?

I have a VAIO VGN-SZ75GN, bought about 8 months ago, and now I want to exchange the built-in hard-disc with a solid-state disc.

I need some guide with illustrations/pictures, how to reach the disc

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Sony :: Disassembling Vaio SZ

Aug 18, 2009

I am out of warranty. So using the manual, I tried disassembling it myself but I am stuck at one step. Removing the hood. Did anyone else needed to remove it, if yes, how?

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Sony :: (Completely) Disassembling Vaio

Nov 21, 2009

Spilled beer on my comp about a week ago, immediately got a blue warning screen telling me to contact my service provider. So I unplugged it and pulled the battery, drained what liquid I could out of it, and slowly started disassembling right down to the motherboard. I slowly spent the last week gently rubbing the crud off all the circuits with a soft toothbrush and some q-tips, everything appears to be gone. I did not check the CPU, hopefully that's fine. Anyway I put it mostly back together and tried to power it on, and nothing happened.

It is possible that the beer in fact killed it completely. However I would suspect that if that were the case then the unit will still receive power and show signs of life, but not actually boot. Another possibility is that I killed it myself while taking it apart. It is also possible that there is a short, or I forgot to hook everything up correctly, etc etc

From a troubleshooting standpoint I think my next move will be completely taking everything out (motherboard, cpu, everything) and starting from ground zero to make sure everything is clean and connected properly. Ie connecting the motherboard with power and seeing if it powers on, then add the cpu and see if it powers on, then add the memory, etc. I know the system won't boot without a cpu/mem, but it should still respond to the power input. Or at least it should, in theory

Ive done this a thousand times with desktop systems, but never for a laptop. My question: are there any failsafe devices which prevent the system from powering up unless they are connected?

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Sony :: Vaio TT Series User Guide

Apr 20, 2010

I recently purchased a refurbished TT Series laptop from SonyStyle. It didn't come with much in way of documentation - I'm still trying to sort out what they gave me.

Is there a write-up anywhere about the TT series computers? For example, something that tells how to adjust the screen brightness? Most new devices come with a booklet that identifies everything on the device, and tells how to use it. I find I still have questions about my TT, and while they may be rather ignorant (I don't know much about the TT), I'm still trying to figure out an answer....

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Sony :: VAIO FW Clean Windows 7 Install Guide

Feb 21, 2009

DISCLAMER:The Windows 7 Beta is a pre-release version of Windows. While this a stable and high-quality beta,

it's not the finished product. It could crash your computer or cause you to lose important files or information.

BEFORE doing this procedure, backup all your data...

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Sony :: Win 7 Fresh Install Guide For Vaio F Series

Feb 18, 2010

I share with You the steps I've made to install a fresh Win 7 on A Vaio VPCF11Z1E (EU model)

1 Before anything else be sure to make Your recovery disks If You haven't already done them. It's very important to actually do them since we'll need them later. You will use them for a future installation of the bundled utilities You may require.....

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Sony :: VAIO SR ATI 4570 Driver Update To V9.6 Guide

Jul 21, 2009

From browsing the forums, i see that everyone is having trouble updating their drivers. Mobility modder currently does not support the ATI 4 series but there is still a way to install the drivers for us fortunuately . By doing this, you are able to install the display driver v9.6 but no CCC unforunately; however you can still retain the CCC v9.2 from Sony's official drivers.

1> Download the appropriate version OS of the 9.6 driver from [url]

2> Double click the file you just download and click install. It will unzip a folder to C:ATI (default). These are driver files. When the actual installation wizard comes up, cancel it.

