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Sony :: VGN-FZ21E VGA

I have Sony VAIO VGN-FZ21E, after some time it started to freeze periodically with any reason at any time.

One day it got problem that I can't install video driver because after that windows wont start at all and another interesting thing that in bios screen I see white vertical stripes anywhere else it's ok

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Sony :: Video Outputs- With Vaio VGN-FZ21E
I have a VGN-FZ21E with nVIDIA Ge Force 8400M GT graphics card and Vista OS. For some unknown reason, the HDMI and S-Video outputs to my Sony TV have stopped working. Has anyone any idea as to what the reason might be please? I have checked the TV inputs and they are working OK.

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Sony :: Memory Remap To See 4GB RAM On VGN-AR31S, VGN-AR21S, VGN-AR41S
I own a VGN-AR21S, but the following is also true for the 31 and 41 series and lots of other models.

Although the specs say that the max supported ram is 2GB I upgraded to 4 GB without problems, as the chipset supports them.

Well, almost. The problem is that the BIOS does not do the so called memory remap, and thus the upper 1 GB cannot be seen and the system reports 3GB available (on Windows 7 x64, but also Vista, Linux, etc).

I already upgraded the BIOS to the R0200J6 version supported by AR31S in order to enable VT (through the notorious symcmos hack), thus I was wondering:

Does anybody know if it's possible to upgrade to later BIOS versions? (e.g. the R2090J8 supported by the 71 serie which fully supports memory remap)?

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Sony :: Vga-aw190 Maintenance
after one year and three month my vaio gets much hotter than before. Is there a service kit with new fan and filters? how to open the case without breaking it?

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Sony :: VaioVgn31z Driver Vga Download
I had Vista on my notebook and downgraded it to Xp.

And now I can't download any of the Video Controller VGA Compatible driver that is on the internet. I tried many download links and none of them wanted to complete the installation. It always says can't install. And now I tried to uninstall this driver and install it back again but it's gone and I don't find it anymore on the device manager.

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Sony :: Vaio SR Docking, Simultaneous Use Of VGA And DVI-D
I just bought a Sony Vaio SR59VG/H and I really like it so far!

A problem I've stumbled upon though is that a connected VGA-cable covers a part of the HDMI port!

My intention was to see if I could use both ports simultaneously by making a dual screen setup (not including the laptop screen of course). Since I don't have any thin VGA cables (and they are nowhere to be found in stores), the solution seems to be to buy the docking station.

And so to my question, does anyone here have the docking station? Can you confirm that a dual-screen (not cloning) setup is possible using both VGA and the DVI-D port on this docking station? I also suppose that it's actually the Radeon card that is used, and not a stupid usb-to-vga/dvi adapter inside the docking station.

By the way, some "interresting" facts:
Sony W7 Pro installation: 92 processes, 1.2GB used memory, 20-30% constant CPU usage.
Clean W7 Pro installation: 34 processes (after indexing turned off), 850MB memory and 0% constant cpu usage.

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Sony :: VAIO Z: Can't Detect VGA Cable
I am connecting to a Samsung 32" LCD TV and it connects fine with my Toshiba, Alienware but with my VAIO Z, nothing happens only check signal cable is display (even though the VAIO Z identifies the second display as Samsung). When I restart the PC I saw the image transmitted. When it is fully restated they separate again as if it is not connected.

This occures with both graphics cards the Z has. I am running VISTA business. Is there something I am doing wrong. I do not have an HDMI cable now. Only the VGA. It this a faulty graphica card (both of them?) Both graphics cards work fine with no problem though or is it the port or the software?

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Sony :: XP Mode In Windows 7 On VGN-SR 45G/B/N And VGN-CS36 GJ
i want to know that can i install xp mode in windows 7 on VGN-SR45G/B/N and VGN-CS36GJ

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Sony :: VGA Output To TV "out Of Range"
I am trying to get my laptop to display onto my LCD TV using a VGA cable which i had done without any problems using my previous dell laptop, 700m, but on my new one VAIO SR220, the tv just has a blue screeen with the words out of range in small print.

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Sony :: VGN-SR490 Vs. VGN-SR420
I am a college student looking to purchase the SR series VAIO notebook. On the Sony Style site they list two SR models the 490 and the 420. Both have the same exact configurations except that the 420 says that it has a much smaller projected battery life than the 490. Does anyone one if there is a hardware difference between these two notebooks to account for this difference? Or is this just a typo?

