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Sony :: VGN-FZ21E VGA

I have Sony VAIO VGN-FZ21E, after some time it started to freeze periodically with any reason at any time.

One day it got problem that I can't install video driver because after that windows wont start at all and another interesting thing that in bios screen I see white vertical stripes anywhere else it's ok

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Sony :: Video Outputs- With Vaio VGN-FZ21E
I have a VGN-FZ21E with nVIDIA Ge Force 8400M GT graphics card and Vista OS. For some unknown reason, the HDMI and S-Video outputs to my Sony TV have stopped working. Has anyone any idea as to what the reason might be please? I have checked the TV inputs and they are working OK.

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Sony :: Vaio Entertainment Platform, Sony Utilities DLL?
Sony Utilities DLL
Vaio Entertainment Platform

Are they even needed when upgrading to Win7 RTM x64

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Sony :: How Do I Access The Bios On My Sony Vaio Fw?
how do i access the bios on my sony vaio fw? model number: VGN-FW139E

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Sony :: How To Re-install My Sony Vaio Laptop
How To Re-install My Sony Vaio Laptop I Tried To Restore But Is Not Possible Secondly Is It Possible To Change The Language From Spainish To English

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Sony :: Linux On A Sony Vaio
trying to put linux mint onto a sony ar51e machine, anybody hear put linux on a sony vaio

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Sony :: SR Or SZ
sony SR $1200
core 2 duo p8400 2.26
vista business 32 bit w/ freshstart LMAO
2 gigs ram
250 gb 7200rpm hd
ati 3470 gpu

sony SZ $1300 carbon fiber with hybrid HD
core 2 duo t7700 2.4
vista bus with bloatware
2 gigs ram
160 gb 5400 rpm hd
nvidia 8400m

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Sony :: Bag For FW?
I saw this on the Sony site and wondered if anyone has this or knows of a bag similar? I would like to find one that is as slim as a carrying sleeve but with handles

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Sony :: VGN-FW 460 J/T
I've been looking at the VGN-FW460J/T at Fry's Electronics and I would to know if this is a good notebook? I really don't care about the new i7's that are coming out, because I planning to get one sometime next year when they reach at a least 2.0GHz and at an affordable cost.

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Sony :: Could I Use My FW For My PS3
I am thinking about buying the Sony FW with 1080p. I was wondering if it is possible to hook up the FW to my PS3 via HDMI and play my PS3 games at 1080p on it

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Sony :: CS V MBP
having a hard time deciding between these two. I think in the end it'll come down to which screen size I like better.

But anyway, I was reading the review on the CS here and it says the battery lasted just under 4 hours but there's a higher capacity battery.

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Sony :: Z 690 Cto Blu Ray
While trying to CTO Z690 w/ blu-ray option SONY just gives u the option for 4GB DDR3

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Sony :: New Z11
I lose about 5~10% of my battery life in a 12 hour period after shutting down my computer and unplugging it from the wall.

Anyone else experiencing something similar? No one else has brought it up for this new Z so I was wondering if I'm just a minority (granted the laptop is new and not many people have it yet)

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Sony :: New Z W/3.06 CPU
I am in Shanghai and went to demo a new Vaio Z at a local SonyStyle store with a 3.06GHz CPU and Dual SSDs raided. The unit had Vista 64bit and 8GB of RAM... surprisingly though, no BluRay just a DVD Burner... go figure...

I tried to have someone explain to me if the design of the Z was changed because on my Z (model VGG-Z27GN) internally there is only space for one 2.5" drive (and nothing else really).

If the new Z's can accommodate 2 HDs inside, some major internal redesign had to be made. Does anyone know if this is the case or if maybe Sony is using some sort of two 1.8" Drives instead that they RAID together

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Sony :: How Do You Use The GPS In The Z?
I just got mine in the mail today. It says online that it's built in but I don't know how to access or find it (I got CTO without WWAN, and pro w/fresh start)?

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Sony :: Tt
My boss is looking to change his VAIO-TZ laptop to the VAIO-TT model. The one issue he is concerned with is the performance.

His current VAIO is very slow when he has outlook and a couple of more apps open (nothing heavy though). It is 1.2GHz as is the TT model

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Sony ::FW-390
I'm going to buy a FW-390 tomorrow morning and I want to know if the Full HD Screen is necessary or not.

I have heard that the X-Brite Eco's back lighting is uneven so some parts of the screen are dimmer than others which is simply unacceptable.

