Apple :: Full Size Apple Keyboard W/ The Numeric Pad

Jun 8, 2009

Does anyone have the wired full size apple keyboard w/ the numeric pad?

I got it a couple days ago and it definitely takes some getting used to. But that phase is over now and I love this keyboard. The build quality is amazing and typing feels just like my MBP keyboard.

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Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: E530c - Numeric Pad Error / Press Full Stop Comes Up As Comma

Nov 17, 2014

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E530c. The problem is that when I press the full stop (.) on the numeric key pad it comes up as a comma (.). Is there a setting I need to change to get it to work as it should?

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Dell Inspiron N5520 :: Can Change Keyboard With Numeric One

Apr 15, 2013

I just want to know that i have recently purchased the dell inspiron 15R N5520 at that time there is no 10-key number keyboard option available in this series of laptop but recently i saw the laptop which contains the 10-key number on keypad. so is there any option so i can change my keyboard with numeric one(hardware upgrade)??

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HP 14 Chromebook :: Keyboard Doesn't Work For Numeric Keys

Jul 15, 2014

HP 14 Chromebook  product # F0H08UA keyboard doesn't work for the numeric keys 1 through 4 and 7 through 0. Particullary unhandy as I use some of these numbers for my password. Problem started 7/15/14. Worked as expected in the AM but now do not register this PM. The On Screen entry method works but not the keyboard! All other keyboard keys seem to work as expected. No error messages and no recent changes made to this Chromebook 14.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W Series :: Any Way To Get Numlock / Numeric Keyboard Overlay In W530

Sep 20, 2008

Last week I got my new ThinkPad W530 as a replacement for my W500 that replaced my R60 that replaced my R51. One of the first things I noticed was the changes to the keyboard. I really like the feel of the keys, but I don't like the layout, I think the previous one was perfect :/
Anyway, I'm not here to bash. I'm giving the new layout a chance, and maybe I'll get used to it and not want to go back in some months, let's see. But before I can do that, there is something I absolutely need. I use some software that needs a numpad and the new W530 keyboard doesn't seem to have the numeric keyboard overlay that the older models had.
Is there anyway to get this or simulate it's behaviour? Anything, I don't care if it is a hidden Fn combination that will activate it, a third-party software to simulate it, a fan-made keyboard driver, or some fiddling with Windows options. But sure there MUST be some way, easy or difficult, to make they keyboard work as if it had NumLock and a numpad, right? I don't think I'm the only one needing this functionality...

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Apple :: What Size SSD For MBP 13

Apr 25, 2010

I am going to get a SSD and I wanted the 80GB from intel, but Kingstons 64GB can be had for 140ish

I would use it for only apps and the OS

I could get a portable hard drive or flash drive (32GB+) for Media..

Would this be a good decision or should I just get the 80, or should I save more and get a 100GB+ SSD?

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Apple :: 17'' Macbook Pro - What Size Ssd

Apr 19, 2010

I have already figured out what i want on my 17'' macbook pro I'm going to buy except about the storage drives. I work with huge databases and after seeing the improvement other people I know have had after switching to ssd drives, (people who are running the same program(s) I do), I have decided that is what I need. But I really need help figuring out what size ssd I need to get, and whether to do something goofy like remove optical drive & replace with ssd or plug ssd in to expresscard slot(if even possible?)
details below:

I will be running windows via bootcamp, as the programs I mainly use only work on windows. I was looking at the 128gb ssd, and the 256gb ssd. I am not sure if 128gb is enough though. When I'm not working in windows I figured i could use the mac os for basic web stuff etc. and I would like to learn to use some of the mac music making programs for fun eventually, but I don't think I'd need much space for that(right?). I'm not a huge gamer, but i would also like room to throw a couple games on my pc, i mean mbp to play once in a while, and figure 2-3 games is going to take up around 20gb at least. I need my music, that's going to be like 10gb probably. And then I also need some room for some random movies and videos that I like to play in the background sometimes while I'm working. I figure that's prob around 20gb. So would 128gb drive be enough or should I go for the 256? It's a huge cost increase, but I figure, it's already costing me around 2700, so an extra 600 is worth it for being able to use it the way I want to, and I would just consider it an extra business expense. I read that windows 7 takes up around 30gb and could not find out how much space mac os takes up, so I would really like to hear from ppl with experience here.....

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Apple :: Mac Mini - What Size Lcd

Mar 7, 2009

I just ordered the basic Mac Mini tonight. Picked up 4GB of ram from newegg and a 500gb HDD. Shopping for a LCD now.

