Sony :: How Fast Should Vaio Z W/ Windows 7 Be

Dec 6, 2009

I just clean installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my Z610Y.

I noticed that the speed didn't change much from when I had Vista Ultimate. After rebooting, I have 64-65 processes running (although that includes my AVG antivirus program)

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Lenovo X Series ThinkPad :: Windows 8.1 Fast Startup On X220

Nov 21, 2014

Having some troubles with my X220 and windows 8.1 and fast startup.

It has been working flawlessly for a few months now with Windows 8 and an SSD but has recently decided it does not want to fast startup - every time I try and boot with the feature enabled the laptop immediately shuts off completely after the boot animation. On pressing the power button again the laptop boots 'normally' i.e. at 'normal' startup speed.

I've tried disabling the feature, using the 'powercfg -h off' and 'powercfg -h on' commands to recreate hiberfil.sys and enabling it again, which worked at first but now it has started having the problem again and this no longer works.

ThinkPad X220i - first ThinkPad and won't be the last

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Sony :: Will A 1.33 Ghz Vaio P Take Windows MCE

Feb 22, 2010

I found some info - Windows XP Media Center Edition requires 1.6 Ghz.

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Sony :: Windows XP On My VAIO.

Aug 29, 2009

I'm kinda savvy when it comes to this stuff, but I have hit a wall. I have a Sony VAIO that I would like to run Windows Vista and Windows XP on.

I shrank the main partition on my hard drive and created a new partition of unformatted space to install XP on.

But when I put in the XP CD in and reboot, it says that there are no hard drives on my system

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Sony :: Vaio Windows 7

Mar 29, 2009

I am interested in starting a thread about experiences with W7 and Vaio's. Not sure if this should be done by series or not...

Let me just start with this:
I am using a Z36GD (similar to Z69 series in the US...mine is an Asian model).
Centrino 2 Duo P9600 2.66 GHz

GeForce 9300M GS 256MB memory
320 GB*4 (Serial ATA, 7200 rpm .....

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Sony :: Vaio Z Windows 7 -> XP -> 7

Nov 9, 2009

I'm planning to buy Vaio Z soon.

But I really wonder if this is possible:

Vaio Z originally windows 7 then use the supplied downgrade XP disc to downgrade to windows XP, and then upgrade back to windows 7

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Sony :: Vaio SR 290- With Windows 7

Oct 11, 2009

my Vaio SR 290 CTO. I have been using Windows 7 Pro on my SR 290 for a month with no issue except I tried to do vedio chat with my friend today. I found that my Mic does not work(my friend can't hear me at all). I pull up Device manager to test my Mic and I think there is only Webcam driver installed. So the build Mic simply not working. I googled the driver and came up dry.

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Sony :: Windows 7 X64 On Vaio

Jul 20, 2009

I have a Sony Vaio FW21L. I was wondering whether this laptop supports the 64bit build of Windows 7 build 7600?

Also, will the Vaio software work as well?

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Sony :: Windows 7 On A Vaio FZ

Feb 21, 2009

Has anyone tried to install Windows 7 beta on a vaio FZ? I did install win 7 on my Vaio FZ (with the specifications below) before a week and everything seems to work ok with the drivers for Vista, except for the following problem:

I formatted the hard drive, installed the software, obtained a key from microsoft and activated my version. I did install all the drivers as I did several times before on Vista. Sony notebook utility worked and I got functionality of all the keys except Fn+mute (F2), also the volume control at the top right of the keyboard doesn't work. I believe these two problems are related and could be caused by the same driver. AV mode, S key and other controls all work fine. I tried changing drivers/software: "sony utility dll", "sony shared library" and the AV mode software but nothing happened. Anyone could have an idea on which driver that specifically needed update?

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Sony :: Windows 7 On Vaio P

Jul 15, 2009

Has anyone installed Windows 7 on Vaio P series?

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Sony :: Windows 7 Vs. VAIO SZ7

Oct 24, 2009

clean installed Win7 Professional 32bit and it works ok.

Except for:

1. "Unknown device" and "Storage Mass Controller" as troubles in the Device Manager (can't really understand which devices these are to install the drivers for them)

2. Sony Power Management doesn't work at all as well as Fn and all VAIO-specific switches and buttons.

3. Some of the drivers were installed by Win7 and it's really difficult to understand which ones I should change for Sony-originals.

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Sony :: Vaio FW Windows 7

Nov 21, 2009

When I upgraded to Windows 7 using the upgrade disks I made the mistake of clicking upgrade instead of custom.

