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Apple :: How Do I Convert Mp3 To Wav On A Mac

Is there a way to make an audio cd... i have mp3's and want to put them on a blank disc, but be able to play it in a cd player, not as mp3's.

Wasnt sure if mac came with a program already installed to do that. I have a macbook pro, a month old.

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Apple :: Convert Audio Files - WMA File To MP3
I want to convert a WMA file to MP3. What should I use to do this?

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Apple :: Open Source Conversion Software - Convert Flv To Mp3
More specifically, I am trying to convert flv to mp3, but I of course want as many conversion options as possible.

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Dell :: Convert Xps 16 To Multitouch?
I saw an article once about a guy that converted his mac book pro to multitouch. Has anyone attempted this with a studio xps 16?

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Apple :: Full Size Apple Keyboard W/ The Numeric Pad
Does anyone have the wired full size apple keyboard w/ the numeric pad?

I got it a couple days ago and it definitely takes some getting used to. But that phase is over now and I love this keyboard. The build quality is amazing and typing feels just like my MBP keyboard.

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Apple :: RAM And HDD And Upgrade Apple Macbook
I have finally switched and should get my first ever mac the new macbook white in next couple of days

I have two questions, I had ordered SODIM DDR2, 800Mhz 4GB RAM and a 500GB, 7200RPM SATA Drive with a thought of upgrading my latitude E6400.

Can I use them (RAM and HDD) and upgrade apple macbook? and will that impact apple warantee?

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Apple :: Using FAT 32 With Mac OS X
Conventional wisdom holds that one of FAT 32's classical limitations is a 4 Gigabyte files size limit. I've done a few searches on the net, and I find this rule repeated ad-infinitem, without contradiction.

I recently purchased a 320 GB Iomega Prestige external drive that I plan to use interchangeably with my Mac and PC systems. To do this, I re-formatted the disk to a single 320 GB partition with FAT 32 file system (The drive comes formatted NTFS).

Yeah, I know there are work-arounds that would permit me to format it NTFS, and use it read-write on my Mac, and there are probably a few solutions that would permit me to format it Mac OS Extended, and use it my PC. I prefer not to use any "workarounds".

Here's my question.... I had occasion to copy a few files to the drive from my MacBook to the drive, namely my Virtual Machine files, that I don't want to use Time Machine for. I had no problem doing so. The two files exceed 4 Gigabytes handily, with one of them being over 30 Gigabytes! Oops, this can't be done, right?

I ask, how is this possible? I thought I had a 4 Gigabyte limit with FAT 32. Does the fact that I formatted the drive with my Mac give me some sort of advantage that Microsoft's formatting using the same file system does not?

I have read that the reason the FAT 32 files sytem can't store files over 4 Gigabytes, is the insufficient lack of storage within the allocation table for the requisite number of pointers required for a file over 4 Gig in size.

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Apple :: MBP To MP
I'm kinda over my 2.4GHz 15" MBP.

Anyone use a 2008 2.8GHz 8-way or a new Nehalem Mac Pro?

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Apple :: Uni MBP HDD To PS3
I'm going to pick up a bigger HDD pretty soon for my rev A Unibody MBP. Would I be able to use the old 250 GB 5400 drive in the PS3? Seems like a worthwhile upgrade. I'm guess since they are aboth SATA it should work, right?

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Apple ::
I currently own a Sony Vaio FW21M (16.4") and while it's an amazing laptop, it just feels too big to carry Also, is the MBP still small enough to carry around too?

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Apple :: New RAM In MBP
Does the Apple MBP accept any type of 1066 MHz SO-DIMM RAM or is it special and has to be bought from Apple?

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Apple :: FPS With The MB Vs MBP
I am going to buy a mac in the near future and am currently conducted the research stage of my purchase.

I have been to a shop to see the MB and the MBP in real and am very very impressed with them.

I am going to be using my new computer for some medium gaming and i'm wondering which will give me more "bang for my buck"

So, what FPS can i expect on the following games: Unreal Tournament 3, WoW, COD:WaW, battlefield Series and L4D. On med- high settings using the Macbook and the Macbook Pro

And also which would you recommend? Any macbook user that wishes they upgraded to Macbook Pro?