On the other hand I have heard complaints regarding the Full HD about the fonts being too small due to the resolution being too high on such a small screen ....

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Sony :: How Come Is Not 3.1. Or 3.2GB But Only Get 3GB Of RAM
Just upgrade the RAM from 2GB to 4GB onto my VGN-SZ650N/C and after booting back to Windows XP SP3 only see it as 3GB but BIOS see it as 4G

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Sony :: Which Is Best
out of these FW series, which would you pick? I want the speed, but i want something that runs extremely cool:

Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 2GHz
320GB Hard Drive
ATI Radeon HD 4650
at $980 USD

Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 2.1GHz
320GB Hard Drive
ATI Radeon HD 4650
at $950 .....

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Sony :: S 360 P
I need all the drivers for s360p/win xp. But official site didn't response or our country's connection is problematic.

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Sony :: F LCD
Is the Sony F LCD screen the same as the Dell XPS16?

At one time the Sony F was listed as an "RGBLED", same as Dell XPS16. They are also the same size/resolution.

I ask, because, I was at Best Buy this past weekend, and I found that the screen was very washed out looking. I confirmed it was resolution 1920, so it was surely their "Premium" LCD. Every review I read seemed to suggest the RGBLED of the Dell XPS16 was bright (almost obnoxiously so) and colorful. This F Model I reviewed truly did seem pale compared to other nearby monitors.

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Sony :: VGN- TZ 72b
I am considering buying a secondhand notebook, Vaio VGN-TZ72b. It's gorgeous! All I would get are the notebook and its adapter. The guy bought it from Japan. These are all he has with him now.

BUT, I wonder if I would have a problem with drivers in the future when I clean-install it.

I heard every Vaio has a sort of recovery system that frees you from all concern about drivers

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Sony :: FW 390 CTO
I have a few questions for those with the FW. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I do occasionally play Warhammer Online, which is a little more graphically dependent that WoW.

My question is with my current specs, will my machine be able to handle it on low-mid range settings?

I also do not plan to order this RIG until sometime in March, are there any chances there will be so upgrades to it by that point .....

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Sony :: Z 540 Max. RAM
Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but any way to incresse the max. RAM of 4, to 6 for the Z540 ?

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Sony :: TT Wi-Fi
I seem to be having a few problems with my wi-fi connection at home.

Up until yesterday it was working fine and i was getting great dl speeds and surfing without any problems. So all of a sudden the connection died out.

Normally i reset the connection and all is well. Well i tried that and no luck.

When i clicked to look for a network connection, nothing happens.

I click refresh and nothing happens. I did switch off the wireless button and turn it back on and restarted the laptop.

But i am still unable to get a connection. The router is fine as other laptops in the house seem to get a connection without any problems.

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Sony :: FW 390 Vs FW 260
I cannot see any real difference between these 2. I found a great deal on the FW 260 here and with similar features the FW 390 is pricing much higher.

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Sony :: CW Or W
I can't decide for the power or portability......

What's the battery life on both?

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Sony :: SR LCD
I just started using my Sony SR and have noticed something rather odd; when on a black background there are two spots in the middle of the screen darker than the rest. I tried using a microfiber cloth, but it obviously isn't on the screen's surface.

It looks like below:

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Sony :: Which One Is Better
I finally narrow down 3 models of TZ Sony Vaio but I am not too sure which one I should get ?

(1) VGN-TZ295N/X Intel Core Duo U7700, 11.1, only comes with 64GB SSD but with internal DVD writer and comes with Vista Business

(2) VGN-TZ2500, comes with 64GB SSD+250GB HDD but no internal DVD writer and comes with Vista Business

(3) VGN-TZ 290 Laptop PC TZ 64SSD + 250HDD + XPP but comes with external DVD drive and comes with XP Professional

Which one you think is best for traveling and save & store pictures taken from my digital camera

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Sony :: Z: Fn+F10
does the function "Fn+F10" work on any of your Zs? It should magnify text.

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Sony :: AW V/s FW
I am torn between these two. I watch lots of movies, and would love to have the one that suits the couch potato lifestyle. Only I move around a bit (not a lot though). Is the AW too heavy? And will the FW be as pleasurable for playing DVDs and blu-rays? I'm going for the same specs btw.