I'm wondering if I can somehow reinstall Windows 7 so I can do a clean install. I don't have an install disc of Vista because it was pre-installed. So, is there a way I can do this or am I condemned to stay with the upgrade version?

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Sony :: Windows 7 On Vaio Z

Sep 6, 2009

I intend to install the final Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit version on my Vaio VGN-Z691. Is there a step by step instructions list on how's the best way to accomplish this mission.

I have currently Vista Ultimate 64bit installed on my Vaio.

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Sony :: Windows 7 On Vaio TT

Jan 20, 2009

I tried , the system works fine but I've some issue :

Vaio Smart Network is not working
Vaio specific keys (like volume ...) is not working
my windows experience index is 2.0 (hard drive...) it's 3.2 under vista

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Sony :: Windows 7 On A Vaio FW

Sep 24, 2009

if it is a good idea to install windows 7 rc on my new vaio fw. I read some threads about it, but they are outdated and they required a lot of annoying installations and stuff. I don't mind installing a couple of drivers, as long as everything is functional after that. (which i heard it is not)

I no the real release is only days away, but I am not sure when I am going to receive the upgrade, probably not in the next month.

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Sony :: New Vaio Windows 7 Upgrade

Nov 12, 2009

I recently purchased a VGN-SR490PBB which came with preinstalled XP Pro. According to all the literature, I am entitled to a Windows 7 Pro (32-bit) upgrade.

I proceeded to install the Recovery Media Kit that came with my laptop. The recovery media says basically, "Use this Recovery Kit to recover the preinstalled operating system and applications..."

It installed Vista Ultimate (64-Bit). I am being shipped the Windows 7 Pro (32-bit) upgrade from Mentor Media. So you can probably see the issue already, 64-Bit OS installed, 32-Bit upgrade disks in the mail. Not going to work.

So here's what happened so far (whole process below took 2-hours).

1. Chatted with a live person from Sony's Tech Support person, who directed me to Mentor Media .....

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-FZ190 And Windows 7

May 22, 2010

I'm new to this forum and I really hope someone can help me out! I have a Vaio VGN-FZ190 and I installed windows 7 on it in November 2009 (before that I had Windows Vista).

Ever since I installed Windows 7, my Firefox would stop responding for a couple of minutes.

It still does that, but now when it does that, other programs (such as AIM or iTunes) will also stop responding for that time and then they start again and it's all normal

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Sony :: Can't Install Windows On My New Vaio SR

Dec 15, 2009

I just got my new Sony Vaio SR. I'm going to burn the recovery discs, and then wipe the entire hard drive clean and get rid of all the partitions and install Windows 2000 and Windows XP. But neither Win2k nor WinXP setup will run for some reason

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Sony :: Vaio Z With Windows 7 Lock Up

Dec 17, 2009

Going to see if anyone has a suggestion. I believe this is only when in "Stamina" mode but I need to test more to see if it's also in "Speed" mode.

The problem I have is when I take the laptop off a power source and use it with the battery for a whil

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Sony :: Vaio Z Series Won't Take Windows 7

Oct 20, 2009

I have a Sony Vaio Z790J. I recently tried to install Windows 7 x64 (from msdn) onto my Vaio. It always gets through the install but the second time it reboots (when it tries to start the services, etc) I go straight to a BSOD.

I tried changing ACHI, RAID, IDE, none of those make a difference. Has anyone seen this? Of course I blasted my backup partition too so I can't restore Vista x64. Nice move on my behalf

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Sony :: VAIO Windows 7 Wallpaper

Oct 26, 2009

Would someone who is fortunate enough to have one of the new vaio models with windows 7 post the wallpapers that come with it

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Sony :: Vaio Pcg-7g2...needs Dvd, No Windows Disc

Jul 26, 2009

Its a Vaio pcg-7g2L. He says it crashed and its dead. I know the dvd drive needs to be replaced because it was stuck closed for a LONG time.

Were can I purchase a replacement dvd drive? I cant find them anywhere online.

Also, is there anyway to get windows installed or downloaded? we have the service tag and Windows Xp sticker on the bottom. Can I reformat the HDD and in install Windows 7 Beta for now?

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Sony :: VAIO FZ Windows 7 Upgrade

Oct 24, 2009

I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FZ240E and found out on release day that Sony will not support me in upgrading my Windows Vista system to Windows 7. I had purchased a pre-release from Microsoft of the Home Premium version.