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Apple :: Mac And Pc
am i able to install mac OSX on a pc ie dual boot it with windows? i want to try it out but dont want or have the money to buy a whole mac

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Apple :: What Is A Dvd Ram
what is a dvd ram? I know it is like a pen drive. so what software do i use to write to it? how do i use it? its write speed is 3x. how does it compare to the ordinary dvd rom? I bought a few Maxell dvd rams.

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Apple :: MBP 15 Vs 17
I know that I have stated earlier that I wasn't considering the MBP 17 because the lack of portability, and that I already got a 24" Full HD screen.

But the thing is; I might be able to get the MBP 17 for the same price as the highend MBP 15, because of all the hassle etc that occurred.

I feel like, I don't really need the extra screen estate, I already think the 15" is barely portable, but the 17" got a great battery etc.

When it comes to what I'm going to use the computer for; mainly light stuff the coming time, but after that I'm going to start using final cut pro a lot and I know the 15" screen isn't enough for the ui of the program and the 17 is enough.

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Apple :: MBP - 8 GB Of Ram
I would really like to upgrade my MBP to 8 GB of Ram as I use lots of VMWares in my job. I read that you can do 6 GB but I also saw some people trying 8GB of RAM on even older MBPs.

I read this with interest:


I'm sure you have also seen the article about the MBP only doing 6GB and not 8GB.

Has anybody here tried 8GB? With the 17" supporting 8GB, boy I wish they would allow it on older MBPs.

I'm hoping with Snow Leopard that 8GB becomes an option.

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Apple :: MBP HDD
I am planning to buy base MBP sometime in next two weeks and then upgrade it to larger HDD by myself. I am wondering if the HDD that comes out of MBP can be used in my dying Dell Inspiron 640m (bought in 2007 and has 120 GB drive which has started to show signs of crashing anytime now).

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Apple :: MB And MBP
I need to pick up a new notebook soon and I'm having a hard time deciding between the MB and the MBP. This will be my main computer and I do a good amount of traveling. Accordingly, I really want the portability of the MB, but I also really want the superior LCD of the MBP. Are there any other major differences I'm missing that might sway me? I'll be using this mainly for office applications and web surfing, but I'll also be doing occasional work in Adobe CS4 (I understand this would benefit from the MBP's dedicated graphics card).

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Apple :: 1 TB HDD
I have a 15" uMBP (integrated battery).

Has anyone tried the 12.5mm 1 TB drive in their uMBP?

Has anyone seen deals out there this weekend on the drive, i've not seen any.

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Apple :: MBP/A Behind ACD
I'm currently looking at options like the Balmuda Floater (kind of describes what it... oops, heh heh heh) but these still need a degree of space to site. They also all vent downards in a nominally usable config, which I'm not convinced is the smartest idea.

I'm wondering if there's any solutions which fit behind the monitor (ACD) or something along those lines, and maybe feature more in the way of heat dissipation. I know you can get little shelves to mount on the back of ACD's and iMacs, was wondering if anyone had taken that idea further.

Failing that, perhaps a sideways stand? The Air isn't a priority, mainly for the 17-inch, but would be good if there was a solution for the Air as well. I did a stand for it when the Air first came out for someone else and that's fine, but if I do it for myself I know I'll spend too much time nerding all the details.

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Apple :: MBP 13 Or 15
I want a MBP because I'd like to experience the whole OSX thing and whatnot. I have been a windows user all my life. OSX looks great and interesting!

I have desktop right now...
AMD 64 X2 4400 @ 2.4GHZ

A bit weak in today's standards... I get lags in FireFox after a while.

What should I get? I am going to be a Commerce student... and the reason why the 15 comes to mind is the i5 and the better GPU over the 13... the 13 still has the I2D... how much better is the i5 over the I2D? The 13 would provide much better mobility though.

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Apple :: MBP With SSD
If I buy a third-party SSD, how would I install it into the MBP (apart from opening up the case and replacing the HDD). Do I have to specially format it or anything? Or is it just pop in, put recovery CDs in and off I go?

Does Mac OS X Snow Leopard have TRIM support for the 256GB SSD you can upgrade through the Apple Store or any SSD for that matter?

On another hand, would a 500GB 7.2k drive decrease battery life much as opposed to 5400rpm HDD or SSD?

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Apple :: How Would You Set Up These HD's
I have some ideas as to how I would do this, but I wanted to hear from some of you how you would go about doing it. I haven't had to do this before and I would like things to work as seemlessly as possible.