3> Browse to C:ATI9-6_beta_win7_64_dd_CC (Driver name, e.g.)PackagesDriversDisplayW7_INF (For 32-bit) OR W76A_INF (for 64-bit)

**Btw, I am doing this example based on the Window 7 Install. (Other versions of the OS should be the same except the INF file name may be different)**

4> I am under 64-bit so I will use W76A_INF as an example for this guide. Double click on the INF file (for W7, it is named C7_81757)

5> Scroll down the file until you see a list like;

"ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT" = ati2mtag_RV610, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_94C1&SUBSYS_0D021002
"ATI Radeon HD 2900 PRO" = ati2mtag_R600, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9400&SUBSYS_30001002
"ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT" = ati2mtag_R600, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9400&SUBSYS_25521002

6> Add this anywhere between the entries you see above (does not have to be exact, just place this entry somewhere along the lines of the WHOLE list)
"ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570" = ati2mtag_M9x, PCIVEN_1002&DEV_9553&SUBSYS_9033104D
Congratulations, the display driver can now be installed ONLY VIA the HAVE DISK method.

7> Quick review on HAVE DISK method; Device Manager > Right Click ATI 4570 then Update Driver Software > Browse my computer > Let me pick a list of Device drivers... > Have Disk > (Now browse to the INF file you just edited, in this example; the C7_81757 inf file.) Install, voila, DONE.

8> Now, to get the CCC v9.2 (Can't get 9.6 yet), get Sony's ATI drivers, run it and click on CUSTOM install, NOT EXPRESS, install CCC only and anything that is mandatory (DO NOT INSTALL THEIR DISPLAY DRIVERS!!!) .Voila, CCC 9.2 function (which is the same as 9.6 essentially).

I believe this method works for NW series w/ ATI 4570 too.

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Sony :: VAIO FW Clean Windows 7 64-bit Install Guide

Aug 19, 2009



will benefit many of you upgrading to Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit RTM. This install was done and tested on a Vaio VGN-FW139E/H.


While the VGN-FW line shares many components, many models also differ. So, I will first list the hardware that is on the VGN-FW139E and the install was done on.

Audio: Realtek High Definition
Audio (HDMI): Realtek ATI HDMI Audio
Network: Marvell Yukon 88E8055 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Wireless: Atheros AR928X
Touchpad: ALPS Pointing Device
SD Memory Card Reader: Ricoh
MS Memory Card Reader: Ricoh
Modem: Conexant CX11270
Video: ATI Mobility Radeon 3400 Series..................

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Sony :: Vaio Z720D: Uninstalling VAIO Care, VAIO Update

Jul 26, 2009

Trying to get rid of these questionably useful programs -- but I don't see entries for them in add/remove programs in the control panel (or for any of the other useless VAIO software packages that come on OEM machines sans "fresh start")

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Sony :: VAIO- If A VAIO Had No Ram Should (if All Else Was Working) It Be Getting POST Beeps

Jan 15, 2010

I have just been given a VAIO PCG8A2M (GRX316MP) , i was told "it's broken but if you can fix it yo can have it" so having a quick look at it there's no sign of life on the display but the lights come on and i can here the HDD heads moving about.

Looking a little more i found that all the ram is missing , so now im not sure if its worth buying some ram to see if it works or not ? The lack of ram would prob explain the lack of display but i wonder if i should be getting POST beeps at least, which im not.

So my question is if a VAIO had no ram should (if all else was working) it be getting POST beeps ?

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Sony :: Vaio Z XP DowngradeWant Vaio Silver Theme I Had Ony My SZ

Feb 25, 2009

Just performed a successful XP downgrade on my Vaio Z520, but have noticed that on this copy of the Vaio Silver Desktop Theme/Appearance doesn't exist.

I had it on my SZ and loved it over the XP Blue. Is there a way to get it back? I still have the restore discs from the SZ.

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Sony :: VAIO TZ295N Vs VAIO TZ395N

Jul 4, 2009

I don't know whats the diference (besides the price), between VAIO TZ295N & VAIO TZ395N. Specs in all the websites I've checked say they have exactly the same components: Intel coreduo 1.33Ghz 2GB RAM DVD-RW and 64GB SSD Hardrive. I was wonder if the diference might be in the hard drive interface, with the TZ295N being PATA and TZ395N being SATA.