Is the GPU good enough to power a 26'' monitor? I'd be willing to go to 24'' at the lowest.

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Apple :: Partitioning Size W/ Bootcamp

Feb 17, 2009

I am pretty new at this partitioning thing and only plan on putting windows on for gaming....I will only be putting games Empire, Medivial 2, Rome, Total War and Age of Empire III on it along with a virus scan for potential online problems with online gaming w/ these titles.

How much HD space should I dedicate to windows with this being the direction I am taking?

I have just bought the Macbook 2.0 Aluminum w/ 4GB upgrade

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Apple :: Mac - How To Check The File Size

Feb 22, 2010

just got my mac last week, been using windows since forever. It's definitely a pleasure and exciting experience to us Mac OS. However there was a problem, I like to put my files on the desktop, but I couldn't figure out how to check the size of them.

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Apple :: Notebooks That Could Rival Macbook Air In Terms Of Size And Weight

Apr 18, 2010

I don't really get why no other companies out there tried to beat the size and weight set by macbook air. I know many sacrifices were made when macbook air was designed 2 years ago, but I thought years later companies would have designed notebooks/netbooks of similar or smaller size without making too much sacrifice. what is the reason no one tries to beat this? all the notebooks out there are still at least 1 inch.

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Apple :: Full Disk Encryption Options

Mar 17, 2010

Was thinking about flipping the switch on FileVault, but the reported issues with backup restorations, increased susceptibility to corruption due to sparsefile usage, etc., have me concerned.

I currently use encrypted DMGs for the absolutely must-not-be-plaintext stuff, but I don't particularly want anything on my laptop available in the case of theft.

I'm also using a Time Capsule in conjunction with Time Machine for backups at the moment.

All that said, is anyone using, say, TrueCrypt or some other approach to full-disk encryption which they support?

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Apple :: Where I Can Find Full Specifications Of The Parts Used In MBA/MB/MBP

Jun 28, 2009

where I can find full specifications of the parts used in MBA/MB/MBP? By full specs I don't mean this...


I want more details. Just want to see what they are putting into those notebooks.

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Apple :: New 15 MacBook Pro - Should I Unplug It When The Battery Is Full

Jan 9, 2009

I've been working with the new MacBook Pro for two weeks and I've found the battery life impressive. It let me work the whole morning (around five hours with a couple of ten minutes breaks, with wireless and half bright). I'd like to maintain this performance as longer as possible,

question is:

1. When I get back home I usually plug in the laptop to electricity to recharge the battery while I keep working in the afternoon for several hours, should I unplug it when the battery is full? Is a good thing to keep the laptop always plugged in?

My second question has to do with the fact that I'm a bit distracted, then,

2. Does this laptop have any way to let me know that there are, for instance, only ten minutes left before it go to sleep? (an acustic signal, a warning...)

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Apple :: Snow Leopard: Making Apps Remember Window Size/Position

Sep 21, 2009

Seems there's some sort of odd issue with only some apps running under SL where they don't retain any sort of settings as far as where the window was.

Preview, for example, always opens in the same not-actually-"maximized" position no matter what I do to it. I open a lot of PDF files, so I'd like to be able to specify how they open. (A plus would also be to auto-select the annotate -> comment function).

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Apple :: Full Startup Disk Errors With 40GB Free

Feb 4, 2009

my 4 month old MBP keeps kicking out errors saying that my startup disk is almost full even though I have something like 40GB free. Windows partition works perfectly fine in boot camp. I've run Disk Utility's verify disk and permissions options with no errors and I was able to repair disk permissions just fine. The bootup hardware diagnostic tool with the OS X disk runs fine too. Onyx runs its cleanup functions fine, but I still get the error every now and again.

Obviously I have performed a backup and will likely make a trip to the Apple Store but has anyone encountered something like this? All signs point to software issues, but I'm still a little worried.

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Apple :: MBP 13 - 128GB/256GB SSD Configs Getting Full 3.0GBps SATA II

Jun 16, 2009

All this SATA talk is stalling my purchasing plans.

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Apple :: White Screen When Full Screening Youtube Off Intel HD Gfx

Apr 17, 2010

do you find intel hd graphics performance for non intensive tasks sluggish like scrolling on certain sites and maximizing a youtube video, i see a white screen for two seconds before the full screen renders. not like this when i disable automatic graphics switching... i also used migration assistant to get my data back from my 2009 c2d i sold. happens with firefox not chrome or safari...

