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Apple :: How Do I Convert Mp3 To Wav On A Mac

Is there a way to make an audio cd... i have mp3's and want to put them on a blank disc, but be able to play it in a cd player, not as mp3's.

Wasnt sure if mac came with a program already installed to do that. I have a macbook pro, a month old.

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Apple :: Convert Audio Files - WMA File To MP3
I want to convert a WMA file to MP3. What should I use to do this?

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Apple :: Open Source Conversion Software - Convert Flv To Mp3
More specifically, I am trying to convert flv to mp3, but I of course want as many conversion options as possible.

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Apple :: ITunes To Mp3
What do you all use to convert itunes music to mp3 format? Is there an automator action that can do that? Or what third part software do you use?

My daughter just got an mp3 player, and I want to easily get music onto it as it doesn't support the m4a files in our existing iTunes library.

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Apple :: Ipod - About To Die - To Copy All The Mp3's
my ipod is about to die and i need to copy all the mp3's off of it without messing up the songs names (i know if you copy/paste it renames some songs to SF57KLY or something like that). so is there a reliable program out there you guys would recommend to me for getting my songs onto my lappy? by the way, i am using windows XP. i also dont mind buying a program if i know it will work, so it doesn't have to be free.

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Apple :: Add Songs - Multi-session MP3 CD - With Toast 10 Titanium
I am trying to add songs into the multi-session MP3 CD I created with Toast 10 Titanium and I can't figure it out. I searched all over the net and I wasn't able to find an answer. Every time I try to add files my car only recognizes the new file. I used to do this with Nero when I had a Windows based laptop but I'm new to Toast.

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Dell :: Convert Xps 16 To Multitouch?
I saw an article once about a guy that converted his mac book pro to multitouch. Has anyone attempted this with a studio xps 16?

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Apple :: Office For Mac 2011: Beta Versions / Historical Office For Mac Trends
I use Office:Mac 2008, and I'm not a fan. But it's better than OpenOffice/NeoOffice (imo), and while I like a lot about iWork, the occasional small incompatibility -- and the fact that saving as .docx as default is troublesome -- is irritating.

For those of you who have been Mac users since Office '08 was released, I'm just curious as to whether there's a reason to expect that we might see a public beta put out by Microsoft in the coming few months -- long before this Fall/Winter 2010 release or whenever it's supposed to be -- so we can get cracking on that.

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Apple :: Mac - Software - Office Key Work On The Mac Office
I am buying my first mac and I have copy of Microsoft word for my PC, if I can find the software, will my windows Office key work on the Mac Office?

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Acer :: Aspire 4937G Mp3 Lag When Surfing Net
jus brought this for 2 weeks. clean install wit Win XP Pro SP3. but than wat makes me frustrated is tat when i use windows media player 11 to play mp3, as well as surfing net. somehow the song jus lag, but did not pause.

at first i thought is windows media player issue, so reinstall it, but stil the same. i than reinstall sound driver(Realtek), but doesnt help too. so went on to try other player, like winamp, media player classic. but didnt help too.

went on to power options to adjust to "Always On" which the speed n voltage wil be fix at max. it improve a bit only. however this only works on my previous laptop(Aspire 5584), but did not works on 4937G, when i observe it wit CPU-Z, Everest. the multiplier stil adjust either 6x or 10x. voltage also too..

i also did all the windows update, tweaks as well.

btw the processor n chipset using is T9550(2.66GHz, 1066MHz FSB, 6MB L2 Cache), Intel Cantiga PM45 Express chipset.

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Sony :: SonicStage Mastering Studio To Encode Output Files As MP3
if it is possible to get SonicStage Mastering studio to encode output files as MP3. It appears to be limited to only WAV or DSD out.

Also has anyone found a forum anywhere of like minded SonicStage Mastering studio?

I have been remastering some CD's I produced a long time ago and really like some of the plugins in this app, but having to convert WAV to MP3 as a separate step is a pain in the ... The compressor and parametric EQ pulgins are really nice.

