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Sony :: How To Control Keyboard Backlight,power Light Etc On Vaio Z 2010 SSD Models

1. How do I control the duration for which the backlight keyboard lights are on.

2. The ambient light detector keeps dimming and brightening my screen when in a complete dark room. How to fix this?

3. How to turn on or off the green power light button?

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Sony :: Can I Control The Keyboard Backlight On New Z
the keyboard backlight goes off after about 30 seconds of non-use of the keys. The trackpad movement doesn't keep it lit.

i can re-light by touching any key, but this presents two issues:

1.) the first keystroke is entered. (i guess i can use the shift key)

2.) more important, the screen brightness seems to react to ambient light, so the keyboard's light ends up making the screen pulsate.

I couldn't find a specific reference, although hard to believe. But then again, the humongous threads are hard to search effectively.

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Sony :: Brand New Vaio Z 2010 128gb SSD RaidFailed
I know Raid 0 is not very reliable, but can it be so unreliable that it dies after sitting shut for a day.

The laptop battery had 90% charge.

This was my third boot which I made to create a backup disk. I turned it on last yesterday and when I turned it on again today this is what I see.

1 .So I am left without recovery disks what to do?

2. Can we change the SSD's to Intel?

3. I tried a JBOD and tried installing Vista 64bit and it worked although I did not go
ahead with the setup.

4. Are Jbod drives slower than RAID 0? If so by how much.

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Sony :: Switch Off The Green Light In The Power Button Of FW
I keep my laptop connected to external monitor and turned on 24/7 in the room where I sleep. But at night,

when the room is dark and I'm ready to sleep, I have the power button of the FW emitting this fairly bright green light and it bothers me

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Sony :: Any New Models On The Horizon (VAIO Summer Refresh)
I have been waiting for the Vaio Z to be refreshed with a new and improved graphics card, i was hoping by the summer as other pc makers are doing this. Do you think Sony will use the new ATI 4000 series or the new nvidia series? Will it get refreshed by the summer?

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Sony :: Vaio Z46 Versus Z45 (Asian Models)
Anyone knows if there is a big difference between the Z46 with Intel P9700 and Z45 with Intel P8800?

Would speed and heat be noticeably greater with the P9700 processor?

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Dell :: E4300 Win7 64bit Backlight Control
I've got brand new Latitude E4300 and I decided to install Win7 64bit in order not to upgrade after I install all my software onto Vista. But I cannot get the LCD backlight control get to work.

In BIOS the settings work well, but in Win7 it does not. e.g. when I set in the BIOS half backlight, it works until I try to change it in Windows - it suddenly jumps to full backlight (I suppose),

but the Dell Controll Point dialog shows some 1/3 or similar. Then I'm able to change it +1 step, but it doesnt make any difference, even turning on and off the ambient light sensor doesnt make difference.

I tred to install several drivers from, but the support for Win7 64bit isnt very good. So I took some drivers from Vista 64b, and Vista 32b, but it made no difference.

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Dell :: Keyboard And Keys I1564 And Other Models
Dell, is it possible to configure 1564 with a different keyboard? I even prefer the 1545 raised keyboard.

It's more old school (bb guy said it would collect dust under keys more), but it's easier to use. Does anyone know if the insp15z has a keyboard with raised keys?

Anyone else find the big flat keys harder to use? Is there some advantage to these, thus Dell made the change? I wasn't wild about the Sony chicklet style either. Lenova seemed easiest to me of the ones I tested in BB.

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Dell :: M4400 ALS Not Functioning At All Under Windows 7 (but Other Backlight Control Works Fine)
Has anyone had an issue where the ALS suddenly stops working under Windows 7? I've checked BIOS settings, tried seemingly every combination of driver uninstalls/reinstalls, confirmed that both the Dell and Microsoft ambient light sensor services are enabled and running (and tried disabling, one, the other, and both) and have not had any luck. Unlike some other posts I found on here with the same-body Lattitude models, I can control the backlight manually with both the keyboard and software - it is only the ambient sensor that does not work.