What I am working with: 320GB @ 7200 in my MBP and 2x1TB @ 7200 in the form of a WD My Book Studio Edition II, which can be organized as 2 separate drives or in RAID 0 or RAID 1.

The 3D and CAD work that I do requires me to work in windows quite a bit. Because its a smoother workflow from the 3d and cad, I do most of my PS, Illustrator and InDesign work in Windows as well. I'll probably end up creating a 120-140 GB partition for Vista to be installed on.

I'd like to be able to access all the data that I have (currently about 500GBs) from both OS's. I would also like to be able to backup both the osx and vista partitions (hopefully automated).

I've read much of the Bootcamp thread, but haven't seen a discussion covering effective ways of backing up both os's with one backup drive as I think most people have.

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Apple :: 2.26 Ghz Vs 2.53 Ghz
I'm buying a macbook pro 13 inch for college

I have a asus g50vt a1 running windows 7 for games and windows programs I need (this will sit in my dorm because battery life isn't to good cause it's a gaming laptop and because it's bulky)

I need the macbook to be portable and fast
I wont be doing anything like gaming intensive but I'm not sure what is better
my asus has 2.52 ghz and Im not sure about 2.26 ghz

Here are my choices

# 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
# 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB
# 320GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
# SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
# None
# Backlit Keyboard (English) / User's Guide
# iWork '09 preinstalled

# 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
# 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB
# 320GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
# SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
# None
# Backlit Keyboard (English) / User's Guide
# iWork '09 preinstalled

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Apple :: OSX Vs Other OS
Is OSX faster then windows or are they the same speed?

I know Linux if faster then Vista and Windows 7, but is OSX even faster?

Assume specs are the same.

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Apple :: Connect Dv Cam To Mbp
I have a Sony DV can with 4 pin firewire and mbp with 9 pin i bought the 4 to 9 cable when i connect my cam to mbp it can't discover.

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Apple :: 64 - When Ever I Start I Get Msg
its a powerbook 64 and when ever i start the pc up i get this msg

panic (cpu 0 caller 0x002de020: unable to find driver for this platform: "powerbook 5,6".

latest stack back trace for copu 0:
back trace 0x00095564 0x00095a7c 0x00026838 0x002de020 x002bd360 0x002bd118 0x002bdb80 0x002be1ec 0x00a9654

proceeding back via exception chain:
proceeding back state (sv=0x0051fa00
pc+0x00000000; msr=0x0000d030; dar 0x00000000; dsisr=0x000000000; lr=0x00000000; r1=-x--------; xcp=0x00000000 (unknown).......

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Apple :: Bootcamp And SP1
I installed Vista Home 32bit. I've been getting all the microsoft updates and what not.

However when it comes time for me to get sp1 it keeps failing to install and what not.

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Apple :: Joy Stick Use Under Mac OS X
I don't have any mac nearby and just wanted to check - are there any joysticks that work under Mac OS? I want to try X-Plane and not sure which version to order.

Also,want to get one of this babies [url] but I think it does not work under Mac OS

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Apple :: OSX- SCM Video
Is it possible for OSX to play scm files? Unfortunately, I thought I do not need window XP already any more. And, I don't want install a window just for playing scm files...

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Apple :: MacBook Or MBP
I think I decided on getting a mac; however, I am not sure whether to get the pro or normal. I am positive that I won't notice a difference in speed/performance for what I'll be using it for (browsing, word, pdf, email, research) so specs don't matter to me too much. I was mostly concerned about the frame. While the MacBook is made of polycarbonate, the MBP is aluminum. Are there significant differences in durability or structure that might make me want to buy the MBP?

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Apple :: Steam On OSX of the goldmines of gaming....the reason why many individuals refused to go going to be on OSX


Which will bring popular titles such as Team Fortress 2


Is this a game changer for native mac ( bootcamp shmootcamp)?

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Apple :: Upgrade From 2gb To 4gb RAM
I am want to upgrade from 2gb to 4gb RAM.

Is unbranded RAM ok or not ?


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Apple :: Customize Mac Os X
Im new to mac and i just got this macbook and installed Snow Leopard and i want to know how to customize stuff like icons and any other stuff. Ive tried changing the icons but the guide i used didn't work

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Apple :: Win7 RC On MBP
what actuall driver or setup in the BOOTCAMP drivers functions the Volume Screen/Keyboard buttons.

So far I have found that the BOOTCAMP complete drivers have issues with Win7.