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Apple :: Mac And Pc
am i able to install mac OSX on a pc ie dual boot it with windows? i want to try it out but dont want or have the money to buy a whole mac

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Apple :: Using FAT 32 With Mac OS X
Conventional wisdom holds that one of FAT 32's classical limitations is a 4 Gigabyte files size limit. I've done a few searches on the net, and I find this rule repeated ad-infinitem, without contradiction.

I recently purchased a 320 GB Iomega Prestige external drive that I plan to use interchangeably with my Mac and PC systems. To do this, I re-formatted the disk to a single 320 GB partition with FAT 32 file system (The drive comes formatted NTFS).

Yeah, I know there are work-arounds that would permit me to format it NTFS, and use it read-write on my Mac, and there are probably a few solutions that would permit me to format it Mac OS Extended, and use it my PC. I prefer not to use any "workarounds".

Here's my question.... I had occasion to copy a few files to the drive from my MacBook to the drive, namely my Virtual Machine files, that I don't want to use Time Machine for. I had no problem doing so. The two files exceed 4 Gigabytes handily, with one of them being over 30 Gigabytes! Oops, this can't be done, right?

I ask, how is this possible? I thought I had a 4 Gigabyte limit with FAT 32. Does the fact that I formatted the drive with my Mac give me some sort of advantage that Microsoft's formatting using the same file system does not?

I have read that the reason the FAT 32 files sytem can't store files over 4 Gigabytes, is the insufficient lack of storage within the allocation table for the requisite number of pointers required for a file over 4 Gig in size.

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Apple :: Customize Mac Os X
Im new to mac and i just got this macbook and installed Snow Leopard and i want to know how to customize stuff like icons and any other stuff. Ive tried changing the icons but the guide i used didn't work

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Apple :: Mac OS Reformat
to reformat my sisters Air... She is now visiting me and all the disks are in US. Computer is really working fine but she desperately wants to reformat it... Anyway, can I use disks that came with other mac to reformat it or it should be specifically Air's disks?

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Apple :: Is It Possible To Get Mac OS X, XP And 7 On The Same Machine
I have XP on my macbook pro via bootcamp/vmware. I tried putting 7 on it, but then XP stopped working. So I deleted the partition that 7 was installed on and XP worked again.

Is there a way I can have both XP and 7 working via bootcamp? As far as I know I can't, so I was thinking about running 7 with bootcamp and XP via vmware. Also ever since deleting the partition that 7 was installed on XP doesn't seem to be able to boot via vmware. It was says I have to remove the physical disk from the virtual machine then add it again. How do I do this?

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Apple :: Games For MAC
I don't have Win7 installed in a separate partition, and in Paralles I can barely play anything. I do have a desktop PC with a 2.8Ghz Quad and a 500$ Nvidia card that plays mostly anything, but that's not very portable, you can imagine.

So, I plan spending like a couple hours per week gaming, I do not play much and I think it sucks booting into Windows for 20 minutes gaming just to boot back into Mac OSX .... Besides, I hope I don't have to explain myself too much why I stay in OSX .. hopefully not on this forum..

I am mostly looking for action games or cars/simulations. Maybe some strategy games (tried Age of Empires III and it sucks, graphics are like 640x480 with bunch of errors, and the update didn't see the original game installed (demo)).

I have a MBP 2.66Ghz, Nvidia 9600GT 256MB.

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Apple :: PhotoRec For Mac
I am trying to restore a pocket drive for a friend who's backup program when crazy and deleted the entire drive but all of my recovery programs are for Windows so instead of just running Fusion and using that, I am trying to use an OS X program and found a Mac version of PhotoRec.

Anyone have any tips for using it? I didn't know it was a terminal program and am attempting to get the hang of it...

