Sony :: Vaio SR Battery On Windows 7 RC

May 8, 2009

I decided to upgrade to windows 7 rc. Everything works including brightness and volume controls, which people were having trouble getting to work. I am experiencing extreme battery drain or usage? I charge it, but battery starts to fall rapidly. I wanted to know if anyone has any fixes for this or what others have been experiencing on windows 7

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Sony :: Vaio TZ SSD+HD Battery Life- Also, Windows 7

Mar 7, 2009

I just ordered a Vaio TZ2500 Premium with the dual drives. It's intended to replace a MacBook Air. While I like the Air a lot, I just can't get used to its big footprint and short battery life. My school's library is pretty old and wasn't really built to accommodate lots of laptops, and often it gets really difficult to find an outlet. I was wondering, what kind of battery life should I expect from the TZ SSD+HD with standard battery?

My usage is very light. Most of the time I'm just looking at PDF's, maybe running some light stuff in Matlab, and Office and Excel 2003.

My other question is, has anyone tried Windows 7, and if so, do all the drivers work correctly?

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Sony :: Vaio FW Battery

Sep 3, 2009

So I bought a Sony Vaio FW-340DW for school which is the lower end with the X-Brite Eco screen. However, I have noticed something about the battery.

When I'm on the Vaio Optimized battery plan, I get 2.5 hours of battery life. But, When I switch the battery plan to Maximum Battery I still get 2.5 hours

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Sony :: Vaio CR Battery

Sep 6, 2009

I have a Vaio CR-190 and am having battery problems. Over the past couple months, my battery would show a full charge when plugged in, but when I would unplug the computer the battery would literally drop from 100% to 80% and began dropping futher. A few weeks ago, the battery would drop from 100% to 50% or so when unplugged and the battery would quickly drain. Recently, however the battery holds no charge at all and the computer will only run through the a/c. My battery management utility shows an X through the battery and says there is no battery detected even though the battery is properly installed. Everything else on the computer is running fine. I'm just looking for some advice on what's the best steps to take next. I've read that Sony has had some problems with batteries suddenly dieing and wondering if that's what it sounds like. The battery is from Sony and is the extended life larger one if that matters.

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Sony :: Vaio Battery

Apr 18, 2010

i have a Sony Vaio laptop that seems to have a good battery but after i use it on battery for 2-3 minutes it stops .

What is very strange is that in those 2-3 minutes the battery shown as available is draining like 3-4% per minute and the laptops stops and doesn't want to start on battery although it shows over 80% still left .

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Sony :: Battery For Vaio

Apr 29, 2009

Why does my laptop shut down every time I unplug it from the wall, even though it shows my battery is at 100% charged

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Sony :: Vaio TZ350 N Battery

May 21, 2009

Being a long term TX user, I eventually made the switch to the TZ, didn't need blue ray and didn't much care for the chrome sidings on the TT.

It's a lovely little laptop, but I have noticed a few things - mainly the battery is nowhere near Sony's claim of 7 hours.

My TX would give me a good useable 4.5-5 hours, this one barely struggles past 3 hours, even with the power management on battery life, screen useably dimmed and the CD/DVD off

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Sony :: Vaio Z Battery Life In XP

Dec 28, 2009

First time poster, long time viewer.

I was just wondering if anyone experienced a battery increase after down-grading their Vaio Z from Vista/Win7 to XP? If so, by how much?

I'm currently holding a Z710dd (canadian vaio) with a standard battery with windows 7 installed. I previously had a netbook that lost a good hour and half from Windows XP to Windows 7. Even after disabling a lot of the windows aero mumbo-jumbo and themes

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Sony :: Vaio TT Battery Manager

Jan 7, 2009

I'm loving the TT now but have only had one problem which I don't understand. I have the TT11VN/X but basically I have my battery manager setting as follows... quick charge off and enable battery care function to 50% and other little settings are changed but this has happend to me three times where Ive turned my laptop on and it's charged to 100% and the battery settings are back to the way they used to be where batter care is not on and quick charge is on...

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Sony :: Vaio Z And Win 7 Battery Burn

Jan 25, 2010

I have a Vaio Z520 that come originally with Win Vista.

Recently, I installed in Win 7 on it and everything work great except keyboard short cut to adjust screen brightness and volume control, and battery burn really quick compare to Vista.

I only can make 2 hours out of the battery before it come to fully exhausted.