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Apple :: Mac OS Reformat
to reformat my sisters Air... She is now visiting me and all the disks are in US. Computer is really working fine but she desperately wants to reformat it... Anyway, can I use disks that came with other mac to reformat it or it should be specifically Air's disks?

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Apple :: MacBook Pro And SSD
what model of SSD 128 Gb they install in MacBookPro (the manufacture, read/write speed, TRIM support). By chance is there a TRIM support in OS Leopard? I am realy hesitating between MacBookPro and new Latitude Z600. I'm not very familiar with Mac but hope it is fast and reliable enough with SSD. It's mostly for office use and travelling. I think about 15in with 2.53 CPU and 128 SSD.

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Apple :: 3rd Party Ram To Get For A New MBP
When I get my new MBP I will want to upgrade to 8GB ram...what ram shoudl I get exactly? I dont want to pay for the upgrade at the apple store.

What type of ram does it use? like pc3200 or something? I havent bought ram for a MBP since my 2007 model.

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Apple :: ID3 Tag Editor For Mac
Is there a good id3 tag editor apart from itunes? My music collection is missed up, now i need to delete the id3 tags.

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Apple :: Overclock
So do you over clock? I dont see the point too much unless your playing games though I could be wrong. And as fast as OSX is i see even less of a reason.

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Apple :: MBP 15 - Not The New One- Freezing
My mbp is kind of freezing when it reads files. For example if i click on a folder i have to wait like 40 secs for it to open and when i click on a picure i have to wait 40 more secs for it to show the preview... It doesnt freez 100% but it reads everthing so slow... I have bootcamp and this also happens on windows.. but only when i try to read the mac partition from windows. What could this be?

I have macdrive installed on the windows side and it shows that the mac partition is corruped. Does this have anything to do with it?

I think it may be some virus or something.. is there any free antivirus for mac?

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Apple :: SSD's For MacBook Pro
Im after a SSD for my MacBook Pro 13. I hav ethe 2.66GHz version which I purchased recently - I think its a 2010 model.

Whats the best SSD drives for this system? Which ones do Apple recommend?

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Apple :: Is It Possible To Get Mac OS X, XP And 7 On The Same Machine
I have XP on my macbook pro via bootcamp/vmware. I tried putting 7 on it, but then XP stopped working. So I deleted the partition that 7 was installed on and XP worked again.

Is there a way I can have both XP and 7 working via bootcamp? As far as I know I can't, so I was thinking about running 7 with bootcamp and XP via vmware. Also ever since deleting the partition that 7 was installed on XP doesn't seem to be able to boot via vmware. It was says I have to remove the physical disk from the virtual machine then add it again. How do I do this?

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Apple :: T2500 Mbp
I found a MBP with 2.0 ghz Core Duo. WIll this model be able to run Snow Leopard?

What are the implications of this being a 32 bit CPU?

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Apple :: GPU Diode At -127 C
I am using iStat Menus to display temperatures of different components. One thing that caught my eye today is that the GPU diode temp is being reported as -127 C. I am glad my 15" MBP runs really cool, but that's a bit too much, dont you think?

I assume this is just the software reading it wrong. Do you guys have the same thing on your MBPs?

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Apple :: OS X Performance
How come when i am trying to uncompress a file, be it zip, rar etc.. Whenever i try to watch a video using vlc, mplayer, Quicktime etc.. the video always skips lags etc...

But when i am doing the same thin on windows size it doesn't have any of these issues.

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Apple :: How Can I Use The Screen Of Mbp
how can i use the screen of mbp for other things? i mean contect the scereen of other computer or something like that?

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Apple :: MBP 15" & WoW
Was thinking of getting a new MBP 15" and was wondering which one ran WoW decently (>30 FPS)? Any WoW friends out there?

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Apple :: What CPU Does This Macbook Have

I bit the bullet and got a mac for the gf. She wanted one and I figure it's only a matter of time before she gets it, and we probably won't see another price like this for a while (it also comes w/ $100 rebate on printer).

The cpu is nice, and I want to swap it out with the one in my dell. Gotta know the model number before I do it though. Can anybody tell me what the model # on this Core2Duo is?

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Apple :: MBP 13 With Core-i5
Anyone think that the MBP 13-inch model will get a refresh with the Intel Core-i5 chips? I'm eyeing one to replace my potentially dead MBP (2007 Summer Edition). If not, the 15-inch is what I'll go for.

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