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Apple :: Mac Trackpad
I have a Unibody MacBook (Spring 2008) and i'm having some major difficulties with this trackpad. It seems to have a huge problem "hanging onto" items I want to move. I have simply given up on trying to drag anything to where I want it. Take for example in Mail, I'll try to move a message from one folder to another and i'll click on the message and it randomly release it into different folder. It will only sometimes "pick" up the message and when it does it randomly "drops" the messege where ever the mouse is. This also happens with windows, it'll sometime take me 5-6 tries to move a window from one side of my screen to the other because the trackpad it will simply not grab the window to move it, and when it does it just "drops" the window a few centimeters from where I grabbed it. And highlighting text is completely impossible since it requires some form of precision.

Now this is not user error as what it might seem from the rather large trackpad. I have tried every conceivable option, from moving my hands completely off the computer while I try to do things with my trackpad.

Does this seem like a hardware issue or a software issue, and does this mean I need to get it checked out by an Apple store.

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Apple :: Using Chrome For Mac
i decided to try chrome. However, when scrolling down weboages, i noticed some lag. It's not as fluid as firefox. Anybody noticed it? Is there any thing which can be done about it?

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Apple :: CS - Source On Mac OS X 10.5
I have a Counter Strike Source CDs sitting here on my shelf and I would like to play it on my 'future' Macbook.

Is there anyway to install it on Mac OS X and play the game... or would I have to install Windows XP in BootCamp in order to play CS: Source?

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Apple :: Mac Applications
what kind of applications (Free Preferably ) you like to use on your Mac. If its possible link a picture of the application with a brief description on what its used for.

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Apple :: Bootcamp On Mac OS
If i were to use bootcamp on my mac and put Vista on to it, would i be able to install games that require windows on to the mac? This is a question about bootcamp and not games.

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Apple :: Software For Mac
I will be getting a Macbook Pro soon, and I want to prepare for when I get it... I would like to ask for your advice on what software to get once I receive the notebook. (Specs are in sig)

I will make a list of the software here in the OP...

To start off...

¨ SMC Fan Control
¨ iStat
¨ Adium
¨ Transmition
¨ Steam
¨ VLC
¨ uTorrent
¨ Perian
¨ iWork
¨ Office 2008
¨ Handbrake
¨ Toast
¨ Caffeine
¨ OnyX
¨ Xbench
¨ Psst

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Apple :: Software For A Mac
I am just wondering in your experience, what is the best note taking software for the mac?

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Apple :: MAC OS X And Security
Im aware that you dont really need any antivirus etc for the MAC (for now anyway!), but how secure is the internet connection? Im new to the MAC and have always used PCs before.

I currently have a Netgear Rangemax router, which has been perfect from day 1. The router is set up with WPA-PSK security, with NAT etc enabled. Its always been fine with my PC.

Nevertheless, I regularly use Internet banking etc - will I still be safe to continue (with the same router etc) when I get my MacBook?

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Apple :: Viruses In A Mac
How do you know if you have a virus in a mac ?

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Apple :: Reinstallation Of Mac OS X
Apple not only fixed the issue for me but went above and beyond by giving away a free Magic Mouse as a compensation for the inconvenience I had to go through. The fix was simple reinstallation of Mac OS X.

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Apple :: Soulseek For Mac
I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist, but is there something comparable? Or (dare I say it) better?

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Apple :: Mac - Which Antivirus
Just wondering which antivirus (if at all) do you guys use with your mac? I have heard of clamXav as a free one

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Apple :: Shutting Down A Mac
How often do u recommend shutting down a mac? I usually just keep it in sleep mode until i want to use it again. is this bad?

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Apple :: Mac And Business
Do many business people use macs? Or is business usually a PC world? I am heading off to college, but plan to work on wall street afterwords....

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Apple :: Backing Up New Mac
I'm getting a macbook soon and want to know a safe & good way to backup.... I'd like it to be on a recurring schedule. I don't have an external drive, but can share an internal drive from my PC over my wireless network quite happily (have experience in this) ....but I've heard that it won't keep a persistant connection to it on osx and therefore could bug me.