I have seen some replies in other treads that imply that some users have been partially successful and would like this tread to be the master for solutions. Do not use this tread to rant about Sony - even if you are mad as hell just like I am

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Sony :: Windows 7 On VAIO TXN27N

Feb 11, 2010

I just upgraded my VAIO TXN27N to Windows 7. All things worked fine, but the wireless part. The Novatel wireless Expedite EV-DO Modem (which used to connect with Sprint) did not work. It did not show up under the Modem in the Device Manager (where it should be in).

I did whatever I could, did not sole this problem. I might not find the right driver or something related with it.

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Sony :: Vaio SR Battery On Windows 7 RC

May 8, 2009

I decided to upgrade to windows 7 rc. Everything works including brightness and volume controls, which people were having trouble getting to work. I am experiencing extreme battery drain or usage? I charge it, but battery starts to fall rapidly. I wanted to know if anyone has any fixes for this or what others have been experiencing on windows 7

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Sony :: Vaio-Z Windows 7 CardReader

Feb 7, 2010

I have a little problem with my Vaio-Z5. I did a clean install of Windows7 Pro (64 bit).

Everything is working quite well so far. I'm just having big problems getting my CardReader to work. The Original Sony driver do not work, DPInst.exe tells me it is not for use with 64bit OS.

In the Device-manager i see that the "sda compilant sd host controller" has a exclamation mark. So it cannot be activated (error 10). I tried diffrent drivers, but nothing worked.

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Sony :: Vaio 32-bit To 32-bit Windows 7 Upgrades?

Oct 24, 2009

I noticed that the majority of users here that are trying to upgrade their "unsupported" notebooks are upgrading from 64-bit or going from 32-bit to 64-bit.

I was wondering if anybody had problems upgrading (using clean install) from 32-bit to 32-bit?

I will try to upgrade my notebook (Vaio vgn-FZ290) next week. Im going from vista home premium 32-bit to Win7 Professional 32-bit. I will attempt to use Win7 Update's drivers, original vista 32-bit drivers, and modified drivers from laptopvideo2go for my NVIDIA GeForce 8400m GT.

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Sony :: Other OSes On Vaio Besides Windows

Aug 26, 2009

HOW to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware, I'm just simply asking 2 things.

1.) If its possible on the Z-series

2.) If any Z users have done so.

Also, is Linux easy to install on a Z? I've got now till Windows 7 release to play around with other OSes and see if I will eventually dual/tri boot any other OSes, otherwise I might just boot Windows 7 exclusively.

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Sony :: How Can I Install WIndows 7 On Vaio TT

Jan 9, 2010

I tried looking around the forum and couldn't find anything.

I'm having a hard time installing Windows 7 x64 on Vaio TT.

It says "On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks."

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Sony :: Windows 7 On Vaio ZProcedure

Jan 15, 2009

1 - Download original drivers and utilities from VAIO support and unpack everything in your USB key
2 - Install Windows 7 from DVD
3 - Create on your desktop a directory called "All drivers" and copy usbpen content inside
4 - Goto Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsWindows Update and select Check for updates (install everything except Nvidia)
5 - Goto Control PanelSystem and SecuritySystem and select device manager
6 - For each harware component (discovered or undiscovered) right click and select "Update driver software", choose "Browse my computer for driver software" and choose above created directory "All drivers". Let Windows scan alone the subdirectories and install the drivers. Except Nvidia video card !
7 - Don't update component inside "System devices" tree
8 - Install Nvidia drivers using original setup. It may crash at the end, but everytinig is installed
9 - Reboot
10 - Respecting the following order:
1-Sony Programmable IO Control 2-Sony Firmware Extension Parser 3-Sony Shared Library 4-Sony Setting Utility 5-Sony VAIO Event Service 6-VAIO Control Center 7-VAIO Power Management 8-Sony ISB Utility 9-Sony HDD Protection Filter Driver 10-VAIO CAMERA CAPTURE UTILITY 11-VAIO SMART NETWORK 2.1_ 12-PROTECTOR_SUITE_QL_5.6.2.4286 13-WWAN_CONNECTION_MANAGER_2.3.0.630 open each directory and only if it contains a setup file, like setup.exe or install.exe execute it.

11 - Goto Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsWindows Update and select Check for updates (install everything, never update Nvidia driver, Windows update have a newone but not work)
11 - Reboot the system
12 - Open Vaio Network Utility and turn on WWAN
13 - Windows ask for drivers: as above select "All drivers" directory
14 - Reboot the system

Everything should work, including special keys, stamina swithc and Fn Keys
Tested on 3 VGN-Z21VN without problems.

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