I am running BIOS A15, and Windows 7 x64 RTM.

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Sony :: VAIO TTUpgrade SSD From 128 GB To 256/512 GB & Replace Optical Drive With SSD
I bought a VAIO TT couple of months back - at a time when it was being removed from shelves (in anticipation of VAIO X launch). At that time I hurried and picked up the only model that was available here in Amsterdam.

Its a TT21WN model with 128 GB SSD + Optical Drive (DVD). The SSD in use is a Samsung model - MMBQE28GFMUP-MVA (Slim uSATA).

Now ofcourse 128 GB is not enough so here is what I want to do:

1. Upgrade the 128 GB SSD to 256 GB or 512 GB if possible AND

2. Replace the Optical Drive with another SSD (max capacity possible)


- Where can I find the SSD with such capacity and good quality

- How do I replace the current SSD with the new one (guide/manual)... is it easy/hard? Should I go to a service center instead of doing it myself?

- Is it possible to replace the Optical Drive with SSD? Again how easy or hard is it, and how to go about it?

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Apple :: SSD And Optibay Install In Mid-2010 15" Unibody
I recently purchased a new base model 15" Macbook Pro with the firm intention of upgrading the main drive to a SSD. Historically, there has been some issues with a do-it-yourself upgrade to SSD using Mac hardware and I happy to report that I have had no issues, save those caused by myself in the doing the swap.

I decided the best course of action was to use a SSD for my main application and OS drive, and use a standard 2.5" mechanical HD for my files. The downside is, of course, you lose your internal Superdrive. However, as I was contemplating this, I realized that I rarely use my optical drive outside of software installs. It then became an easy choice. Of course, you can always just swap the standard internal drive for a SSD, but space and cost quickly become deciding factors. Keep in mind that if you plan to install Windows 7, you need at least 20GB of space just for it, before any other Windows software. Snow Leopard takes around 8GB and some of the higher end software can take gigabytes on their own (The Final Cut Studio suite alone takes around 50GB).

After a ton of research with some conflicting information I decided on the Crucial M225 128GB SSD. It uses the Indilinx Barefoot controller with 64MB of cache and is price competitive at around $325. The Kingston V-series is cheaper, but uses a modified J-micron controller (meh - sorry J-micron, too much history there). Another choice, and one I nearly made, is a Corsair series drive. Note that apparently the Nova series has some issues with the Macintosh notebook line, so the P series will be your best bet there. Of course, you could go for the gold and choose an Intel based SSD. Most Mac guys seem to have the best luck with these drives, but I decided I like the price/performance of the Crucial better..............

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Acer :: Ghetto 2010/2012 Laptop Keyboard
I have an acer 2012wlmi and the keyboard is allllll screwed up.....and it isn't a num lock issue, or a AZERTY french keyboard map issue either - its just screwed....

I have to type the keys for the @ button to get the " symbol, and vice versa. Every third time I use the shift button, the cursor moves to some random part of whatever text I am typing and begins spontaneously typing there - sux when you're trying to type a school paper.

how to remap the keyboard, or at least return it to its default setting?

nothing short of a BIOS upgrade will fix this crap.....

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Apple :: Macbook Pro 13" Power Adapter(2010)
Anyone know where I can get a extra 2010 power adapter for my macbook pro? Most of the ones I have found use the old style connector.

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Apple :: 2010 13" MBP 2.4GHz. No Support For 3rd Party SSD Under Boot Camp
All those who have a 2010 MBP and a 3rd party SSD, please try setting up bootcamp and let us know if it works.

Has anyone successfully setup bootcamp on any of the new macbook pros? When I use boot camp assistant, I am able to set up the partitions. However, once I enter the windows 7 install, it doesn't detect any partitions at all (not even my mac partition).