I've thought about using FTP, because being a standard protocol, it shouldn't matter what OS I use to backup from/to, but how would I get that on a schedule if I were to use it on osx?

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Apple :: Mac Movies
I just got through watching Welcome to Macintosh and Macheads.

Personally I preferred Welcome to Macintosh, it felt a tad bit more solid than Macheads, felt more as a 360 experience, because it actually had a okey reasoning for the film. Macheads, was both funny and annoying at times, and it felt like the movie is glamorizing fanatical behavior. Jeez... its just material products, great ones of course, but they're products.

Is it just me or was Guy Kawasaki seriously off the charts annoying in Welcome to Macintosh?

And then we have that crazy fanatical nerd girl in Machead whom just looked like she was off the reserves mentally.

My favourite mac-centric movie has to be Pirates of Silicon Valley. I remember a couple of years back, when seeing it for the first time, I was blown away. It was such an nostalgic movie, even though I wasn't even born back then, haha, but I had reach so much about the history of the it industry so I was really fascinated with the story, and they simply outdid themselves portraying this story, in my opinion. The acting performances of the ensemble was put simply; great. Later on I found out that the movie was a TV movie, and I just couldn't believe it. Is it just me or did you also get the impression that this was a cinematic movie? I recently watched the DVD, and Noah Wyle was talking of maybe a sequel in the future. Here's to hoping that gets made.

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Apple :: Graphics On A Mac
I'm looking for a simple to use program that will allow me to make avatars, signitures, banners, resize png and jpeg images etc... on my mac.

Nothing too feature loaded, as the above isn't really that complicated at all. I'm really only talking about things such as adding a glass effect to an image like a userbar etc...

Basically, i'm looking for a mac equivalent of Paint.NET for windows.

It's important that it's native however. I'm done with the whole messing about thing with Windows. I'm keeping things simple and native with my mac. So for that reason discount the gimp as it requires X11.

I've done some google searching, and all i've come up with is Seahorse, which hasn't been updated for about 2 years and is reported to be quite buggy with Leopard?

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Apple :: Enabling S.M.A.R.T. On WD Externals On A Mac
Is it possible to enable S.M.A.R.T. on Western Digital Externals? I have a 500gb one and a 250gb but I can't figure out a way to enable this feature. Is it possible and if so, how would I do it? Also, if it's not possible on a mac, is it possible on windows?

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Apple :: Joy Stick Use Under Mac OS X
I don't have any mac nearby and just wanted to check - are there any joysticks that work under Mac OS? I want to try X-Plane and not sure which version to order.

Also,want to get one of this babies [url] but I think it does not work under Mac OS

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Apple :: Photobucket And Mac Users
I use photobucket for pictures and I use to copy and paste pictures in windows by copying the image with control and C then paste with the control and V in webpages but I can't do that with my Mac

I joined photobuckets forums but they say I can't post even after joining and I checked for solutions and couldn't find how to with a Mac

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Apple :: Mac Organizing Documents
I`ve bought my first mac 2 months ago!

I`m still learning, so I have a question:

When I was using Windows I had Hard drive C: and D:,
so all my stuff(music, pictures, documents) were on D:

What should I do on mac, because I`m still putting all my stuff on Macintosh HD.
What if I need to reinstall OS X? When I was using Windows, I didn`t have problems.

So should I keep my stuff on Places - Documents or should I copy my stuff to Mac HD?

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Apple :: Manually Shut Down MAC
Mac froze and I had to shut it down by holding the power button down, anything I should do now to makes sure nothing was damaged?

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Apple :: Office 2010 For Mac
Just a quick question:
has anyone seen what Office 2010 is going to look like? I know that it's suppose to have Outlook, but I haven't been able to find any legible screen shots or credible information on what the new program will contain or how it's different that 2008, etc. I don't know, maybe there's nothing out there except rumors, but I was just curious.