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor P8800 (2.66GHz)
4GB DDR2-SDRAM (DDR2-800, 2GBx2)
320GB Hard Drive (7200rpm)
Blu-ray Disc™ playback
XBRITE-FullHD™ LCD technology (1920x1080)

The FW sells at 1300 (aprox.), the AW at 1600. Is the AW worth the $300 difference?

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Sony :: Win 732 Bit Or 64 Bit
I've got a tz-2000 and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether 32bit or 64 bit is better.

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Sony :: I5 And I7 On The Z . . .
why Sony couldn't at least offer as an option the 25W i7-620LM or i7-640LM in an effort to improve battery life?

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Sony :: TZ Is HOT
I have a Sony TZ i bought in Dec. 2008, and I have begun to notice that it is uncomfortably hot on the left side by the fan. The auditorium I am in has no desks, so it has to be on my lap for a good portion of the day and it gets way too hot for the lap, i usually wear jeans, but the heat is severe. I begun checking to see if this is the case when it is on the desk to, and it does get very hot even on the desk. Even with the large capacity battery, which had more room for air flow, it gets very hot.

The room is air conditioned, and I am not using the laptop intensely. Just typing notes, surfing the web, most of the time it is idle.

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Sony :: FE-590 To 4GB RAM
getting my laptop ready for Win 7 (64 bit)... I would like to install 4GB of RAM but I'm running into some issues....

I have the FE-590, which I managed to upgrade the CPU to a T7600. I'm also running R0200J3 BIOS, which was originally for the FE890, but it is working great on mine. I believe that the BIOS for all FE laptops may be compatible across the FE line. I also enabled VT. The laptop runs great but I only have 2GB of RAM (2x1GB).

I bought 4GB of RAM (2x2GB). When I install it, the BIOS will recognize it and POST just fine. Win XP (32 bit) starts up fine with the "progress crawler" but then when it is time for the normal XP logon screen to appear, nothing ever shows up on my screen. However, the disk activity light continues to blink indicating that the XP load is still going on. Eventually, the disk activity light goes out and still nothing on the screen.

When I go back to just using 1 of the 2GB sticks, the machine boots up fine. I tried each memory stick individually and they work just fine. I also added /PAE to the boot.ini but same result.

I know the FE590-FE890 specs list 2GB as the max RAM allowed. But I am running the 945GM/PM chipset which is supposed to allow 4GB.

I also tried re-installing Win XP on a different hard drive and everything works fine thru the install until the machine does the first reboot to complete the XP install. At that point, nothing shows up on the screen....

My computer has the nvidia geForce Go 7400 running 179.48. Also running the latest intel chipset (

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Sony :: XP On Z11
Does anyone actually use Windows XP on their new 2010 Z11 (Nvidia GT 330M, SSD, etc.) instead of Windows 7?

I know it's officially supported, and there should be drivers from Sony for XP and everything.

But my questions are to anyone with first hand experience. How good is the support? Do you feel like XP is a usable OS on this laptop, or does XP severely limit the capabilities of the laptop compared to Windows 7?

I'm mostly interested in the graphics card performance under XP. Are there any problems with the Hybrid graphics under XP?

What about the SSD, any issues there?

just want to know whether falling back to XP on this laptop would be a viable option or not.

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Sony :: Nw And Cw
I am currently looking to buy a laptop and i am very interested in sonys. I don't need to be overly powerful or anything and i have ended up looking at the CW and NW series. Everywhere I go the NW's are on sale and some salesmen have told me that they have been discontinued for now. Does mean that they are coming out with a new NW or they done making them? If anyone knows could they help me out, i don't want to buy something that's going to be obsolete in 2 months. And also are the CW's that are out newer or are they due for an upgrade soon as well.

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Sony :: CW Or FW
It's customizable so I've come up with some pretty basic things that I want.

CW190: For sure, 2.80 GHZ processor, NVIDIA GeForce® GT230M GPU (512MB VRAM), 4GB RAM, 320 GB 5400 RPM

FW590: P8700 2.53 GHZ, ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4650 graphics with 1GB dedicated video RAM , 4 GB RAM, 320 GB 7200 RPM, 16.4 inch widescreen HD display

Price wise, the two of them are pretty much the same. (CW is $40 more expensive) I guess it really comes down to the NVIDIA or ATI and the size of it all. The CW is bulkier, I think, cause I have the older one and it is bulky. The FW is less bulky, but wider, longer and all that stuff.