I've tried both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 (home, prof, and ultimate). The SSD is an Intel X25-V 40GB

UPDATE 1: Swapped the stock HDD back in and bootcamp install seems to work fine. Partitions were immediately recognized by my windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. Could Apple have blocked support for 3rd party SSDs somehow with these 2010 MBPs?

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Sony :: Vaio Display- It A Backlight, Inverter Or Screen
i have a sony vaio c2z - nvidia geforce 7400; x-black lcd

i have had a lot of problems with my display since august. although i didn't notice at the time, it happened soon after i installed the Win 7 RC.

when i start the laptop up the screen looks all distorted and the colours arent correct:


but when i take screencaps and connect it to another monitor everything looks fine.


i assumed the screen was knackered, but i installed a game a few weeks ago and it brought the display back to life, only for it to look crap again when i restarted. this also happened when i did a clean install of vista, only for the display to go bad when the updates installed.

i have tried many times, but have been unable to replicate this...............

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Sony :: Ultra Thin And Light Portable Vaio Laptop
My requirements are as follow:

Screen size : 11 inch
Weight with battery : below 1.3kg
RAM: 2GB or more
Wireless Network : 802.11b/54Mbps(802.11a/g)/300Mbps(Draft 802.11n)
Hard Drive : at least 120GB
Prefer to have carbon fiber casing

Any particular model I should look for on ebay or in the current market ?

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Sony :: Vaio Control Center
i have a VAIO VGN FS520B,with 760Mb RAM and 80GB harddisk.I Just format my laptop and format the recovery disk as well.

i have download all the drivers for XP PRO and installed them after the XP installation.All went fine bt i cant get the VAIO CONTROL CENTER driver from sony website.I cant use the FN,S1 and S2 buttons.thus

i cant increase/decrease/mute volume,increase/decrease brightness and change external monitor.Actually the brighness is full and the battery drains quickly

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Sony :: IR Remote Control On Vaio Notebooks
None of the Vaio notebooks have IR Remote Control which I feel is very useful and has become standard since long in notebooks of other manufacturers, still I have not found anyone complaining about it in this forum. Does no one here miss the lack of it in their Vaios?

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Sony :: Vaio FW Noise / Fan Control
I've recently purchased Sony Vaio FW21E (European model) and to my surprise, I find it quite noisy (contrary to what you can read in many reviews).

The first problem is HDD - I've owned 3 notebooks so far and no one had such a noisy disk. I almost thought that there is some kind of motherboard or GPU fan in there until I opened the case to confirm that the noise really comes from the HDD. It is quite unpleasant in a totally quiet room (like in the night) but I can hear it even during evenings when the room is relatively quiet. Vaio owners with Toshiba MK3252GSX disk (320GB), do you experience the same amount of noise? (On the upside, the performance is really nice compared to my older laptops, Windows Experience Index being 5.4.)

The second problem is the main fan (which I understand is the only fan on this Vaio). It is quiet for the first hour of usage or so but then it always turns on for about 5 minutes, then it's quiet for another 2-3 minutes, then it goes off again etc. etc. I really find this annoying because the fan speed is changing frequently and rapidly (i.e. from zero to high spinning, then it slowly goes down to what I would call acceptable level, then it stops rotating immediately; then it goes of for 100% again etc.)

When you combine these 2 noises, the notebook is quite unpleasant to use in quiet conditions. From the right hand side where the disk is placed, you constantly hear a whisper-like sound while from the left side, you are distracted by the main fan which tends to be turned on and off in a few minutes intervals..........

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Sony :: Vaio Zuneven Backlight, Greenish Tinted Spots At The Bottom Of The Screen
After using my new Vaio Z for a few hours i noticed a slightly greenish hue at the bottom of the screen(1600x900). It's mostly visible with white or very light background.

There are a few of those spots and i think it originates from uneven LED backlight. It's not instantly obvious, but after i've noticed it I find it somewhat distracting.