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Apple :: Windows NT 4.0 On A PowerPC Mac
As some of you know, Microsoft Windows supported the PowerPC architecture at one point, the latest version being Windows NT 4.0.

I was just wondering if it would be possible to grab a copy of it, and install it onto my iMac G3 or any PowerPC Mac for that matter. I think it would be kind of cool.

Anyone see any flaws/reasons why it shouldn't work? I mean, Apple itself in 1996 was planning on running Windows NT 4.0 on it's line of servers when their OS was going down the tube.

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Apple :: Windows XP Or Vista For Mac
I'm planning on install Parallels. I'm confused as whether to use XP or Vista. Would it be easier to install XP onto Mac? Vista looks different, and I don't mind using something different. If Vista will cause problems, I would rather use XP.

Also, is Parallels a popular choice? How is Bootcamp? VM Ware?

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Apple :: Moving Files From PC To MAC
I' ve been using a pc forever. Looking at a Macbook Pro 13" or smaller. How easy is it to transfer files from a pc to mac? I use ACT for contract tracking software and want to use it on the new MAC as well. I have word docs. I get files sent to me in word too.

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Apple :: External Hardrive For Mac And PC
I want to back up files from both my Mac and PC, aswell as transfer all my itunes to my Mac, which are currently on PC. I am just about to buy a harddrive to do so, but I don't know how to do this?

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Apple :: Antivirus For Mac And Windows
Before anyone tells me to use the search function. I did. Except the results it brought up kept giving me 404 errors, and not being well versed in tech lingo, I have no idea what they are.

All I'm asking is people's opinion on what the perceived best antivirus program there is out there that works on both operating systems.

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Apple :: Remotely Access A Mac From A Pc
I have a sister living in Calgary with a 30-inch iMac, and I live in Toronto with a host of Windows PCs.

She always has problems with her ipods, tomtom GPS unit etc. and she is not very tech savvy, so explaining something to her is.

is there any way I can remotely connect and use her desktop from where I currently am on a PC?

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Apple :: Photo CD Cataloger For Mac
Anyone know of a good cataloging program for photos? Either for cataloging an external hard drive that is full or for cataloging CD's (my collection is on both). I do need to be able to do key word searches as my collection is of railroad photos Oh and I am kind of worried that if I happen to switch back to Windows oneday, this will all be lost, odd of finding one of these that can go both ways?

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Apple :: Imac Is Dying Or Mac OS X
One day as I'm turning on the computer (2008 imac) somebody (not going to say who) decides to just turn the computer off just about 3-4 seconds after I clicked the power button. When I booted up the computer again many things were wrong.

1. The computer runs extremely slow, both in my windows and mac partitions, I've pretty much concluded that this is hard drive problem since it takes forever to load applications and they run slow if and when they do finally load up.

2. Boot time is much greater, takes several minutes to fully boot up either of the partitions.

So I basically try to figure out what was wrong. I perform disk repair and verify disk operations from the disk utility, and the problem persists. I reinstall the mac OS (Leopard) with the archiving option. The problems still persist. It gets to a point where I can no longer even boot into the mac partition and if I try it keeps restarting itself.

One time a no smoking sign came up without the cigarette (if that makes sense). The windows partition continues to run even slower. Sometimes I can't even log in to my account on the windows side and the computer freezes up. Eventually I ended wiping the mac partition completely and doing a fresh install of Leopard. It fixed the problem somewhat but I feel the mac isn't running as fast it was before and there are other problems. If I update to 10.5.8 the update fails with an error saying something about airport scripts.....

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Apple :: Install Windows On The Mac
installing windows on the mac and found the boot camp assistant in my OSX and it partitioned the HD and ask for the windows disk! does this mean I don't need fusion 2.0? the thread dose not mention VMware fusion, in installing widows

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