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Sony :: (Old) VAIO Z BD Drive Fit In (New) VAIO Z Series

Mar 27, 2010

I'm wondering if the Blu-ray optical drive (Panasonic UJ-232A) of the (old) VAIO Z series will be able to fit into the (new) VAIO Z series? I would really appreciate it if anyone is able to answer my question.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm seriously thinking of selling my VAIO Z690 & just buying the base Sony VAIO Z (VPCZ112GX/S). I may just be able to afford that base model & the icing on the cake will definitely be the UJ-232A drive being able to fit into the (new) VAIO Z series & work.

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Sony :: Vaio CW Or Vaio E Series

Mar 22, 2010

Am planning to get a sony laptop for me. The design simply rocks I am getting mixed reviews about cw and E series. But i made up my mind to get one.

My budget is aroung 40000rupees. Thats around 800$. So suggest me a better one between these two for occasional moderate and less(mosltly) demanding games. I dont care whether its 14 or 15 inch.

Am looking at lower end versions of both the models.

Only difference is CW uses Nvidia Geforce 310 and the E series uses some Radeon 5000 series one. CW has 14 inch screen whereas E series has a 15.5 inch screen. In the models which i am looking at both have matte finish and both has WXGA:1366 x 768 VAIO Display.

which one should i go for. whether the screen quality will be on par to Inspiron one atleast? ( I dont need HD).

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Sony :: Vaio F11 Or Vaio E Series

Apr 9, 2010

im planning on using the laptop for videos, photoshop and a bit of gaming, maybe even a bit more gaming :-)

The Vaio F Series only has 330M Nvidia Graphics Card with i7QM and up to 8GB of Ram and up to 256GB SSD.

The E Series has ATI 5650 (a less powerful version, reduced clock speed) combined with a i5 520M with up to 6Gb of Ram and up to 500GB of HDD ? Why can i not choose SSD ?

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Sony :: Vaio TT AC Adapter On Vaio Z

Jan 2, 2009

if I can use the AC Adapter of a Vaio TT on the Vaio Z. The standard AC Adapter that comes with the Vaio Z is of 19.5V and the one for the Vaio TT is of 16V, which I don't know if it's enough for the Vaio Z to function properly or if there could be any problem or damage. Both machines have batteries of 10,8V.

I have an undervolted Vaio Z by the way (last multiplier at 0.9875) so I don't know if this could help in any way for my Z to work ok with the TT AC Adapter.

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Sony :: Disassembling Vaoi Z To Fix Major Overheating Issues And Broken Lcd Bezel

Jan 15, 2010

i have had 2 problems with my Z for a while and im fed up because its out of warranty and sony will not fix it.

1. The Right hinge i believed is messed up so it does not close correctly. Due to this the right side of the lcd bezel has become cracked on the bottom right i believe because of the tension. (check the pictures). I have to keep a clip on the right bottom side to hold the LCD in place.

2. The notebook is really really hot. Especially using the nvidia. When running any 3d game it takes less than 10 minutes for the temps to get ridiculous on the cpu and gpu. It just turns off when it gets to like 103 or something. Im not sure if its the gpu or cpu but i think they share the same copper pipe for heat. Im going to put arctic silver on both of the chips if i can and clean everything out really good.

My main issue is the hinge. Im not even sure if it is repairable. If it isnt repairable where and how should I go about getting a new Hingle and LCD bezel.

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Sony :: Vaio Z "Vaio Update 3" Utility

Feb 10, 2009

I have this "problem" since I got my Z. When I start vaio update 3 utility I get this error "messageID=0008" there are no updates for your model bla bla...

However when I go to vaio support page, there are some new updates for my Z590N model (new Bios, USB patch...)

I have downloaded new version of Viao Update utility 3.2.something but I had to uninstall my current version (3.1.something), which I did. However when I started this new setup message poped up "there is no previous version installed" - abort.