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Sony :: Vaio FZ21M- Battery

Jan 9, 2010

I have a Sony Vaio FZ21M and I'm facing some weird things with my battery laptop. I have the AC adapter plug-in and it says charging but my battery still drain. For example now I have open my laptop at 89 % and after 20 min goes down at 71 %. I have WIN 7 installed over 2 months but this problem appear about 4-5 days ago, so I think isnt from my OS or it may it be?

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Sony :: Vaio ZWWAN Without Battery

Aug 8, 2009

Is it somehow possible to use the WWAN without battery?

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Sony :: Vaio FW Extended Battery

Oct 29, 2009

where I can get the extended battery for the FW590 for a reasonable price?

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Sony :: Vaio CW Battery Drain

Jan 30, 2010

I just got a CW i5 from Best a few days ago (its the VPCCW27FX). I have since noticed that it has serious battery drain issues.

My computer seems to lose about 7% of battery life PER HOUR when in sleep mode (although at some point it seems to put itself into hibernation). (I just put it to sleep for 2 hrs, and it dropped from 90% to 77%. Last night put it to sleep at 40%, and computer would not start up this AM w/o immediately going into hibernation again b/c battery totally drained)

Dunno why this is happening - computer seems to be asleep (screen off, blinking orange LED on front, etc.) and certainly is hibernated when I start it up again (vaio splash screen, etc.), but if I am losing 7% an hour, I will need to return it.

Battery life seems to be okay when I am using it though - watched and hour of DVD last night on battery, which dropped the charge from about 80% to 40%.

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Sony :: Do Vaio Notebooks Need A Battery

Jun 2, 2009

I have a SV Notebook PCG-7D1M which has completely died on me!! I heard somewhere that if a battery is dead or not inserted in a Vaio it will not work at all. Please can someone confirm this for me as at first i thought it was my power supply so bought a new adaptor but it still wont work with or without the battery in. I basically just want to know if it will work just running from the mains?

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Sony :: Vaio Battery Life

Apr 19, 2009

I recently purchased a Vaio VGN-SR390 with the "9 hour" battery. I understand you never get that. But what I think is odd, is that no matter what settings I change, including WiFi on/off, it *always* says 3:55 to 4:00remaining with 100% charge. (I haven't actually timed it on the clock, though.)


1) Is this what other SR owners are getting? about 4 matter what

2) How do I make sure bluetooth is off (haven't been able to figure that one out)

3) Should I see the battery life increase with reduced display brightness, Wifi off, etc?

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Sony :: Vaio Z Extended Battery Serial

May 8, 2009

i've been looking for an extended battery for my vaio z; and it doesn't seem like it's easy to get a hold of one in europe.

i'm asking for the serial number of the battery so as to ease up the search (i.e., the vgn-xxxxx serial)

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Sony :: Vaio AR71SRecovery Battery May Not Be Compatible

May 27, 2009

I've did something wrong with my Hard disk, and deleted my Recovery Partition . Now I wanted to do a clean install of vista, and then use my Recovery Disks to restore my C drive.

But now when I want to use this option, it says:

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Sony :: Vaio CW Battery Drain Information

Mar 7, 2010

What is Battery Drain?
-When your computer is turned off or in sleep mode and looses large amounts of battery life.

How do I know if I am affected?
-To my knowledge, ALL Vaio CW computers (at least with the i5 and 330m combo). I have come to to this conclusion because I have had two of these with the same issue and I have yet to see more than one person say they do not have it on a Vaio CW

How can I fix this?
-Right now there is no fix for loosing battery life while 'Shutdown'. As for sleep mode, you can help make the loss less substantial by doing a 'clean install'
Instructions here
And also make sure that you have these settings in the 'advanced power options'

All tests have been run on two different VPCCW27FX notebooks

Test 1: 100% Battery, 4 hrs shutdown: 90%
Test 2: 65% Battery, no HDD, 3hrs shutdown: 48%
Test 3: 48% Battery, 'Power Saver' battery mode, 5.5 hrs shutdown: 20%
Test 4: Wifi Switch off
Test 5: 50% Battery, Battery out: 50%

At the time being, there is no fix or known cause for the battery drain while shutdown. For now, myths of a clean install or using different windows battery settings make no difference, which means this is either a problem with the motherboard, BIOS or the battery it's self.

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Sony :: Large Capacity Battery For New Vaio Z11

Mar 23, 2010

if the VGP-BPL12 Extended battery fit/work with the new Vaio Z's?