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Sony :: FW-465
PX here has the FW-465 - and I played with one for a while today (beautiful LCD). Questions though - does anyone know if the Radeon 4650 installed by Sony uses DDR2 or DDR3 ram? Another question is about the FW series in general - do they include a restore DVD set or are you expected to burn the restore DVD's from the recovery partition like (cheap-skate) H-P? Last question - is the LCD LED backlit or CCFL?

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Sony :: GPS On New Z
I'm just wondering if i order Sony Z from State with Mobile Broaddband and GPS (im from Canada) I know it wont work with Verizon here but can i just use the GPS not connecting to 3G? (like cell phone?)

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Sony :: Y Or S Or A HP DM3
I need a new notebook and I don't know which one to pick. At the moment I've a Sony Vaio FZ11S, which has an Intel Core 2 Duo 7100 @ 1.80 GHz and a Nvidia GPU.

The ones I like are the Sony Y serie. The specs are:
* 13,3 inch beeldscherm
* Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 @ 1.3 GHz
* 4 GB werkgeheugen
* 320 GB harde schijf 5400 RPM
* Windows 7 Home Premium
* Intel GMA
* TFT-LCD met LED-verlichting
* Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
* 0.3 megapixel webcam

The Sony S serie. The specs are:
- 13.3-inch wide WXGA i1366~768jdisplay
- 2.13 GHz Intel Core i3 processor
- 4GB of fast DDR3 RAM
- 500GB HD
- Intel GMA HD graphics processor
- DVD Super Multidrive..........

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Sony :: Cw2
I am considering a laptop model number VPCCW22FX. I am assuming this is the Second Generation CW series? Anyone know if this series still has the battery drain issues discussed here?

Going to opt for the Nvidia 330 instead of Blueray. Getting Both is too expensive especially since it seems noone carries it configured that way. The units with BD seem to only have the Nvidia 310 I think the 330 is much more powerful for gaming and maybe video editing.

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Sony :: Win XP 64-bit And FW
Has anyone managed to install XP 64-bit version with FW notebook and get basic functionality to work? I don't really mind if FN keys, S1 key, AV Mode key and VAIO Power Management don't work since they don't work with the 32-bit version either but everything else has to work.

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Sony :: Z And SR
I am ready to order a new laptop with W7 and Blu-ray. Currently I have a Z550.

When I customize a SR590 and Z890 with identical specs I get a price difference of around $400. Z is more expensive of course. If I go with SR I will give up Carbon Fiber,WWAN and GPS. Since I am in Canada I really don't use the WWAN.

Are there any other major differences between Z and SR?

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Sony :: Z12
I have been kicking around buying a new one for a few weeks now, until today, when I noticed that they're no longer available from Sony, or at least not in the configuration I want.

Is this a sign that the Z12 is coming soon?

Does anyone have an idea of when it will be available?

What about specs for the Z12?

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Sony :: Suv-1 / Tz- 0

Got this in at work the other day. Salesman apparently either forgot where he put it, or it fell out of the truck unbeknownst to him. The only thing I could save was the hard drive and the memory.

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Sony :: OS
Just got the fw510f and its packed with bloatware. If I want to put a better windows 7 on it. When I do a fresh install, do I need all the drivers that are on sony's website? And is there anything else that I would need as far as software? I'm assuming i'm going to have to manually install all the drivers.

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Sony :: TZ SSD
I have a Sony TZ which needs upgrading and I was looking to put an Intel X18-M into it.

I have done some research and that the TZ has a ZIF connector and its PATA?

I know the Intel X18-M is SATA so that isn't going to be compatible at all...

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Sony :: CW Or E
im deciding between the Sony Vaio CW Series or the Sony Vaio E Series i do work in Video Editing, Graphic Design, Flash Website Design, GTA, COD, NFS Gaming, and watch HD movies which laptop has the better body of the two[palmrest, lid, keyboard (spacing), and overall quality. Can you please explain i like a laptop with a nice and sturdy and a solid feel, i hate the cheap plastic feel as the CR has, and does the weight just feel heavy or does it help with the solid feel and is it balanced(i dont mind the weight i just like it feeling strong) and in which would i get better specs for under? and how is the cooling on both?

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Sony :: USB 3.0 And Z11
I just installed a USB 3.0 (2 ports) PCI Express controller onto my Z11.

Here follow some speed tests on external (Freecom) 1.5 TB HD using both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

One big file copy USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

A lot of small files copy USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

And here Raid 0 speed of internal SSD (192 GB= 64GB x 3)

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