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Dell :: 1537 Keyboard Backlight
I will be calling Dell tomorrow to get my keyboard replaced due to the Numlock light not working.

My current keyboard has not got a backlight would it be possible to get a replacement keyboard with a blacklight?

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Dell :: M1730 Backlight Keyboard
I recently had my laptop apart to put different thermal paste on the cpu, but now my backlighting isnt working for the keyboard. does that little ribbon cable control that? Its kinda hard to get it to stay attached. If not then is this a normal thing for these keyboard lights to go bad?

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Dell :: Studio Backlight Keyboard
I want to purchase a backlight keyboard for my dell studio 15. I cant find anywhere to purchase it and if it helps i got the stock keyboard.

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Dell :: Keyboard Back Light
Where can I find the settings for the keyboard backlighting? I would not like it to dim at all and would like the ability to adjust its brightness. Where is this possible

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Dell :: 1640 Keyboard Light
I just received a new 1640 as a replacement for a refurb 1640. The keyboard lights go off fairly quickly on the new one but will turn on when I touch a key. Is that the way the newer 1640s are being made? The lights stay lit all the time on my refurb.

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Sony :: Vaio Z11Brightness Control Stops Responding
I am having a problem with my Vaio Z with a fresh install, relating to the automatic keyboard backlight and display backlight adjustment, and manual control of the display backlight adjustment with the Fn keys.

So from a fresh boot or reboot, automatic brightness control of both devices seems to work fine. The Fn key combos will also work correctly to control display backlight. And then seemingly at random, ambient light sensor control will freeze, and the function keys will no longer manually adjust brightness. It seems to happen regardless of which graphics setting I'm using, and it also happens even with both ambient light sensor functions turned off.

I've got all of the latest drivers and software from Sony's website installed (sans non-essentials,) so I'm not sure what could be going wrong. Both the power management and event services are running. Has anyone else had this issue, and perhaps had better luck in solving it?

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Keyboard Backlight
I know this question has probably been asked before but I can't seem to find a definitive answer.

Anyway is there a way to keep the backlight for the keyboard on all the time? I seem to remember it staying on before I did a clean install last night

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HP/Compaq :: DV7 2070ED Backlight Keyboard
In own a Pavillion DV7 2070ED. I spilled wine over the keyboard...

My insurance will cover this so money isn't really the problem. So I was thinking about buying a backlight keyboard instead of the original black one (which works really annoying in lowlight conditions).

Now I found a thread about backlight keyboard but I'm unable to find out which backlight keyboard is compatible with my laptop. On the motherboard there is input for the keyboard-backlight. So thats not the problem.

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Dell :: Blacklit And The Black Light Keyboard
i wanna buy the new dell latitude E4300 13.3 inch screen...
so i when i was googling about the notebook, i found 2 available keyboard types. the blacklit and the black light keyboard !

so please what is the difference between blacklit and the black light keyboard ? beside is there any another type of available keyboards for this notebook which i don't know ?

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Dell :: How To Turn On Keyboard Light On Xps 16
Yeah how do i do this.. its dark already need to see the keysss

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Dell :: Is Anyone Else Obsessed With The M1730 Light Up Keyboard
I am starting to like the my new M1730. My favorite feature about this laptop is the light up keyboard. I never thought it would be that nice to have a light up keyboard but here I am in the dark while I am on my 360 typing away and I am actually able to see the keyboard without having to aim the screen at it

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Acer :: Aspire 9300 Power Light Comes On But Nothing Eles
my acer aspire 9300 switched off on me tonight, the power button lights up and i can feel air from the side heat exhaust, but nothing eles,and the same thing happens just on battery without the power lead plugged in.

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Dell :: XPS 1645 Keyboard Backlight Leakage
Th backlit keyboard on my XPS 1645 leaks a lot of light, which is quite annoying in dimly lit environments.