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Dell :: VGA Vs. Component
I decided that I am going to pass on the HDTV and get a LCD TV. I am going to get the Insignia because I found out my Best Buy discount works again so I can get the proper cables I need and a TV! It was either the Samsung 27" Tube or this 26" Insignia, and its about the same price so I might as well get it!

My question is is that the LCD TV only has 1 HDMI, which I would be using for my Upconvert player. Should I use VGA from the 1710 to the tv--> Does it support HD out?

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Acer :: 1410 VGA-Out And HDMI
My 1410 has a problem with the display out function. It works fine with both the HDMI and VGA output when the lid is open. However, when I close the lid, the display is okay for a couple of seconds then it flashes on and off intermittently on the display that I hooked it up to. It happens with both the VGA and HDMI output signal. It only happens when the lid is closed, even though I set the computer the do nothing when the lid is closed. I thought it might be a software/driver issue, but I installed the most recent chipset and VGA drivers from the acer website with no change. This is an important feature for me to have because I use the computer with an external display the majority of the time. I am running windows 7 home premium 64bit. Their tech support has told me that Acer computers are set to not work with an external display when the lid is closed.

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Acer :: TM 8104WLMi- VGA/LCD
I have Acer TM 8104WLMi. 2 weeks ago, my laptop won't boot at all, so I took it to Acer Service and they replaced 1 of the RAM. It was okay at the beginning, nothing seems wrong. Then starting last week, 1 of my 4 USB slots doesn't work and then the monitor screen started to have problems too. I attached 2 pictures of my monitor when it's having the problem. There is double/triple images and lines, and it will go away if I went to display properties and apply to change something (resolution/color/whatever). Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my laptop? Is it the VGA? The LCD?

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HP/Compaq :: How To Connect Notebook To SD-TV From VGA-out
I have dv6700 which came with a s-video out and I cant thank it enough for the countless times it has come in handy. Now my friend bought her dv4t and it came with a vga-out only. I know there is a HDMI port, but we are trying to connect to a SD-TV here and that doesnt support HDMI. I bought a vga-to-rca adapter in the past to use with IBM T60 notebook and it didnt work on that. Probably that notebook inherently didnt support tv-out from that vga port. Does HP notebook have the capability to do tv-out from vga port and if yes, what do I need to connect it to a standard definition tv set?

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HP/Compaq :: Video Out From VGA To Component
i wanted to output the dv5 1009tx to a crt

i bought a vga to 3x RCA (component cable) now thing is it does not output video to a CRT tv

now i know you guys might say use the HDMI , but well i cannot afford an LCD currently or in the near future, and yes the tv isn't any larger stands at 20 or so inches (sanyo)...flat (or as near as flat can be...)

i am using the latest NVIDIA drivers from their website,....i have previously in the past been able to setup dual/clone displays with NVIDIA cards....(using DVI/VGA desktops) but apparently this does not work, the Display driver picks up the TV but sadly no display

i have tried

No interlace (on laptop and tv)
reduced Reso to 10x7
flicker at 60Hz

the tv shows a bluescreen and it flickers....but no image of the desktop

my qs to you all i need any specific cable (as this one states it is a DVD player to projector...but shouldn't it work anyways?) any other settings i may have missed

(my duty roster would not allow me to get to this shop for another week+) i do not have VGA to RCA or svideo

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Dell :: Vostro 1500 To VGA-less TV; Options?
I'm trying to connect my Vostro 1500 to a Philips 32PFL7562D, however it doesn't have a VGA port.

I know I can't do VGA-HDMI, or VGA-Component (I think my card doesnt support the correct output?)

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Dell :: Vga Connector Problem On D800
I have open it and found nothing obvious on the solder connection but there must be a weak solder somewhere because when I play with it connected it comes on sometimes.

nyone knows where to find schematic or details of the motherboard in order to know exactly which solder spot to redo

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Dell :: Studio 1737 VGA Port
I just purchased a Dell Studio 1737, my first notebook ever. Here are the specs:

Intel Core Duo T6400, 2.0 GHz, 800 MHz, 2M L2 Cache
4GB DDR2 800MHz 2 Dimm
320G 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
Integrated High Definition Audio 2.0

(All for $830 with taxes and S&H. Good deal?)

I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I was wondering about the VGA output on the left side of the model. Supposedly it's only for output, but it's a female connection and I was wondering if I could make it work as a VGA input. (My desire is to play some Xbox 360 on it.) I'm using the Vista 64bit OS. Is it possible with this integrated card, or would I have to go out and try to upgrade it? Is it possible to upgrade the video card on the Studio non-xps .....