I have checked esupport page where is said if you have problems with Vaio Update 3, to download Sony Shared Library which suppose to contain vaio update utility), I run installation but it doesn't install Vaio Update 3

Now, I can live with this esupport page regular visit updates,

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Sony :: VAIO Display & VAIO Extra-wide HD Display

Dec 17, 2009

Whats the major difference between 16.4" VAIO Display (1600x900)
and 16.4" VAIO extra-wide HD display (1920x1080). Upto what angle I could see my display in VAIO Display (1600x900)? Can I watch HD movies perfectly in VAIO Display (1600x900) ?

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Sony :: Vaio F Vs Vaio FW

Jan 17, 2010

Which do you think is better and why?

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Sony ::Should I Buy VAIO SR Or VAIO CS

Nov 13, 2009

I was googling information regarding a sony laptop I am interested in buying.

I currently own a vaio vgn-fs640 which is working damn good and now I plan to buy another vaio laptop.

I have selected two sony models but I am unable to decide which one to buy.
The first model is vaio SR

And the second model is vaio CS
( ......

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-Z11 XN/B

Jul 8, 2009

When i got computer i installed XP and all driver i found on their official web side but still my usb device doens't recodnice nither usb or mouse. on net i can't found drivers than i need

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Sony :: Vaio Z, HDD To SSD

Mar 1, 2009

I recently discovered that my Vaio Z will go completely silent (the fan turns off ) after about 10 sec the HDD has turned off..

And, as soon as i click somewhere and the HDD is read again, the fan goes back on. (you can try this by defining the hdd to turn off after 1 min in the power management and closing as much processes as you can,

then watch resource monitor for example, where you can see the disk usage

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FE 41S

May 14, 2010

Time to clean up the basement and digging out some good old comps. I got this Sony a few years back due to its screen sharpness and elegant profile.

The sleek and stylish 15.4" x-black display provides a perfect viewing area. With a strong GPU at the time in GO7600 it was a perfect choice for business and some gaming machine.

Pricing at 1.500Euro-ish, this machine was not competitive in price comparing to others. But its packed specifications and performance can easily justify the difference. The sleek design, the simple beauty and the solid hardware live up to the reputation of Sony performance and quality....

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Sony :: New Vaio Z1

Apr 6, 2010

I really would like to order a new Z11 as soon as possible and since I was following all the threads here about the Z for the last couple of weeks,

I'm really convinced about it.

There is only one question left for me, before I can decide what to choose when ordering my Z

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Sony :: Vaio TZ Vs Z

Mar 22, 2010

I am using a Vaio TZ (1.33 ghz, 2gb ram, and 64gb ssd) with W7 and for the most part it works well for what I do -

ms office, websurfing, skype, movies (just watching), and some statistical analysis (SAS, STATA, MATLAB). Screen is not a problem

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Sony :: VAIO Best FW?

Jun 24, 2009

What's the best FW series I can get that have 512MB Video Memory and that BluRay RW.. I currently have the AW160JQ but I want to downsize

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Sony :: Vaio FZ

May 26, 2009

I uninstalled Vista from my Vaio FZ445D/B when I bought it and installed Ubuntu and XP pro on it,

never erasing the partition with Sony's loader stuff. After just 9 months, my DVD drive is broken and I am still under warranty, with one catch - I need to restore my Vaio to its factory condition for the warranty to be honored by Sony .....

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Sony :: VAIO-SR 490 CTO

Jul 16, 2009

I'm soon going to get my (next week) SR and I understood that I'll be eligible for free Windows 7 Upgrade kit.

The question is what product model do you have? (asking from SR CTO users.) In upgrade site there's no VGN-SR490CTO listed there

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Sony ::vaio Z

Apr 22, 2009

It seems that it 'dissapeared' or something.

I mean, i can still switch my wireless on but it cannot seem to detect the wireless network at all.

I went to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center

When I select 'Manage Network Connections'
I seem to only see

- Bluetooth Network Connection
- Local Area Connection

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