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Apple :: Spare Hard Drives - Home Replacement - And Full Disk Imaging

Jan 12, 2010

I currently have everything I ever need on one laptop -- a mid-2009 15" MBP. Having had a slew of hard drive problems over the past few years, and given that such disks are regularly the source of problems (before, say, a logic board), I'm considering purchasing a spare hard drive and keeping it, or the one in my machine, as a backup disk for the day when my current drive dies. The closest Apple store is ~45 minutes away, and I'm perfectly capable of doing my own computer surgery. An inoperable laptop would be a pretty significant problem for me.

So basically, my questions are twofold:

- From perusing the hard drive threads a few months back here in the Apple forum, it seems like WD's Scorpio Blue (500 GB, 5400 RPM) is the popular choice. Given the time that's elapsed since its release (and the thinning of hard drive threads after the last "big one" I found), are there any other drives, SSD or standard, that can beat it in terms of power usage / noise / performance overall without gouging the bill too much?

- I use Time Machine with a Time Capsule to keep everything nice and backed up, but an HD/SSD swap would be best done with an image of my entire drive. Is Carbon Copy Cloner still the go-to for that?

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Apple :: Late 2008 MBP Keyboard - Left Side Of The Keyboard Feels Mushy

Mar 11, 2009

I've had my MBP for about 4 month now and have been having problems with its keyboard since I bought it. First, the "Z" key sank in (I think there was a problem with the spring). I took it to the Apple Store, and they "fixed" on the spot (it's much harder to press and only registered a key press 70% of the time). The lower right corner of the "E" has noticeably sunk in, and I need to resort to pressing the upper left corner. Also, the left side of the keyboard feels "mushy", not hugely so, but definitely noticeable after typing a few sentences. Can I request that Apple just replace the entire keyboard instead of just individual keys?

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Acer Switch 10 SW5-012 :: Windows 8.1 - Unable To Change Size Of Onscreen Keyboard

Dec 18, 2014

On my new Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012 with  Windows 8.1 I am unable to change the size of the onscreen keyboard. Microsoft refers to Acer support. Is there a solution to that?

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Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012 :: Windows 8.1 - Unable To Change Size Of Onscreen Keyboard

Jan 27, 2015

On my new Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012 with  Windows 8.1 I am unable to change the size of the onscreen keyboard. Microsoft cannot answer and refers to Acer support. Is there a solution to that?

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HP/Compaq :: Full Sized Keyboard W/o The Numpad

Oct 5, 2009

Has HP ever offered a full sized keyboard minus the numpad for their 17" machines (say, a G70)?

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Apple :: MBP - Backlit Keyboard

Oct 7, 2009

It is my understanding that all MBP's now have the backlit keyboard, even the base config 2.26 GHZ 13" Unibody. Is this indeed so?

My BIL has taken a liking to the backlit keyboard on my 2.4ghz MB Unibody, and wants to buy a similar machine. I told him that the base unibody system didn't used to come backlit, but now they apparently do (at least from what is written on the Apple website).

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Apple :: Unibody Keyboard

Apr 25, 2009

Is the keyboard for the unibody MBP EXACTLY the same as the white macbook keyboards except for it being black? I thought on the apple website it said that the keys were curved a little bit which is not the case on the white mackbook.

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Apple :: Bluetooth Keyboard

Jul 13, 2009

I recently purchased the aluminum Apple bluetooth keyboard and I love it except the F1 & F2 buttons that are supposed to control the screen brightness don't work. They did work once or twice momentarily, but do not work now.

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Apple :: MBP Keyboard Flicker

Mar 29, 2009

Sometimes when I plays DVDs, the keyboard flickers just slightly. Is this a widespread problem or is it just me?

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Apple :: Non- Keyboard With The Top-row Legends

Oct 26, 2009

I'm wondering if there's a non-Apple, and ideally scissor-action, keyboard which features the same functionality on the function key row (in both OS X and Boot Camp).

It's something I'd like, just that I'm not willing to tolerate using Apple's HelloRSIboard to get it.

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Apple :: Mac - Keyboard Shortcuts

Dec 14, 2009

Having had my problem resolved in super quick time on here - thanks - I was wondering if there is a link to any Mac keyboard 'fixes' or other clever little tricks?

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Apple :: Wireless Keyboard

Nov 19, 2009

Anyone have any thoughts on the Logitech diNovo Mac Edition vs. the Apple Wireless Keyboard?

Experiences of people who have actually used both would be most helpful.

Also, any thoughts on the diNovo Edge would be appreciated too (the one with the touchdisc instead of the numpad).

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