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HP/Compaq :: Envy 15HDMI > VGA On My TV
I need to connect my HP Envy 15 to my TV`s VGA port, and Im looking for the best alternative. This is because I only get a stretched picture when I connect it to the DVI port through a HDMI > DVI-adapter.

HP has an official HDMI -> VGA adapter. Whats people experience with that? Perfect? Problems? I see that Envy 15 is not listed as a supported model for it, but does that matter?

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Apple :: Only VGA RES On Fresh XP Install
Just did a fresh install of XP on my bootcamp partition. And I can't gat any drivers to work correctly with the 9600m GT. Tried several drivers from, but they keep reverting to a basic VGA res and color depth. It will not let me adjust any settings.

It says sothing about the currently installed graphics drivers was written for a previous windows installation, so teh default VGA driver will be used.

If anyone has any info to help a guy out here it would be greatly appreciated.

I never experienced any issues like this on either Vista x64 or Win7 X84/64.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 VGA Port Failure
I am also a M1330 owner but unfortunately, not a proud owner. I bought my laptop about one and a half year ago with one year warranty. During the first year it broke twice.

When I use my laptop at home (which is most of the time) I have it connected on a HP w1907v LCD screen. In both cases the VGA port just stopped working (initially I had some colour changes and then it stopped working).

They came and replaced my motherboard in both cases. Now I ve got the same problem again but my laptop is out of warranty.

I ll try to persuade them that they gave me a defective laptop from the start so hopefully they won't charge me (I doubt it though).

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Dell :: 1640 Missing The Driver For The Video-out From VGA
Hey guys, I did a fresh install and I think I am missing the driver for the Video-out from VGA. I'm on Win 7 64 bit

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Dell :: E6400 Max VGA Output Resolution
I'm weighing my options for multi-screen setup for my new E6400. The two obvious set-ups are:

1. Laptop screen + monitor through VGA or DisplayPort. Less $
2. Dock + 2 monitors through VGA & DVI, or DVI & DisplayPort or DVI & DVI (depending on dock) more $$$

Is there a possible way of setting up two-monitors through the laptop without a dock by going through the VGA & DisplayPort that are already there?
What is the maximum output resolution on the VGA port

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Dell :: XPS1330Maximum VGA Resolutionis It 1280x1024 Max?
I own an XPS1330 (bought a few years ago) which has an Nvidia 8400M GS in it.

I have just hooked it up to my monitor via VGA which has a native resolution of 1400x1050. However, the maximum resolution that Windows can see (Vista x64) is 1280x1024.

I thought this might be a driver issue, so I used PowerStrip to generate a custom driver. It was able to scan the monitor and saw that it had a native res of 1400x1050.

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Apple :: Mini Display Port To Vga On A Projector
At university, there are projectors which are used when doing a demo or presenting our software. I wanted to know if the mini display port to vga converter works flawlessly with projectors.

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Dell :: M1330's VGA Out Producing Vertical Lines!
I have a year old babied XPS M1330 with Nvdia 8400GS videocard.

Its been sitting on a desk connected to 2 Dell 23'' (S2309W) screens for months. One connected via HDMI and other using VGA.

The VGA is producing vertical lines flashing. As if there is noise!, i've swapped the VGA and HDMI cable and problem is produced on other screen

I've also tried another VGA cable. Also tried changing the refresh rate from 60 to 59. Still nothing.

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Dell :: I9300 With ATI X300 Vga/dvi Output
I was wondering whether there was anyway to plug two external monitors into the i9300 so that one was the 2nd display and the other replaced the main display on the i9300. I'd quite like to use my laptop as a desktop pc (have the lid closed and hidden away somewhere) but I suspect that the two outputs are mirror/cloned versions of each other - can anyone clarify? And if this is the case, are there any compatible nvidia cards that I can use that will allow me to use two separate external monitors at the same time?

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Dell :: Nvidia Drivers Refuse To Install (remains On Standard Vga)
obviously uninstalled the old ones (removed from control panel, then safemode and use the guru drive cleaner to clean up any left overs)

when i install the drivers it takes about 5 minutes which is the strange thing i noticed, normally takes a minute or 2 at most

after installation i reboot and find that in device manager the yellow exclamation
mark icon next to the vga device, when i try and point it to install from the folder itself it takes about 10 minutes then tells me its failed.