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Sony :: Solution For All Vaio Battery Drain

Jul 26, 2009

I was running an FW and noticing huge percentage drop when I would hibernate and leave it unplugged overnight, sometimes it would be about 30%. However the percentage would always remain 30% lower then when I powered it down for a while so I figured my battery life was not affected overall and that the battery indicator was wrong. Well it turns out that I was wrong, I can usually squeeze out 2 min per percentage if I leave my computer idle and allow the screen saver to popup while on battery. However after the 30% drain overnight I noticed my overall battery life was affected severely, with 1 overnight on hibernate session my battery life went from on average 2 min per percentage to 1.33 min per percentage.

Possible Solution:
Turn on battery care function on the Vaio Control Center and set the custom setting at 100%. Having done this my battery during hibernate (and shutdown) overnight drops only 1-2%.

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Sony :: Vaio Tz > Large Capacity Battery <

Sep 28, 2009

how much operating time u get out of an LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY VGP-BPX11 ?

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Sony :: Large Capacity Battery For The Vaio E

Apr 1, 2010

the sony vaio e seems like a pretty decent laptop except for its battery. Is there an extended battery for it?

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Sony :: How To Check Battery On Vaio Laptop

Jan 23, 2010

I was wondering how can i check battery health on my SZ4?

On my other laptop (IBM T42) there is a factory utility, it shows date of manufacturing of this particalar battery, how many times it was recharged, full factory capacity, and current battery capacity. I cannot find this information on my Vaio laptop.

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Sony :: Battery- After Clean Install On New Vaio Z

Apr 2, 2010

I just performed a clean install on my vaio Z until I reached where I install the Battery Check I keep getting this message!

"The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer or may not be compatible with the computer.

Click "OK" to enter Hibernate mode and reinsert the battery!

What the hell is that? I have never removed the battery or done anything to it..the laptop was absolutely normal before the clean install!

My laptop top is not usable now...even though it's on ac power I still get this msg

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Sony :: Battery Care On My Vaio FW490

Aug 12, 2009

life of the battery on my new Vaio FW490. The battery on my previous laptop (an IBM Thinkpad circa 2004), was always connected to the laptop, and almost always plugged in. I rarely used the battery. After a couple of years, I noticed that the battery could barely hold a charge for more than 15 minutes.

Is it a good idea to regularly run the laptop off the battery? Is keeping the laptop plugged in for long periods of time OK? What should I do to ensure that my battery lasts.

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Sony :: Buying Vaio Z Battery From Ebay

Jan 24, 2009

Has anyone buy Vaio Z battery from ebay?

I saw a few for sale there now.

Some look original? Or OEM is OK?

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Sony :: VAIO Z I7 620M And Battery Life

Mar 6, 2010

I ordered a VAIO Z series with i7 620M chip thinking that it was a Quad core Intel chip. I discovered this morning that is a Dual Core chip. At first I was bummed and was thinking of calling SonyStyle this morning to see if I could change my order altogether.

After researching a bit more....this chip apparently has performance close to quad core chips, (and in some tests it is faster), with much less drain on the battery life.

As I placed my order I asked about the battery life with the large capacity battery option. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the life expectancy with this configuration is approximately 8 hours! So, I have ordered the laptop of my dreams...a high end performer with great battery life.

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Sony :: Battery Drain On My Vaio F Series Laptop

Apr 10, 2010

Several times I charge the laptop to full and turn it off. When I turn it back on moments later, it shows the battery at 75-80% and it always does this.

I call up customer service (only to find out that they are a bunch of retards because they always refer to their "manual") and they say that this is normal. Which I think is total bs, because they specifically state 3-4 hours of battery life

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Sony :: Vaio Does Not Turn On Without Battery, Bad Power Supply

May 4, 2010

I have a 12'' sony vaio with a 16V power adapter. My battery is not good anymore, it was not even holding for 20Min, but my problem now is that the computer does not turn on without the battery at all. I have to leave it charging for hours, then it will go on, but in the middle of the windows loading process it shuts down and does not show any signs of life until you leave it charging for another hour.The voltage output out of the power supply shows 14.70 ~ 15.20 never gets to 16V. Now, comes the questions...

This particular laptop needs a good battery to " buffer" power and the AC adapter only charges the battery but does not have enough Amps to run the computer without the battery?


Do i have a Bad power adapter that is not even charging the battery properly?


Bad power supply and battery?

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