In my case it is mostly the upper row of keys, but other individual keys have the same problem. As not all keys have this problem I assume it is not a design feature.

Is anyone else experiencing this same issue? I have done a search on the forum, but couldn't find anything related.

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Sony :: Brightness Control And NVIDIA Driver Updates For XP Downgrade VAIO
One of the most troublesome consequences of downgrading your VAIO to Windows XP is not being able to adjust the screen brightness using the F5/F6 keys.

This tutorial aims to (i) resolve that issue, and (ii) retain the ability to adjust brightness when you update to the latest LaptopVideo2Go drivers. The below methods have been tested on VAIO FZ, FW, and NS laptops with NVIDIA GeForce 8X00M cards, and they are working flawlessly with the LV2G 190.15 driver.

Part 1: Enabling Fn Brightness Control

Skip this step if your brightness control is already working

In order to be able to use the brightness control on a XP-Downgraded machine, you need:

1. VAIO Event Service Hotfix (Which updates the VESConfig.ini file for the VAIO Event Service)
-> You can get this at[url].
-> If you have an FZ, you can use the VESConfig.ini I have attached

2. NVIDIA Driver with Customised nv4_disp.inf (Refer to Part 2)............

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Dell :: XPS M140 Flashing Orange Power Light
My Dell XPS M140 has a power light on the bezel that blinks orange very rapidly. This usually happens when I leave the charger on the wall over night or for long periods of time.

However, when I take the battery out and push the button the battery itself, there are 5 green lights, so I assume all is fine, but what is with the orange flashing light on the bezel?

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HP/Compaq :: HP Nc6220 Doesn't Starting Up, With Power Light On
my notebook couldn't start up today, power and HDD lights on, but the sharp blue light for wireless not on, try several times, the screen is black, but it's booting up already. What's the problem? Display card?

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Dell :: My Studio XPS 16 Keyboard Backlight Isn't Working
I tried to turn it on again by pressing Fn + right arrow key on my keyboard to turn it on but the lights on my touchpad light up as well as caps lock when I turn it on but not the rest.

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Apple :: Unibody Macbook - Keyboard Backlight Wont Turn - Not Charging
- What is the Unibody Macbooks display made from?

- Wil it scratch?

- Will the keyboard hit it?

- For some off reason my keyboard backlight wont turn on, it just has a O with a / going through it. And its a 2.4ghz model.

- Its also plugged in charged at 95%, and it says not charging.

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Dell :: Urgent Studio 17 Keyboard Back Light Refuses To Turn Off
Hitting Fn and the Keyboard back light button will Cycle the settings, Off, Dim, Bright.

But they use to turn off after about a minute of no use. Now they will stay on indefinitely. I wonder what could be causing this since I have not done anything to the system.

When I set the Power options to have the Screen turn off after a Minute the screen dims and turns off, But the Keyboard remains Lit.

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Dell :: Power Cord Light Turns Off When Plugged Into Laptop Short Circuit?
So last night my laptop was running fine on battery power, but then it was running low, so I plugged in the power cord. Nothing happened. Since the adapter at the laptop end was falling apart and duct-taped anyways, I figured it was just conking out, but then I saw the indicator light on the power brick was off.

With some experimentation, I found that if I moved it to a different outlet, the light would come back on, but if I plugged it into my laptop, the light would die, and I would have to again move it to a different outlet (the same one as first would work fine) to get the indicator light back on. It works in other Dell laptops. Other adapters do the exact same thing.

So I'm guessing there's a problem with my laptop wiring that's causing a short or something. (Apologies for my shallow electrical knowledge.) But it was working last night on battery power. Until the battery died completely this morning, it would power up. So it's not an electrical problem that kills the laptop.

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Acer :: Aspire 7220 Flashing Power Light, Doesn't Boot
I'm trying to fix my fathers laptop so he won't have to spend money on a new one. Here's the problem:

When I press the power button to boot the laptop it does not boot, it just flashes the power light(s) on and off at maybe 1 flash per second. I've tried removing the RAM-sticks one and one, removing the HDD, removing the battery and removing the DVD reader (not all at the same time, of course). None of those helped, it still did the same thing.