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Acer :: Aspire 9113 Dead Vga Card Blank Screen
Recently my Aspire 9113 started producing screen corruption during the boot process, looking something like an old version of space invaders, (text mode blocks) and then a hatched pattern in XP. It also would crash with a BSOD driver error related to the video driver. I removed the driver (FX Go7600 card) and at least the computer worked with the exception of the screen being slow to render.

I subsequently decided to investigate the BIOS and as a random act of faith decided to reset the BIOS to default settings. Since this, when the machine boots the screen is blank(black) during POST and XP boot up. I can still login to XP so I assume that everything else is OK.

As I removed the driver I don't think I can switch the display to an external LCD although if the card really is gone then I guess this wouldn't work.

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Dell :: E1705 Video Problems, New VGA Card? (Pics, 56K Grab A Coffee)
I was just given (free!!!) an Inspiron E1705 -- 2.16Ghz core2, I'm putting 2GB ram in for $40, have a spare 320GB disk laying around, even came with a power supply. The original owner had video problems with it within months of purchasing,

and rather than going after the warranty, simply shelved it an bought a new one (!). So basically I am looking at a barely used notebook that does 1920x1200 on a 17" screen -- free! Needless to say I'd like to put a few buck in it and make it work.

Here's the problem:

I've done a little research and it seems like artifacts aren't terribly uncommon on this model, and most have said its fixed with a new video card. Trouble is, the only one on Ebay ($40) also has artifacts as per the seller, and the online retailers want up to $536 (not a typo) for one. Really? .....

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Sony :: Vgn AR-8252
some guy i know selling for a pretty good price, $800 and it's loaded and new. is this a good computer?

i use if for surfing, light website development, photoshop, office apps, multimedia, light trave

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Sony :: Seven On VGN-SZ220
After many installations, I was finally able to get windows 7 running good on my computer. Good meaning that FN hotkeys work for volume, brightness, and vga output. All the drivers are installed correctly.

I did a fresh install of Windows 7 7600-16385 x86 and used this thread as a guide to install the drivers. I downloaded the orginal Vista drivers (sony vaio vista update drivers did not install correctly for me) from sony support website, NOT XP DRIVERS

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Sony :: VGN-FW 460 J/T
I've been looking at the VGN-FW460J/T at Fry's Electronics and I would to know if this is a good notebook? I really don't care about the new i7's that are coming out, because I planning to get one sometime next year when they reach at a least 2.0GHz and at an affordable cost.

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Sony :: VGN-F W560 F
I am having problems with my Sony VGN-FW560F, it won't get past the Windows 7 Splash Screen.

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Sony :: VGN-NW11S
I recently got a Sony VGN-NW11S in Currys UK.

I installed Windows 7 on it. For some reason now the scrolling doesn't work on the touchpad.

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Sony :: VGN-TZ25L
I clea*ed y t*25L with a toothbrush ad so*e soap yesterday *ow so*e keys o the botto* row dot work!!! You ca* see the o*es that are *issig by readi*g this post!!!

I guess that water da*aged it!! What ca* I do short of takig it to a se*rice ce*tre?

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Sony :: Vgn-sr 59 No Hdmi
i just bought a Sony VGN-SR59 and there is no HDMI port !!

At Sony's Site clearly says that there is 1 HDMI port , but there is not !!

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Sony :: VGN- TZ 72b
I am considering buying a secondhand notebook, Vaio VGN-TZ72b. It's gorgeous! All I would get are the notebook and its adapter. The guy bought it from Japan. These are all he has with him now.

BUT, I wonder if I would have a problem with drivers in the future when I clean-install it.

I heard every Vaio has a sort of recovery system that frees you from all concern about drivers

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Sony :: Vgn FZ490e
My hard drive crashed and the recovery discs and everything I tried wouldn't work to get this thing booted. I wound up having to format the drive and install the same vista home premium. I downloaded all the drivers and software from the Sony Site.

At this point I don't have any of the Sony installed items, except drivers. I tried to download the Sony Recovery Center under notebook utilities, and when it installs, the end result is "This update is not intended for use with your computer model".....

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Sony ::VGN-FS415M
VGN-FS415M Sony Laptop VAIO

I cant find the drivers for the following ANYWHERE!? Please can someone help its driving me crazy

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Sony :: Vgn-tx750p
anyone got any good any good tweaking hints for the Sony Vaio VGN-TX750P

1.2Ghz Pentium M
2.5GB of DDR3 Ram
no Graphics cards and a 80GB HDD (5400RPM)

basically load up time speed up and general performance without overclocking it :

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Sony :: Vgn-cs320j
I have brand new VAIO bought last week at B&H New York.
The PC worked well until few min ago, while i was surfing the web the screen suddenly went black.

Tried Restart, Battery in and out, reset, FN+F7 (External screen button).

The Power led show that the laptop is alive, but nothing from the screen.

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Sony :: VGN-AR61M
Ive had to reinstall my machine using a generic Vista cd as the recovery dvds I got when I purchased the machine did not work due to the recovery partition not being there (from the first time I reinstalled it, my fault)

Ive now installed vista home premium 32bit, with SP2 and all the windows updates done.

The eject, S1, S2 and AV buttons dont work anymore. The mute and volume control work but without on screen display. The built in webcam (Ricoh) doesnt work anymore either.

I am unable to get the correct drivers from: [url]
as the links point to files that dont exist.

The function key doesnt work either - the screen brightness, scroll lock etc

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Sony :: VGN-FZ Series
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ27G notebook to be exact and been having a few issues of late, and wondering if there are some clever computer buffs out there to help me solve my dilema.

Firstly I run Vista on 32bit with service pack 1 and just as a side note formated not that long ago.

The main problem is instaling software. Here's when it gets a bit tempremental. Basically it doesn't want to do it, instal software that is. And before you all say "yeah that's an easy one, just run it as Administrator!!" no been there done that and yes it is set as me being administrator etc.

My question, is there a simple oversite or a setting in computer management or even firmware or drivers that need to be definately looked at? I mean it wont even load software at times from the DVD drive let alone from the hard drive!(It wasn't like that before, I know it can do it)

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Sony :: Vgn-nr385e
I crashed my system a couple days ago and have been trying to recover. I have pushed the PF10 key more times than I can count. I have reinstalled via the "C:" and the "Full system". Both of them work properly until the system resets itself and tries to install the drivers.

It installs:

VAIO Smart Network
VAIO Smart Network Patch
Original Function Settings Update

and then it gets some kind of Appl error where it says to choose
"Program installed properly" or "Reinstall program using the Correct Operation system" (or something like that) - I've tried both choices and "Cancel". It just continues running no matter which I choose.

It runs the install of AOL Software Suite (56% done) but then it does
Quickbooks Free Starter Edition (58% done) and it sits there FOREVER without doing a thing. I've let it sit for over 5 hours once and NOTHING! At this point - I was able to do a control-alt-delete and bring up the task manager and such. I am able to see the C: drive but don't know what I need to get rid of - it all looks weird since I think I'm actually looking at the boot partition.

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Sony :: VGN-FW490JEB
1. Where is the best place to configure and buy customized Sony Notebooks? I got my eyes on the VGN-FW490JEB, but I prefer to modify/degrade some components while adding SSD.

2. I read somewhere a complaint that Sony turned of VT or VR (can't remember the two letters). Does anybody know what this is about and what these letters represent? (Sorry, I can't find that post again.)

3. What are the main issues and complaints with Sony notebooks?

4. How is Sony's tech-support, customer service and overall support/assistance? Are they using overseas phone-support people?

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Sony :: Vgn-ar11m
I have a sony Vaio VGN-AR11M and both hinges are broken! firstly is there somewhere i can order them? and secondly anywhere i can find out the part numbers?

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Sony :: Upgrading A VGN-TT
I happen to have a spare internal WWAN 3G card (Novatel EU870D), does anyone know if I could upgrade a Sony VGN-TT myself by installing this card?

I guess it'll be down to pre-installed antennas, compatible slot/space and SIM card reader.

On a seperate point, I wouldn't mind upgrading the memory too

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Sony :: Vaio VGN-CR
i have a VGN-CR(220E) and i formatted (installed vista ultimate) and i have a LOT of issues i have never had...

1. the capture button dows not work
2. vol up and down does work, but doesnt show the little animation in display.
3. av mode is useless
4. display off does work
5. Fn Keys does not work
6. volume and power icon in the taskbar are missing, and are unchecable in the properties of taskbar...

i installed several drivers... i dont know what im missing here?

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Sony :: VGN-SZ And Windows 7
Just installed windows 7 on my vgn-sz650. I have ran into a couple road blocks.

1) I keep getting an error window that says "The installed battery may not be properly connected... ...Click "OK" to enter hibernatemode". I don't get this error with vista. I get the error with the AC plugged in or running off the battery.

2) Can't get the FN keys to work.

Anyone have experience with installing windows 7 on a SZ series?

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