Then I tried to blind flash the bios from a CD, the laptop comes on with the fan at full blast, the DVD reader comes on and it stays on, but it never finishes and powers off.

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Sony :: SSD In A Vaio
i can get a very good deal on a FW with a 128gb SSD. but i want to know know much space il be left with after vista and the recovery partition take up some space. would it be more or less then 100gb? also is the "128 GB Ultra ATA Flash SSD" sony give any good?

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Sony :: Vaio Z, HDD To SSD
I recently discovered that my Vaio Z will go completely silent (the fan turns off ) after about 10 sec the HDD has turned off..

And, as soon as i click somewhere and the HDD is read again, the fan goes back on. (you can try this by defining the hdd to turn off after 1 min in the power management and closing as much processes as you can,

then watch resource monitor for example, where you can see the disk usage

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Sony :: Vaio Z: SSD Options
I attached a screenshot of the config options for Hard Drive for a Vaio Z.

I thought that the x1 or x2 would mean 1 and 2 drives of the given size, for example: 192GB (128GBx1 + 64GB+1) would mean ONE 128GB drive and ONE 64GB drive.

However, I am confused after reading posts here. It seems the 192GB option is actually 3 64GB drives?

Is 256GB really 1 drive or 2 128s or 4 64s? Their page says 1 256 which I don't believe.

I am also interested in the config for 384 and 512.

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Sony :: Vaio Tt Ssd Or Hdd
i just sold my macbook 13" and i want to get a small computer but no netbooks those are for kids (j/k to the p owners). im looking at getting the tt and actually ordered one with the 128 ssd drive yesterday but after i read some people saying that ssd drives blow i quickly canceled my order to do some more research before i drop $$$600 on a hard drive. money isnt really an issue to a point i have plenty of plastic to buy stuff. So my main problem is which is better hdd or ssd. i keep seeing things on youtube that show comps with ssd running alot faster then hdd and i know all the benefits like battery life no moving parts simple things like that. i just dont know about how it performs in vaios or in the tt that i would like to buy asap. i have never used ssd before. people say ssd crashes or slows down when multitasking anyone with the new tt's experience this? what type of ssd are in the tt serious slc mls scandisk good kind bad kind anyone? also they say every time you write on ssd they get smaller and smaller how drastic is that? i like to do fresh starts on my computers quite often, so would an ssd not be a good choice for me?

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Sony :: Boot Times Vaio Z With X-25 SSD
Anyone else having a X-25 SSD in their Z ?

On vista Business i get a boot time of 38 secs.

So my question is: can I do anything to make it faster? - or is it the best this drive can do under vista

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Sony :: Vaio Z1190 X With 500 GB SSD
I just got the new Sony Vaio with the most disc space available online. I would however like to do a fresh format of the system with Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

I've downloaded all the drivers, however my fear is that I won't be able to get it to use both drives

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Sony :: Intel G2 SSD In Vaio C2D Z
So I swapped out the old HDD with an Intel g2 ssd for my Vaio Z and did not noticea big jump in performance (as compared to other notebooks), especially in the boot-up and shut-down sequences

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Sony :: Vaio ZUpgrade HDD To SSD
I purchased a sony vaio z36gd in March of this year and with the release of windows 7 a new months away, I was wondering what is the best option to upgrade my HHD to a SSD option. Can it be done by sony to not void my warranty or do I have to do it myself?

Also, what would be your recommended SSD to upgrade to, looking for a RAID 0 configuration seen in the SSD option for the vaio z.

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Sony :: Installing Ssd In Vaio NS Series
I have a Solid State drive, which I would like to install in my Vaio VGN-NS30E, I cannot find a teardown guide anywhere,

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